Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.)

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Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.)

Postby jose4857 » Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:52 pm

My first story, probably going to be quite long. I'm a big fan of the humiliation aspect in weight stories and I hope this piece will show that off.

A huge shout out to Matt L. for encouraging me to write. His stories are truly top-class and some of my favorites.


Alex Delgado examined her latest completed project reports. Her employees had worked hard to push this new line of yogurt, spending many late nights at the office. The product was a huge success from taste testing to marketing and then releasing, thus Silm-Corp’s newest creation for diet yogurt was flying off the shelves.

This beautiful boss had become the symbol of the company and stood as the epitome of a healthy lifestyle. A strict diet and exercise regimen kept the twenty-six-year-old boss at a weight of 115 pounds with a toned stomach, shapely legs, ample bust, and a perfect tush. Having grown up fit and beautiful, Alex naturally looked down at anyone with just a few extra pounds deeming them lazy and disgusting. Seeing people like this made the woman hyper-competitive, she had to outclass everyone both through looks and her career.

Naturally, this only led the ambitious woman to see the negative aspects when reading these reports. Alex had hoped for a much bigger release, enough to double profits from her last success. To her, being the youngest CEO of one of the biggest diet companies was just a stepping stone and anything that threatened her career was unacceptable.

“Ronnie get your bloated butt in here now!”

Veronica Anderson waddled her way to Miss Delgado’s office, knowing that the woman never liked to repeat herself. Her pudgy secretary knew better than to upset the boss, Alex had long since made it clear she could be fired at any moment.

The girl brought her boss the usual Slim-Corp tea and awaited her next order.

“Are these all the reports for our new yogurt?”

Veronica nodded yes and got an angry look back from her boss.

“Honestly, what are we paying these people for? It’s obvious that my employees need to be reminded how to get decent results.”

“Ms. Delgado everyone worked really late for months to prepare this new product, some didn’t even leave the office for a few days each week. Plus, we’ve had a few workers on maternity and paternity leave—”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion about this problem piggy! The company doesn’t stop running because the women here decided to not use protection in a one-night stand! Nor if the men are enabling their baby mamas to pile on the preggo pounds by taking time off to coddle them!”

“Y-y-yes Ms. Delgado, sorry.” Veronica nervously played with her hands, hoping to leave the office immediately. Alex gave the fat girl a body check and took on a wicked grin.

“Ronnie, might I suggest you take advantage of your employee discount to pick up some of that yogurt? That office attire looks almost painted on you and the seams can only do so much.”

Veronica blushed at this, nervously scratching her belly. At over 200 pounds, it was obvious she was quite heavy and this was something every skinny girl liked to remind her of.

“Umm well maybe Miss but well I—”

The secretary found herself waved away and told to bring her the agenda for tomorrow as well as the contracts for Slim-Corp’s next product. Veronica took off as fast as her thunder thighs could go before she got yelled at again.

Veronica was truly a brilliant girl, getting a master’s degree in computer programing, and seemed to be heading towards a marvelous future. Sadly, the working world made its weight limit clear and since she wasn’t a dress size two, the girl struggled to find any job. When she had heard about Slim-Corp, the girl was desperate and was willing to take any position.

Alex took advantage of the situation to finally get a decent secretary; truth be told most of the candidates she had interviewed were qualified but none lived up to her exceptionally high demands. As a joke, the CEO took this girl on thinking it was a good way to get some laughs at the poor fat girl. Veronica proved herself up to the task though and never retaliated, earning her place as Alex’s subordinate. The powerful woman then made it impossible for Veronica to find work anywhere else and implied she was on thin ice at the company. It didn’t hurt that Alex could still get laughs about the girl’s weight and served as a reminder to keep up her healthy choices or start looking like Veronica.

As Veronica prepped everything Miss Delgado had asked for, she took a deep breath to quell her anger at the woman. The assistant had long since tired of her boss’s jabs about her weight. Veronica had heard all the fat jokes throughout her life, she struggled with her weight and dealing with superficial women like Alex. The girl was sweet and intelligent but it seemed no one looked past her flabby body to see that except for other fat people.

Biting down on a candy bar, Veronica only held onto one thought that granted her some stress release.

I’ll find a better job, I don’t know why I can’t right now but I will….and someday that bitch Alex will get what’s coming to her!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby SithChangeLord » Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:13 pm

Good intro! Looking forward to the rest.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Matt L. » Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:40 pm

Entertaining introduction, smoothly written. Alex is wonderfully smug and catty, love her last name, could she be Hispanic?
I appreciate the shout out, you're a very fine author.
Matt L.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Thu Jun 17, 2021 8:18 am

This was interesting. Good luck with the story.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Thu Jun 17, 2021 5:45 pm

Thanks for the reviews, everyone! Believe me, the fun is just starting. ;)

Given her last name, Alex is definitely Hispanic, How will this affect the story?

Chapter 2:

Veronica sighed as she unloaded yet another drawer of paperwork, she glanced over at her clock and saw that it was after ten. The girl silently cursed her luck at one of many late nights to come since she now had to rearrange her file system to Miss Delgado’s crazy new standards.

After reviewing the project results, Alex had pulled her employees into a mandatory meeting, calling out everyone for what she considered lazy and sloppy work. The employees had a mixed reaction of fear and annoyance but everyone agreed this woman was a nightmare; most only putting up with her until they could find a better job. The vain CEO made it clear that every department would be watched over for the next assignment and that if things did not shape up, she would be handing out pink slips.

Thus, Veronica found herself deep in old files because Alex couldn’t navigate her way through the paperwork. The pudgy assistant explained that the arrangement worked for her since she handled all of her boss’s filing once signed or reviewed, but Alex demanded her to fix this or pack her things. She sighed as one of the piles toppled over, getting on her chunky knees to pick up the documents.

“Let me give you a hand with that Veronica.”

Amber Matthews bent down to help with the papers, smiling at her friend. The 30-year-old woman had her own killer body but never gave anyone a hard time about looks. She had grown up chubby until entering high school, where a leaner diet and daily exercising had shed off the extra pounds. Amber and Veronica got along famously, bonding over their hatred for the pretentious head of the company.

“Thanks, Amber, really appreciate it. Her Royal Bratty-ness has me reorganizing my files and she never even sees the papers once they’re stored!”

Amber looked at her fat friend with sympathy. “Girl you’re much too smart to be wasting your time with this kind of stuff! I don’t get why you put up with her. If I had your intelligence, I’d tell Delgado to kiss my ass and quit!”

The ladies shared a laugh, grateful their boss had taken off almost two hours ago. Alex had a workout and nail appointment she could not miss.

“You know I’d love to but I can’t seem to find a job anywhere. Things go great when applying until my photo pops up and then I get passed over for some airhead with a beach body.”

Amber pulled out an envelope, forcing it into her friends’ hand. “It’s not much but this should help, consider it a payment for finally helping me get rid of my smoking habit.”

“Amber I can’t—”

“I don’t want to hear it, missy! Whatever you did with that fancy computer code of yours killed my cravings for cigarettes. As I said, it’s payment for providing a service.”

Veronica pouted at this but accepted the money, “Fine but this Saturday at girl’s night I’m paying for dinner, it’s only fair.”

Amber agreed before wishing her luck and getting out of the office for the night. Veronica relished in her small victory where her Masters was put into good use; Amber was happy and that’s all a sweet girl like Veronica wanted instead of a payment.

An hour later, Veronica had finished a good chunk of her filing before deciding to call it a night. She stepped into Miss Delgado’s office to leave a few things her boss would need first thing in the morning. It was then she noticed her boss’s usual locked file cabinet open.

Curiosity got the best of Veronica as she took a peek inside and found files on all of Slim-Corps employees, notes written about everyone and none of them seemed nice. She skimmed over Amber’s file reading aloud.

“Miss Matthews might be skinny and beautiful for now, but given her former fat past and position in our fashion department, she’ll need to work harder to further her career. Her association with people such as Ronnie will only hamper her career.”

Veronica rolled her eyes at the stupid name her boss called her and how superficial one person can be. She then found her own file and debated on what to do.

What’s the point? I know she hates me cuz I’m fat. The girl thought with a heavy sigh.

She then lost her grip on the folder and scrambled to pick up the papers, despite the office being mostly cleared out for the night Veronica feared getting caught. A sentence in Alex’s handwriting caught the girl’s eye.

“Veronica Anderson is truly brilliant and that would make her potential competition except her overweight body keeps her in line. Out of every person I interviewed, she was the only one who seemed to understand my cutthroat attitude. I’ve ensured that Ronnie never finds a decent job anywhere else, pulling some strings so she would always be turned down. If her weight gets to be too much for Slim-Corp’s image, I’ll be happy to send her off so she can spend the rest of her life behind a fast-food counter.”

“That evil spoiled bitch!”

Veronica paced back and forth in anger, she had spent almost a year searching for something better than her job at Slim-Corp and now understood why nothing was coming up. The chubby girl wanted to quit, not caring about a two-week notice since she was pretty much screwed regardless. She figured Alex would at least be scrambling without an assistant to wait on her every order, the thought made her smirk.

She took a deep breath and realized that an ambitious woman like Alex would never let something like this slow her down for too long. She’d find a new secretary in a few days and whip the newbie into shape while Veronica would be lucky to become an assistant manager at a Pizza Hut.

The girl put the file back and figured she could talk to Amber this Saturday, she would be able to cool off and think of some way out of this mess.

Meanwhile, Alex had settled in for the night in her luxurious apartment, another badge to display her powerful status. The silk rouge nightie she wore hugged her curvy body perfectly. It was something a wife might wear for her husband on a romantic night, but for Alex, it was just another night at home.

The pretentious woman had sparely dated, turning down many men for superficial reasons and for her career. Like everything else, Alex was competitive about her love life; she desired a man that could match her intelligence, aspirations, and appearance. She did have more than a few sexual episodes but not enough to fall into slutty territory and she relied on birth control to avoid a bun in the oven.

The woman gave her phone a quick browse, answering anything important and planning ahead for the next day. She smiled at a bit of news she read, a former college classmate had lost her job after gaining a few too many pounds.

Another weak girl who couldn’t handle the business world huh? Wow, it’s lonely at the top.

The thought filled her with glee as Alex nodded off.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Fri Jun 18, 2021 6:24 am

This was a very good new chapter; I've really enjoyed it.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Matt L. » Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:00 pm

Impressive episode, you really have a nice handle on Alex's character. Naturally Alex's high standards would interfere with developing a concrete relationship.

Cheers, Matt
Matt L.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Sat Jun 19, 2021 9:43 am

Appreciate the reviews guys!

Chapter 3:

The ladies had their girls’ night at Veronica’s place, nothing too fancy but good enough that the chubby girl wouldn’t be deemed poor. Veronica chugged some beer as she finished unloading everything onto Amber. The thinner woman wasn’t too surprised until she heard the bit that really pissed off Veronica.

“Veronica you need to quit. Warn any person who might consider taking the job just how crazy that bitch is, let’s see her figure a way out of that mess.”

Veronica just laughed at the idea, “Amber even if I do that and every person listens to me, I’ll still be jobless. I’ll have to take something at a fast food place and go live in a trailer or something.”

“Besides most people won’t believe me anyway, I’m a fat chick. They’ll just think I’m angry for losing my job, tell me to get on a treadmill and get a life.”

Amber looked on at her friend, “Delgado needs something permanent to be stopped” —she then took on a wicked grin— “like how you got me to stop smoking with that code of yours!”

Veronica looked at her with a crazy expression, “All I did was program your tablet to set off subliminal messages so you would quit the habit.”

Amber countered, “You did more than that! My tablet, phone, computer, they all changed their ads and stuff. Suddenly, all I saw was stuff about how bad smoking was and it affected my dreams too. A few months later and I can’t even look at an ad without feeling better that I quit.”

The hefty girl went for another beer, “Alright so I guess I kind of took control of you unintentionally but what good will that do with the pretentious princess? So I reverse it and then Alex can’t go without a smoke every once in a while?”

“Nope, you make her fat!”

“Amber that’s crazy talk—”

“No, it’s not girl. That bitch is like every girl who’s been skinny their whole lives; vain, high maintenance, and thinks they’re better than everyone. You write a code and all of sudden she’ll go crazy for fast food and forget about the gym.”

Veronica reminded Amber that her boss may be horrible but she was also quite intelligent. If her computer started messing with her, she would catch on quickly before any serious damage would happen to her figure.

“Well, girl don’t just make her fat then, change her personality too. She thinks heavy chicks are dumpy, slow, and lazy so make her that! A few months from now the head of Slim-Corp could be a pudgy woman closing in on 200 pounds who whines instead of yells.”

Veronica thought about this for a moment, “I could make her needy too, she’ll come running to her trusted assistant for help and I’ll be more than happy to guide her on a new path. In those coming months, I could be out from under her thumb and she’ll need to rethink her career.”

Amber agreed and given how this all worked, Veronica could easily add things to keep the skinny bitch in line. The girls got to work on the code, laughing and enjoying the thought; they also held onto the realistic possibility that this was all a joke but that just maybe it could work.

They called it a night after a few hours, choosing to finish up in the morning without any alcohol to slow them down. Veronica was happy to let her friend spend the night over, setting out a sofa bed in her own room so the girls would be sleeping together. They chatted for a few more minutes about how Alex would finally get what she deserved and then nodded off.

As Veronica stirred in her sleep, a smile came on from her dream.

“Allie get in here!”

Veronica’s yell for her assistant was followed by heavy thuds until Alex Delgado stood before her.

The girl was stuffed into an extra-large purple suit that left nothing to the imagination. Every roll of fat threatened to rip the material and the buttons begged for mercy. Along with the suit was a general out-of-shape lifestyle that had Alex red in the face from the small walk.

“Yes, Miss Anderson?”

“I’ve asked you a thousand times when handling documents to make sure you don’t have food around. You’ll need to reprint this report and please no pizza stains.”

Alex looked down in shame like a puppy being scolded, pulling out a candy bar to comfort her nerves. Like her body, any backbone Alex had was now soft to the point that loud voices, in general, scared her.

“I’m sorry Miss Anderson, I’ll get this fixed right away. I just get awful hungry especially when the papers got math on them, makes my head all fuzzy.”

Veronica nodded along, pretending to have sympathy for the girl, then asked about her boyfriend. After packing on her first thirty pounds, Alex’s standards for dating switched from seductress to desperate as the new fat girl hoped to hold onto any man.

“Vincent treats me real nice, doesn’t seem bothered by my weight like me. He’s a champ in bed too but once I hit 200 pounds he has to do me doggy style cuz my legs can’t open too far.”

Veronica smirked and added, “I imagine he calls it piggy style though.”

Alex blushes at this and mumbles out a yeah.

“He even gets me so worked I start snorting and oinking like a pig. Plus he found a safe way to do without protection.”

Veronica congratulated the girl before sending her off, reminding her to keep him happy and that she should listen to him since he’s smarter. The woman took on a smile as she figured it wouldn’t be too long before Alex would be on maternity leave herself.

Veronica’s smile only grew bigger as she kept sleeping.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Sat Jun 19, 2021 10:50 am

This was a nice role reversal at the end. Thanks for updating!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Freaksss » Sun Jun 20, 2021 11:30 am

Good story, I can't wait to read what will follow.
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