Pride (attribute theft, reality change)

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Pride (attribute theft, reality change)

Postby Max_ap » Fri Aug 20, 2021 2:27 pm

The following story was commissioned.

Idea by Burningfield
Written by Max

Juniper threw herself on her couch. Her parents were gone for the weekend and she was ready to enjoy some peace and quiet around her house. After her mother got married again, things had gone a bit difficult for her. Even her stepdad was a very caring person and he was good to her and to her mom, his son Leo was a real pain in the ass. “He is 20 years old already. He spends so much time in the house of his ‘so hot’ girlfriend, that he should move in already” Juniper mocked, sick that everytime Leo visited her from the university, he rubbed on her face the fact that he was dating Christina, a rising supermodel who lives next door. “If she hasn’t taken him in it should be because she isn’t sure he is the right one” she chuckled before picking popcorn from her bowl as she streamed a horror movie.

“Hello pipsqueak. You BIG brother is back” Leo shouted as he stormed into the room scaring Juniper. She screamed and threw the popcorn into the air as she jumped from her seat.

“Damn Leo. What are you doing here? You were supposed to spend the weekend at Christina's home?” Juniper grumbled, cleaning her body covered in popcorn.
“What? Do I need to have a reason to visit my favorite little sister” Leo said, patting his stepsister's head. His 6’3” feet tall (1.90 m), let him enjoy how he towered over Juniper who stood a bit less than 5 feet tall (1.52 m). Their height difference made Juniper no taller than his chest.

“Fuck you” Juniper said slapping his hand. “I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m 18 years old already so treat me like an adult, damn it!” she said very obfuscated, stomping her foot on the ground.

“Sorry sis, but you don’t look so adult to me” Leo grinned looking at her with sexual eyes. “Your butt is so boney that I could hurt myself if I slapped you” he said, using his hands to feel how flat her buttcheeks were. “And it’s a pity that you didn’t seem to get your mom big knockers. That could have definitely put you in my list of chicks to bone” he laughed as he grabbed her small chest. “But again, nobody can be as sexy as my girlfriend Christina,” he grinned.

“Leave me alone perv!!” Juniper said, stepping back to cover her chest with her hands. “You can’t keep touching me like that. It’s sexual harassment. We are supposed to be siblings”

“But we are not blood related” Leo grinned. “Are you going to tell me that you haven’t fantasized about having a piece of me?” he said, flexing his arms to show off his great muscles. As a football star, Leo spends a lot of time lifting weights to get his muscles as big and hard.

“That’s it! I didn’t want to do this, but I’m sick of your overconfidence. Your height and muscles have made you a jerk, so it’s time you learn to treat me with respect, ” Juniper said before chanting some weird words. “There! I put a protective spell on me. If you ever bragged about how awesome you are or how you are better than me, you will be very sorry” she threatened.

“Oh please! I don’t believe in that weird occult shit you are into. If I believe in something, it is that the weak must do what the strong says, and it seems I’m the one holding all the power cards” he grinned, making a pose to show off his muscles. Suddenly the atmosphere changed.

“Oh my… Is it real? I didn’t believe it would work!!” Juniper screamed and jumped up and down clapping her hands in joy. “You are just so fuck up stupid Leo. I just told you not to mistreat me or rubbed on my face how superior you think you are. Since you did it anyway, you just activated my spell. If I were you, I would better hold my tongue from now on” she grinned.

“What is this? What did you do?” Leo said feeling a terrible itch running all over his body. He got worried when he noticed his petite step sister had the biggest grin he had ever seen.

“Nothing too serious. You won’t die or something like that” Juniper giggled. “The spell will take away what you are most proud of and give it to me. In this case, your muscles” she said.

“Pfffft. Yeah, right” Leo laughed. “Like if it will be possible that…” Leo gasped as he felt a sudden sensation of weakness. Since he was still flexing his arms, he saw in horror how the bulge of his bicep was slowly decreasing. He thought for a moment that he had relaxed his pose, but no. He was still flexing. He flexed even harder trying to force his biceps to raise up again, but it was useless; his bicep continued shrinking. “My hard biceps. They are gone!!” he exclaimed.

“No Leo. They are not gone. They are right here!” Juniper grinned as she flexed her arms and let Leo speechless to see a massive bicep bulging on the previous skinny arm of his little sister. Soon, her toothpick arms got buffer and more muscular. "The sleeves of her shirt started to crawl up on her arm as more and more muscle appeared on it. “But your biceps aren’t the only muscles that are coming to me. Check this out!” Juniper smiled, lifting her shirt to expose her tummy just in time for Leo to see how it shifted to show some defined abs. “I’m getting ripped!”

Leo couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing. He patted his abs and indeed they felt a lot softer. He looked down to his legs. Since he was wearing shorts, he noticed how the girth of his legs was decreasing. His massive, strong legs were slowly losing all the hard muscle he put on them. He was a fast runner, but as his legs deflated to skinny chicken ones, he knew those days were over. “What the fuck??!!!” he yelled horrified just as ripping sound filled the room.

“Oops!” Juniper giggled as her pants started to tear open to the sides. “My girly pants can hold all this muscle” she laughed, making Leo drop his jaw at how stretched those pants were on her bulging legs. As the fabric was ripping off, Juniper’s massive thighs became visible. Her muscles were pumping quite fast. Even her calves had become quite muscular as her legs bulked up as sturdy and wide as trees. “And it seems this little shirt won’t be able to hold much longer either” she said, as her shirt was now so stretched over her ample chest that it looked like it was painted on her. “This is getting too constrictive anyway” she said as she ripped off her shirt showing off how muscular her torso had become. Her hard six abs became visible and her breasts looked even bigger thanks to her new pectoral muscles. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra didn’t mind at all, as she found herself flashing her naked bumps to her stepbrother. “They don’t look so small now, do they?” she grinned, thrusting out her chest as she flexed her body. Every muscle in her body responded with fury bulging out obscenely. “Oh yes! Look at me now Leo. I’m so strong” she laughed, showing off her hard biceps and abs.

Leo watched in total disbelief as his muscular body was gone and now he looked even weaker than an ordinary man. His clothes didn’t fit him properly. “This must be a kind of nightmare” he said, seeing how big his outfit hung loose on his deflated frame while her sister seemed to have hulked out of her clothes right in front of his eyes. He didn’t want to admit it, but the muscles on Juniper’s petite body seemed bigger, more intimidating. “This is just an illusion. Wake up Leo” he yelled, slapping his face to zapp out of whatever thing Juniper was doing. Just then, the itching ended, and he smiled, feeling his clothes fitting tight on him again. “I knew it. It was all a cheap trick” he said flexing his arm, but quickly gasped when no bicep popped out.

“Sorry ‘big’ brother. They are still here” Juniper grinned as she flexed her arm showing Leo’s former biceps were still attached to her arms. “I will be opening the pickle’s jars from now on”

It took Leo a moment to realize that Juniper no longer was naked half of her body up, but now she was only wearing panties. "What the… cover yourself" Leo said covering his eyes.

"Why should I? It's not that you haven't seen these muscles before" Juniper grinned. "But I do wonder why I'm fully naked?" Juniper wondered knowing she still has part of her pants attached to her hips. “By the way, if you are wondering why your clothes fit you, it is because reality has been reshaped. Even my clothes are restored. Look" she said, walking to the couch to pick up her restored shirt and pants. “They are even a size bigger to accommodate all the muscle you gave me. Sweet!!” she grinned walking around the living room noticing the popcorn on the floor was gone. Then, she reached the dumbbells laying at the corner of the room. Smiling, she positioned herself to lift them. “I see. I was naked because I was working out” she said,

"What do you think you are doing? Those are my weights" Leo said angrily. “Don’t touch them!”

"Those ‘were’ your weights. You don't get it right? You have no muscle, why would you have weights? These are mine now. Mom bought them for me instead of giving them to you" Juniper said as she grabbed the bar and lifted it. Leo gasped as she did it perfectly even though it was her first time doing it. “Oh my… How strong you have made me ‘big’ brother” she laughed sarcastically as she curled her arms while holding the bar.. With each rep, her arms bulged and seemed to get bigger, while her abs tensed. “Oh yes. Can you see how my new muscles are responding? I feel so strong!” she said as her muscles pulsated and pumped to her workouts.

"I don't believe you. Are you saying that the last 4 years I dedicated building my muscles to be a football player were for nothing?" Leo said, looking how weak and ordinary his body was.

“Oh poor ‘big’ brother. Without your muscles, in this new reality you are no longer a football star” Juniper said with a hint of sadness and pity in her voice. “But do not worry. All the time you spend building your muscle hasn’t gone to waste. Since I’m younger, I had to put in a lot more effort than you did to achieve your lifetime training in half the time. The result, in this reality I got bigger muscles than you ever did” she said, dropping the bar on the ground. “See? This is a 100 lb dumbbell. You never lifted one this heavy for warming up right?” she said, pointing that all his old dumbbell bars at the edge of the living room had more weight than he used to lift.

“I don’t know how you are doing this. Perhaps I’m hallucinating even though I don’t recall haven’t consumed any drugs lately. Anyway, I’m off to my bedroom to sleep this bad dream. When I wake up all should be normal again so, I will be sure to torment you twice” Leo said.

“You can sleep a whole week. Nothing will change. From now on, I will be the one holding all the power” Juniper smiled, carrying another dumbbell on her back as she was doing squats. She grinned feeling how her legs bulged in muscles and how hard her abs looked with each rep.

“OK. Fun is over. Let’s finish this charade” Leo sighed. “I was wrong to mock you. Who would have thought my little weird stepsister could actually use magic? I promise not to bother you again, so can I have my muscles back? I have an important game next week and need to train”

“Oh crap! Now I really screw things up!” Juniper said realizing something very important about the spell. Dropping the dumbbell, she came close to her brother and said “Listen, when I casted the spell I didn’t know it would work, I promise. I was just so angry with you that I didn’t foresee what would actually happen to us if it worked. I didn’t imagine I would become this muscular and you so scrawny, otherwise I would have warned you more of the consequences of bullying me as there is no way to undo what the spell took from you” She said, really feeling bad for him. “I’m sorry Leo, but for better or worse, we are stuck like this. So, if you don’t want to lose anymore of yourself to me, you better keep your mouth shut. About your muscles, you will need to build them up from scratch, sorry. I will help you do it. It’s the least I could do” she offered.

Leo became furious that Juniper was messing up with him like that. “Fuck you Juniper. I don’t want your pity. I want my muscles back. I want my life back, who gave you the right to do this to me?” he said with venom in his voice. Even if he was dreaming or not, he won’t let her win. “Well, if you think my muscles can give you my respect, forget it! You looked horrible with them. Your body is too small for them. Big muscles belong to a big body. Not to a little girl’s one who still buys in the preeten section” he laughed, unleashing all his frustration on her.

“Leo, you idiot!! You are so full of yourself. I just told you there is no way to reverse what the spell takes from you and you bullied me again” Juniper said in despair. “Very well, if you don’t want to hold your tongue, don’t blame me for what is going to happen next” Juniper grinned.

“Oh fuck! Not this again!” Leo cried as his body itched again. This time, he noticed everything around him growing. A vertigo sensation hit him as he felt like he was slowly falling into an abyss, but his feet were still on the ground. It took him a moment to realize he was shrinking.

"Hey Leo. Nice that you decided to 'drop' by" Juniper giggled as Leo eye's level was getting closer to hers. She enjoyed the horror in his face as for a moment they were at the same level, and the next he was looking up at her mischievous grin raised higher. "It's so sad to watch you go" Juniper laughed as she saw her brother slowly disappearing into his clothes. "But you need to go down, for me to go up" she moaned, stretching her arms into the ceiling. She could feel her body getting heavier and more massive as her bones were enlarged, adding more inches to her body. She felt like a giantess, but of course, the opposite was what Leo experienced.

Leo felt horrible as his body was compacted. He watched in disbelief how his once small sister was quickly towering over him. As she grew higher, he gulped hard how her muscles also seemed to grow with her. If she was looking quite intimidating before, Leo couldn't avoid feeling terrified to see Juniper growing into a huge amazon. She was becoming far more superior than him in any way. It didn't take long for Leo to have to crack his neck up to see Juniper's moaning face. When he looked down, his heart skipped a beat as he realized his eyes were at the level of her breasts. He backed off from her in denial, but unfortunately, his body had lost so much of its mass that his shorts fell into the ground and he ended up tripping on them. Leo cried as he fell backwards hitting the ground on his butt. He felt pathetic as he couldn't get up on his own.

Juniper had to suppress her laughter as she enjoyed how her stepbrother struggled to not be swallowed by clothes that were becoming too big for him. "Here let your 'big' sister help you" she said, taking off his shirt. Then, before he could protest, she slid her hands under his arms and said “I will help you stand up on your feet again, OK?” before pulling him up.

Leo was dazzled at how Juniper removed his shirt. It was like she was treating him like a little kid. He was about to say something when he felt her big hands grabbing him from the sides. She was saying something but he couldn’t understand her as his eyes were fixed on Juniper’s hanging breasts. They certainly were small, but now that he was also smaller, they look quite decent. His perv thoughts returned and he tried to grab her chest once more but he gasped as he was propelled into the air. Before he realized, his feet were dangling 2 feet from the floor

“Oh my…” Juniper gasped as he was looking at his brother right into the eyes again. Even, she had tried to lift him up enough for him to stand up, she had ended up lifting him until his face was looking at her. “This is sooo cool” she said, lifting up and down at Leo trying to sense the weight of his body. “You feel lighter than my warm up weights. You must have given me so much of you that you ended up shorter and lighter than I was” she laughed, aroused by her growth. “Come… let’s see how small you have become” she said carrying his brother without problems.

Leo’s brain was in full lockdown as he couldn’t understand what was happening to him. A massive football player being lifted and carried like a rag doll by his little step sister? No, that was not possible. Still, he was in the front row seeing how Juniper carried him through the house and into his room. “Don’t get into my room little rat or you will be…” Leo threatened her, but when she opened the door, he gasped to see Juniper’s stuff inside. “No. No. Nooo!”

“Oh yes. Your room was bigger than mine, so since I’m not bigger than you, it was fair I took it when we moved in” Juniper smiled as she continued walking toward the large mirror that she had in her room. “Good thing your dad bought this for me. Are you ready to see the new you?”

Leo was about to say ‘No’, but Juniper stepped in front of the mirror still carrying him. Leo’s jaw almost hit the ground as the reality was even worse than what he imagined things would be. He was totally naked as his underwear had slipped off on the way to the room, but he wasn’t aware of it due to the shock of being carried like a baby. He could see Juniper face grinning from ear to ear as she positioned him under her head. And even though she had lowered him down, his feet still dangled below her knees. “This is a nightmare. I can’t be this small and weak!” he cried, noticing for the first time how skinny his body had gotten. Gone were his trunk like legs or his pumped arms. ‘No, not gone’ he thought as he could perfectly see where all his hard work was.

“Alright, let’s see how tall you are compared to me” Juniper said, putting Leo back into the ground. “Oh my… you look so adorable. You stand even lower than my boobs. I wasn’t that small compared to you” she laughed, enjoying how their height gap had increased in her favor. “Mmm. It seems that in this reality I’m 6’9” (2.05 m) and you are 4’8” (1.43 m) she said checking her memories.

“What?!! Why did you make me this small? Wasn’t enough to shrink me small, but you had to make me even smaller and weaker than you?” Leo protested furious.

“Hey! Don’t blame me mister. It was your big mouth. You said my muscles should be in a bigger body. Since my muscles were bigger than yours, it was logical that I will have to be bigger than you. So, this is on you ‘little’ brother” Juniper grinned, not getting enough of how puny he was to her. “And look at these arms. They look so soft and squishy” she said, pressing his skinny arm.

“Ouch!! Not so hard, stupid bitch. You are going to leave a bruise!” Leo complained. Both were speechless for a moment as the truth sank in. “You.. you… you weren’t even trying to grab me hard, were you?” Leo said to what Juniper replied, only moving her head to the sides. “Oh shit! I'm truly a weakling” he said at the verge of tears. “How could I live like this? You almost broke my arm in two without even trying. Please Juniper change me back” Leo begged.

“Perhaps, if you are good to me” Juniper said. “You need to learn a lesson after all. You can be a bully just because you are tall and strong” she said, walking toward her wardrobe and look at all her clothes had not only changed their size, but their style as well. “It seems some of your personality is rubbing on me. I seemed to appreciate more clothing that shows off my muscles” she said, getting a nice hot tube and a small pair of jeans. Thanks to her workouts, she now possessed a very nice ass. It wasn’t big, but it wasn’t flat anymore. “So, how do I look?” she asked Leo modeling an outfit that has been her favorite in this reality. “Do I look hot or what?”

“Well, that top is a waste on such a flat and muscular chest” Leo said, trying to burst Juniper’s joy bubble. “If only you were as hot and attractive as you mother is that top will look awesome”

“Just give a couple of years and I will fill this top to the max. All in my family have been late bloomers, so I won’t remain flat for too long. I can’t wait to develop my curves” Juniper said.

“Keep telling you that and perhaps one day it may happen” Leo laughed evilly. “It’s a pity you haven’t developed early like me. I don’t want to brag, but when puberty hit me, it was so hard that I could be confused as the older brother of most of my friends” he laughed.

“Leo, you still haven’t learned when to keep your mouth shut, right?” Juniper grinned.

“Oh no! I was joking. I didn’t mean it!” Leo shouted trying to stop what was happening to him, but it was useless. He found himself shrinking again, but this time it felt different than before.

“When I said give me a couple of years, I didn’t mean it to be literally but thanks” Juniper moaned as she felt her body finally blossoming. “No. It’s not years. You are giving me your sexual maturity” Juniper smiled seeing how Leo’s mature features were being regressed.

Since Leo was already even smaller than his sister was, the loss of the height he developed in his last growth spurts was making him look younger than a teenager. His face seemed to belong to a little kid. The hair in his chest and arms simply vanished and his genitals diminished. With his puberty undone, Leo gasped to see how Juniper absorbed it and benefited from it.

“This feels amazing Leo. Thank you” Juniper said sincerely as she felt herself growing older and sexier. “I’m finally developing the impressive curves my mother herited me” she moaned as from her muscular chest, her small bumps inflated as balloons hooked to a hose. “Oh yeah!. Grow for me” she said as her top started to get quite stretched by her growing mammaries. Bigger than apples, her tits were swelling beyond average’s measures to move into what any man could consider a busty woman. She felt her breasts getting so round and big, that their sides collided with each other. She moaned as her top was pushed further giving a clear view of how deep her cleavage was becoming. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her aroused nipples poked obscenely through the material, making evident they were not only getting erected, but bigger and puffer.

Juniper quickly pulled down her shorts as her worked out ass grew very fat and juicy. She did it on time before her hips expanded dramatically, but since she didn't pull her underwear with them and her widening hips ended up tearing her panties appart. But when she felt her growth seemed to finally cease, an explosion shook her. “Oh fuck! This is incredible!!” Juniper moaned as somehow Leo’s matury activated her dormant growth spurt slamming even more sexual growth in her already developed form. “I’m getting so fucking hot. Hahaha” she laughed.

Leo watched in awe as Juniper was developing even more. Her hourglass became more pronounced, screaming and indisputable aura of fertility. Even her pussy got more hairy showing how womanly she was becoming. But what he paid more attention to was Juniper’s tits.

Even those were already as big as her mother’s large F-cup, the melons trapped under her top developed even further. Her breasts were becoming so big and heavy that the underside of her boob started to slip from under her top as the material was forced to crawl up over her boobs as they swell forward. The only thing that was holding the fabric in place was her two large nipples. As more and more of the fabric retracted, her nipples were doing holding like claps the seams of the top as her breasts were smashing into each other. Soon, the curves of her breasts was so massive that it could have been seen from her back. “Oh fuck!!!” Juniper moaned as the fabric finally slingshot from her nipples arousing them even more. “I’m getting so sensitive” she said bitting her lips in blind pleasure as her nipples were growing even bigger. Her aurolea grew in diameter as she was maturing, while her once small nipples were cork side and still growing. She couldn’t hold herself anymore and started to rub her nipples enjoying how good they felt.

But as Juniper’s body was getting more voluptuous, other parts were incredible developing even further. Her muscles grew even harder and bigger as she grew like a weed. She got so tall and massive that by the time her growth ended, Leo barely stood below her navel.

“I can’t believe it. I just grew a foot (30 cm) in height” Juniper exclaimed as her new memories told her that she had become 7’9” (2.39 m). “But that is not the only place I got bigger” she grinned taking off her top to cup her larger breasts. After her dormant growth spurt, they have become truly massive. Way bigger than her mother was. “Oh Leo. You have made me so big” she purred, caressing her nipples. “In case you are wondering, these are H-cups. Can you believe it? None in my family has tits this big!” she said, quite excited. “Also, this reality is way better than the previous one. I didn’t tell you but in the previous one, I was quite respected and feared due my height and muscles, but it was hard to get boys into like me, but now, you won’t believe the number of guys fighting to have a chance to have a piece of this” she said touching her ass. “Or feel these” she said, thrusting her chest. “And to think I got this big and sexy due your overconfidence” she laughed. “Since you have given me so much of yourself, perhaps I should reward you. What about giving you something many men will kill for? A chance to feel my enormous breasts? Isn’t that what you always wanted? Just be careful, they may be too much for you now” she grinned.

Finding that he had shrunk to less than a teen wasn’t something Leo took it well. “What the fuck Juniper. How tall am I? 4 feet tall (1.22 m)?” he said sarcastically “I feel so small” Leo complained.

“You are actually 4’2” feel tall (1.27 m)” Juniper grinned as she lowered her body to see Leo in the face.

Hearing that he was that small made Leo quite pissed off. “This is no fucking joke Juniper. Give me back everything you stole from me” Leo ordered his stepsister as he stomped on the floor.

“It’s so nice to hear you calling me by my name. It shows you are at least intimidated by me” Juniper grinned. “Well, I hope this shows you a lesson. Not that you could lose any more of you”

“Listen little overdeveloped witch. No matter how big you are, you are still a woman. And women do what men say in this reality or in any other, so as long as I have a penis between my legs, I’m the one giving the orders and you should obey them” he said quite furious. After calming down from his rant, he saw the grin on her sister’s face and in fear, he regretted what he said.

“First of all, I’m not a witch. I’m just a very lucky girl who succeeded in using magic” Juniper grinned as the spell got active again. “And second, it seems I’m going to become a dickgirl” she laughed, rubbing her pussy while Leo gasped. his penis shrank until it became smaller than a thumb. Meantime Juniper moaned as her clit grew larger until became a full size penis even bigger than his brother had before losing his maturity. “Mmm… it seems my overdeveloped maturity has affected the shape of your penis” Juniper grinned as she stroked her thick and large member. “And now thanks to it, I am producing more testosterone in my body. I can feel more changes happening due to it” she groaned as her body grew even taller and way more muscular. She roared flexing her body as it ended becoming so muscular that she could put bodybuilders to shame. “More height!! More muscle!!” she yelled, feeling her muscles getting denser and more developed as her stretched arms let her hands touch the 9 feet tall ceiling.

Suddenly, Juniper gasped as she felt her breasts tingling. She moaned as her tits grew a third time. “This feels different than the other times. Oh my… I can feel my tits getting heavier… could it be?” she panted, noticing in the mirror that the color of her nipples was changing. Her nipples got plumped and engorged while getting a shade of dark on them. As she expected, a few drops of milk appeared in the tip of her nipple. “Oh fuck! I’m lactating!!” she moaned.

When reality was reshaped, Juniper couldn’t hold her excitement as she became 8’ 2” (almost 2.5 m) mountain covered in humongous muscles. There was no person alive that could be taller or more muscular than her. Her breasts were just enormous. Heavy lactating tits capable of overflowing a large J-cup bra. When she turned around to look down at her brother, she was surprised that it was impossible to do it due to her gigantic rack. Returning her gaze to the mirror, she chuckled to see Leo had been shrunk to barely 4 feet tall (a bit more than 1.20 m) and got even skinner due the lack of testosterone in his body. Her memories told her that Leo suffered a genetic disorder that athropiated his muscles and made his bones quite fragile. She felt for a moment sad knowing quite well where all that calcium had gone, but sensing her bones so strong made her forget it.

Meanwhile, Leo couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Reflected in the mirror, he could see his head was at the same level of her sister’s new cock. Even though he was barely taller than her legs, he couldn’t deny one of her sister's legs was bigger and thicker than his whole body. Even her foot was big enough for him to step in and accommodate his two feet without problem. But if that wasn’t scary enough, Leo watched in horror as his sister’s cock started to get erected.

“Oh fuck Leo. I’m so sorry” Juniper said, carrying Leo in her arms. She scooped him like he was a little kid before throwing him into her bed face down. “Remember that this is all your fault!”

“What? What are you talking about?” Leo said as he tried to stand up, but Juniper's massive hand pinned him down on the bed. “What the hell? What are you doing?!” Leo screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt something massive being pressed and rubbed against his ass.

“I’m so sorry!” Juniper panted as she rammed her new cock over the tight and little ass of his brother. “In this reality, your powerful man’s libido combined with her overflowing female hormones is making me lose my mind. I need your ass little brother. I really need it” she panted, enjoying how good it felt the small and flat buttcheeks of her brother rubbing the low base of her cock. As her dick grew in size and girth, she bit her lip as she felt her nipple going into a similar transformation, getting harder and painfully erect. She couldn’t hold herself and put one of her puffy nipples into her mouth and sucked greedily the most delicious milk she ever tasted. The pleasure coursing through her body was overwhelming, still she remembered to be careful not to put too much pressure on Leo’s ass. If she didn’t control her strength, she could end up leaving him horrible bruises and even harming him with her titanic weight.

Leo cried, yelled, begged but everything fell in deaf ears as his stepsister continued using his ass wildy to masturbate her dick. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Here it comes little bro!!” Juniper groaned as her dick fired semen like it was a fireman hose. She kept coming and coming until she felt her legs buckling. Finally, when her cock finished, she let herself drop to the side of the bed to catch her breath. “Wow. I see why men want to do it all the time. It was wonderful” she panted.

But as his stepsister enjoyed the afterglow of her male orgasm, Leo felt sick to the point of vomiting. Juniper’s seed has been sprayed all over his body. He never felt so humiliated. This kind of thing could break the spirit of any man. So, while still covered in semen, Leo very timidly finally rolled off the bed without making eye contact with Juniper. Once he got off the bed, clean himself with the top Juniper threw on the floor and put some distant from her, he dare to say “Perhaps with this spells of yours, everyone will believe you were born with a dick, but that won’t change the fact that you rape him. You will pay for that”.

“Nice try, little brother, but I haven’t rape you. In this reality, the only thing that relieves my desire is to rub my cock over my little brother’s ass” Juniper said as she sat on the bed to see the shock expression on Leo’s face. “That and having you suck my dick. Do you want to try it now?” she said feeling excited as her hand started to rub her penis to bring it back to full erection.

“So, you have been doing this to me systematically in this reality? You are so screwed up now. My dad won’t stop until he puts your overgrown ass in prison. You will be so sorry” Leo grinned.

“Sorry Leo, but that is not going to happen” Juniper said standing up and making Leo step back due her massive presence. “Outside our family, nobody knows that I have a dick. But the fact that we have regular sex is something our parents know. It started a few days after I turned 18. I got into the shower and didn’t notice you were already in it. Seeing you so cute and tiny got me hard in just seconds. You were surprised to see a dick so big, especially since yours was so small. You grabbed my dick and rubbed it, turning me crazy. I ended begging you to let me rub my dick on you and you agreed as long as I let you play with my boobs. After that, we talked with our parents about our agreement, and while they were shocked by it, you told them it was something you wanted it” Juniper said. “That was why I told you this was your fault. You made me like this and you took the responsibility like a man, but thinking about it, I do agree to let you have fun with my breasts, so here they are as I promise” Juniper said getting on her knees letting them a few inches of Leo’s face. “You make me feel good. I do the same” she smiled.

Juniper’s tits were so big that having them so close Leo couldn’t see anything beyond them. They were larger than his face, her nipple longer than his nose. He felt like a child about to be breastfeed. “No. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. It can’t be real” Leo said fearing she was right.

“Oh it’s very much real Leo. As real as this piece of meat attached above my vagina” Juniper said stroking her penis and getting it hard again. “Now, come here and enjoy your reward” Juniper said, pulling Leo’s head toward her nipple. “Suck on my tit like the baby you are”

“You are lying. I can’t be a kind of sissy sucker” Leo said disgustedly.

“Oh, but you are little brother. You really are” Juniper said standing up. “But if you don’t want to suck my nipples, I can arrange something else” she said, stroking faster her dick. “So, do you want to put your mouth to good use this time and suck me. Or do you prefer we play a different game” Juniper said, lowering her body to rub his sore ass. “It’s your choice” she whispered.

With no way to return to his old life, Leo decided to give up reality and sucked her sister’s cock. He was stuck in a non ending nightmare, so the sooner he accepts it, the easier it will be. As he started doing it, tears ran down his cheeks but those weren’t of sadness. No, those were tear of pain as he had to open quite his mouth to fit the tip of her sister’s dick into him.

“Oh fuck! This is so good. Keep going little bro. You are doing good!!” Juniper screamed in pleasure as she had never felt something like that before. Her excitement was so much that she ended up unloading a second shot into Leo when he still had his mouth on her dick. Leo gagged and cought in disgusted while Juniper had a stupid smile on her face. “That was good” she said.

The next ten minutes, Leo spent it in the bathroom cleaning himself. He took a quick shower to wash all the semen in his body. Then, he walked to Juniper’s former room and indeed it was his room, even though most of his stuff wasn't there. There weren’t his trophies as a football player, not even the banner of his university. In this reality, he was so small and weak that he was home educated and his clothes were child size. After getting dressed, he walked to see Juniper.

“Hey little bro. Guess with whom I was texting on the phone?” Juniper said placing her phone down when his little stepbrother stepped into her room. When he didn’t show any emotion to know the answer, she sighed and continued. “It was Christina, our lovely neighbor. I remember how you always mentioned how good she is at giving blow jobs. Now, don’t take it personal but while yours feel good, one done with a mouth that could take more than the tip of my dick will be a lot better. So, kind of joking I texted her I was feeling a bit honry and if she will like to come over so we could have sex. And guess what? She accepted it. Isn’t that exciting?” she asked.

“What?! You can’t do this Juniper. Christina is my girlfriend!!” Leo yelled quite offended.

“She ‘was’ your girlfriend. Christina has nothing to do with you in this reality” Juniper said, crossing her arms under her large breasts. The way she did it only emphasized how big they were. “You perfectly know Christina is a woman who is attracted to large bodies and muscles. That hasn’t changed, so instead of having hots for you, she has been trying to hit on me to get a feel of everything my body could offer her. Even though I'm a woman, this body turns her on so badly” she smiled, tensing her muscles. “To be honest, when I learned from my memories not only that she was attracted to my huge muscular body, but that she knew I had a dick I couldn’t resist the idea of using this bad boy on her” she said, stroking her dick and getting it hard.

“Fuck you Juniper. Leave Christina alone. If you want to punish someone, let it be me” Leo said.

“How heroic. Just when you lost all your manly attributes, you start to behave like a man” Juniper said. “But you have nothing to worry about. I’m not using Christina to get a kind of revenge on you. She is hot and now that I have a dick, I’m feeling attracted to her too. Besides, you and her are completely unrelated and let’s be honest, Christina won’t ever be attracted to a man, or better said, to a weak and skinny kid like you” she said with pity in her voice.

Gritting his teeths, Leo lost his temper. “I may be small, but I'm still a man!! Damn it!!” he yelled

“Do you? Why don’t I show you how manly you are?” Juniper said getting on her knees to quickly tore off brother's clothes and forced him to be naked. “Do you really think a man whose two arms together won’t even half cover one of mine could satisfy a woman like Christine. A man whose entire body can be overpowered by the strength of my pinky? Look at this bro, look at my mighty bicep!” she said, flexing her arm to show her large muscles. “This is bigger than your head little bro. Can you honestly believe Christina will even look at you when she can have all of this” Juniper said, stretching her body to its full size, just to caress her muscular arm with one hand, while the other ran over her bulky legs. “Even Christina with her 6’1” (1.85 m), she won’t be taller than my breasts” she said grabbing her tits “Sorry for being so harsh, but you need to understand I’m more man than you could ever be” she said noticing the frustration on Leo’s face

“You are a monster. Not a man, or a woman” he screamed from the top of his lungs enraged.

“A monster? Look at me little bro. Your testosterone fired up my estrogen too. Are you really sure, you don’t find me attractive?” Juniper said, displaying how her body had extra matured. When she grew a dick, her breasts weren’t her only female traits that got enhanced. All her female curves had swelled even more, giving her an hourglass that any pornstar will kill for. “Do you think a monster could have a pair like these?” Juniper said lowering herself so her breasts hung close to his face. “Are they so horrible?” she said with a very sultry voice. “I know how much you wanted them. If you admit I’m a woman, I will let you continue playing with them”

Leo bursting in tears and in frustration, hit on one of Juniper’s tits like it was a boxing pear. The soft tissue barely blended due the insignificant force he put on it. For Juniper, it felt no different than a mosquito bite, but for Leo, his hand hurted him like if he had hit a concrete wall. Humiliated, he cried in pain as his hand was changing color. It had been hurt badly.

“Oh Leo! Why did you do that?” Juniper sighed. Was his brother this stupid? Couldn’t he understand she had every little piece of muscle he had and more. She was way bigger than him. If she tried, she could even fit his head into her vagina. The thought aroused her, but she quickly discarded it. He may have been a jerk, but she won’t turn herself into one. “Look. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those horrible things to you. Let me make it up to you?” she said sitting on her legs. Even seated, she was taller than Leo so bending a bit her torso and cupping her huge breasts, she gently started to tit fuck her little brother. “Do they feel good?” she asked.

Leo felt ashamed to be excited by her. He knew he had upset her a bit by calling her a monster and now she was trying to get him horny using her femenine charms. He tried to think in sad things, in horrible things. Anything that could keep his penis from getting erect, but it was impossible. With his dick trapped between the softest and warmest pair of breasts he had ever felt, he lost the battle and couldn’t avoid panting as Juniper milked him, getting him quite hard.

Once Leo was fully rigid, Juniper backed off and stroked his penis with two fingers while she had to use her other hand to stimulate her nipple. She couldn’t avoid laughing as realized his tiny penis wasn’t even bigger than her erect nipple. Leo saw it too and became quite ashamed.

“Oh no! Don’t get soft on me bro. I’m trying to make you feel good, not inadequate by showing you off my huge and thick nipple” she said. “Perhaps a blowjob will make you feel better” she offered while lifting him into the air, before she sat on the couch. She supported his ass with her hand as she guided his dick into her mouth. “Take this as your reward for sucking me earlier”

Leo couldn’t believe how massive she had become. He was sitting on her hand. On her fucking hand. That small he was. Still, those thoughts soon left his mind as something big and wet swallowed his tiny dick. As Juniper sucked him, he realized his erection wasn’t long enough to cross her lips. Even those were thicker than his penis. He couldn’t feel more pathetic.

“So you were so horny that you couldn't wait for me, ah?” a female voice said.

Juniper and Leo turn their eyes around to see a radiant Christina resting her statuesque silhouette over the door frame of Juniper’s room. She was wearing a low v-cut shirt that showed off her perky and creamy E-cup breasts and a latex skirt that didn’t hide the ample curve of her ass. Her neverending legs were to die for while her blue eyes and blonde hair were definitely quite alluring. Indeed, she was the definition of a supermodel.

“You didn’t close the front door when you arrived?” Juniper asked but her brother didn’t respond.

After hearing that Christina was coming, Leo hoped she could recognize him and take him away from Juniper. But now that her beautiful blue eyes had seen his small and weak body he couldn’t avoid feeling very ashamed. Being carried and manhandled with only one hand to get a blow job was the most emasculating thing he had endurance in his life. Since Juniper opened her mouth to talk, his tiny dick came to the open, and even popsicles looked more fulfilling than it. Any hope he had was crushed as Christina didn’t even seem to acknowledge his presence.

“Oh my... You must be happy to see me” Christina said, seeing Juniper’s dick getting thicker.

Noticing the desire in Christina’s eyes, Juniper decided to make her move. “I’m so sorry you caught us like this Chrstina. I was trying to vent some heat before you arrived. My little bro is quite good at handling my impressive libido, but as you can notice, he can’t be in two places at once ” she said, shaking her unattended dick. “So, be a dear and stroke my dick, could you?”

“Of course. You only need to ask my goddess” Christina smiled as she walked next to Juniper.

“Oh Christina!” Juniper moaned as Christina’s delicate hands found their way into her penis. The young model softly stroked it and soon her dick responded to her cares by growing longer and thicker. She inadvertently spread her legs giving space for her dick to get bigger.

Seeing the opening, Christina had a better idea and moved between Juniper’s legs by quickly getting on her knee. Once in position, she opened her mouth as big as she could, and in one swift movement she completely swallowed Juniper’s dick in one go.

“Oh fuck!” Juniper exclaimed as she felt the full lips of Christina sucking her while her tongue wrapped across her shaft. “Now I know why you loved her so much dear little bro. She sucks like a pro!!” she whispered in Leo’s ear before laughtning aloud. “Not even a gag reflex. Damn!” she cried as she felt her long dick touching the base of her throat. “I can’t stay behind. Be ready for the best blow job you will have in your life” she said before getting busy sucking Leo’s dick.

Leo cried of pleasure as he felt Juniper was trying to suck his soul out of his body with her lips. They were sucking him so powerful that he felt she was going to tear it apart. He couldn’t stand such a powerful vacuum and ended up cumming with everything he had into her mouth.

With a loud gulp, Juniper swallowed her stepbrother seed and after releasing his dick from her lips, she licked them with her tongue to be sure she didn’t waste a single drop. “Yummy little bro. You did it well. Now, take a good, deserved rest while Christina and I do adult things” she said as she aimed toward her bed and threw Leo over it like he was a rag doll.

“Well, since now I have your undivided attention, let me show you what else I can do” Christina said stroking quite fast Christina dick, while using her tongue to stimulate the tip of it.

Juniper couldn’t avoid panting and moaning like a bitch in heat. Christina was pushing all her buttons and when she thought her pleasure couldn’t be higher, Chrstina dug her free hand finger into her pussy. “OH FUCK!!! DON’T STOP!! DON’T DARE TO STOP!!!” Christina roared almost animalistic as the double stimulation was overpowering her senses.

Watching how much Juniper was enjoying Christina’s attention, Leo jumped off the bed and ran to get between the two women. “No, no, no! Christine is mine. You can’t have her” he cried as he punched everything he had into Juniper’s leg. While Juniper didn’t feel anything, the sound of bones snapping called Christina's attention and stopped .

“Oh my… Leo. What’s wrong with you?” Christina asked, confused by his behavior.

Juniper laughed out as she saw his little brother crying over his broken hand. “Sorry Christina. Little Leo got a little jealous of how good you were working on my dick” Juniper said. Then, getting on her knees, Juniper saw directly into Leo’s crying eyes and said “Give it up Leo. There won’t be a woman in this world that will love you. And even if there is one, it won’t be Christine. She is mine now. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can move on in your life”.

After hearing those words, Leo desperately looked at Christina, begging in his mind that she could recognize him. That she could remember the man he was. The man she loved once. But Christina’s attention was only on Juniper. Watching such devotion in her eyes really told him that she didn’t knew who Leo was, besides being the sex toy of her goddess. “Christina look at me”

When finally Christina stares at him, she looks at him very suspiciously. “Errr… Juniper. Why is your little fragile stepbrother looking at me like that?” Christina said feeling quite uneasy

“I think you like him, Christina. He thinks you can have feelings for him” Juniper said.

“Ewww…” she exclaimed. “Listen, I don’t care about you. You are just too small, too weak. Perhaps because you are Juniper sex’s partner, you think you have a chance with me, but that won’t happen in a million of year, so stop looking me in that way” Christine said quite disgusted.

Having his heart being ripped off, Leo looked at Juniper looking for some sympathy from her. She was the one that got him into this mess, but Juniper’s response was to shrug her shoulders while flaunting her big thick dick; using her hands to masturbate and kept it erect for Christina.

Leo couldn't take it anymore. Knowing that he was not important for Christina, not anymore anyway, tears ran down his cheeks. “This is all a game for you. I hate you Juniper” he cried, running naked out of the room. He slammed the door of his room and locked himself inside.

“What’s wrong with him? He has a very odd behavior. Do you know why he looked at me like that? It seemed like he really thought we could have something” Christina asked Juniper, but she didn’t answer her. “Your little brother is weird. Your relationship with him is quite confusing”

“Yeah, but that is how reality is” Juniper sighed as she put her arm over Christine’s shoulder. “But you know what, don’t worry about him. Life is not always fair, so it’s better if he suffers rather than me” she laughed, guiding Christina to stand side by side with her in the full mirror in her room. As she expected, Christina was just at the level of her breasts, but what she didn’t expect was how much sexier she was than her. Leo always liked to brag how sexy and developed Christina was, so Juniper was quite pleased that Christina was not only shorter than her, but less voluptuous too. Her breasts, hips and butt weren’t even half the size of Juniper. Even Chrstina was quite a hot model, Juniper’s overdeveloped form made her look like a child next to her. She looked like a hot mama and Christine like her teenage daughter.

“You have very nice breasts” Juniper said while rubbing and grabbing Christina’s chest just as her brother Leo used to do with her. She smiled seeing that Christina didn’t find it unpleasant how she touched her. A low moan from Christine told her she was feeling a lot of pleasure. “Get nude for me Christine. You have seen my body, now I want to see yours” Juniper commanded.

Christina indeed very submissively and took off her clothes and underwear. Even though she was an experienced model and had built an incredible confidence after being under the constant stares of a lot of people, being under the gaze of Juniper made her incredibly shy. She tried to cover her body but she didn’t want to be displeased at her goddess. Her anxiety was evident.

“Why are you so nervous Christine? I’m not going to hurt you” Juniper smiled, using her height advantage to show off her muscles. She tensed them a bit to make them look harder and more menacing. “You are a very attractive woman Christine, but compared to me, you are no better than a child. You may consider yourself quite tall, but if I wear heels, I won’t be able to see you under my boobs. My hips and ass make yours look flat. And even your breasts are quite large, mine are twice bigger, heavier.and of course…” Juniper said guiding Chrstina’s face toward her nipple. “... full of motherly milk. I’m so much more woman than you Christina, won’t you agree?” Juniper asked as she stroke the back of Christina’s head like a pet. “If you want it, just say it”

Christina saw how Juniper used her free hand to play with her nipple. She gulped hard when saw a drop of milk forming on the tip of it. “Yes Juniper. Standing next to you makes me feel so insecure. You are so femenine, so voluptuous, so fertile and yet so strong and powerful” Christine said as she couldn’t hold herself and started to touch and feel Juniper’s muscles. “I’m getting so wet just to be so close to you” she said licking her lips wanting to suck Juniper’s tit.

“Glad to hear that. Leo told me that I was a monster for having a dick and these huge muscles” Juniper said flexing her abs. She smiled hearing Christina gasping as she touched how hard they were. “So, tell me Chrstinie. Do my dick or muscles scare you? Do you find me beautiful?”

“Are you kidding me? You have such a powerful body with muscles worthy of a goddess and the biggest cock I have seen in any man. You are like a wet dream come true for me. Even though I'm nothing compared to you, please let me give you pleasure forever” Christina begged.

“Drink from me then, You earned it” Juniper said, satisfied with Christina’s answer. Soon, she moaned quite loud as Christina sucked from her more hungrily than any baby. Juniper cooed her as she filled her belly with her milk. Once she had enough, she swapped breasts. “Drink all you can baby. You are going to need all the energy and protein you can get” Juniper said.

Once Christina couldn’t drink more, Juniper walked toward her bed and laid on it. “Now that you have drunk my motherly milk. If you are up for the challenge, come here and get me ready. I want to give you a taste of my virile milk before seeing how much of my dick you can take in”

Quite eager, Christina joined Juniper on the bed and worked her magic. Juniper gasped as her dick was stroked with more vigor than before. Christina was trying to get her fully erect in no time and her dick responded by growing beyond a foot long (more than 30 cm), surprising even Juniper at how big it could get with the proper stimulation. With a hard task ahead, Christina didn’t get intimidated and very slowly started to swallow the enormous erection in front of her making Juniper go mad as she enjoyed how Leo’s former girlfriend sucked her dick without caring for anything else.

Later, even with the door closed, Leo could heard what was happening in Juniper’s room

“Oh fuck! You are so big Juniper, You are filling me so good!!”, “Come on Christina, you can do it. Just a bit….” “AARRRRGGG!!!!” “Oh shit! You did it. You took it all in!!”, “It hurt so much, but I love it. You have stretched me so much. Give me your kids. Blow me up with your virile seed”

Leo put his head under his pillow doing his best to cover his ears, but the screams and moans of pleasure of who had been his girlfriend riding the monstrous erection of his not so little sister haunted him. Frowning, he rocked himself in a catatonic state as his mental health degenerated.

The End.
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