New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

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New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby cmccoyr2 » Sat Sep 04, 2021 9:05 am


Jeanette was in shock as she listened to her attorney. " Its all gone" she asked again?

"Yes everything" he confirmed "you've penniless"

Jeanette's attorney was Thomas Boone an old friend of her father's. He was just telling her the brokerage firm that managed her Trust Fund had an employee who made unauthorized currency trades which went South.

"Tom I can't believe it $100 million gone" she said, "simple interest would of maintained my life style forever. Do I have any options?"

"Unfortunately none." he answered, "this will be tried up in court for years. Whatever you get from their insurance will go to your creditors. You're not the only victim. There are billions involved. Your house has been foreclosed on. Do you have any place to go?"

She answered, "the only place I can think of is a cousin who I haven't seen in years. Her mom and my mom were sisters, but they had a falling out years ago. When asked why my Mom would say we travel in different circles."

Jeanette's cousin Sonia was shocked to get a call from Jeanette. She couldn't remember the last time they spoke. Sonia's Mom had rebelled in her youth and became involved with a Latino Gang banger. She had one child Sonia. She had been disowned by her family, and had been killed in a Gang Shooting.

Sonia after a troubled start in life was trying to turn her life around. She had her first baby at 16 followed quickly by two more. Now at 21 she worked at McDonalds as a Cashier and did everything she could to support her family. Blood was blood and she would help her cousin even though she was ignored by Jeanette and her Mom.

However she was happy to see her uppity cousin brought down a few notches.

To get to Sonia's apartment Jeanette had to ride the bus. She struggled with the three suitcases she had, and had to endure catcalls from men who were surprised to see someone like Jeanette in the Hood. Jeanette was overwhelmed by it all. Spanish was spoken as often as English and most of the stores had signs in Spanish.

Arriving at Sonia's address Jeanette went up the two flights of stairs and knocked. The door opened and Sonia said "hey cuz come on in".

The contrast between the 2 cousins was stark. They looked related but Sonia weighed about 50lbs. more than Jeanette plus having several tattoos. The apartment was chaos with kids screaming, and the blare of a old television. The apartment reeked of cigarette smoke.

The next couple of hours the two cousins visited and brought each other up to date. Sonia smoked constantly while they talked.

Jeanette hated cigarettes but knew she couldn't say anything since it was Sonia's home.

Sonia had two girls and a boy the oldest being 5.

Jeanette was sleeping with the two girls.

Sonia had burgers and fries from McDonalds which she set out for everyone.

Sonia said "hey cuz dig in. One of the perks where I work is that we get leftover burgers for free."

Jeanette normally would never touch fast food but being very hungry she did. Shocking herself she ate two Big Macs plus fries.

As Jeanette was unpacking Sonia was looking at her clothes saying "you'll get lots of shit wearing that stuff in the hood. It makes you look like some Gringa Bitch. Tomorrow I know a place that'll take those in trade for some more appropriate Hood Threads."

Morning was more of the same. Loud T.V., screaming kids, and more McDonalds left overs for breakfast.

Sonia smoking a cigarette said "What are your plans Cuz? You ever work?"

Jeanette sheepishly answered "never".

"Well for now you can watch the kids while I work." Sonia replied, "that will be a big help for me."

Sonia went on to say, "finding work will be hard since you don't speak Spanish. Maybe you can get a job washing dishes or something."
Jeanette thought WTF washing dishes?

Sonia said "okay Cuz we need to go trade clothes. You can tell them you were a maid for some rich woman who gave you her cast offs. Wear some of my clothes today. They might be a little big, but they'll work for now. One last thing Jeanette is too Gringa. Netti will work better here."
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby GraceFairway6 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 7:05 am

An intriguing start - I'm looking forward to reading more!
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby cmccoyr2 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 8:54 am


As the two girls were getting ready to go Sonia kept up a running monologue about life in the Hood.

"First cuz" she said "you need to stay away from the gangs. Respect them and make sure you never join, but be sure they respect you. They are into bad shit. I had to fight like hell to not be swept up in that life style."

Sonia added, "you will need to be careful. You're to White, you ain't got any ink plus no Spanish. People respect me so that helps, but keep a low profile. Lets get you ready and go get a new wardrobe."

To Jeanette it seemed like Sonia took forever to get ready. Her makeup took at least an hour. When done she was the picture of Chola chic.

Sonia said "okay cuz wear these clothes."

Soon Jeanette was dressed like Sonia. Bandana on her head. A white tee shirt underneath a long shelved flannel shirt, and a pair of jeans.

Sonia added "we'll work on your make up later. You've got lots to learn."

They put Jeanette's clothes in trash bags, left the three kids with a neighbor, and started walking the several blocks to the Thrift Store.

Jeanette's senses were overwhelmed as they walked. It was if they were in a foreign country. Spanish was spoken everywhere of which Jeanette understood very little.

Sonia seemed to know everyone as they walked. Exchanging hellos with some to flirting with some of the guys hanging out on the street.

Sonia said "they're all asking about you Netti. Most of the guys are offering to help with your Spanish. Be careful they all want to knock you up. I love my kids but its hard sometimes with so many and by yourself."

Arriving at the Thrift Store Sonia took Jeanette's Clothes for the owner to look over. When the woman smiled and took the bags toward the rear Jeanette's heart sunk. It was as if the last part of her old life was being stripped away.

Sonia came back excited saying "once I convinced her you hadn't stolen them she gave you a great deal."

They spent the next couple hours trying on clothes. Finally Sonia was satisfied and said "lets quit."

Jeanette wasn't as she never would of bought anything Sonia had picked out, but she thought when in Rome.
Netti had her Hood wardrobe.
While everything was being put in bags Netti saw Sonia outside smoking with a heavyset lady in a Hilton Hotels Maids Uniform.

She waved Netti over saying "Netti this is Rita. She works at Hilton Hotels and she says they are hiring cleaning staff. She's going to put a good word in for you. Also your lack of Spanish shouldn't be a problem."

Netti soon settled into a routine. She watched Sonia's kids while Sonia worked. The kids spoke almost no English and she had no Spanish. So they learned from each other.

Still nervous living in the Hood Netti stayed close to Sonia's apartment. If she was out people were friendly but always addressed her in Spanish. She felt stupid not being able to communicate well in Spanish. If she used English people looked at her like she was a freak. So she ended up avoiding any type of conversation, and if she had to speak to someone stumbled through in what Spanish she knew.
Netti had never had much interaction with children, but she soon bonded with Sonia's three. Before to long Netti became Tia Netti.

Sonia put in long hours at the McDonalds where she worked. Her ambition was to be a manager some day. She had barely avoided many of the pitfalls in the Hood. Her oldest child's father was a gang banger, and she almost had been jumped in but made a tough but wise decision and didn't.

Netti became friendly with one other person Mrs. Gomez who lived across the hall. She was in her 50's, a widow, and had no children. Until Netti came she had taken care of Sonia's children while she worked. She missed the children, felt sorry for Netti, so she constantly invited the four of them over for Mexican Pasties. Netti quickly became her friend. Mrs. Gomez enjoyed helping Netti with her Spanish, playing with her hair, and thinking she was to thin pushing all types of sweets on her.

Netti had been staying with Sonia for about three weeks when during their normal evening meal of burgers asked Sonia "is it okay if you only speak Spanish to me?"

Sonia answered "of course. It will be hard, but better for you in the long run."

Netti had never been one to wear lots of make-up, though she had spent a lot on her hair and nails.

She had arrived at Sonia's with under $20. All of her so called friends cut off all contact with her like her financial problems were contagious. It wasn't lost to her that the only person who stepped up in her time of trouble was Sonia. A relative who her parents had made fun of.

During the day Netti had gotten in the habit of taking the kids to a park playground that was close. There the kids worked off lots of energy. Netti would people watch. One girl about her age would often stop and talk. Soon Netti was looking forward to these visits. The girl whose name was Maria never made Netti feel awkward about her Spanish.

The constant fast food diet had caused Netti to gain 10 lbs. That plus using no make-up, and wearing her hair in a bun made her look sort of dumpy.

Netti had just gotten to the park when she saw Maria coming with two cups o coffee.

Maria walked over sat down handed Netti a cup saying "enjoy Chica."

Netti smiled saying "thanks Maria. I haven't had a flavored coffee in forever, but I can't pay you for it."

Maria said "don't worry Chica my treat." Taking out a cigarette she asked "mind if I smoke?"

Netti had hated everything about cigarettes, but in the weeks she'd lived with Sonia had gotten use to the smell. She said "go ahead."

Maria lite up turning toward Netti and said "how about you Chica? Try one they help you relax."

Netti thought for a moment then said "okay maybe just once to see what its like."
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby cmccoyr2 » Fri Sep 10, 2021 10:58 am


Netti had never smoked a cigarette before. She lite it, inhaled, and had a coughing fit.

Maria smiled and said "at first take smaller puffs. It takes a little getting use to."

Netti with Maria's coaching smoked the rest of the cigarette. She had a bit of a buzz when she finished.

As Maria left she said "that's enough for today. Try again tomorrow. It takes a few before you really start to enjoy it."

Maria walked about a block when she saw Pablo waiting for her.

He asked her" how it went?" She related to him what had occurred.

Pablo was Maria's Pimp and a gang member. He used Maria to deliver and hustle drugs, plus turn tricks. Eventually he planned to have her jumped into the neighborhood gang.

He had instructed her to make friends with Netti and work on turning her out. Besides seeing Netti as a bitch that could make him money, he wanted to hurt Sonia for escaping the street life.

He told Maria "in a few days invite her to hang out with you. Show her a good time. Make her think what you do is fun and easy."

The days rolled on. Netti would go to the park hopping to see Maria. Most days she did with Maria always bringing a gourmet coffee. Having one cigarette soon turned into two then three.

Maria and Netti were sitting, laughing and smoking when Netti asked, "Do you work Maria?"

Maria answered saying "yes I do. I deliver things for several business men. Its easy, gives me lots of free time and pays well."

Netti signed saying "I wish I had a job, but my Spanish isn't good enough. Sonia's friend Rita is suppose to help me get work at the Hilton as a cleaner but so far nothing."

Maria said "why don't you hang with me tomorrow. The people I work for always are looking for dependable help. You can see how it works. Meet some of the bosses, and we can have a fun day. I also have a special surprise for you. We'll have fun."

Netti was excited. In her life as Jeanette she never had close friends. Maria was the first person who made her feel important. She didn't judge or make fun of her because she was to Gringa. She would help her with her Spanish, and just helped her feel more at home in strange surroundings.

When she got back to Sonia's apartment she quickly arranged with Mrs. Gomez to watch the kids the next day.

Telling Sonia was a little more difficult. Her questions were endless about Maria. Finally Netti exploded saying "look cuz I just want to help and not be a burden. We both could use the money if this pans out. If nothing else I can have a little fun for a change."

Sonia reluctantly agreed saying "just be careful. Don't get involved in any illegal shit, but the money would be nice."

The next morning Netti was waiting in the park at 9. She saw Maria coming thinking how good she looked compared to how dumpy she was.

Maria came up and hugged her saying "Chica you made it. We've got a full day. You get a makeover. I won a contest at work for a spa day for two. Then you will meet the big boss Pablo. Finally you'll do a delivery with me. If you like it he'll probably hire you. That will be such fun working together."

They arrived at the salon. Netti was surprised to see that they were the only customers. Asking Maria about it she was told the special pampering was all part of the package.

Netti was in heaven. She was handed a mimosa and told to relax. For the next few hours they worked on her hair, nails, toes and make-up. The girls chattered with Maria in Spanish. Netti still had a hard time understanding people when they spoke fast so she followed only parts of the conversation.

Her mimosa glass was never empty so soon Netti was feeling no pain. She had noticed that the girls all had a scorpion tattoo on their right necks. Finally working up the courage she asked Maria "what it meant?"

Maria replied "oh their all in the same club. Maybe we can join together someday."

Pablo had given instructions to the salon girls on how he wanted Netti to look. When she saw herself in the mirror she was amazed. Her hair was teased and a cheap bottle blonde color. A spray tan plus dark foundation give her a Hispanic look. Her eyebrows were plucked into thin arches. completed by false eyelashes.

Netti thought she looked like a cheap puta, but Maria and the girls raved about her so much she started to accept the look.

Maria had brought an outfit for Netti to wear explaining that her Bosses required a certain dress code. It consisted of a short mini skirt. A top that left her back and stomach bare, and 6" hooker heels. Walking was an adventure.

Maria said "I'm hungry. Lets get a salad or something. Then to work."

They went to a restaurant close to the salon. Maria ordered salads and shots of tequila then said "we'll party today."

Netti had never drank hard liquor, and the shot took her breath away. Then another appeared in front of her. She didn't want to offend Maria so she tossed that down also. Netti was totally buzzed when their salads arrived.

Maria said "we've got to watch our figures."

Netti was self conscious because she had put on 25 lbs since her arrival in the hood. She expressed her frustrations to Maria.

Maria said "don't worry Chica I've got something that will melt the pounds off. Lets go we've got deliveries to make."

The day was like a whirlwind for Netti, but all she could think about was what Sonia would say when she saw her new look.
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby cmccoyr2 » Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:04 am


Maria told Netti "okay chica we need to get to Pablo's club. Pick up my deliveries and get going."

Since the club was a few blocks away Maria hailed a cab and gave the diver directions. In a few minutes they pulled up to a bar named Las Mujerzuelas. There were pictures of naked women on the exterior of a seedy looking building. Netti surprised asked Maria "is this a strip club?"

She answered "its a gentleman's club. They do have dancers, but nothing here is illegal. It is a really good place to work. No pressure and real good tips."

The inside of the club was dimly lite, smoke fulled, with a central stage where a dancer was doing a provocative dance around a pole as several men cheered her on. Several other girls were doing lap dances for customers. Occasionally they would take the men through a back door. There were also several girls serving drinks.

Netti waited while Maria went to pick up her packages for delivery. Maria returned with several bundles which the girls dropped off at various locations. Maria explained that sometimes you took orders for future delivery.

Curious Netti asked "what was in the bundles?"

Maria answered "that it was none of their business. We don't ask questions."

That set off alarm bells for Netti, but she ignored them because Maria was so nice and she hadn't been pampered like today since her money was stolen.

Back at the club they found a table, and Maria went to get Pablo.

In a few minutes Maria came back with a man who took Netti's breath away. Pablo was a large man at 6' 5", and all muscle. He had a shaved head, and most of his visible body was covered in tattoos. He was dressed in an expensive suit and tie.

He held out his hand and said, "you must be Netti. I'm Pablo Chavez I've heard many good things about you from Maria."

Turning to Maria he said "Maria leave us for a few minutes I want to speak with Netti in private. Please send over a bottle of good champagne."

After the champagne arrived Pablo said "did you enjoy yourself today Netti or said I say Jeanette? Seeing the shocked look on her face he continued "don't worry Netti its my business to know everything about the people I hire. Its hard to lose what you had, but I think I can help."

Netti took a drink and stammered "how?"

Pablo answered "I have a lot of different interests, and many people depend on me. I need an assistant who understands English as their first language. I think you can fill that role."

Netti's first thought was "would I have to dance?"

Pablo replied "only if you were comfortable doing that."

She added "what about sex with you or others?"

Pablo replied "same answer."

Netti asked another question "do you deal drugs or anything else illegal?"

Pablo paused then answered "Whatever I do is nothing compared to the people who stole millions from you and others. I supply something people want whether it be sex or means to forget their troubles. You be the judge."

Netti asked "what would I do?"

Pablo answered "at first you would be a cocktail waitress. We would start to pretend you were my woman. You would act like you knew very little English. I would suggest you start pretending like you speak little English, maybe limit yourself to 100 to 200 simple words and develop a accent. I have many business dealers with people who speak only English. I would want you with me to listen, especially when I leave the room. Flirt with them. Make them believe you are just some illiterate Mexican. For this I would pay you $1,000 per week, plus salon appointments weekly and provide a place to live. What do you think?

Netti's first thoughts were that is sure better than being a cleaner at the Hilton. Watching Pablo she suddenly noticed the scorpion tattoo on his neck. She asked him about it saying "the girls at the salon have the same tattoo. Maria said it means you're in a club. Is that true?"

Pablo smiled saying "I guess you can call it that. Perhaps you might want to join someday. What's your answer?"
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby obviousagent » Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:46 pm

Really liking the progression here, very nicely done.
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby cmccoyr2 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 2:43 pm


Netti thought for a moment thinking if it doesn't work out I can quit. She quickly answered "I'll give it a try."

Pablo said "you can stay with Maria for the time being. I'll have a car take you to your cousin's to get your things."

All Netti could think of was what Sonia would think.

Pablo went and found Maria telling her, "its all set. Go with her to get her things. Be gentle with her. If she doesn't want to do anything don't push. I've got plans for this girl."

They drove to Sonia's apartment. When Sonia saw Netti she exploded saying "Cuz you look like a fucking puta."

Netti tried to explain about the job and what a great opportunity it was. Telling her about Pablo and how nice he was.

Sonia said "he's nothing but a Banger who deals drugs. He's a fucking pimp who'll have you turning tricks in no time. If you walk out that door and dress like a Puta don't expect me to claim you. You're on your own."

Tearfully Netti replied "he's nice and I gave my word I would try it. He said if I'm not comfortable with anything I don't have to do it. I believe him."

Sonia yelled "get the fuck out Puta, and don't come back."

Netti cried the whole way to Maria's.

Once there Netti said, "Maria what have I done?"

Maria hugged her and said " sweetie you're just trying to better yourself. Pablo can help you do that. Your cousin was just trying to hold you back. Come on who wants to clean toilets the rest of your life?"

Maria got out a couple shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. She poured the shots and handed one to Netti saying, "bottoms up chica lets get fucking wasted,"

A couple hours later the bottle was almost empty. Maria pulled out a pipe and said, "lets smoke a little weed."

Netti said "I've never done that. I don't want to get hooked."

Maria replied "this is fucking legal for Christ sake. It's no worst than booze."

Netti took a deep hit and all her cares started to go away.

The night drug on with the two girls drinking, smoking and bonding. Netti had never had a close girlfriend in her previous life. In fact she had never had a serious boyfriend. So Maria was filling a void she had had in her life.

Sometime after the sun came up Maria said "we need to get ready for work. I need to teach you how to do your make-up."

Netti said "I'm tired I need sleep."

Maria replied "if Pablo says we are suppose to be someplace at a certain time we'd better be or start looking for another job. I've got a pick me up which will help today."

With that said Maria got out a pipe and put a small rock in it "take a couple hits it'll keep you awake today."

Following directions Netti inhaled as she was given the pipe. Her tiredness melted away as the day took on a whole new look.

The next two months went by quickly for Netti. The new world she was part of was exciting. Pablo true to his word never pushed her to do anything she was uncomfortable with. Mostly she just served drinks to customers. She soon learned to ignore men trying to grab her tits and ass. She also discovered that the more revealing her clothes were the better her tips.

She usually sat in on Pablo's meetings on a daily basis. She would serve drinks and flirt with the men. She was sure to try and speak English, becoming quite adept at making people think she was totally lost in that language. In fact it was becoming so natural for her that she had trouble speaking the few times she was someplace where she tried to speak normally.

Netti had quickly become a heavy smoker. Everyone in her new world smoked and she soon followed suit. Working the club floor she always had a lite cigarette in a ashtray by her bar station. Often she smoked long thin cigars. Pablo smoked those and had shared with her. He thought she looked sexy smoking them. Wanting to please Pablo Netti exchanged cigarettes for the cigars.

The money was fantastic. She was able to save most of her salary and tips. She hid it in her mattress being scared of trusting any institution after what had happened to Jeanette.

The story Pablo had told everyone was that she was from El Salvador. That helped explain her light complexion. He even went so far as to obtain a Social Security and Green Card for Netti. What she didn't know was that Jeanette's I.D. was placed on a woman who died in a car wreck. Officially Jeanette creased to exist.

The game was about to change. Netti had just come into the club when the bartender said "Pablo needs to see you."

She went to the office knocked and entered. She went over and hugged and kissed Pablo on the cheek. They had become increasing affectionate over the last couple months.

She asked "what's up boss?"

Looking pensive Pablo said "I've got some troubles, but there is nothing you can do to help."

She replied "is there anything I could do?. If I can do it I will."

Pablo said "you are one of the few people I trust, but I can't ask you to do this. I promised I would never ask you to have sex or compromise yourself."
Netti said "tell me about your problem."

Pablo said "I think the Smith brothers are cheating me, but I have no proof. They've requested I furnish some girls for a weekend party they're having on their yacht. Its a perfect opportunity to gather information, but I need someone who they thinks has little English. You are the only one I trust and is smart enough to pull it off."

Netti looked surprised and said "whats the problem? Of course I'll do it."

Pablo smiled and said "you realize you would be expected to fuck and suck all the men multiple times."

Netti responded "Pablo you've changed my life. I would do anything for you, but you do know I'm a virgin."
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby lego69lego » Thu Sep 16, 2021 4:25 pm

Great story, i love how Jeanette is starting to fit in and forget English. I'm looking forward to seeing how much she changes physically and mentally.
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Re: New Address (DG, Smoking, Drugs, WG, Prost.)

Postby cmccoyr2 » Thu Sep 16, 2021 6:47 pm


Pablo said "Netti I can't ask you to do that."

Netti went over sat on his lap and kissed him then said "that's an easy problem to solve. Take me now. I want you to be my first."

Suddenly Pablo kissed her back. There was no foreplay. No tenderness. Just pure animal lust. Pablo took her without any regard for her feelings. First there was pain then pleasure as he bred her. Netti felt owned. She was his to do anything he wanted with.

Later exhausted they lay together sharing a cigar. Netti whispered to Pablo "Papi tell me what I must do this weekend."

Pablo proceeded to tell her. The Smith Brothers were having some of their close associates on a weekend cruise aboard their yacht. There were going to be about ten men altogether. Pablo was furnishing four girls who would serve drinks, and have sex with any of the men who wanted them. The girls were being paid $2,000 each for the trip.

Pablo said, "Netti Bill Smith has asked about you many times. Get close to him. Make him think you are unhappy. I have a leak in my organization. You need to do whatever is necessary to find it. Then I'll deal with the problem."

Netti said "you can count on me."

Netti had quickly figured out that Pablo's businesses were mostly illegal. Yes he dealt drugs and pimped out girls, but it was nothing compared to the people who stole billions from her and others.

Netti was nervous aboard the tender taking her and the other girls to the yacht. The plans were to cruise the coast for two days party and relax. Pablo had warned her that there would be all types of drugs available so avoid them if she could. Netti had already decided to do whatever was needed to accomplish her mission.

On the ship the girls served drinks and often disappeared with some of the guests. Netti was left alone then Bill Smith came up and said "lets have a drink. I want to get to know you better."

The weekend changed Netti forever. Bill Smith was a gross man. 300 plus pounds, bald, with a large beer belly. He despised all women, and enjoyed degrading them. He especially wanted to degrade Netti knowing she was special to Pablo.

She didn't sleep all weekend. He started her out with lines of cocaine. Then he sodomized her. After he was finished he had the crew come and fuck her in every hole. She lost count of the number of men she had. She was used as a toilet. Made to clean up messes with her mouth. All of this he recorded and live streamed to Pablo. Several times during the weekend he had her injected with heroin.

Constantly telling her that after this weekend she'd be just a strung out junkie whore. Also telling he was going to buy her and put her out on the streets. No decent man would ever want her again.
When they brought Netti back she was a wreck. Her eyes had a vacant stare to them. She went right to bed and slept 20 hours straight. When she woke she couldn't look Pablo in the eye.

Softly she said "I'm ruined Papi. After what happened how could anyone want me? The scary thing is I started to like it. I wanted to go work the streets for him."

Pablo just held her telling her not to worry.

Netti continued "he hates you Papi. He intends to ruin you. I did find out there is a mole male for sure. I think you should sell me to him. Give me some time. Months if needed so I can find the leak. Better yet give me to him. Say you can't stand to look at me."

Pablo replied "do you realize what he could do to you?"

Netti said "I do and I don't care now. I want to see the mother fucker dead, but I have a problem I need a fix."

Later that day Netti was dropped off at Bill Smith's Club with a note saying you can have the skanky bitch.

Later if asked both Netti and Pablo admitted if they had any idea if what would happen to her they never would of done it.

It had been four months or at least Netti thought it was. It was becoming increasing harder and harder to keep track of time. Her main concern was getting her next fix.

The first week she was with the Smith's was one of transformation. Every 6 hours Netti was injected with fixes of heroin. They first changed her hair color to pitch black with bright orange high lights. Her face was tattooed with bright permanent make-up. A slave collar was tattooed around her neck with property of the Smith Brothers on it. Cheap fuck was tattooed on her fingers. The rest of her body was covered by cheap tattoos done by a prison tattoo artist. At the end of that week she barely resembled the girl who had been given to the Smiths. Vulgar and cheap were to kind to describe her.

On the eighth day she was given no more heroin. Bill Smith took her to a homeless camp and left her "telling her he would be back in a week to get her. If she was still alive."

She survived by attaching herself to the biggest badass in the camp. He protected her to a point. He did pimp her out when he wasn't using her.

His name was Bronc. He was big over 6' 5" weighing in the area of 300 lbs. He had a 14" dick, was black and liked to fuck her in the ass.

The homeless life is hard on someone both mentally and physically, but especially on a woman. Being addicted to heroin took its toll on Netti. Add in crack cocaine, and daily drinking of alcohol was causing her grip on reality to disappear. Within a few short weeks Netti who was only 22 looked closer to forty.

The first day on the streets was terrible for Netti. On top of suffering withdrawals from being cut of from drugs she had to fight off the men in the camp. That's when Bronc claimed her and told everyone she was his Bitch. That night he fucked her again and again in the ass. By morning she was totally defeated accepting that she belonged to Bronc.

He expected her to take care of him. She would start her day foraging for tobacco, drugs and alcohol. She had a bag that she put cigarette butts in she found on the street. Taking them apart she put the remaining tobacco in bags which would then be used to make roll your own smokes.

Smith intended to pick her up after a week and pimp her out, but seeing her life with Bronc he chose to leave her there. One week become two then three which became months. Smith delighted in texting pictures of her to Pablo.

Bitch was digging through dumpsters trying to find anything of value she could sell to buy some cheap liquor. She answered to Bitch and if asked that's what she said her name was. She had vague memories of being called Jeanette or Netti she wasn't sure which. She was on her way back to give her man a bottle of cheap wine she had bought. Usually people would give her money to stay away she smelled so bad. It had been months since she had bathed.

At one time she might of been pretty.
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