The Elevator Fiftieth Floor (TG)

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The Elevator Fiftieth Floor (TG)

Postby itsme » Sun Sep 12, 2021 9:32 am

Cardonali the magical imp was doing what he always did, he caused trouble to others for his own amusement. Cardonali had the ability to put any thought into a person's mind and manipulate them as he wanted to. He stood unobserved or at least unacknowledged in the back of an elevator waiting to see who would get in.

Mark was in his swimsuit taking the elevator to the pool level. The elevator was moving swiftly. Then Mark realized something, she wasn't in the proper swimsuit. She should be in a woman's swimsuit. Her hands quickly moved to her chest to hide her breasts from the public. She did this even though no one was in the elevator with her.

Mark was such a prude, that any old swimsuit wouldn't do. A bikini or even a tankini wasn't modest enough for her. She needed a one piece suit that covered everything and had a skirted bottom and sleeves.

Mark didn't know what to do? Get off the elevator at the next floor and take the stairs to her floor? Or wait until the elevator reached the pool level, hope no one was waiting for the elevator and take it immediately down to her level. The latter choice seemed to be the wisest. Her apprehension grew and her arms gripped herself tighter as the floors ticked by 73...74...75...

Forty Ninth Floor
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