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Postby resupplied69 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 2:17 am

Chapter4: The Deal

[One month later...]

The sun poured through the diaphanous curtains that billowed in the soft, tropical island breeze. Outside, the water lapped over the edge of the infinity pool and a small team of discrete staff went about their work preparing lunch for the Hollywood producer who owned this incredible, private, tropical retreat.

Inside the cooler, shaded bedroom, she lay on her back on the wide, luxurious bed, her hazel eyes fixed on the heavily built man as he straddled her chest. Her waist is tiny, allowing him to easily position himself above her, her slender, 24 inch waist in stark contrast with the heavy bust of her chest. Her hair long, dark hair fans out over the cushions, framing her fine-boned, dainty features perfectly. She's only 20, but she is conducting herself with an incredible maturity and presence. She was surprised when his people first contact her, but soon she realized what he could offer and older men like him are easy prey. Her breasts are incredible, and she knows that. 32F, braless. Full, rounded tits, bulging and heavy. Each nipple is tiny and pert, each perfectly centred within a wide shaped areola. The size of her breasts is surreal, dramatically contrasted against her slender frame. The narrow and inviting valley between is generously glossy with lubricant. Gravity gently holds them parted, perfectly positioned to place the older man's cock. Her slender fingers sink into each pillowy form, holding them in an open invitation to embrace what he wants to place within.

He is above her, spell-bound by her utter confidence and seductive energy. Despite the unfamiliar surroundings, she is completely at home. All of those raunchy conversations online had finally come to fruition. All of the breast play, measuring and showing off he had watched her shoot for him via webcam. As agreed, he had abstained from masturbating for a week prior, and it showed. Months of tense contact have lead to this moment. The age difference between them only exaggerating the eroticism and intensity of the moment. The slick centre of her chest presenting a primal opportunity - The chance to indulge basal instincts and thrust to ejaculation. It feels forbidden to her some how - this will be her first titfuck - yet it offers a captivating comfort to whomever is fortunate enough to slide between. She was flown in first class and, upon entering his tropical home, things were almost handled formally. All this for her shot at Hollywood fame. The man shared a few words with her, and he smiled at that. She was under his control, and he set the pace. He will fulfil an ultimate sexual fantasy tonight, and it will be between the comforting swell of her magnificent breasts.
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Postby resupplied69 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 4:34 am

Chapter 5: The Encounter

[Two months later...]

"Kerry May! Kerry May!!!" the hordes of press photographers let loose a barrage of flashes from their side of the barrier that divided the divines presence of those walking the red carpet from the press and the public eager to catch a glimpse of them.

Kerry-May smiled confidently as she struck a three quarter pose for the photographers, the full projection of her bust, straining the designer dress, narrowing to her tiny waist and flaring out to her perfect, heart shaped ass. She was 21, had the figure that was the object of raw lust by millions of men and utter jealousy by an equivalent number of women. She has just turned 21 and her life was about to change dramatically

The backdrop behind her announced the reason for this glitzy event: Planet of The Spies.

One of the pre-approved journalists from the film production company approached Kerry-May with a camera crew in tow.

"Kerry-May, a few words for the press on this incredible evening?"

Kerry-May nodded and smiled.

"You've got the chance of a lifetime having been signed up to play Rachel Silversword in Planet of the Spies. You're here this evening for the press launch and the introduction of the cast to the world, yet before landing the role you were a total unknown as an actress with no prior experience. How do you answer those who wonder if you're up for the pressure of taking on such a role?"

Kerry-May smiled again.

"Well, I did go to theatre and stage school, so I have acting training. I've played small roles in theatre in my teens, but then other things just got in the way. You'll have to ask the producers and directors why they cast me" She smiled again, knowingly while looking down at her bust "I guess I just had what they were looking for".

The journalist and Kerry-May both laughed before the journalist signed off to the camera.

"Well there we have it, ladies and gentlemen, Kerry-May Porter, a young starlet who is about to blow up and hit the big time..."

As Kerry-May wandered off into the event, the journalist's attention was grabbed by another fusillade of flashes at the other end of the red carpet. A limo had pulled up and the crowd gasped as they saw who emerged.

It was Zoe Davies


Kerry-May was safely inside the event. Her one glass of champagne - she rarely drank and never to excess - was elegantly poised between her fingers. A succession of industry types all brefly spoke to her, wishing her well. The glamour model with the perfect figure was fitting in well to the role of rising starlet with Hollywood fame within her grasp.

She felt a light tap on the shoulder and turned to see an obese, young, blonde woman, her eyes seeming to be glowing amber and her off the peg dress stretched tight across her bulging figure. Kerry-May could see angry red stretchmarks just visible at the side of the young woman's breasts.

"Hi..." said Kerry-May anxiously, casting her eyes round for a security person.

"You fucking bitch" hissed the young woman.

"I'm sorry?" replied Kerry-May, trying to back away, her eyes darting around again for security personnel. "Do I know you?"

"You seemed to think that you knew all about me when you said those things in the newspaper" growled the blonde blimp

"What things?" asked Kerry-May, sensing the room around her become muffled and distant, like she and the obese blonde were the focus of everything right now.

"Kerry-May was saddened to hear about the plight of overweight teen pop star Zoe Davies. She said: 'I wish her all the luck in the world with losing the weight. I hope she gets all the hope possible" recited the blonde.

"oh my god... you're Zoe Davies"

Zoe nodded, evilly.

"I'm.... I'm so sorry. Those weren't my words. I didn't say them. I didn't write them. Someone else did"

Zoe sighed. "All excuses. The facts speak for themselves. You were mocking me"

"not true" blurted Kerry-May, "I would never..."

"I can see why you thought you had the upper hand" said Zoe, cutting Kerry-May off mid-sentence. "What you have is so rare, so special, so valuable." Zoe reached out with both hands, cupped Kerry May's breasts before sliding down to her slender waist before ending on her shapely hips.

"32F-24-36 You are a beautiful girl with an amazing figure"

Kerry May-winced before Zoe placed her hands on Kerry-May's waist. Zoe's eyes burned amber and Kerry May felt a chill run up her spine as Zoe's gaze burned deep into her.

"Oh Kerry-May, I was like you once." hissed Zoe "I was slim, I was a star, I had an amazing life with the best clothes and the best parties. I never thought I would get fat, but I did. And I know it's going to happen to you.

Kerry-May's eyes went wide as she felt a sharp, electrical tingling, like static, pass between Zoe's hands and Kerry-May's 24 inch waist.

"You're going to eat all your beauty"
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Postby Junketh71 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 10:41 am

This remains a very interesting story. Good luck with it.
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 10:53 am

The plot thickens! Kerry-May met Zoe! She tried to explain that she didn't write those things but Zoe didn't believe her. I guess she was too far gone to simply stop now just because Kerry-May denied the accusation. After all the deal was already made, and it gave Zoe some of that doctor's powers in exchange for her soul or whatever it is. I am guessing it will make Kerry-May start eating alot and having irresistible cravings.
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Postby Matt L. » Fri Jul 30, 2021 10:12 pm

Bravo! Outstanding cliffhanger.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Postby resupplied69 » Sat Jul 31, 2021 5:31 am

Chapter 6: Rumblings

The main event of the evening was the unveiling of the cast of Planet of The Spies. As Kerry-May readied herself for her moment on the stage, she felt an uncertainty and anxiety that was different from the usual stage nerves. It was as if all of this was no longer her or where she belonged.

"You OK there Peaches?" It was the Producer. Her Svengali and Sugar Daddy rolled into one. "Go knock em' dead". He passed her the key to his hotel suite "I'll have some business to attend to immediately afterwards, but I'll meet you there. In the room there is some chilled champagne, your favourite lingerie and a bottle of baby oil. We're gonna have a night of fun with the twins," he said chuckling contendedly "help yourself to anything from the minibar or room service, you got it?"

Kerry May nodded just as the MC announced her arrival on stage.

"She'll play the role of model turned secret agent, Rachel Silversword, a new face and a young actress who many believe will be huge very soon, please welcome, Kerry-May Poplar"

Kerry-May confidently strode out onto the stage, being handed a microphone as she went, to join the MC on stage.

"Welcome, Kerry-May. You're a fresh, new face to acting and we believe we've discovered a star for the future. Tell us what you can bring to the role of Rachel Silversword?

Kerry-May smiled, the smile fading slightly as she sensed an odd feeling in her stomach.

"Thank you, well Rachel is a former model, which plays to my strengths and background as I've been modelling for the last two years, but she's a character who uses her looks and her body as well as her guile and intelligence to..."

Kerry-May paused as the feeling in her stomach rapidly grew. She suddenly felt a huge void that needed to be filled.

" get..." Kerry-May faltered, her delicate hand touching her flat stomach. She realized her mouth was suddenly salivating. The MC looked on at Kerry-May, concerned.

"...what she wants..." Kerry-May trailed off. Everyone waited and paused.

Kerry May let her hands holding the mike drop to her waist. She seemed like she was in a trance, transfixed by something that was dominating her thoughts. The audience watched and waited. Those brief seconds seemed like an eternity.

The silence was violently broken my the sound of Kerry-May's belly growling ominously, the microphine picking it up and amplifying it for the whole room to hear.

"oh my god!" Kerry-May blushed as she heard the growl reverberate around the room.

"Well there we have it!" said the MC, stepping in "Kerry-May Porter, ready to hit the big time and delighted that canapés are about to be served."


Kerry-May tried to laugh it off, but the damage was done. Her first moment in the spotlight and her body let her down.

"Don't worry Peaches" said the Producer, soothingly "it's not all bad. Go back to the hotel, relax and I'll join you there later"

Kerry-May perked up, people were being kind, at least to her face and the Producer's words boosted her confidence. More importantly, that weird sense of cavernous emptiness in he stomach had ebbed away. She kissed the producer and headed to the car that would whisk her to his hotel suite.
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Sat Jul 31, 2021 5:57 am

So that stomach growling seems like a sign that she will want to start eating more. At the end, I am wonder if the feeling of emptiness went away on its own or if it was because she ate, and if so, how much did she eat?

The producer (and other people) probably only like her for her chest. Now what would happen if that were to change...
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Postby PuppetBox » Sun Aug 01, 2021 9:47 am

Another great set up. The scene with Zoe to kick it off and then the dialogue leading up to the stomach growling was superbly done.
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Postby resupplied69 » Mon Aug 02, 2021 3:59 am

Chapter 7: Warning Signs

Kerry-May sat alone in the back of the limousine, the lights and sights of the West End of London reflected in the windows of the luxury car.

Having left the venue, Kerry-May felt the first pangs of anxiety build inside her again. She heard the words from Zoe play over and over in her head.

"Oh Kerry-May, I was like you once.... I was slim, I was a star..."

Kerry-May placed both her hands over her flat stomach, trying to protect it, to shield it. The tears welled in Kerry-May's eyes as she remembered that deep, amber tinged gaze from Zoe drilling deep into Kerry-May's soul. Zoe's words hit her like decisive blows.

"I never thought I would get fat, but I did. And I know it's going to happen to you."

Kerry-May snapped out of it as she realized the driver was talking to her.

"Sorry?.... What?" asked Kerry-May meekly and apologetically.

"I said it's a big night for you" repeated the driver, his kind eyes reflected in the rear view mirror "everyone is saying that big things are going to happen to you"

A feeling of intense hunger washed over Kerry-May again. Her stomach growled once more, like a volcano stirring from a dormant slumber ready to wreak havoc on the lush, verdant, beautiful landscape around it.

"Soon be at the hotel" chuckled the driver "then you can order room service".


An hour later, Kerry-May was pacing back and forth anxiously in the luxury hotel suite, the lights of the London skyline behind her. There was no sign or word from the Producer – Kerry-May checked her phone for messages for what seemed like the hundredth time - but there was every sign that her belly had returned to its full, vocal force.

She heard her stomach growl aggressively again.

"Please.... stop!" murmurred Kerry-May, her tone increasingly exasperated.

Another rumbling growl echoed round the room

The feeling in her belly had returned as well, but this time it has evolved. It had expanded. It felt like a huge void that demanded not just to be filled, but to be stuffed to bursting point. Kerry-May felt instatiably hungry.

In the months to come, Kerry-May would look back tearfully at the events of the hour that followed as the moment the dam broke. Almost on autopilot, the gorgeous, slim, busty starlet picked up the phone and dialled a three digit number.

"Good evening, this is room service. How may I help you?"

"Hi, I'm in Room 259. Do you have Ice Cream?" asked Kerry-May, almost impatiently.

"Yes, Madam, we do" replied the courteous voice. "we have a selection of flavours in a bowl or we have sundaes"

"Could I order a bowl of vanilla and a bowl of chocolate" asked Kerry-May. Her mouth salivated and her mouth watered "large bowls please"

"Certainly madam, it will be with you in about ten minutes" replied the polite voice.

Kerry-May replaced the handset on the phone. Her gaze distant again. Her stomach growled again.

Slowly, she walked over to the full length mirror in a corner of the room. Her figure was flawless and utterly perfect. She admired herself in the mirror. In her designer gown, she looked every inch the Hollywood Goddess; her fine, boned slender frame contrasting dramatically with her full, heavy natural bust and her curvy, yet high and pert butt. She placed her hands on her slim, 24 inch waist. She owed everything to this incredible body.

"What am I doing?..." she thought, fatefully.

The knock on the door snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Room service" called a voice out in the corridor.

Kerry-May's belly gurgled and growled as if in acknowledgment. Having let the bellboy in, Kerry-May watched him set the two, very large bowls of ice cream on a low table in the centre of the room.

"Enjoy!" said the bellboy cheerfully before discretely exiting the room.

Kerry-May started to breath deeply, her rising sense of fear and panic kicking in, her inner turmoil evident.

"I can't do this" she mumbled to herself. She knew all too well what the effect of even a modest weight gain would have on her career. Getting fat would be absolutely catastrophic.

Her belly growled once more, demanding and insistent. She felt helpless. Her hand reached for the spoon, taking up a large scoop of the chocolate ice cream. As the cold, rich, ice cream reached her mouth it was if an explosion had taken place. The sheer rush of the cold, sugary confection setting off a chain reaction that would be sucking Kerry-May into a nightmare of helpless corruption, addiction and ruination. Kerry-May consumed the two bowls of ice cream with a speed and fury that would have terrified anyone who witnessed it

And, two hours later, as the Producer thrust to completion between Kerry-May's perfect 32F tits as he straddled her on the hotel suite bed, he was totally unware of the collection of trays and empty ice cream bowls Kerry-May had, in a blind panic, hidden beneath it.
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Mon Aug 02, 2021 10:14 am

So it has begun! She broke and has surrendered to her urges! She knows that this will end in disaster and yet did it all the same! I wonder if she will try going on a crash diet or start exercising more to compensate :twisted:
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