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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Aug 31, 2021 4:00 am

resupplied69 wrote:
Thetorss679 wrote:
ssj3gohan007 wrote:So it's been 4 months since she started eating? Also so many people are already criticizing, judging, and badmouthing her which is probably not good for her self esteem and confidence, and it's only going to get worse.

It seems she is developing stretchmarks and her rate of eating is increasing in a sort of destructive loop. She needs to increase her exercising to the extreme to try to counter this. It might not be enough to keep up with her excess eating habits but it will be interesting to see the effects of all that exercising would have on her prized boobs :twisted:

Yes it sounds mean but i hope she loses some cup sizes trying and failing to lose weight by exercising

heh heh. How many cup sizes?

YES :twisted:
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Postby Thetorss679 » Tue Aug 31, 2021 4:20 am

resupplied69 wrote:
Thetorss679 wrote:
ssj3gohan007 wrote:So it's been 4 months since she started eating? Also so many people are already criticizing, judging, and badmouthing her which is probably not good for her self esteem and confidence, and it's only going to get worse.

It seems she is developing stretchmarks and her rate of eating is increasing in a sort of destructive loop. She needs to increase her exercising to the extreme to try to counter this. It might not be enough to keep up with her excess eating habits but it will be interesting to see the effects of all that exercising would have on her prized boobs :twisted:

Yes it sounds mean but i hope she loses some cup sizes trying and failing to lose weight by exercising

heh heh. How many cup sizes?

She should go down to at least a B or C cup
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Postby resupplied69 » Mon Sep 06, 2021 11:13 am

Chapter 14: LA Woman

Kelly May turned over once again in bed. Despite its generous size, she found herself in a state of discomfort. She had struggled with jetlag since first experiencing it on a family holiday years ago and none of the tricks, tips, pills or herbal remedies had ever alleviated it. Days would go by until she adjusted and then it would be time to return to London. The room was pitch black, there was no sign of light creeping through the edges of the hotel curtains. LA gave its best impression of sleeping outside the hotel room and when the day finally broke, it would be the morning of Kelly-May being summoned to see Lorraine at the Rothman Agency.

Just the thought of that made Kelly-May start to panic. She rolled over again, opening her eyes to see the red LED display of the bedside alarm clock glowing in the darkness.


For a moment, Zoe dominated Kerry-May's thoughts; the glowing amber eyes, the staring deep into Kerry-May's soul, the terrifying prediction:

"I never thought I would get fat, but it happened to me, and I know it's going to happen to you."

For a brief moment, Kerry-May's mind played a film clip montage of what lay ahead for her: the compulsive overeating, the uncontrollable weight gain, the splitting seams and the helpless, terrifying and humiliating slide into obesity.

She saw a magazine headline from 18 months in the future:

"Ruined Beauty"

Kelly-May gasped and sat up in bed, wanting to scream. She stopped herself in fear of waking other guests, and instead took a moment to steady herself before heading off to the shower. There was no point in struggling to sleep.

The bathroom was luxuriously appointed - Kelly-May was in the Hollywood lifestyle now. She started the shower running and entered the spacious wet room area. As she lathered, she winced as she felt how much her body had changed. It felt alien to her. Her hands explored the burgeoning softness that was burying the firm, curvaceous figure that had made her career as a model. She felt the pooching of her belly before she reflexively breathed in to try to restore the appearance of her once slim waist before exhaling and watching her spare tyre expand and slump out.

Tentatively her hands reached round and lathered her widening rear. As she turned, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror and gasped. Once the epitome of slim stacked perfection, the weight seemed to be going everywhere apart from Kelly-May's celebrated boobs. Her waist, hips, ass and thighs seemed to be devouring Kelly-May's excessive calorie intake.

"oh my god... I'm going pear shaped"

Reeling from that revelation, Kelly May towelled down and sat, naked on the edge of the bed, her belly pooching into two rolls in a taunting reminder of the 24 inch waist she had lost.

She glanced at the alarm clock:


Time seemed to be slowing down. Her meeting with Lorraine wasn't until 8.30 a.m., with a car due to collect her at 7.30 a.m. for the drive through the LA traffic.


A thought flickered through Kelly-May's mind

"That's 23 stone"

Kelly-May gasped and clasped her belly as a loud gurgle erupted. "oh my god.... no... don't do this Kelly-May, not here.... not now.

Four hours later, the clock ticked over to 7:22 as Kelly May lay on the hotel bed, desperately trying to wriggle and shimmy her way ino her jeans. She had got into the habit of cutting the label out of her clothes, she was that far into denial, she knew the truth in her heart: she had rapidly burst her way through two sizes in a matter of months and the pair she was squeezing into were a UK size 14 and they were getting tight. Her face was flush red with exertion and embarrassment as she gradually zipped up and buttoned the jeans before gently, carefully, rolling off the bed to find her bra. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and found herself trying to look away before she returned her gaze to her reflection to put her bra on. Despite her expansion on pretty much every other dimension on her body, her cup size hadn't gone up. She cupped her breasts gently.

"My babies" she cooed, talking to them like old friends "at least I've still got you"

She slipped the bra on. It fitted perfectly in the cups, though she winced as she saw the soft flesh puffing up around the straps and back of the bra. Finally, a loose, figure concealing roll neck sweater went on over the bra before Kelly-May checked her make-up and saw that she was at risk of being late for the car pick-up. She shuddered as she surveyed the scene in the room. The floor was littered with Chinese food take out cartons and pizza boxes, evidence of her outrageous food binge at 4 a.m. It was like a horde of college jocks had ripped through the room, rather than the work of a once svelte glamour model pigging out uncontrollably on her own. She thought briefly about clearing the evidence before deciding to leave it to the maid to clear up, her jeans creaking as she strode out ready for her meeting with Lorraine.
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Mon Sep 06, 2021 3:29 pm

Very interesting how she gained weight literally everywhere but her chest, possibly a result of the curse. She's happy to still have her prized boobs, but in reality her boobs might have been turned completely into puppy fat and I can't wait until she loses them all, cup by cup, until she's a AA-Cup, if she's lucky :twisted:

Perhaps she tries harder to lose weight after her talk with her agent, or tries an experimental drug or cream or procedure or something...
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Postby unterwomc » Thu Sep 09, 2021 1:36 pm

Getting stuck by the door frame while the paparazzi photograph her

Her ass Occupy several seats on the bus we'll see how far Kelly goes
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Postby resupplied69 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:27 am

Chapter 15: Denise's Diagnosis

The talent agency Kelly-May was signed to was on the 35th floor of an LA downtown skyscraper. The journey across town for the hotel had been excruciating for Kelly-May, partly because the traffic, even at the early hour, had been slow and snarly, but mostly because the endless parade of restaurant and fast food signs had tormented Kelly-May and her now increasingly outrageous appetite. Connections were being made in her brain linking desire with eating. Kelly-May was starting to think like a fat girl.

As she rode the elevator up, she felt the pressure of her overtight jeans. Shuffling nervously and trying to distract herself, she avoided eye contact with the other occupants of the elevator and looked at the floor number display as it ticked up. The digits suddenly changed from the normal sequence of floors to rapidly numbers that she knew foreshadowed the catastrophic weight gain that awaited her.


Kelly-May's eyes went wide as she felt her jean button suddenly pop open and her belly surge forth.

"35th floor. Talent Management International" announced the robot female voice in the lift

Kelly-May grimaced and moved uncomfortably and slowly out of the lift towards the agency reception desk directly opposite. Her plan: to check in and then quickly locate the bathroom to try and quickly restore order with her jeans button.

The young women on the desk were all slim and statuesque. All models and wannabe actresses, no doubt. Kelly-May suddenly felt very heavy, bloated and self-conscious.

"Hello, may I help you?" asked one tall blonde, her thin, fake smile typical of the Hollywood outlook.

"Hi, I'm Kerry-May Porter, I'm here to see Denise..."

"Kerry-May Porter!" called out a loud voice behind her. A 50-something, Hollywood skinny, flat chested, dark haired, yoga nazi walked confidently up to Kerry-May and, as she air-kissed Kerry-May, she placed her hands on Kerry-May's thickening waist. She felt her waist squish, a roll of fat had settled on her now and it seemed to be expanding by the day.

"I'm Denise Drescher" announced the Hollywood-skinny woman, stating the obvious in a voice that betrayed her Brooklyn origin "so good to meet you at last. You're looking.... well"

The women behind the reception desk exchanged glances and smirks. Kerry-May knew what they were thinking and knew what the gossip would be. She was getting fat.

"Follow me" commanded Denise, setting off down the corridor towards her office "let's try and fix this problem you've developed"

Kerry-May's shoulders slumped as she followed Denise. She knew what Denise meant. She knew what the industry gossip was: She had developed a weight problem.

Denise had a corner office commanding a view towards Hollywood from its downtown LA location. It was immaculately furnished in a modern way and filled with a selection of contemporary art. Kerry-May's heart skipped a beat when she saw the scales already set up in the middle of the office on the hard floor with a dressing room screen set up in the corner.

"Take a seat" said Denise, pointing to one of the two chairs the other side of the large desk that formed the centrepiece of the room. As Kerry-May sat in the leather chairm, she felt her gut bulge forward and push the upper part of the zipper on her jeans down.

"There's no easy way to say this" said Denise, settling in to her chair on the other side of the desk "but you're gaining weight, people are noticing and people are talking"

The tears welled in Kerry-May's eyes as Denise's onslaught continued.

"The producer wanted you signed at this agency. He clearly sees something in you and has high hopes for you, but I warn you now that you'll blow your chances if you get fat."

Kerry-May started to sob "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry"

"Sorry isn't good enough." replied Denise, curtly, we're here today to see how we can fix the problem."

Kerry-May continued to sob

"But first of all we have to see how big the problem is" continued Denise "I want you to go behind the screen set up over there, strip down to your bra and panties, put on the bathrobe in there and meet me over by the scales" Her tone was sharp and direct like a drill sergeant.

Kerry-May made her way over to the screen like a prisoner sent for execution. Denise idly read through her emails at her desk while the sound of Kerry-May huffing and struggling could be heard behind the screen. For a girl once trained in dance and ballet, her new and rapidly acquired bulk had sent her spiralling into ungainly awkardness.

As she emerged from the screen clad in the fluffy white bathrobe, Kerry-may was a long way from the confident 20 year old whose looks and figure had catapulted her from glamour model fame to the brink of Hollywood stardom. She kept the robe clutched tight around her front and she walked slightly stooped over as if to try and hide from the critical gaze of Denise.

"OK..." said Denise, quietly. "drop the robe"

Kerry-May took a deep breath, closed her eyes, opened the robe and let it drop to the floor.

"Why have you closed your eyes?" asked Denise

"If I can't see it, then it isn't happening" replied Kerry-May meekly, her face flush with embarrassment.

But while Kerry-May kept her eyes shut in denial, anyone watching, not least Denise, could be in no doubt that what Kerry-May feared the most really was happening.

Kerry-May Porter was getting fat.

The figure that had once captivated glamour model fans in the UK and beyond had vanished. She was now covered in a soft cocoon of fat and she knew that the thousands of calories she was pumping into herself each day was only going to make those fat cells swell up more and then multiply. Her breasts had kept their original, full, firm, pert form, but the rest of her torso had softened and the gym bunny, ballet dancer tone that had made her so elegant in front of the camera had gone. Her arms were now soft and pudgy. Moving down her body it was clear where her gorging had taken the greatest toll. Her 24 inch waist was gone. It had been smothered by a thick roll of pudge that encircled her. In profile her belly was turning into a gut and starting to visibly crest and hang over the waistline of her panties. And those panties were stretched tight. In denial about her increasing girth, Kerry-May was trying not to move up a size, but the effect was merely one of highlghting how her rear was both widening and ballooning in size. Finally her legs, once strong and shapely, were now thickened. She was getting thunder thighs.

"My, My..." muttered Denise "I didn't realize things had become this bad"

"I need help" pleaded Kerry-May

"You sure do" replied Denise "step on the scale. Let's see how much work we need to do"

Kerry-May felt dizzy and light headed as she walked towards the scale. She heard them creak as she stepped on and looked up and away, glancing round the room and trying to blink away the tears. She wanted to look anywhere other than down at the number display on the scale.

"160 pounds" announced Denise mercilessly. "you've gained 32 pounds since being measured for your costumes for Planet of The Spies. What the hell are you doing?"

"I don't know.... I need help.... I just can't stop eating" replied Kerry-May.

"You sure do need help" continued Denise, as if tormenting her prey "I've been in this business long enough to see enough girls like you and to know how things can go very, very wrong for them"

"What do you mean?" asked Kerry-May, her tone frightened. Was she destined to be 'one of those girls'

"Hot at 18 or 19, take their looks and figure for granted, they don't have good eating or exercise habits, they hot their 20s, they party too hard, their metabolism slows and..." Denise moved to whisper in Kerry-May's ear "they blow up like a balloon"

Kerry-May winced at those words.

"I had a girl like you on my books once. Brunette, beautiful, great figure and amazing big boobs, though not as impressive as yours" Denise walked around the room, observing Kerry-May from every angle 'we had it all lined up for her. She was going to be a star, we had her lined up for a role in this top movie, we had product endorsements, a sideline modelling and as the face of an international cosmetics company."

Kerry-May stepped off the scale, listening to the story, her shoulder slumped. She knew where this was heading.

"But she threw it all away. She started getting heavier and heavier. She just couldn't control her weight. The movie dropped her just before principle shooting started, the endorsements and deals followed that. She became a pariah in the business, no one would hire her or cast her. She could only get bit parts and small roles. We had to drop her from our books. She moved to another agency and her weight just... exploded. The last I heard, she was living in Missouri, obese, working in a bar and attending overeaters anonymous meetings"

"I...I...I don't want that to be me" whimpered Kerry-May

"It doesn't have to be like that Kerry-May" replied Denise "but you have to want to change"

"I do want to change" replied Kerry-May, quietly.

"Good" replied Denise "now there is one thing we need to check before we continue. I need you to take your bra off so I can take a look at your breasts"

"You need to do what?!" gasped Kerry-May

"Relax" replied Denise soothingly "they are a big part of what makes you special and I have instructions from the insurers of Planet of The Spies that your assets are in great shape"

Kerry-May, worn down by the barrage of comments and criticisms from Denise, was pliant and reached round and unclipped the bra.

"Wow..." gasped Denise as Kerry-May revealed her breasts "...they're incredible"

"Thank you" smiled Kerry-May gazing down at them. Despite the expansion taking place on the rest of her body, Kerry-May's breasts remained remarkably unchanged. Full, high and pert, they were perfectly symetrical and topped by a pair of puffy areolae and tight, ideally sized nipples. They defined her. They had made her career. They had made her famous. She knew women envied her for her breasts and she revelled in it.

"I can see why you get all the attention with those" smiled Denise "you are truly blessed. What bra size are you?"

"32F" beamed Kerry-May "I know how lucky I am"

"So true" smiled Denise "I know I can help you change"

"Please. I don't want to be like this. I want to change" replied Kerry-May. She was at the mercy of her agent.

"OK" said Denise, motioning to Kerry-May to sit down again "I can book you at a clinic. It is a couple of hours drive from here, out into the desert. It is very remote, very discrete and it is where we send our top clients when things get a bit... out of control. It might be booze, it might be drugs, it might be food, but a couple of weeks in their care and you will come back changed forever"

"Yes! I'll do it. Whatever it takes. When can I go?" asked Kerry-May excitedly.

"If you go and get dressed, I'll get my PA to call them and to book you as a priority. You can be there before lunchtime"

"Thank you....thank you!" beamed Kerry-May, relieved that she was not going to get fired "I'll get dressed now"

"Good. Don't worry about clothes or packing to stay at the clinic." replied Denise "They will sort everything out"


A quarter of an hour later, Karen, a fellow agent, walked up to stand alongside Denise as she watched Kerry-May head off down the corridor and off to her two week stay in the clinic.

"Is that Kerry-May Porter?" asked Karen "she's getting porky"

"She sure is" replied Karen, smirking

"She's got great tits though" continued Karen. "Is it true that she got the role because she was titfucking the producer?"

"uh-huh" replied Denise

"wow..." gasped Karen

"I tell you what though," added Denise, an evil glimmer in her eye "she better start learning how to act, because by the time she leaves that clinic, her titfucking days are going to be over"
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 5:55 pm

Nice! I loved that scene! I have a feeling that Denise isn't doing this purely out of noble intentions to help Kerry-May but something far more sinister! I believe something very interesting is going to happen at that Clinic. Oh she's going to change, all right, just not the way she expects :twisted:
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Postby resupplied69 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 12:55 pm

Chapter 16: Holistic Treatment

As the limo pulled away from the Rothman Agency, Kerry-May felt herself sink into the leather seats and quickly into a deep sleep. The combination of the jetlag, her waking early and the sense of relief at not being fired for her weight gain conspired to send her into a doze that kept her unconscious all the way out of LA. By the time she woke, the view speeding by outside the limo window had changed from the city to a desert landscape.

"How long have I been asleep?" asked Kerry-May to the driver.

"Just over an hour" replied the driver "and we have a couple of hours more to go before we get there"

Kerry-May slid down slightly in her seat. She felt her bulging waistline pooch over her jeans. The dressing down she had received in Denise's office, while brutal, had made her feel reassured. She had a team around her and they were not going to let her get fat.

Time seemed to bend and distort for the rest of the journey. Kerry-may wasn't certain if she had been on the road for two hours or two days, but in the midst of a classic southwestern desert landscape, the driver look a left turn off the main highway and drive for a further ten minutes down a dusty track to arrive at the clinic. The car arrived in front of a complex of small, low, white-washed, modern buildings, gleaming in the desert sun against the blue sky. Three people were gathered in front of the main building, clearly awaiting Kerry-May's arrival.

The driver got out and walked around to open the door for Kerry-May to exit the limo.

"Ms Porter, welcome to Pechos Arruinados" said a cool, calm, tall, older woman "My name is Doctor Kisebb. These are my colleagues Miss Siadaç and Miss Plana. We will take care of you in the days ahead. Please follow me".

Kerry-May followed behind Doctor Kisebb, Miss Siadac and Miss Plana walking alongside them. Kerry-May realized she had artived in just the clothes she was wearing.

"There's no need to worry about change of clothes or anything like that" said Miss Plana soothingly "we can take care of things. Toiletries, clothing, even underwear and sleepwear, we can organize and order it in at no extra charge"

Kerry-May felt relieved to know she wouldn't be in the same clothes the whole of her stay, though 'no extra charge' did make her wonder who was paying for her time at this clinic.

"And, of course," said Miss Siadic, taking over, "our patients leave her in a much better shape than when they arrived. That's the whole point"

The group entered a large, open plan, glazed reception. A fourth member of staff quickly took Kerry-May's details before she was shown into a room where she stripped down for weighing and a full body scan. 15 minutes later she found herself in Doctor Kisebb's office.

"You are very lucky to be sent here" smiled Doctor Kisebb looking at her tablet and gazing back at Kerry-May on the other side of the next "the body scanner we have here is state of the art and I can see from the scanner's analysis that your weight gain has been recent and rapid. Your fat cells have swelled up such that they are on the cusp of multiplying"

"oh my god..." gasped Kerry-May

"and if that happens..." continued Doctor Kisebb "it means that your weight will explode and you'll never be slim again, at least not for any lengthy period of time"

"please... help me" whispered Kerry-May. She knew she was on the brink.

"You've come to the right place. We have bespoke treatments for each of our clients and i can already see what we need to do in your case" smiled Doctor Kisebb.

Kerry-May leaned in, listening intently "tell me more..."


Twenty minutes later, Kerry-May, clad in just a pair of panties and a white bathrobe was being wheeled by Miss Siadic and Miss Plana on a bed towards one of the clinic zones. She had been prepped and sedated so every colour seemed bright, every movement felt soft and smooth. In a dimly lit room, the three of them, with Kerry-May on the bed, arrived next to a high-tech pod that looked large enough to accommodate one person lying down. The exterior of the pod was a smooth, seamless, glossy and white, like a polished marble pebble apart from a discrete LED control panel that flashed sequences of numbers.

Miss Siadic tapped on her tablet and the pod opened into two halves. Inside was a reclined couch, looking like it should be in a space capsule.

"This is where you will spend the next two weeks" smiled Miss Siadic.

Miss Planta helped Kerry-May off the bed out of the robe, a pang of envy rushing through her as she saw Kerry-May's spectacular 32F breasts and gently walked her over to the couch in the open pod. "Here, sit down so we can give you the rest of your shots"

Kerry-May lay in the couch, she could feel her hips push against the sides. Soon she would be slimmer again. She knew that.

Miss Planta and Miss Siadic worked to gently strap her into the couch. "We don't want you falling out of bed" smiled Miss Planta.

Kerry-May smiled back before wincing slightly as Miss Siadic administered another shot in Kerry-May's arm.

"That's the main dose of your sedative" said Miss Siadic "it will knock you out for two weeks and break the cycle of your binge eating"

"OK...." said Kerry-May, her voice quieter and faltering as the sedative took quick effect.

Another shot in the other arm came from Miss Planta.

"Those are your nutrients for the next two weeks" said Miss Planta, reassuringly.

Kerry-May felt increasingly sleepy and still. Her whole body felt heavy and weighted. She tried to move her arm, but it was too much effort. Unconsciousness beckoned.

"Now for the fat dizzolvers. This will be like going on a crash diet" said Miss Siadic, curtly, reminding Kerry-May of what she had been told in the briefing from Doctor Kisebb earlier.

The couch was positioned and angled such that Kerry-May could look down past her full, perfect F cup tits to the bulging belly that had been her nemesis for many months now. She watched as Miss Siadic injected her belly once, then again, with two doses from two different syringes. Kerry-May imagined the needles puncturing her belly and watching it deflate.

Through the fog of the sedative, Kerry-May was jolted by a pin prick in her left breast.

"what was that?..." Kerry-May's eyes focused on the syringe now dosing her left breast.

"What are you doing?..." Kerry-May fought back in her mind, but the sedative and straps now kept her locked in position. She watched a second dose being adminstered into her left breast.

"No... stop.... not my boobs"

She felt the third and fourth injections go into her right breast.

"Not my boobs... don't touch my boobs.... please...."

Her voice was a whispering murmur now and she felt herself drift into unconsciousness as the shells of the pod closed around her.

"See you in two weeks!" smirked Miss Siadic as the shells met and locked with a reassuring clunk.
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Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 1:36 pm

Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! Her fate is now sealed! I wonder what she will wake up to but odds are that she won't be too happy about it. Will she end up skinny and curveless, or regain it because of the curse, but this time without her precious boobs, and end up fat & flat? One thing's for sure, things are going to change for our Kerry-May :twisted:
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Postby Adobeman10 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 3:52 pm

Geez, now Im waiting with great anticipation for the next chapter for the payoff!
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