Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

Postby Max_ap » Mon Aug 30, 2021 6:10 pm

This story was custom written for Bryony as part of a story commission.

Fortune Exchange
Story idea by Bryony
Written by Max

First day - Monday

“I knew Zara’s partying on Sunday would be a bad idea” I said while doing my best to comb my rebellious red hair. It was all messy and fuzzy by nature, but I managed to make it look acceptable. “She arrived so drunk and late that woke me up, interrupting my sleep, so I ended up oversleeping. Crap” I sighed spotting a new acne mark on my face. “If it wasn’t bad enough that my face looks a bit childish, this acne will get people to confuse me for someone younger” I cursed knowing that the flatness of my curves didn’t help to fight such perception either.

“At least she didn’t bring friends this time” I said focusing my frustration on Zara again “I wouldn’t have sleep at all if they have been fucking all night for sure. Jezz” I exclaimed frustrated while quickly fixing my shirt and securing the pocket protector. Yep, a total nerd.

Leaving the bathroom, I walked to Zara’s room. She was my roommate. Both had similar age and worked for the same company, which was the reason we chose an apartment closed to the office to share the rent, but that was where our similarities ended. After all, we were quite opposite, like right now, as I was the responsible one and she, well, you will see it later.

“Uhm Zara. Are you up?" I softly asked while knocking gently on her door. After hearing some babbles from behind it, I decided to step it. “Sorry to bother you Zara, but you could get late for work!” I said while I walked toward her bed. My roommate was covered in her sheets and she pulled them over as a child. “I know you all and your friends like to celebrate your big sales, but drink is bad” I said waving my hand at the stench of alcohol

You see, Zara is an agent specialize to sell companies office spaces, so this kind of parties are very common. Unfortunately I work in the IT section, so, yep. No parties, or anything, for me.

“Don’t worry about it Eve. I will go later. Someone will pick me up at 8:30 am” Zara mumbled.

“Oh. So you are gonna be ready in 30 minutes? That is a relief” I said hiding my sarcasm. If only I had more confidence, I would have shared what I truly think of herself.

“FUCK!!” Zara cursed as she jumped from the bed. As she did that, she flashed me with two heavy reasons why a man will pick her up early in the morning. The vision of her huge womanly naked orbs bouncing and jiggling erotically on her chest were enough to stupefy any man and burst in envy at any woman less developed…. So yeah, that is my case and I wouldn’t feel bad if those were silicon fake implants, but the bitch was 100% natural. I hate her so much.

Now, don’t take me wrong. I’m usually nice with people, but having such a busty roommate didn’t make my life easy. I thought that being close to a woman who spent most of her days on instagram or facebook could help me meet other people and perhaps start a relationship, but, oh boy, how mistaken I was. If we go out, being close to her made me feel so insignificant.

Zara was everything a man will love in a woman. She was quite tall, 6’1” without heels, had perfect hair, tan skin, a great ass and of course, her huge breasts. Did I mention her natural udders can fill an EE-cup? Why couldn't I have been born with a body like that.

If Zara was blessed with beauty, my blessing was my brains. I was quite smart, and people that know me learned to respect that. Unfortunately, it takes time to earn that respect when you stand at only 5’2”.with a pale skin that isn’t very llamative and my small A-cup and barely palpable butt don’t me attractive to the opposite sex. Not even to the IT guys that work with me. If I had a body like Zara carrying my powerful brain, I would be an unstoppable force of nature.

Hearing the beep of the coffee machine, I knew it was time to serve me some breakfast. Being an IT technician meant that I was expected to arrive early, so I poured me a nice cup of coffee and thought to grab some toast, but when I opened the cabin, there was none. “Uhm, Zara, where did you put the toasts? You bought them on your way to the party, right” I quietly asked.

“Sorry Eve. I thought about buying them on my way back, but as you noticed, the meeting got extended” she giggled as she stepped into the kitchen wearing a bra, panties and a pair of stilettos. I watched in awe and envy how she pulled up a black leather skirt over her toned legs, just to fight a bit to get it over her wide hips and prominent ass. Then, she had a similar struggle with her blouse trying to slide it down over her generous breasts.

Zapping out of the trance, I told her frustrated and a bit blushed. "And now what I'm going to eat?" I asked, biting my tongue as my shyness did not let out the anger in me.

"Owww. Come here, don't be mad" she said, feeling pity for me. That could have been the end of it, but noooo. Feeling guilty, Zara decided to hug me to make me feel better. Unfortunately, she chose to wear a low cut blouse to show off her great cleavage, which filled my vision as I was drawn into it. I felt so humiliated as my head slipped between Zara’s gigantic breasts which were as big as my head. I felt so insignificant, like a little girl being hugged by her busty mother. The only thing that ease my suffering was how good she smelled. I had to admit, she knew how to make herself look and smell good.

Once she unglued me from her bust, I noticed she had a little box with chinese symbols on her hand. "I brought some sweets from the meeting. Hope that is enough''.

"Thanks" I said, a bit more excited than I wanted to be. I do love sweet things in the morning and dig into those with my coffee as Zara snapped some pictures posing sexy in her outfit. I was more than sure those were for her date as they were quite provocative flipping her hair which looked amazing even though she had just woke up. What a lucky guy.

Seeing her displaying how awesome she looked made me sick inside. I'm quite shy so I tend to act nice so people will like me, but believe when I say that there is a resentful mischievous woman in me. Since voicing my feelings wasn't my strongest suit, I packed the last sweets in my pocket and went to work cursing my roommate all the 10 minutes walk to the office.

Once in my office, I slipped into my normal routine. I greeted my coworkers, Josh and Ted, and we chatted for a few minutes about trivial things, like what we saw last night on cable, or what new online game we tried. For what it was worth, we could have been playing D&D and nobody would have cared less as long as everything worked fine around, which, most of the time did.

Being the only woman would have made the two of them fight for me, but nothing more away from the truth, but on this occasion I was fine with it. Josh was an overweight guy in his 40sm addicted to manga and still lives with his mom. Ted was my same age and once I considered him possible boyfriend material, but his preferences were quite out of his league, so while he was a great friend, he will never see me as something more than that. A pity actually, I could have warmed his nights in incredible ways… or so I will like to think as even in my 30s, I still was a virgin with zero sexual experience. Imagining me as a sexual vixen dominating men was a constant fantasy that always made me giggle inside.

Suddenly, we got a call from the reception area, and since I got in a good mood, I decided to take it. “This one is on me boys” I joked while I put my glasses on. I was short sighted, so as a technician I was required to wear them while doing my job. I hate them as they made me look geekier and nerdier than I wanted to look. To my bad luck, I was allergic to contacts. Figures.

“Hello Janice. What’s the problem?” I asked the receptionist which seemed quite concerning.

“The central doesn’t want to connect the calls. Can you check the wires please. I have a phone call for the CEO in hold for more than 10 minutes” she said, panicking.

“Sure” I nodded and quickly took the flashlight of my pocket and checked the wires that went to the side of her desk. I spotted a loose cable which perhaps was yanked during cleaning. I plugged in and said “Try it now” in a low voice. She nodded and patched through the call.

“Oh my… you are a lifesaver Eve. Thank you so much” she said hugging me in appreciation. Since Janice was 5’6” I didn’t find myself being pressed against her bust. Still her firm C-cup being pressed against my collarbone made me feel so jealous of her. Why couldn’t I be bustier?

And just as I was feeling sorry for my poor body development, the titty queen of her company made her arrival. Flashing a million dollar smile wrapped on her luscious full red lips, Zara stepped in greeting at everyone as her hair waved in slow motion like she was in a commercial. I knew her broad smile was the resulting afterglow of a very fulfilling fuck. I had seen it too many times to recognize it. She could be such a whore, but in the office she acted very professional.

I won’t deny Zara is very good at her job. She was one of the best saleswomen in the company, but I knew I could be so much better at her job. Using my brains, I could easily score bigger sales than her. In fact, Zara and I applied for the same job, that was how we meet. During my interview, they were impressed by my knowledge and obvious smarts, but they offered me a position as an IT technician. When I asked them why not the saleswoman position, they told me I didn’t have what they were looking for. In other words, I didn't have tits or ass to lure clients in. Since Zara had plenty of both, she got the job. Still, the IT offer had a nice salary, so I took it.

When Zara approached us, Janice finally let me go. She greeted Zara all bubbly and happy while I just shyly bowed my head. Zara smiled at us and I could swear she thrusted her chest out more just to piss me off. ‘How I wish I could have everything she has” I thought fist crunching something inside my pocket. “Oh no. My sweets” I said alarmed, taking my hand out and discovering I just powder what should have been a fortune cookie. “I just hope this won’t be an omen for bad luck” I said, disposing of the crumbles and reading the hidden message inside.

“Congratulations. Your most secret wish has been granted without repercussions" I whispered thanking myself for not reading such idiocy aloud. Suddenly, I felt a tingle sensation spreading from my body and I jumped back from Janice’s desk.

“Are you alright?” she asked me concerned.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Must have been a static shock for sure” I shyly said packing my stuff to leave.

I was half way back to my office when I heard Zara calling me. “Hey Eve. Do you have time? My computer doesn’t want to start up, and I need to send some documents” she said annoyed

Did you turn on the voltage regulator? Moron!!, I would have yelled something along those lines, but I submissive nodded my head and walked toward her. “Please Za… I mean, Miss Rogers, can you step aside for a moment” I corrected myself after noticing Zara was raising an eyebrow.

As I got under her desk to look for the regulator, I felt a strange pressure building on my chest. ‘Could it be a heart attack?’ I feared and tried to calm down, but the pressure kept there.

“Well, while you are at it, let me tell you how my date was. In one word. Vigorous” Zara said, quite proud of herself... I knew it, she banged him… “Peter is a great catch… I mean, he is looking to rent at least 3 floors for his personal company. Get him a good deal will definitely get a great bonus for the sale and if I 'play my cards well' I could end up maturing our relationship”

As she kept talking, any jealousy I could feel due her braggings was put aside by the intense pressure in my chest which wasn’t diminishing. Fearing I could end burping or worse, I quickly found the regulator and switched it on. Zara’s computer booted up and mystery solved. “If you excuse me Miss Rogers, I’m not feeling well” I said quickly retrieving to the closest bathroom.

“Wait a moment Eve. You don’t look so well. Are you alright?” Zara said holding my shoulders.

‘Oh Fuck!’ I screamed in my mind as the pressure inside me simply exploded. I bit my lips as a strange feeling invaded my body forcing me to spasm for a moment. ‘What the hell was that?’ I said trying to recover my senses. I looked at Zara who didn’t seem to be aware of what happened to me, and I planned to keep it that way. “Yes, I’m alright. Better than alright actually” I honestly said blushing ashamedly at my honest reply. I walked away feeling quite exhilarate.

Locked alone in the bathroom, I saw my reflection in the mirror and asked myself “What the hell was that. I have never experienced something so embarrassing. It felt almost like… no… it couldn’t be… not my first... and with Zara? Eww...”. I went into a denial shutdown. “Yes, I will do that” I said, throwing some water into my face. As I did, I couldn’t avoid noticing my lips were curling into a smile. “Oh no. That wasn’t an orgasm. It couldn't be” I reassured to myself trying to deny the goofy expression in my face, even though I had to admit I look prettier than usual

After leaving the bathroom, I decided to spend the rest of the day in the IT office away from people. I even spend my lunch time safe inside of my domains. For my bad luck, a call got into the office right after lunch was over and none of the guys had returned yet. Since we could get a reprimand for arrival late at our post, I took the call. Oh boy… this wasn’t my day at all.

“Sorry for calling you right after your lunch Eve. I just left the computer compiling last week's sales and it’s frozen. I don’t want to lose the info” Cecile said quite afraid.

Cecile was another saleswoman like Zara, so I had to go back to the sales section. Now you understand why I wasn’t happy to take the call. Anyway, at least Cecile wasn’t a stuck cunt like my roommate and let me call her by her name. Not like Miss Knockers, the nickname IT guys used on Zara at her back, who demanded to be called by her last name due respect. Bitch.

“Don’t worry Cecile. Let me check the wires to be sure” I said, getting down to her desk to see if there wasn’t something doing a short circuit. Funny enough, I got that strange tingling again. Too much static, I may have talked to the guys and checked if there have been similar reports.

While I examined the wires, I imagined how the guys would hate me for having answered the call. If Zara was known for her impressive rack, Cecile was for her derriere. The sight of her butt was breathtaking and being under her desk assured a close look at her lustful feature. WIth an ass like hers, I could slave men just by twerking their brains out.

Being hidden under the desk, gave me also a secure location to see Zara again. I wasn’t ready to face her yet after what happened, but seeing her talking with some clients made me so envious of how confident and secure she looked. Of course, being so in control should be easy with a huge pair of breasts catching everyone's attention, including myself. I cursed myself for being so shy. Why couldn’t I be the one borning with breasts that big. Everyone will notice me.

“You did it Eve. Thank you” Cecile said.

“I didn’t do anything” I muttered very low. My guess was the computer finished loading her request and went back to normal. “Glad to be of assistance” I said from under the desk as I picked up my stuff. Suddenly, I grabbed my chest as the pressure I felt in the morning returned.

“Hey girlfriend. I just secure the sale for the pharmacy business you pass on me” Zara said hitting high five with Cecile. "We are a terrific duo. Celebration selfie" Zara said, raising up her phone so she could capture the full size of her breasts, while Cecile turned around showing off the great curve of her side ass. T&A what a terrific duo indeed.

Having such prominent attributes being so close to be rubbed on my face, wasn't something healthy for my self esteem. Besides, the pressure on my chest was still there and having Zara closed by didn't help my anxiety, so I decided to pick my tools in silence before Zara realized I was under the desk. But of course, fate didn't want to give me a break and one of my tools rolled out and stopped mere inches from Zara's stilettos. Crap!

“I will be sure to give you a part of the bonus for the offer” Zara said while uploading the selfie to her social media for sure

"Thanks Zara. Give me a moment. I got a call" Cecile said, walking away to get some privacy.

"Sure, I will be at my desk if you… what the…" Zara yelled stepping back. Hearing a ghostly mours coming from under Cecile's desk before it was strongly shaken was enough to spook Zara who quickly walked away

Unknown to her, she just stepped on my hand when I was trying to get my tool. Fortunately, her surprise made her lift her foot and I withdrew my hand at light speed so she wasn't aware of my presence. But as humiliating as could be being stepped on, I didn't experience any pain on my hand. In fact, I moved it so fast to cover my mouth to muffle the best I could the moans of pleasure escaping from me. This time, I didn't have any doubts I was experiencing an orgasm, as I felt my eyes rolling backwards while my body spasmed without control. Once my wonderful orgasm subsided and my underwear ended soaking wet, I just laid under Cecile's desk for a few minutes wearing the biggest satisfaction smile I had in my whole life. Good thing nobody saw me like that. I will have died of the embarrassment.

Once my heart beats slowed down, I managed the courage to leave the safety of Cecile's desk. Zara's wasn't on sight and Cecile was still busy with her phone call. After pulling down my shirt, and fixing my hair, I decided to check Cecile's computer just to be sure everything works fine. "Uhm… what do we have here?"

"Anything wrong?" Cecile asked from behind making me squeal in surprise. "I'm so sorry. I didn't want to scare you" she apologized.

"It's OK. Don't worry about it" I smiled at her , hiding my embarrassment. "What you need to worry about is a mistake in balance. Some prices for square feet off, and your profit rate should be higher than the volume of your sales" I said so straightforwardly that I felt out of place; I mean, why was I telling Cecile how to do her work? "I… I… I don't know what came over me to talk to you like that. I'm so sorry" i bowed my head feeling completely ashamed. Still, voicing out my concern without filters, even if it was for a moment, felt incredibly liberating.

"Don't be Eve. I can see what you mean, and those are rookie mistakes. How did I miss them? I feel so silly" Cecile sighed fixing the information. "Thanks for your help. I didn't know you had sales knowledge" she said while still working on her sheets.

'Neither do I' I reply inside my head. "Glad I could help. If you need my assistant again, you know where to find me" I cheerfully said while blinking an eye.

"You got it girlfriend" she said, shooting me with her hand.

As I walked back to my office I sped up my steps as my face was turning bright red. Oh my… what is happening to me? Why am I behaving like this? I just want to dig a hole and disappear.

I spend the rest of the afternoon locked in the IT office. I told the guys I wasn't feeling good and they covered me as they were thankful I got their backs when we were called after lunch. I didn't mention it was Cecile or they will have killed instead of supporting me.

Now, to be fully honest, I wasn't lying about not feeling good. Those mysterious pressure bubbles I had experienced twice in the day got me worried. "Perhaps I ate something that was bad last night" I voice out feeling my body quite bloated. Even my clothes were a bit tight on me, especially her bra, making me wonder if it was the reason for the pressure I felt. After looking and being sure nobody was seeing me, I slipped my hand on my back and unclasped my bra. I gasped feeling relief, but from a different type of pressure. Also, I couldn’t avoid enjoying being a bit naughty for wearing a loose bra. Not, that I had too much to hide either.

"Could it be an allergic reaction?" I feared, but even if it was true, I never heard it could produce a spontaneous orgasm. I never experienced one in my life, and I blushed deeply thinking I had them twice in the same day and surrounded by people. I felt like a slut that couldn't hold her urges. I just wished such wonderful moments could have happened in a more private time

Just then, another tingling shock hit me. "Oh no. I forgot about those" I said shaking my head.

"Is Everything fine Eve?" Josh asked.

"It's these damn static shocks" I said covering my mouth as I couldn't believe I rant like that out loud. "Have any of you received complaints about being shocked?. I don't want to think it could be a flaw in the electric system. Could you guys look into it?" I asked.

"I could check the whole building wiring, if you look into Zara's claims that her breasts are real. It will be awful if after I give her a chance to go out on a date with me, I end up finding out she has implants" Ted said, reminding me why we didn't have a future together.

"Who cares? I will love to get my hands on those melons" Josh said hyperventilating. Gross.

"What about we make a deal? If you guys find the source of the static, I promise to bring one of Zara's bras for you to touch it and feel how big she is?" I said as a joke, but suddenly Josh and Ted stood up and put their tool gear on. I had a strong reputation for not breaking my promises.

"You got it boss" both guys said at unison before dashing out at full speed.

"Hey, wait. I was joking" I tried to explain but they were long gone. "Oh well, it's almost time to go home, so they won't do much anyway" I said while grabbing my office’s phone and dialed Zara's number. "Hey Zara. Ready to go?"

"Sorry Eve. Peter and I have plans for the evening" Zara replied.

'To get laid for sure' I thought, being sure not to voice it out. "There is no problem. I can buy the groceries you couldn’t on the way home" I offered since I had nothing more exciting to do .

"That will be awesome. Can you pass by my office on your way out. I’m having a few problems with today’s report and I want to finish it before Peter arrives” she said.

“No problem. I packed my things and see you in a bit” I said hanging down the phone.

A few minutes later, I got into the sales office. As I imagine, Zara was the only one left. I greeted her at the distance and she waved me in. As I approached, I felt again the pressure building on my chest. ‘Oh no. Not again. My bra is loose, what is going on?’ I thought, trying to calm down, but the pressure was still on. “Hey Zara, do you have the money?” I asked standing next to her. Since she was seated, I got the front row to see her valley of tit flesh her blouse showed off. For some strange reason it didn’t look so deep. ‘Perhaps she just undone her bra like me’ I giggled.

“Yes. Here it’s and sorry for forgetting to get the groceries” Zara said handing me the money.

“No… pro… blem” I managed to reply, grinding my teeth as a powerful orgasm washed over me. My legs buckled while I successfully suppressed a very loud moan by biting my lips

“Are you sure?” she said, looking at me with concern.

“Yeah. Fine. Just concentrated on your report” I said waving goodbye. Then, something called my attention. “Uhm… It’s the lightning, or your hair looks a bit greasy?” I asked her.

Zara quickly took a handful of her hair and examined. “What the…? I need to fix this before Peter arrives. Thanks Eve” she said grabbing her purse and rushing to the nearest bathroom.

As I walked toward the building entrance, I noticed a few men were saying goodbye at me. I mostly move around without people being aware of my presence. Could it be they are noticing my loose bra. I panicked a bit and I clasped it properly when nobody was around.

“Are you leaving too Janice?” I said as I spotted already leaving the reception.

“Yeah. You walked home right? You and Zara and quite lucky to have rented a place nearby. I need to get the station and it’s always full at this hour” she sighed as she picked up her purse.

“Well, I need to buy some groceries, so I could walk with you until the station” I offered.

“Really? Thanks” she said quite happily. “By the way, I like what you did with your hair”

“What?” I said surprised as I looked at my hair and it looked kind of nice. Weird. “Perhaps the new shampoo I got is really doing what they advertise it for” I said, feeling my mood improving. Then, I noticed I was looking at Janice’s nose and not her chin as I usually do. ‘She must have ditch her heels to go out of her office’ I thought, feeling cheerful that we were closer in height.

Once I was alone in the apartment and with the groceries all in place, I quickly removed my clothes as they were very constricting. I didn’t dare to look at myself in the mirror as I felt my body bloated. “I should be retaining water,” I said trying to slip down my pants and I got them stuck on my hips and ass. After a good pull, I finally removed them. “I can’t believe I orgasmed three times. I’m such a whore” I said ditching my panties. “I better take a shower”

Wearing only my bra, I stepped into the bathroom. 'Moment of truth' I said, encouraging me to see my reflection. "Oh my… No way" I gasped realizing the reason why my bra felt so uncomfortable. The straps had digged into my shoulders, and while that was bad, I didn't mind at all as my eyes got wide open at the sight of my breasts being too big for the cups.

"How is this even possible?" I said removing the bra and being astonished that my breasts actually bounced when I released them. They seemed bigger by an extra cup, which couldn't sound much, but for someone small like me meant my breasts had double their size making me feel quite busty. “You are looking hot Eve” I giggled, thrusting out my decent chest.

Recalling the incident with my pants, I stepped back and watched in awe the more pronounced curve of my hips. Turning to one side, I watched pleased that the girth of my ass had increased too. Again, it wasn’t a drastic increase too, but it was enough to make her feel extremely sexy. "I'm so glad my body had gotten bloated in such a sensual way" I smiled sending a flying kiss to my reflection before stepping into the shower. With the water caressing my developed form, I decided to enjoy my first self induced orgasms. They felt glorious!

Later at night, after experiencing the most exhausting but rewarding shower of my life, I felt that tingling shock. I was watching TV on the sofa and I was not near any possible source of static. "And what if I'm the problem" I said fearing it wasn't an episode related to the office and perhaps the pressure bubble I experience after those shocks could be hitting me soon. At the moment I was alone in the apartment, braless and with a baggy shirt, so I was totally ready to receive it. Unfortunately, thirty minutes had passed and the pressure never came. I felt so disappointed.

It had passed thirty minutes more, when the pressure building decided to show up interrupting my binging on the TV. "Oh yes. It took you long enough" I said excited as I started to pet my lower regions in anticipation. "Come on. Give it to me" I moaned feeling myself getting worked out.

Just then, the lock of the door clicked. "Oh shit! Zara!" I cursed at her bad timing and before she could get inside the apartment, I ran and locked myself in the bathroom hoping to enjoy my orgasm in privacy. As I expected, Zara knocked on the door and told her I will go out in a bit, but as time passed, I got frustrated as the pressure kept steady, but the release never came.

"Please Eve I need to pee” Zara begged me while knocking the door constantly. Frustrated, I opened the bathroom just to have Zara rushed into it. “Just in time. I was about to make a mess in the hallway” she said brushing me aside, before she locked the door behind her.

Normally I would have been pissed for such behavior, but in that moment, my orgasm hit me like a brick. Alone in the hallway, I fell flat on my ass as my body spasmed. With one hand on my breast while the other in my sex, I streched my afterglow as much as possible. What a rush!!

When I laid on my bed ready to sleep, I found myself recalling the events and relation between the tingling shocks, the pressure bubble and my orgasmic releases. There should be a kind of trigger, or sequence, so I start to backtrack my steps. After some heavy considerations, I realize that the tingling shocks occur to me between periods of 4 hours. It started at 10am, then at 2pm after lunch, then at 6pm when I left work and the last tingling was around 10pm when I was watching TV. Another discovery I made was that of the pressure bubble. Each happened shortly after being shocked at the exception of the last one. Thinking about it, I concluded that all the others happened when I was close to Zara, and since after the last tingling Zara wasn’t around, the pressure didn’t build until she got in close proximity. I guess it could have been 10 meters assuming she was outside the apartment when I felt the pressure. The last and most horrifying discovery was that someone not only Zara’s presence triggered the pleasure, but getting in contact with her set off my orgasm. The first time, she grabbed my shoulders. The second was when she stepped on my hand. The third one was when our hands touched when she gave the money to buy the groceries and the last one when she brushed me aside.

While everything seemed correct, it didn’t make any sense at all, right? I mean, I’m jealous of Zara’s body and yeah, I can be aroused for being around her, but having contact with her results in giving an orgasm, come on! That doesn’t happen in real life, am I right? right?

Shrugging my shoulders, I decided to not think anymore about it, but when I stretched my arm to turn off my lamp, I noticed the piece of paper I got from the fortune cookie. I left it in the nightstand when I cleaned my pants before dumping them in the laundry basket. Recalling the text written on it, I gasped feeling the final piece of the puzzle fitting in.

My secret wish definitely would be to be more like Zara and somehow the fortune cookie was granting it. If that is so, my body isn’t bloated, I’m getting curvier. That must be why so many men greeted me on my way out of the office; they were attracted to me. Remembering Janice’s comment, I checked my hair and it looked even better than before. Then, I smiled recalling how I helped Cecile with her sheets, so I must be getting some sales knowledge too. Thinking back in my walk with Janice, I got up from bed and stood against the wall. A quick mark on it made me burst in happiness as I was 5’4” tall. I had grown 2 inches in a day. That was insane!!

“If this goes like this, in a couple of days I will be just like Zara” I grinned thinking of my roommate. I imagined looking at her in the eyes both standing quite curvy and sexy. We will be unstoppable. No man will resist us. I won't feel less than her. We would be equals.

Just then, my mind started to remember a few things off in Zara. At the end of the day, when she was having problems doing her reports, I noticed her hair wasn’t as perfect as usual, and even her breasts didn’t stretch her clothes as they were visible wrinkles on her blouse. What if?

I quickly went out of my bedroom and peek through her door’s room and saw her taking pics of herself in lingerie, for Peter for sure. But as that was something she does with natural grace, it seemed tonight she wasn’t satisfied and I could see the problem. Her nighty was loose on her not making her curves stand out. Looking carefully I could see indeed, Zara seemed a bit shorter and noticed her breasts and butt had diminished slightly. I spent a lot of time staring at her so, yeah, I’m sure of it. Besides those physical changes, I could also see her hair had gotten a bit worse and even her face wasn’t so alluring. Her lips seemed a bit flat and my mind went into overdrive after licking my lips and sensing there was some extra volume on them.

“Not to be like her. To have everything she has” I corrected myself as an evil grin spread over my face. I couldn’t explain how, but I sense that each pressure bubble forms inside my chest, part of Zara’s attributes are drawn into me. That must be why I need to be close to her for the magic to work. And for my body to access the stolen bounty, I must get into physical contact with her. Easy enough, if it wasn’t for the orgasms I experienced when I gained her traits.

Now, such a statement would have sounded crazy being voiced out, but magic being real, was the only possible explanation for what was happening to Zara and me. Deciding to test my hypothesis, I programmed my alarm for 3am. If I’m correct, the next tingle should occur around that time. With Zara sleeping in the room next to me, the pressure bubble should build up, and I will only need to touch her and orgasm, proving I’m really draining her. But then, I stopped cold considering what I was going to do. Was I really considering stealing from Zara just like that? Guilt washed over me and I felt ashamed, but suddenly her unintentional humiliations ran inside my mind and I stopped wondering if I should take from her, and focused on how much I could.

To be continued...
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

Postby bloodhand1 » Mon Aug 30, 2021 9:49 pm

Brilliant, but Eve keeps complaining about a loose bra. Perhaps it should be a tight one?
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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As much as Eve gets, Zara loses. I'm looking forward to seeing how Eve will change when she's completely like Zara today.
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

Postby Max_ap » Tue Aug 31, 2021 8:19 pm

Second day - Tuesday

“Not bad, not bad at all” I said while admiring my face after removing the foam in the bathroom’s mirror. “There is still some acne present, but the amount of it certainly has diminished. My skin never looked this good” I said barely containing my happiness. I grabbed some of my hair and it felt a bit smoother too. If there was any doubt before, I was now certain that I was slowly acquiring Zara’s flawless skin. “But that is not the only thing I’m getting from her” I grinned.

Looking down, I saw how a few remaining drops of water from my shower were sliding down over the curvature of my breasts. Their extension of their journey made me feel so sexy and busty. “Even a small subtraction of my roommate’s generous bosom was more than enough to double the size of my breasts, so they will be quite huge once I secure her vast reserves” I smiled while eagerly cupping my bust trying to feel if it was bigger or not. “Uhm..,, hard to tell, but I’m sure they will definitely be bigger by the end of the day… if the fortune cookie still works” I sighed hoping that will be the case. I need more from Zara, a lot more. Having those thoughts got my nipples quite hard making me remember a similar sight I witnessed 4 hours ago.

It was around 3 am when I felt the tingling rushing into my body. I had been so excited waiting for it that I didn’t sleep at all. Soon after the tingling was over, the pressure bubble formed inside my chest as Zara was quite close. Grinning, I stood up from my bed and said “Harvesting time!”

Even though I left my room quite fired up, standing in front of Zara’s door made me feel uneasy. Sneaking into her room while she was sleeping with her back on me didn't help either. I considered for a moment to return back to my bed, but after catching a glance of how the curve of her ample hips and prominent ass couldn’t be shaded by her sheets filled me with the need to possess them. They were a burden on her, so I will do her a favor and take them for me.

As I was about to grab her ass, a loud thunderstrike made me jump afraid. I silenced my scream and stopped breathing as I noticed Zara was stirring. She was turning around and I thought I was screwed, but luckily, she stopped midway and continued sleeping with her face looking up.

I sighed relieved for not being caught, but then I blushed at the sight of Zara’s hard nipples piercing through her sheets. I felt so envious of how womanly blessed she was that I would have loved to grab them and her impressive breasts. Feeling her essence flowing from her into me while holding the objects of my desire would have given me a wonderful orgasm, but being the shy mousy girl I was, I couldn’t muster enough courage to get close to her divine mountains. Instead, I gently touched her feet triggering the transfer. Oh boy… how wrong I was.

An almost animalistic moan left my mouth as there was nothing I could do to hold it back. My orgasm was even stronger than I had imagined and there was no way Zara couldn’t have heard me if it wasn’t for a louder thunderstrike saving my decency and muffing my orgasmics cries. I fell at the edge of Zara’s bed as my body convulsed and twiched. Orgasming next to my roommate made me feel so sensual and boldly that I even ventured to pleasure myself a bit.

Suddenly, my memories were interrupted as a very awaited tingling shock hit me. “Just on time” I grinned while wrapping a towel over my body “Let’s claim more of Zara’s beauty for myself”

I walked toward the living room and I noticed Zara working out. She was doing some squats holding a dumbell to build up her ass and compete against Cecile’s. ‘That dumbell looks heavy, so you must have become quite strong. It will be nice if I could take the results of your workouts as well. Having your strength and muscles will definitely help me out once I achieve your heavy proportions’ I thought, sensing a shift in the pressure on my chest. Feeling naughty, I slapped Zara’s ass saying “Watch out Zara. You ass looks so good, that I may steal it one day”

Very quickly I regretted my actions as Zara looked at me with a raising eyebrow. She looked even more annoyed as I had to divert my eyes from her gaze as I looked up as my lips quiver due the orgasm washing my body. By this time, I should be expecting it, but it always managed to catch me unprepared. “By the way, the shower is free” I managed to say pointing in the bathroom direction making her look away from my sudden shaking body. ‘Why does stealing from Zara feel soooo good’ I moaned internally, grabbing my cheek and my eyes went white.

Having added another portion of Zara sexiness made it difficult for most of my clothes to fit the new curvy me while my baggiest outfit fit me like a glove putting a smile on my face as I could see how good I filled it out. In the past, I discarded the outfit as it flatted what little curves I had, but now, it was tight enough to show my amplified curves. “You are looking hot Eve, and you will look even hotter…” I said, realizing a problem ahead. If I grew the same amount I did yesterday, these clothes will be more than a bit tight by the end of the day. “My bra will be my bigger issue# I said half concern, half excited as I found that closing it around me was getting uncomfortable. To solve the problem, I used elastic bands on the locks, so I could make room to grow later

With my wardrobe problem solved, I went to the kitchen to serve me some breakfast. I was drinking my coffee while putting the bread in the toaster when Zara stormed into the kitchen just wearing a bra and panties. “Eve! What the hell? All my clothes are stretched!!” she yelled at me.

I almost spilled my coffee through my nose as it was clearly that Zara’s underwear didn’t fit her properly. The cups of her bra seemed loose and her panties weren’t so tight around her worked out butt. “You didn’t wash them properly, did you?” she said angered blaming me about the state of her underwear. To be fully honest, I indeed was responsible, so I decided to take the fall.

“I’m so sorry Zara. I don’t know how it happened. But it’s not only yours, see…” I said pointing out at my ‘stretched clothes’. “This was undersized but at least loosen up enough for me to fit in” I said, making Zara double check me. Indeed, she could see I was showing off nice curves as a result of the tightness of my clothes. I didn’t need to read minds to know what she was thinking.

“OK, OK” Zara said, seeing the potential to boost her curves like I did. “I’ll see what I can do”

Watching Eve left without realizing what was truly going on put a smile on my face. “Still I will need to do something about my shrinking clothes. I’m planning to get a lot bigger, and buying new clothes everyday will be expensive” I said while biting my popped out toast. “For the time being it will be wise not to mention this. If she figures out she is the one shrinking instead of her clothing, I won’t be able to enjoy stealing from her. Even worse, once she realized I’m responsible for her losses, I won't be able to get close to her” I said while biting my lip worried.

Arriving at the office was never being so pleasant. Everybody was greeting me and it embarrassed me. “Whoa Eve. You look very pretty today. I love what you did to your hair” Janice complimented me while sliding a small package over her desk as I passed by next to it.

“Thank you Janice. I’m trying some of Zara’s beauty secrets. They really suit me ah?” I blushed while grabbing the package. I was not used to receiving compliments so I felt quite shy due the attention put on me, but I need to change that. I will only get more popular from now on as my beauty and body blossomed at Zara’s expense. The mere idea of having her level of attraction made me feel a different tingle inside my body. Nothing a quick visit to the restroom wouldn’t fix.

Once I entered the IT office, the guys were waiting for me. They still wore the same clothes they had yesterday, so I imagined they spent all night looking for electrical problems in the wires. I just slapped my face for having acted like a jerk and not explained what was going on to them. Well... not explain as they won’t believe me… but at least I should have told them to go home.

“We checked upside down the building, every socket, every switch and nothing” Ted sighed.

“We couldn’t find the source of the shocks you described Eve” Josh said frustrated.

“It’s ok guys” I said while hugging them. I was a bit taller now so I did it without much problem. For a moment I thought they would realize the height difference, but seemed they were focused on the soft mound pressing against their chests. Grinning, I whispered between their ears. “... and just to reward you for your great work, I will still bring Zara’s bra” I said. Now, it was my time to blush as I felt two somethings getting harder against my pelvic region. Even I knew it was wrong, knowing I was provoking such a reaction on them made me feel very empowered.

“Anyway...” I said, getting away from their raising erections. “... give me a few days and I will bring one for each of you”. ‘There will be plenty to give away once she won’t be able to fill them out’ I thought while imagining Zara crying with her huge bra hanging loose on her flat chest.

Around 11 am, I was fixing a computer in our ‘lab’ which was the large table where we ran diagnostics on the devices brought in for a checkout, when I felt the usual tingling running inside my body. “I will get out to have something to drink” I gestured to the guys as I walked out of the office. “Some cold Zara juice is what the doctor ordered” I grinned as I walked to the sales area.

As I approached Zara's office, I could see her at the distance talking to some clients. I took the opportunity to measure how close we need to be for the pressure bubble to appear. Being good in maths, I kept walking slow until I stepped into the zone. I sighed as the bubbles formed on my chest and I estimated a roughly 100 feet or 30 meters more or less the proximity ratio the magic will work. “Not that it matters much knowing it, as I still need to touch her to snatch some more of her curves” I growled being fully aware what will happen if I touch her in public.

As I was thinking how I could approach her, I was mesmerized by how Zara behaved in front of her clients. Her body language and voice seemed more trusty and assuring. She was certainly a true vendor at heart and such skills were innate to her. Just then, I gasped as I felt the bubble shifting inside me like it did in the morning. “This is the second time I sense the pressure changing. The first time was when I was admiring Zara’s muscles” I said looking at my arm and gasping as there was definitely some vague muscle on it. “Could it be possible?” I grinned.

Just then, Zara indicated to her clients to move to the conference room and that was on the way out. That was my chance, so I decided to play casual and use the water dispenser next to the exit. I timed my actions and after grabbing a cup, I waited for the right time to stand up and just brush Zara’s arms against mine as she walked out. She just left without even spare me a look and I didn’t mind at all as another part of her was just given to me and it felt too good.

I was getting better at controlling my orgasms, but imagining some of Zara’s sales skills could have found their way into my body and mind made my afterglow more than I could handle.

“Eve, are you alright?” Cecile exclaimed, catching me after losing my footstep due the pleasure.

“Yes, thank you Cecile. This is why I don’t wear heels. I have two left feet” I joked while keeping my eyes on the ground hiding my embarrassing, but extreme, facial orgasmic gestures.

“You wearing heels will be something” Cecile joked. “You can end being taller than me”

For a moment, I froze as I looked at Cecile. I knew she was around 5’7”. She wears flats as heels brought too much attention to her derriere. With that in mind, I couldn’t avoid being surprised to see that Cecile didn’t look so big anymore. I was so focused on what I want, that I didn’t realize the other changes that also were taking place. The idea of looking down at Cecile really stirred me down to the core, but then I wonder why she didn’t seem to react to my growth. "Uhm… Cecile, don't you find it odd that I'm this tall?" I asked her not sure what to expect.

Cecile looked at me for a moment. "Why will I find it odd?" She asked puzzled.

"I mean, you don't remember me being this tall?" I said indicating with my hand a height around her mouth. My eyes used to look at her neck before, but now my vision was just below her nose level. 'Oh my… I have grown that much?' I gasped internally as my new height finally settled in.

"Sorry girlfriend. I haven't known you that much to have noticed such a growth spurt" Cecile said shrugging her shoulders. "But it would have been interesting to know you smaller. That way I will have witnessed how much you had grown up. You are a fine young woman Eve. A very pretty cute one too" she giggled while brushing my hair. She made me blush in embarrassment.

"And what about Eve…" I said, diverting her attention. "Do you notice anything wrong with her"

"Well, it's odd that she chose baggy clothes for work. I give you that" Cecile chuckled.

"Just between you and me, Zara is on diet" I said, trying a different approach. "When she woke up this morning, she complained she had lost some of her breast's heft" I whispered.

Cecile burst in laughter, catching me by surprise. "Sorry for startling you Eve. It's that imagining at Zara smaller than an E-cup will be noticable" she laughed.

"But she is a double Es" I blurred out.

"No. She isn't" Cecile said puzzled for a moment. “I saw her padding her bra in the bathroom… and that reminds me. I got your text this morning. Hope this helps” she said, giving me a bag.

I was shocked that she gave me the bag in public, but even more by such a revelation. ‘The mighty Zara was padding her bra and I wasn’t there to see it. Life was so unfair’ I laugh maniacally inside my mind. Just then, I noticed Cecile was kind of frowning like if something wasn’t right. "Anyway… I have been considering opening an instagram account and I was wondering if you have any tricks for a newbie like me" I blurred out, trying to distract her.

"Sure thing" Cecile beamed up. "What kind of pictures are you planning to post?" She whispered in my ear as she put her arm around my shoulders. Oh boy… what I got myself into.

During lunch time, I decided to visit the cafeteria so I could have a better look at Zara without raising any suspicions. As I expected Zara was still the indisputable queen. Even with the subtle diminishing of her looks, people still paid attention to her. While her breasts weren’t as big as before, they were still bigger than the rest of the girls. “I wonder how long will she be able to keep such a high status?” I grinned feeling how the gap between the bra hooks had increased. I could feel more of the elastic band connecting them rubbing my back that I felt in the morning. For sure my bra was more than inefficient and inadequate to properly handle my larger breasts, especially after zapping out some more of Zara’s essence an hour ago.

“But I’m not only getting her boobs and good looks” I smirked, recalling my conversation with Cecile. While she instructed me the best ways to use instagram and facebook, I was surprised that some of those tips were already inside my mind. I just haven’t paid attention to them, but the more Cecile talked about them, the more I sensed I knew them, like flexing a dormant muscle I didn’t know was there. Having pieces of Zara’s knowledge could be quite useful.

Then, another thing I recalled from Cecile chat was how Zara was trying to keep the illusion she had bigger breasts. Even though it was risky, I decided to take a closer look to see how much her breasts had reduced, sio I stood up and walked toward where Zara and her coworkers were having lunch. As usual, Zara was wearing a blouse to show off her cleavage, so it wasn’t too hard to look from above as I passed by, I did my best to hide the grin on my face as it was visible the paper tissues she had stuff into their bra to cover the space between her nipples and the cups of her bra. ‘I guess tomorrow you will be putting socks in there ah?’ I laughed mentally.

Just then, I felt the creeps as if someone was staring at me with lascivious intentions. I felt like a heat vision was focused on my ass. “That’s weird. I wasn’t aware the company had such a good looking girl working on IT” I heard a male voice who must be the source of my discomfort. “I could damage my computer on purpose to see some more of that beautiful ass” he said and the rest of the guys start laughing at it. I felt my face getting red, but this time it wasn’t embarrassment, it was anger. I heard Cecile was saying something like ‘That is not nice to say Richard. That is work harassment’, but I wouldn’t let this creep deal with HR if I can do it myself.

I turned around making my hair flow with the grace of a shampoo commercial and then in a deeper, sensual voice, I said “That will be a waste of my abilities. I can do so much more than fix computers with these hands” I said making a jerking off movement. “But not sure if your equipment will be able to stand my meticulous handle for more than a minute before it blows up” I said, shrugging my shoulders while blinking an eye at him. Everybody in the table was left speechless at my counter comment. I turned around and walked away hiding my redding face. This time, definitely was embarrassment as I couldn’t believe I had flirted with a guy like that.

That was all the proof I needed to be sure I was stealing a lot more than just Zara’s beauty. Zara’s boldy and flirting personality was getting into me so it was only a matter of time before the shy Eve will be no more than a distant memory. Knowing my roommate's knowledge and skills were slowly becoming part of me made all tingling downstairs all over again. I loved it!!.

Not shortly after I returned from lunch I got a text from Zara asking for my help. “This is weird? Why didn’t she call in?… Unless she doesn’t want people to know she needs help. Interesting” I said leaving my tools in the office. I have a feeling I won’t be needing them.

Once I arrived at her office, everything was even better than I imagined. It was quite noticeable Zara was about to have a panic attack. She looked so desperate that the second her eyes noticed my presence, she bolted from her seat and grabbed me by the arm, she pulled me into the kitchen and closed the door behind us. “Eve. Please!! I need your help” she said in despair.

“Calm down Zara. What is going on?” I said being quite sure my last drain was the responsible.

“I don’t know. I was having a meeting with some clients before lunch and suddenly when I was about to score the sale, it was like if they started to talk in a foreing language I couldn’t understand. I mean, I knew what they were asking me, but at the same time, I didn’t know it. It was very confusing” Zara said alarmed. “After that, I went to lunch and forgot about it… by the way, very good way you handle Richard. I didn’t know you had it on you” she said praising me.

“I learned from the best” I grinned, being aware how literal my statement was.

“Anyway…” she said, moving her hands in desperation. “After returning to the office, I started having some serious problems. I kept making mistakes in my sales charts which didn’t know who to fix them. Then, I started to mess up phone calls as I couldn’t understand what my clients wanted anymore. I feel like I’m losing my mind” Zara said, making me chuckle at such accuracy.

Putting my most tender smile I said “Perhaps you are too stressed out”. Zara seemed to take the bait and start to panic. Finding it incredibly easy to fake concern about her wellbeing, I decided to be real nice to her. "Don't worry Zara. I think I can help you deal with such a heavy burden. Why not let me take some of that load off you" I said looking at her padded breasts. Why time had to move so slow. I could hardly wait to have some more of those babies.

“Thank you Eve. I knew I could count on you” Zara said while standing up from her chair.

“Uhm… what?” I said being caught off guard. Oh crap… I must have voiced out my pervert thoughts. Stupid, stupid. "Oh right? Yeah, I can help" she said, still face slapping me mentally.

The next 30 minutes, I played the role of the 'good friend' and helped Zara organize her work and solve her phone calls. During this time, I couldn’t avoid noticing how great Zara’s popularity was in her office as the other salesmen passed by and talked with Zara while I was doing all the work. Just then, the tingling arrived and the bubble pressure started building, it was show time.

"And I think this will be all. You can check it by yourself" I said, saving the last chart before stepping out of Zara’s chair so her friend could sit and check her fixes. Once Zara was comfortable seated under me, I put my plan in motion. "You know Zara, since you are a bit stressed, perhaps a massage could help you to relax" I said, grabbing her shoulder. Touching her felt like electricity rushing through my body and my orgasm forced me to tilt my head back as my eyes went white. As my muscles contracted, I redirected my orgasm spasms into Zara.

"Oh that feels so nice" Zara moaned as I applied more strength to her. Taking the opportunity, I let out some steam out of me disguising my moans as those were Zara's. "You're stronger than you look" Zara said. 'And when the day is over I will be even stronger thanks to you' I thought, being sure not to voice her thoughts this time. While I did hope some more of Zara's strength and muscle had flowed into me during my recent drain, I grinned visualizing what I had really gained from her. As I stared at Zara's boobs from above, I noticed her bra was again loose even with the padding. Focusing on my own chest, I felt the elastic band was tighter than before.
“That felt great don’t you think?” I sighed finishing Zara’s massage once my orgasm subsided.

“You really did a good job there” Cecile said as she was standing next to me.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out. I was so enraptured in my orgasm that I didn’t notice when she approached us. “You are really trying to give me a heart attack sneaking on me like that” I said.

Cecile only chuckled. “Perhaps you were ‘too’ concentrated, but I can definitely see it was worthy” she grinned. “... your work in the charts I meant” she said with a mischievous smile. “In fact, I’m quite impressed by your skills. Perhaps you can tell us more about those later. We have a meeting with the people from the sales office after work. Why don’t you join us?” she offered.

For a moment, I could see Zara was surprised by such an offering. I knew that there was no way she wanted more than the necessary people to know I was related to her. Because of that she told people moments ago I was fixing her computer instead of telling them I was redoing her work. She was about to protest, but Cecile raised an eyebrow like she was ready to tell people what had just happened. “Yeah. It will be nice if you join us” Zara said with the happiness of a child that was about to enter a dentist office. “But only if you want. I know you don’t like crowded places and we hang out in a popular bar so…” she said knowing I will decline after hearing that.

“Thanks Zara, but I got it covered,” I said surprising her. Normally my shyness would have not let me accept such an invitation, but after my latest orgasm I felt more confident than ever.

The meeting after work was a true blast for me as I could relate with Zara’s friends and talked to them in sales terms they were familiar with, thanks to the unwilling donation from my roommate. Of course, having my own knowledge allowed me to add some wisdom from an IT technician’s point of view. We had a few shoots and the conversation flew nicely, but while she tried her best to hide it, I knew Eve wasn’t fully comfortable. I knew her for too long, I was drawing too much attention toward me so she wasn’t truly behind the wheel guiding the conversation. Normally, she would have imposed her will by now, but she couldn’t as a great part of it belonged to me now. I felt so much in control and when the tingling arrived, I was more than eager to gain more of Zara’s outgoing personality. The only problem was that she was seated in front of me. Crap.

“Be right back guys. Cecile and I needed ro refresh a bit” Zara standing up with Cecile.

“Perfect timing girls. I need to go to” I said quickly, standing up much to Zara's annoyance.

I knew I had to wait for the perfect moment, so I walked with the girls toward the bathroom. Once inside, Cecile and Zara used the mirrors to fix their clothes and apply some make up, so I took the opportunity and locked myself in a cubicle forming a plan inside my head. Once I felt ready, I cleared my throat and asked. “Uhm... Zara. Do you have any paper tissue to spare?”

“Eve, are you serious?” Zara sighed as I heard she was looking inside her purse. “Here, it’s all I have” she said, handing me a small package under the door of the cubicle.

“Thank you. You don’t know how much this means for me” I said grabbing the package while being sure to brush her hand as I did it. I bit my lips as my orgasm hit me with inhuman strength. It was so strong that I couldn’t hold myself and exclaimed “Oh fuck! This feels so good!!” while my body convulsed and I made a mess in the bathroom. I couldn’t avoid smiling exhausted as Zara and Cecile giggled outside thinking that I was holding for too long. If they only knew...

Once I recovered my composure, I left the cubicle and walked toward the lavatory and stood next to Zara. I lowered my face and while I splashed water on it, I discreetly looked at my side and grinned at the image before me. Zara was no longer the busty alpha as Cecile’s solid DD seemed almost as big as hers. But as Zara’s loss was my gain and being facing down the lavatory let me feel the weight of my breasts. They should be around a C-cup at least. Hooray!!

Standing up, I noticed in the mirror reflection that Zara was still the tallest of the three at what I estimate to be 5’9”. Of course, her diminished height also implied I should be around 5’6”, just an inch below Cecile’s height. Another thing I noticed on my reflection was that my chest development, resulting from my latest heist, was making my shirt too tight on me. I could even see my bra seemed printed under my shirt and that wasn’t the style I wanted. I didn’t even want to see how my backside would look. The idea of showing off a stretched elastic band holding my preciouses in place was something I couldn’t allow to be seen. Time to take some action.

“Oh my… What are you doing?” Cecile was the first to talk as Zara was speechless seeing me using a small blade cutter I picked from my shirt pocket to give my shirt the V-cut it desperately needed. “You are really something Eve. Are you sure you aren’t drunk or something” she asked.

“Don’t worry Cecile. I’m just giving the girls some room to breath” I said arching my shoulders back while thrusting my chest forward. The nice cleavage my swollen bust offer was more than enough to get people focused on them than on my back. Just to be sure, I turned around and smiled realizing that my hair, which normally was just below my shoulders, it was now covering below my bra. ‘Did I got some of Zara’s hair length too. Sweet!!’ I giggled inside my head as I quickly checked on Zara and indeed while she normally had her hair length long enough to slide to the sides of her round breasts, this time, it was almost shoulder length. We had completely swapped out hair lengths and nobody had noticed it. Not even myself. Excitement filled me up and I started to wonder what other things I wasn’t ‘seeing’ were going between the two of us.

“I wouldn't get so cocky. You won’t like people comparing you breasts with mine” Zara grinned adjusting her bra. Her words would have carried more weight if it wasn’t for the fact, her breasts weren’t as big as she expected after pulling her bra’s straps and they will never be. Hahahaha!

“It’s alright Zara. Guys seem more interested in my ass than my tits” I said bending over making every single wrinkle in my pant vanish due my bulging derriere. “Perhaps if I trained and wear heels I could compete against Cecile” I said in such pure expression of sensuality that even I was taken by surprise by how confident I felt. No wonder why Zara could be so bitchy sometimes, if she feels like this all the time. Unfortunately, Zara didn’t seem to take well my comment as without meaning I had revealed what she usually does every morning. Feeling ashamed, she excused and left the bathroom early making me wonder if I took things too far.

With Zara out of the picture, I shook my doubts and focused on the present. Noticing Cecile was applying a quite bright red lipstick on her, I only turned around and said “Will you mind lending your lipstick for a second. Thanks” taking it from her without even waiting for her to reply.

“Wow girlfriend. What has gotten in you?” Cecile said quite surprised. “Whatever it’s, I like it”

“Let’s say some of Zara’s personality really sticks on me” I grinned while applying the borrowed lipstick. Soon my lips reflect the bonfire’s fire growing inside me. I was in control and I like it.

Once I left the bathroom, the way the meeting was going switched gears completely. Zara had become more quiet and wasn’t doing many comments, and as result, I took control of everything. Soon, I was chatting with men and flirting a bit as they paid extra attention to my ‘exposed’ attributes. I could feel their desire to have me, but I wasn’t feeling embarrassed by it anymore. I was certainly embracing the new persona I was becoming. I no longer felt like a quiet mouse as Zara’s latest infusion had helped me grow into a fierce predator. Of course, while my improved looks lurked their attention, it was my recently acquired social skills, the ones that keep them focused on me. It was so easy to deal with men that I wonder why I was so afraid to interact with them. As things were going, I imagined it won’t be too long before I end taking some of those guys back to the apartment and screw them. Yeah, that will show at Zara how annoying it can be trying to sleep when your roommate is screaming in pleasure.

‘What the fuck? What I’m thinking?’ I screamed inside my head as I stopped a few seconds to realize what was actually passing through my mind. “Screw guys just to show Zara a lesson. I’m not slut. Zara is and I don’t want any of that. I believe in love and my first time will be with someone special. Not just a drunk coworker that will try to have a feel of my boobs’ I said firmly.

Having done such a statement made me feel something shifting inside me, and suddenly the heat I was feeling moments ago lowered enough for me to get under control. ‘Thanks magic cookie’ I said, caressing my belly. ‘Good to know you are still within me’ I said quite glad it did.

With what should be Zara’s sexual urges being successfully contained, the meeting continued without problems. And while I was having a great time, there was someone who wasn’t.

“Let’s go home Eve. I’m tired and just want to sleep” Zara started complaining. She was quite drunk and her luck attracting boys wasn’t working. It seems I found another thing I got from her.

I stood there for a moment just assimilating how alien the situation was for me. I chuckled mentally at my roommate childist rant and while I would have loved to stay longer, a quick check on my watch told me a new draining was coming. "Alright sleepyhead. Let's go home"

During the cab trip at home, Zara fell asleep over my shoulder and I couldn’t avoid grinning how things were turning out. “Usually things are the other way around. I was always the one getting drunk and wanted to go early, while you were the one to stay until late and keep drinking. There is no doubt we are exchanging our personalities. The more I got from you, the more you turn into me" I said, caressing her shorter hair and feeling how messy and greasy it was turning.

Then, as if it was fate, ‘Je t'aime... moi non plus’ played in the radio as my tingling started. A song loaded with female moans. Perfect "Excuse me. can you up the volume for a bit?" I asked the driver and he agreed, raising the volume while I felt the pressure building on my chest.

“Oh mon amour (Oh, my love)” I started singing with a moaning voice

“L'amour physique est sans issue (Carnal love has no escape)”. I unbuttoned Zara’s blouse.

“Je vais, je vais et je viens, entre tes reins (I go, I go and come inside you)”. I lower her bra.

“Je vais et je viens, et je me retiens (I go, I go and come, and hold back)”. I saw her nipples.

“Non ! Maintenant viens ! (No, now cum!)” I whispered low while grabbing Zara’s breasts.

My orgams felt divine and I moaned to my heart's content emulating the female singer of the song while I absorbed some more of Zara. My moanings must have been more arousing than those on the song as I noticed the back mirror of the driver was all foamed. ‘Damn girl. You are turning into such a tease” I laughed feeling comfortable with my new sensuality.

Just after we arrived at our apartment building and I paid at the driver, I made another incredible discovery. At first I didn’t notice it, but after I received the change from the driver, I was able to count it perfectly…, without having my glasses on. “My eyesight has improved”

Since I only use my glasses when I need them, I haven’t realized I didn’t have a need for them during the whole day. “That explains a bit what you were having so many problems with your sheets. As my vision must have been improving, your eyesight got worse” I sighed carrying Zara into the building wishing I could have gotten more of her strength to do it well.

Once I left Zara sleeping like a baby in her bed, I went to the bathroom and admired my naked body. When I lifted my shirt, my bra came out with it. The elastic band must have torn off at some point, but that didn’t matter as I observed how perfect and big my breasts bounced and jiggled on my chest. “Welcome home girls. You are getting so big and so fast” I grinned, envisioning already me with the heavy chest Zara used to flaunt everyday.

Forcing myself to look at other parts of my body, I noticed that besides my bigger butt, and longer hair, my face had gotten even prettier than before. My lips were so kissable and my acne has faced off more. Finally, checking my abs I noticed they had gotten firmer. ‘Oh yes. Zara’s workouts are definitely being transferred to me. No pain, and great gains” I grinned

After having properly catalogued my latest changes, I went to bed and programmed my alarm to wake her up at 3am. Then, with a smile on my face, a hand on my left breast and my other inside my panties, I properly stimulated myself picturing Zara shrinking, getting flatter and more shy in front of me as I siphoned everything she has to offer to make more and more of me.

To be continued...
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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bloodhand1 wrote:Brilliant, but Eve keeps complaining about a loose bra. Perhaps it should be a tight one?

Thanks. Hope you enjoy this tale. About Eve, she unhooked her bra. So she was still wearing it, but it hang loose on her. That is why she couldn't understand the pressure in her chest, if the bra wasn't constriting it.
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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khahahaa wrote:As much as Eve gets, Zara loses. I'm looking forward to seeing how Eve will change when she's completely like Zara today.

Thanks and indeed the following days will change their relationship forever.
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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Third day - Wednesday

"Oh crap!" I said watching my clock. It was 5 am, which meant I overslept my draining hour. The pressure in my chest woke me up from my hangover. "Mental note. Stay away from alcohol until I finished stealing from Zara every piece of worth she could offer" I said standing up.

Fortunately, I wasn't the only one suffering from the effects of drinking too much. Zara was totally knocked out on her bed just where I left her. I took my time to see her well. She occupied less space in her bed now that she was shorter, but it was funny how her reduced state made her look curvier than before. 'At least her curves aren't shrinking proportionally to her body. That can help to maintain the illusion that everything is fine. Of course, a little extra help won't hurt' I chuckled while dropping into Zara's drawers the content of the bag Cecile gave me yesterday.

Once I planted the seeds of my deception, it was harvesting time. 'Oh Zara. You are still so full, so loaded with attributes and traits that I need… no, that I deserve. Give me what should belong to me' I thought holding her hand quite confident in my self control. Oh crap, I was so mistaken.

I quickly dropped Zara's hand as I felt like a large chunk of her inner core was being ripped off from just to be merged with mine. I bit my finger as my orgasm washed me over. I did my best to remain on my feet as I felt my legs tremble. I buckled a bit but finally was able to control myself from my exhilarating orgasm. Looking at Zara I couldn't notice any substantial change in her appearance, but I definitely felt a large part of what defines hers was given to me. I felt my body bursting with energy and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

"28, 29, 30!" I gasped, placing the weights on the floor as I straight up. I had just finished doing 10 reps of squat routines and I could definitely feel the burn on my ass. My legs were also on fire and I didn’t know exercising would feel so empowering. Just as it happened last night during my conversations with Zara’s friends, I knew what I needed to do without really thinking much about it. I could feel Zara's training routines and knowledge in the back of my head and I could access them quite easily. "It's just a pity I didn't get more of her muscles. Her workouts felt harder than they should be" I said feeling my sore arm, but also happy that my breasts seemed perkier. "Oh yes… I need a strong chest to carry around my growing bust. I can’t wait to steal every bit of Zara's breasts. I will look amazing filling out her EE-cup bras. Not that she could use them anymore" I laughed feeling excited as my breasts bounced and jiggled. It will take some time to get used to their new dimensions, but it wasn’t like they will stay this big for too long.

"This can be true!" I heard Zara yelling. "How many outfits did she just screw"

Looking at the clock, I gasped to see it was 8 am. “I was so caught in my training that I didn't realize how much time I spent on it. No wonder why I felt my body so sore” I said while walking toward Zara’s room. There she was only wearing only a bra and panties while looking through her clothes. "Why all the yelling so early?" I said quite bothered, more due to my body hurting than her attitude. Still, I noticed the change in her attitude as she realized I was inside the room.

"Eerr… nothing. It's just that my clothes are even looser than before. Your… I mean, 'the' mistake during the laundry has really ruined my looks" she said.

"Hey don't say that. The bra you are wearing looks fits you quite well" I pointed out.

"Yeah. I shouldn’t use it much as I can't remember it" Zara said while I mischievously smiled. Then, she looked at me quizzically and added "Are you wearing one of my training outfits?"

"Ah? Oh yes. I feel the urges to workout, so I hope you don't mind" I said smirking in my head.

For a moment I noticed Zara was ready to talk back, but she desisted to do it. "It's OK. It looks good in you" she said making me feel bad about what I was doing to her. Zara wasn't a bad person and didn't deserve what I was doing to her. "Hope it motivates you to train your lazy ass" she giggled. And with that, my hesitation faded away. "Still, what do I do about my clothes?"

"Perhaps the problem isn't your clothes but you? I mean, not all your clothes could have shrunk from one day to the other so perhaps it is the new diet you are on" I said knowing quite well Zara wasn't in any diet. She had a blessed metabolism, one I will love to gain from her.

Zara thought for a moment and nodded. "Perhaps. I do look thinner, don't I?" she said proudly

"Indeed. You look so sbelt and sexy that I bet you will even fit in my clothes" I suggested.

"Thanks for the offering, but your fashion sense isn't on par with me" Zara said.

"Do you want to try? You will be surprised" I grinned. "Besides, my clothes will end up so tight in your curvy body that curves will be enhanced quite nicely" I said, rubbing her ego.

Zara hesitated a bit, but finally agreed. I guided her to my closet and she loved my favorite outfit. She quickly grabbed it and took it away with her. I should have felt a bit sad since it was my favorite, but I didn't. Even more, I didn't feel any interest in that outfit assuring me that the fashion sense between the two of us had been completely swapped as I expected.

Taking a shower never felt so relaxing. I stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror admiring how strong my body looked after a workout. “Yes. Definitely stronger than yesterday” I said, feeling the biceps in my arms and the forming six pack in my abdomen. “Now, let’s see if Janice’s present suits me” I said, opening the package she gave yesterday morning. I giggled, feeling quite naughty to pick a bra that once held tight Janice’s round C-cup breasts.

“Let’s see if your bra fits me Janice” I said, putting the bra on and feeling how perfectly it cupped my breasts. “Good thing last morning, fearing that none of our bras would fit us, I sent a message to Janice and Cecile, asking them to lend me one of theirs. If only Zara knew the bra she is so proud wearing was an old one from when Cecile was a mere D-cup… a mere… jezz.

As I was adjusting the straps of my borrowed bra, Zara entered the bathroom. “Sorry to bother you Eve, but can I borrow some of you acne cream. I don’t know why it has broken out so badly on my face and since yours is a lot cleaner, the cream should work right?” she said.

I only chuckled and said “Sure, no problem. But don’t get too stress if it doesn’t work at first”

“Thanks. You are the best” she said, grabbing the clean from the drawer and starting applying it to her face. “By the way, I didn’t know you were so good at applying makeup” she praised me.

“I don’t…” I was about to say that, but I realized that I was already painting my eyes with her pencil. I was shocked to be moving on autopilot and discovered another piece of knowledge I took from Zara. “Thanks. I didn’t pretend to grab your things without asking…” well that was a lie. I’m taking a lot from you without asking. “... so, are you going to use it this after I finished”

“Nah, I prefered a fresh look” Zara said and I wondered if it was due a lack of knowledge.

Being quite curious about how much of my roommate confidence I had drained so far, I played nice and asked “Since you had picked one of my outfits for work, it will be fair if I pick one from yours too, perhaps one not too revealing as I wasn’t too curvaceous or tall like you”.

I noticed Zara sensed something was odd, like perhaps I wasn’t too flat or small compared to her. “If it makes you happy wearing clothes that put in evidence the child you are, be my guest” Zara said humoring me, perhaps she wanted me to look bad for running her outfits,

“Thanks” I grinned, taking possession of another part of Zara. Her vast wardrobe and her heels.

A few minutes later, Zara and I walked together into the office drawing attention to us. Having Zara at my side made me feel more bold and confident. The click of our heels, the bounce of our breasts, the swing of our asses. Males hold their breaths and women’s envy washed us over. Zara and I were in sync. I have achieved so much, and still there was more for me to take.

“Oh my… you look so alike lately” Janice greeted as quite happily as usual.

“Me, alike Eve? Better we part ways here”” Zara said a bit uncomfortable before walking away.

“Did I say something wrong?” Janice said, quite confused.

“Oh no. She is having a bad day” I giggled while realizing I was just a bit taller than Janice. Since both were wearing heels, it only meant I was officially taller than her. Also, since I was alone with her, I decided to test something. “By the way, thanks a lot for lending me your bra. I've been having these weird growth spurts lately and I ended up outgrowing my old bras before I could buy new ones” I said cupping my large breasts indicating where her loan was located.

For a moment, Janice looked like she was about to tell me something like I couldn’t be so big to fill her bra, but she shook her head and said “That is great. I’m quite happy to help”

Her answer put a smile on my face. My suspicions were corrected and Janice didn’t contradict me. Looking at my watch, I said goodbye to her as it was almost time to improve myself more.

As I walked toward the sales office, I could see in the distance at Zara and Cecile talking. When I got closer, I overheard their conversation, and I knew Zara was making mistakes again. Normally, I wouldn't interrupt and correct Zara when we were alone, but that was the old Eve.

“Well Zara. That’s obviously not the Baxter account you're referring to. It should be Terry’s '?” I stepped in before realizing I had called her Zara instead of using her last name as she asked.

“What are you doing here? You don’t have nerd stuff to deal with?” Zara said, feeling uneasy.

“Oh. I just want to ask Cecile a few tips about selfies” I said, feeling the tingling rushing into my body as well as the pressure building on my chest. “I just opened an instagram account and what better way to kick started it than by having at the sexy queens of the office in my fist pic”

“I like how you think, girl” Cecile smiled, already getting into the mood while I took out my cell.

“I don’t think it could be a good idea. We are just too sexy and will overshadow you” Zara said.

“Let me be the one to decide it” I said, getting together with Cecile. Since Zara didn’t seem interested in participating, she tried to dash out of the pic, but I got a bit reckless and hugged her tight against me, capturing the second before my orgasm hit with quite intense force.

“Oh nice. Let me see” Cecile said grabbing my cell phone giving me enough to recover.

“What the fuck Eve…” Zara protested but stopped cold as her voice didn’t sound as loud as we recalled. It was more like a whisper. “My voice… what happened to it” she said panicking.

I grinned and clearing my throat I spoke “Perhaps you caught a flu Zara. You should have stayed at home if you feel like that”. It was just after I said those words that I realized how loud my voice had become. Without really trying, people from distant corners of the office seemed to have heard me. Even I sensed some of the nasal sound Zara used to have was present on me.

“Not so loud” Zara blushed ashamed. “I’m not sick. Just leave me alone” she said walking away quite embarrassed.. Having secured more of Zara’s essence for myself seemed to have made her even more shy which was wonderful for me. She will know quite soon how I felt around her.

Standing alone with Cecile, I realized I was now taller than her only by the boost of my heels. “Before I forget. Zara won’t say a thing, but she is quite glad that you lend me one of your old bras. I told her padding her bra was wrong but she really wanted to compete against you” I said.

“Not all the girls are prepared to carry such a burden like myself” Cecile nodded while thrusting her DD-cup proud to be indeed held the title of tit queen of the company. At least for now.

Posting the selfie online, I thought it would be nice to tag at Cecile and Zara. It was then, I realized Zara hadn’t updated her profile since yesterday. That was weird, as Zara takes selfies all the time. Said that, my eyes went wide open as I hadn’t seen her taking a single selfie lately. “Could it be because her clothes don’t fit anymore… or perhaps my sudden desire for posting online came from her also” I feared wondering what other piece of her I was getting unnoticed.

Once I was in my office, something that I never imagined possible just happened. I tried to hide my amusement as I catched Josh and Ted looking more at me. It seems they finally realized I was a woman too. Wearing sexy clothes and having nice curves was all that was needed. Men.

“Boys, I was wondering. Did any of you noticed anything different in me” I asked them intrigued

They took the excuse to look at me from head to toe but both shaked their heads in negation. I knew men don’t realize when women make changes in their appearance, so perhaps a more visual aid was needed. “How about now? Don’t you think I’m taller?” I grinned standing next to Josh, who was the smallest of the two guys at 5’9”. Thanks to my heels I was looking right into his eyes. There was no way he wouldn't have acknowledged my new stature.

“Sorry Eve. You look as tall as ever” Josh said. What the hell?

“That can’t be possible. I usually stand under your chin” I said, but Ted just discarded my claims. Trying to prove something, I asked them “Well, tell me how big my breasts are?”.

“That is easy, they are a B-cup” Ted quickly replied as he was very good at guessing girl’s sizes.

So that it’s. If they notice the change, they assume it as the truth. Since I was wearing Zara’s blouse, it was not quite obvious the real size of my breasts. “If that is so? Do you want to guess again?” I grinned while flatting my blouse across my chest making evident my larger bustline.

Ted blinked a few moments like perhaps wondering why he said a C when he ‘knew’ I was a C. At that moment, I finally understood the meaning of the ‘no repercussions’ part in the cookie’s message. ‘No matter how big I grow or how flat Zara gets, nobody will realize something is wrong… except Zara. She seemed to notice something is off, but it shouldn’t be hard to influence her thoughts like I did in the morning’ I thought quite happy with my latest discovery. Then, I decided to focus on my work again as I needed to wait for lunch to feed on Zara again.

“I never imagined working in other offices could become such a blast” I said walking down the hall. “My sudden improvement was quite appreciated by every single males while the jealous looks of the girls couldn’t have felt more wonderful. Having grown 5 inches and developed 2 full breast cups was more than enough to boost my femininity above the average in the building” I thought quite excited as I felt again my breasts being sure they were still there and I wasn’t dreaming. “But of course, those were just the most notorious ones. I now possessed a longer hair that waved graciously as silk, an almost flawless skin that goes with my pretty face and sexier lips. Also, the fact I didn’t need to wear glasses anymore were more than enough reasons for people to consider me quite attractive. People acknowledging my increasing beauty, while not questioning my sudden transformation certainly made things too easy for me.

It was almost lunch time, so I was expecting the familiar tingle while I was walking toward Zara’s office to get another infusion of her essence. What I didn’t expect was the pressure bubble forming on my chest as I was still far from her. Just as an answer to my silent question, I noticed Zara walking quite fast toward me, almost as running. “You can’t wait to give more of you to me ah? Come to momma” I whispered mischievously as I opened my arms to embrace her.

Zara hugged me while sobbing “Oh Eve. What is wrong with me? I can’t do my job anymore”

“Oh yes. Let it all go Zara. Throw it all to me” I moaned happily enjoying a new orgasm as I could feel another piece of Zara’s psyche joined the others inside me making me even better. I felt Zara shrinking between my arms as we exchanged another inch of height. Then, my smile grew wider as I sensed my skirt getting tighter as my hips and ass expanded filling out more.

“Wait a moment, shouldn’t your breasts be trapped between my melons” Zara asked puzzled.

“You lend me your heels silly. I’m no longer that tiny” I said trying to influence her thoughts.

“It’s not important. I have bigger worries'' Zara said while waving her hands “I need your help Eve. I don't understand a thing of what I am doing and I can’t see well” she complained.

Understanding what was going on, I started to foresee an opening path for me to ditch Zara out of the way and finally claimed what should have been mine to start with. “You sound quite worried. Why don’t tell me what is going on while we have lunch” I said, faking being concerned.

Zara nodded and I followed, feeling taller while shaking my rear with more grace and volume.

After returning from lunch, I went with Zara into my office and lent her my glasses.

“This is great! I can see again” Zara said quite happily confirming that I had got her great eyesight and she ended as worse as mine were. “But why has my vision gotten wrong so fast?”

“Perhaps it’s the stress. That is why you need to relax some” I said trying to make her feel some of the confidence I stole from her. “These are Josh and Ted. They will help you out do my work”

“What? Do I need to do it?” Zara protested.

“I’m going to do your work and you don’t want to do mine?” I said, raising an eyebrow. Zara just sighed. “Guys. Miss Rogers isn’t feeling good and is quite stressed out, so while I try to fix the mess she did, show her the ropes around to keep her distracted” I said, feeling Zara’s leadership and alpha status being finally part of me, as Josh and Ted agreed without even asking me for any explanation. Of course, there was also the fact that Miss Knockers was in their office and their tiny brains were suffering from blood drain their evident erections caused.

“Thank you guys for this” I thanked them and went out to Zara’s office, not before messing a bit Zara’s hair more than it usually was. She protested and looked so cute when she got ashamed.

I played my role of the good caring friend and during the whole afternoon, I did a tremendous job working with Zara clients and appointments. I did such a terrific job that the sales guys wanted to celebrate, but I imagined they would get closer to the new sexy girl of the office. I politely decline their invitation arguing that I will be out of place without Zara and what was more important is that I need to keep her close by… to drain her of course. I wasn’t going to risk losing a chance to absorb more from her. Once the magic is gone I will party all time.

Back into my office, I could see Zara had still some beauty and power on her. The tech guys were nice to her and I grinned wondering how things will turn around once I have seized more of her good looks. Then, as a cue, I felt the tingling and pressure building. “Let’s find it out” I said.

“Ready to leave” I said approaching Zara ready to strike her as a cobra.

“Of course. I just want this day to end” Zara said, rushing toward me. I hugged tight and took my fix like a junkie. I suppress my moans of pleasures as I not only felt Zara’s breasts being pressed against mine, but also how they were deflating in size while mine were overflowing Janice’s bra. When we left the office, I felt like a million dollar and while Zara and I shared the same height, I knew for how my bra digged into my shoulders that I was finally bustier than her.

“What about having an ice cream. My treat” I suggested wanting to give something back after Zara's unwilling generosity with me. “I know a good place around this corner” I said, turning around. I was so excited that I didn’t notice a person bouncing against my breasts. “Ouch!”

“Watch out Eve. You knocked out a little girl” Zara said rushing to help the girl. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. I’m fine, but I’m not a little girl” said a young woman that couldn’t be taller than 5 feet.

“Eleanor?! What are you doing here?” I said quite happily to bump into one of my closest friends. “I’m so sorry about that. It’s the first time it happens and I never thought I would experience something like that” I laughed, extending my hand to raise my friend. With a single pull I was able to put her back in her two feet. “There you go. Hope nothing has broken. The girls here like their personal space” I said thrusting my chest out while cupping my large bosom.

“WOW. You are strong” Eleanor said while adjusting her glasses. “How do you know my name?”

‘Oh crap! Since she hasn’t been aware of my previous changes, she can’t recognize me’ I thought. “Hahahaha, you are so funny Elanor. It’s me, Eve. I know I had some late growth spurts, but it’s not that I’m a different person” I laughed a bit nervously. “And you recall my roommate Zara. She is on diet, so perhaps you haven’t recognized her either” I said trying to influence Eleanor and Zara minds with the reason for our differences. I just hoped it would work.

“Oh Eve! You look quite good” Eleanor praised me. Phew! I dodged the bullet.

“Thanks Eleanor. I’m finally blooming into a woman. It took longer than I expected, but I’m not complained” I grinned, enjoying the envy in Eleanor’s eyes as she was devouring every inch of my improved curves. While I had always been taller than her, she always liked to rub on me that she was the bustiest of the two as she filled nicely a B-cup bra. Now, I was sporting an overflowed C-cup bra visible through my blouse, while my ass had filled out nicely my skirt. My worked out legs looked quite shapely and sexy under my fertile hips along with my small waist. Well, the waist was all mine as I was quite petite. Good thing I kept it while the rest of my lower body swelled erotically. “As you can see, I’m a whole new woman” I said, clicking my heels.

While it was fun to finally rub back my development on her, I didn’t want to keep doing it. After all, we both were nerd girls, but she was even more as she was dressed in a wizard costume of a popular book series. “Judging by your clothes, today came out the newest book right?” I said slapping my face realizing that I was so focused on stealing from Zara that I had totally forgotten about it. In fact, Eleanor and I agreed to meet after work, so we could get the book together.

“Yes, and now that we go and buy it together” Eleanor said quite excitedly. Funny thing, I wasn’t.

I closed my eyes and tried to see what the problem was. I knew I had been waiting for that book for at least 3 months. We have been planning to go shopping all last week. So why I don’t feel any ounce of excitement in my being. The more I think about the series, the more I realized how boring it sounded. It’s just fantasy and magic, no romance, no drama, no sex. ‘Oh fuck! Zara’s preferences got into my head!’ I thought, realizing she never liked the series to start with.

“I’m sorry Eleanor, but today wasn’t a good day. Zara can be my witness” I said starting to apologize. “But I got an idea, why you don’t take Zara with you. I have a feeling she will like it”

“Say what?” Zara said, quite offended.

“I won’t fail my best friend just because I spent all afternoon doing your work. So be a good partner and take this for the team. I will order pizza for your return” I whispered in Zara’s ear.

“That's blackmail!” Zara shouted back, but I could see already the doubt on her face.

“Sue me!” I grinned, finishing whispering. “Well, it’s all set. Zara will go with you Eleanor” I said pushing at Zara next to my friend. “Thinking about it better,” I said holding Zara from her arm. “Why don't you take a picture of us? I would love to post our encounter online” I said to Zara.

“Are you serious?” she said like she was about to lose her marbles. It was glorious. If something Zara didn’t like was to be boss around. Well, I have a lot of steam to blow up, so be ready.

“Of course I’m. Otherwise, don’t even bother me tomorrow if you have problems” I warned her.

Zara got paled and quickly grabbed the camera. Oh yes. My dominance has been established. I got Zara just where I wanted her. She just needed to obey the alpha. “OK Eleanor, say boobs!” I said pressing my breasts against my friend’s made her blushed in embarrassment. Pure gold.

“Uhm… Eve…” Eleanor said once the red color of her cheeks lower a bit. “Will you be able to see the movie we agree to see tomorrow night, right?” she said adjusting her glasses again.

“Sorry girl. I will be a bit busy” I lied as I quickly realized I wasn’t interested in seeing it anymore too. “But Zara told me she would like to see it. I bet the two of you can have a good time. Something tells me you have more things in common that you realized” I grinned.

“OK then. See ya later” Eleanor said.

I waited for a moment as I saw Eleanor talking with Zara and for a moment, I noticed her face light up. “Oh yes. Those two will become best friends” I said, feeling a bit sad to see Eleanor go. We had shared so much in the past, but I was a different woman and she won’t be coming back.

The first thing I did once I arrived at the apartment was go to the bathroom to see how much I had changed. “Oh my… no wonder why Eleanor didn’t recognize me. I look so fucking hot!” I said standing in front of the mirror to admire my athletic body. I removed my blouse and quickly flexed my arms noticing my biceps were more defined. Even my larger breasts seemed perkier than ever. “No wonder why I lifted Eleanor so easily. These guns aren’t just for show. I feel so strong” I grinned while flexing and kissing my muscles. “And I’m going to get even stronger”.

While I was worshipping my muscles, I noticed my lips had swollen up much bigger. My kisses felt incredibly big and moist. Any man will be lucky to receive one of those. But, as well big my lips had gotten, they were not a match for my ass. “Oh my…. Seeing my arse eating my underwear is so sexy” I said after pulling down my skirt and see how my panties were almost lost between my larger buttcheeks. “And these hips! They look so wide and femenine” I said posing in front of the mirror. “I can’t even imagine how jealous Elanor must have felt to see me with a body as voluptuous as this. I almost feel like a stripper or something” I laughed.

Then, the moment I had waited all afternoon finally arrived. Gulping hard, I lowered down the straps that were digging on my shoulder before I put my arms on my back to unhook the tight bra around my torso. As it was a slingshot, the bra was propelled out and hit the mirror in front of me as my big and round breasts wobbled and bounced free from the constricted garment. “Oh my... they had grown so much” I said trying to cup my breasts with my hands. “I can’t believe it. They are more than a handful!” I said as I grabbed then and felt their great size being squeezed between my fingers. I quickly realized I was gradually becoming more obsessed about my body, but I didn’t care. “This is how Zara must have felt everytime she looked in the mirror. No wonder why she always takes pictures of herself” I said taking my first naked selfie.

“I’m getting such a great body and everybody accepts it as it was normal. Even after suggesting to Eleanor about my late growth spurt, she didn’t mention anything else, but the look of jealousy on her face was exquisite” I said, licking my lips aroused and before I knew it, my hand had found its way into my panties. “Oh fuck! Have I always been this sensitive before” I moaned aloud as I started to please myself. “Mmm.. This feels so good. But I know how it will feel better”

Moments later I was on Zara’s bedroom screaming of pleasure after having ram her biggest dildo into my sex. And while my orgasm has been quite intense it wasn’t as fulfilling as the orgasm I had while draining Zar. “Oh fuck!! Why isn't this enough?” I cried frustrated.

Just then, the doorbell rang. “Oh crap! Zara” I said jumping from her and quickly fixing it. Then, when the bell ran again, I just grabbed a red translucent nightie, I found it on her chair to cover my nudity. “What the hell Zara? Did you lose your keys?” I said opening the door.

“Here are the two large pepperoni pizzas with extra cheese you ordered” a young man dressed as a delivery pizza man said while looking down at the order. “The order was supposed to arrive in 30 minutes, but my shift was over, so if you have…. Holy shit!!” he said, finally raising his face to see me only wearing a nightie and had nothing under it. “I’m so sorry madam. Here are your pizzas. They are on me” he said, handling my pizzas completely embarrassed.

Sensing his submissive nature made something inside me to just click. “You said that this order was supposed to arrive in 30 minutes right?” I said, feeling my nipples already getting harder.

“Yes madam. A woman named Zara made the order. She wanted the pizzas when she arrived”

“And you said your shift was over, right?” I said licking my lips while feeling my sex getting wet.

“Yes madam, but why are you interested in that?” he wondered.

“Because nobody will missed you if I fuck your brains out right now. I just hope you can deliver in less than 30 minutes” I teased him, noticing the hardening of the bulge in his pants. “So don’t waste time and put your salami into my oven” I said, grabbing him by the balls to pull him inside.

All I will say is that while he was definitely a virgin, his eagerness and enthusiasm were definitely quite appreciated. His strong hands over my large breasts, his manhood completely inside my sex, his lips kissing every inch of my sexy body. I lost count of how many orgasms he gave me in less than 30 minutes. Funny, I never imagine losing my virginity to a pizza guy.

By the time Zara arrived, the pizza guy had already left with a severe case of dehydration but with a generous tip for his extra curricular services. As for me, I couldn’t stop smiling. I never imagined sex will feel so right and good. Now, I could understand why Zara wanted to get banged all the time, and thanks to the sexy body I’m getting from her, I will be just doing that.

“So, how was your date with Eleanor?” I asked Zara while heating up the pizzas.

“It was... alright?” she said faking not being interested.

“What a pity. Well, I guess there is no point not to tell you who the villain of the new novel is”

“Shut up!” Zara said. “Do not dare to spoil it for me!” she said

I was taken back by her enthusiasm. “So, Eleanor really got into you, didn’t she?”

“Well, I don’t want to admit it, but we discovered we had a lot in common. I just find it strange I used to dislike things like that, but she made them sound so interesting that I got caught on it” Zara said as she walked into her bedroom. A few minutes later, she said “Weird? I could swear I was wearing my red one in the morning” she said, making me choke in embarrassment.

There was no doubt she will be quite mad to discover the state her nightie ended after having wild passionate sex with the delivery guy. “I just tossed it on the washing machine… which reminds me. Put your bra on. It will be the best to get it clean if you can’t find other” I said.

Zara came out of her bedroom wearing the blue translucent nightie I left for her. I was waiting for her seated on the sofa wearing one of her pajamas. My clothes didn’t fit me anymore.

“So, what are we going to see?” Zara said, grabbing a piece of pizza.

“Well, what about if we started seeing the movies of the universe you are so interested in” I said not really interested, but if I can let Zara become friends with Eleanor, that will be good for them.

“Alright. Let’s hit it” she said while sitting next to me.

As the movie was progressing, the tingling and pressure bubble hit me at once due Zara proximity. It will be too easy to just grab her and enjoy my orgasm, but fate was on my side and without nowhere, Zara decided to rest her head over my breasts. “Uhm… this is nice!”

“You tell me about it!” I said trying to control my louder voice as a new orgasm washed me over.

To be continued...
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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Fourth day - Thursday

“Uhmmm. Exercising in the morning makes me feel so good” I moaned while scrubbing my sore muscles with soap. Even though I had done more reps than yesterday, I felt incredibly energized instead of the opposite. “Who could have imagined building muscles could be so easy?” I grinned, sensing the hardening muscles under my skin. “Gaining Zara’s athletic condition feels so wicked. All her hard work and years of training will soon be all mine making me stronger but without sweating at all” I laughed particularly evilily while soaping my hardening abs.

“And certainly more muscles can be quite handy to support these” I said cupping my large breasts as the water washed them over. After having drained at Zara during the night, I felt quite confident to fill Cecile bra perfectly. “It won’t be nice if you two are already a double D?” I said cuddling my breasts. “Oh yes” I bit my lips enjoying how sensitive they were becoming.

Once I finished my shower, I stood naked in front of the mirror in my room and watched pleased that my body was definitely more firm and athletic than the previous day. “You are looking good Eve. You must be visiting the gym regularly” I casually said to my reflection. “Who me? Nah. I haven’t stepped in a gym in my life, still my muscles only get bigger and harder without even trying” my mirror image replied to me while she flexed her arms and thrust out her chest.

After goofing in front of the mirror for a while, I decided it was time to see how big my bust has become. With trembling eyes, I picked Cecile’s bra, freshly washed after Zara wore it yesterday, and tried it on me. “Oh. I was so close” I booed as the bra was a bit loose. “Well, definitely in a D range” I shrugged knowing quite well, that there was still more growth to pick from Zara. “I bet I will outgrow this bra by the end of the day” I grinned while grabbing one of my panties.

“Baby, you are putting too much junk in your yard” I said, fighting to get my panties through my thick hips and bulging ass. When I finally did it, I gasped in surprise. The moment I let the garment go, my buttchecks swallow the material of my panties. It looked like I was wearing a thong. “Oh my… what a delicious cake I got… and it’s still in the oven” I laughed imagining me asking for Cecile's panties too. She was way bigger than Zara, but a girl can dream right?

Just as I was seeing my reflection in the mirror, I caught in the corner of my eye the silhouette of something that brought me a lot of pleasure last night. “Thanks to you I overslept my draining time, but it was worth it” I said, licking my lips as I grabbed in my hands the dildo I stole from Zara’s room. “Who would have imagined I would lose my virginity to a delivery man, but man, he had such strong hands. I bet he stretched all those pizza doughts, because he grabbed and shaped me to his heart content” I moaned slowly, sliding my fingers inside my panties to pet my sex and feel how wet I was becoming. “Perhaps tonight, I will ask for pizza again” I said biting my lips as my free hand twitched my nipple under my bra. “Oh yes. A big thick salame one”

With my underwear properly in place, I decided to visit Zara’s bedroom again. I did it in the morning to pick some of her sport clothes, but now, I need work clothes. Zara’s work clothes.

When I approached her room, I saw her standing in front of her bed with several outfits spread over her bed. I grinned as she was wearing Janice’s bra which fit her just fine, which meant the busty Zara had been reduced to just a C-cup just as I expected. Good thing I slipped it in her drawer before picking her gym clothes to exercise the muscles she was unwillingly giving to me.

“What is wrong with my wardrobe? It’s not possible my clothes fit me even worse. They are becoming too big for me. It’s not that I’m shrinking” she sighed desperately making me chuckle.

“Perhaps you do. You seem a bit small this morning” I said while resting comfortably against the doorframe of her bedroom. “Are you drinking enough milk? I have been doing it lately and as you can see, milk does good” I grinned emphasizing how swollen the girth of my chest was.

The moment Zara’s pupils dilated while her eyes got way more open than I thought could be possible, I knew I had screwed it up. She looked up at me, even though it was only an inch of difference, the fact her pupils had to go up wasn’t lost on her. Seeing at once 5’2” tall Eve being imposing taller than her made her snapped. She looked at my breasts and then at her and she simply lost it. “YOU!! You did this to me. That’s why you wanted my clothes. You are stealing my body… and my job too. Oh my… I need to call the police” she said, rushing to her phone.

“And what are you doing to tell them ah? That my roommate is trying to steal your life? Who is going to believe that? If you want to know the truth, yes, I’m doing it... and you know what... it feels incredible. Every piece you lose of yourself, I gain it. Every inch of your height, of your curves, of your muscles are being given to me. Even your knowledge is being slowly transferred to me. Just look how sexy and smart I’m becoming while you become the shy flat petite woman I was once. Soon, I will have the life I deserve, but it must suck that I take it away from you”

Those would have been the words I would have said to her, but I was smart enough not to say those. Even though I will love to see the horror in her face as I rubbed in her face all the stolen development I obtained from her, there was still more in her for me to take. As reassurance, I felt the pressure bubble forming again inside me. Taking a deep breath to concentrate, I knew my priority was to get Zara to calm down. I couldn’t risk jeopardizing my revenge being so close.

“Zara, please. Don’t be silly. Everything is fine” I said using my best ‘saleswoman’ voice. One that Zara had used many times in the past to convince her clients to buy from her, but now it resides deep in my throat ready to be used under my command. “If you see me this tall and curvy it is because I’m a late bloomer. All the milk I have been drinking must have triggered some dormant growth spurts I still have in me. Nothing out of the ordinary” I said quite seriously.

“For the other part, we have talked about who your latest diets have messed up your body. That is why your clothes don't fit you. Besides, if you had shrunk, people would have noticed it, right? But nobody in the office has told you anything, right?” I said, sounding very convincing. I got chills as I could see Zara accepting the reality I was explaining to her. Perhaps having taken so much of her confidence has made her susceptible to suggestions. What a terrific discovery.

“Yeah. You are right. Sorry for having lost my temper” Zara said, not knowing how ironic things were. Having forced Zara to taste her own medicine felt so empowering. She was all mine.

“It’s alright. Come give me a hug” I smiled at her having forgotten completely about the pressure in my chest. As soon as we embraced each other, I bit my lips and hugged her tight against me doing my best to control the spasms caused by powerful orgasm. Fortunately Zara didn’t seem to mind my strong hug as I fed my eager and hungry body another dose of her delicious essence. Having Zara slipping down my arms as she shrunk while feeling my breasts a bit more fuller was definitely becoming one of the best experiences I had in my life. ‘I may be becoming addicted to it, so why not enjoy it to the max while I still can’ I thought, moaning softly.

When we broke the hug, I stepped back and Zara’s eyes seemed hard to believe that she was seeing. I could imagine the thought in her head as I stood at an imposing 5’9” height while she stood no taller than 5’6”. This time, she did have to lift her head a bit to see me in the eyes. Her confused expression was truly sweet and I wanted to gobble it, but I wouldn’t risk the long goal.

“Now, what about if you go to my closet and pick any cloth you want to wear for today while I prepare for both of us a very nice breakfast. I will be sure to serve you extra milk” I smiled.

“Thanks Eve. You are a good friend” Zara sighed as she walked out of her room. For a moment I felt a stab of guilt in my heart telling me what I was doing was wrong. I was taking something that wasn’t mine and running my roommate’s life. But like I said, I felt it only for a moment.

Once I was sure Zara got inside my bedroom closing the door behind her, I did the same with hers just to burst into laughter without fear my roommate would hear me. “Oh my… It feels so good to have finally and completely dominated at the once mighty Zara” I said completely in extasis. I was overjoyed at how good everything turned out. Having used her own talents against her felt like poetic justice and I couldn’t feel more satisfied with what I was becoming.

“Now, let’s see what outfits Zara didn’t want to wear this morning” I said looking at the clothes spread over her bed. “She won’t mind if I wear something she discarded” I grinned already picturing how her outfits will look on me. Then, recalling the pictures I took of myself exercising in Zara’s sport clothes, I decided to post them online under the hashtags of #betterlife #sexyme.

After Zara and I had breakfast together, something very amusing happened. For the first time since I could recall, we had a genuine moment together. No snarky comments, nothing. We just sat there as two adult women discussing the movie we saw last night. I still had a lot of info about that universe stuck in my head and while I didn’t find it interesting anymore, seeing Zara so eagerly to know more about it really made me happy to have something to share with her.

Unfortunately, our bonding time made us forget about the time, so Zara quickly went up and said “I think it will be best if I go to the office first. After all, if I’m going to work as a tech today too, I will need to be early. Sorry to leave the dishes to you” she said feeling bad.

“It’s ok. Really” I smiled feeling quite happy in Zara’s attitude change. “I appreciate you covering my shift early so I won’t get a bad record” I said, handing her my ID batch. “I promise to make a lot of sales today and make you proud” I smiled at her before she left the apartment. Once she left, I chuckled saying “Of course I’m going to make a lot of sales. Just wait Zara. I will prove to everyone that I’m a better saleswoman than you. I will make you not only forgive you but I will have them beg me to get your job” I laughed maniacally picking up the dishes to wash.

When I arrived at the office dressed in Zara’s clothes, I definitely couldn’t go unnoticed. I had chosen a pair of high heels that boosted my height to an impressive 6 feet mark towering over most people. But if my height wasn’t enough to turn men’s heads, my leather skirt squeezing delightfully my prominent ass and wide hips. If they weren’t into butts, my satin blouse was quite tight over my ample boobs. Good thing I decided to tinker it a bit to highlight the size of my bust.

And while my clothes were perfectly to show off the nice curves my growing body was developing, my beauty wasn’t a step behind. Wearing my makeup in such a flawless way made even girls jealous of my presence. Feeling so much desire and envy was making me feel my chest wasn’t big enough to contain all the confidence that was trying to burst free. I never felt so much in control of my life. Thanks Zara for this wonderful feeling. It’s quite intoxicating.

“Hello Eve. You looked so good today” Janice said blushing a bit as those words left her mouth.

I did my best to hide my smile as the envy in Janice’s eyes was so palpable that she could have cut it with a knife. I knew quite well such a stare as that was how I used to look up at Zara, but not anymore. Thinking about looking up, part of my grin slid into my lips as I noticed I was looking down at Janice. Since she and Zara share the same height now, I couldn’t avoid picturing Zara’s face as she had to look up to me. Such memories bring me so much pleasure.

Just to think that only two days ago, I was the one being envious of Janice’s sexiness, but now our roles were reversed. I had become taller, curvier and much sexier than Janice, still, there was no reason to be mean to her. “Thank you Janice. You look great yourself too. We need to get out and have lunch one of these days. I will love to steal some of your secrets” I flirted using my best business tactics. Janice just blushed deeply and nodded. Oh my… what a rush.

Once I sat on Zara’s desk, I knew I had to keep my word and work my ass off. I started by reviewing all her pending appointments. “These will take most of the morning” I sighed as Zara’s absence piled quite a load. “I better schedule a meeting with Zara. I wouldn’t like to lose a minute to drain her” I said typing an email to her to come to my office at noon as I have work for her. After sending the email, I started to call Zara’s clients and get them appointments for later.

It took me almost three hours, but I finally got through Zara's pending list. I just rested my back on the chair as I exhaled quite tiredly. Just then, the phone rang. Crap. Signing, I took a deep breath and putting my best smile I answered “Sales office. What can I do for you”
“That was quite an impressive display of strong will, Eve” Jasmine said from the other side of the line. I turned around and saw her waving at me from her desk. “I don’t ever recall Zara handling that many clients in a single morning. I even hear how you secured some sales without having to show the clients the goods directly. Very nice work” she said with a thumbs up.

I smiled at her before replying “It was quite exhausting, but I like challenges. Just wait for the afternoon. If there is a sales record per day, I promise to break it”.

Cecile’s surprised eyes and shocked face by hearing my words, amused me. “I know you well enough to know you backup your promises with results no matter how hard they are” she said.

Nodding my head, I looked down at the clock in the phone, I realized it was time for another infusion. “Anyway, there is a maintenance routine I need to run with Zara, so after returning, I was hoping you could help figure out a few issues with the system” I said.

“Sure. There is no problem. Feel free to ask me anything you need to do. It’s great you help Zara that much. How I wish I could have you as a roommate” she said hanging down the phone.

“And I wish I could have your big ass filling Zara’s skirt, but perhaps another day” I chuckled.

As time passed, I started to get worried since Zara wasn’t coming to see me. I knew our meeting was just an excuse to drain her, but I feared something could have gone wrong in the IT office, so I decided to go and see her. To my surprise, I didn’t have to walk too much as I noticed Zara in the kitchen wearing my glasses and my plain and boring clothes..

“So here you are!” I shouted, making Zara jump scared. “I got worried that something would happen to you since you didn’t show up for our meeting. Imagine my surprise to see you here being lazy while serving teas. Even after all I did for you” I said quite angrily.

“No, no. They guys ask me to serve them some tea, but I’m struggling to lift the trays” Zara said.

I took a quick look at her and she certainly looked like having a hard time keeping her balance. My presence didn’t help her anxiety either as I imagined she felt weak and intimidated by how tall and strong I looked compared to her. The fear in her eyes was intoxicating and I felt such an erogenous rush inside my body, as Zara had never looked at me in such a way. I would have loved to rub in her face how much better I was than her, but recalling my morning mistake, I knew it would be best not to push her too much or she could snap. I knew there was more in her to harvest, so I better play nice. Still, Zara needed a lesson to show her who was in charge.

“Alright. Let me first take this for you” I said, taking the tray from her hands and handling it with such ease, just to show her how strong I have become. I feel so powerful that I even unconsciously flexed my arms just to show Zara the nice bulge of my bicep stretching fabric of her blouse’s sleeve. “I will leave the tray here and I promise to help you take it to your… to the IT office after we finish a job” I said, placing the tray aside. “Just walk with me to the servers room. There is something I need you to see” I said and Zara nodded before following me.

Once we were in the server’s room, I told Zara to give me my ID to open the door. She stepped inside the room full of servers. The place was dark and low lighted due to the heat the servers produce. “I need you to run a diagnosis on that server. I will teach you how” I said pointing out a server past the corner. The truth was that such a diagnosis wasn’t needed, but said the server was located in a blind spot from the security cameras so I could have my orgasm without being spotted. Unfortunately my beautiful crafter plan came into ruin as Zara grabbed my arm and said “I don’t like this place. It’s too dark and scary” she said just as my pressure bubble formed.

Feeling my orgasm building, without thinking about my actions, I pushed Zara inside and locked her in. “Open up Eve please! I’m scared” she yelled from behind the door as I rested on it.

Hearing Zara so scared was giving quite a power rush, that I grabbed my breasts and rubbed together as my legs buckled. Knowing Zara won’t hear me due the buzzing sounds of the servers, I moaned and panted quite loud enjoying a very intense orgasm. Once it was over, I felt so weak, that I just slid down from the door and fell on the floor over my cushioned butt. “Orgasms like this are the best” I moaned, feeling a warm tingling spreading over my skin. “Fortunately, the corredor camera server was on maintenance” I said, looking at both sides of the hall to be sure nobody was around and could have seen me in such a vulnerable situation.

Once I finished enjoying my orgasm, I blushed, noticing my mangled blouse and how lustful my popped out cleavage looked like. “I bet I could get any man to make a mess in his pants by exposing them to the image of my huge breasts being barely contained in this bra. I truly wet dream for sure” I laughed fixing my blouse, fastenned my bra and tried my best to look decent.

Recalling my roommate, I quickly unlocked the door just to see a very confused and sobbing Zara walking out. “What was that? Why did you lock me there” she said cleaning her tears.

‘Fuck. She is just so cute. I can’t be mad at her’ I thought looking sympathetically at Zara. “Somehow I tripped and I ended up pushing you inside. The door got stuck after that. I’m so sorry” I said hugging her. Having her head resting over my bosom as she continued sobbing felt so good and sad at the same time. ‘Oh Zara. You remind me so much of the old me’ I grinned.

“Tell you what, as an apology, I invite you to lunch” I said. “Let’s do this server maintenance another day. Right now, I don’t want to see more tears, ok?” I said, removing my glasses from her face as I cleaned some of her tears. Oh fuck, she looked so vulnerable. Well played Zara.

Just then, Zara got a call from the IT guys wondering where she was. “Yes. I’m with Eve at the server room. I will get the drinks in a moment” Zara said before hanging down. Then, looking up to me she said “I will love to have lunch with you. Will you help with the teas?” she asked.

“A promise is a promise and I will never break it” I smiled at her as we rushed into the kitchen.

I carried the tray all the way back to the IT office and it was only at the office door that Zara insisted that she should carry the tray alone. I nodded to her and handed the tray to her. She did have problems with it, but it would be better if she was getting used to it. ‘It’s not like she was going to get stronger any time soon’ I smiled as I started to walk back to the sales office.

On my way there, a male coworker walked in my opposite direction. As he approached, I could feel his eyes over me, especially on the bounce of my breasts with every step I did with my heels. Just to put a show on him, I step a bit more strong resulting in an extra bounce on my chest. I grinned seeing his eyes following the hyponic jiggling of my boobs. When we were closed, he smiled at me and blushing said “That tan really suits you Eve. You look quite exotic”.

“Thanks” I forced a smile at him as it wasn’t the best compliment since my skin was very pale. But as he passed by, I caught my reflection in one of the office windows. I gasped as Zara’s striking skin color belonged to me now, which meant that Zara must have a creamy skin now. “Funny, how neither of us noticed the change in our skin color” I said looking pleased at my arms and hands. My legs looked fabulous too and the extra muscle gave them quite a shape.

Lunch time was quite an experience. I would have invited Janice, but I knew Zara and I needed some private time. As I expected, she now had pale skin but didn’t seem to realize that there was something wrong with it, or that I displayed the nice tanned skin she loved to presume. Another thing I noticed is that Zara’s hair looked messy and fuzzy, just my hair used to be, and while she still had larger breasts than my original ones, her once mighty derriere was a forgotten memory. Just to highlight my successful theft, I just twisted my buttcheeks in the chair feeling the great padding my roommate had unawarely provided for me. Soon, all of her will be mine.

As Zara told me some of her achievements in the IT office, I decided to congratulate her for them. If something Zara’s hadn’t changed is that she liked to be praised. Using my sales skills, I started subtly to manipulate her into devoting herself to the IT job. I was surprised at how easily I was achieving my goal as Zara accepted all my suggestions without questioning. Perhaps during my last drain, I took a large portion of her remaining confidence, and while I didn’t feel any significant change, I could say Zara looked more shy and timid than she was in the earlier.

Back from lunch, I talked with Cecile to help me figure out a few things I need to know about the sales system and how to order and process orders. Being an IT girl, and quite smart on top of it, really makes it easy for me to understand Cecile’s explanations. In no time I had the system up and running like if I had been doing sales for a long time. Zara won’t know what hit her.

“Very good Eve. You really catched up with things quite fast” Cecile said standing on my left while I was on Zara’s chair. “And if you press the icon in the upper right of the screen...” she said passing her arm in front of my face “... you will log off from the system. Piece a cake” she said.

‘That is quite a piece but not of your cake’ I thought, having the hanging breasts of Cecile at inches from my face. I started to blush and felt a bit perver as I secretly enjoyed that both of us were wearing the same size bra. After my encounter with Zara, I was finally able to properly fill it. I grinned proudly knowing I owned a wonderful set of DD-cup breasts, but my eyes were still in the mother load. For tomorrow, Zara’s legendary EEs will hang out proudly on my chest.

Just as I was about to ask Cecile a few more questions, I gasped as I felt the pressure forming on my chest. I had been so full into learning my new job that if it wasn’t for the tingling, I would have forgotten about Zara. “Thanks for everything Cecile. If you don’t mind, I would like to see how Zara is doing” I said standing up. With more of her beauty being zapped out of her, I was sure things will only get more complicated for Zara. If she was serving drinks already, it would be a matter of time before Josh and Ted treated her like a secretary, or even worse, a maid.

I went into the IT office, and noticed Zara had indeed lost her edge in the office as her beauty was fading. She was answering phone calls Ted and Josh were transferring to her and hurrying her to take them. “Well, what is going on here? Didn’t I ask you guys to help Zara” I said.

As soon as I stepped in and my voice was heard, Josh and Ted moved like rats after being caught with the light on. They quickly returned the calls and answered them on their own. Having them busy with their own work, I approached Zara who appreciated that I was there. “Thanks Eve. I thought for a moment I wouldn't be able to handle so many calls” Zara said.

“Don’t thank me Zara. You have been most generous to me...” I said. ‘... even if you don’t know about it’ I thought, placing my hand on her shoulder to trigger my orgasm. I bit my lips and hid my spasm the best I could by standing behind Zara. By keeping my hand on her shoulder I could almost feel how more of her growth and body potential was being absorbed by me.

Feeling how my level of beauty and even knowledge had been increased, I put my hands on her tight waist to show a lustful image of my attractive body Josh and Ted won’t be able to ignore. Guys like them were pudding in the hands of a beautiful woman, and now that such power was running through my veins, I won’t mind using it to my own benefit. “I thought I was quite clear when I instructed you to help Zara, and not give it a hard time. She is my ‘protegee’ and should be treated no less than you treat me. Are we clear on that?” I said quite seriously and the guys nodded. After all, I needed Zara to be happy and away from the sales office for my plan to work

Being sure that Zara was alright and the guys will keep her properly motivated, I returned to the sales office where I could see my first clients waiting for me. Time to put my plan in motion

By the end of the day, things couldn’t have gone better for me. Thanks to my new enhanced exotic beauty, along with my swollen breasts and ass, I was totally irresistible to men. Soon I learned where the extra confidence I took from Zara went as I found myself flirting with the clients in such a natural way that made me a bit frightened of what I had become. Adding my intelligence to the cocktail of attributes provided by Zara helped me secure several contracts in one day, gaining the jealousy of my coworkers which was all I wanted. After all, the more I called all the attention and scored big sales, the less people would notice Zara's absence.

“I can’t believe it, girl. I knew if someone would do it, it had to be you. Congratulations” Cecile said, happily hugging me as I had kept my promise and broke the record of sales in one day. Since I was now taller than her, I felt her breasts push mine from below. The rubbing of our massive busts together felt so good, that I eagerly hugged her to enjoy this feeling a bit more.

“Thank you Cecile. I wouldn’t have done it without you” I said while looking down at her eyes. I should have ended staring at her a bit more than I was supposed to as I started to feel a warmth inside me. Cecile must have felt it too as she was starting to blush as she discreetly bit her lips. Oh my… why do I feel the urge to kiss those lips? Zara doesn’t like girls, right? Right???

“You two, get a room already” Richard yelled, breaking the awkward moment we got stuck into.

“What’s the matter big boy?” I said recovering my seductress mode and looking at Richard with desire in my eyes. “Are you jealous to have some competition for my affection?” I said

Richard almost spilled his coffee at my lewd comment. “I’m not jealous, but if action is what you need, I’m more than enough man for the job” he said, blasting his million dollar salesman smile. “If you need a test drive, what about we have a date tonight?. I will light you up” he grinned.

Certainly I was aware how my increased sexiness had affected the guys in the office. It’s not that they were discret when they checked me out. Still, such behavior will be a problem if not dealt with properly, so I was ready to make an example of Richard and deflate his ego.

“Oh, if that is so? Well, you could have asked me out when I worked on your laptop last week, but you didn't. Sadly, that was your loss, not mine" I said, giving a little spin to show Richard all the goods he won’t get his hands on, and with that, all the men start mocking him badly.

“Wow girl you are on fire” Cecile said nervously avoiding eye contact with me. Certainly she hasn’t forgotten what we felt a moment ago and my act must have pumped her up even more.

“He was a jerk and he deserved it. Well, it’s almost exit time, so I better go and check on Zara”

“Say hi to her from me and tell her that we missed her, but she can take all the time she needs to recover as long as you cover her up” Cecile joked but I was sure part of it was true. Perfect.

Back at home things between Zara and me started to get quite weird, at least for me. She quickly removed her clothes and changed into one of the nighties. It was loose on her, but what nightie wasn’t. Still, the fact I looked down at a mini Zara, who couldn’t be taller than what... 5’5” or 5’4” while I stood at 6’1” since I was still wearing my heels and work clothes, made me realize how small and fragile I must have appeared for Zara when I walked around. Since she had washed her face, I could notice the acne in her face had gotten worse. I must have realized that since my face looked fabulous, but the cream I gave her to hide them really did wonders.

As I saw her for a moment, I could sense her superfluous bitchy personality seemed to have left her as well as her glamour and exuberant body. Looking down at myself, I knew very well where the last two had gone. Each growth spurt I extracted from Zara improves me in ways I could have only dreamed possible. Still, here I’m possessing the sexual body I always wanted and as a bonus, Zara seemed to behave better. Perhaps when our internal exchange is completed, I will be more than glad to keep her as a roommate… or better yet, as a lovely pet to take care of.

“Do you want to hear something funny Eve?” Zara said, opening the fridge to pick out the milk box from it. It seemed my comment about it had really got deep in her. “Before we finished working last night, Ted had the audacity to ask me out” she said, handing me a glass of milk while she served herself another. “And the worst part is that I was really considering it,” she said, making me spill the milk I just had drank. “Eww Eve. That was gross” Zara said, surprised.

“How do you want me to take such news?” I apologized for the mess I made. “Ted is a jerk. You will be better without him. Trust me. I had the same feelings until I discover who he really is”

“Yeah. I must say I was surprised how he started to treat me in the morning, and after lunch, oh my, he was even worse. It seemed he had lost interested in me all of sudden. That had never happened before to me. And I was seriously considering him because I want to get laid” she said, making me spill again what little milk I had left in my glass.

After such a confession, Zara and I talked a bit more and had a nice time together. For a moment, I feel like an older sister patronizing her about her poor choices and bossing her around just enough to make her complain at first, but ending agreeing with me. Life was good.

“Alright Zara, enough girl talk. Why don't you take a bath while I prepare dinner for both of us” I offered her since I was feeling quite generous and wanted to give her something back.

“Thanks Eve. I appreciate it” Zara smiled as she rushed into the bathroom and locked herself in.

While I was cutting some vegetables, I heard Zara’s phone ringing. Since she was in the shower, I checked who was calling to tell her. The name Peter was displayed on the screen. “Wasn’t that the name of the guy Zara was banging to get a big sale? Perhaps he wants to close the deal and if I do it under my name, it will be great for me” I said before answering the phone.

“Oh Zara. You finally answer my call. What happened to you? Are you alright? I haven’t heard from you in days and you were replying to my messages” Peter said with worry in his voice.

I could imagine the reason why Zara didn't want to see him in her diminished state, but at least I could put at ease the worries of the guy. “Hello Peter. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not Zara. I’m her roommate Eve. I picked her phone since she… well, she is going through a phase and she doesn’t want to talk to people at this moment” I said, being sure it was mostly the truth.

“You aren’t pulling my leg right? I mean, you two sound quite similar, even with the nasal voice.

I choked on his comment before continuing. “Yeah, people used to tell us that, but let me assure you that Zara is in perfect health (as far as I know), but she just doesn't want to go out” I said knowing that once I had milked everything worthy out of her, she won’t like people to see her.

“I understand. Can you at least ask her if she is still interested in the deal we had?” he asked.

“Oh!” I said making a fist with my hand. “You are in luck because I’m in charge of Zara's clients for the time being so I can handle you” I said slapping my face as I let Zara’s stupid flirtting get the best of me. “I mean, I’m more than capable of dealing with any proposal you have in mind. No matter how big it is” I said slapping my face again. If I lose this sale, I will be so pissed off.

“It sounds like a good challenge. What about if we meet tomorrow morning and you show me what you can offer me. Then, we can discuss the terms during lunch and have the papers sign for the evening, if that works for you?” Peter said with a voice hitting something more.

Realizing I was taking everything from Zara, so why not her boyfriend as well. “It’s a deal” I said.

Once Zara left the shower, I was waiting for her in her bedroom to offer her a massage. I was about to steal her lover, so that was the least I could do. Sorry, pizza man but I got a better offer.

With Zara facing down into her bed, I put some headphones on her before covering her torso, arms and legs in oils. I focused my touch on what I definitely wanted from her. I massaged the muscles in her arms, in her legs, even the ones in her back which were the most I needed to handle the extra weight on my chest. Having Zara hearing relaxing music was the perfect cover to let me moan and scream of pleasure as the tingling arrived and my orgasm rocked my body. I did my best to continue massaging Zara as I eagerly fed on her. Soon, I felt her body becoming less firm, and what little ass she could have retained deflated under my fingers.

“Oh wow. That is the best massage I have ever had. I feel like I’m melting” she said without realizing how correct she was. “But I don’t think it’s fair, I'm the only one experiencing it. Here, let me give you one too” she said, turning around but as she did it, her face bounced first against my huge breasts which were hanging above her, to later find her head slipping between my bobbies making moan ashamedly even after having cried out a wonderful orgasm.

I quickly laid on the bed with my breasts down to avoid another confrontation of the size of my bust with Zara. “I can’t believe you are becoming so curvy and strong Eve” Zara said as she massaged my body. The envy in her voice made me imagine her massaging my huge breasts which days before had been hers. Her hands should be so small that they wouldn’t be able to handle one of them. Hearing Zara being so envious of my development and having such lewding thoughts of her in her dismissed state were getting me aroused again. When she had to force the use of both of her tiny hands to massage one of my buttcheeks, the effort she did got me so excited that I had another orgasm, much to Zara’s shock and my shameless pleasure.

To be concluded
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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Really enjoying this, Max_ap! Looking forward to the next installment!
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Re: Fortune Exchange (attribute theft and role swap)

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This is quite a good transformation.
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