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Postby resupplied69 » Fri Aug 06, 2021 10:21 am

Chapter 8: Weights and Measures (Part 1)

The Producer remained deeply asleep as Kerry-May slipped out of the bed and walked slowly into the bathroom. She stood naked in front of the large mirror surveying her figure for any evidence of the calorific onslaught she had subjected it to the previous night.

Her fingers traced the outline of her full, firm high 32F breasts before moving down to what was still a reassuringly slim, flat, tight waist. Her hands glided down her shapely hips and round onto her pert derriere. She was no stick insect, but the body fat that she did carry was in all the right places.

Turning sideways slightly, she smiled as she struck one of her glamour poses briefly before turning face on again. As she did, she felt a cold breeze blow through the bathroom, as if someone had thrown the doors open to the balcony.

Suddenly, Kerry-May's mind was flooded with the memory of Zoe's amber glinting eyes and her terrifying prophecy.

"I never thought I would get fat, but I did. And I know it's going to happen to you."

As Kerry-May looked at her spectacular body in the mirror, she was overcome with an intense sense of loss.

"I'm going to get fat" murmured Kerry-May

"What the hell is wrong with me?!" she said out loud, shaking her head as if to try and disrupt her train of thought. She checked her noise levels as she heard the Producer turn over in the bed. Closing the door she turned her attention to having a shower, as if it would cleanse her of the memory of her encounter with Zoe and the helpless ice cream binge that followed.

She set the shower to be very hot and climbed in, the water feeling amazing as it met with her perfect skin. She took some of the luxury toiletries and lathered her goddess-like body. She then turned her attention to her hair, closing her eyes as she shampooed and rinsed her hair.

As she opened her eyes again, they were drawn to the steamed up glass panel at the end of the shower. Letters were being drawn in a vertical column in the condensation as if rendered by the finger of an invisible hand.






Kerry-May yelped as she nearly slipped in the shower as she moved forward to wipe it away.

The pane steamed up again, followed by another message, this time rendered horizontally


Tears welled in Kerry-May's eyes. she felt the walls of the shower closing in as if she was getting bigger in the space.

"No...NO!.....NO!!!!" she repeated to herself before being overwhelmed with a sense of utter emptiness and the sound of her belly growling.

"Oh my god... I'm going to get fat"
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Sat Aug 07, 2021 5:39 am

Things aren't looking too good for our heroine. It seems she is haunted by evil, malevolent spirits under the control of Zoe Davis, or that Doctor.
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Postby Matt L. » Sat Aug 07, 2021 10:57 am

Admire the horror approach to your story.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Postby PuppetBox » Sat Aug 07, 2021 6:24 pm

Her being aware of the inevitable future is a fantastic touch. You are portraying it spectacularly.
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Postby resupplied69 » Sun Aug 08, 2021 6:36 am

Chapter 9: Weights and Measures (Part Two)

Kerry-May cut a less confident figure than usual as she stood in the production office. Being the focus of all the eyes in the room normally didn't bother her - on the contrary, she embraced it - but this morning, her appointment to take her measurements and costume fitting for Planet of The Spies, everything was jarring horribly with her experience in the hotel shower earlier.

The car had picked her up from the hotel, leaving the Producer behind to take one breakfast meeting, and whisked her over to the Production office in Soho, the atmosphere in the office was one of warm. friendly professionalism. Kerry-May was being treated like a star.

"Hi, I'm Stephanie, head of costume and wardrobe" said the 40-something blonde as she walked up to Kerry-May "we're so pleased to see you here today"

"Thank you" smiled Kerry-May, her confidence starting to rebuild "this is so exciting! It's like the ultimate dressing up game!"

"Yes, that's what so many actresses tell us" chuckled Stephanie "but it all depends on what we can work with" Stephanie looked Kerry-May up and down "your figure is incredible."

Kerry-May felt herself blush slightly, as if the compliment was misplaced or meant for someone else.

Stephanie fetched a portfolio filled with sketches of various costumes and outfits.

"Even for your daily attire in the film we will be playing up your figure. Fitted skirts, tiny waists and always a hint of cleavage."

Kerry-May's eyes lit up as she looked at the amazing drawings.

"And for the main scene in the casino before the heist, we have this..." said Stephanie proudly, pointing as at a drawing of a low-cut, emerald coloured evening gown, "and for the heist sequence, you'll be wearing this" Stephanie turned the page to reveal a skin tight, zip-fronted catsuit that would cling to every one of Kerry-May's curves.

"They're amazing..." said Kerry-May as she sub-consciously touched her belly with her hand.

"Thank you. All of it is super tailored and fitted. You know why we're here today. We need to take your measurements and weigh you"

A chill ran up Kerry-May's spine at hearing Stephanie's words.

"oh..." said Kerry-May hesitantly.

"I assumed you wouldn't have a problem with that" responded Stephanie "you have a successful career as a glamour model after all"

"No... no... it's fine. No problem" mumbled Kerry-May.

"Great" smiled Stephanie "we're all friends here and this is a safe space. If you want to quickly strip down to your panties behind the screen over there, we can quickly get this done"

Kerry-May returned the smile, before heading behind the screen and undressing. She heard the gasps from the office team as she walked out onto the floor.

"You're a goddess" said Stephanie "I've never seen a girl with such big boobs and such a tiny waist"

"Thank you" beamed Kerry-May

Like a true professional, Stephanie briskly and accurately wrapped the measurements around each of Kerry-May's vital statistics as an assistant typed them into a tablet.

"Underbust..." Kerry-May felt the cold tape measure against her ribcage "...28...29 inches"

Kerry-May felt the tape being brought around the fullest part of her breasts

"Full bust..." called out Stephanie "wow... 40 inches"

"Waist... 24 inches"

"Hips.... 36 inches"

Kerry-May felt an intense sense of pride at those measurements.

"Now, if you could just step on the scales now..." asked Stephanie.

For some, strange reason, that simple question struck fear into Kerry-May. She walked with trepidation towards the scales as if they were the enemy. Closing her eyes she stepped on.

The heard the slight creak of the scale and looked down as the display flashed up her weight.

58 kilograms
128 pounds
9 stone 2 pounds

She smiled as Stephanie and the assistant noted the numbers.

Kerry-May looked down and watched the numbers go through in sequence again. Her eyes went wide in horror

67 kilograms
148 pounds
10 stone 8 pounds

"oh my god..."

The numbers sequenced again, this time faster

82.5 kilograms
182 pounds
13 stone

The room went still and silent. Kerry-May started to feel dizzy.


103 kilograms
227 pounds
16 stone 3 pounds

"stop.... stop...."

117.5 kilograms
259 pounds
18 stone 7 pounds

Suddenly it was as if Zoe was right beside her, whispering evilly in Kerry-May's ear

"You're going to eat all your beauty"

Suddenly the scales bleeped loudly and Kerry-May was catapulted back into the room

"I think the batteries need changing in those scales" called out Stephanie to the assistant.

Flustered, Kerry-May felt her body with her hands. It remained reassuringly perfect.

"What... did the scale read?" asked Kerry-May, nervously.

"9 stone 2" beamed Stephanie "there will be a lot of women envious of your figure"

After a few, further questions and measurements, Kerry-May returned to behind the screen to get dressed. She felt the intense scrutiny of her looks and figure now. things were... different.

Her phone pinged. It was a message from the Producer.

"Hey Peaches, call me when you've finished the fitting. Something weird came up on the hotel bill when I was checking out"

[to be continued...]
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Sun Aug 08, 2021 7:43 am

Did her bust change to 34E? With an Underbust of 29" and a Full Bust of 40", assuming you do the +5" you get 34", 40-34=6, which would be an E in British standards or an F in American standards.
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Postby resupplied69 » Wed Aug 11, 2021 11:21 am

Chapter 10: Chocoholic

The limousine slipped away from the hotel entrance and into the London traffic, ferrying Kerry-May back home to West London. After a few minutes to compose herself, she plucked up the courage to call The Producer.

"Hi... it's me." the tone in her voice was one of anxious uncertainty. "I got your message to call you"

"Peaches!" replied The Producer, his tone reassuringly friendly "it's probably nothing, but when I checked out of the hotel there was something strange on the bill to I wanted to ask you...."

His voice became garbled and broken as the car, heading west, went through a succession on underpasses and a tunnel. His voice came back monentarily, slightly scrambled and juddery

"...your 130 pound weight gain..."

"My what?...." gasped Kerry-May, Zoe's prophecy starting to dominate her thoughts again.

the signal returned to full strength, The Producer's voice became clear again.

"there was £130 worth of ice cream on my hotel bill. Were you having a party or something?"

Kerry-May flinched. She had been found out.

"I had one bowl" she replied, trying to forget the outrageous, uncontrollable bingeing she had been through that night "they must have made a mistake on the bill"

There was a slight pause before the Producer replied.

"That must be it. But be careful what you are eating. I really don't want to see you gaining weight"

The sudden feeling of an empty void needing to be filled hit Kerry-May again.

"No.... I know that." replied Kerry-May "I can't get fat"

"Good" responded The Producer "you've got the right attitude. Don't forget you have the first script read through in two months. I won't be around for that as I'll be on location in Brazil, but I'm sure it will go well and we'll try and hook up in a few weeks anyhow"

"OK..." said Kerry-May, meekly, becoming very aware that last night would be the final time The Producer would see and enjoy Kerry-May's 32F-24-36 figure.

"Ciao for now!" signed off The Producer, leaving Kerry-May alone in the back of the limo looking wistfully out the window.

The same, recurring thought floated into Kerry-May's mind

"I'm going to get fat"

Her stomach growled again. It was stirring, awakening.

A drive-by McDonalds flashed by.

The rumbling growl of her belly could be heard over the road noise in the car.

She was getting close to home now. Her hunger was building. It felt insatiable.

"Let me out here please" she asked the driver. "I'll walk the rest. I need the air"

"OK Madam, as you wish" replied the driver.

The limo smoothly pulled in, the driver fetched Kerry-May's rolling luggage from the boot and opened the door for her.

"There you go" smiled the driver "you sure you're OK from here?"

Kerry-May's belly growled again

"Yeah, I'm fine", the reality being a long way from that. She was turning into a compulsive eater. Her eyes looked down the road to see a convenience store. Her belly rumbled in acknowledgment.

Kerry-May sighed as she closed the door to her apartment behind her. Her suitcase tipped over onto the floor with a thud, her expensive overcoat becoming tangled in the suitcase handle.

None of that mattered. She was focused obsessively on what else she was carrying with her. A cheap, thin, convenience store carrier bag was bulging and overloaded with its contents, the plastic handles being stretched thin by the weight of what she was carrying. She reached the breakfast counter in her kitchen and slowly tipped the contents of the bag out. A constellation of brightly coloured foil wrappers shouting out the name of her favourite chocolate and candy bars.

Kerry-May's belly gurgled appreciatively. She felt the wave of emptiness hit her again. A void needed to be filled to bursting point. She was ravenously hungry.

Blocking out the images of the odd looks she received in the convenience store as she spent over £50 on chocolate bars, she picked up the first bar. Her belly gurgled again as she slowly unwrapped the bright purple and yellow wrapper and inspected the two thin bars of chocolate within. Pushing gently on the closed end of the foil wrapper, one finger popped forth. She brought it up to her open mouth, and she gently teased the finger around her lips, she felt the chocolate gently melt and dissolve, triggering a cascade of endorphins.

The trigger had been pulled, she ate the first finger in three hungry bites before doing the same to the second finger in short order. She turned her attention to a metallic gold wrapper with red, bold type. This time the combination of chocolate, caramel and biscuit sent her into ecstacy, she felt herself leave her body and watch helplessly from the other side of the room as she mechanically worked her way through the pile of chocolate bars, the speed and ferocity increasing as she progressed. She watched and wept as she grunted, gulped her way through the maniacal chocolate binge before collapsing, stuffed and sobbing onto the kitchen floor, her belly distended and bloated from the self-destructive calorific bomb she had dropped on herself.

She felt herself reenter her body. The physical sensation was overwhelming. She felt bloated, heavy, slow.

The tears flowed as her hands touched her bulging stomach.

"No... please.... no... I don't want to get fat"

Kerry-May's eyes went wide as her stomach growled demandingly again and she heard her own voice in her head saying:

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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Fri Aug 13, 2021 6:42 pm

Kerry-May is succumbing to her urges, hunger, and "the need to feed" ;)
It's going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy at this rate, if she can't control herself. Perhaps if she exercised more to compensate for her new eating habits it might help, or it might end up losing weight only in her breasts, destroying them, especially if she's cursed. Then she would end up both fat and flat :twisted:
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Postby unterwomc » Mon Aug 16, 2021 11:08 am

Random character: It is not strange that client that covers his face?

Kentucky seller: Look, I only know that it is helping me pay for my children's university
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Postby resupplied69 » Mon Aug 16, 2021 11:32 am

unterwomc wrote:Random character: It is not strange that client that covers his face?

Kentucky seller: Look, I only know that it is helping me pay for my children's university

I'm not sure I know what you mean?
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