Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.)

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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Thu Jul 22, 2021 10:07 am

Well, this is taking an unexpected turn of events! Thank you for the update.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:47 pm

Thanks for the review guys!

Chapter 10 Continues:

Alex woke up to the feeling of being carried, comfy enough that she decided to close her eyes again until she was set on her feet and had her shirt pulled off.

“Hey!” Alex whined as she covered her chest out of habit, “Amber what the fudge is going on?”

“I’m giving you a bath silly,” Amber stated as if nothing was wrong, “You went to bed without one last night, so you probably need it. Is your diaper wet?”

Alex gave the woman a deadpan look, “It’s not a diaper, it's just protection and I don’t even need it!” The chubby girl then pushed up her flabby breasts, “Do these boobies look like they belong on a baby?”

Amber only laughed as she pulled off her charges’ Goodnites and got her into the tub. The fat girl squirmed as she was scrubbed head to toe with little regard to her modesty or independence.

“Gotta get between all your rolls, Big Allie!”

Alex only whimpered at this, “I can shower myself just fine, don’t need any help!”

“A girl your size and weight can’t really do much on her own, I suggest you get used to actual adults giving you baths. Remember the world is a scary place for a round munchkin like yourself.”

Alex wanted to tell her off, but her mind was all too easy to mess with. Words from a skinny woman like Amber sounded less like advice and more like laws. The woman had a point, being under five feet and with a growing belly meant Alex was easy pickings by even twelve-year-olds.

“I g-g-guess so…but you’ll keep me safe right, Miss Amber?” Alex practically begged Amber as the woman soaped up her underboobs.

“Well, I’ll do my best but I’m sure Veronica will keep you safe…her cousin as well.”

Alex looked confused for a moment and then her eyes went wide.

“The guy I made out with last night…was he…"

“Yup that was Veronica’s cousin, she’ll want to talk to you about that later. I invited her since we’re friends but most of the people that were at the party can be mean to fat girls. She insisted I invite him since he’s pretty lonely most days, she thought he could use a little fun.”

After this, Alex was in a dazed state, allowing Amber to get her dried off and dressed for the day. The hefty girl was stuffed into a rather tight bra and childish underwear, covered in cartoon pig faces. Her outfit for the day would be a teal hooded tank top and a pair of jean shorts. It was obvious from how the girl waddled to the car that she was uncomfortable.

“Everything’s too tight!” Alex whined as tugged at her clothes.

Amber rolled her eyes before answering, “For someone who used to oversee a company, you complain a lot. Relax though, we’re going to the mall and upgrading your whole wardrobe!”

Alex stared at the window as Amber drove, the thought of going up in clothing sizes made her feel like the extra pounds were here to stay. Veronica was gonna help me lose weight, wasn’t she? Alex thought, struggling to remember being all that much smaller than now.

Anthony didn’t seem to mind me being extra heavy… Alex smiled at this thought, feeling the same kind of happiness she had after a big meal. I bet we could go out for a while…maybe get married and have a few kiddies!

Alex giggled at the idea like a lovestruck puppy even as Amber parked.

“I’m going to guess from the laughing that you’re thinking about Anthony,” Amber guessed with Alex blushing as she lowered herself out of the car. Amber came up with a wicked idea as they walked to the mall entrance.

“Tell you what…behave on this little outing of ours and I’ll get you a pretty outfit for the next time you see the boy. I’ll even put in a good word for you with Veronica so you two lovers can have her blessing.”

Alex laughed at this, “Lovers? Blessing? We haven’t even had a date yet…I haven’t had one of those in a while actually.” The girl's voice went weak at this statement.

Amber played on her insecurity, “I imagine you’re pretty nervous then, especially with someone out of your league…’

Alex grabbed Amber’s hand as they talked, feeling she would get lost or taken by the people walking around the place. The thin woman’s latest order made her feel like a dwarf among giants. She noted how most of the people were thin and tall, which only added to her nerves.

“Anthony’s outta ma league?”

Amber went on to explain, “Your intelligence is a bit below average at this point while he’s finishing up college. He’s scrawny but in decent shape, while you’re a butterball who’s only getting tubbier. If it wasn’t for your assets, he would probably write you off as a friend or kid.”

Alex fought the urge to cry about this, despite knowing that Amber was right.

“You’ll help me get something cute right? Something he’ll like?” Alex whined to her employee, practically begging for any mercy.

“Well, that’s why we’re here!”

Alex read the name of the store, Thick Chicks, a place meant to offer fat girls generic clothes that wouldn’t rip so easily. She remembered passing by these kinds of stores with a smug expression, believing she would never go into them in this life. The girl gave her tubby gut a firm slap, realizing she would fit right in.

The ladies walked back and forth between the sections of the store; Amber pulled some stuff for the girl to try on first and get her measurements down before really going all out. Once this was done, the woman sat Alex down with a coloring book while she went to work on picking her stuff.

“Shouldn’t I be picking my own stuff out?” Alex asked while catching her breath, the constant walking was causing her thighs some serious chub rub.

“I know your size now so picking out the stuff will be easy, just relax for now.”

Too winded to argue, Alex let the woman be as she scribbled with her crayon. Her feelings were a mix of joy and envy as she colored in Princess Jasmine. The thin waist she had in the drawing left Alex missing her old figure and with a desire to draw a buddha belly onto her. She felt the cushion sink in on her right side and looked up to spot a much heavier girl taking a break from her own shopping excursion.

“Hi I’m Chrissie, what’s your name?” The girl asked in a friendly tone.

“I’m Allie…” she responded, hoping to turn her attention back to the drawing and ignore the girl. This Chrissie girl had to be three hundred pounds at least, something Alex took quick note of. A small part of her remembered that association with girls that big was a bad idea even if she couldn’t remember exactly why.

“You’re so pretty…what high school do you go to?”

Alex blushed at this, annoyed with how she was mistaken for someone younger again, “Ummm…I actually graduated college, working at a big company—”

“Oh, so you’re like a secretary huh? Well, you got the butt for it, not that I’m one to talk!” Chrissie laughed this off and slapped her spacious tush.

Alex awkwardly laughed this off, trying to be polite. She thinks we’re the same but I’m much thinner than her!, she thought.

The girl then shoved a jumbo-sized chocolate bar into Alex’s hands, “Here you go, I noticed you didn’t have any snacks and I’m happy to share. Although you should probably get into the habit of carrying snacks around to keep your energy up.”

“Uhhh thanks,” Alex mumbled off, her tummy growling from having a treat so close.

Chrissie smiled at the girl and rocked herself into a standing position then waddled off. Alex unwrapped her snack and watched the girl’s flabby body walk away.

She took a hearty bite of the chocolate and thought, Save your advice for someone else fatty! Like I’d ever get as big as her!

Alex then lost her train of thought as the flavor of the treat made her smile and purr with pleasure.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Thu Jul 29, 2021 9:18 am

This was wonderful. Thank you so much for updating.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Thu Jul 29, 2021 9:00 pm

Thanks for the reviews!

Chapter 10 (Continues):

As promised, Amber rewarded her behavior with a special outfit to impress Anthony. The insecure face Alex was currently showing made her think this was a punishment instead.

“Does it gotta be so…pink?” Alex asked, staring at her widening reflection in the mirror.

The dress in question was a smocked bodice ruffle dress in a baby pink color. The ruffled straps left her husky arms exposed; Alex tried to flex an arm only to be met with a blubbery bicep in return. Her sagging breasts were covered by the upper portion with the curve of her belly emphasized. The skirt ended about midway to her fat thighs and white Mary Janes were wedged on her feet.

Alex remembered dressing up and the stares she got from men, but now all she felt was a strong blush that wouldn’t leave. She imagined the snickers and jokes everyone would make if she showed up in this anywhere.

“It’s perfect to catch Anthony’s eye! Plus, it’s got room for you to grow into!” Amber gave the girl a belly smack to confirm this.

Alex stared dumbfounded at her friend, “Whatcha mean grow? Imma lose weight as soon as Veronica says so!”

“Of course, sweetie but, speaking from experience, weight loss can be tricky. More often, people who lose weight end up piling it back on along with some additional pounds. That’s why I went a few sizes up so you’ll be prepared.”

The explanation satisfied Alex and she smiled as best she could. The ladies agreed on the dress and shoes with the chubby girl genuinely happy for the first time in months. Amber was nice enough to buy her two big pretzels and promised her a trip to the food court in a little while. Alex giggled as she ate her fattening snack, enjoying the greasy flavor and the cheese it was covered in. This happiness was short-lived once they entered a classy boutique for Amber to shop at.

“How come you didn’t get your stuff before?” Alex whined as she took a big bite, already halfway through the first pretzel.

“I’m well paid at the company and couldn’t possibly go into the office in drab fat girl clothes. This place is perfect for a girl like me who’s maintained her figure.”

Amber’s answer came off with a big dose of arrogance especially when she took on a seductive pose that made Alex nervous and eat with more gusto.

“Geez, why not just call me a chubby loser then?” Alex complained, wishing she could still shop at places like this.

“Miss, I can’t let you inside with that.”

The ladies turned around to the salesgirl standing at the entrance, a stern expression as she reprimanded the fat girl. The girl’s name was Jennifer as seen on her name tag.

“Sorry didn’t know I’ll be extra careful though!” Alex squeaked out.

Jennifer looked at the food stains on Alex’s shirt, “Yeah just like you were careful with that shirt, right? Have a seat on this bench you can join your babysitter when you’re done with that junk.”

Amber laughed at this assumption while Alex turned crimson.

“She’s not my sitter! Ima grown up!” Alex argued while stomping her feet. The childish display of emotion did little to help her case.

“Allie, don’t argue with the nice lady!” Amber reprimanded scaring the girl. She then had her sit down to finish eating while she went off to do her shopping.

Alex sulked at this, hating how her smaller size made everyone treat her like a child for some reason. Her babyface did little to help especially as it was insulated by her extra pounds. The girl quickly devoured her snack and climbed off the bench to catch up with Amber, only to be stopped again.

The salesgirl led Alex to a small section of the store, “The shirt and shorts, take them off and slip these on,” she ordered.

Alex grew angry at this, “My clothes are fine as is! I no ask for you help!”

Jennifer simply gave Alex a small push so that she was sitting on the floor. Alex only grew more scared as she felt even smaller with a total babe towering over her.

“That shirt is covered in grease and pretzel stains, your thighs are pouring out of those shorts, I’ll admit the peach sneakers are fine, but you’ll be a lot more comfortable in what I picked out for you.”

Alex wanted to fight back, but the coding she had been exposed to had done its job on her confidence. In her new mindset, a beautiful skinny woman was giving her an order and a fat girl like her needed to listen.

As she changed outfits, Alex tried talking to the girl, “I was skinny before but my noddle got all messed up. Made me a shorty and it’s been supa hard to control my tummy needs.”

“I’m sure you were, miss. You’re still adorable for a heavy chick but I need you to pick up the pace, I have work to do.” Jennifer’s response came off as condescending, it was obvious she didn’t care what this girl was saying.

Alex went as fast as possible, feeling all the heavier next to the sexy girl. The employee then dragged her along to find Amber. The thin woman just stepped out of a changing booth, showing off a gorgeous golden mini dress that perfectly hugged her body.

“You look amazing miss!” Jennifer complimented as she approached the woman with Alex right behind her. Amber thanked the girl and turned her attention to her tubby charge, smiling at her new outfit.

“I hope you don’t mind miss but this girl’s old clothes were a mess. I believe this pudgy little one should use a bib when eating.”

Alex now sported a light blue maternity smock with a white bow just above her breasts. Her flabby arms stretched out the short sleeves and the piece came just below her knees. Peach-colored leggings hugged her fat butt and thunder thighs while matching her footwear. A white hairband showed off her chubby face with a bow on top to match the one on her smock. Despite her dumpy new appearance, Alex enjoyed the comfiness of the outfit since her belly wasn’t squished and her thighs were hidden.

“Allie looks too cute for words, thank you miss I’ll be sure to pay for this on my way out,” Amber gushed as Alex nervously fiddled with the end of the smock. The girl yelped as she felt a hard slap on her growing rear, “I believe you owe Jennifer an apology and a thank you for the clothes. It would be best if you put some sincerity in this unless you want me to punish you any further.”

Alex nervously wheezed at this threat, wishing she had a candy bar or chips to help. She took a deep breath and turned her attention to the girl.

“M-m-miss Jennifer ma’am I’m real sorry bout being so bratty…I did na have lunchies yet,” Alex piped out, turning deep red as the woman giggled, “Thanks for the new outfit, it’s a lot comfy and I’m glad it hides my thighs and belly so I don’t offend peoples.”

The woman was more than happy to accept this speech and left her contact info with Amber, hoping to watch Alex sometime. She pinched the girls’ chubby cheeks before leaving.

Alex believed the worse was over until her phone flashed a hypnotic screen, entrancing the girl and letting Amber whisper a few things in her ear. The session ended as the girl parked her spongy duff on a seat while Amber tried on dozens of outfits. Naturally, this hurt Alex’s pride as she was once the dream girl and now felt like a tubby tag along.

“How does my butt look in this one Big Allie?” Amber showed off her perk bubble behind in a new pantsuit.

Alex only sneered at the woman, “Huge, you should go up a few sizes!”

Amber only laughed at this and retorted, “Oh chubbs you’re probably looking at the mirror again!”

Alex whimpered at this and starting crying, “Quit picking on meeee,” the girl wailed as she tried to stop the waterworks. Amber took pity on the girl, quickly changing into her clothes before sitting down and pulling Alex onto her lap.

“Alright alright, I’m sorry Allie,” Amber pleaded as she gave the girl a nice belly rub, “You make a beautiful fat girl though and I love the bow!”

Alex smiled at this a bit, “You really think I’ll get any bigger?” she mumbled.

“I do. It’s definitely in the cards with your appetite,” Amber tickled the girl, “I’m sure you’ll get used to the new pounds and still be such an adorable butterball that Anthony will love!”

Alex laughed at this, legitimately happy about her extra weight for once especially if she was going to end up with a fella.

The ladies wrapped up at the boutique and headed for the food court. Amber picked up a nice salad while Alex was treated to a monster-sized meal of Mexican food, squealing with happiness as was about to dig in.

“Hold it right there, missy!” Amber went ahead and wrapped something around Alex, “Alright you can eat now.”

Alex looked down and saw the hot pink bib around her neck, wide enough to stop food stains and with a smiling kitten staring back at her. The girl wanted to argue but didn’t want to risk losing lunch, thus she simply dug into her meal.

Manners were foreign to the chubby girl as she devoured her meal, her fingers covered in grease and the bib earning its place in her new wardrobe. Alex was happy to suck off bits of sauce from her chubby digits and released quite a few belches in between bites. It was while Alex was mid-bite of her burrito that someone called her name.

Alex turned with stuffed cheeks to see Anthony, her facing turning pinker than her bib.

“Nice to see you again Allie especially while you’re eating,” Anthony remarked while the girl swallowed her food.

“Umm yeah, you too!” Alex squeaked out, “Wanna get my number so we can maybe make a date or something?”

Anthony smiled at this before answering, “I wish but Veronica seems crazy protective of you. She said we can talk later after the two of you have had some sort of discussion. Veronica told me how much you look up to her and she wants what is best for you.”

Alex pouted at this, “Yeah she’s like my big sister, but umm we can still at least text right—”

“Not without Veronica’s permission Allie,” Amber scolded, “It’s good to see you Anthony but I see you’ve got some friends waiting for you so run along now.”

The boy waved bye before running off with two ladies. Alex’s face soured at this, noting how they were taller and thinner than her.

“M-maybe we shouldn’t leave him alone with those girls, they look dangerous,” Alex piped out.

“Anthony is a smart guy and if he wants to spend his time with some sexy girls then that’s his business,” Amber commented while hiding a smile.

“I’m plenty sexy and you don’t let me spend time with me!” Alex argued diving into one of her tacos.

“You’re fat-girl sexy and that would normally restrict you to guys with big bellies. I already told you that he was out of your league so you’re going to have to work harder at this,” Amber then grew a wicked smile, “Awww are you jealous of those girls? Not so easy without a small waist huh?”

Alex turned crimson at this, “I’m no jealous, just worried about him is all.” The girl devoured what was left of her meal, feeling full but knowing it wouldn’t last.

“If you tell me what’s wrong, I’ll grab you a sundae,” Amber teased, hoping to get something out of her. Alex whimpered as her bib was cleaned off, too enticed by the treat to say no.

“Fineee, guess I am jealous a little,” Alex whined only for Amber to give her smirk, “Kay, I’m plenty jealous! I’m out here buying pretty clothes that make me look like a hippo and he’s running around with those lil sluts and their stupid flat tummys!”

Alex continued to whine on their way home, her bib getting splattered by sundae bits.

“I mean *munch* he’s looking all cute with just a shirt and jeans but I’m trying my bestest to look pretty for him. Couldn’t even say I *burp* look nice before running off with those stupid heads. They were all giggly and happy with him, am I gonna have to worry about him when we go out?”

Alex kept whining even as Amber got the girl down for a nap back at their apartment, feeling restless and worried. The hypnotic screen had done its work, driving her into a hyper-emotional state.

Veronica arrived just a half-hour later with Amber in just a bathrobe after her shower. Heavy thuds went off from Alex’s room as the chubby girl tossed and turned in her bed.

“What’s wrong with Big Allie?” Veronica asked, getting the details from Amber, and deciding to talk to the girl.

“I hear someone has boy troubles…” Veronica called out as she entered the childish room. Alex lit up at seeing her, rolling off her bed to crash into a hug with her fat friend.

Alex cried and explained everything, Veronica nodded along, listening to every word.

“Allie honey, my cousin is a chubby chaser, likes his girls big. He might be lonely a lot, but he’s pretty good at making friends with girls. I’m certain he’s crazy about you although I wish you had talked to me before you two almost had sex…”

Alex blushed at this and mumbled out an apology.

“It’s fine really, I can tell that you two care for each other so I’ll set you up on a date. It will be two months from now so we can finish getting your mindset properly.”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Alex squealed as she hugged Veronica who carried her to bed.

“Alex has Amber been telling you how you’re going to get fatter and a bunch of other things along that line?” Veronica inquired.

Alex nodded and explained to the best of her ability about everything Amber said. Veronica then gave the girl a belly rub to get her to sleep, while checking for her Goodnites.

“Allie finally settled down, just needed someone to explain things to her,” Veronica explained as she went for her laptop.

“Glad to hear, for a fat nervous girl she really can be quite the chatterbox,” Amber answered as she flipped through a magazine.

“Yup…” Veronica responded as she brought up a new code for Amber to be entranced by, “But not as much as you.”

Amber frowned at this, “Whatcha mean? I was only teasing—”

“Actually, Amber you were giving away details of the plan and acting like you were in complete control. It’s obvious you don’t like me as much as you claim and hate how you used to be a fat girl, am I right?”

Amber spoke with a slur, “Yeahhh fat girls are dumpy cowssss”

Veronica ordered the girl to strip, getting a good look at Amber’s body, The flawlessly toned figure was a testament to a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s a shame, I really thought we were friends but seems like you just wanted to knock Allie down and knew I could do that. I should thank you though, my coding skills have improved drastically because of all this. That’s something you’ll learn firsthand with what I’m going to do to you.”

Amber whimpered at this, “Please don’t…I’ll be good…real good.”

Veronica patted the girl on her flat stomach, “Oh I know you will sweetie. You’ll be more than twice the girl you were before…Polly.”

Amber whined at her middle name, begging Veronica not to tell anyone, even as she stared at the code. The session finished an hour later, and the woman felt exhausted.

“Off to bed with you now Polly, you need your rest,” Veronica scolded the naked girl.

“I am awful tired…but please just call me Amber.”

Veronica agreed but thought to herself, Polly will be about the only thing that’s fit you soon enough!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 10:35 am

Well, this was an interesting turn of events. Thanks for updating.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Matt L. » Fri Jul 30, 2021 10:09 pm

Your story improves with every chapter, very thrilling. Looking forward to Amber becoming Polly.
You're a genius in the genre.

Cheers, Matt
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby s19842984 » Sat Jul 31, 2021 1:39 am

its been great so far keep up the good work :)
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Mon Aug 02, 2021 9:31 pm

Thanks, guys for the reviews! Especially you Matt L., a master in the fat girl genre!

Chapter 11:

“Oh, come on!” Alex whined as she felt her soaked Goodnites in the middle of the night.

A month had passed since her weekend with Amber and it seemed like every few nights, she was wetting the bed. Her nerves about seeing Anthony in another month had gotten to Alex, making her nervous about everything. It didn’t help that the girl had packed on another twenty pounds since then, putting her weight at 175.

On her 4-foot-8 frame, Alex was taking on a butterball appearance with a blubbery babyface that got her carded all the time. A proud double chin took its place below her soft jaw and left little neck for the girl to work with. Her potbelly had gone into the bulging gut territory, becoming a resting tray for her sagging E-cup breasts. The girl’s ample bosom was often stuffed into bralettes, allowing gravity to wreak havoc on them.

The girl was well balanced on her backside with a tubby tush standing out as a soft shelf that made wedgies with her cotton undies. Supporting this puny pudgy girl were two thick thighs that chafed one another, forcing her to use lotion for the burn.

Alex literally rolled out of bed and got her ruined pull-ups off, going through her secret routine. She got rid of her Goodnite and took her sheets to the private laundry room in her apartment. A few minutes later, the fat girl was on a beanbag chair with her tablet and waiting for her sheets to dry.

“Rough night, Big Allie?” Veronica asked, coming out of nowhere.

Alex squealed like a piglet and tried her best to cover her pussy. The girl had decided to not put on any underwear leaving her in front of Veronica in just her new Powerpuff Girls nightshirt. Her flabby form meant that the shirt only made it to the middle of her womanhood.

“Veronica hi…I was just having trouble sleeping cuz my sheets were itchy,” Alex stuttered out as she tugged on her shirt to try and hide some of her body.

“Oh is that so? Then why aren’t you wearing your diapers?” Veronica teased, knowing how Alex would react.

“There NOT diapers!” Alex wailed, waving her husky arms like a toddler, “You promise not to call them that!”

“Yes, but you should be in diapers since you keep wetting your bed,” Veronica scolded the girl, “I figured that out after your first little accident, I wanted to see just how long you would keep up your act.”

Alex fiddled with the edge of her shirt, her head down in shame. The girl then felt her body lifted in the air.

“Before I sit you on my lap, do you need to pee?”

Alex shook her head no and was then sitting on Veronica’s lap, her feet dangling far from the ground. “I hate when you pick me up like that!” Alex whined.

“Maybe if you acted like a reasonable young lady instead of a bratty teen, I’d treat you like an adult,” Veronica reprimanded the girl, making Alex feel like a naughty child.

“Miss Veronica I’m s-s-sorry,” Alex muttered out, “My heads still kinda fuzzy but I feel lots better and I won’t have another accident I swear!”

The mature woman gave the girl a reassuring belly rub, knowing how it got her calm down, “I know you didn’t mean to wet your bed, but it’s been going on for a while now, so I think it’s best to upgrade to some thicker protection.”

Alex fought back tears and pulled herself down from the woman’s lap, her emotions running on high.

“T-t-that’s no fair! I you boss! Not pposed to get fat and stupid and I don’t want any more baby stuff!” Alex screamed while stomping her feet and flailing her arms, looking like an overgrown toddler throwing a tantrum. The girl was crying and only got angrier when she looked over Veronica’s figure.

“You lost mo weight! That should be me!” Alex gave her tubby belly a good shake, “You promise to help get rid of this! I getting too fatttttt!” Veronica’s weight loss was all too evident, the girl had gotten down to 165, losing another twenty-one pounds. While women with supermodel figures still made the occasional joke, it was getting harder for them as she continued her diet and exercise.

Alex lost her footing after this, landing on her wide back and butt. She laid on the floor, not caring how she was practically naked, and cried her frustrations away.

Veronica then surprised Alex by blowing raspberries on her tummy, sending the girl into a strong laughing fit.

“Stopahahaha!” Alex begged as she wiggled about trying to get away while laughing too hard.

The tickling continued for a while until Alex seemed to have forgotten about her little tantrum, except for when she sat up and felt something crinkle. The girl threw a pout at Veronica, silently begging her not to do this.

“Allie, you have to wear them until you stop wetting your bed,” Veronica ordered, Alex wanted to argue but was cut off, “Let me be clear, you’ve done very well mentally but if you’re going to recover fully you need to be willing to work with me.”

Alex pouted at this, “Phooey! Whatever I’ll wear the stupid thing but I’m not gonna need em!”

“It’s not a stupid thing, it’s YOUR diaper!” Veronica yelled, scaring Alex just a bit.

“Y-y-yes ma’am…I’ll wear my diapers please don’t punish me.” Alex whimpered out, covering her butt as if she was about to be spanked. Veronica smiled at this since she wanted her former boss to recognize the padding as her own.

Veronica ordered the girl to stay put as she finished up the sheets and then picked the girl up like a baby. Alex wanted to be annoyed but came to enjoy the contact with her pseudo-older sister.

“You’ve had a pretty rough night so how about you sleep with me huh Big Allie?” Veronica asked in a condescending tone. Alex was all for it especially when she got her sippy cup filled with fattening buttermilk.

Meanwhile, Amber snored away in her room as if nothing had happened. The programming Veronica had done to her was already working overtime. Unlike Alex, who was becoming a girly immature fatty, Veronica had decided to strip Amber of her feminine ways.

Amber was already having difficulty with her outfits, often relying on Veronica to dress her, and was losing her makeup skills. The girl traded in tv fashion shows and Vogue magazines for superhero movies and comic books. She had even been begging Veronica to let her buy a game console with Veronica telling her she would think about it.

The coding had also made Amber pack on weight quicker than Alex, already going up to 152 pounds and climbing. The extra pounds were a sore spot for the girl along with the fact that she was responding to Polly more than Amber. Her new developing mindset hated both these girly names, so she was trying to get more people to call her A, with little success.

The girl’s rounding face made a whiny expression as her dream unfolded.

“Polly come on already! You’re gonna be late for school!” Veronica yelled, trying to get the girl up for the fourth time.

The girl heaved her 300-pound body to a sitting position and waddled off to her bathroom. As she passed the mirror, a thin and fit figure passed by which made her double back. Amber frowned as she saw her usual rotund body, feeling as if something was off.

Amber then stuffed herself into the shower, making sure the curtains wouldn’t let any water out before starting. She tried her best with the poofy curls on her head, using a kid's shampoo since Veronica refused to waste money on the better stuff for her.

The generic soap then came out as she scrubbed between every fold and roll, lifting her belly to get clean underneath. Once finishing up, Amber waddled about naked and went to get dressed.

A training vest came first for the girl, despite her hefty body Amber lacked any real breasts, hers only going up to A cups. Her Batgirl granny panties made up for this, giving her a pear shape, the 2XL garment was starting to be a tight fit. Amber dressed in a drab orange shirt that read Nutritional Overachiever with rainbow leggings that struggled to hold her hefty thighs. Run-down sneakers encased her chubby feet and the girl grabbed a pair of thick glasses along with her backpack before leaving her room.

“I look okay Veronica?” Amber asked as she ate breakfast, a large stack of pancakes with bacon and eggs. Veronica smiled and put the girl’s curls into a high ponytail, “You’re good to go, Polly!”

Amber’s face soured at this, “Can’t you just call me A? Also, this style’s too girly I don’t wanna look like one of those bimbos at school.”

“Polly your ass weighs more than two of those so-called bimbos!” Veronica teased, “Besides the style is cute maybe you’ll meet a nice boy.”

Amber blushed at this, “I-I-I told you already, I don’t want a boyfriend! I just wanna graduate already.” The girl stuffed her mouth with breakfast, “Bad enough I’m 22 and repeating my senior year five times, the last thing I need is a guy undressing me with his eyes.”

Veronica laughed at this while Amber blinked and found herself wedged in a student desk. Her backpack to the side and a huge lunchbox sitting in front of her. Naturally, it had a whole chicken with mash potatoes and gravy along with an apple pie packed separately.

“Polly Matthews?” The teacher asked, taking attendance. Whispers and giggles went about as the girl tried to stand.

Amber gave up and simply took the desk with her to stand, putting her food next to her backpack.

“Present miss…it’s actually Amber,” Amber whimpered out as the class laughed at the idea.

“Seems more like it’s Big Jolly Polly!” A beautiful eighteen-year-old girl yelled, making the whole class erupt in laughter. The teacher tried to get the class settled while Amber stood there, her corpulent body wedged in a desk, trying to understand what was happening.

“I don’t think I’m supposed to be like this…”

Amber snored a bit and mumbled in her sleep, “Polly’s a fat girl…I’m not fat…am I?”
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Tue Aug 03, 2021 9:53 am

This was a very interesting update. Please continue!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

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Superb update, clever dialogue and first rate descriptions, especially the clothing.
Amber / Polly's introduction in class was fabulous.

Cheers, Matt
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