Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.)

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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Tue Aug 24, 2021 8:56 pm

Thanks for the reviews and apologies for the delay!

Chapter 11 Continues:

“Well, I didn’t think I would see you again so soon!”

Alex squealed and scrambled away from the stranger only to stop a second later, “J-J-Jennifer, whatcha doing in my place?” The girl discreetly tried to hide her used diaper with her blanket.

“Veronica promised me a babysitting job for the day and I’m more than happy to look after you sweetie,” Jennifer gushed, “I see you’ve still been eating well!”

Alex blushed at this, “I started a diet yesterday, so I won’t be fat too much longer.”

Jennifer saw the dirty plates of Alex’s fattening breakfast, “Looks like it’s going well, that diaper won’t fit much longer!”

Alex groaned at the stupid joke, “Oh haha! Whatever! I don’t need no sitter so go away!”

The beautiful woman messed with her phone, deciding to play with Alex, “Oh really? Damn, I was really hoping for the extra cash and to spend time with you. Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”

Alex pouted at her, “Nu-uh, you a meanie, go away!” The girl waddled over to her phone after a notification went off only for a hypnotic screen to capture her gaze.

The hefty girl plopped down on her padded butt with a spaced-out look while Jennifer smiled and waved her hand at Alex’s face. Alex showed no reaction, simply waiting for someone to order her.

“Wow, I can’t believe Veronica was right about this!” Jennifer exclaimed, “She was nice enough to fill me in on her plan and decided this would be a great time for us to play.”

“Ver-ronica my friend…sister,” Alex mumbled in a dazed state.

“Of course, Veronica is like an OLDER sister to you,” Jennifer teased, “That makes you the baby of the family!”

“Nahhh a baby…”

Jennifer poked at Alex’s diaper, “But you are! See this diaper holding your tubby gut in? It’s for babies, you’re wearing one, so you are a baby!”

“Nooo…don’t wanna be baby…” Alex whined, “I boss…gwown up.”

“Oh don’t worry baby Allie we’re gonna have lots of fun today! The best part is that when we’re done, you won’t remember a thing, but there will be a few side effects.”

Alex looked at her soggy diaper her mind thinking how Jennifer must be right. Only babies wear diapers and I’m wearing one…I baby?

Alex let loose a wail that could put a real baby to shame with Jennifer springing into action to calm her down.

“Hush hush sweetie, it’s okay,” Jennifer told Alex while rocking her, “Miss Jennifer is going to take great care of you.”

“Where Vewonicuh? I want my sista!” Alex whined, terrified of her current situation. Her mind saw the world as a scary place that only Veronica could protect her from.

“Now Allie it’s okay, Veronica asked me to look after you so how about some food huh?” Jennifer tickled her belly to get her laughing.

“Hehehe kay wanna num nums,” Alex squealed between laughs.

Jennifer set Alex down to grab lunch, only to watch the girl wobbled herself onto a standing position. After a few attempts, Alex was quietly crying on the floor.

“Awww what’s wrong my wiggy piggy?” Jennifer asked in a condescending tone, pinching the layer of fat just above her diaper.

“Wanna walk with you…” Alex whined, “Stupid chubby legs no work!”

“Course they do sweetie, you just gotta crawl instead.” Jennifer explained, “Part of being a baby remember.”

Alex pulled herself into a dog position and giggled as she moved about on all fours, “Tank you Miss Jen-Jen-Jeninin…”

Jennifer laughed at her stuttering, “Allie, you can just call me Miss Jen.”

Alex smiled at this and crawled after her babysitter, excited about lunch. Her face changed when she was locked into a highchair and saw the goop in front of her.

“Ewww don want that!” Alex complained.

“Now Allie, how are you going to grow up big and strong like Veronica if you don’t eat your food?” Jennifer hoped the girl would accept this reasoning.

“Awready big,” Alex patted her gut as evidence and then pushed up her chest, “Gots boobies too.”

Jennifer gave it some thought and smiled, “Fine you don’t have to eat, guess that means no dessert either…”

Alex whimpered at this, “But but I wanna yummy dessert.”

Jennifer held out a baby spoon with the mushed veggies on it, “You know what to do then.”

Alex groaned but opened her mouth for the baby food, doing her best not to complain about the taste of it. The design of all this baby stuff was clearly meant for a small adult, including the large jar of mushed food and the big baby spoon.

“All done!” Jennifer exclaimed with pride, “See? That wasn’t so bad.”

Alex pouted with green stains on her plump cheeks and bib, annoyed with the disgusting food and dying for dessert. Her daily veggie smoothie memory was long gone and replaced by a craving for fat girl food.

Jennifer cleaned Alex a bit before setting down a piece of chocolate pie with two scoops of vanilla. Her chubby charge pounced on the sweet treat, ignoring any etiquette as she used her hands to grab the food.

Jennifer glared at Alex, who was sucking ice cream on her hand. Alex let out a strong belch and laughed, making Jennifer laugh as well.

“Don’t think I’ll let you get away with everything young lady!” Jennifer warned, “Time for a bath, you can have a bit of playtime and then you’ll be all tuckered out for a nap.”

Interested in her reaction, Jennifer stripped Alex and set her naked on the floor then went off to get a bath ready.

Alex was about to crawl after her, but a thought popped in, Miss Jen’s gonna give me a bath…

Like most infants, Alex hated the idea of a bath, and she was determined to stop it. The girl crawled her flabby body about hoping to find a hiding place and settled for under her blanket and laid on the floor. She giggled at her so-called clever hiding spot.

“Alright flabby Allie time for,” Jennifer panicked for a second, thinking Alex was lost, until she saw the girl’s hiding spot, “Uh oh, Allie’s gone missing, what am I gonna do?”

Alex giggled thinking she had finally outsmarted an adult; her intelligence had never been lower than now.

“Well then guess I’ll go home, no point in hanging around here.”

Alex’s giggles got louder until she heard footsteps and a door shut. The girl rolled into a crawling position and searched around for Jennifer with fear clouding her thoughts.

“Miss Jen I hewe! Awwie hewe!” she pleaded, getting more scared as Jennifer was nowhere in sight.

The girl plopped her chubby butt on the kitchen tiles while fighting back tears, “I big girl…can take care of maself.”

Alex shoved a thumb into her mouth, providing her comfort, and started to believe she would be okay. The situation changed when she felt warm water on her pussy and leaking to the floor.

“Nooo…gotta pee-pee in the potty,” Alex tried to stop but only saw the puddle get bigger, “Wahhhhh!”

The girl tilted onto her bloated back and cried, feeling helpless and scared. Alex’s tears got louder as she realized Veronica would find her like this and punish her for being so naughty.

“My oh my, seems like a certain fatty forgot all about her potty training!” Jennifer teased, having appeared from an easy hiding place. Alex was too distressed to care, letting herself be carried away for her bath.

“I *sniffle* sowwie Miss Jen,” Alex whimpered out as Jennifer scrubbed the girl clean, “Gonna tell Vewonicuh?”

“Hmmm well I’ll get you and the floor all cleaned up, but if you don’t wanna Veronica to know anything you’re going to make a special video with me!” Jennifer tickled the girl under her double chin, getting Alex to giggle again.

A few minutes later, Alex’s pudgy body appeared only fatter with the shine of her bathwater and the girl was wobbling about on her unsteady feet. Jennifer gave her the signal to start performing whenever she was ready.

“H-H-Hi ima Al-ex Dewgado well umm everybody calls me Allie now so thats my name now. My big girl bwain got all mushy so I twaded it for a big tummy.”

Allie smacked her doughy belly as proof, making Jennifer laugh.

“See now I gotta lift it to get to my cookie and I gots big boobies and a fat butt too!”

Allie showed every bit of her body off not caring that Jennifer was recording her.

“Miss Vewonica taking weally good care of me, she’s in charge and wike my older sister. She gets me clothes and food and helps me think.” Allie groped her heavy gut, “Thanks for watching over this piggy Miss Vewonica! Bye Bye!”

Allie ended off with a big smile and kiss, proud of her performance.

Jennifer applauded the tubby toddler-like woman, making Allie blush and jiggle a bit before ending the video. She then got her dried up and dressed for the afternoon.

Allie smiled a bit at the red onesie she was trapped in, a big heart on her chest with the caption Heart as Big as My Thighs! The warm clothing felt nice and had her yawning in comfort.

“Honestly Allie with that little show, you would certainly give Scarlett Johansson a run for her money,” Jennifer gushed as Allie turned crimson from her playpen. Jennifer had set it up in the few minutes she let the girl play in the tub.

“Ummm actually *yawn* it looks like I ate Scawlett,” Allie giggled at her joke, “My boobies weigh more than her!”

Jennifer laughed and agreed, setting a pacifier in Allie’s mouth that had the girl knocked out in seconds.


Amber pouted at her reflection, “Can’t I get something smaller? My eyes ain’t that bad.”

Veronica shot her a glare that made Amber snort and mumble out an apology, “Your eyes are only going to get worse, these glasses will help and, if you deserve it, we’ll talk about different frames.”

The huge pair of glasses made Amber’s eyes bulge out and hugged her fattening face. She cringed at the girly pink frame Veronica had insisted on and was even more upset when a sparkly pink strap was added on.

Veronica had decided to take Amber on a mall trip, hoping to change her wardrobe like she had with Allie and establish ground rules.

“I have money…think I’ll just get myself another pair maybe not so girly—”

Veronica responded with a sharp slap on Amber’s jiggly butt, “Ow! Quit doing that already!” Amber yelled. The taller woman pulled her along and had Amber wedged in a seat; girls snickered at the fat girl now trapped.

“Then stop being a brat! If you want my help with anything you’ll start listening to me!” Veronica scolded, getting a fast nod from a terrified Amber.

“From now on missy, consider yourself under my care. I’m happy to provide you with a home, clothes, food but you’ll do as I say. I’ll be taking your paycheck and you can ask me for your allowance if you need it.”

Veronica went on to explain some rules and was happy to answer any questions as well.

“So Miss Veronica can I have my allowance now?” Amber begged.

“You’ll be earning your first one tomorrow when you’re watching Allie.”

Amber interjected at this, “Actually some of my friends invited me to a barbeque so I can’t really—” She stopped when looking at Veronica’s angry face, “Umm right sorry, I’ll tell them I can’t go.”

Veronica then snatched the Princess Peach Switch Case Amber had been clinging onto, “Of course you won’t be going Polly since you’re grounded for the next two weeks. You’ll go only where I say and no video games.”

The bossy woman went a bit soft when Amber teared up a bit at this, “B-b-but I just got my new toy…why you being so mean for?”

“Alright alright, no more crocodile tears Polly,” Veronica hugged her pudgy friend, who let loose a few more sobs, “I-I-it’s just allergies, Veronica, I swear.”

Veronica played along only to keep Amber from tearing up again.

“Fine Amber you’re still grounded but you can have your game back, just don’t test me anymore,” Veronica scolded as she handed the console back to Amber, who hugged it with glee.

“How about a trip to Cinnabon before we do our shopping? A girl like you must be starving by now.”

Amber wanted to argue about the insult but the gut sitting on her lap made it clear she was a big eater. Veronica started walking until she heard some struggling from Amber, who was wiggling her legs to try and get out.

She had a big blush going on and said, “I’m kinda stuck…a little hand, please?”

Veronica sighed and pulled the girl out with a popping sound following Amber, like toy slime coming out squeezing out of a jar. Amber turned red at this while Veronica laughed.

“Not to worry sweetie, you’ll feel better with a couple of big pretzels in your hands and tummy!”

Amber smiled at this, “But we’re still gonna eat later, right? I’m feeling extra hungry today!”

“Of course, my Jolly Polly, I don’t want you missing a single meal!”

The growing girl failed to see how natural her middle name felt and her new emerging submissive nature that could be controlled by food.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:29 am

Thank you for the new chapter. This remains being an awesome tale.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Sun Aug 29, 2021 8:48 pm

Thanks, Junketh71 for the support and to anyone else who might be reading!

Wrapping up Chapter 11:

Amber was truly happy after finishing off her two pretzels, despite the grease on her lips or dowdy appearance. Her smile turned nervous when Veronica led her into a Tween Gap, an ideal clothing store for awkward kids but not for someone working in a diet company.

“Shouldn’t I be getting work clothes? This place seems more like Allie’s style,” Amber peeped with a snorting giggle.

“You’re welcome to try my old office attire,” Veronica struck a supermodel pose, “It’s not like I’ll be needing it anyway and I’m sure you can squeeze that big butt of yours into my old Spanx.”

Amber defensively grabbed her growing butt, “It’s not that big, you know.”

“Seems like all the cup sizes you’re losing are going right to that tush,” Veronica teased while grabbing Amber’s ass and making her blush, “I bet if we get you a pair of shorts, it’ll fit like a thong haha!”

“V-Veronica…” Amber whimpered out, “You making me uncomfortable…can we talk about something besides my boobies and butt?”

“Alright alright, how about you try on a few things so I can get your size right, and then I’ll buy your stuff while you head over there?” Veronica pointed to a comic store just across from them. Amber thought about it for a minute, “I guess but shouldn’t I get to choose my own clothes?”

Veronica grabbed a makeshift outfit and tossed it at Amber, “Honey, you’re not exactly a fashionista at the moment, let me worry about the style aspect and you can focus on sucking in that gut when you put on the clothes.”

Amber gave off a sad smile before heading to a changing room, the area was deserted and allowed her to avoid any bullies. She stared in disbelief at her reflection, her new glasses letting Amber take stock of her beefier figure. The way her shrinking breasts sat on her beach ball gut, the kind that people could mistake for a pregnant belly. Her husky arms led to pudgy fists and flabby thighs that went to chubby feet. A slow turn showed off her wide profile and that blubbery posterior that everyone seemed to make fun of.

“Proud of yourself there Pudgy Polly?”

Amber turned to face her mother, Katherine, once again bothering her, “I so totally don’t need this right now so just go away.” Amber groped as much of her fat body as possible to hide it from the woman’s judgment.

“I agree, what you need is a treadmill!” Katherine joked while scoping out her daughter’s body, “Now get dressed and we’ll see if you’re lucky enough to catch a boys’ eye with that fatty physique.”

Amber derisively snorted but did as her mother asked, starting with the vest that replaced her padded bra. She smiled at the tight fit, thinking her chest wasn’t too small but failed to see how her breasts were shrinking away.

“God, why’s it gotta be so girly?” Amber whined.

The outfit consisted of a baby blue shirt with puffy sleeves and a caption that read Mommy’s Girl. The short plaid pink skirt came only halfway to Amber’s thighs, leaving their flabby consistency out for anyone to see. Her sneakers were replaced by strappy sandals with floral designs that squeezed her chunky feet like playdough.

“I think it’s cute,” Katherine stated as she rubbed Amber’s belly from behind, “Better than the boy clothes you seem to be wearing all the time.”

“I like to dress comfy mama, no need to show off so much,” Amber whined as her mom played with her gut.

Katherine laughed at this, “Oh sure! I’m certain this has nothing to do with how Veronica is messing with your head. The code she put on your electronics including that little toy you keep carrying around.”

Amber whimpered at this, annoying her mom, “Enough of that whining! You’re my daughter so you’re going to listen to me and tell Veronica off!”

“B-b-but I can’t! She already grounded me, don’t want to get in any more trouble—”

“Grounded?! You’re a grown woman for god sake! The only people you should be obeying are me and your man, in that order. Now, do as I say and tell Veronica to fix you!”

Amber grabbed her things and went out to find Veronica, scared of what her mom would do even if she was just in her head. She didn’t have to look far to find the woman with a confident smile.

“Aw, you look adorable!” Veronica gushed, making Amber release a dorky laugh, “Give us a twirl and shake those girls a bit!”

Amber did as she told, showing off her flabby physique and small breasts to her friend. Veronica smiled with pride, obviously for herself since she had easily manipulated the girl.

“Umm V-Veronica?” Amber stuttered out while her friend played with her outfit, “I still think that maybe something happened with your code and maybe you could fix me, please? I’m thinking something isn’t right.”

Amber sent off a pleading look at Veronica and her mom who looked on in disappointment. The programming was doing exactly as Veronica wanted, making Amber struggle with becoming Polly again and trying to make her mom happy. As such, Veronica expected a few chats like this in the future.

“Nonsense! Polly honey I can assure you that everything is exactly as it should be,” Veronica patted the girl on her tummy, “You can wear these clothes right out of the store, I’ll pick up some stuff for you while you go hang out at the store.”

“Actually I think maybe—”

“Yes yes Polly, I’ll grab you some more cartoon stuff as well so you don’t feel too out of place,” Veronica handed Amber some money, “Run along now like a good girl.”

Amber did as she told while tugging at her skirt, wishing it would magically grow into sweatpants. Between her thunder thighs and a sliver of fat poking out, Amber felt too exposed and forgot how she used to dress only a month ago. The girl wanted to use the bit of money she got to buy more concealing clothes, but a thought stopped her.

Veronica’s gonna be real mad if she comes by the comic store and I’m not there…

Amber was terrified of any punishment, seeing everything that Alex had been put through, and knew how strict Veronica could be if she wanted to. With a heavy sigh, she entered the store.

Amber nervously walked about, delighted by the action figures, comics, and nerdy accessories. She saw a black sweatshirt with Kirby smiling on the front and pulled one in a 2XL, paying immediately to cover her upper body.

“Kirby is pretty cool huh?”

Amber turned to face a chubby guy and found herself aroused from what she saw. Her desire for powerful men with rockhard abs and money was replaced by a need for losers such as this boy. Barely 5 foot 5, the hefty fella wore grey sweatpants and a black shirt with Pikachu on it. While most women would find him cute, Amber thought of him as downright sexy and desperately wanted to bring him home to roll around together.

“Y-y-yeah he’s a hungry guy just like me!” Amber peeped and turned red thinking Nice one dummy, next time why don’t show him your fat ass!

The guy simply laughed it off, “Maybe but I think you got him beat in terms of cuteness,” the two shared a blush at the dorky flirting, “I’m Leo by the way, and you?”

“Oh um well I umm I’m Polly,” Amber answered, thrown off by the nice guy who seemed okay with her, “Well Amber really but everyone calls me by my middle name.”

“Both suit you really nice,” Leo commented, making Amber snort, “Same as the glasses, they really work for you.”

Amber gave him a funky look, “Really? I just got them and they feel pretty weird to me, I don’t usually like anything too flashy.”

“They’re perfect on you babe!” Leo exclaimed, turning red as Amber giggled. She never expected any guy to be this nice to her, but then she looked around. Leo was on the slimmer side compared to most of the guys there and while Amber lacked her graceful beauty, she was lighter and prettier than the few girls at the store.

“So any chance you can help me pick out a few things? I wouldn’t mind a comic or two for when I go home?” Amber asked, practically begging for his attention.

Leo was happy to show her around, the two of them chatted away for a few hours. Amber grabbed more than a few comics that her new friend recommended, and their hands even touched as they went for the same edition of Wonder Woman.

“Sorry!” Amber squealed, “Umm you take it since you been so nice to me.”

Leo just smiled as he put the comic in her hands, “Nah you go ahead.” He then spotted a silver Supergirl necklace and got an idea, “Plus this, if you let me put it on that is.”

“S-s-sure, if you don’t mind,” Amber blushed as the two were in kissing distance from one another, “You have nice eyes.”

Leo turned nervous at this, “You too…and nice lips.”

Despite everything Amber had said about having a boyfriend, she couldn’t deny her attraction to this boy. She figured her mom would be happy to know that she was at least getting close to a guy and would have her grandkids.

“Well well, I don’t remember sending you here for a playdate Polly,” Veronica teased as she broke up their little moment.

“Oh sorry Veronica, he was just uh helping me with my necklace,” Amber stuttered out, hoping she wouldn’t be so mad.

“Seems like this boy has an eye for something special huh?” Veronica stood with a hand on her hips, making Leo crimson and Amber nervous. The way he tried not to openly gawk at Veronica made Amber feel much too inferior to her.

“I’ll give you five minutes to wrap things up here and then we have to go,” Veronica ordered and strutted out of the store.

Leo spoke up after she left, “Didn’t mean to get you in trouble Polly, my bad.”

Amber was still stewing in her insecurities, “It’s kay, Veronica’s real pretty huh?” The girl’s jealous tone was poorly hidden, “What a knockout right?” Amber glared at the boy with her last question.

“Actually, she kinda scares me,” Leo answered, making Amber soften a bit, “She’s a little too skinny for me anyways.”

Amber thought this over, realizing this guy was into bigger girls and that she was fitting into this category. She gave off an awkward smile before Leo paid for her gifts and they traded numbers. Amber waved goodbye as she lost sight of him.

“So when’s the wedding?” Veronica joked, getting Amber all worked up, “I hope you’ll name a daughter after me.”

“It’s not like that!” Amber yelled, getting a glare from her friend, “Sorry, I just mean he was being nice and it’s cuz I wasn’t the heaviest chick there you know? Besides, did you see the way he gawked at you? Even I’m obviously too heavy for him.”

“Seems to me like he wanted Polly not me,” Veronica then took in her appearance, “Was something wrong with the outfit I left you in?”

“N-no not all Veronica,” Amber fiddled with the end of her sweatshirt, “I just feel better without showing so much skin is all.”

“Well, the necklace is cute and did come from your new boyfriend so that’s fine but the next time I put you in clothes I expect you to wear them without any alterations, do I make myself clear?”

Amber saw the vicious look in Veronica’s eyes, “Y-y-yes ma’am, I understand.”

The ladies arrived back at the apartment to an interesting sight. Alex was sound asleep in a playpen, cuddling a stuffed hippo and with a pacifier while Jennifer enjoyed a simple salad and flipped through some reading material.

Amber giggled at Alex, snapping a few pictures, and taking in the toddler settings.

“Did everything go okay?” Veronica asked.

“Smooth sailing once I used that trick you recommended,” Jennifer stated, “I fed Allie, gave her a bath, and she’s been sound asleep since.”

Veronica smiled at this and snapped her fingers at Amber, “Take her to bed, and then you can take a nap yourself, no video games.”

“I’m not really all that tired,” Amber started until she saw Veronica’s face, “Yes ma’am I’ll get going.”

Alex softly snored as Amber went to tuck her into bed.

“Is that the same woman—”

“Who was babysitting Allie before? Yes, she is,” Veronica chimed in, “She’s been going through some changes herself.”

Jennifer was baffled how two women who seemed to be at the pinnacle of beauty could change so drastically. “I’ll be going now.”

Veronica sent her money plus a tip, “A little extra to keep quiet about anything crazy you might have seen.”

Jennifer understood and departed, not wanting to anger Veronica. The idea that both girls seemed afraid of her made Jennifer feel the same way.

Amber had changed into a set of pajamas, a navy-blue button-down shirt, and pants. She liked this outfit for the most part except for the stars that covered it. It didn’t help that her flabby thighs were starting to feel tight in the pants that ended about halfway down her calves or that her gut was starting to test the buttons’ strength.

Amber sighed as settled into bed, knowing Veronica would check on her soon. Her phone went off and she figured it was nothing but smiled at the notification.

Leo - Hey babe, you get home okay?

Amber - Course! Veronica drove and she liked my necklace too. Thanks for the gifts! :)

Leo – Glad you both like them, especially since she didn’t seem to like me.

Amber – Aw you scared of my friend? ;)

Leo – Shut up lol, I just wanna be able to hang with you without her getting mad!

Amber – I’d like that too :oops: she kinda wants me to sleep for a bit…

Leo – She always give you orders?

Amber – Sometimes, but she’s kool! I promise I’ll text later kay?

Leo – Sleep tight princess 8-)

Amber – Haha a fat princess, din’t know you were funny too!

Leo – I’m just being nice, sleep tight girl ;)

Amber – Thanks handsome :oops:

Amber giggled at this but then set her phone down, she tossed around her bed for a minute unable to fall asleep. She then saw a stuffed Hello Kitty across her room and went over to give it a look, not remembering that she bought it. The soft material made her hug it instantly and had Amber yawning.

Veronica went to check in a few minutes later, “I hope a certain pudgy girl is actually sleeping…”

She stopped at the sight of Amber sound asleep with her new stuffed toy, a bit of drool on its face from the hefty girl. Veronica snapped a few photos and smirked before shutting the door.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Mon Aug 30, 2021 11:00 am

This ended on an actual cute note, I would say.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 8:20 pm

Thanks for the reviews!

Chapter 12 begins now:

“Here you go Vero-I mean Miss Anderson,” Allie peeped out as she handed her paper copies for the staff meeting later today. Veronica had been clicking away on Allie’s computer and then noticed the paperwork.

“Allie! Why are there grease stains all over these?” Veronica reprimanded the tubby girl, Allie fiddled with her hands and turned red.

“I-I-I didn’t mean it, really, just got hungry and had some pizza bites but uhhh,” Allie’s hands went to her crotch, “Umm can I please go to the potty?”

Veronica simply scoffed at her but let the pudgy girl run off, Allie waddled off and felt her thighs burn as she raced to the bathroom. Of course, Veronica laughed as the girl left her office, “Messing with that girl never gets old!”

It had only been a few days since Alex’s baby day and yet so much had changed. Veronica had been pushing herself at the gym, going down to just 150 pounds. Losing almost 70 pounds, Veronica’s office attire fit more loosely these days and she caught the eyes of more men as well. The weight loss, her successful coding, and taking care of the girls gave her newfound confidence that even Slim-Corp models found intimidating.

Naturally, before taking control of Alex’s office, Veronica had removed the coding from the computer to avoid being its next victim. She shuddered at the idea of the trio being scared short fat girls with no one in charge and how people could take advantage of this.

Allie on the other hand was never far away from electronics, cementing her at 4-foot-8 height with an even smaller personality. Despite being well into her 20s, Allie was timid around everyone and often hid behind Veronica to feel safe. Her nerves meant overeating was a must bringing her closer to the 200-pound club every day.

Allie washed up after using the bathroom, relieved her panties only had a small stain that no one would notice. She didn’t want Veronica using this as an excuse to keep her in diapers all the time. Allie then heard some small sobbing in the stall next to hers.

“Umm is something wrong miss?” Allie peeped, feeling scared and wanting a candy bar.

“N-nothing!” Amber squeaked out, Allie recognized her immediately, “Just umm allergies is all.”

“Amber it’s me, Allie, you know you can talk to me.”

Amber opened the door to reveal her red face and smiled a bit at the pudgy small girl, “Well the thing is…” she started.

(An hour ago)

Leo – How you doing princess?

Amber - :lol: Princess sounds way too girly, try again boy!

Leo – Princess works ;) you certainly fit the bill

Amber’s face turned pink at the compliment, and she fanned herself to calm down. The woman had once been a bombshell and knew how to play with men to get what she wanted. Now the studs had abandoned Amber and she felt awkward around guys, except for Leo. The hefty guy made her heart skip a beat and her immature attitude about guys is the only thing that held Amber back.

She was about to reply until someone burst through her office door.

“Miss Matthews, we need to talk!”

Amber stood up to try and seem intimidating, putting both hands on her rounding belly. The action only made her appear submissive and emphasized its growth.

Naomie stared at the head of Slim-Corp’s fashion department in disbelief, wondering where her boss had gone. Amber was meant to project beauty and confidence but looking at her only made Naomi pity the woman. Amber’s outfit did nothing to help, a basic brown t-shirt with a rainbow in the middle combined with some loud purple leggings and a worn pair of pink Sketchers. As if to try and seem professional, Amber had thrown on a hot pink blazer that fit poorly; it would never button on and the sleeves flopped over her hands.

Amber remembered she was the boss here and stuttered out, “Naomi I-I-I don’t think we have an appointment. Could you please go back to work?” Amber wheezed out and saw the girl’s angry face, “Pleasey? I don’t wanna get in trouble.”

“We’re going to be in trouble if this is the designs you wanna run with!” Naomie slapped down the mockups for the latest bikini line. The designs were done by Amber and showed fat girls in clashing colors and dorky details, the only concepts she wanted to make now.

“I think they’re cute,” Amber squeaked, not feeling comfortable with her old designs before her own changes, “It’s important to show off all kinds of girls—”

“Ladies are going to be wearing these bikinis, not whales!” Naomi yelled, making Amber jump a bit, “Slim-Corps customers are thin beauties or women looking to shed just a few pounds, not these hippos that shouldn’t be allowed in a bikini!”

Amber turned nervous and fiddled with her hands, “We c-c-can try something new you know? I-I-I’m in charge here so just go work and lemme alone.”

Naomi looked at the shy 5-foot-2 woman, or rather girl, and thought how Amber wasn’t commanding respect or authority. {i]Seems like her backbone softened along with the rest of her,[/i] Naomi thought, and then a wicked idea formed.

“Are you really in charge though?” Naomi hotly questioned, making Amber more nervous, “Seems to me like you can barely be in charge of your diet or clothes, let alone this department!”

Amber blushed at this and nibbled on her pinky, “Hey now…you better watch it or…I-I-I’ll tell.”

“Oh please, tell who exactly? Delgado’s been running around doing who knows what and I doubt anyone will side with you on this anyways.” Naomi came up close to her boss, scaring Amber into backing down with her flabby butt cushioning against the hard desk in the room.

“What’s the matter, Amber?” Naomi kissed the girl on her forehead, “You seem a little scared? How about some snacks to cheer up?”

Amber blushed at this with her face down, trying to look at her feet despite her growing tummy. She was even more freaked out when Naomi wrapped her toned arms around her in a comforting hug. Amber froze for the moment, unsure of what to do in this situation.

Naomi fiddled around for a moment and then gave a hard tug on Amber’s Batgirl granny panties.


Amber squealed as Naomi pulled harder and harder on her underwear, fighting back tears from the pain and humiliation. It wasn’t long before Naomi was lifting her by the fabric, making Amber kick her legs about to try and reach for the ground. The former beauty started to get winded from the exercise with armpit stains forming.

Amber raised her hands as if to hit Naomi but remembered some of her own lectures. Fatties don’t hit skinny girls! They go along with what the superior girl says and does!

Despite the idea, Amber still whimpered and begged, “Lemme go, please! I-I’ll listen, really I will!”

“Call yourself a fatty!” Naomi ordered.

“I’m a fatty!” Amber whined.

“Can’t hear you!” Naomi yelled while bouncing the girl a bit.



Amber plopped onto her flabby tush, relieved to be free from Naomi’s grip despite the laughing she heard. Naomi tossed the piece of her panties that had torn off and freed Amber.

“Dry your tears with that fatso, then go get cleaned up. I got work to do and then we’ll talk about what’s going to happen next.”

Amber stared at the Batgirl logo with shame before dabbing her eyes a bit and running off with her bag to get cleaned up.

Allie hugged her friend as she finished the story, letting Amber sob into her chest. Thankfully, Amber was sitting down while she cried so she could cry comfortably on her friend.

“Don’t worry about this Amber, I’m still the boss so I’m gonna fire Naomi for sure!”

“Allie be serious! Most of the people here don’t even recognize you, she won’t just back down because you tell her.”

Amber glanced at Allie, “Sides I’m pretty sure you’d be scared of Naomi too. Don’t want you wetting your undies for this.”

Allie blushed at this, “I just went potty! No way is she gonna make go pee pee!” She formed a funky smile, “At least she didn’t break your little toy!”

Amber pushed up her glasses in defiance, “It’s not a toy, it’s a game console!”

The girls shared a smile before giggling like teens, Allie’s squeaky laugh with Amber’s dorky snorts.

“Let’s tell Vewonica then! I’m sure she’ll put Naomi in her place!” Allie smiled at her idea, “She’s already helped me a lot with my smarts!”

Amber took on a guilty face at Allie’s smile. It had only been a month ago that Amber was helping Veronica take down the powerful CEO and now she seemed to be stuck in a similar situation to Allie. Veronica swore she hadn’t done anything to her, but Amber still felt off, as if her old life as Pudgy Polly was coming back. She knew that was impossible, but her growing weight and dorkiness seemed to get worse each day; Amber worried one day she would wake up and go off to school in a 300-pound body.

The girls did go to Veronica and explain the situation as best as possible, the confident woman nodded along and pretended to care about their problems.

“So you see Miss Anderson, Naomi was being real bad and deserves some kind of punishment, don’t you think?”

Veronica glared at Allie, “Naomi will be reprimanded as I see fit chubbs! Don’t get any ideas that you’re in charge around here!”

Allie fiddled with her pockets, pulling out a huge candy bar and taking a hearty bite, “Yes ma’am, I’m sorry I didna mean to be rude.”

“Glad to see you’re learning Allie, just to be sure though, let’s get you down for a nap.”

Amber and Allie both looked confused until Veronica guided them to the side door of her office. Their eyes went wide at what appeared to be a giant nursery. An oversized crib sat in the left corner with a perfect view of a tv along with a toy chest close by. A desk in the right corner, ready for Allie’s coloring book and girly laptop.

As if normal, Veronica picked Allie up by her underarms and got her ready to sleep. She left her in a simple diaper and shirt combo, the bright orange piece read Pretty for a BIG Girl in light blue letters.

“What if someone walks in and sees me like this? Won’t they think it’s weird?”

“Relax Flabby Allie, I’ll be keeping the door locked so you’re fine to just sleep away.”

Allie turned red and pouted, “I hate when you call me that.”

Veronica responded with a swat on her tubby thigh, making her whine and tear up a bit, “How many times do I have to tell you to watch that attitude?! I’ll address you as I see fit so long as you don’t show the maturity to do otherwise! Oh, and don’t think I haven’t noticed the pee stains on your panties little miss, perhaps we should be keeping you in diapers full time!”

Allie started sobbing at this, “P-P-Pwease nooo, I’m twying weally hard not to make acidents!”

Amber gave her friend a belly rub to calm her down, “It’s okay Allie, everything will be okay.”

Veronica popped a sippy cup of buttermilk into Allie’s mouth for her to sleep with and signaled Amber to leave the room.

“I had the crib made with both of you in mind Polly so if you ever want to nap there, just say so.”

Amber blushed at the idea, “Umm thanks for the offer.”

Her phone went off and flashed a hypno-screen, Amber’s eyes looked on in the distance with drool coming down and heading to her budding double chin.

“Hello Polly, go ahead and nodded if you can hear me.”

Amber did just that, making Veronica smile.

“You’re still pretty convinced that I’ve done something awful to your mind with my coding huh?”

“Yeahhhh my heads been all types of funny and I’m getting awfully fattttt,” Amber whimpered off.

Veronica smirked at this and gave Amber’s belly a jiggle before continuing.

‘Well, you’re right, I have! Not that it matters since you won’t remember my confession instead it will just add onto that fear which will make you comfort eat more. In fact, that appetite of yours will go into overdrive from all the guilt you’ve got inside you. Guilt from thinking your bestie could do such a thing, guilt from not giving your mom the grandkids she wants, and guilt from treating Flabbie Allie so badly. She’ll be a fat munchkin for life with no career prospects and it’s all because of you, Pudgy Polly!”

Still in a trance, Amber teared up at this, “I didn’t mean it thoughhhh.”

“Oh yes, you did and, whenever you feel guilty, what will you do?”

“Eat…till my tummy hurts…till I pass out with a food baby.”

Veronica pulled the girl into a standing position, “You bet you will!” She gave Amber a firm booty smack, snapping her out of the trance.

Amber checked her phone and noted a to-do list, confused by this message from Veronica.

“I need you to run some errands for me,” Veronica tossed her a new pair of cartoon undies, “Change your panties if you want and then get to it. You can order takeout for dinner, but I expect a salad waiting for me when I get home with Allie.”

Amber nervously shook her head, “Yes ma’am, I’ll get right to it, and ummm thanks for the undies.” She then waddled off to change and get started on her task, terrified of making her superior mad.

Veronica dialed up a number on her office phone, “Miss Naomi? Hello, you remember me, Veronica Anderson. Well, I’m going to need you to report to Miss Delgado’s office in thirty minutes, we have some things to discuss.”

Veronica smirked as she ended the call, excited for her plan to continue.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

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So are we! I got to admit, this was a very exciting update!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

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Chapter 12 Continues:

“Is this for real?” Naomi asked with a bewildered expression.

Veronica smiled and gave Allie a tickled making her laugh and turn while sleeping. The former assistant had allowed Naomi into her makeshift nursery and revealed her intentions with both ladies. Naturally, Naomi was skeptical and laughed until she got a look at Allie.

The ladies went back to Veronica’s office to continue talking.

“Alex Delgado is no more; she’s gaining weight each day and those diapers will be a tough habit to shake. Of course, she’ll be a good little woman to my cousin Anthony, and she’s already too smitten with him to fight it.”

Naomi just stared, “And Amber?”

“Polly,” Veronica corrected, “She was helping me but couldn’t keep her mouth shut and after some digging, I learned how she felt about me. As you’ve seen, she’s no fashionista anymore and the extra pounds will only drive her further away from her skinny life.”

Naomi took in all this new information, unable to believe it for the most part. The evidence was all there; both ladies turned into short chubby girls and getting fatter, something Naomi had attempted to avoid all her life.

“So you slipped me the same drug as them? How short and fat am I gonna get? How immature and stupid?”

Veronica laughed at this, expecting this kind of reaction from her.

“You haven’t given me a reason to do anything to you, Naomi. We’re not exactly friends but you’ve never been mean to me and we’ve worked fine together. Of course, I investigated you as well, so I know you’re overall a decent person. For whatever reason though, you seem to hate Polly.”

Naomi’s face turned bitter at this, “I was supposed to be head of the department, then she shows up and is just five pounds lighter, so she got the job. I’m not surprised though, Slim-Corp’s always been this way; only the thinnest and fittest get ahead here.”

Veronica laughed at this and even got Naomi going, “I know the feeling, technically I’m still Allie’s assistant but I’m expecting a promotion soon and I could use a right hand myself. You’ll have Polly’s job, but you’ll also be helping me out with these girls.”

Naomi thought for a moment, “Well I like the promotion idea but why treat them like kids? I know neither looks it anymore, but they’re both adults. You could just send them off with the drugs to a trailer park or something.”

“I’m not using any drugs, it’s coding. I’ve rigged their devices to send them subliminal messages, tiny flashes on their screens that tell them how to act. There are also the Hypno-screens that enhance the effects, most of that doesn’t last but bits of it will stay with them. I want these girls watched and shaped into fatties, envious of a skinny girl in a jeans and t-shirt while they’re waddling by in a tracksuit. Make Allie and Polly feel as dumpy as you want, just don’t tell them what’s going on.”

Veronica then served two glasses of wine, “So partners?”

Naomi thought for a bit and picked up a glass, “Partners!”


Amber hopped off her third bus today, feeling exhausted from running around and happy this was her last chore for the day. Veronica had gone ahead and revoked her driving privileges so either she took the bus or got walking.

The tired girl gave her flabby butt a scratch before grabbing a shopping cart, “Don’t see why I can’t just drive I’m still tall enough to get behind the wheel.” She giggled at this, staring at the kid seat in her cart, “Bet Allie could fit right here!”

Amber let off a dorky laugh before guilt took over and her thoughts went rampant. Allie thinks we’re friends but she’s all tubby and short cuz of me. My mama would be so mad at me for being so mean.

“Poor dear, tell me what’s wrong?”

Amber turned to a matronly woman in a pastry stand, confused until she wiped her tears away. “It’s nothing ma’am, just umm allergies is all.”

The woman gave off a knowing smile, “Hmm do these allergies involve a boy by any chance?”

Amber blushed at this, thinking of Leo, “No nothing like that…I just kinda had a fight with one of my best friends and I wanna make it right.”

The woman smiled before offering her a cinnamon roll, “I’m sure you’ll make things better sweetie, you can take this one for the nerves.”

“Thank you,” Amber mumbled and followed with a hearty bite, loving the sugar and fattening taste. She moaned with pleasure as if the food had an orgasmic effect and polished off the roll in a few seconds. The guilt over Allie took over as she looked at the stand.

Amber pulled out some money, “I’ll take three more please…the biggest ones you got.”

The woman was more than to comply and Amber walked into the supermarket with a roll in hand. She grabbed the stuff on the list and worked her way down until she read Any treats Allie and Polly want up to $200

“What’s Veronica mean by that?” Amber quietly questioned herself.

“That the two fatties of the house need a special diet, Pudgy Polly!” Katherine chimed in behind her daughter.

Amber jumped a bit and turned to face the bully, “Can’t you just go? I gotta enough problems without you.”

Katherine simply rubbed the girl’s tummy, Amber tried to pull her away but enjoyed the massaging. “Did you finally get a guy to knock you up or is your belly getting bigger?”

Amber pulled away, “I’m not pregnant! I just had a big meal a few minutes ago!”

Katherine eyed her deserts in hand and on the cart, “Seems like big meals are becoming normal for you sweetie. Gotta land a fella before you’re just a butterball or you’ll be hitting bars to get lucky.”

“I already told you, I don’t want kids or a guy!” Amber whined as she dumped chips, sodas, and other junk food in her cart.

“No Polly you wanted kids but now you assume that you’re too heavy to land a husband. You can either lay off the junk food or try to get a bun in the oven before your oven is too big.”

Amber blushed at this, especially when her mom slapped her butt, “You’ve already got the mom body, might as well make it official!”

“QUIT IT!” Amber yelled, hating when people talked about her butt. She turned crimson when everyone turned to her and shuffled along, hoping to finish up already. Amber ended up in the frozen food section, grabbing some ice cream and hot pockets for her and Allie.

Amber bent down for another tub of ice cream, her bloated butt sticking out, when someone yelled, “Leave some for the rest of us fatass!”

She bolted up and saw two teenage girls giggling at the easy joke. Amber Matthews would’ve easily destroyed these girls but, with Polly in control, she made a grab for her butt and turned pink.

“Aww, what’s wrong chubs? Did you rip too many jeans and decided to go for leggings instead?” One of the girls commented, making Amber mumble, “Ummm no I just think they comfy and uhh—”

“Girls like you should really consider Spanx, it’s every fatties’ best friend!” The other girl commented while her friend laughed.

Amber grabbed another tub of ice cream before leaving the area, only for them to throw a 2XL hoodie at her. “To cover up that belly and husky arms, maybe even that blubber butt!” One of the girls yelled, their laughs were the last thing she heard as left the area.

While waiting in line, Amber saw the hoodie was a basic grey and seemed like a tent to her. A peek at her belly said otherwise, she thought A standard for fat girls so I’ll fit right in! She slipped it on just before getting to the checkout, a decent-looking guy running the line.

Annoyed with the bullying and wanting to prove something, Amber flashed her best smile at the guy, “Didn’t think I’d get such a cute fella to help me out. What’s your name handsome?”

“Paul, paper or plastic miss?” He answered with a slightly annoyed tone, brushing off the awkward fat girl.

Amber swallowed her nerves, “Plastic, you seem like a nice guy any chance I could take you out for a dinner or movie?”

“Listen you seem like a nice girl but I’m not into tubby chicks. I’m busy here so just pay and leave already.”

Amber felt like Paul had just slapped her in the face. The guy was nothing compared to the studs that once begged for her attention and now she came off as the desperate one. She wanted to tell him off but didn’t like the idea of causing another scene.

Amber fought back a few tears as she adjusted her glasses, Paul caught this and sighed. While he wanted nothing to do with her, he also wanted to keep his job.

“Here,” Paul tossed her a king-sized Twix, “You seem like you’ve had a bad day so it should help. Maybe you’ll meet a nice guy someday, but it won’t be me.”

Amber smiled a bit and bit through the wrapper, “Thanks umm take care.”

As she grabbed her stuff, the girls that had picked on her showed up making Paul smile and turn on his charm. Amber pouted at this before catching her reflection in a window, bits of chocolate and icing around her mouth with bloated cheeks and poofy hair.

What was I thinking? Fat girls get the bottom of barrel fellas, oughta know that by now. Get your head out of your fat ass Polly!

She stuffed the rest of the candy into her mouth and waddled off with her groceries.


Allie woke up to a slight speed bump in the car, “Ugh what’s going on?”

“We’re on our way home sweetie, you were knocked out, so I didn’t wanna wake you. Your phone is on the left pocket of your seat along with your sippy filled with soda in the cupholder.”

My seat? Allie wondered until she finally got her bearings.

Veronica had somehow found an adult-sized infant car seat. The setup kept Allie facing towards the back of the car as if she didn’t need to know where she was going. It was completed with pouches for snacks and toys, a soft blanket, and Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls design. Allie pouted at this and started shaking about.

“Let me outta this stupid thing right now!”

“Allie! Stop that right now before you hurt yourself!”

Allie got scared of her pseudo-big sister’s yelling and settled down, “Why’d you put me in this anyways?”

“You’re getting too short and chubby for the regular seat, so I got you a custom seat. Figured you would comfy and happy.”

“I’m old enough to decide on my own if I need a seat like this Miss Veronica, I don’t wanna be in here.”

Veronica parked the car and faked a tired sigh, “I’m getting exhausted with all this whining and complaining from you Allie. I think it’s time I found you another place to live so you can figure things out on your own, maybe a dingy little basement apartment.”

Allie whimpered at this, “No pwease Miss Vewonica, I been good you said so yourself. Pwetty pwetty pwease?” The girl sobbed at this hoping for any kind of mercy.

Veronica smirked as she exited the car and picked up Allie like a large chubby infant, letting the tubby girl cry on her shoulder. “There there Flabby Allie, I was only teasing you. Your big sis is here to take care of you, just show some appreciation occasionally.”

Allie looked at Veronica while wiping her nose, “Kay umm thanks for my new seat, Miss Vewonica, it’s weally comfy.” She then looked down and notice her shirt and soggy diaper, “Did the whole office see my diapie and chunky thighs?”

“Of course not,” Veronica lied, “Everyone had gone home for the day!” She then tickled her friend’s belly and carried her inside.

Veronica set Allie down as they walked into the apartment, her salad sitting on the table along with the Chinese food. She did a quick review and saw the groceries stored along with her dry cleaning, happy that Amber had listened to her.

She then found the pudgy nerd pounding away at her game controller with a few dishes scattered about, bits of Chinese food still on them. Candy and chip wrappers scattered about along with an empty tub of caramel ice cream. Amber ignored the mess like any fat girl after a food binge, too focused on her game.

Veronica wanted to laugh and insult the girl, tell her just how far she had fallen, but she knew better. Both girls were still fighting their changes and she couldn’t risk either of them getting loose now, thus she chose a different approach. Veronica snatched Amber’s controller away and turned off the tv.

“Hey! I was about to get a new high score!”

Amber felt a fit of new anger emerge from her. In response to her nerdiness, she had developed a rather strong sore loser quality which also drove up her appetite. She kicked over a plate, not caring that it smashed on the floor.

The girl had an angry face for only a few seconds until Veronica charged at her and pulled Amber by her ear until she was on her toes.

“Ow ow ow ow, stop that pleasey!”

“That’s enough out of you! I come home to this mess in our living room and you’re just busy playing away! You’re going to clean up this mess and then it’s off to bed with you!”

Amber whined as Veronica let go, “That’s not fair! I was gonna clean up in a little while, but I got busy.”

Veronica looked at Amber, putting fear in her soul, and made the girl get to work. In about thirty minutes, the living room was once again spotless. Amber then approached Veronica with her head down as she worked on her laptop.

“I don’t understand why you’re here instead of bed missy.”

“Umm, I just wanted to say sorry about being kind of a brat. I never really played games when I was young and I’m getting better so I got really pissy about it.”

Veronica looked up at the girl, hiding back a smile, “Apology accepted but since you’re still grounded, I’ll be taking away your video games for the rest of it. You can keep your comics but another tantrum like that is gonna cost you, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Miss Veronica, I’m really sorry and it won’t happen again.”

“Good to hear Polly, now off to bed with you.”

Allie giggled at this as she served herself some Chinese food, “Baby Polly needs her nap cuz she’s cranky!” She teased with a singsong voice.

Amber turned to her, “Shut up Pampers before I punch you good!”

“Aww is Polly Wolly mad cuz Vewonica took her toys away?”

“At least I can keep my panties dry!”

Veronica smirked a bit before ending the fight, “Alright enough of you two, Polly is going to bed and now that I bathed Allie she won’t be far behind. Now kiss each other on the cheek, hug it out, and makeup like good sisters.”

The two former beauties glared at each other but did what Veronica said, even mumbling out sorries. Polly went off to her room while Allie settled down on the floor with her meal, Veronica looked over the girl quickly and smiled at how sloppy she got when eating. Allie released more than a few belches as she ate and slurped down her soda.

Meanwhile, Polly tossed and turned in her bed too annoyed with everything to get any sleep. Stupid Allie picking on me, she’s the baby, not me! Well, she wouldn’t be if I had helped her…why’s my bed so lumpy?!

The door opened and Polly shut her eyes hoping Veronica would buy it. “I know you’re awake Polly,” she then tossed Polly her Hello Kitty plushie, “Tough to sleep without it huh?”

Amber hugged the toy feeling sleepy from just that, “Please don’t tell Allie, don’t wanna give her any ammo.”

Veronica gave Polly a kiss on her forehead, “Of course not silly, now get some sleep already and tomorrow I’ll have a big breakfast for you.”

Polly smiled at this and nodded off; Veronica walked out to find Allie passed out on the floor. She smiled as both girls were becoming what she wanted; fat immature girls with little energy to stay out late or even go out most days.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

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This was an interesting turn of events. Thanks for updating the story!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

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Thanks, Junketh71 for the continued support and any other silent readers!

Chapter 12 Continues:

Veronica smiled as she turned in for the night. She had gotten Allie settled in her bed with a new diaper upgrade, another size up and extra puffy to mess with her walk. Both girls slept away in their thickening forms while their master felt thinner than ever.

Amber took on a confused expression as she slept.

Hmmm…I feel so energetic! But my undies are all wet?

Amber rubbed her eyes and stared at the bars surrounding her bed, bright pink and decorated with butterflies. The girl shot up at the sight and took in her bedroom, the drastic changes scaring her.

She saw that her bed had turned into a crib, adult-sized but still made with the same precautions. Her starter pile of comics changed into baby books and video games traded in for infantile toys. Gone was any trace of the nerdy adult she was once used to and replaced with an adult nursery.

Amber wobbled about for a minute trying to stand and run but her body barely responded, upsetting her more. The girl then grabbed the crib bars to pull herself up and stand, her eyes going wide as she caught her reflection in the mirror.

“I so fattt!” Amber whined.

The girl realized she had passed the 300-pound marker a while back and her bright yellow glasses let her see all the changes. Her pudgy cheeks connected to a thick double chin leading to small squishy A-Cup breasts with two husky arms on each side. Amber’s belly hung just enough to hide her womanhood; the tight purple 3XL shirt unable to cover it all. To counter her massive gut was a true fat girl’s ass, bloated on every angle and pouring out of her undergarments. The huge asset led to thunderous thighs and pudgy feet.

Amber fought back tears as her uncoordinated hands squeezed her butt, her mouth hung open when she had an epiphany. “I wearin diapie?!” she whined.

“No no no! Wanna go home!” Amber whimpered out and then tried to calm down. The part of her mind that had any reasoning left knew that she needed to be quiet to get anywhere.

She took a glance at the floor just past the crib bars and fear shot into her spine. That so far down…need mama to go upsy daisy!

Amber pinched her arm, “Stop! Needa be smarty-pants wight now!”

The girl then lifted a thick leg to get it over the crib and escape while her thoughts went wild.

NO! Mama gonna be weally mad…gonna get a spankie!

Shut up! I’m a grown woman and I need to get out of here!

No ice cream if you naughty girl…

What? But but but…ugh no! I’m leaving right now…then I’ll get ice cream

Amber’s new infantile mindset was slowly winning but her adult personality kept trying to fight back. Distracted with her thoughts, Amber failed to notice her bulk shift as she got over the bars. Rather than a graceful step out, the tubby girl went flopping to the ground and landed on her insulated back.

Her new room was made to prevent any injuries, the floor padded with enough foam for a girl three times Amber’s size. It wasn’t her new flabby physique that freaked her out now or that between her weight and the foam she hardly felt anything. To Amber, the real shock was how a gym addict like herself had no control over her movements and that caused her baby brain to take over.

“WAHHHHHHH!” Amber wailed as she stomped her feet and pounded the floor, her fear creating a temper tantrum. The girl sobbed for what felt like an eternity with tears and snot pouring out until the door opened; a woman came in to take mercy on her.

“Oh did someone try to be a big girl and get out of her crib?” The woman asked with a condescending tone, “It’s okay sweetie, mama’s here to take care of her tubby meatball.”

Amber sniffled at this, hating her mom’s tone of voice, even as the woman wiped her face clean and hugged the girl. She calmed down as her mom sat her on the floor and then freaked as she saw her mom.

“Awwie?!” Amber yelled, turning crimson at the smiling woman.

“Sweetie my name is Alex Delgado, but you’re supposed to call me mommy or mama, remember?”

Amber simply whined as she saw the woman back in her glory, the months of coding gone. Alex’s body was firm and toned once more along with a confident personality. It didn’t help that she had a just-got-out-of-bed look with only a silk nightie but reeked of sex appeal.

Amber desperately wanted to get away from her, begging her legs to listen and run already. Of course, all Amber did was wiggle a bit and stay seated. She whimpered and plunged her chubby thumb in her mouth, the only thing that could soothe her.

“Everything okay with her, love?”

Amber’s eyes went wide again at the hunk who showed up in her room that kissed Alex from behind and grabbed her strong thigh.

“H-H-Hey! Stopah that!”

Alex’s seduced face turned into a glare, “Young lady, you will show Mama Alex and Daddy Leo respect, or you’ll be grounded for a month!”

The couple resumed kissing as Amber took in this news. That’s my Leo! she thought. In this crazy world, Leo had lost the extra bulk and shot up to six-foot-three maintaining a humble attitude with his ripped body.

“Mine!” Amber squealed as she wobbled to her feet, “My Weo! Stop kissy face!”

The two only giggled at the adult baby’s clumsy moves and arguments.

“I knew I’d have to fight more than a few girls for you, handsome, but I didn’t think baby Polly would be one of them.”

“I think it’s kind of cute, Alex, she’s daddy’s little girl!”

The two laughed at Amber as she plopped on the floor, too clumsy and tired to reach the lovers.

“Well, I think a certain fat baby needs a fresh diaper, any guesses who Pudgy Polly?”

Amber pouted at this, “Mamaaaa…no tell dada,” she whispered, her mind thinking he wouldn’t hear anything.

Leo laughed at this before kissing Amber’s cheek and giving her a belly jiggle. Amber laughed like any baby would, hoping that her crush would save her now.

“I’ll let you take care of soggy butt here and then join me in the bedroom again, beautiful?”

Alex purred at this and agreed with a lustful kiss, making Amber whine. The fit woman then had her lie down for a diaper change.

“You tookie my boo!”

“Hahaha please, Polly I saw a potential lover and made him my man. Honestly, you need to get over it already, maybe then your mind will grow up a bit and you can find a fat boy to marry.”

It was while lifting Amber’s legs to wipe that Alex chimed, “Besides, you’re the reason I got fat before…”

Amber squealed at this and how Alex gave her butt a pinch, “I sowwie, wana help you honest!”

“No you’re not, you are just sorry that I caught on. Veronica was more than happy to help turn the tables on you and now look, you’re the fattest adult baby in the neighborhood!”


Alex simply flipped Amber over so her tubby tush was face up and delivered a few strong slaps, sending the fat girl into fresh tears.

“I fix! Pwease Awwie—mama, help!”

Alex ignored the pleas, diapering Amber and setting her down in a large baby walker. She popped a pacifier in her mouth, “Now hush while I take care of something.”

Alex skipped to her bedroom, giggling as she and Leo started kissing. Amber used her new baby item to waddle over to the wide-open door. Alex’s eyes locked with Amber’s; a wicked smile met with a blushing awkward expression.

“Leo honey shut the door…wouldn’t want Amber to see some thin girl sex…or how her sister came to be!”

Amber whined as the door slammed, jolting her awake.

She awoke on the floor and panic until she saw her usual chubby body and nerdy room.

“Oh gosh…can’t believe how much of a baby I was,” Amber proudly stood up, ecstatic with her working legs. The pride quickly turned to guilt as she remembered her dream, Allie would be fine if I didn’t do nothing…can’t tell her that though.

Part of her wanted to run into Allie’s room, get her far away from Veronica and help her. However, she knew they wouldn’t get anywhere since Amber couldn’t drive and, at five-foot-two, barely saw over the dashboard. Someone could take them and do horrible things to them, she reasoned, and so Amber settled for the next best thing.

The chubby girl waddled into the kitchen and grabbed a monster-sized tub of chocolate ice cream then snuck back to bed. Grabbing a large Wonder Woman spoon by her bed, Amber dove into the treat.

“All my fault *gulp* Allie would be *munch* fine without me helping Veronica *slurp*” Amber complained as she ate, not caring about how the chocolate stained her shirt or sheets. The girl simply gave in to her gluttony, not caring about the weight it could add.

Amber finished the enormous tub and stared at her reflection, her guilt only growing, “Amber………no!………POLLY……girl how could you be such a meanie?”

It was then Polly Matthews gave her jiggly butt a scratch and let out a loud fart before going back to sleep.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Sep 29, 2021 7:47 am

Well, this was kind of Gothic; thank you for the update!
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