Student Teacher (student-teacher swap, trait swap)

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Re: Student Teacher (student-teacher swap, trait swap)

Postby AbolethLasher » Fri Sep 10, 2021 11:36 am

Part 3

Over the next weeks, Hailey almost forgot about her original reason for doing this experiment. She had grown addicted to the trades, and had made dozens of little trades to try and become the queen bee at the school. A small amount of athleticism from this girl, a little bit of weight to that girl, a little bit of perkiness from the Victoria’s Secret woman at the mall, slightly silkier hair from that guy. She had gotten so impulsive that she didn’t realize what a nightmare it would be to track down all the people she had made those little trades with.

It seemed between her much lower intelligence, and her reduced maturity she didn’t think a lot about the long term consequences of her actions anymore.

It took about a week and a half before all the little trades resulted in the satisfying moment where she realized she was the queen bee of the school.

She was head cheerleader, a 1-in-a-million hottie, and no man could resist her charms.

And she was loving every minute of it!

It was a rude awakening when Mr. Marshall (ugh) approached her a few weeks later, and reminded her that she needed to become a teacher again.

She had *loved* her second chance and being a teenager. She couldn’t even understand why she would want to go back to being a teacher, but Mr. Marshall was *so* pushy, so Hailey reluctantly agreed.

Mr. Marshall touched the orb, and thought about his life as a teacher. It had been a pleasant break. He actually wondered whether he would have a better time as a teenager again. He secretly had half of Hailey’s education, and half of her maturity still, and he hoped she wouldn’t realize that.

Soon, Hailey, uh, Mrs. Jewell was looking down at Steven again.

Steven couldn’t truly notice all the trades Mrs. Jewell had made in the last few weeks, but he could tell she was a very different woman from the one she had been before she traded with him.

The old Mrs. Jewell had been a serious intellectual and a passionate educator. The new Mrs. Jewell could never be described as a “serious” anything, and the only passion she seemed to have was her newfound obsession with make up and clothes.

Where before, Steven had always kind of respected Mrs. Jewell even as her strict discipline annoyed the hell out of him, the new Mrs. Jewell seemed frivolous, flirty and fuckable. She almost looked more like a porn star than a teacher.

She blinked blankly at Steven. “Well, I guess we’re, like, done. I can’t believe you convinced me to be a boring old teacher again! And now I’ll have to find everyone else who I traded with. This is going to be a total drag!”

Mrs. Jewell’s next class was an unmitigated disaster. She didn’t understand any of the lesson plan, and basically just read the words she (or Mr. Marshall?) had written down before. She was unconcerned about the lack of plaques for teaching on her wall. Who cared about teaching anyways?

Mrs. Jewell turned in her two week noticed the next day. She hated every minute of being a teacher, and she really wasn’t cut out for it at all. Some of the people she traded with approached her asking her to trade back, but she just told them she needed to borrow their traits a little longer.

When her teaching position ended, she flew to another state, and started stripping for money. It was the only thing a pretty, empty-headed girl like her could do and make money. Plus, it got her away from all the greedy people who wanted their traits back.

Hailey Sinn, as she was now called, loved her new life as a stripper. She got all the male attention she could want, and she didn’t have to worry about boring things like books and tests. She knew what really mattered - and she was able to live a free life full of fucking and never had to think a serious thought again for the rest of her life.
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Re: Student Teacher (student-teacher swap, trait swap)

Postby Awokenchange » Sat Sep 18, 2021 11:46 am

Enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.
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