A Succubus at MIT (iq-, slut)

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A Succubus at MIT (iq-, slut)

Postby AbolethLasher » Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:57 pm

A Succubus at MIT
By AbolethLasher

Marie hated the stereotype that succubi were all brain dead bimbos. Like, okay, maybe most of them were, but it wasn’t their fault!

Marie’s grandmother had told her between giving her grandfather blowjobs that succubi were actually smarter than any of the other races that had appeared on Earth since The Conjunction nearly 100 years ago, but that was why lesser races like humans and elves had worked together to sabotage them with a racial curse.

Succubi had once been poised to take over most of the world with their genius-level intellects, their potent magic and technology, and their seductive bodies. But when the curse was cast, all of their potential disappeared overnight. Casting magic made them horny, and fucking made them into sex-crazed idiots.

It hadn’t been long before most succubi were barely fit for anything more than camgirling, stripping and prostitution - all fields they excelled at, and made good money from. Most of the world forgot about the first generation of succubi altogether, and whenever one of their names came up in a history book kids would speculate about who the true puppet master behind luminaries like Vice President Vanessa Sinn or Dr. Arianna Vice had been.

When Marie had heard all of that as a little girl, she had resolved to do everything in her power to avoid the curse. She would never use magic, no matter what. She would never have sex.

Her teachers and classmates had all considered her a bit of an oddity. Most succubi accepted their lot in life, and ignored their naturally superior intellect, since they knew they would inevitably lose it eventually. Some even went out of their way to lose their virginity as soon as possible, taking the plunge at 12 or 13 just so they could stop worrying about it.

But not Marie.

In kindergarten, when teachers asked Marie what she wanted to be, and she had said “a scientist”, the class had exchanged dubious glances. Who had ever heard of a succubus scientist? Were’t they all dumber than orcs?

But her answer of what she wanted to be never changed as she grew up, even as her other succubi classmates slowly made the change one by one.

In high school Marie had been pleased to meet another like-minded succubus: Anabelle. Anabelle had been adopted by humans as a child, and was being raised in a very strict Christian household. As a result, she had picked up their prudishness and insisted she was going to wait until marriage.

Most people considered it odd that two succubi would somehow end up the top students of a school, but nobody could argue with their results. Both of them had skipped a grade, and were taking every AP and honors class the school had. There was even talk that Anabelle might just drop out, get her GED and go to college at the age of 16.

However, that was not to be.

The sophomore dance rolled around, and Marie and Anabelle had both planned on skipping it. Marie, because she genuinely had no interest in it, and had turned down every guy (and a few girls) who had asked her out, and Anabelle, because everyone knew better by now than to ask her to a dance. She was always ready to recite whole passages from the Bible and sermons she had read until people stopped trying to ask her out.

But after winning National Bible Bowl with her church group for a third year in a row, a guy from her team, Todd, had asked Anabelle out to the dance. She had agonized over his request, consulted the Bible, prayed and talked it over with her parents and pastor, and had come to the conclusion that Todd was a good Christian boy, his parents were upstanding members of the community, and that chaste courtship at a school dance with a coreligionist was probably the best she could hope for.

And so Anabelle had gone to the school dance.

The next Monday, every one noticed the change that had occurred in Anabelle. The first clue was her clothing. Anabelle had never made use of the exceptions to the school dress code that existed for succubi. She had always worn dresses that went down to her ankles, and which covered nearly every inch of skin. But on that day, it looked like someone had taken scissors to her clothes and tied them off almost skin-tight, in order to improvise a skimpy, revealing outfit that showed off her breasts and butt.

Anabelle seemed utterly lost during class, giggled all the time, and when Marie looked at what notes Anabelle was taking, she saw that it was mostly sexually explicit doodles of her and Todd under the school bleachers. Marie hated what had become of her only fellow traveller. Anabelle’s skin was flush as she drew, she squirmed constantly with arousal, and sometimes she couldn’t help but salivate as dirty thoughts crossed her mind.

At lunch, Marie tried to understand why Anabelle had done it.

“Why did you have sex with Todd?” Marie said.

Anabelle giggled. “We didn’t, like, really have sex,” she said.

“Oh?” Marie said curiously. “Then how do you explain, um, all this?”

Anabelle gave a blank-eyed smille. “Well, Todd and I both agreed God would be very angry if he put his cock…” Anabelle trialed off, clearly daydreaming about Todd’s cock.

Marie snapped. “Earth to Anabelle.”

“Oh my gosh, sorry about that!” Anabelle giggled. “Um, anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, so we totally agreed having actual sex would be totally bad. But he was super horny, and he begged me to give him a, what did he call it again? Oh yea, a handjob! He promised me I wouldn’t get pregnant, and no one would have to know…”

“Oh, Anabelle,” Marie said. “You didn’t!”

“I totally fucking did!” she said. “And it was amazing. When his sperm touched my skin, I started feeling really funny. My head started to go kind of fuzzy, and I felt really, like, hot between my legs. I told my pastor what I had done yesterday, and he said God would forgive me if I turned away from my life of sin. But, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Todd’s cock since Friday night.” Anabelle licked her lips, and seemed to zone out as her hands drifted down between her legs.

Marie shook her head. She thought back to all the times that Anabelle had been pulled out of health class with a note from her parents so she wouldn’t have to learn about sex. Those absences had been Anabelle’s undoing. The curse’s definition of “sex” was fairly broad - even masturbating counted if you orgasmed.

Marie tried to stay friends with the new Anabelle, but as Anabelle dropped her AP and honors classes, and slowly sunk to the remedial classes where all succubi eventually seemed to end up, they spent less and less time together. Anabelle only wanted to talk about boys, and shopping, and fucking these days, and eventually Marie cut off contact.

It was too painful to see her old friend this way.

The last two years of high school were rough for Marie. She put her single-minded focus on graduating and getting into a top school. In the end, that turned out to be easy. She applied to five universities, and all of them were eager to round out the diversity of their student body and let the first succubus in several decades attend their prestigious institution. Not that she needed the diversity bump, she was the number 1 student at her school.

She ended up picking her first choice: MIT. She was going to become a scientist. But that wasn’t all. She was going to research, and find a way to use magitech to reverse the succubus curse. The humans and elves and all the other races who had woven the curse together were going to pay for what they had done, turning her sisters into tawdry sex dolls, instead of the ruling class that was their birthright.

Marie was determined. When she wasn’t acing all of her classes, she was reading up on ritual casting and magical metals. She found advanced books of arcane lore that described the magic that had cursed the succubi. All of this was made harder by the fact that she couldn’t risk using magic herself - if she did, she would become horny, and there was no telling what she might do.

But she worked in private, piecing together the device. After two years, she was almost finished. If all of her calculations were correct, she’d soon be able to step into the machine power it on, and the voodoo dolls she had carefully assembled in the other chamber would cause all the other races to take on the succubus curse. They’d all be reduced to sex-crazed bimbos and himbos, and the newly restored succubi would soon assume their rightful place.

Marie closed her eyes and thought about all she had sacrificed to get here. She had given up on friendships, romance, sex, love - all in the pursuit of this one goal. But it had been worth it.

She stepped into the chamber, and closed the glass door behind her. She dialed some settings into the panel and pressed enter. This was it - it was now or never.

The chamber started to glow with a magical green glow, and Marie gasped involuntarily.

The magic was interacting with her own body’s magic circuits, and she felt herself getting incredibly aroused. Marie hadn’t anticipated how this would feel. She had sworn off magic at a young age, in order to avoid the curse, but all at once she felt an all-consuming, raw desire building up inside of her.

Marie found herself squirming, as her body began to become hot. Her hands slowly migrated down between her legs, and she couldn’t help but rub.

“Ooh, no…” she said. “I. can’t. do. this. If I orgasm, it’s all… over.”

Her hand felt so yummy between her legs. She slipped her hands under her clothes, relishing as her hands became sticky. She had never been as aroused as she was now.

Marie panted, and tried to resist this urge. The magical light became blue, and she knew it wouldn’t be long now before the curse that kept her kind down would be gone, and those responsible would pay. But she couldn’t alter her own magic circuits, she couldn’t let herself be affected by the curse right now. If she did that, all of her years of effort were over.

Marie used all her willpower to pull her hands out of her pants, and with slow, deliberate effort sat on her hands so she wouldn’t be tempted to use them.

However, as the blue light shown the magic coursing through her magic circuits was going crazy, and interacting with the arousal curse. She was becoming so horny, she almost couldn’t think.

Marie caught herself humping the ground a few seconds later, before she remembered that she couldn’t under any circumstances orgasm.

It was getting harder and harder to remember why that was though. Her every other thought was becoming a lust like nothing she had experienced before. It was so distracting. Rational thought was nearly impossible now.

The magical light changed to red.

Haha! The final phase. This was it. She just had to not masturbate for a few minutes more, and her sisters would be free!

Marie was breathing heavily, her skin was flushed and she was sweating now. Her pussy called to her, took over her entire mind, until she was nothing but some quivering nerves that used to be a world-class scientist. Her hands moved of their own volition, and Marie started rubbing between her legs.

“Nooo!” she moaned. “Feels too good! Can’t… won’t… stop.”

Marie’s willpower was useless, she couldn’t stop it anymore. The red magical energy coursing through her was probably more than any succubus archmage had ever weilded. An ordinary succubus like her, with no magical training, didn’t stand a chance.

Marie’s whole body was getting in on the action now. After a lifetime of chaste celibacy, she was finally letting loose. Letting all of her pent up fears and anxieties go away. Embracing the bimbo she was always meant to be.

Marie’s orgasm rocked her body like a lightning bolt. Every one of her nerves screamed out in pleasure the likes of which she had never known. She screamed out in pleasure as energy from the device blasted out all around her and leveled the building she was in.

Marie woke up naked, surrounded by the remnants of her lab. Her head was throbbing, and she felt like her thoughts were coming out like a trickle. Had it worked?

“Oh, fuck,” Marie said. “I need to get some cock inside of me.”

Marie realized that she couldn’t remember all of the smart girl things she had stuffed her head with before, but suddenly it didn’t seemed to matter. She understood what her sisters had been trying to tell her all this time - the lesson she had refused to learn.

Succubi existed to fuck and be fucked, to have fun, and never think a serious thought in their life. They had sexy, ever youthful bodies so they could paint them with make up and dress them up in clothes that made men and women of all other races cum.

For the first time in her life, Marie didn’t hate the fact that she was a succubus. She felt a connection to all the sluts and bimbos who came before her.

But right now, more than anything, she needed to find a cock.

After working her way through half the male population of the nearest block, and stumbling fuckdrunk back to her dorm room, Marie turned on the news. It seemed a lot more boring than usual. The boring man was saying something about authorities trying to find the origin of a disturbance in the fabric of magic that had affected all the women of Boston.

Marie’s brain started to tune everything out after they mentioned something about it affecting succubi and other races differently. She turned off the TV, and started dressing herself.

She had more important things to worry about than boring old news.

There were still people in town she hadn’t fucked.
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