Ten Lines (Beautificacion, Improvement)

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Ten Lines (Beautificacion, Improvement)

Postby Max_ap » Tue Feb 15, 2022 3:58 pm

Author note: Many thanks to Codexdrinker and MoreFriction for their ideas and help in editing this story.

Ten lines
By Max

**Do you want to improve your life? Do you want to be better than others? Do you want to tease your husband while doing it? This is the site for you.**

**For a limited time only, you will be granted an exclusive beta testing of our reality bending software. Using the following ten text boxes below, write sentences comparing yourself with people nearby and watch as your comparisons become reality.**

**Since only basic comparisons are allowed when using a box for the first time, in case the change didn’t result as it was expected, you are allowed to alter the wording of the comparison only once. During this edition, it’s recommended to add a detailed description to assure the results you are looking for."

“Hey Tom, look at this page I found,” Rebecca said trying to get her husband's attention.

“I’m playing baby. Can you give me a few minutes,” Tom replied as he returned to her game.

Rebecca sighed, not being truly surprised by his answer. When his mind was in a game, it was hard for him to pay her attention, unless she stood naked in front of him. She giggled recalling once she did and he threw his controller and they almost smashed the tv screen when he pressed her against the wall and they have sex right there. After that, she promised not to tease him like that again, unless there was nothing close that they could break in the apartment.

Returning her attention to the page she found in her phone, Rebecca knew such a site must be a kind of phishing site, but they weren't asking for any of her personal information. Grinning, she decided to play along. “Alright. Let’s see where this charade takes me,” she said, looking more closely at the ten boxes. Each started with the letter, 'I' then a bit further, the word 'than.'

"Oh. I get it. Perhaps this is one of those sites that wrote stories if you give them some premises. By telling it what I would like to be, the program perhaps can write a story about me set in an alternate reality in which what I stated is true," Rebecca reasoned, thinking that the idea was quite exciting.

With a grin on her face, Rebecca decided to fill the first box. "I have always wanted to be a successful model, so it will be better to compare myself with the sexiest top supermodel I know," she said, typing on her phone.

**I’m sexier than Angela Lee**

Unfortunately, when she pressed Enter, a warning message suddenly popped up.

**Warning: - The source of comparison should be in a 20 miles radius.**

“Oh, crap. This is what I get for not reading well,” Rebecca sighed, realizing her mistake. The program did mention people nearby. "I guess I won't read about my life as one of the top models in the world," she said resting her arms on her opened window. Then, she sighed even deeper as she saw the image of another model, her rival Daisy, on a large billboard. Since she was one of the few influencers in her small town, Rebecca's mind considered the possibility that one of her rivals wanted to set her up. The 20 miles radius was quite convenient as it covered the whole town area.

"Perhaps they set the page to make me write comparisons with them and then showed people that I envied them," Rebecca said, getting quite annoyed at the idea of being exploited like that. Then she relaxed, thinking that she may be overthinking things. Still, the only way to know the true nature of the site was if she entered a statement. "Well, if they took the time to make such an elaborate prank, let’s see where this leads," she said, as her thoughts were back to the image outside the window recalling how she and Daisy were finalists to be the face of a new town brand. Since the owners were looking for a 'face', Rebecca had felt the contract was practically hers, as it shouldn't have mattered that Daisy was curvier than her. Rebecca's face was more beautiful than her rival, however, she still didn't get the contract. "I wonder what they saw in you," she said, closing the window. Seeing Daisy’s smiling face on the billboard was getting her a bit frustrated.

Since her husband, Tom, was a well known streamer, Rebecca recalled he used to hang out with people popular in social media before they got married.

"Tom, by any chance have you hung out with Daisy Lawson in the past?"

"Yes, I did, and I regret it deeply. Off camera, she is a different woman," Tom replied, still focused on his game.

"Still, she has something I don't, or I wouldn't have lost that publicity gig," Rebecca said.

"If you asked me, the best answer would be her sex appeal. I mean, she can't compare with your beauty or elegance, no doubt about that, but she has a kind of allure that’s hard to ignore." he admitted. "If you can see past her large breasts, that is"

"Allure, you said?" Rebecca said as she typed in her phone. She looked at the billboard again. Daisy did have a sort of come-hither smolder in her eyes that seemed to hint at something carnal. Rebecca had always been proud of her pert C-cups, but at her husband’s frank words she became a little jealous of Daisy’s Ds.

**I'm more alluring than Daisy Lawson**

"Alright, whatever your purpose is, it's time to find it out," she pressed Enter. Suddenly a pop up window appeared and she was about to say 'caught you' thinking the phishing web page wanted something from her, but realized it was a warning.

**You haven't checked the husband's awareness option. As a result, he won't notice the changes done. Happy teasing.**

Suddenly, Rebecca felt her body tingling. She was proud to have a fit body due her diet and regular training, still she felt it was enhanced and improved beyond that. Her long legs got shapelier. Her great ass, the result of countless hours of squats, became firmer and rounder. Her hips got motherly pronounced as her waist shrunk a bit. While her breasts were a nice C-cup, which had grown apart from each other during her puberty, they shifted closer giving her quite a boost on how full her bust looked and swelled in size until she was sure she was bustier than Daisy. She gasped and how perfectly they stuck out.

"Oh my," Rebecca gasped, as a new set of memories appeared on her head. While she was growing up, she got used to the stares of men, but in her new memories her body attracted more and more of men's attention, to the point that there was not a day a man wouldn't try to make conversation with her or ask her out. Fortunately, once she got married her wedding ring kept most men away, but still there were some jerks that tried to have a shot with her.

Soon, the decorations on the apartment changed as objects she would have loved to buy appeared, replacing others. A quick look into her memories told her that some were gifts from her fans and others were bought with her. With her improved allure, her popularity had increased dramatically as well as her money, so she could buy whatever she wanted.

With a grin on her face, she pulled open her window and looked at the billboard outside just to find the girl on it was no longer Daisy but herself. She couldn't believe how hot she looked. She definitely had more sex appeal, though she hadn’t lost any of her prior elegance. “So you can really change reality to fit what I write, huh,” she grinned, looking at her phone and trying to comprehend the unique opportunity she had at hand. Indeed, reality had changed and now that she was more alluring than Daisy currently was, she was no longer her rival. In fact, with her new level of sex appeal there was no girl in town that could defeat her in any publicity stunt she had set her eyes on. With just one change, she had become the undeniable top model of her own town. Her finger trembled at the idea she still had nine more boxes waiting to be used.

Feeling that she needed to know what her new body was able to do, she decided to test her new sex appeal on her husband. "Hey Tom," Rebecca purred in a voice tone she didn't know she could use. "Do you want to bang me?" she said behind him, so he couldn’t see her.

To Rebecca's surprise, even without seeing her, Tom threw the controller and rushed into her, catching her unprepared. He cradled her in his arms and kissed her deeply while walking to their room. Feeling his passion, Rebecca felt herself getting excited and kissed him back with her hunger fueling his desire. Before they knew it, they ended up blowing each other minds in the hottest love making they’d ever had.

"Oh wow, Tom. That felt incredible," Rebecca said, trying to catch her breath as Tom was doing the same next to her. Both were totally naked and panting exhausted "Why haven't you taken me this hard before?"

"Do you really think so? Normally, the second time of the day I can go as strong as you like. Glad I'm making it up for you," Tom said.

Rebecca was about to ask what he meant when her alter memories answered her. In this new reality, when they had sex the first time, her atttactiveness excited him so much that he went quite hard on her, not being able to control his emotions. He apologized for that, but she found she enjoyed the hard sex, so she asked him to keep doing it that way. To be able to keep up with her demands, Tom had been working out to build stamina. She should have noticed his bigger muscles and great strength when he took her in his arms easily, but she was lost in the feeling.

"So, you have been working out a lot for me, huh," Rebecca said as she bit her lips with desire and ran her finger along the six pack on Tom's abdomen. She definitely liked this new reality.

"Of course, baby. Anything to make you happy," Tom said, kissing her.

Rebecca grinned, greatly enjoying the changes in her life thanks to the magic site she found. And if one line did that, she couldn't imagine what her life would be after using them all. Stretching herself, she sat on her bed and grabbed her phone. Noticing how Tom had improved to please her, she decided to return the favor.

"Tell me something Tom, and don't lie to me. I just want you to be honest, ok?" Rebecca asked.

"Sure baby. What's up in your mind?" Tom said, rolling in the bed to see her.

"I know you are a breast man. I have noticed how your eyes wander when a busty woman passes by. I know I have a decent pair of tits and you love them...” she said, noticing he wanted to interrupt her. “But would you be happier if these were bigger" she said cupping her already impressive breasts.

"Are you planning to get an augmentation," Tom said, not being able to hide his excitement.

"Something like that," Rebecca giggled seeing Tom so worked up. "So tell me, Tom, do you know the name of the woman with the biggest titties in town? I would love to use her as a reference. I would like to be bigger than her," she grinned knowing it was quite true what she said.

"I think that would be Karen Sawyer. She may be a bitch, but has really serious melons," he said.

"Alright. Let me see if I can find her," Rebecca said while typing in her magic site.

**I have bigger breasts than Karen Sawyer**

"Ok Tom, enjoy the show" Rebecca said pressing enter.

She moaned shamefully as she felt her breast tingling. She arched her back and cupped her breasts as they swelled in size. Like buns in an oven, they inflated dramatically, overflowing her hands as they more than doubled their mass in a blink of an eye. "Oh my… I feel like a cow," she gasped seeing the impressive cleavage she suddenly possessed. “Puberty was more than generous,” she moaned. Thanks to her higher version of sex appeal, a result of both her own natural beauty and the sex apeal that outstripped Daisy, her breasts looked increadible. While she definitely felt them sag due their great weight, they had kept her original teardrop shape becoming a lot firmer than breasts that size should be. They had filled out across her chest in such a way that the curves of them were visible even from behind.

"So tell me again, Tom. Who has the biggest tits in town?". She smiled wickedly, turning around to let Tom have a good look at her massive breasts. She even did it by swaying them in front of him to see the disbelief and shock in his eyes, but instead, the one being surprised was her when he gently cupped them and gently kissed each of them as if nothing had happened.

"You know there is no woman bigger than you," he said, sucking her nipple.

"Ok. That wasn't the reaction I was looking for, but it feels nice. Very nice," Rebecca moaned as she had always been quite erogenous, but it seems having larger breasts had intensified her sensitivity and before she knew it, she was having an orgasm just by getting her nipple properly stimulated. "I can definitely get used to this" she moaned, feeling a second orgasm building as Tom had switched nipples. “Oh baby. You know how to push my buttons” she moaned, loudly.

“I’m so lucky that you want to marry me. All those hours lifting weights really paid off,” he said.

Rebecca was about to tease him that those hours weren’t visible when her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Tom was quite jacked! He had nice muscles once she got more alluring, but with her large breasts, he had transformed into a bodybuilder. “Holy crap!! Are those real,” she said, tapping his bicep in disbelief just to feel how hard and big it was. “How,” she asked.

“Like you didn’t like to feel them every morning,” he said, flexing his arms. “I’m glad that you told me you like strong, muscled men when we were dating. Once you let me have my way with your huge melons, I knew I would have to do anything in my power to become your husband,” he said.

Looking into her new memories, Rebecca was pleased how her new top heavy status had altered her life. Being an early bloomer had given her the opportunity to give her a head start to be bigger than most of her friends in high school, but once she ran out of gas, some of her friends caught up and a few others outgrew her. But now, thanks to Karen, her growth didn't stop early, so her friends never were able to catch up with her, but, more than that, half way into high school her breasts had gotten so big that no female teacher could outclass her, making her the titty queen of the school. That, combined with Daisy's sex appeal, made most men actually fight for her attention. She had become an object of desire and worship.

‘It seems each time I change reality, Tom's past is affected too as he tries his best to be with me and keep up with my inner fantasies and desires. I like that,' she thought, really enjoying how ripped and strong he had become. "Tom, I appreciate the effort you put in to assure you will be the man for me, so let me reward you by showing you what is truly going on," she said, looking into the page to locate the option that keeps Tom unaware of the changes. "Besides, not seeing your surprised face kind of takes the fun out of this," she said as she pressed the button.

“Oh crap!!” Tom's eyes went wide open as he noticed how massive Rebecca’s breasts had become. He quickly withdrew back into the bed until he found himself falling off of its edge.

“Oh my… are you alright,” Rebecca asked as she crawled on all fours to the edge of the bed to see Tom laying on the floor. She quickly regretted her action as being in such a position made her breasts smash and bounce against each other making her feel how heavy they were.

For Tom, the sight of such large orbs hanging over him made a huge impact on him. Noticing they were so large that they partially hid Rebecca’s arms behind them was enough to make him babble like a baby. “Big boobs!! Honey, you have big boobs!!!”

“Glad you finally noticed them. They started to feel sad you haven’t praised them after growing so big just for you,” Rebecca said, standing up just to bounce them a bit. She smiled looking at how his eyes followed the movement of her breasts, but she had to stop doing it due to the strain they were having on her back. “These are quite heavy, but definitely worthy if they make me the bustiest woman in town,” she smiled, arching her back and walking to her dresser.

“But hoooowww….” Tom started to ask when he noticed Rebecca strut. “Oh fuck! You have never moved like that before!” he said, totally mesmerized. “What the hell happened? You look…”

“...Hot? Of course I do, baby.” Rebecca smiled seductively while blinking an eye. She even turned her torso a bit to let him see the large curve of her breasts. “And don’t worry, there is more from where I got all of these,” she said, gesturing to her whole body and letting him appreciate how much more alluring she had become. “If you behave well, I may let you in on my secret.”

“But this is not possible. Women don’t grow sexier and bustier from nowhere,” he said perplexed.

“Oh! I guess you haven’t seen yourself in a mirror,” she grinned, making Tom look at himself.

“Holy....!! What the fuck!! Have you injected me with steroids or something,” he gasped, flexing his muscles. “These muscles can only be obtained in a gym, but I have never trained in one,” he said but suddenly he got puzzled. “Wait! I do go to a gym, don’t I,” he asked her in disbelief.

“You are right about that baby. You better check your memories of our time together. You will notice a few differences,” Rebecca said as she picked up a new bra from her drawer. She could easily learn how big she had gotten after outgrowing Karen if she followed her own advice, but she wanted to surprise herself. “Oh my… a G-cup bra! This thing is huge,” she said, quickly putting the enormous garment on her. Even though it was the first time she put it on, she did it with ease as her body seemed to have muscle memory about how to deal with it.

“I imagine that I must get these online since there is no woman with a rack bigger than mine,” she said looking at the nice collection of bras she had in her drawer. A little poke into her memories told her that some of them were gifts from her fans. “Oh wow. I have so many followers now,” she said realizing that her large bust had produced a growth in the number of her subscribers. Now, she was making even more money and as result a lot of the things in her bedroom reflected her new monetary status. Expensive makeup, fancier clothes, even some fine jewels. “It’s quite ironic to think a good pair of breasts could get me this much without much effort,” she sighed.

Of course, having big breasts has its disadvantages, as Rebecca found her back hurt a lot more due the increased weight in her chest. "Mmm… these heavy puppies are killing my back. Even my posture is a bit hunched, isn’t it?" she sighed.

"Well, you can go to the gym with me. Building some muscle can help you with that," Tom said, flexing his arm. "I can't believe how our lives have changed. While mine seems to be done with a lot of effort, you just simply became better blessed by the puberty fairy. Pity she didn't give you some muscles to deal with these” Tom said as he gently grabbed Rebecca large breasts making her moan in response.

"You know what? That is a good idea," Rebecca said, picking up her phone.

"Oh. Are you planning to join my gym," Tom asked.

"More like hiring for a very intense home session," she grinned, recalling from her new memories the name of a man Tom mentioned from time to time.

**I’m stronger than Steve Collins**

"Oh fuck! This feels good!" Rebecca moaned as every single muscle in her body ached and burned intensely. Suddenly, her muscles simply exploded in size. Her calves, abs and biceps all looked so ripped and pumped. Rebecca smiled as her body felt incredibly strong. "Nice, so this is how it feels to be a bodybuilder," she grinned, tensing her arms just to feel how strong her back had gotten. Her posture was fixed as she could stand straight again. The great weight on her chest was no longer a discomfort and even her pectoral muscles pushed out her breasts even further making them look even bigger and perkier.

"Oh wow! What is happening to me?" Tom gasped as his muscle grew in size.

"This is your first time enjoying the changes I did. Hope you like them as much as I do," Rebecca smiled, biting her lip in desire as Tom got even more muscular. It seemed that the fact she had gotten so strong had pushed him harder to train his body. But as she reviewed those memories, she found a few not so amusing things.

"This is insane," Tom said, watching his stronger body. "I can remember training harder to keep up with you, but you… you just look stronger than…" he was saying before Rebecca cut him off.

"Stronger than Steve… I know" Rebecca sighed. "If I only knew my life will have changed so much, I may not have overdone it"

"What do you mean by…?" Tom was saying when he realized what Rebecca meant. Their room had changed again. Now that he was aware of the changes, he realized most of the expensive things Rebecca had bought were gone. Their bedroom looked a lot more closer to their original one. "Tell me, baby. What is going on? Perhaps I can help," he said.

"I found this site that lets me change my life," Rebecca said, handing her phone to Tom. "Following your advice, I decided to get stronger, but becoming this bulky and muscular has made a huge impact in my life. With this kind of body, I can't get many modeling jobs outside of body supplements or gym equipment. Most of my followers are gone. Seems that not all men are attracted to women this strong even though I have these huge tits," she sighed. "Fortunately, you like me the way I'm right? Or perhaps you were forced to like me by my reality change," Rebecca said, fearing the worst.

"Relax, baby. I'm still me, and while I must say that you are a lot bigger than me, that only means I have more of you to love," Tom said, lowering his face to kiss Rebecca in the mouth.

Rebecca felt her heart racing 100 mph and without thinking she pulled Tom down to hug him tightly against her chest to kiss him back. She had to do it due to their height difference. While she had always been tall for a woman, her 5’ 9” height wasn’t a match for the 6’1” tall stature of Tom. Still, she felt an absolute bliss to confirm his kiss was full of his usual love, and she grinned feeling his hard on between her legs. He did find her attractive and that was all that mattered to her.

"Oh, Tom. You make me so happy," Rebecca said, breaking the kiss.

"That is a good baby. Now what about if you let me breathe a bit," Tom said, gasping for air.

"Oops! Sorry. I no longer know my own strength," Rebecca blushed as she released her iron grip on him.

Tom took several gulps of air once his lungs were decompressed and he could breathe normally again. "Those muscles aren't just for show baby," he said, finally catching his breath.

"Yeah. The strength is nice, but they are too big," Rebecca said, flexing her arm just to gasp at the enormous bicep that rose on it.

"Well, if you don’t want them, you can try to edit your statement," Tom said, pointing out that the instructions allowed one edit and giving Rebecca back her phone.

“Perhaps someone not so muscular. Oh! What is the name of that fitness instructor in your gym,” Rebecca asked.

“Who? Melissa Kane? She is a good choice. Quite strong with smaller muscles,” Tom added.

“Alright, let’s try her…” Rebecca said as she replaced the name of Steve for the one of Melissa.

**Warning: The mentioned traits or source of them can't be changed**

“Oh great! How does this help if I can’t choose another source,” Rebecca said in frustration.

“Are you serious,” Tom chuckled. “I guess you aren’t smart enough to see it.”

“Not smart enough you say? Let’s fix that,” Rebecca grinned as she typed in her phone.

Rebecca gasped as she felt her mind improving. Her thoughts became more ordered and she felt her IQ points rising like foam in a beer glass. Meanwhile, Tom watched as things in their room changed again. Next to the framed recognitions and awards Rebecca had as an influencer, new, academic ones appeared. The desk Rebecca used to broadcast her stream sessions changed as it became larger to hold different books that started appearing on it. All of them had marks and notes. It looked more like the desk of a professor than a streamer.

“Hey baby, I think you really mess it up again,” Tom said before looking at Rebecca and gasping to see that she was wearing glasses now. She had never needed them before, but his altering memories told him she used them while working. Still, he was quite surprised how good they looked on her. He wondered if being more alluring than Daisy had to do something about it.

“Not at all, baby. Not at all,” Rebecca said as she fixed her glasses. She eluded an air of wisdom around her that Tom found quite arousing. “This must be one of the best changes I have done,” she said, pleased, as she walked around grabbing a trophy of being the best student in her high school with one hand and grabbing the one of top student from her university. “It’s funny how a simple line can alter so much of my life,” she said admiring her academic achievements.

“What did you write,” Tom asked intrigued, grabbing the cellphone Rebecca left over her dresser. “Oh my… Are you really smarter and more knowledgeable than Profesor Evans? The man is almost 80 years old!”

“Yes, and that makes it even more wonderful,” Rebecca said, reviewing her memories. While she at first had targeted the elder professor due to his high intelligence, the word ‘smart’ implied more than just intelligence. “The ‘more knowledgeable’ bit meant I had to study hard and be way smarter than Professor Evans in this reality. After all, he’s had 80 years to learn and I’ve had a lot less time,” she said, quite impressed with herself.

“Oh my… how smart did you become,” Tom said, trying to review his memories.

“Enough to know that this is not enough,” Rebecca said, taking her cell phone from Tom’s hand.

**I’m ten times smarter than August Evans**

“What is this,” Rebecca said, as an error message appeared.

**Warning. The use of multipliers are not allowed. Modifications must be humanly possible**

“Hahahaha It seems you can’t cheat,” Tom laughed.

“Oh yeah? What about this,” Rebecca said, rewording the last line.
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Re: Ten Lines (Beautificacion, Improvement)

Postby Max_ap » Tue Feb 15, 2022 4:00 pm

**I’m way smarter than August Evans, to the point where even if he had developed his mind to its full potential, and had spent all his life studying, he wouldn’t have been a match for me when I was four.**

“Oh Fuck,” Rebecca moaned as she experienced a mental orgasm. Every synapse in her brain fired up as their processing power increased. Her mind was expanding to new horizons as tons of new scientific knowledge was dumped into her enhanced brain.

Tom only watched in awe as her academic awards multiplied faster than rabbits. Their bedroom was full of diplomas and a few Phds. And after that, something incredible happened. Their bedroom expanded and became roomier, making space for several cases with books that materialized right there and without asking, he knew those were a fraction of the ones Rebecca had packed and organized in their basement. “Oh my… we have a basement,” Tom gasped as he realized they were no longer living in an apartment. Rebecca's new level of knowledge and intelligence had given her more financial resources, allowing them to buy a house as Rebecca had always wanted. He didn’t even argue with her. He was now married to the genius of his generation and he was smart enough to realize there was no point in discussing something she had her mind set to.

“Oh, Tom. How I wish you could experience what I just felt. It was like the boundaries of my potential just disappeared . I now know a lot more than professor Evans ever did. Can you imagine that the current level of knowledge he had, I already possessed way before I even had to wear a bra? And believe me, I was an early bloomer,” Rebecca grinned, cupping her large breasts. “I can’t believe I was able to get my first PhD while I was still a teenager,” she smiled. Then, without a warning, she burst into laughs and giggles. “Oh my… this is so funny,” she laughed hard.

“What? What happened?” Tom asked intrigued.

“Since I graduated so young, I wondered how we met. So, I reviewed my memories and it seems I was a postdoc when I was volunteering to advise freshmen who might be interested in academic careers. During that tour, you and I met and since then, we have been together,” Rebecca said with a wide grin on her face.

“Oh my… I was a freshman and you were already a postdoc?” Tom gasped. Reviewing his memories he blushed to realize that Rebecca tutored him during his years in the university. She always went to his games, they trained together and since both were the same age, people thought she was a freshman too, which Rebecca didn’t mind since her school peers had been older than her ever since she started skipping grades. Being with Tom gave her the opportunity to hang with people her own age.

For a moment, Tom wondered if he should feel intimidated by how stupid he must look in Rebecca’s eyes. But as it happened to her, he realized his doubts had no ground. Rebecca has always loved him and supported him. He chuckled to realize he got even better grades in this reality thanks to her tutoring. Still, he felt a bit ashamed to not have used that extra knowledge to get a job. Not that he wanted it or that Rebecca had ever questioned him about that.

“And now that I know how to use these modifications, let's start by fixing these big muscles. The strength is great and I need strong muscles to support my massive rack, so....” she said, typing in her phone. Once she got it ready, she showed it to Tom. “OK. What do you think?”

**I’m way stronger than Steve Collins, so that even if he had trained hard all his life, my muscles without any bulk will outclass his**

Tom looked at the sentence and grinned. “You may be smarter, but you’re not taking this as far as you should,” he said, tinkering a bit with Rebecca's entry. “This should do it,” he said, tossing her back the phone.

“Oh my… Are you sure about this,” Rebecca said, feeling that she was already getting wet at the possibilities. “I mean, after this, there is no way to turn it back,” she said, feeling quite worried and excited.

“It’s alright baby. I wrote it myself, didn’t I? Go for it,” he said. “Unless you don’t like it?”

“Like it? I love it,” Rebecca said before kissing him quite passionately. “If this is what your kinky mind wants, I will be more than happy to embrace it,” she said, accepting the modification.

**I have better muscles than Steve Collins, so that even if he had trained hard all his life, my lean and sexy muscles will outclass his to the point where I could easily match his heaviest lift using only my pinky**

"Mmmm .. this is better." Rebecca parted her lips to release an arousing moan. She flexed her arm and watched with a wicked smile how her huge bicep deflated until it was barely noticeable, while at the same time, she felt the levels of her strength rising dramatically. While every muscle in her body was losing its bulky size, Rebecca moaned, feeling them getting denser, packing more and more strength for her to use. She grinned, enjoying how powerful she was becoming.

When her muscles finished shrinking, her old physique was restored and with it everything she lost: her modeling career, her money and her followers. Their room was changing to show once more the influence of Rebecca’s online success.

"Did it work," Tom asked, looking at himself in expectation of yet another change.

"You tell me," Rebecca grinned, grabbing him by the waist to lift him high without much effort.

"Whoa," Tom said, quite excited. Just then, he felt himself getting more muscular and heavy.

"Mmm... It seems you want to match my incredible strength in this reality," Rebecca grinned, feeling confident in her ability to handle Tom’s increasing weight with ease. "That is good. I can always use a heavier dumbbell," she smiled as she spun Tom and lifted him over her head. Then she did a few reps with him as though he were actually a lifting bar, until she realized he wasn't much strain at all. Then, grinning, she held him with just one hand, just to then use one finger. Only then, she felt some strain and she had to make a minor effort to lift him. "I guess you weigh less than what Steve could lift if he trained harder his whole life. That is good to know," Rebecca giggled as she put Tom back on the floor before touching herself and cooed feeling how dense her muscles felt.

Tom gulped hard as he couldn't believe what just happened. He looked at himself and he indeed was more muscular than Steve. In fact, he knew he was stronger than him because in this reality he had been working quite hard to keep up with Rebecca. Still, none of that mattered as he was manhandled by the little finger of his sexy wife. His hardon was raging to break his pants.

"Uhm… did my little power display do that," Rebecca giggled, watching the boner grow in Tom's pants. "It looks quite painful. Let me help you remove those pants," Rebecca grinned as she gently grabbed the sides of his pants. Then, getting a good hold on them, she pulled them off.

Tom gasped as Rebecca had yanked off his pants along with his underwear. Such a thing should have been quite painful, but the fact that she did it with such ease made it even harder.

Rebecca smiled and looked down at how big and erect Tom’s manhood was. Looking at it, she knew he should be at the verge of an orgasm and that gave her a wicked idea. “I wonder…” she said, typing on her phone before she froze in place. With fear, she examined her phone and after doing it, she sighed with relief. "Phew, that was close,” she said looking at her fingers for a moment. “Good thing the change in reality gave me a proper subconscious knowledge to manage my vast strength. I could have punched my finger through my phone or crushed it without realizing it." Rebecca sighed happily as she continued typing. "It would have been awful to lose my chance to keep messing up with you," she grinned, returning to her typing.

“OK…” Tom said, feeling a bit anxious. “Do I need to worry about what is going to happen next?”

“Perhaps,” Rebecca grinned, looking him in the eyes. “Getting you aroused by my strength is good, but I prefer if you get excited by how I look, so, let’s fix that,” she said showing him what she had typed in before executing her last command.

**My allure is so much stronger than Daisy Lawson’s, that if she stood naked by my side while I was in a potato sack, nobody would even spare a look at her.**

“Oh my…!” Tom gasped as everything in Rebecca suddenly improved for the better. What little imperfection she could still have in her face vanished from existence. Her skin looked younger, fresher. Her eyes became more vibrant and radiant with life. Her lips got plumper and smoother as they took on a moist, exquisitely kissable look. Her hair got longer and seemed to have just come out of a hair salon. But even though Rebecca had become the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, the process still continued, she got sexier, more alluring, more entrancing, more arousing, more, more…

“This is so unreal” Rebecca said, astonished as Tom's cock was twitching and releasing itself without even her or him touching it. “You just can’t hold yourself, can you,” she teased.

Tom only blushed deeply and with his hand tried to cover his mess only to make it worse. He groaned trying to hold his continued ejaculation. He felt so ashamed that he had to run to the bathroom leaving Rebecca totally speechless.

"Oh come on Tom. Stop playing around,” Rebecca yelled to him. It's not that I could be that sex… Fuck me," she yelled as she was caught by surprise at the image reflected in the mirror before her. “Is that me,” she said, touching her cheeks and looking at the woman in front of her mimicking her movements. She gulped hard and her heartbeats sped up faster as she watched in awe how her already attractive figure shifted into one of pure perfection. Even the way she stood up was changing as she found herself trusting her chest out, standing to a side to accentuate the curve of her hips and make her butt look fuller. Everything in her was screaming sexiness and that scream was only getting louder and louder.

Rebecca had never been one of those girls who spent hours looking at their reflections, but soon she started to understand them. With each passing second, her beauty increased and grew to the point she was starting to get aroused. “Oh no, no, no…” she said, using all her willpower to take her eyes away from her reflection. If she stared at it much longer, she wouldn’t ever stop looking at herself. “This is insane. How much more sexy can I be,” she wondered aloud, feeling her voice subtly getting smoother and more melodious. “Even my voice is changing,” she said, then felt her knees getting weak after hearing how honeyed and harmonious her vocal cords sounded.

Feeling reality reshaping around her, Rebecca smiled as all the objects in the room became fancier and higher quality and the room itself shifted to grow larger and grander. A quick check of her memories told her that they no longer lived in the same house as before. They lived in the kind of three story house that definitely belonged to people with money. Something she certainly seemed to have plenty of, as there were several exclusive brand products scattered around her room and even the casual clothes she was wearing had changed into designer ones. She was no longer the top model of her town. She had become a worldwide sensation. Her followers in social media were counted in the millions. She no longer needed to hold streaming sessions to make money. Between her academic/scientific research and her modeling career, she was making more in a month than she could have made in 10 years before finding the magic site.

“What the,” she gasped, feeling the exquisite silk her blouse was made of. She had the top button undone to show off her impressive cleavage. “No way,” she exclaimed, opening her blouse just to reveal she had only a transparent bra that barely fit her enormous breasts. Her nipples were quite hard and erect denting erotically the fabric, but below that, nothing. Not pants, or skirt, or even shorts dare to hide her even more prominent and fertile wiggle hips. Between those was her exposed sex, well trimmed showing a sense of sexiness and decor. She turned around and watched pleased how far her butt stretched out. She could see the bottom half of her buttchecks sliding under her blouse. “I’m a teenager’s wet dream” she said, picturing herself stepping right out of an adult magazine. Fearing she could fall in love with her own reflection, she avoided checking herself in the mirror.

Closing her eyes, Rebecca understood that now with her level of beauty, money was no longer an issue for her. Every important beauty company in the world wanted her to wear their products even if she didn’t need them at all. Her fabulous and mesmerizing beauty was totally natural so even after a strong hangover, she would still look fresh and radiant without an ounce of makeup.

Checking her past memories, she giggled seeing how men behaved around her. During her teenage years, men fought to be with her and she was the queen bee of her school, but it was during her time in the university that things went… for lack of a better word… very weird for her. Her developing beauty was having a strong effect on grown up men and some didn’t even care to hide what they were feeling toward her. Rebecca felt disgusted as she recalled men masturbating in front of her, completely unable to control their urges. The ones that tried to force themselves into her found out the hard way how strong she was. She even put in the hospital a group that tried to rape her. It was only after that incident that men did their best to avoid her.

“This is bullshit! My precious time in the university got ruined because some hot heads couldn’t keep their hands still. I will show them,” Rebecca said typing in her phone. “If they didn’t know how to respect me, I will make them respect me,” she said, finishing a new line on the web page.

**I'm more intimidating than Jason Hudson**

Jason Hudson was a man people fear and respect. He wasn’t a bad guy, or a saint. He was what people call ‘a natural leader.’ He has an ‘intimidating aura’ that makes people not mess with him. Even more, when he spoke people paid attention and followed his lead, but if for some reason, he was forced to use his ‘commanding voice’, people found it hard to refuse. That level of respect was what Rebecca was trying to get for herself.

“Uhm… did I write something wrong,” Rebecca thought looking at the web page screen. Her command was accepted, but she didn’t feel any change in her. The room and everything around her was still the same. So, what went wrong?

Rebecca got her answer when by mistake her eyes wandered to the mirror while looking for changes in her reality. She gasped to see the same image as before, her ultra and devastating beauty looking at her, but this time she felt composed. She felt wrong to disrespect the image in front of her and she smiled realizing that the natural intimidating aura of Jason must have merged with her enhanced sex appeal reflecting a look of confidence and power hard to ignore. “Oh yes! This is what I was looking for!”

Looking into her memories, she smiled as men certainly had changed the way they behave in front of her. She grinned seeing that nobody seemed to act obscenely before her. She only found it amusing that her level of beauty brought men and women helplessly towards her. Still, even though she was the most desired woman on campus, she focused herself in her studies and it was only until the time Tom arrived at the university that she allowed herself to have a boyfriend.

“Whoa! Reality changing can be quite confusing,” Rebecca giggled, finding it kind of funny how even after having become so alluring and gorgeous, Tom had remained as her first and only boyfriend. “I guess I won’t be cheating on him with you,” she smiled looking at her phone.

A further review of her memories told Rebecca how good it felt to be treated with respect even though she knew that deep inside most people ogled her body and fantasized about her. She had never considered herself a femme fatale before, but she definetely felt she had become one after her last change. “And if my life has turned this good with this level of intimidation, I bet it will be even better if we turn it up a few notches,” she grinned, pressing Enter after modifying her last entry.

**I'm so much more intimidating than Jason Hudson, that even the distant memory of me demands more respect and authority than him using his most commanding voice**

Meanwhile, in the bathroom Tom found it disturbing that he had lost control over his urges as he finished cleaning the mess he’d made after jacking off for a few minutes. “What’s wrong with me? I can believe the fool I made of myself out there. Becca really despite people that can’t control themselves. That is what she likes about me. I had been able to keep cool in front of her until now. Come on man, chill out,” he said, slapping his face to shake out his doubts. "Wait a moment, she didn't choose me just for that? Did she," he said, feeling his head turning into a mess. He groaned as his clothes got quite tight on him. His muscles had pumped bigger and such change along with the conflict in his brain meant only one thing. Rebecca had used the web page again.

He gasped as everything in the bathroom changed. A large jacuzzi manifested in the middle of it and everything around seemed more expensive. Beauty products filled the place giving the impression of a spa room rather than a bathroom. Then his clothes changed, and even though they were still casual, they had changed into very expensive brands. Even his sneakers had shifted into a pair that was limited edition. “Rebecca. What is going on,” he called out to her.

New memories flowed into his mind, but Tom didn't have time to understand them as a rich aroma filled the air. He felt himself getting harder despite having released himself more than once. His gaze turned toward the bathroom door just to notice how the light outside dimmed as a warmer and brighter one got closer. His hearbeat increased as a well-known scent filled his lungs. He took a deep breath and braced himself the best he could for the visual impact.

"Hey babe. You were taking so long that I got a bit worried," Rebecca softly said, peeking behind the door frame. She wanted to test the impact of her recent change on him, so she decided to do baby steps exposing only her face to him and keeping the rest of her body out of sight. "Is everything alright," she asked, batting her long eyelashes with a fake tone of being concerned.

Tom only watched mesmerized at the face of an angel looking at him. Even though he knew she was toying with him, his body trembled and he had to fight the urges to get into his knees and ask forgiveness for having made her worry about him. ‘Her voice. What happened to her voice,’ he thought as his mouth blurted out, "Yes. Everything is alright," almost in trance. He was having a hard time believing he was married to the divine creature checking on him.

"If you say so, I will take your word on that," Rebecca said, stepping in revealing the rest of her body to him. "So, do you like how good your wife looks now," she said, effortlessly spinning on her feet to give Tom a full view of how attractive she had become. The end of her blouse drifted away revealing how developed and luscious her lower body had gotten. Also, the strain her prominent chest put on the front part of her blouse as she swung with grace was more than obvious. "I may have overdone it, but I think I managed to compensate for it," she said, quite glad to see Tom wasn't jacking off in front of her. Still, she could see his body twitching a bit. “You're really holding yourself back, aren’t you,” she said, slowly moving forward to him. “Does my body really arouse you so much,” she said, lowering her voice and grinning how his posture was shifting. She could see him pushing his legs together while his hands were trembling. The raising pole pushing from inside his pants was all the confirmation she needed.

Tom only nodded his head to answer her question. It was the only thing he could do not to scream her name and begged her to take him right there. Seeing her full body was making him almost go into cardiac arrest. Her skin was flawless, the curve of her breasts was beyond perfect. Even supported by a bra, her breasts bounced greatly and wobbled enticingly with each step she made toward him. Talking about steps, her legs were longer and toned. Her sculpted thighs and wide hips undulated in a hypnotic way. Even when he saw it during her spin, the shape and size of her ass was imprinted in his eyes. It was so round and bulging he imagined each of her buttcheeks would give her a nice cushion of support no matter where she chose to sit. But beyond her immaculate body, there was the irrefutable, imposing aura she emanated. It was kind and lovely, but at the same time commanding and authoritative. Beyond that, there was her voice. Her voice was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard, it was like she wasn’t speaking to him, but singing. Suddenly his vision was getting blurry. Desperation filled him as he was losing focus on his goddess. His senses were getting numbed, but when he wanted to ask her help, he couldn’t and simply fainted.

With the agility of a feline, Rebecca got a hold of Tom. She secured him by getting his torso next to her chest. "Tom, you are scaring me, please say something," Rebecca demanded as she noticed his face was getting blue. Panic filled her and she looked into her memories seeing if something like this had happened before. Suddenly her eyes got wide open and using a strong voice, she commanded “BREATHE!”

Tom gasped as he took a deep breath at the command imposed on him. He blinked his eyes and continued gasping as his body tried to take in as much air as he could. Rebecca hugged him tightly but only using a fraction of her strength. The last thing she wanted to do was to crush his lungs in the middle of her joy. The color of his face returned and she allowed herself to breathe as well. “Sorry for that, Tom. I should have checked my memories before exposing you to the new me. I just wanted to experience something for the first time instead of doing it second hand. Stupid me. Could you forgive me,” she asked him and he again only nodded his head. “Please Tom, be strong for me. I love you and I want you to feel safe around me,” she begged him.

“It’s alright Rebecca. I just need a little more time to get used to your new presence, that’s all,” Tom smiled, feeling happier that he could speak normally again. It took him a while, but his body was adapting to sense Rebecca so close to him. He imagined part of his quick recovery was a mix of her request and his innate will not to worry her. In order to do it, his willpower was getting stronger. Funny how emotions and feelings could interact in such a way. “I love you, too.”

Rebecca smiled as she could see Tom slowly returning to the way he was. Her improvements wouldn’t be much fun if he wasn't himself to enjoy them with her. "The effect this body has on people is no joke. I just saw a memory of this new reality around my early days in the university. My body hadn’t fully developed this aura of authority, so when one of the senior students, who was so full of himself, asked me if I wanted to bang him without any shame, I got so pissed off that I yelled at him to go home and fuck himself. Next day I heard he was hospitalized due a strange compulsion he had to jerk off. He couldn’t stop himself, so he was heavily sedated to stop him from hurting himself any further.”

"Oh my…" Tom said feeling very aroused by Rebecca's tale. "That must have been awful," he said, trying to sympathize with her, but after experiencing the power her body had first hand, he couldn't avoid feeling quite excited to know his wife was able to pull off something as far-fetched as mind control with only the power of her voice. It was so unreal, but so was everything else that had happened so far, so he wondered for a moment what else that web page could do.

"I feel terrible. He was a jerk, but he didn't deserve to suffer what I imposed on him, so I visited him in the hospital. I asked the people in the room to leave us and they obeyed. It was at that moment I couldn’t remember a time during that year that people didn’t do what I asked of them. I felt my stomach ache imagining for how many days I could have been inadvertently bossing people around without meaning. Watching how his worried family left him in the presence of a complete stranger was proof enough of what I was able to do and I felt truly scared of what I could become," Rebecca sighed. "Not sure what to do, I came closer to his ear and whispered ‘wake up’. He immediately opened his eyes and started to jerk off. My eyes went wide open in horror and ordered him to stop and he did. Knowing the damage I had done, I whispered ‘I hope you could forgive me’. I didn't ask him to forgive me as I wanted him to do it by my command rather than do it by his own will. Then, I told him to go back and sleep for an hour, as I didn’t want him to become a male version of sleeping beauty, and that once he wakes up, he should forget everything about encountering me yesterday or what I said to him. After that, his face relaxed and fell asleep. Then I left the room and ‘suggested’ his family to forget about my visit, too. I didn't want anyone to know what I was capable of," Rebecca said.

Primal fear took over Tom as he imagined that with a few words of her beautiful lips, Rebecca could turn him into her puppet. Fortunately, his memories told him that she had never tried that out on him. At least, not that he remembered, anyway. He smiled, recalling how cautious Rebecca was when they started a relationship. She was certainly attracted to him and he was strong enough to endure a normal conversation with her. He even raised an eyebrow as he recalled she often encouraged him to talk to her and he imagined that was her way to help him overcome how imposing she was. He then grinned, recalling how she had also given him motivational speeches that lead him to push harder during his studies, especially during his workouts. That was why he was even stronger and more muscular than before, but this time, he also knew a lot more things and his grades were the ones of a top student. Rebecca’s stunt had paid off and now he was a young executive in a marketing business.

“This is amazing, Rebecca. Do you know how much you have changed me by changing yourself,” Tom said with a grin on his face. “I mean, I was ripped before, but now I’m the perfect combination of muscle and brain. You really pushed me to get to my full potential,” he grinned, flexing his arm so Rebecca could feel his hard bicep. “And look at this place, of course you are making a lot of money due your great body and mind, but I’m also making my contribution. If we put our brains together, we could invest our incomes and assure us a great future. Perhaps we won’t even need to work in a few years,” he said, visualizing the possibilities.

“A few years? Why not now,” she said, pulling her phone from the cup of her bra. It was so big that Tom didn’t realize she had hidden it there. “Any good investor you know,” she asked.

“Uhm… I would have said no, but in this new reality, I know the right guy, or better said, woman. She has been investing in several new products and so far she has gotten great profits. It’s safe to say she knows how to spot good opportunities to make money. Her name is Jessica Dawson.”

“Oh! I know her. She is always present during publicity campaigns here in town. She hires me saying it is worth it to assure the success of a product. This should be fun,” Rebecca said typing.

“Wait a second. If you are super smart, why do you need someone like her? I mean, she is good at investing money, but you must know a lot more than her right?” Tom said.

“I may have a higher IQ indeed, but when I compare myself with Profesor Evans, my knowledge or area of expertise was mostly science. I haven’t studied or developed the required tools to make good investments. Just because I’m good with numbers doesn’t mean I can predict how the market will flow. Sometimes, you have to feel it in your guts, and that is what I need from Jessica. Can you imagine what I would be able to do if I mixed her natural skill to know where to put the money and make the best of it with my outstanding brainpower? Let’s find out,” she said.

**I'm better at investing money than Jessica Dawson**

This time, neither Rebecca or Tom changed physically, however the decorations of the house did. They rushed out of their bedroom to see the furniture on it shift into bigger and more expensive ones. The TV got larger and the home theater was the latest state of art. A few portraits appeared on the walls showing Rebecca and Tom smiling and posing on important buildings or monuments around the world. Rebecca knew her model career had made her international, but it seemed she squeezed some time on her tight agenda to go out with husband to do some city sightings in the cities they visited. Thanks to some wise investments on her part, Rebecca was able to triple the money they made making possible such luxuries.

“This is incredible. We are rich!” Tom said, realizing that now Rebecca had put him in charge of their finances. She told him where and when to invest and he did it, becoming a great team.

“No, baby. We have lots of money,” Rebecca grinned, typing on her phone. “This will make us rich,” she said, showing the phone to Tom after recalling how much her incomes had changed.
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Re: Ten Lines (Beautificacion, Improvement)

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**I'm so much better at investing money than Jessica Dawson, that whatever profit she grosses in a year, I make it a week.**

Suddenly everything around them trembled. For a moment, they watched in awe as the walls got further from them and the ceiling higher. The floor changed from vinyl to hardwood, while the roof switched from asphalt to slate. The photos increased in number, showing that they had visited almost every important landscape in the whole world. Their living room was filled with the latest technologies. Her TV merged with the wall as it became a theater screen. Chandeliers encrusted with diamonds hung from the ceilings. Then, a statue of Rebecca made of pure gold adorned the side of the living room. She was dressed in a tunic emulating a Greek goddess.

“Look at this, baby,” Rebecca said, as diverse jewels appeared on her. She was wearing rings that carried sapphires and emeralds. Around her neck materialized a gold necklace that held a ruby crafted in the shape of a heart. Finally, her silk blouse turned into a similar tunic to the one her statue wore. “Oh, yes. A woman can get used to this,” she smiled, mimicking the pose of her statue.

“If I’m honest, the statue doesn’t do justice to your beauty, my love,” Tom said, in deep admiration for what Rebecca had become. She was now one of the richest women in the world and their house had evolved into a mansion with dozens of rooms, a huge garden, an olympic pool, and even a nice collection of cars for Tom to drive. He knew without doubt they were very rich.

“Thank you, Tom, but I would prefer it if you didn’t waste your breath stating the obvious. I would prefer it if you put that wonderful tongue of yours to work where I really need it,” Rebecca said, as she gently started to rub between her legs.

The aroma of her aroused sex began to weaken his defenses. “I don’t know what you are talking about, Rebecca. Can you be more clear? I’m not as smart as you, you know,” he teased her.

“Oh, fuck you! You really want me to beg for it, do you,” Rebecca asked, feeling her arousal growing exponentially. She was the richest, strongest, smartest and sexiest woman in the world. Possessing such power made her very excited and in that moment she was fighting the urges to tear off Tom’s clothes and fuck his brains out right there. The fact that he was resisting her was driving her mad, so she decided to return the favor. “Being denied is making me so wet. Well, I can give you what you want, but you won’t like it,” she grinned, looking at him with hungry eyes.

“Oh no…. Wait a moment, Rebecca. I was just joking,” Tom said, stepping back as Rebecca stepped toward him. She was biting her lips with desire and he soon felt overwhelmed with desire. “Please, please, don’t do it,” he begged, feeling how demolishing her presence could be.

“Don’t fear my love. I won’t ever do something you don’t like,” Rebecca said, as she rubbed the underside of his chin with her fingers. The mere touch of her perfect skin triggered a massive hard on that was impossible to hide. “Since you want me to beg you, listen carefully…” she said, getting close to his ear to whisper “... I beg you to carry me in your arms and take me to your bed to make love to me until I feel satisfied, or until you have run out of strength. I want you to focus on my pleasure and nothing more. No matter how close you are, you won’t be able to orgasm until I do. Do you understand me, baby,” she said, making Tom groan in response.

Defeated in his own game, Tom got Rebecca into his arms and carried her to their bedroom. “You know I would have done what you asked even if you didn’t say it, right,” he asked her, and Rebecca nodded her head. “Good to know,” he grinned, before throwing her into the bed.

“What the,” Rebecca yelled as she found herself landing roughly on the bed.

“Well, you only told me to carry you to the bed, you never specified how I should put you on it,” Tom grinned, quickly undoing his pants. “And you never told me to go gentle on you, either. If I won’t be able to cum until you do, well, I only need to make sure you do it fast, right,” he said, yanking off his shirt before removing his trousers to reveal his raging erection. “Don’t fear, my love. I won’t ever do something you don’t like,” Tom said, repeating the same phrase Rebecca had told him just before he rammed his hard pole between her exquisite legs.

Rebecca giggled, at first, when Tom raised her tunic enough to expose her glistening snatch. She screamed and howled in excitement as Tom filled her with powerful might. It seemed that all his training had paid off, and his muscles weren’t just for show. He was giving her everything he had and she was glad her improved body could stand his vigor and potency. She loved being filled with such passion and frenzy, but she still wanted more. No, she needed more of him, so she wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed his sex against hers. Despite her passion, she didn’t use her full strength on him, not wanting to crush her merely mortal husband.

Tom gasped as he felt his ass being pushed by an industrial compressor toward Rebecca. He tried to say something but she pushed him over and over again. ‘This is going to leave some bruises,’ he thought, but the pain he was feeling was numbed by the delightful moans coming from Rebecca’s lips. Those were the most beautiful sounds his ears had heard and he couldn’t get enough of them. He felt invigorated and pushed harder into Rebecca, making her scream his name. That action would have been enough to blast her with his seed, but Rebecca’s command prevented him from doing it. Sensing she was quite close, Tom redoubled his efforts.

Rebecca ran her hands over her head and into her hair, trying to control the wonderful feelings washing over her body. Her libido was growing more inflamed and it was only a matter of time before she couldn’t hold back the gates of her sex. Suddenly, she felt Tom resting a bit over her and looking into her eyes, then he grinned as he blew gently over her erect nipple. That stimulation alone was enough to trigger the mother of all orgasms in Rebecca and she came like she never had in her entire life. Her body convulsed, violently, and she quivered and screamed her husband’s name with all the power her voice carried. A second later, she was greeted by a warmth spreading deep inside her as Tom finally released.

After laying together at each other’s sides and catching their breaths, Rebecca turned and watched Tom’s labored breaths. “Oh, Tom. You were fantastic. You made love to me even harder than before,” she said, as she ran her fingers over his chest.

“You prove to be strong enough to stand it,” Tom joked, rubbing his back. “I do hope you haven’t broken anything. At times, I felt those legs of yours could have cut my spine in two,” he sighed, groaning as he felt the intense soreness in his muscles.

"Oops! Are you alright," Rebecca asked, feeling guilty to have caused him so much pain after all of the pleasure Tom had given her.

"I will live," Tom grinned. "Just don't expect me to go another round," he said, closing his eyes for a moment. He was totally spent and his body was slowly shutting down to recover. He felt himself falling asleep, but as he did, he did it with a big smile on his face

"It's alright, Tom. Just lay there and relax. I will take care of you," Rebecca said, as she rubbed his head, making him stir, slightly, in delighted approval. "Let me pay all of your efforts in kind by giving you an experience you will never forget," she said.

Tom felt quite happy that Rebecca felt she owed him that much. He was about to tell her that she shouldn't feel any kind of pressure to repay him, when he heard her moaning and panting. He felt she had withdrawn her hand from his head and he opened his eyes and turned around to see her just in time as she arched her back while holding her own head. "Oh fuck!" she screamed from the top of her lungs as she collapsed back into the bed. Tom watched in concern as he saw how erratically her breasts rose and sunk on her chest. They were so big that even when she was lying flat on her back, they rose into two steep, impressively large slopes.

Seeing that he was finally calming down, Tom found himself able to talk again. "Did you just have an orgasm," he asked, cursing himself for such a stupid question. Rebecca turned her gaze toward him and he could see the flush on her face. She was happy but at the same embarrassed. "I'm sorry. I meant to ask if you were fine," he apologized, and his heart melted as Rebecca dazzled him with her sparking smile.

"Yes Tom. I'm fine," Rebecca replied, then let out a slow, measured breath. "To be honest, I'm more than fine," she said, lowering her voice. "I'm quite horny, but don't worry. I got this."

Tom gasped as Rebecca gently took hold of his erection and, with great dexterity, stroked him slowly up and down. "Wow, Becca. That feels so, so good. Keep going," he begged. He couldn’t recall the last time she had done something like that.

"Don't worry, stud. There is more to come, just try to hold it, OK," Rebecca said, pulling her hair back just to lower her mouth onto his raging erection.

"Oh Fuck!" Tom was the one screaming this time as Rebecca's plushy lips engulfed the girth of his dick before swallowing its entire length without any kind of hesitation. He would have shot his load right there if it wasn't for the fact that with her hands free, she got a hold of his balls and squeezed them in such a way that prevented him from climaxing. He had always had a thing for women stronger and smarter than him, but being emasculated in such a loving and caring way was a dream come true. She was slurping his shaft as if it was the sweetest lollipop in the world. Feeling her tongue licking and wrapping around his pole made him want to release himself so badly that Rebecca must have sensed it and let go of her hold on his balls. "Oh Fuck," was the only thing he managed to say before releasing a massive shot into Rebecca's mouth. "Oh my… I'm so sorry" he begged, realizing what he had done and felt horrible concern as Rebecca still kept her lips tight on his deflating erection.

Rebecca saw how anxious Tom's expression was so she raised her hand with her index finger extended, telling him to wait for a moment. She withdrew her lips from his dick and gave him a wink, swallowing his load in one gulp. "Sorry, lover. You gave me a lot to handle," she grinned, noticing how Tom's erection was rising up once more.

"Oh my… Becca," Tom gasped in complete disbelief. Rebecca had always been quite passionate in bed, but she never had tried to pull a stunt like that before. His arousal levels were off the charts. "If it wasn't for my back, I would have jumped into you and hit you with everything I have," he said.

"It's alright, my little stallion. I will be the one doing the mounting," Rebecca said, as she rolled her body over his. She did that to smash and rub her breasts against his chest while she positioned her legs to the sides of his. "If that is OK for you, of course," Rebecca said, as she slowly rubbed her womanhood over his entire erection making it larger and delightfully more painful. "The last thing I would want is for my big and strong man to feel dominated by his ‘petite’ but stacked wife," she said, rubbing on him the nickname he gave to remind her she will be always smaller than him, before raising her body above him while being sure her weight would be supported by her legs rather than by his pelvis. "Or you prefer, I refer to myself as your bitch? I can be both, you know," she said, stroking his shaft while she positioned herself above him. With her free hand, she lifted her tunic to make him watch how she was forcing him to get bigger to reach her awaiting sex. "Just tell me what you desire," she purred, as she rubbed the tip of his dick with her moistened petals.

"Be my bitch, please," Tom begged, already on the verge of bursting.

"Bitch in heat it is, then," Rebecca grinned, as she slammed her womanhood down onto his erection getting all but the last inch inside of her with a single motion.

Tom wanted to scream in pleasure, but he couldn't find the strength to do it, as Rebecca came down hard on him, over and over. When he felt he was about to burst what little seed he had, he gasped as he felt Rebecca's inner muscles squeeze his erection in a way that denied the imminent orgasm his manhood desperately needed. "How are you doing this," Tom finally exclaimed, feeling himself going insane.

"Uhm… are you referring to this?" Rebecca giggled as she picked up the pace of her thrusts on him and enjoyed the way Tom squirmed under her. "I'm still learning what this improved body of mine is capable of," she grinned, feeling how Tom’s arousal was building up inside her. The wild pulsations of his shaft, which was being denied it’s demand for release, brought her a unique sort of pleasure. "If I want, I can use my inner muscles to hold men on the agonizing edge of orgasm to give myself time to reach far higher and more fulfilling orgasms than I ever thought possible. Isn't that great," she said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"You were so great with me, that I feel I need to return the favor so we are not only going to cum together baby," she said, as her panting got stronger. "We will do it with you knowing this will be the greatest," she moaned more loudly, “mind blowing orgasm you have ever given me," she squealed excitedly.

"You are so mean, so dominating… I love you baby. Use me to please your desires," Tom begged, blinded by his own arousal.

"I'm so close, so close," Rebecca moaned, as she dug her fingers into Tom's pecs. Then, she withdrew them to grab her tunic and ripped it apart along with her bra to expose her naked breasts to him. Their massive size and weight forced them to bounce and wobble as a result of their sudden release but they quickly returned to their natural shape as they rested on her chest. "Hold me, baby. Press my fat titties against your manly chest and do it tightly. I fear this orgasm will shatter me in a million pieces,'' she begged, in a tone that transformed her request into an immediate command.

Feeling compelled by her demands, Tom raised and embraced Rebecca, squeezing her breasts against her. Feeling her nipples being stimulated pushed Rebecca towards the edge. Feeling her orgasm begin to erupt, she let go of her tight grip on him and allowed him to fill her up. Both lovers screamed each other’s names as they shared the mother of all simultanious orgams. Totally drained, they fell back to the bed still hugging each other. Tom flexed his arms, letting his muscles keep together at Rebecca who was convulsing and shaking tremendously. Her orgasm kept going and going, making him wonder if Rebecca was having a long orgasm or just a quick succession of several ones. Finally, she stopped trembling, and Tom was relieved to see the goofy expression on his wife's face.

"Oh, Tom. Yet again, you were wonderful," she said, with a voice that was almost a whisper, making it evident that she was still trying to catch her breath. "Please forgive me for restraining you like that. It wasn't something nice, especially as I was trying to give you pleasure and I ended up pleasuring myself, but in my defense, you wanted me to be a bitch, so I played my role. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did," she said with a widening smile.

"You can be whatever you want as long as you want it to be with me. I love you, Becca, and I must say that was the most gratifying release I have ever had in my entire life," he said with a cherisse grin on his face. "Still, it seems getting stronger than Steve granted all your muscles a lot of power and not only the ones he trained. I mean, it's not like Steve had muscle in there to begin with," Tom chuckled, caressing her petals as he slowly withdrew his expended shaft. "But even though you really got a strong hold on me inside, what surprised me the most was your amazing sexual prowess. I wouldn't have believed Daisey’s sex appeal could have granted you that," he said, kissing her lips.

"Who said she did," Rebecca grinned back at him.

Tom looked confused for a moment. Then, his eyes moved to the nightstand where Rebecca's cellphone was. "No. It cannot be. I would have felt if reality was altered, right," Tom asked, though he wasn’t very sure, anymore.

"Not if I turn the unaware option on," Rebecca grinned, grabbing her phone. “Making love to me in such a wonderful way made me want to give you an even better experience. Fortunately, after I almost crushed your ass with my legs, you closed your eyes so I grabbed my phone and wrote another statement, and I kept you completely unaware of it to surprise you,” she smiled.

“You little rascal. Come here,” he said, as his hands quickly fondled her large breasts.

Rebecca tried to moan but was silenced by his kiss. She felt herself getting horny again and kissed him back, enjoying how good his hands felt on her breasts. She grinned, recalling that she hadn’t yet edited her comparison with Karen. ‘Could it be possible to slip some extra sensitivity into them?’ Her mighty brain toyed with the idea as her body trembled at her husband’s hands.

“And where did you learn to be so good in bed, if I may ask,” Tom grinned.

“Oh! So I wasn’t that good before ah,” Rebecca teased Tom, enjoying the horror on his face. “It’s alright. I always knew I wasn’t as good as the girls you have slept with before me. But don’t worry anymore, thanks to my former roommate Sheyla, you didn’t marry a boring shy virgin in this reality, but a dynamite nymph filled with a lot of experience to compare with yours,” she grinned, showing him the statement she wrote.

**I have more sexual experience than Sheyla Meyers**

“What? What are you talking about?” Tom said, alarmed.

“Here, let me show you,” Rebecca said, as she unchecked the awareness option.

Suddenly Tom's eyes went wide open in horror as saw what his wife had become. While they were dating, he recalled people telling him she was too good for him. Due to her incredible beauty, Rebecca had slept with every handsome man she laid her eyes on. Only with him, she showed some restraint as she really liked him. She wanted something more than just a good fuck. She was looking for a man that will make her a woman emotionally and not just physically.

“Oh my… Becca what have you done?!” Tom began to freak out as he noticed the sex toys and other adult devices that had filled their room, turning it into a twisted and more extreme version of the famous red room of pain from a wellknown erotic novel.

“Well, I must admit I didn’t anticipate that getting Sheyla’s experience would have turned me into such a slut. Sorry that I surprised you with my earlier spontaneous orgasm, but believe me, getting all that exqusite kinky sexual knowledge she gathered throughout her lifetime felt wonderful,” Rebecca said, proudly. Of course, she spared Tom the knowledge that in that moment she felt what Sheyla had felt while she fucked those men, but it was like she had all of those experiences at once.

Rebecca felt herself getting wetter, remembering the feeling of more than a dozen pairs of hands grabbing her breasts, ass, thighs and hips. Every part of her body was touched and licked at the same time. Her nipples got harder recalling the sensation of being licked, bitten and sucked by perhaps hundreds of hungry mouths. But what really threw her brain into overload was processing the combined stimulation of countless erections filling both of her love holes in unison. That was what unleashed her first braingasm. Thanks to her super brain, Rebecca would be able to remember that feeling any time she wanted, allowing her to experience unlimited braingasms any time she needed one. Poor Tom would feel devastated if he knew she could do that.

“Even now, she works as a high ranked escort, so she has a lot more sex experience than she had during our time at the university. Also, the men she has sex with are so skillful that I may have turned a few guys into sex masters due the reality change. I mean, in order to experience such a refine state of sex, they must have known how to do it well, right,” Rebecca giggled. “I just hope you are not jealous because I have had more lovers than you. As your wife, I accepted you that had a sexual life before knowing me, so I expect you to do the same for me, now that I’m your mistress,” she grinned, licking her lips before bitting them on the side.

“More lovers? Mistress? What are you talking about? Did all that deviant sex screw up your big brain? You just fucked us, Becca. You screwed our marriage and in the worst way,” Tom said.

“OK Tom, that is a bit offensive. I didn’t want to hurt your macho ego but,” Rebecca was saying, but Tom silenced her.

“Rebecca Winston,” Tom said, using her full name for the first time. “I never had sex with other women besides you. Why don't you remember it,” he said, quite angered.

“What? No,” Rebecca replied, taken back by Tom’s secure tone. “I remember our first night. I was all nervous and felt like an idiot admitting I didn’t have any experience even though I look so sexy and desirable. Then, you told me you had plenty of experience with women as sexy or more than me, so you will ensure my first time will be memorable,” she answered back.

“Have you heard what you said," Tom yelled as he stood back from the bed. "You are talking about your memories after you got Daisy’s sex appeal. On that occasion, I was just bluffing to make you feel secure and take you out of your shell and you know it. Look well into those memories, I told you later that I was a virgin as both of us have been in every reality, until now,” Tom said, obviously crushed.

“Oh, no. Oh, no! What have I done,” Rebecca exclaimed, as she also stood from the bed while scratching her head in denial. She felt sick when she realized that during the afterglow of the wonderful orgasm Tom gave her, she had mixed memories. What Tom had said was true. Even she recalled her original reality and how even though both of them were inexperienced, Tom did his best to make her feel comfortable. It wasn’t like sex in the movies, but it was their first time and both felt lucky to share their first time with the other. “Can you forgive me, Tom? It wasn’t my intention. I only wanted to make you happy and now, and now, I screwed our relationship forever,” she cried, feeling quite dirty inside. The great sex knowledge she was so proud to possess had turned into a heavy burden that not even her powerful muscles could carry. “Come Rebecca, put this big brain of yours to think. There must be a solution. There must be,” she said, hitting her forehead with her palm.

“Unless you can turn back the clock and make it so that I’m the only guy that you’ve had sex with, I don’t see how you could.” This time it was Tom being silenced as Rebecca got an idea.

“I got it, Tom. You should be the genius and not me,” Rebecca said, hugging her husband and spinning him around the room with her. When he threatened to throw the phone away, she put him back on the floor and rushed toward her phone typing the needed modifications. “OK, this should do,” she said quite happily before handing her phone to Tom.

**I have far more sexual experience than Sheyla Meyers, and even if she has slept with several guys I only need to have had sex with Tom to outclass her**

“This could work, but I fear that perhaps this will make me into a kind of gigolo. After all, I would need the experience to be able to perform better than those men,” Tom said, tinkering with the wording of the statement. “But we can try this,” he said, returning the phone.

Rebecca read the statement and her grin became endless. “Naughty, very naughty. Let’s try it.”

**I have better and more intense sexual experiences than Sheyla Meyers. Even if she had slept with several guys, none would have let her feel what Tom and I naturally achieved the day we gifted our virginities to each other. Tom completed me so well, that our sexual skills and sensitivity only improve each time we have sex**

Tom and Rebecca sighed in relief as their room returned to the way it was before she wrote her last comparison. Then, both gasped, feeling a pleasant tingle focused on their most erogenous zones. “Oh, yes! It’s working. I can feel my breasts and womanhood getting so sensitive, now.” Rebecca moaned loudly as she felt sparks digging into her brain at the mere brush of her fingers with her nipples. Checking her memories, she was glad to find that all her sexual knowledge was as rich before, but this time Tom was its only source.

“Uhm, Rebecca? Is this normal?” Tom groaned, tilting his head back while thrusting out his pelvis. Rebecca gasped as she could see Tom's manhood getting not only longer but thicker.

"This is new," Rebecca said excitedly, watching how big and meaty Tom's rod was becoming. "And I don't think the stament of getting better after sex has anything to do with it, as I can't feel myself getting bigger down here," she said, touching the entrance guarded by her petals. As soon as she did so, she shamelessly moaned in surprise at how erogenous her sex felt. "It seems I certainly won't be having problems reaching orgasms in the future," she blushed, feeling embarrassed to have lost control like that. She gulped hard when she realized her innocent moan had made Tom quite hard. She bit her lip and gently caressed his erection. As she expected, Tom was quite sensitive there, too, and the tip of it leaked a bit. She imagined Tom was fighting the urge to explode, so she used her trick to help him hold his load.

After inspecting Tom's fatter pole in detail, Rebecca reached a possible conclusion. She laid on the bed and spread her legs for him. "Please, Tom, get on top of me and slowly get yourself inside me to avoid any 'premature' accidents. I need to test something," she said. Tom nodded and got into bed.

"Are you sure about this, Becca? My girth has become quite impressive."

"We can always check our alter memories to obtain the answers, but let's find out together. Trust me, I can handle it," Rebecca encouraged him.

"Alright, here I come."

"Oh, Fuck!" Rebecca screamed, as she felt Tom starting to penetrate her.

"I knew this was a mistake," Tom said, ready to pull out, but Rebecca crossed her legs around Tom’s massive member and his body.

"Don't you dare," Rebecca demanded, with a voice that truly scared him. "Keep going. Give me more," she begged, and her expression changed. Tom nodded and pushed further. "Oh, fuck! You are so big. So big. You are breaking me, Tom. You are stretching me so much! More. I need more of you, Tom. Please, please," she begged in desperation.

Wanting to please his wife, Tom kept pushing his erection like a ram into her tight interior. Rebecca moaned and panted like never before, making him want to explode right there. Fortunately, her inner muscles got hold of him and kept him from finding release. With the hold in place, Tom kept pushing his way further inside of her, spurred on by his wife’s desperate pleading.

Tom marveled when he felt that Rebecca must have the equivalent of his previous size stuck inside her. Still, he felt there was more space ahead awaiting for him. He wasn't able to go that deep into her before so he doubted if he should continue or not. Trusting her word, he decided to keep pushing deeper.

Rebecca moaned and felt her eyes rolling back as Tom filled her in places he had never reached before. Her remaining virgin territory was quickly claimed by her new master. "Deeper! Go deeper," Rebecca begged ecstatically and Tom happily complied.

With a last push, every inch of Tom's pole was fit into Rebecca. When that happened both gasped, feeling as though two pieces of them had made contact for the first time. The tip of his spear kissed the gates of her womb. Tom had gotten so deep inside Rebecca that he could already feel her cervix at the other side.

"Oh, my. I knew it, I knew it," Rebecca said.

"Do you mind sharing your wisdom," Tom probed, feeling his balls ready to explode due all the pent up arousal Rebecca was forcing him to keep at bay.

"Remember what you wrote about you completing me? Well, the site must have taken it in a literal way, too, as you filled me completely. Your mighty shaft has acquired the perfect length and girth to bring my womanhood to its fullness," Rebecca said, moaning quite loudly. Her inner muscles having kept an almost airtight lock on his rod made her feel every pulsation and tweak it gave as she kept denying its release. Every inch of her sensitive tunnel was filled to the max and she soon felt her resolve weakening.

Noticing how pleased his wife looked, Tom put his hand on her womanly orbs. They were more than a handful as his hands couldn't cup them properly. He slowly massaged them and was greeted by Rebecca’s much louder and more insistent moans. "Becca, your breasts feel so big. I really love them," he said, burying his face between them while increasing the speed of his thrusts.

Rebecca cried in pleasure as Tom motorboated her sensitive breasts. She couldn't hold herself back anymore and orgasmed in a powerful way just to enjoy a second and even more powerful orgasm as Tom blasted his hot seed into her womb. If she weren’t on the pill, such a huge load would definitely have knocked her up.

Exhausted, both lovers shared a tender kiss before Tom fell asleep over Rebecca's breasts. Fortunately, her muscles were strong enough to endure his weight without feeling any discomfort.

Three hours later, Tom laid on a bench near the pool in the mansion. He still was having a hard time believing that all the luxury and comfort surrounding them was theirs. The mansion was enormous with a large studio where Rebecca spent time studying and doing her own research. He had already seen the theater room. The kitchen was impressive and was stocked with high quality products. He refrained himself from going to the garage or he wouldn't be able to hold himself back from driving each and every sports car they owned. Even more than that, however, he knew being at Rebecca's side was the most important thing in the world. Thanks to her, they were not only rich, they didn't need to work for the rest of their lives.

Rebecca continued doing various kinds of research, but only to expand her knowledge. And even though her days as a model were mostly over, her devastating beauty was in incredible demand by different brands that had entire product lines inspired by her. Still, she preferred to avoid the public eye and was focused more on her marriage. That was why the mansion didn’t have a single servant around. Rebecca was quite happy to be a perfect and dedicated housewife. She valued her privacy and only wanted to be with Tom and make him happy. Tom knew he was the luckiest man to have gotten married to a woman like Rebecca.
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Re: Ten Lines (Beautificacion, Improvement)

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Suddenly, Tom heard a splash on the water. His gaze turned toward the stairs in front of him. Two toned arms stretched up and the two perfectly manicured hands attracted to them got hold of the hand rails. Tom felt the world go into slow motion.

In a burst of water, Rebecca's face came into view. Even though she had her eyes closed, she was obviously glowing with happiness. Her flawless skin only enhanced the perfection of her facial appearance. Besides her cute button nose and her full lips, Tom noticed her neck seemed slender and her ears smaller. Her cheeks puffed out a bit more and her eyelashes were quite long. Just then, Rebecca opened her eyes giving him the opportunity to see into the windows of her soul. Tom was fascinated as they seemed to give a special light of their own.

Then, as Rebecca continued climbing, he grinned at the sight of her swollen chest coming into view. The largest orbs of female flesh this town had ever seen, and they were all his for the taking. He watched in fascination as most of the water ran down the slope of her breasts forming small waterfalls, while some formed a small pond filling her abundant cleavage. Even she was wearing a golden bikini, made of gold of course, it was evident the dent of her nipples in her top showing off that nothing could hold back her raw sexual aura. After having outclassed Sheyla, Tom came to realize that besides her strong sex appeal, Rebecca seemed to project an erotic presence that was impossible to ignore.

Then, as her abdomen came into view, he was happy to see that even though she had gotten rid of her big muscles, she still had a tight six pack that wasn't pronounced at all, but just visible enough to show she took care of her body.

When her hips made themselves noticeable, Tom had to admit how good she looked. He wished he could get a glimpse of the curve of her enhanced derriere when his eyes found something more appealing to look into. Tom gasped at the incredible camel toe Rebeçca displayed between her incredible thighs. As what happened with the top, the bottom of her bikini couldn't hide her impressive cameltoe. The plump shape of her mound was impressive and only served to reinforce the sexual nature pouring off of her.

Finally, her legs came into view. Sculpted pillars of femininity that definitely carried the power to crack nuts with ease. Attached at the end of those were a pair of beautiful and delicate feet. With her full body out of the water, Tom greatly appreciated how gorgeous and alluring his wife had become.

Once she was out of the water, Rebecca took a moment to enjoy the impact her body had on Tom. She could feel his eyes devouring every inch of her intoxicating body. She knew she had become an unstoppable force of nature. Her body demanded obedience from others and that was a power she didn't want to mess with. "Hey, baby. Did you finish editing the box to give these puppies their final makeover," she grinned, thrusting out her breasts and making them bounce on her chest.

"Uhm, yeah," Tom said, as his hand blindly felt around, looking for the cellphone, as his eyes tried to cope with the magnificence of Rebecca’s bust. One that was about to become even greater. "I do hope you like it," he said, handling the phone once he managed to find it.

"Thanks. Are you sure this will give me the tits you really desire," Rebecca asked, picking the phone up, and Tom nodded his head so quickly that she thought it would fall off his neck. "Alright, I trust your judgment," she said, being sure not to read what he had written. “You know, I feel bad that I’m the only one changing with this site,” she said, and Tom noticed a glimpse of sadness in her eyes.

“I don’t know. I have changed a lot,” Tom smiled, flexing his arms and admiring his great muscles.

“You know what I mean.” Rebecca was about to punch him on his arm, but controlled herself. She didn’t want to give him a nasty bruise for not having held back her strength properly. “Are you sure you can’t access the website? It would be great if you could improve yourself like I am.”

“It seems it only works for you. The address was too long. It couldn’t be copied or shared, so I had to copy symbol by symbol into my phone and even then–nothing. Even using my laptop, the result was the same. I got a 404 page every single time. Whoever designed it, it only allows your IP to get into it, so you are the only one that can get the direct benefits of it. But getting indirect benefits doesn't sound so bad,” Tom grinned.

“Alright. In that case, I will try my best to make us both happy by using it,” Rebecca smiled. "Now before we apply your edition, why don't you spend some quality time with my breasts at their current size? After growing so big for you, you have barely paid attention to them," she pouted, swaying her breasts from one side to the other. "What about giving them a nice coating of oil in preparation for their upcoming growth," she teased, sitting down on the bench nearby.

Rebecca picked up the sun screen and tossed it to him. “First, let me get a bit more comfortable. This top feels too tight on me,” she grinned, flashing him a million dollar smile as she moved her hands behind her back. "Are you ready, baby? Here they come," she moaned, unclasping her top and feeling her breasts flop out of the constricting garment. She couldn't help herself from rubbing the exposed underside of her breasts and enjoying their weight. She grinned as she mused that the only reason her bikini top hadn't rolled all the way up was because the underwire feature under the cups had gotten stuck on her nipples, giving her extra stimulation that she was more than happy to receive. “I love how sensitive my body feels,” she purred.

Controlling herself, Rebecca pulled off her bra and flashed her huge mounds of flesh at her husband. “I would ask if you think they aren’t too big for you, but I already know the answer,” she grinned, playing with her excited nipples as they got harder. “What do you say? I wear them better than Karen or what,” she implored, shaking her massive rack. “Now, give my boobs some love,” she demanded, laying on the bench so that her breasts flattened out and spread across her chest.

Without losing time, Tom oiled up his hands and got down to business. He spread his legs over hers and sat on them. He decided to meticulously explore the enormous endowments his wife had developed, so he lowered his torso and started by digging both hands into her cleavage to start oiling from inside out. He soon had to shut his eyes as Rebecca’s lovely moans were already affecting him. If being in contact with her skin wasn’t arousing enough, hearing her panting due his touch was really pushing his buttons. Still, he knew he had one chance to do a good job and he wasn’t going to mess it up.

Rebecca bit down on her finger as she felt Tom’s own fingers probing and feeling her breasts. His touch was gentle but firm. If she was getting such wonderful stimulation after having enlarged her bust, she could hardly wait to increase the feedback. Grabbing her phone, she looked into Tom and said, “You are doing such a good job that I want to reward you, baby. Let me boost my tits the way you always wanted them to be.”

“Wait,” Tom said, killing the mood as Rebecca sat on the bench with a concerned look on her face. “Sorry, but after checking your breasts, I just thought of a few other ideas.”

“Interesting. Very well, do your worst,” Rebecca said, handing the phone back to Tom. He typed into the app like a madman. Rebecca knew it was going to be good just judging by the way his erection was already pushing inside his pants. Moments later, Tom gave back the phone. “Alright? Are you sure you put everything you want this time right?” Tom only nodded in approval. “Good. Let's find out how much you want to pack into my fun bags,” she said, pressing ‘Enter’ without reading the text.

Watching Tom rising up and withdrawing from her chest should have told her something, but the intense pleasure filling her breasts shut down any logical thought in her brain. She moaned as her breasts swelled rapidly. A wicked smile formed on her face as she could feel Tom having problems coping with how massive she was becoming. His hands were desperately feeling the expanding dimensions of her bust. Such stimulation, combined with the feeling of her mammary cells multiplying exponentially, pushed her over the edge and Rebecca convulsed in a whole-body orgasm.

Tom felt like he was on a wild bull. Rebecca was really having a powerful orgasm and he had to lock his legs under the bench to avoid being thrown off by her convulsing body. He knew he was living a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy and he wouldn’t allow anything to interrupt it. Moving to sit over her abdomen, Tom grabbed his erection and slid it into the diminishing crack between her breasts. He felt a sense of pride to see the whole head of his shaft peaking at the top of Rebecca's heaving chest, but soon it changed into one of pleasure as her tits had continued growing so much that they were starting to smash against each other, compressing his raging erection between them. He watched in awe how his wife's knockers were getting bigger than her head, and while his rod was trying to keep up with her growth by getting longer and thicker, at the end it couldn’t, and her beauties claimed their prize, easily swallowing the astonishing length of his erection and fully enveloping it with their warm flesh. Even after such a feast, her bosom continued widening and increasing in volume. Her mounds started to spread beyond her torso as they were running out of space. Seeing his wife's tits covering almost half way down her torso, made him fear that perhaps he made them too big.

Rebecca hadn't recovered from her orgasm when she felt Tom slip his shaft between her breasts. She moaned again, enjoying the incredible feeling of her breasts devouring every last inch of him. As she sense the way his shaft had fought to outgrow her breasts and lost, Rebecca felt a sexual power that was hard to describe. Feeling such a monster caged inside her bust was intoxicating. But the feeling of overpowering his enlarged erection was tossed aside as she felt a vigorous tingle overtaking her breasts. She gasped as her breasts got a strong grip on Tom’s rod, and suddenly, her breasts, which had been folded across her chest, rose up slowly, returning to their glorious shape. “What the…?” Rebecca rose up and watched in delight as the curve of her breasts shifted from a teardrop slope into a rounder and fuller shape. It was like gravity couldn’t get a hold on them as they stood firmly over her chest. Firm, perky, gravity-defying mountains of female flesh. She felt that not even the busty girls of the local cheerleader squad could put together enough breast tissue to match her. They were truly magnificent.

“Oh fuck, Tom! You nailed it again.” Then Rebecca realized that her sudden decision to sit on the bench had pinned Tom down across her legs, as his manhood was still trapped inside her humongous jugs. Even though Tom was as bulky as an ox, she sensed how weak, how helpless he was against her. Such a realization could have been enough to trigger yet another massive orgasm, but she controlled herself. She needed to be sure he was safe, so she tried to free him, but ended up laughing maniacally when she realized she had gotten so big that her arms were long enough to reach her nipples but not her cleavage if she tried to surround their sides. “Hold on a moment, Tom. I got this,” she said, biting her lips as she had to squish her tits to get a good hold on them. They felt incredibly firm due to their extraordinary perkiness, but at the same time, they were soft and pliant to her touch, allowing her fingers to dig into her skin which should have felt as hard as a rock due the firmness under it.

As soon as Rebecca forced her mighty tits apart, she failed to understand that she was also losing up the hold she had on him. When she finally released Tom’s beast from the confines of her breasts, he exploded like a mighty geyser, giving Rebecca a tiny moment in which to dodge his powerful climax. She lifted and held Tom with her strong arms as he kept bucking and making a mess on her chest. She smiled tenderly, letting him go on and on. She had become his most desired fantasy for sure, so she let him enjoy it. Tom breathed, ‘I love you’ before passing out. “I love you too, baby,” Rebecca smiled, kissing his forehead before effortlessly lifting herself from the bench with him cradled in her arms. He was too big for her, but her super strong muscles could handle it. “Now, let’s take a bath together to clean the mess I caused you to make.”

After a refreshing shower, Tom and Rebecca stood in the middle of a long room with mirrors and several outfits. While most people might confuse such a structure for a long hallway, it was, in fact, the massive closet where Rebecca kept all her clothing. She was already trying on one of her night dresses, and was impressed at how good it looked on her. It wrapped her massive breasts perfectly, giving her a sophisticated look that showed her large endowments without appearing trashy. She was fascinated how she could show so much side boob without feeling like a slut. There were also shirts and tops that failed to cover her completely, flashing a good view of her under boob. But what she loved the most was how good her cleavage looked in a V-cut dress. Her breasts were so firm and round on top that they seemed fake, but a few steps was all she needed to let them bounce and jiggle enticingly.

“So, you aren’t mad that I made them that big,” Tom asked, nervously.

“Mad? I love them!” Rebecca turned around letting Tom drown into her jutting profile. “I must say that I was worried you did make them too big, at first, but your wording was perfect. I’m so glad that I trusted your judgment. I feel like a porn star or a stripper, if they could have natural breasts as preposterous as these, of course,” she said, thrusting out her titanic masses.

Tom smiled as she picked up Rebecca’s phone and looked pridefully at what he wrote.

**I have such an incredibly larger pair of breasts than Karen Sawyer that even one cup of my bra will cover her whole chest, if I wore a bra that is. I don't need to wear one because my breasts are so firm and perky that they keep a round, perfect shape without aid; not like hers that sag due to their weight. And while she doesn’t have my firmness, I don’t need to envy her softness as my breasts are as malleable and squishable to the touch as hers, if not more**

“I’m glad that things worked out for the best. When I was feeling your breasts, I feared that making them able to keep their shape despite their heavy weight would make them too firm or hard for my touch. I loved burying my face into your breasts and I wanted to keep doing it without being worried of finding my face all sore afterwards,” Tom laughed, making Rebecca laugh with him. “That was why I needed to include a statement that would let you keep your softness.”

“Very good thinking, my love, I’m quite pleased with the results,” Rebecca said, tugging at the bra she was wearing. Due to Tom's wording, the bra on her was only a cosmetic attire. It didn’t have any underwire or reinforced straps to handle the burden of her chest. Instead, its only purpose was to hide her nipples when they were outside, besides teasing Tom, of course. He enjoyed removing them from her chest, so all her bras got hooks in the front so he could open them and enjoy her breasts whenever he liked.

“I’m happy that you are pleased,” Tom said, changing into a more serious tone. “But as I was thinking about how to edit the statement about your breasts, I couldn’t avoid noticing we have only three more boxes to fill. Only three more lines to reshape our reality.”

“We have?” Rebecca took her phone from Tom with feline speed. “I may have let you tinker with my breasts to your heart's content, but I’m the one running the show here,” she said, imposing a small measure of her authority. “And if there is something I need to reshape in our reality, it is to alter the only way you are still better than me,” she grinned, and began typing quickly on her phone.

Suddenly, Tom backed off as Rebecca groaned. She tensed and flexed her arms before thrusting them down as her body started to get taller. The mischievous look on her eyes was rising up, eventually high enough so that Tom was looking directly into them. Then, the grin on her face got wider as she slowly bent her neck down to maintain their eye contact. Rebecca’s lips parted, certainly to voice a snide remark, but she didn’t say anything as her growth stopped. She looked up and then back down at Tom. He estimated that she had ended up being 2 inches taller than him, which was only half of the height difference he had on her before. At least she hadn’t fully acquired their height difference.

“OK, that was a bit anticlimactic,” Rebecca sighed, after having added half a foot to her height. Now, she was 6’ 3” while Tom remained 6’ 1”. “I was hoping to have a larger body to better accommodate my impressive bust, but I guess this is what I get for making this comparison, isn’t it,” she said, showing her phone to Tom.

**I’m taller than Tom Winston**

“Why would you do that? You could have gotten so much taller if you had chosen Matt from the basketball team,” Tom said, surprising himself at how arousing it was to picture Rebecca that tall.

“Don’t worry. We have already played a lot with those lines to know that we can use them to obtain what we want. And believe me, I don’t plan to remain this ‘small’ for too long,” Rebecca grinned, noticing Tom’s bulge inside his pants. “Besides, it seems I wasn’t the only one to experience a growth spurt,” she said, taking Tom’s long shaft into her hands, which was undeniably bigger. “The statement of you being able to complete me is still in effect. How interesting.”

“I can’t believe that you wanted to be taller than me Rebecca, but I should have seen it coming. Do you really need to be better than me at everything? I mean, you were already smarter and stronger than me, couldn’t you just let me keep an advantage over you,” Tom asked, feeling somewhat dejected.

Rebecca was taken aback by Tom’s words. After careful consideration, she realized that she had just manhandled him in a very humiliating way. If it wasn’t for the fact that his member was pulsating between her fingers, she would have feared she may have hurt his ego when she only wanted to tease him. Fortunately, they were in great sync and she knew what she needed to do next.

“That doesn’t seem fair to me, Tom. Do you really want to keep an advantage over me? Don’t you want me to be happy, Tom? Don’t you want me to be better than you? I know you want it, Tom. I’m very smart and I can read your body language, you can’t lie to me. You want this, you want me to overpower you intellectually and physically. You want a woman that dominates you. Isn't that right, Tom? That is what you truly want. Just tell me, Tom, and I can be that woman and more.”

“You claim to know me, but the woman I seek must be gentle, caring and nurturing,” Tom replied.

“I can be both,” Rebecca said, with a soft tone that almost threw Tom out of character. She got a firm hold on his erection, but she softly stroked it. “I can dominate you, but dominate you with a gentle touch. I can overpower you while caring for your safety, and if a nurturing woman is what my man wants,” she said, lowering her voice as her right hand undid the hook of her bra, “that is exactly what he will get.” Rebecca smiled as she removed her bra before grabbing her phone. “After all, what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t know my husband’s true desires?”

Tom felt that he should stop Rebecca before she used one of the last two lines. Perhaps she was mistaken about his true desires and ended up changing reality in ways that he wouldn’t like, losing a chance for her to change things in ways that he really wanted. Still, the idea that she knew what he desired was too great to ignore and if she had trusted him, he would do the same and ultimately he could only hope for the best.

“Oh, yes! I can already feel myself getting ready to satisfy your desires,” she said, as her nipple stiffened and her areola darkened. “Your needs,” she said, as her swollen breasts puffed out and inflated even more, adding a few more sizes to her already gigantic breasts. If Rebecca hadn’t already, this change ensured that there were no longer enough letters in the alphabet to measure her incredible bust. “Your hunger,” she said, rubbing her elongating nipples as drops of a white liquid poured out of them. “Mmmm… I can feel my milk rushing and slowing inside my breasts. I will be bursting quite soon, so come and drink from my tit, Tom. Let me fill your belly with my motherly milk.”

Tom’s jaw dropped. Rebecca had read him like an open book. He watched as the first shy drops of milk were getting thicker until a steady stream of milk flowed from her nipples. “Oh baby, you are the best.” Tom dove his face against her breast and wrapped his lips around her engorged and turgid nipple. He sucked and gulped as much milk as he could, realizing that his long-time fantasy had become a reality.

“No baby, call me mommy,” Rebecca purred in pleasure. She never imagined breastfeeding could feel so erotic. Having a pair of hyper-erogenous breasts didn’t hurt, either, and for a moment, she didn’t need anything more. Having Tom latched onto her breasts made her feel a special bond with him. She was literally filling him, feeding something that had once been a part of her, something that she produced specially for him. Being a nurturing mother felt incredible. Perhaps it was time for her and Tom to have kids. They could totally afford raising a couple of them, now.

Unfortunately, her happy thoughts were interrupted as she felt her free breasts already leaking some milk. “Oh Tom, give my other breast some love. Don’t let my precious milk get wasted.” Tom quickly obeyed his wife and swapped breasts. She cupped the breast Tom had just left, and felt it was still more than half full. “Oh, my. I may have overdone this lactation thing,” she said, after catching a glimpse of her discarded bra on the floor. The cups had changed and were now heavily padded. A quick check of her memories told her that in this reality, her breasts always produced a lot of milk that she always poured down the drain. She was concerned about her unique condition when she met Tom and was quite relieved to know he didn’t find it weird that she was lactating even though she didn’t have a child. He admitted to her he had always fantasized about being breastfed and she was more than happy to fulfill his fantasy while giving some relief to her colossal udders.

Fifteen minutes later, Tom collapsed over the bench. His belly was so bloated that he almost looked pregnant. “I don’t regret anything,” he said before burping. He blushed as Rebecca sat next to him. It was a bit unsettling to feel her long arm across his body while pulling him into an embrace. He gasped as his arm and part of his torso were swallowed up by her breasts as she made him come closer. Then, she guided his head over her shoulder and patted his back. “It’s alright, baby. Let it go. Mommy is here,” she coed.

“OK. I’m not going to … BBUUURRPP!” Tom burped quite loudly, surprising even Rebecca. The red of his face was so livid that he could feel his cheeks burning.

“It’s alright, Tom. I’m happy that you enjoyed it,” Rebecca said, feeling quite relieved as Tom had gulped every last drop of milk in her breasts. However, she knew it was only a matter of time before her milk would be replenished and she would have to milk herself because even though Tom loved to suck her milk, he had a limit. In her eagerness to please him, she didn’t stop to think about the consequences of producing more milk than he could digest. “Now, be a good boy and help me think of how to solve this,” she said, patting her lap.

Tom quickly understood what she meant and moved to rest his head on top of her lap. He chuckled a bit as it was so easy to do that in the past, but now, his head barely had space between her lap and the underside part of her breasts. Still, he didn’t complain about it. Feeling the warmth emanating from her breasts was the best way for him to fall into a peaceful, gentle sleep. “Perhaps I can help. Who’s lactating condition did you decide to give yourself,” he asked. Suddenly the darkness of his protective cavern was lit up by Rebecca’s screen.

**I can lactate more than Rose Kenec**

Tom blinked his eyes and was sure to have read it twice what was displayed in front of him. “Oh, wow! I never thought you had the guts, Becca. Going after Flatty Rose. Just, wow.”

“I know, right? It’s that she isn’t flat anymore. She became the mother of triplets and her breasts grew from flat to DD’s, all thanks to the milk they were producing. I didn’t want to find myself producing less than what you need, but having all this milk leaking out is very inconvenient. I love being able to breastfeed you, but I don’t want to be a slave to my milk. If only I could have more control over it, things would be different,” she sighed.

“Then, why not write that?”

“Write what?”

“To have more control over it,” Tom said. “We have tried crazy things before, and if the site can’t make such a change it tells you, right? So what can you possibly lose if you try it?”

“I don’t see why not.” Rebecca smiled down, trying to look into Tom's face, but she could only see the vast expanse of her breasts serving as a tent over his head. “But if I’m going to do this, I better give it more thought, like you did with my breasts,” she said.

Feeling inspired, Rebecca started typing what she really wanted. Putting her super brain to work, and following the example of Tom’s previous editions, she smiled and felt quite happy with what she managed to come up with on her own. “OK, baby. Tell me, what do you think of this?”

“It looks wonderful, baby. Go for it,” Tom cheered, stretching his arm for Rebecca to see his thumbs up. “Let’s hope it works,” he said, as he quickly crossed his fingers.

**I can lactate so much better than Rose Kene, that while she suffers from continuous leaking, I have perfect control over it. I can control not only the flow, but the intensity of my lactation with a thought. But if that wasn’t enough, my milk is so superior to hers that a drop of mine has more nutrients than all the milk her breasts can produce.**

Suddenly Rebecca gasped as something inside her mind just clicked. Then, she felt the drops of milk forming on her nipples and with a push of a thought, they retreated. “No way,” she cried, happily reaching for her nipples and playing with them. She could feel the milk gathering at the other side of it, but it wasn’t leaking out. Nothing at all. Her nipple was as dry as she could hope.

Tom decided to rise up and check on her nipples. He put his lips on it and gently, he sucked on her nipple. Nothing. Not a single drop, even though he was using his tongue to lick and stimulate her nipple. “Yep. You have complete control over it. Congratulations baby… mommy,” he said.

“I’m not sure. Can you suck me a bit more? Just to be sure,” Rebecca asked, and Tom nodded. Then, when he was probing her nipple, her brain pushed a new command to her breasts and Tom found himself coughing as Rebecca’s milk gushed into him. She was even surprised by how thick her stream of milk had become. She quickly pushed a new order and her faucet was closed once more. “I’m so sorry, Tom.” Rebecca failed miserably in her attempt not to laugh at Tom's predicament. “I just wanted to test if I was able to turn my lactation on again. Sorry, dear,” she said, cleaning his chin which was wet with her milk.

“Uhm… something is happening, Rebecca.” Tom gasped as he felt his whole body getting heavier. His muscles blew up more and he grew in height. Suddenly, he was looking into Rebecca’s eyes. “What is the meaning of this? Are we the same height now? How,” he asked.

“Not for long, baby. Sorry!” Rebecca moaned as she felt her body stretching up. “Like how it happened with your dick, my statement ensures that I’m taller than you, so even if you grow, I will always outgrow you,” she sighed, feeling pleased with how big her body was now.

“OK, but that doesn’t answer why I became taller and certainly stronger,” Tom said, flexing his arm and watching how big his bicep had grown.

“Well, you still kind of look weak to me,” Rebecca grinned, squishing his biceps with ease while making Tom yelp in pain. “Oops, everything is so soft to me now that I may have used more strength than I should have,” Rebecca apologized, already seeing the spot she pressed turning purple. “Oh, crap. That will leave a nasty bruise. I’m so sorry,” she said feeling truly sorry. “I wanted to tease you a bit, not injure you,” she sighed.

“It’s alright. I will live” Tom chuckled, rubbing her sore bicep. “Still, why did I grow?”

“Best answer,” Rebecca said, patting her breasts letting them wobble a bit before setting back to their round shape. “My last change gave me incredibly powerful milk. Additionally, thanks to your fetish for being breastfeed, I have been doing it since I let you know I could do it. So, during all that time, my milk has been working on you, making you not only stronger and taller, but has increased your stamina, which has a significant impact in our sex life,” she said, biting her lips as she recalled how much more fierce and potent was Tom in bed in this new reality.

“That is great news! So if I keep drinking your milk, I can become taller and as a result make you taller,” Tom said, quite excitedly.

“Or, I can just hoard all my milk for myself and use it to grow alone and leave you as tall as you are now,” Rebecca grinned, and Tom sighed in defeat. “But don’t get sad, I like your idea better,” she smiled. “So, what are you waiting for? Come on and grow for mommy,” she teased, opening her arms and exposing her large breasts to him.

Tom quickly moved toward her and lowered his head to drink from her breasts. Rebecca cooed down at him as she let her milk flow into his mouth, but instead of letting it gush down into his throat, she reduced its volume. He was still full after having gulped down all her milk, so she decided to take it slow, this time. Hearing the slurping sounds Tom made put her in such good humor that she patted his head gently; a head that was considerably smaller than her breast. Seeing Tom’s head sinking into his tit was very arousing but she feared keeping that position for too long will have effects in his spine, but as Tom checked his memories, it seemed that he didn’t mind crouching his back a bit instead of laying on a bed and drinking comfortably from her. “If only there was a way,” she said, before lifting her other hand and noticing that she was still holding her phone.

Being careful not to let Tom realize what she was doing, she quickly made the adjustment needed. Once she finished, she read her modification internally.

**I’m so much taller than Tom Winston that his lips can perfectly reach my nipples**
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Re: Ten Lines (Beautificacion, Improvement)

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Using her awesome brain power, Rebecca estimated such a change should make her around 8 feet tall. ‘That is a big change. I don’t know how reality will cope with that,’ she thought, having second thoughts about it. Then, looking at Tom suckling so happily on her breasts, she really wanted more than anything to make him happy, and she knew that in his case, the more, the better. Then, in a childish impulse she made a new addition to her line before pressing enter.

**I’m so much taller than Tom Winston that his lips can perfectly reach my nipples, when he is seated on my lap**

“Oh fuck yes! This feels incredible” Rebecca exclaimed as her body shot upwards. Tom didn’t seem to notice at first what was going on even though he was sucking on her nipple standing perfectly straight. It was only after he found himself standing on his tiptoes he realized something was wrong. Rebecca moaned as her nipple popped out from his mouth and she looked at the confusion on his face just before he could no longer see him as her huge breasts were blocking her vision under them. Since she couldn’t see anything below her, she turned her head up to see the closing gap she had with the roof.“Hello ceiling! Here I come!” she grinned.

Tom gasped as Rebecca was literally casting a shadow over him. He stretched his arm and he could still reach her breasts, which were looking bigger than beach balls from his perspective. “Oh that feels nice, little man. Keep fondling my breasts, while you still can,” he heard Rebecca laugh, and while he couldn’t see her face, he knew she must be grinning from ear to ear. Tom knew it was only a matter of time before Rebecca’s bust would be out of reach, but a quick thought made him realize that it wasn’t her only erogenous zone rising up.

As Rebecca grew like a weed, she was growing out of the room. The high ceilings of the mansion didn’t feel so high anymore, especially when the top of her hair brushed against the ceiling, forcing her to hunch over. Unknown to her, Tom decided to get even for teasing him.

“Oh, fuck,” Rebecca screamed, and her body jolted up making her head bump against the ceiling. Tom had pushed his face into her womanhood and sucked on her petals, causing an involuntary spasm of her body. As a result, her head hit the ceiling so hard that it cracked the concrete. When falling debris got stuck in her hair, her brain told her the structure over her head could collapse soon, so all she could think about was ensuring Tom’s safety.

“Keep close to me, Tom, I’m not sure what will happen once I outgrow this room,” Rebecca said, bending on one knee. Feeling that Tom had a hold on her, she put her hands on the roof and grinned. “With luck, the reality change will fix this mess, so I better test how strong I have become.” Rebecca groaned as she pushed the ceiling and stood straight up. To her surprise, the roof gave in and she pushed through it with ease. But as easy as it was, she knew better, as the falling pieces of the ripped roof fell on the floor and cracked the hardwood. She stood up and used her breasts as a protective umbrella to shield Tom from debris that could severely injure him. Finally, she peaked her face through the roof and looked outside. She had just outgrown a 9 foot tall ceiling and possibly another foot of the material that made the roof. “This is incredible! I must be, what, 12, 13 feet tall?” Rebecca laughed, feeling incredibly powerful. Her muscles were indeed loaded with great strength and her body seemed to become tougher, too.

Just then, reality was reshaped and she found herself back into her closet again, with everything looking exactly the same before she outgrew it. “Oh, crap. I knew it was too much for the app to handle,” Rebecca sighed, as reality had forced her back to her previous state. “Well, it was fun to feel like a mini giantess and to be able to use the awesome strength hidden in me,” she grinned, flexing her arms. “Nobody will mess with your wife, that is for sure,” she said, turning her head to see Tom, but couldn’t see him. “Tom? Where are you?”

She started to worry when she couldn’t see him in the room, but when she was about to rush out of it, she felt a tap on her leg. She jumped down scared and saw the mocking face of Tom looking up at her with disapproval. “Yeah, very funny,” he said in an annoyed tone. “Growing taller than the room is one thing, but rubbing it in by playing ignorant of my existence is just too cruel, Rebecca. Too cruel,” he said, totally disappointed.

Rebecca’s brain went haywire as she noticed how small Tom was. “No way,” she said, standing at his side and gasping as she noticed he was no taller than her hips. She looked into the mirror in front of her and quickly walked behind him. Looking down, she definitely couldn’t see him under her boob, but standing away from the mirror, she could see his reflection. “This is incredible. My thigh is wider than your body,” she exclaimed in disbelief as Tom crossed his arms to show that he didn’t find this situation amusing at all.

"I don't think this is funny, Becca. You turned me into a freak," Tom complained.

Rebecca didn't know what he was talking about until she noticed the long shaft hanging between his legs. "Oh my… how did I miss that," she gasped, realizing Tom's manhood must have grown again to properly fill her. She certainly was curious to see how big it could get once fully erect, but another thought took her attention as she realized Tom was as tall as her womanhood. Her last statement had made her big enough to make Tom be able to lick her sex while both were standing next to each other. That was so erotic. New lewd and naughty thoughts filled her mind when Tom groaned, calling her attention and zapping her attention back to him. “Alright, alright, I let myself go, sorry for having messed up things like this, but hey, you are now the envy of the entire word," she grinned, but Tom wasn't amused. "Hey, don't look at me like that, you are the man married to the one of the most alluring woman in the world, one of the smartest, definitely the strongest, and without any doubt the tallest that has ever lived,” she said, but her words were not having the effect she hoped for. “And believe me, Tom,” she said, getting on her knees to sit on her legs. She bit her lip as she saw that even having lowered her height to half, she was still a bit taller than him. “Everything I am now–this magnificent body of mine–is all yours to enjoy. I want you to be happy with me, Tom. There is nothing I want more," she said, as her large hand caressed his cheek tenderly. "I may be able to get what I want, and can possess anything money can buy, but you Tom, you have something more important than that. You have my heart, and believe me when I say that you have my body and soul, too. Everything I have means nothing if I don’t have you at my side to share it with,” Rebecca said, meaning each word.

“Thanks, I needed to hear that,” Tom said, feeling rejuvenated. “For a moment, I thought I wouldn’t be enough man for you,” he joked a bit nervously.

“Rest assured, baby, no one except you is enough man for me. No one.” Rebecca gently kissed his forehead. “Now, if you excuse me, I want to try out the thing that triggered this change,” she said, standing up and grabbing Tom by the sides. Her large hands covered more than half of his torso, and with her inhuman strength, she lifted him without problems. Then, she sat on her shoe bench and positioned Tom over, close to the edge of her knee. That was as close as she could get to him due to the way her breasts occupied the space over her thighs. “Alright, little man. Time to feed from your giant momma,” she said, letting the milk of her breasts flow once more.

Tom was having a hard time accepting how different he and Rebecca were now. He was sitting on her knee and his feet were dangling in the air. Their scales were totally out of proportion, but as soon as he smelled the aroma of her hot milk pouring out of her nipple, Tom forgot everything and let himself be drawn into a pair of breasts so big that he felt he could dive into them and never came out. Rebecca was right, she had done everything to please him, he could see that, now. She had turned her body into one that can satisfy her most intimate fantasies and she was happy doing it. He felt so loved, that he looked up to meet her eyes to say how much he loved her, but Rebecca cut the words of his mouth as she got a hold on his head and forced him into her nipple. “Don’t talk, just suck on mommy’s big titties, ok my baby?”

Tom grinned and started sucking on her while she murmured a lullaby for him. Rebecca was right. She could be dominant and gentle. She could be both, and he loved her for that.

As Tom happily drank from her breasts for the third time, Rebecca reviewed her memories. She found that in this reality, she had been growing since she was little, and everyone thought it was a kind of hormonal issue during her teen years, and she imagined that could have been the way reality would have justified her change, if it wasn’t because she had given it a hand. Cupping her free breasts, she knew that the reason for her growth was that since she’d started lactating, she often drank her own milk. That prolonged exposure to her hyper nutritious milk had made her achieve her current body. In this reality, at least, drinking her milk had let her body develop more beautifully, her mind grow sharper, her muscles grow stronger, and most of all, her body grow taller. “Certainly, milk does the body good,” she mused, as she lifted her heavy breast toward her mouth. She found it incredible how easy it was to get her nipple into her mouth, but she also knew that this was something ordinary for her. Taking a deep breath, she sucked her nipple and was greeted by the most delicious milk she had ever tasted. She imagined sucking her own tit would feel good, but never this good. The fact she was breastfeeding herself was a nice bonus. She couldn’t get enough of the wonderful feeling she had discovered.

Being careful not to mess up with Tom, Rebecca focused on the breast she was currently sucking and ordered her milk to flow as much as it could. She found herself gulping liters of milk that gushed from her nipple. It was like she was sucking from a firehose. Still, It took her a couple of minutes to empty her breast. However, her thirst wasn’t quenched.

Sensing Tom was reaching his limit and that her breasts were still quite full, she gently pulled her nipple from his mouth. “You have done it well my love, but let your belly rest a bit. While I’m sure my milk won’t give you any stomach ache, I’ve become addicted to my own milk,” she grinned, putting her other nipple in her mouth and sucking it greedily. A few minutes later, she let her breasts fall back in place. Both of them had been emptied and her bulging belly indicated where all the milk had gone. “I feel so full, rub my belly please, baby,” Rebecca said, spreading her legs.

Even though Tom had to actually jump from her tigh to reach the ground, it was only when he approached Rebecca that he could see how massive she was. There he was, a man standing 6’3” looking directly into his wife’s sex. As he moved closer, her aroma was intoxicating. She was definitely aroused, and her warmth passed through his skin and dug into his bones. He could feel his own sex starting to react. It was like two opposite magnets pulling into each other. Tom gasped as he felt like a third leg was waking up between his normal ones. He did his best to try to remain calm and focus on the task ahead. He had to extend his arms a bit to make Rebecca’s belly into his reach. Unfortunately, he had to get closer, making his abdomen rub against her petals. There wasn’t much he could do about it but did his best to massage his wife’s belly.

For her part Rebecca couldn’t have been happier as she enjoyed a double massage. First were Tom’s strong hands stroking her full belly, and second were his sculpted abs rubbing her sensitive womanhood. Without realizing, her hands had moved on their own and caught them as they were about to grab Tom’s head. The naughty thoughts from earlier returned to her mind. She wanted so badly to shove his head inside her. She didn’t believe she was big enough, but just by trying she might get enough stimulation to experience a powerful orgasm. Still, she discarded those thoughts. There would be time to experiment with their size differences, or so she thought, as she felt something poking the underside of her womanhood. “Uhm… is someone happy to be so close to me,” she teased. Tom blushed. Then, she moaned as the poking was becoming a slow penetration. “Oh, wow! You can’t really be that big, can you,” she said before feeling more of him slipping into her. “Oh, forget the belly rub, dig that monster in me,” she cried, grabbing Tom by the sides and lifting him enough to have his erection leveled with her sex. Her eyes got wide seeing the length and girth of his ram. “Oh, yes, this is going to feel so good!” She pushed Tom into her, impaling herself with his more than a foot long erection.

Night had fallen and the lovers enjoyed their tender company resting in their bed. Rebecca cuddled Tom close to her body. His head laid closed to hers so they could see each other. She embraced her man the best she could without suffocating between her breasts. Still, both enjoyed their height difference as Tom's shaft was warmly tucked inside Rebecca's massive bosom.

"So, are you sure you want to do this," Tom asked, looking at his wife’s beautiful eyes.

Rebecca smiled, sensing the nervousness inside him. "We must. There is only one more box, so I can only add one more line. We need to make the best of it," she said softly, while combing his hair.

"I’m still not sure it will work the way you describe, and even if it does, things could get out of control very fast," Tom warned.

"That is why I need you to look out for me," Rebecca said, sitting beside Tom on the bed and picking up her phone. "We know that any change in reality that goes against a previous statement will trigger another change to assure the statement will be valid, that is why I grew after you got taller, or why you were given a horse rod after I got this big," she purred, feeling his member tremble slightly between her breasts. "I'm quite confident this will work, so be ready to jump in if I need you, alright? I'm trusting you, Tom. Please, don't fail me," she said.

Tom nodded his head and Rebecca started typing. Then, she looked into his eyes to know if he was ready. He nodded again and she executed her last command.

**I'm better in every possible way than Rebecca Winston**

Suddenly, Rebecca dropped her phone as her eyes went wide open. Then, she closed them while biting her lips. It didn’t take long for her to moan in pleasure, moving one of her hands to fondle her breasts while the other snuck between her legs.

Rebecca’s moans alone let Tom know that the last line had been accepted. He smiled and there was a slight visible improvement to her when he felt the reality shifting. Still, Rebecca continued moaning and soon enough he sensed another reality shift hitting him. “You did it, Rebecca! You forced the program into a loop,” he said quite excitedly as Rebecca’s looks were improving little by little. Soon, she was an inch taller and reality adjusted. For a moment, Tom was fascinated and wondered how beautiful and sexy his wife could get. The changes were slow and barely visible. After all, without any expecification, the statement only made her a bit better than she was each time. He debated for a moment if he should remind her to make the edit on her statement or let her improve a bit more before stopping. Being lost in his lewd thoughts made him miss an important detail. The frequency of the shifts was increasing.

“Oh, no! Oh, no!” Tom panicked as Rebecca grew another inch, then another. He felt the mattress sinking on her increasing weight. “Rebecca! Edit your statement. You are improving too fast,” Tom yelled, but she couldn’t hear him. The intensity of her moans had increased, silencing his warnings. The changes in Rebecca were speeding up, too, so even if each of them was slightly noticeable, their accumulated effect was hard to ignore. Her beauty was turning more mesmerizing. Her presence became more imposing. Her breasts overflowed her hands.

Without losing time, Tom quickly moved to the other side of the bed where the phone had fallen. He put his hands on Rebecca’s thighs to roll over them and gasped to feel, even on that brief contact, how her muscles seemed to get even denser and harder. “I don’t have much time,” he said, grabbing the phone that looked more like a tablet in his hands now. He could feel the device getting heavier on his hands, but he pushed out of his mind the implications of that. He was typing fast, but he felt his legs getting weaker. The sound of his wife's lustful moans carried such sexual power, was undermining his resistance. The enticing aroma of her body saturated his senses. Forcing every ounce of willpower, he concentrated and finished the edition. Then, he quickly pressed Enter. To his horror, an error message appeared.

**Any edition must be applied by the selected user**

“Oh crap,” Tom said, wanting to throw the phone in frustration. “Rebecca, I need you to–”

A glimpse of his towering wife in her naked glory was all that was needed for his mind to be enslaved. Tom found it impossible to look away as the shifts in reality were happening too fast, now. Her perfect body shifted and changed constantly, becoming better with each of his heartbeats. Due to her growing beauty, his heart was madly pounding against his chest.

Tom could only watch in total awe at how everything about Rebecca kept being amplified. Tom fell on his knees, watching how his impossibly sexy wife still became even sexier. Her breasts swelled faster than her body and her butt spread further across the bed as her body tried to keep a perfect hourglass. Her flawless skin was becoming blinding as every muscle inside her strengthened to support the ascending Goddess.

With his senses totally overwhelmed, Tom knew his end was coming. The sexual aura coming from Rebecca was making his erection too painful. The more she grew, the bigger it got and with it, its demand on his blood increased. His monstrous shaft was pulling blood from every corner of his body. Even though his brain was shutting down and his heart was falling, Tom smiled seeing how happy she looked. He only regretted leaving her without saying goodbye.

"That is why I need you to look out for me. I'm trusting you, Tom. Please, don't fail me." Rebecca’s words echoed in his mind and as if he were shot with adrenaline, Tom found himself rising up. “I can’t fail her. I can’t fail her,” Tom repeated, almost in an automaton voice as his body moved on its own. The hand Rebecca had on her breasts was now out of his reach, so he focused on the one pleasing her sex. Her thickening thigh was a rising wall of flesh and he didn’t have much time before it blocked him completely. Using all his strength, he lifted Rebecca’s phone, which seemed more like a 80 inches tv screen and threw it over her thigh. Then, he jumped and grabbed the edge of it. Her strong muscle cords gave him enough leverage and he crawled up. He rolled over her tight and when he was about to jump, it was like he was jumping from several feet in the air. He rolled on the soft surface of the floor and grabbed the phone that now looked like a refrigerator. He rushed toward fingers almost as big as him and aimed the screen toward the extended finger Rebecca had while rubbing herself. He pressed them together and hoped for the best. A moment later, the constant flow of reality changed, finally settling it down.

“Did it work,” Tom whispered, placing the heavy phone on the bed. He was now trapped between Rebecca’s thighs and with his erection finally longer than his body, he felt light-headed.

For a moment, silence filled the room, but then Rebecca blew out a slow, measured breath as her hands stopped pleasing herself. “It worked,” she also whispered, but the room reverberated with the power of her voice. A voice so melodious that it almost made his heart explode with joy. With care, Rebecca scooped Tom from under her and lifted him toward her face.

As her behemoth breasts had shielded him during the last stages of her transformation, Tom felt himself crying after witnessing how her beauty had been further enhanced beyond any mortal dream. She was femininity made flesh, and being so close to her magnificent form only intensified his love, lust and admiration for her. Tom writhed on her palm as his oversized member pulsated with fury, his building pleasure turning into agony. Then, Rebecca’s face approached him with her eyes closed. She wasn’t pulling him closer, but she lowered herself. Everything in Tom’s mind told him that was wrong, he was nothing, he didn’t even deserve to be in her presence. Still, he found himself inhaling her warm breath as it surrounded him. He chuckled nervously as it smelled wonderful, it was sweet and very pleasant. He was so lost in her, he failed to see her luscious lips, ones whose natural color were more vibrant crimson than any lipstick ever created, get partially open just to delicately sucked his member.

Tom came…

He came so hard that it was like he was pouring his soul into her hungry lips. Only after he discharged everything he had and his erection turned flaccid, he felt the blood of his body returning where it was needed. His orgasm gave him the break his body desperately sought.

“Sleep,” Rebecca said, with a lower and calmer voice. Her breath washed over Tom like a strong breeze and before he could react his eyes suddenly felt heavier and he fell sound asleep.

Sensing her lover was finally resting, Rebecca risked opening her eyes. She feared that if Tom looked into them, he would feel his soul being sucked into them. With him sleeping, that was no longer a threat and she smiled, enjoying how her newly enhanced vision made everything not only look crystal clear, but with a deep, profound definition. Her sight was so developed that she could perfectly count Tom’s pores on his chest even while he was laying on her hand. Her hearing told her that his heartbeat was decelerating. “Thanks baby. You saved us,” she said, kissing him lighty to not disturb him. Then, she picked up her phone and read the modification he did.

**I'm so much better in every possible way I imagine than Rebecca Winston, that I have perfect control over my body and over the forces that work on it**

Rebecca couldn’t avoid feeling delighted and excited as the powers to enhance herself and shift reality were trapped inside her. While the first of those powers was fiercely trying to lash out of her to keep boosting her, she felt the second one being in a dormant state. “Both of you… are mine now,” Rebecca whispered between breaths. Her irregular breathing shook the whole room, so she calmed down a bit more. Thanks to the well-crafted line, Rebecca had gotten hold of an unbelievable power and bent it to her will. Still, a test was needed.

She looked at Tom's small body lying on her hand. Even flaccid, his manhood was bigger than his leg. It was a miracle he didn’t die from such a drastic change. To help him, she would need to tone down her gigantic body. As long as she imagined being smaller is better, the magic should work. Still, the idea of shrinking herself after having turned herself into a living mountain wasn’t something she wanted to give up before properly trying it. Instead, she focused on her body and imagined it feeling being sexually completed by Tom, even if his manhood doesn't filled her completely. Suddenly the energy inside her flowed out and reformed every nerve in her body. As it happened, the second energy in her emanated out too and started rewriting reality. She watched pleased as Tom’s member shrank gradually with each shift in reality, while at the same time her body became more and more sensitive. As a giantess, it was hard for her to feel sexual pleasure from a man smaller than her finger, but as her skin awareness increased, Tom was able to stimulate her by touching her. The more her skin could feel him, the more his erection shrunk. When she saw his shaft had returned to its previous horse proportions, she stopped imagining the change in her body putting the shackles back on the energies improving her. As she expected, the energy thrashed inside her, not wanting to be tamed. Rebecca became more determined as she imposed her will, forcing the energy to obey her. Defeated, the energy was once more contained and when the shrinking stopped, the reality changed one last time before she felt the energy responsible for it go dormant again.

Looking back at her phone, she smiled seeing the new message on it.

**Thanks for beta testing our software. We hope you had a wonderful time improving your life and building a new reality for yourself and your husband. Enjoy our humble gift**

Then, the phone went black and restarted itself.

"Oh! Be sure that I will," Rebecca grinned, placing her phone on her bed, not bothering to see if the site was still there. She didn't need it anymore.

After being sure that Tom was comfortable sleeping on top of her pillow, which was as long and as wide as an Olympic pool from his perspective, Rebecca stood up from her bed. The reinforced floor, which was capable of withstanding a nuclear explosion, groaned due to her crushing weight. She stretched her arms, enjoying how every muscle in her body was bursting with power. Her being had been improved so much that she didn't feel human anymore. Her mind had the processing power of hundreds of computers. Her senses were able to sense and detect things that not even the most sophisticated machines could. Certainly, she felt like a Goddess, and her beauty and allure were unmeasurable.

"Now that I can alter anything I want on my body, I need to see how I can help Tom. Perhaps making my milk not only nutritious but making it capable of restoring his energies. That could help him to keep up with me. Also, I need to think in a way to make him immune to diseases and certainly immortal. I suspect that I have already achieved those during my ascension," she said, as a white tunic flowed into the room and dressed her. Her mind had expanded so much that she had developed telekinetic abilities.

Rebecca walked to the mirror and enjoyed what she saw. The epitome of female beauty and power pushed to divine levels. "Having such incredible power trapped inside me feels better than anything," Rebecca purred, massaging her breasts and imagining the power contained within them. Suddenly, she moaned as her cleavage deepened, bubbling up at her neckline. Soon her dress ripped and tore off her as her breasts surged forward, doubling their mass. Her innocent thinking had pushed the magical energies into her breasts. She may have not wanted it, but she loved the outcome as she caressed her all-powerful breasts. “I’m so hot. It’s like I could see my desires written all over my skin,” she grinned, admiring her curvaceous form.

Suddenly, her eyes felt warm and Rebecca gasped as she saw her body covered in runes. Like a kind of tribal tattoo, streams of symbols spread over her skin. The streams flowed and changed in colors making it something incredible to see. The language of the glyphs was unknown to man, but Rebecca could understand it without a problem. Love, beauty, power, dominance, sex, strength, health were the meaning of some of those marks. Those were the most radiant ones, still, the others brought a higher understanding. As she read them, she could hear her own voice echoing in her mind. “Nobody can be more than me. I excel in everything I do. Tom must be so in love with me that worshiping me isn’t enough. I want to mean everything to him. I want… Oh my,” she gasped.

As Rebecca read those words, she realized those were her innermost desires. Desires that had forged this new reality in a way impossible to believe, but her new memories told her everything was true. No matter the problem, no matter the challenge, she always succeeded.

And if those desires were true, a quick check of her memories told her that the last one was also a reality, making her shiver at what it meant for her.

"Now that this power is part of me, I better use it to give myself the ability to control my overpowering aura," Rebecca sighed. Then her left breast tingled, inducing a change in reality. In a blink of an eye, her dress was restored and altered to fit the new, gargantuan proportions of her chest. "I need to do it, if I ever want to enjoy a quiet life with Tom again," Rebecca sighed. She stepped onto the balcony in her bedroom just to see thousands of buildings surrounding her. Entire cities were constructed around her mansion, which stood miles tall to fit her properly, and each city had dozens of golden statues trying in vain to capture her magnificence. Thanks to her enhanced senses she could see and hear each and every person. She saw how people rushed to their windows, or tried to reach higher grounds to see her. Simply stepping out of her room had made her presence impossible to ignore, and that presence implicitly demanded utter devotion, so people stopped doing what they were doing and all worshiped her in a single chorus.

Rebecca nervously smiled at them before stepping back into her room. She sighed, relieved that none of the millions of hearts she could hear had stopped beating. She feared for a moment that a few hundreds were about to go into cardiac arrest if she would have remained outside too long. "My first priority will be to free humanity," Rebecca sighed, sensing that with her presence hidden, people were returning to normal.

She looked back at the last phrase she read, ‘I want my body to demand Tom’s devotion. His mind to be enslaved to my beauty. There won’t be any other woman that will call his attention. His will should bend to follow mine.’ Her capabilities were beyond human. Everyone was under her, looking up to her literally and mentally. She wanted to be the center of Tom’s life, his only reason to exist, but such a desire had pushed her body into a state impossible to ignore and as a result she had unwillingly enslaved humanity. Thinking how millions of people seemed to exist just to please her made her feel quite pleased. She knew it was wrong to feel that way, but having mankind wrapped around her fingers was really turning her on. She was a true Goddess.

Seeing Tom sleeping made her feel very fuzzy inside. Even after becoming such a powerful woman, her feelings for him hadn't changed. In fact, looking at him, so small and delicate, made her want to protect him more.

Using her telekinetic ability, she lifted him into the air while removing her dress. Then, she laid on the bed, being careful to place Tom between her breasts. They were soft for him, still firm enough to hold him in place so he wouldn't slide down and get lost between them.

Her sense of touch was so acute that she felt Tom stirring just to get more comfortable. She knew he wasn't feeling cold as her body heat could keep him warm in the coldest night. Still, in his dreamy state, he must have sensed her as he kissed one of her breasts, making the other ache for his attention. Then, he resumed his sleep as he started snoring.

Feeling her heart bursting with love for him, she mentally turned the lights on. Then, she gasped as all the light and noise outside went out. Her memories told her that people did that to not bother her sleep. "Yeah, first thing in the morning. Good night my love," she said, giving Tom a kiss that coated his entire body before she too fell asleep.

The End.
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Very well written, thanks for sharing.
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Glad you enjoy it.
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