I will write your stories:)

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I will write your stories:)

Postby WriterLove23 » Sat Oct 02, 2021 3:47 pm

Hi all!

I’m looking to write on commission! (Pay negotiable)

Ill offer same day delivery options and storie ranging from 500–5000 words!
I’ll right anything except incest, violence, or non-adult characters.

Here’s a sample for writing style: Kate was used to getting her way. She was a college senior, head of the cheer team and making an impressive 4.0 GPA when they had met. Noah had the feeling that no one had ever said no to her. She was pretty hard to resist with her trim 5’2 frame and silky strawberry hair that barely reached the top of her small pert breasts. Now was the perfect time to teach her a lesson. She may be a lion now, but soon she’d be at Noah’s feet like an obedient kitten.

Dm me with what you’d like to pay, the stories length, your idea, and your time frame.
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