Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.)

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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby bananamango212 » Fri Aug 06, 2021 6:07 am

can’t wait to see the progression of Amber/Polly
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Sat Aug 07, 2021 9:24 pm

Thanks so much, everyone for the reviews and praise!

Chapter 11 Continues:

The following morning, Alex was all giggling as she munched on her breakfast. A stack of waffles sat in front of her, topped with syrup, and joined with a plate of bacon on the side. Alex released a hearty belch after a large bite, smiling at her lack of manners.

“Thanks for breakfast Veronica, it’s super yummy!”

Veronica pinched the girl’s cheek, “You’re welcome, I know last night was tough, but you should be proud of agreeing to wear your diapers.”

Alex blushed at this, “Can we not talk about it too much? Bad enough I’m having trouble with the potty.” The fattening girl failed to see how her mind was changing, even simple things like her speech patterns had been permanently altered, “You’re still gonna fix my umm…boo-boos right?”

Veronica threw on more waffles to Alex’s plate, “Of course! You’ll be a whole new girl by the time I’m done!”

Meanwhile, Amber had found what she deemed appropriate office wear for the day. Her growing figure took most of the girls’ wardrobe out of commission, forcing her to swipe some of Alex’s older stuff that she had outgrown.

Amber sported a light pink blouse, a sleeveless piece that showed off her softer arms. Matching pink flats adorn her chubby feet, a huge downgrade from her usual high heels. Her thicker legs were now encased in a pair of lavender slacks with a stretchy waistband, ideal for any girl with a soft gut.

The girl looked less like a big executive for Slim-Corp and more of a pudgy intern.

“Doesn’t my Jolly Polly look adorable!”

Amber turned around to face her mom, “Mama? What are you doing here?”

Amber’s mother, Katherine, was usually mistaken for her sister because of her youthful glow. The woman had a firm and toned body, despite being in her mid-40s, that was always dressed in the perfect combination of classy and sexy.

Katherine had been a wonderful mother, never picking on her for being fat, only telling her how beautiful her daughter was. When Amber started to eat healthier and exercise, her mom gave her plenty of encouragement. The women always had a strong relationship, but Amber still felt jealously before her weight drop especially when boys would only come over to ogle her sexy mom.

“Well, I’m not really here you know?” Katherine stated, “Veronica’s been using her code to change you, I’ve been trying to talk to you but finally got through now.”

Amber rubbed her eyes, hoping her mom would disappear, but no such luck. The code Veronica had used on the girl had brought out this imaginary parent, one meant to play on the thicker girls’ insecurities.

“Veronica wouldn’t do that…we’re friends,” Amber whimpered out.

Katherine merely glared at her daughter, “Believe what you want…I see you’ve been eating well.”

Amber turned crimson as her mom body-checked her, something she had never done before, “Umm it’s just a little extra weight mama, I’ll lose it honest I will!”

Her mom simply laughed at this, “Don’t waste your time Polly, it’s obvious you were meant to be a fat girl. All that time and money with diet meals along with the gym, only for you to throw it all away!”

Amber slouched at this, huddling her chubby body, “It wasn’t a waste…you always said I was beautiful even when I was super heavy—”

“Haha! You really believed that? I only said that because you were more than happy to stuff your face with junk food. Even that Thomas boy you were so smitten with knew better. You two were good friends and he loved those deep conversations you two had. Then he saw me in an itsy-bitsy bikini by our pool and you got friend-zoned.”

Amber teared up at this, “You said that was an accident…I really liked him, and I thought he would take me to homecoming.”

Katherine walked over to wipe her tears, “Oh poor Polly, I said what I had to say to spare your precious fat girl feelings. You’re a big girl now…” the woman smirked as she smacked her pudgy belly, “and getting bigger by the second!”

“Leave me alone…” Amber begged as her mom towered over the girl.

“Getting rounder and shorter, you can’t be more than 5 foot 2 right about now…yeah I think Polly works just fine for you.”

Amber huddled up as best she could, going under her bed covers, and cried while hoping her mom would leave already. This version of Katherine was nothing like her real mom and was more than happy to further bring down the girls’ self-esteem.

“Amber, what’s going on with you?” Veronica asked, making the monster parent vanish.

“My mama…she was here…and she was so mean to me,” Amber whimpered out as she cried into her friends’ chest.

Veronica consoled her friend as best she could while smirking. She was grateful her coding had done so much already, and that Amber had been so open with her childhood. Veronica saw more than a few photos of the ladies together and, despite their size difference, both had warm smiles in each one.

Who better to bring out the inner Polly than mommy dearest? Veronica wickedly thought.

“Why don’t you stay home today? The office will be fine, and you can just relax, plus Allie could use a sitter!” Veronica offered, getting a little smile back from Amber.

“I guess so…can I order a few pizzas and some movies?” Amber begged.

Veronica tickled the girl in her chubby belly, getting a few giggles, “You go ahead and order all the pizza you like! Do a good job with Allie and maybe I’ll bring home a surprise…”

Amber lit up at the idea and agreed, deciding to get her clothes off for something more relaxing. Veronica gave the girl some privacy to change and let Allie know about today.

“I’m not a baby! I don’t need no sitter!” Allie whined, “I wanna go to the office today like a big girl boss!”

“Lower your voice this instant young lady!” Veronica warned, scaring the short girl who mumbled out an apology.

“I just don’t want Amber to be alone today, so I need you to stay home okay munchkin?”

Alex pouted at this, “I’m notta munchkin and when Amber’s alone with me she acts like a bully just cuz I’m a little pudgy.”

Veronica laughed at this, making Alex feel stupid, “First off you’re not a LITTLE pudgy…you’re FAT! Second, Amber hasn’t been feeling too well lately so she’ll be more too delicate to bother you.”

The chubby girl gave this some thought and decided it would be alright if Amber was really this soft now.

“I don’t gotta wear my diapie umm diaper though, right?” Alex whimpered out.

“Not unless you want to take a nap then you’ll need the protection sweetie.”

Alex compromised on this, not wanting to upset Veronica since she still viewed the woman as her hero. Veronica rewarded her with a kiss before taking off and making the girl promise to watch out for Amber.

Alex gave off an evil grin as she headed for Amber’s room.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby s19842984 » Sun Aug 08, 2021 4:21 am

Great progress keep it up :)
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Sun Aug 08, 2021 6:14 am

This was very nice. Thanks for updating!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Sun Aug 08, 2021 8:24 pm

Thanks for the reviews guys! Always encouraging to hear!

Chapter 11 Continues:

“Allie you’re not supposed to be in my room,” Amber mumbled out while trying to cover her body.

“Just thought I’d pay my chubby buddy Polly a visit,” Alex teased, “Ohhh your boobies are looking a little small huh?”

While Alex was gaining typical fat girl breasts, Amber’s assets seemed to have dwindled. Her once-proud D-Cup chest was now barely hanging in the C-Cup territory. The girl had started relying on tissue paper and padded bras to fool the public.

“S-s-shut up! At least I don’t look like a ball of dough!”

“You’re barely taller than me now!” Alex then jutted out her hefty jugs, “Sides my girls are still big while yours are gonna need training bras soon!”

Amber turned crimson at this, “Yeah well at least I don’t need a diaper to sleep in! What’s the matter? Did baby Allie miss her naptime?”

“Don’t talk to me like a baby! Imma big girl!” Alex whined while stomping her feet.

“Is that why Veronica left me in charge as your babysitter? Aw does the baby want her sippy cup before going beddy byes?” Amber teased.

Alex rubbed away tears at this, “Whatever…I’m gonna watch tv…better than hanging out with you and your mosquito bites!”

The girl waddled off and turned the tv to a Lifetime movie, smiling as she thought about her date with Anthony. She gave her belly a pinch and thought, Hopefully I’ll lose a little weight before then!

Amber had let the girl run off, deciding she could take serious action later. The girl dressed in a Wonder Woman t-shirt and a pair of baby blue sweatpants. With her figure getting thicker, she had opted for less girly clothes.

The girl got a look at the mirror and thought, My boobs are fine…aren’t they? Fuck! Who cares what Allie thinks? God, I wish Veronica would’ve let me get the black sweatpants these are way too girly!

Amber then got a look at her hair; the proud red mane had been one of her striking features. Now the hair had taken on a frizzy or poofy quality while developing knots that made it difficult to comb, Maybe I should see Claire about getting a trim? Hopefully, she can help with this mess!

The girl slowly walked out and saw that most of the kitchen had been left clean by Veronica except for leftovers. Amber parked her sponging caboose on a chair to eat her fill, ignoring the usual diet restrictions she had before. When she finished, Amber noticed a couple of reading choices left on the counter; a romance novel and the latest issue of Supergirl.

Amber picked up the comic book and took a seat on the couch, her face turned sour when she saw what Alex was watching.

“How can you stand that lovey-dovey garbage?” Amber asked.

“It’s sweet and romantic…nothing you would understand,” Alex retorted with her eyes glued on the screen.

“Sorry if I’m not boy crazy like you…who needs a boyfriend anyway?”

“Sounds like you do…then maybe you can stop being such a meanie to me especially when he’s screwing you real good!”

Amber blushed at this, not wanting to admit any truth to that. She had a few steady boyfriends before piling on the weight but now just felt awkward about the whole love situation.

The girl looked at the tubby gut she was now sporting and let her beliefs on fat girls run rampant. Fat girls don’t get boyfriends, they get buddies. No way is any guy gonna think of me as sexy while I got all this extra chub on me!

Amber read through her comic, engrossed with the material but jealous of how toned and sexy Supergirl looked. In her mindset, the fictional character's body allowed her to be confident and strong while her flabby figure meant she needed to be weak and submissive.

The new geek finished reading and grew bored with the movie Alex was watching, grateful when it was over.

“Allie, why don’t you go clean your room now? I saw how messy it was a few days ago.”

“You do it POLLY,” Alex stuck out her tongue, “You’re ppose to be the babysitter remember? I’m just baby Allie.”

Alex drove her point by lying on the floor and sucking on her thumb, acting every bit the adult baby Amber had said she was.

“I’m not playing around right now, go clean your room—”

Alex took on a mocking tone, “I’m not playing awound right now, blah blah blah! I’m Polly and I got little boobies and a fat ass!”

Amber turned red at this, annoyed with the girl and how she kept picking on her. It had only been a month ago that she could easily order Alex around and now the girl didn’t seem scared of her at all.

“Allie…go do what I say—”

“Make me pudgy Polly!” Alex laughed at her joke hoping to see Amber run off to her room in tears. Her laughter was cut short as she felt her ear tugged.

“Ow ow ow ow ow!” Alex whined as Amber dragged her over to the couch, “Lemme go, you can’t treat me like this! Imma grown up!”

Amber yanked off the girls’ clothes, leaving the butterball completely naked, “No Allie you’re just the baby I’m looking after, remember?”

Alex then realized she was lying face down on Amber’s lap with her butt completely exposed, “A-A-Amber wait don’t you dare!”


Alex squirmed like a piggy as her fat butt was smacked, the flabby asset jiggled with each hit. Her struggling dwindled as the spanking went on.

“You lemme go now!” Alex demanded on the first few hits.

“Stop already…please,” she whined after a few more spanks.

“I’m sowwie…please no moreeee,” Alex burst into tears after this last plea.

The girl turned limped on the last few hits, too tired to keep struggling with a crimson tush to match her red face.

Amber rolled the girl off onto the floor and let Alex land on her butt.

“Eeeep!” Alex whined, turning on her side to try and relax after her punishment. The girl was down to light sobbing after a bit and looked up at Amber, hoping for any pity at all.

“Allie…what did you do?” Amber asked, trying to hide her smile.

Alex sat up and saw the puddle of urine between her legs, whimpering out of fear, “P-p-please don’t spank me again! I didn’t mean it, really!”

“Alright alright! I won’t spank you but stay right there,” Amber hid a smile and went off to the girls’ room for a minute, “Here we go! Perfect to deal with your bathroom issues!”

Alex saw the diaper Amber was holding, a puffy Hello Kitty piece, and brought out fresh tears. Terrified of fighting, the girl let herself get diapered.

“Aw…see what happens when you don’t listen?” Amber kissed Alex on the cheek, making the girl smile a bit, “I think your diaper suits you just fine Big Allie!”

Alex blushed at the idea but still giggled. Left in only this infantile underwear, the girl’s round stubby body looked every bit like a baby. She noticed the muffin top her diaper was making and the way her udders sagged onto her belly.

“I feel like a big baby!” Alex whined as she tried to walk, “This stupid thing makes me toddled like I’m just learning to walk!”

Amber glared at the girl, tired of her whining, and scared her straight. “S-s-sowwie Polly I mean Amber I won’t complain about my diapie for the rest of the day.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Amber thought for a moment and looked at her huge gut, “You know I don’t really feel much like Amber no more…I guess it’s okay if you call me Polly when we’re alone.”

Alex smiled at this, “Cool! Can I have some ice cream now Miss Polly?”

“AFTER you clean your room little miss,” Amber scolded, making the girl pout, “I’m gonna order some pizza for lunch and we can have ice cream for dessert.”

The diapered girl smiled at the idea and toddled off to get cleaning, looking forward to their lunch.

“How cute…you’ll make a great mommy someday!” Katherine teased, “I’m sure you’ll have the best snacks in the neighborhood!”

Amber turned soft as her imaginary bully showed up again, “Can’t you just leave me alone? I’m having a really tough time and I don’t need you making it worse.”

“Oh, my poor Polly! I’m sorry sweetie but I know what always cheers you up!” Katherine pointed to the freezer knowing her daughters’ old sweet tooth.

Amber turned her back on the woman, “No way, you’re just trying to trick me into getting fatter! It’s not gonna work!”

Katherine pinched her daughter’s cheek, “My sweet Piggy Polly, you’re gonna get fatter regardless! Eat some ice cream now and I’ll go away for a bit…”

Amber squeezed the belly she had now, Not like I’m gonna gain one hundred pounds from a bit more ice cream, she thought. The girl grabbed a tub of rocky road and a large spoon, then headed to the tv to enjoy her treat.

Amber stared in awe at the superhero cartoons, failing to see the sloppy manner she ate her ice cream or the way she squinted to see the screen.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby s19842984 » Sun Aug 08, 2021 9:40 pm

Nice update i can't wait for more :)
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Mon Aug 09, 2021 8:36 am

Very fun! Thanks for bringing us more Polly!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Thu Aug 12, 2021 8:47 pm

Happy for the reviews, thanks, guys!

Chapter 11 Continues:

“Stupid rules,” Alex rattled off as she cleaned up her room, “Stupid Polly with her stupid spankings,” her stomach let off a fierce growl, “and stupid BIG BELLY!”

Alex smacked her gut hard, watching how it jiggle and let off a stronger sound, telling her it was time to eat again. She remembered the flat and firm stomach she once had, the way she could show it off at the gym or in lingerie. The pudgy asset was a far cry from this dream and only seemed to be growing by the second.

Alex gazed at her short and flabby body in the mirror.

Golly…I got a fat girl’s tummy and my diapie feel’s kinda tight! Alex stared in disbelief at her body and realized she would close in on 200 pounds soon enough.

Meanwhile, Polly had cleaned out the rocky road tub and moved onto a Spider-Man movie, cheering as the hero saved his girl.

“Wow, think those webs could hold your fat ass?” Katherine teased, “I mean super strength only goes so far!”

Amber whimpered at this, “You said you would go away if I ate the ice cream…”

“Oh I know, nasty mama…” Katherine stated with false sympathy, “Whatcha gonna do? Sit on me, fatso?”

Amber whined and wanted to tell the woman off but was cut off by the doorbell.

“That would be your pizza, Polly,” Katherine then looked over the girl, “Maybe fluff your hair a bit before answering…could be a cute guy.”

Amber gave off a confused look, “Who cares? I don’t need a stupid guy fussing over me especially if I’m too chubby.”

The girl answered the door with ice cream stains on her clothes and lips. The delivery guy was mildly handsome, a twenty-year guy with a decent haircut and slight muscle tone. Amber felt her cheeks flush, subconsciously wishing she had cleaned herself up a bit.

Amber went ahead and exchanged the money for her food. She tried her best to smile and ignore the feeling of inadequacy that any fat girl felt.

“Y-y-you like delivering pizzas?” She nervously asked, ignoring her mother’s snickers.

“It’s okay I guess…I do meet a few cute girls,” the guy answered in a flirty tone.

Amber let loose a squeaky giggle that ended with a snort, immediately covering her mouth to make it stop. The guy simply laughed as well and told her to have a good day.

“For someone who doesn’t want a boyfriend, you sure can go nuts around guys,” Katherine joked, giving Amber’s breasts a grope, “Even with this smaller set!”

“Quit that!” Amber yelled as she pulled her off, “My boobies and boyfriend are my own business! So butt out!”

Katherine responded by smacking Amber’s pudgy butt, “Don’t you take that tone of voice with me, young lady! I’m your mother and you’ll show me respect!”

“Well, all you’ve done since showing up is make fat jokes and try to control me—"

“Because I figured that way you won’t pile on the weight too bad, and I’ll have grandkids before I get grey hair!”

“I already told you I don’t want any stupid guy hanging around me!”

“Amber Polly Matthews, at the very least you’re going to get pregnant and give me a grandbaby!”

Amber lost it and stomped about, grabbing a pillow from the couch to scream into. She then ripped open one of the pizza boxes and stuff a slice into her mouth.

“Mmmm…so good and yummy,” Amber moaned, “So much better than dealing with a stupid boy!”

Katherine simply retorted, “Keep that up and your baby will be the result of a one-night stand. All the other kids will tease him because his mom looks like a sow out of her pen!”

Amber devoured the remainder of her slice, speaking with her mouth full, “Can’t have a baby if I’m too FAT for any boys!”

“Miss Polly, whatcha doin’?” Alex questioned, breaking up the mother and daughter fight.

Amber swallowed her food before answering, “Umm nothing…just releasing some stress, how about some food?”

The girls proceeded to destroy the fast food, enjoying pizza slices, garlic bread, and mozzarella sticks with soda breaks in between. The conversation picked up only after the two had eaten their fill, with no leftovers in sight.

“I still get ice cream, right? My room’s all cleaned up and I’m craving some rocky road.”

Amber turned pink at this, “Umm we still got chocolate, but the rocky road is gone…”

“Fudge! That tub was brand new, and I didn’t even get a taste,” Alex rattled off and then realized, “Sounds like pudgy Polly got her hands on it first?”

“Watch it short stack or I’ll spank you again!” Amber warned the girl.

Alex nervously fiddled with her hands, “I was only fooling…didn’t mean nothing by it, Miss Polly.”

Amber responded by tousling her hair, making Alex smile. She then bathed the girl and got her some ice cream just before nap time.

“I sleep too much now Polly,” Alex whined while she was tucked in, “Everyone treats me like I’m a stupid kid who can’t do nothing alone.”

“Allie we’re just trying to help you feel better and sleep is definitely good for you!”

Amber then grabbed a kid’s book from Alex’s shelf, “How about a bedtime story?”

Alex only looked at her with a deadpan expression, “See? Even you act like imma baby. What’s next? You gonna feed me with a bottle and burp me?”

The ladies shared a laugh at this and decided to just talk for a bit.

“Cooking class is okay, Miss Megan loves my cooking and stuff but Emily’s still picking on me. The other day she put ice in my leggings.”

Amber gave her charge a belly rub, “I’ll talk to Megan about it, no one picks on Allie except Veronica and me.”

Alex smiled at this before drifting off and leaving Amber with just a bit of cleanup.

After Veronica got home, Amber decided to talk to her about everything.

“V-Veronica could we maybe talk for a bit?” Amber nervously peeped out.

Veronica looked at the shorter girl with a glare that terrified Amber. Despite being heavier, Veronica carried herself with confidence that could intimidate any skinny bitch and Amber only felt more insignificant in front of her.

“I suppose that’s fine, as long as you’re willing to give me a pedicure while we chat.”

Amber nervously agreed, getting a smile in return. The fat girl set up a tub with warm water and supplies for the beauty treatment. A few minutes later, she was hard at work scrubbing her friends’ feet and started talking.

“Thing is Veronica, I’ve been feeling supes weird for a while now. My appetite is close to Alex’s level, and I’ve packed some serious weight. If I’m not careful I might end up that plus 200-pound blimp that I was back in high school.”

Veronica nodded along as she rambled and held up her hand in a stop signal to chime in.

“Sounds to me like your true nature is coming through Polly. You’ve struggled with your weight in the past but now your mind is telling you that it’s time to make the best choice for you.”

Amber whimpered at this, “I can’t get any fatter, unlike Allie, I could get fired if I’m too big—”

“I believe your weight will go up but once I’ve settled a few things I assure you, Amber, you won’t lose your job. If you decide things are too hard after that, we can talk about your future at the time. Perhaps you’ll find another position that will suit you better than the fashion department at Slim-Corp.”

Amber then blurted out, “You didn’t use your coding to mess with me, right?”

Veronica pushed Amber’s belly with a soaked foot, “Of course not! Don’t be stupid Polly! As if I would do something like that without you knowing!”

“Okay okay I’m sorry really but, you’re squeezing me pretty hard!” Amber whined, “That hurts!”

Veronica released the girl, “Well it’s your own fault for thinking something so stupid!”

Amber teared up a bit and kept working on Veronica’s feet, her sniffles were the only sound for a few minutes.

“Alright enough with the crocodile tears missy!” Veronica snapped.

Amber pulled herself together and went through her bag of nail polishes to get Veronica’s color. The girl started squinting again to read the labels. A few minutes later, Veronica gave off an annoyed expression.

“What’s the holdup, tubby?” She barked.

Amber moved the polish in her hand to try and read the inscriptions, “Sorry it’s just the writing on these are all blurry.”

Veronica snapped her fingers and ordered the girl to hand her the stuff, choosing her color in just a few seconds.

“The writing is fine genius,” Veronica then looked over the girl, “I think we’ll need to take you to an eye doctor soon, seems like you need glasses.”

Amber pouted at the idea, “Great! Just what I need! A pair of nerd goggles to go with my big butt and small chi chis! Bad enough my imaginary mama wants me to have a baby asap, I don’t even know how to dress myself good, and I can’t talk to boys!”

“No use getting upset over nothing, we’ll get you a pair that is perfect for you, Polly!”

Amber gave off an awkward smile before finishing up with her bit of work. Veronica was happy to inspect the job, smiling at Amber's nervous look as it was evaluated.

“Pretty good for your first attempt, you’ll improve as time goes on.”

Amber nodded in agreement with her double chin peeking through. She relaxed for a bit with a comic before Veronica stood over her with a gift.

Amber tore it open and freaked, “OMG! Like no way!”

The hefty girl tightly hugged Veronica and thanked her a thousand times. True to her word, Veronica had gotten Amber a Nintendo Switch with more than a few games to keep her busy. The portable console was bright pink with light blue controllers and was set with strict parental controls to keep Amber in line.

“I expect you to take good care of that, Polly! Your hands need to be clean before you use it! Keep up the good behavior and I might throw in a few more games,” Veronica watched Amber’s smile go bigger, “But anything naughty means I can take it away for a few months…”

“I’ll be good Veronica,” Amber mumbled, “Thanks a bunch, I really love it.” The girl smiled but felt just a bit annoyed that her device was so girly, something she wasn’t about to say out loud.

“You’re quite welcome, now you can play until 10 but then I want you in bed with no electronics.”

Amber looked confused, “Veronica I am an adult you know? I don’t think I really need a bedtime…”

“You also don’t need a Switch or going for seconds on desserts,” Veronica scolded, “I expect you to pick up ice cream since we’re out and I know you ate most of it. Since you want to give me attitude, you can park your flabby butt in bed by 9:30.”

Amber blushed and nodded along, “Yes ma’am, sorry about that. I’ll go get ready for sleep and then play until bedtime.”

Veronica smiled at this, “Good, run along now Polly,” she drove her point with a firm booty smack.

Amber’s growing tush jiggle for a bit and kept going as she waddled off, a sight that made Veronica ecstatic.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Sun Aug 15, 2021 9:05 pm

The show must go on!

Chapter 11 Continues:

“Wipe that look off your face missy,” Veronica scolded a pouting Amber.

“I don’t need an eye doctor,” Amber whined, “We should be at work.”

Veronica just shot her a glare that made Amber go quiet for a bit. Their usual morning had been interrupted when Amber had tripped over her own feet. Veronica flew to her aid, checking her friend for injuries, and then insisted on seeing an optometrist.

Thus, the ladies were waiting on the doctor now. Veronica had put her slimming body in a casual black blouse and jean combination along with stylish sandals. Her weight loss was more evident sitting next to Amber. The growing girl had opted for a gray hooded t-shirt with Black Canary on the front and loud orange leggings that were covered in a math design. Both pieces of clothing hugged her gut and tush in the typical fat girl manner while diminishing her shrinking bust.

“Bad enough I missed work yesterday,” Amber complained, “We should run home and change before we’re fired.”

“Enough!” Veronica snapped at her whiny friend, “I can’t take care of things at Slim-Corp if I’m worried about you crashing into things. You’re getting this exam so we can get you the right glasses then we’ll go from there. As for work, we’re both going to be just fine soon.”

Amber wanted to argue but went silent when the doctor walked in. Laura Richards was an old friend of Veronica and the ladies had spoken about this appointment beforehand, so Veronica was truly happy at Amber’s face. The chubby girl turned crimson at the beautiful woman, feeling jealous of the toned and fierce body. Amber soothingly patted her belly, wishing it would stop growling and that she had a snack to calm herself.

“Polly Matthews?” Laura questioned.

“Umm it’s actually Amber,” she muttered out while looking at the ground.

“Look at me when I talk to you miss and speak up!” Laura ordered.

Veronica hid a smirk as Amber looked straight on at the doctor, “Yes ma’am sorry, my name is really Amber, but my middle name is Polly.”

Laura’s face turned into a glare, “So we’re wasting time with this conversation about something you felt the need to correct me about when I got it right?!”

“I just think—”

“Polly I’m the doctor here so you’ll do as I say and we can move this along already, now hop on!”

Amber looked confused until she saw the scale beside Laura, “Wait, I don’t need to be weighed for an eye exam.”

Veronica chimed in at this, “Polly stop arguing and just get on the scale! Dr. Richards needs to update your records a bit so move that fat ass!”

Amber’s eyes went wide at what Veronica had said, but she removed her dirty sneakers and got on the scale. She whimpered as the numbers climbed up until a beep went off, Amber pushed her belly a bit to try and read it but was shoved off.

“Take a seat in front of the phoropter and we’ll get started.”

The exam went as expected, Amber’s poor vision exposed much to Veronica’s delight.

“No surprise that your vision is so terrible, given your weight,” Laura commented as she filled out her paperwork.

“What’s my weight got to do with my eyes?” Amber retorted.

Veronica surprised Amber again with a slap on the side of her butt, “What did I tell you about being rude? Honestly, I thought Allie was a handful!”

Amber whimpered at this, “I’m not like Big Allie,” she then glanced over at Laura, “Sorry doctor, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful.”

Laura tousled the girl’s messy hair, “No worries tubby,” she then shoved a lollipop into Amber’s mouth, “Please wait outside while I talk to Ms. Anderson for a bit.”

Amber looked over at Veronica, getting an okay from her, then shuffled out with her Switch in hand.

“You’ve really done some amazing work, Veronica,” Laura stated when Amber was out of earshot, "The girl is already at 155 pounds and climbing!"

Veronica smiled at this, “Yup and I’m nowhere near done with these girls.”

“Once you perfect this coding stuff down, you can really do anything. No one can stand in your way.”

“Oh no! I have no intention of misusing this stuff. Once I take control of Slim-Corp, I’ll use my skills to ensure no one else will mess with me. Alex Delgado got what she deserved, and Amber is getting hers as well. I’m more than happy to make some extra money off this if people ask about it though.”

“With how your body is looking and that big brain, I’d say you’ll be quite the woman!” Laura cheered; the ladies laughed before saying their goodbyes.

Veronica walked out of the room and had a big smile at what she saw, Amber viciously pressing her controls to play with a lollipop in her mouth. She saw how her latest victim was struggling to play with her poor vision and how pudgy she looked.

“Come along now Polly,” Veronica ordered.

Amber whined as she lost the game, “Fuck! I almost had it!”

“Hey! You watch that mouth or I’ll take your toy away, is that what you want?” Veronica scolded.

Amber rapidly shook her head no, begging her friend not to. Veronica let her slide this time and led the girl to her car for the rest of their day.

Back at the apartment, Alex woke up with a yawn and rolled out of bed. Her soggy diaper was nothing new, Veronica and Amber made sure to give her plenty of drinks before bed. Amber acted on Veronica’s orders while Veronica knew this conditioning would keep Alex in diapers for the foreseeable future.

Alex took a whiff of the air, not smelling any kind of breakfast, and started to get confused. The fat girl had grown accustomed to waking up to breakfast or someone carrying her off for a bath. She walked outside and saw a note.

“Out with Polly on some errands, be back later, if you need something dial six on your phone,” Alex read aloud.

Alex’s face lit up for the first time in months. She hated how the girls treated her like a child and taken over her apartment. Now she had the place to herself and intended to make the most of it.

She gave a strong tug on her diaper, deciding to forget the protection since no one could force her into them. However, Alex’s pulls proved useless since the coding she had been exposed to left her too dumb to pull off the straps.

Alex then gave up on that, “Whatever I can take off my diapie later, I’m gonna make my breakfast!”

The girl pulled open the fridge and found all the fattening and calorie-filled food below with Veronica’s stuff high above her reach. Alex pouted at this, desperate for one nutritious meal after all this time.

She then noticed a cold-cut sandwich just staring at her and took a hearty bite, moaning with pleasure at the taste. The meal was loaded with a variety of meats, mayo, ketchup, and other fattening ingredients.

Alex devoured the sandwich and grabbed a liter of soda to wash it down, heading for the tv with her drink. She had gone ahead and made an enormous sundae with vanilla and chocolate as well as gummy bears, bananas, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles.

She was all too content with her treat until an ad came on with two wonderful women bonding as sisters should. Alex frowned at this, wishing Veronica was here to hold and care for her.

“What am I thinking? I’m Allie umm ALEX Delgado, I don’t need anyone watching me!”

“When I went back to work, I was glad to find a reliable babysitter,” the woman on tv said, “Kids are a handful and need to be supervised!”

Alex whimpered at this, “S-s-shut up!” the girl muttered to herself, “I don needa sitter! No no NO!”

It was tough to argue about this when her thighs squished about in her soaked diaper. The XL garment covered a good portion of her belly but only added to her juvenile appearance.

“I’m a big kid now!” The tv chimed as the girl succeeded in her potty training, cleaned up, and hugged her mom. Alex turned red at this especially when the mom looked right at her with a smirk.

“Aww did Big Allie make a stinkie? Yes she did! Yes she did! Seems like someone’s a long way from pull-ups!” The woman teased in Alex’s mind.

Alex teared up at this, “I don use my diapies like that…it’s just for acy-dents!” she wailed at the woman.

She hit six on her phone and hide under a blanket while cuddling her belly, hoping that Veronica would come soon and with plenty of food.
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