Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!)

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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby FFA5924 » Wed Sep 01, 2021 4:34 am

ssj3gohan007 wrote:Great job! It seems Anastasia's night of humiliation isn't over yet. At first I was surprised that her role was the "lady of the house" instead of the abused help, but the tables get turned! It's like the saying goes, "You had me in the first half, not gonna lie"

Is that you in the maid outfit, by the way?

I’m glad I got ya for a second. Lol

Yup! That’s me (and Daddy)
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby FFA5924 » Thu Sep 02, 2021 8:35 am

Chapter XXI “Other Adventures”

“Welcome Jean!” Ruth says as her fellow dominate woman walks in for her one on one with her husband waddling in behind her.
“Donnie, you ok? You are walking kinda weird.”
Don looks at Ruth and then gently sits down beside his wife.
“Cat’s got his tongue.” Jean says followed with “He’s just a little uncomfortable at the moment aren’t you Donnie.”
“I am.”
“Oh? Why’s that?”
“You want to show her?”
He shakes his head no vigorously.
“Too bad Donnie. SHOW HER.” She commands.
Donnie stands up and starts sniveling as he unbuckles his pants and then pulls down his cream colored slacks revealing light pink satin panties. Ruth covers her mouth to stifle her laugh.
“Oh. I didn’t realize you liked those.” Ruth says.
“That’s not all is it Donnie… turn around and show her.”
Donnie starts sobbing but Ruth notices that he has a slight erection as he turns around and then slides down his full cut panties revealing a white string hanging from his ass.
“Whatcha got there Don?”
“It’s a tampon.” Jean answers for her husband. “He wants to stare at fat tits all day just to belittle me when I’m changing? I decided he should learn what it’s like to be a woman. So he has on some cute girlie panties and a tampon in so he can feel it.” Jean says looking very satisfied with herself.
Ruth is staring at the small wet spot on the front of his panties… “Donnie, are you excited by your tampon and panties?”
“No!” He says as tears start forming..
“You aren’t? Then why is your little pee pee starting to make a wet spot on your pretty panties?”
She reaches out and slides the panties down exposing his erect penis and clean shaven scrotum and public area
“Awww.. isn’t that just darling? A bald little pee pee like a little boy! Just a perfect haircut.”
A little precum escapes his 6’ cockhead and Ruth quickly pulls the panties back up to cover his penis. “Uh oh! Better cover that up before it drips on the floor.”
“That’s enough flaunting your dick for another woman Donnie. Come sit.” Jean barks
Don quickly fixes his clothes and takes a seat next to his wife one leg crossed over the other.
Ruth laughs to herself at his feminine posture and then looks at Jean sitting in a pair of high heeled boots, black leather skirt, black button up and Ruth notices a much reduced bust..
“Jean, I swore you were bustier?”
“I’m strapping these down so that *he* stops only thinking with that bald dick of his.”
Ruth nods and makes several updates in her app during their remaining session time.

Karen enters the room next with her husband Brad and they take their seats. They seem a little uncomfortable today..
“You guys ok?” Ruth asks.
“Well.. not really… I guess all of the interest in sex brought up having kids.” Karen says, “But really I don’t want any.”
“Oh. How about you Brad? Sounds like she is suggesting that you do.”
“Of course I do. We talked about all of this during courtship. She was sure she did. It’s why we bought such a big house, she wanted lots of space for kids to live and have their own rooms, we pay a really high mortgage so we could have land that she insisted we needed for the kids to “explore” and “be kids”. I just can’t believe she’s waited this whole time to back out.”
“Well I just don’t think I feel like being pregnant. Sorry, I like my body this way so it’s a done deal.” Karen says flatly.
“Ok, let’s discuss this a little. I think both of you needs to listen and understand what the other is saying…”

Ruth spends the rest of the hour listening to the couple discuss their dreams and how they planned everything and now it seems that (for vanity reasons only) that Karen is backing out of literally EVERYTHING they both based their future on. Ruth checks her notes to ensure this isn’t a byproduct of her hypnosis or nanotechnology and finds that it isn’t.
In an effort to find compromise, Ruth suggests adoption to the couple or even a surrogate mother situation. While Brad is open to either option since he WANTS a family, Karen is opposed to all. “First of all I’m NOT raising someone else’s kids, and secondly, I’m not going to PAY for someone else to have kids that I have to put everything on hold for to raise. The hell with that.”
Doing a little hypno she finds that Karen has felt this way for a long time and really just wanted to “land” Brad so she could get the “big” things she feels like she deserves.
“I’ll give you what you deserve Karen, don’t you worry.” Ruth says entering commands into her App.

“So I think both of you just need to relax and enjoy the next few days. Maybe the stress of the conference has you both on edge. I think that both of you can find that you get what you give in a marriage.” Ruth finishes up with this couple and they leave her office.
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Thu Sep 02, 2021 8:16 pm

I am guessing that Brad was staring at Anastasia prior and this is Jean's payback. I found it very interesting that she reduced her bust apparantly as part of teaching her husband a lesson. How did she manage it? Was it the nanobots?

It seems that Karen is an entitled, selfish, spoiled brat that tricked her husband into marrying her for her own selfish desires. I think Ruth is likely to fix her since she is clearly in the wrong, in this scenario.
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby FFA5924 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 1:15 pm

ssj3gohan007 wrote:I am guessing that Brad was staring at Anastasia prior and this is Jean's payback. I found it very interesting that she reduced her bust apparantly as part of teaching her husband a lesson. How did she manage it? Was it the nanobots?

It seems that Karen is an entitled, selfish, spoiled brat that tricked her husband into marrying her for her own selfish desires. I think Ruth is likely to fix her since she is clearly in the wrong, in this scenario.

She’s just wearing a minimizing bra. It’s nothing permanent With her boobs.
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby FFA5924 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 1:17 pm

Chapter XXII “Nicknames and other Personal Issues”

“Uh oh, looks like someone got in trou-ble.” Ruth says in a sing song voice looking at Michelle standing in the corner of the small conference room, her panties down at her ankles. Hearing her voice Michelle starts crying again at the embarrassment of being seen bare bottomed with pink cheeks…
“Well I told her no more back talk about everything. It’s getting quite frustrating for all of us that she expects to be treated like an adult but acts like a toddler.” Patrick says sitting next to Gracie on the loveseat. He’s wearing gray slacks and a black polo while Gracie is wearing a cream colored dress in a retro 50’s halter style. Ruth looks her over and is impressed with how well the bots have given her a makeover. She looks at most like she’s 30. Great skin, nice tan, her hair looks healthy, her waist is trim and her hourglass figure pronounced by her hips and large breasts.
“Well, would you say enough “corner time” has passed so that Michelle can rejoin our session?”
“That’s fine.” Gracie says after looking at Patrick for approval.
“Great! Ok Michelle, come over here.”
“Yes ma’am.” She whimpers bending over (at the waist) to pull up her thick cotton panties, pink with red trim today. She pulls her overalls up and then approaches her mother who is making small talk with Patrick and Ruth. Without stopping her conversation, she reaches out and buckles the snaps for her daughter. Michelle starts to say something but her mom puts her pointer finger on her lips and says that the “grown ups are talking right now.” Michelle looks at Ruth and then her family and lowers her gaze to the ground and takes a seat across from them.
“So…. Let’s talk about how everything is going. Patrick, how was last night?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, Michelle and Gracie seem to be getting closer, something that I can tell Gracie enjoys. It’s good for her to feel needed… In fact, Gracie, any updates to your relationship with Michelle you want to tell us?”
“Oh yes! It’s been really great having Shelly treat me less like a pain in the neck and more like a mom. I’ve liked helping her with little things here and there.”
“Little things like what? Her romper?”
“Yeah! Like that and helping her pick out clothes, helping her get ready to go out of the room or ready for bed. I helped her with her husband and their intimate problem, heck I even helped her when she wet the.”
“Momma no!” Michelle blurts out
“What? You had a little accident, its ok.” Gracie says to her blushing daughter..
“That’s right, just a little spurt.” Gracie says consoling the girl.
“Spurt? Of pee?” Ruth asks quizzingly.
“It was just a little.” Gracie explains. “She was sleeping and it just happened. She said she had a bad dream and woke up scared and let just a bit out. It was nothing really, we got her all cleaned up and in fresh panties and back in my bed in no time.”
“Your bed?” Ruth asks
“Well yeah, she pissed our bed so where else would we sleep?” Patrick says laughing and nudging Gracie.
“Oh! You all three shared Gracie’s bed.”
“Right, we let housekeeping know so they could take care of the wet mattress. Which reminds me.” Gracie looks at her daughter. “Honey, don’t you have something you need to tell Mrs Ruth?”
Michelle looks at Ruth and then tears come up in her eyes. “Sorry I wet the bed…”
Ruth starts to respond but the bratty girl starts making excuses for herself.
“But it’s not *my* fault, I told momma I drank too much before bed and then I was looking at Daddy’s.. uh Patrick’s penis when he came back to bed and I needed to go but I felt silly cause momma made me wear this stupid looking little kids nightie.. I didn’t want him seeing my boobs cause the top is so see through. It’s her fault!” She stands up and points at her mother “and it was barely any and she didn’t have to tell Da… SHE’S the tattle tale acting like a brat!” She finally concludes her rambling and then huffs crossing her arms across her chest.

Ruth makes some more notes and then smiles at Michelle. “So I noticed a few things in what you said and I’d like to discuss them with you and your family…”
Ruth goes on to speak with the family about Michelle’s “accident”, her childish “blame game”, her reference to Patrick as “Daddy”, her lack of taking responsibility, ends up with the “silliness” of her worrying about her husband seeing her barely there breasts.
The entire time they are discussing the issues Ruth sees Michelle getting more and more embarrassed and fidgety. By the time Patrick refers to her breasts as “little A cups” she is sucking her thumb and holding her crotch.. Patrick looks at Gracie and then clears his throat looking at her again. Gracie looks at her daughter’s hand between her legs and then arches an eyebrow..
“Shelly Bear…?”
“Wha momma?”
“Do you need to use the bathroom?”
Michelle shakes her head no.
“I think you do. Go use the potty.”
Michelle starts tearing up and stands to walk to the bathroom. Her now 5’ body resembling a late bloomer middle schooler instead of the mid twenties bombshell she was when she arrived.
“Oh I’m sorry dear.. my bathroom is out of service. You’ll have to use the one at the cafeteria.” Ruth says trying to hide her lie.
Michelle’s eyes widen as the urgency in her embarrassed bladder hits her even harder.
“Momma! I gotta pee bad!” She squeezes her knees together and squats down a bit..
“Well Michelle! You are not a toddler! You should have gone earlier! Can you make it to the bathroom over in the cafeteria?”
Michelle shakes her head vigorously “no”
“Here!” Ruth says standing and grabbing her waste basket by her desk. “It isn’t a real potty but we have an emergency on our hands.”
Michelle is embarrassed and relieved at the same time.. she starts unbuckling her overalls but one is stuck. Her mom stands and quickly (and easily) unsnaps the “stuck” buckle and then pushes her overalls down her legs and pulls her panties down to her ankles sliding the improvised toilet between her daughter’s thin legs.
“Go ahead honey. We’ve all seen a girl pee before.” Ruth consoles her.
Michelle looks at the three people waiting on her to pee and then looking directly in Ruth’s eyes she can’t hold her pee anymore and empties her bladder into the trash can with a loud “hisssssssss”.
Ruth steps in the restroom and gets some toilet paper for Michelle. Gracie reaches over and takes the tissue and wipes her daughter’s privates before standing her up (facing the now seated Ruth) and takes a second wipe cleaning her “bottom” and dropping it in the wastebasket too.
Ruth lets out a small giggle looking at Michelle’s smooth hairless pubic region.
Michelle sees this and frowns followed by chewing on her left thumbnail..
“I shaved it.” Gracie says reaching down and looking at the gusset of her daughter’s white panties, “all dry Shelly-Bear!” She announces as she starts pulling her daughter’s panties up. “I told her that if I’m going to have to handle cleanup down there from now on, we were going to get rid of that hair so Mommy can get her cleaned up faster…. Besides, I never noticed how sparse she was down there, really no point in having any anyway.”
Ruth smiles knowing that her bots did their job killing off her hair follicles this week. Little did Gracie or Michelle know, that hair was never going to grow back. Ruth makes a few updates to her app.

“So I see that some of the “nicknames” have been chosen. We have Michelle calling Patrick “Daddy”, and you are Momma. You call her “Shelly-Bear and what do you call him?”
Gracie fidgets a little in her seat… “Well since she calls him Daddy, I just figured I would too.”
“Cute.” Ruth says. “And how about you?”
“I call her Shelly-Bear and I haven’t decided on Gracie yet.” Patrick replies.
“Not bad! Well whenever something jumps out at you, let me know.”
“We should probably get that out of here.” Patrick says pointing at the pee filled trash can.
“True, Michelle, will you him take that down to the cafeteria and get it cleaned up? I need to talk to your momma for a few minutes.”
Michelle wrinkles her nose at the idea but her husband picks up the can and says “Let’s go baby.” They exit the room and Gracie looks at Ruth and whispers…
“I’m glad we have some time to talk without them..”
“Oh? Everything ok?”
“Well yes… and no.. Last night after she wet and came in my room, she was in the middle and I was on the right, Patrick on the left side of the bed. Well… Gracie must have gotten up to go pee again because this morning around 4 I realized that *I* was the one in the middle.”
“Ugh. I’d feel trapped.” Ruth admitted.
“Well it wasn’t that… it was just… well… I felt something poking my… you know.. my butt.” Gracie says blushing. “I realized that it was Patrick’s penis poking me as he lay behind me.”
“Oh? Well did you move?”
“No way! I was afraid I’d embarrass him. Morning wood poking your mother in law’s butt!” She starts laughing but then gets serious. “But at the same time… it felt… good… Yeah. It felt good having a man beside me again. I mean, I don’t know how I feel about it being my son in law but it was still nice you know?”
Ruth thinks about Paul’s limp bald dick leaking precum into his panties and smiles. “Well I’m sure it was nice having some male attention.”
“Yes. And then with Shelly snuggled up to my chest it was just… well… It was like when we were young. My husband trying to sneak in some sex while Michelle is so sound asleep she’s drooling on my boobs!” She starts laughing. “Well anyway. I don’t know why I told you.”
“It’s ok, it sounds like you had a nice evening. Why don’t you go catch up to them and enjoy the rest of this one.” Ruth says standing and walking Gracie to the door.
She closes her office door and heads to her bathroom to relieve her own bladder. She flushes the toilet and laughs to herself about how much fun all of this is.

“Why stop now?” She says heading back to meet with another couple.
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:05 pm

So the process of converting Michelle into the baby of the family and usurping her place as Patrick's lover continues! With Gracie being aged down and everything, it seems like a matter of time before they officially become lovers, and perhaps even husband and wife, who knows. I am guessing the next couple is Karen and her husband since Ruth has yet to try to fix that situation yet. Although it could be someone else first. It seems Ruth is having maybe a tad too much fun with this. The term mad with power comes to mind, but at least she is seemingly using it to help others, at least for now... but if anyone pisses her off, she has no problem abusing that power to the extreme, for revenge.
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby FFA5924 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:52 am

Chapter XXIII “Moans and other Motherly Sounds”

It’s Friday night, and nearing the end of the conference. Anastasia has been subjected to a week of humiliation at the hands of Ruth in public, like the Pool Party where her white bikini was purposely made thin enough that once wet, her “charms” were on display. This gave rise to mean stares and comments from the “decent folks” at the event and gave ideas to the “problem” couples. While her thick, dark nipples and areola were visible up top, her bald vagina and lips could be seen below. The thin material also showed her green jeweled plug in back. The worst part for her was that her “Breedable” tattoo was out in the open. More humiliation waited for her in the pool house when Claire and Jean caught her changing. Still convinced that she was using her “Cow Tits” to seduce their husbands, They forced her on her hands and knees and took turns kicking her “Slut Handles” while calling her degrading names. The climax coming when Anastasia was so aroused by her own abuse that she started rubbing her dripping slit to orgasm.
Then Ruth’s private humiliations at the hands of herself or the rest of the “Problem” couples; especially the Murrays who have gotten to use her for their own sexual escapades. She plays the perfect Maid, Teacher, Harem Girl, etc but in the morning remembers everything she “acted” out for the sexually charged couple.

She spends her day blushing at the thought of the dirty things she did the night before while trying to focus on her lectures and her breaks wiping her copious juices off her panties and thighs from the arousal being humiliated causes…. She’s a wreck.

Ruth has made so many “improvements” to her body that she can just about cause any reaction or any change to occur in just a few hours. The nanobots have multiplied to the point that she could probably turn her into a fish in a matter of days. She laughs to herself. Ruth checks that today’s changes will be online and is happy to see that Anastasia will be ready in 15 more minutes. “Just in the Nick of time!”

Tonight she’s sitting on the couch watching some TV in the Murray’s suite. She’s wearing a light blue retro 50’s dress. While the skirt section is long and puffed out by crinoline, the top is fitted and draws attention to her swollen bust. She couldn’t button the top two buttons so her long cleavage is highlighted. She’s watching a rerun of I Love Lucy as a part of the 50’s theme, she’s also wearing high heels, thigh highs with a garter belt and full brief panties. Her light yellow bra is straining to contain her breasts…. She’s sipping a cup of tea and absentmindedly touches up her hair when she hears “little feet” approaching….
“Mommy I’m hungry!”
“Well hey there baby! How my sweet girl tonight?”
Anastasia looks down at her “sweet girl” Merry as she crawls on the floor. The formerly mid 50 years old, frumpy “empty nester” has benefitted from Ruth’s nanbots to appear as a trim, fit, sexy 28 year old woman. Her 34D breasts and size 4 body at 5’8” is a stark contrast to the pink and white onesie, pigtails, and an obviously diapered bottom!
“I want milky mommy.” She whines crawling up on the couch next to her “mommy”.
“It’s late baby, little girls need to be in bed.”
“Bed time.”
“I… Want…. MILKY!!!!!!!”
“No ma’am! You won’t yell at mommy.” Anastasia grabs the girl and lays her across her lap and starts spanking her padded bottom causing Merry to cry.
“Mmmm…” Anastasia moans feeling the tenderness in her breasts and nipples as they shift in her bra.
“Hush up now sweetie.” She consoles her baby girl.
“I’m hungry too momma.” A voice says in the doorway..
“Oh alright you two, let’s get in bed and we can have just a little.”

Anastasia sits on the bed while the Murrays take a side laying on their backs, legs behind Anastasia and heads resting on her thighs. She unbuttons her dress revealing a nursing bra that she quickly unsnaps bringing her large stiff nipples into view.
“Ok you two, not a whole lot, don’t want wet diapees do we?”
Both shake their heads no, but quickly take a nipple in their mouths and start sucking.
While each “baby” nurses, Anastasia starts feeling heat between her legs. “Mmmmmmmmmm…. Not so hard kids, mommy is really sensitive….” She moans out as she feels her panties dampen in response to their assault on her breasts.
The kids suckle harder at the lack of milk and then look at each other and giggle at their “mommy’s” moans.
They then roll to face each other and each put an arm around Anastasia’s thighs pulling them a part causing her legs to spread.
“Uh…. Ugh…….. mmmm..” she moans, her panties are damp and the Murrays slide her dress up each putting a hand in her crotch “innocently” brushing the sides of her panties.
Anastasia can barely control herself as an orgasm rocks her body from the attention her large breasts are getting. She pushes both mouths away from her nipples as her thighs shake from the arousal.
“Momma I’m still hungry!” Both boy and girl say to her as she starts putting her breasts back in the nursing bra.
“That’s enough. Mommy needs to go potty.” She stands and scurries to the bathroom to dab the grool from her panties.
Both children keep whining on the bed while she is away.

Flushing the tissues down the toilet, she renters the bedroom to see both children whimpering and crying.
“That’s enough of this crying. It’s bed time and you both need to get in your beds!” She fusses.
“But… but…. But… mommy…. I’m so thirsty..” Merry whines before bursting into tears rubbing her eyes..
Anastasia leans over her to comfort her but suddenly stands up at the awkward feeling she has on her chest. She quickly unbuttons her dress just in time to see that a large wet stain is spreading across the fabric of her nursing bra! She unsnaps the cup and pulling it down finds that she is spraying breast milk in five tiny fountains from each engorged nipple, plus rivulets of milk are streaming down her under breasts disappearing in her bra.
She stands holding them as the Murrays pull her back to a seated position and latch on to her breasts again.
“UGH!!!” She moans as the feeling of breastfeeding overwhelms her already sensitive breasts.
“No! You have to *ughhhhh* you have to stop it… I’m….. im….. I’m cumming! Aaaahhhhh!” She squeals with pleasure as her panties get just as wet as her bra!
She removes one hand from Merry and thrusts it between her legs rubbing her slit like a madwoman as wave after wave of pleasure has her losing count of the number of times she cums!
She finally plops back on the pillows and let’s the two “babies” nurse her until they have their fill.
“Uh oh!” Merry says…
“What sweet pea?”
“I’m as wet as mommy now.”
“Oh Merry! I told you not to drink so much.” Anastasia says looking at Merry’s thick (and now full) diaper.
“Let’s get you changed.”

Merry is all changed and then Jim points at his diaper. “I pee pee!”
“Ok silly. Come over here.”
As Anastasia works to get the grown man in position, she untapes his diaper and finds a slightly erect penis.
“Merry, pass me the wipes please.” She tells her “daughter”.
“No more wipes Mommy.”
“What? Oh my! We can’t let him get a rash.” She starts looking around for something to clean him up with. Finding nothing but diapers, baby powder, and baby oil.
“Itchy Mommy! It’s itchy!”
“Oh no! Ok. It’s ok, Mommy will take care of it. Just… just give me a second….” She looks around one more time and then looking at her sweet little baby boy she tells herself “A mother’s gotta do what a mother’s gotta do.” Before diving headfirst into his crotch and giving him a tongue bath cleaning off the pee.
After a thorough cleaning, (from belly button to asshole) she sits back and starts putting on a fresh diaper.
Her handling his penis has caused it to become fully erect and she can’t get it to fit in the diaper.
“Silly baby. Mommy can’t put your diaper on if your pee pee is this big.” She giggles to him.
“It tickles mommy!” He says giggling along with her.
“Well… I guess I can fix it like I fix it when Daddy’s pee pee wouldn’t go down.”
She leans over and starts giving Jim a blowjob. ..

“There we go!” Anastasia says wiping the cum off of her nose and lips.. “All better.”

Anastasia cuddles Jim up on her lap and the greedy baby works her nipple free and starts sucking again. Merry climbs around to the other side and Anastasia pulls out her other breasts offering it to the greedy little baby.
The trio falls asleep, Anastasia drooling from her slit, her breasts leaking milk and everyone satisfied…

6:30am and Anastasia is beet red hurrying down the hall in nothing but a towel after waking up alone in bed naked with dried milk on her nipples.. Ruth’s bots have long sense “dried out” her milk leaving her breasts back to their previous state.
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 5:31 am

Another brilliant installment! Outstanding! More humiliation for Anastasia as she plays different roles to satisfy the problem couples, and apparantly the nanobots within her have given Ruth absolute control over her, leaving her completely at her mercy, if she has any. Anastasia is aware at times of what humiliation she undergoes but can't do anything about it, and she is also getting off on it. It was a pretty hot scene to imagine actually, how they were "innocently" making her cum over and over ;)
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby FFA5924 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:17 am

Chapter XXIV “Night Moves”

Anastasia rushes back to her room and sees that the door is open. She carefully tries peeking in and hears Ruth’s voice “Well come in Mommy.” Followed by laughter.
“What did you do to me?”
“Well Anastasia! I can’t believe how selfish you are being. I thought you were all about helping married couples. Maybe I was wrong.”
“Helping? You made me lactate!”
“But you came, don’t deny you liked it.”
“I… Well it does feel.. but they are a married couple and..”
“Don’t you fucking DARE say something about you being involved with a married man bitch!” Ruth hisses back. “That didn’t stop you and Paul did it?”
Anastasia is speechless…
“How did it taste?” Ruth laughs changing the subject.
“His cum? It was… I mean… it was fine.”
“No stupid. His piss. Your little tongue bath… looks like you enjoyed it.”
“I didn’t..”
“Here, look at this video. Looks like you were wiggling your hips a lot for “not enjoying” yourself… PissSlut.”
Ruth and Anastasia go back and forth for 30 more minutes, Ruth embarrassing her nemesis while Anastasia gets more aroused at the humiliation….

Down the hall, Gracie is dealing with her own dilemma.. her mind is racing standing in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror. While on the one hand. She is really excited about how her “positive mental attitude” as Ruth calls it is affecting her countenance; on the other she’s troubled by her ass… mostly because Patrick’s cum is leaking out of it….

She tries clearing her mind and thinking of how this could have happened…

She thinks back to two nights ago when Michelle fell asleep snuggled up on her breasts on the couch and Patrick was sitting next to her.. she made a comment to Patrick that the “little one” needs to go to her bed and he picked her daughter up and carried her to Gracie’s bed. He then came back and sat beside her again and they finished the movie. She felt so nervous next to him and she hoped he didn’t notice how erect her breasts were poking through her nightgown! She was certain he didn’t know how she was stewing in her own juices in her panties! Just the way he talked to her and casually put his arm behind the couch like he was putting it around her shoulders… she kinda wished he would have. She doesn’t think he understands how difficult it is being a widowed woman with a daughter to take care of. She wishes he would make a move but she is scared to death at the same time that he will. She isn’t a prude, but she certainly isn’t the kind of woman that would “put out” to a man that she isn’t even dating. She has her little girl to think of..
The movie ends and they both go check on Shelley Bear in her “big girl bed”. They find her asleep but she’s wet the bed (again).. Gracie finds it sweet that instead of making an excuse to leave, he helps her get her daughter striped and cleaned up, she puts her in a “goodnight” pull-up in a size X-Large. She thinks that Shelley Bear will like them better since they have Moana on them and they aren’t “baby” ones.
While Patrick moves Michelle to his bedroom, Gracie strips her bed and gets the sheets washing. Patrick offers to sleep on the couch but Michelle grips his hand tightly while she lays on her mother’s soft supple breasts. The three of them fall asleep on Patrick’s (and Michelle’s) bed. Patrick on the left, Gracie in the middle, and Michelle on the right with her face buried in her mother’s cleavage.

2AM and Gracie wakes to find her left breast is no longer in her top, but exposed and Michelle is softly suckling her stiff nipple! To top that off, Patrick has rolled up against her and has her right breast in his hand and his erect penis is against her ass again. The feeling of her nipple being sucked along with the hard penis at her ass gets her juices flowing again… she starts gyrating her hips against Patrick’s stiff cock which he responds by squeezing her sensitive breast again and kissing her shoulder. This “heavy petting” continues until Patrick sighs and Gracie realizes he’s cum on her nightgown. She slips out of bed pulling her nipple out of Michelle’s mouth and goes to the restroom to clean up and change.
30 minutes, a fresh pair of panties, a matching babydoll gown (and an orgasm of her own) later and she’s looking at herself in the mirror… her first look is at her face. No more wrinkles. Her hair is healthy and no grays, her breasts seem full and firm with excited dark red nipples, her belly is tight and her waist curves out to womanly hips. Her pubic hair is trim and light, shaped in a thin landing strip, her legs toned without a hint of cellulite. She swears she’s 4 inches taller…
Returning to bed she finds Michelle sucking her thumb in her cute onesie, her pull-up still dry. Patrick is laying on his back, his muscles looking sexy in the moonlight.

She sighs at the thought of how his muscles looked…. Then she thinks about this night, and how EVERYTHING is changing and moving so fast!
She told Ruth about the night before and mentioned that Patrick came on her butt. She said she doesn’t believe in premarital sex but her body yearns to have a man again.
“I hate to admit it, but I’m so horny all the time now.” She blushes..
“Well you can always try anal.” Ruth laughs.
“Anal? Wh… why would I…”
“It isn’t *real* sex. Tell her Anastasia!”
“Wh…?” Anastasia suddenly blushes.
“Anastasia has anal sex so she isn’t sinning.” Ruth continues. “Isn’t that right Anal Anna?”
“Ye.. yes ma’am. I have anal sex.” She tears up.
“Ohh! Don’t be like that. You love anal don’t you? Don’t pretend you don’t.”
“Yes ma’am… I like anal sex.”
“How many times have you have a cock in that booty girl? Don’t be so shy, we’re all adults here.” Ruth looks at Michelle laying on the floor with a juice box coloring. “Well except our little girl here.”
“I don’t know……….” She hangs her head “a lot.”
“See? Not only is it not sex, it feels good! Bet you cum from anal don’t you?”
“Yes. I do.”
“Bet your ass is plugged right now isn’t it?” (Anastasia blushes) “I knew it! Naughty girl!” Ruth laughs. “Let’s see it girl!”


“Wow, I never would have thought… well thank you both for the help!” Gracie says feeling much better.

Now here she stands… thinking about how right Anastasia and Ruth were about anal sex and how good it felt to have a man loving on her again. She has to admit that an orgasm from anal is certainly different but just as enjoyable. She’s just glad that Michelle didn’t wake up from the noise and motion! She peeks back in the bedroom and sees Michelle and Patrick both sleeping. She sneaks back to bed and crawls between the sleeping pair slipping her nipple back in her daughter’s mouth and rubbing her butt on Patrick’s crotch until she falls asleep…
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Re: Holy Rollers (MC, Body Modification, Humiliation & more!

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:07 pm

Ruth certainly won't ever let Anastasia forget what she did, will she? She is certainly pretty vengeful, never mess with Ruth, I guess is the lesson here. Gracie is slowly getting closer to Patrick and they are taking on the new mother and father roles. There is still some reluctance and hesitation but at this rate, it's only a matter of time. An interesting thing is that Ruth is justifying that Anastasia must love all the humiliation becomes she cums, but the funny thing is that the reason behind her being so horny and wet all the time, are the nanobots. So in reality, Ruth is a master manipulator who is probably fooling even Anastasia into believing that she is such a humiliation slut when it was Ruth who made her this way.

Is that you with the butt plug? Wow! That is an amazing picture, that is! What a lovely kitty you have :D
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