Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

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Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby ideafactory » Tue Dec 22, 2020 8:52 pm

Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox, probably some other stuff)

Idea Factory

Chapter 1

Taylor was excited as she rode into Sanders. It was rare for anyone to be excited about coming to Sanders. Having lived in major cities her entire life, she had never learned to drive. So she had had to promise the Uber driver quite the hefty tip to take her all the way here from the airport 50 miles away.

A small city in Kansas, Sanders was a hotbed of rural poverty. Most people wouldn't want to stay there any longer than it would take to fill up their gas tank and get back on the interstate. But Taylor had just received a prestigious journalism fellowship.

Taylor had been set up for success since high school. From an affluent family, she went to a good college and used her father’s connections to land her some amazing internships at prestigious news outlets. With her bright face, long brown hair and her thin, athletic body, she certainly drew attention. But was also intelligent and charming, a talented writer with a gift for telling stories. While her college classmates were struggling to get their careers off the ground, she was already turning down job offers.

After five years as a journalist in Washington DC and New York, she submitted an application to go and write about ‘Real Americans’ living in flyover country. She was going to go and live in the community, gain the trust of locals and tell their stories.

Taylor knew that the fellowship committee would eat that shit up. And they did. She was now going to receive six months of steady paychecks to do little more than sit around and interview yokels about why they were so racist and backward.

She picked to live in Sanders because it looked the most depressing. The most depressing places generate the best stories. The place ranked near the bottom on pretty much every health factor you could count on - smoking rates were high, obesity rates were high, alcoholism rates were high. The only things that were low were the number of grocery stores, large parts of the town were food deserts served only by fast food and convenience stores.

Even better, Taylor was able to rent a trailer in an honest-to-goodness trailer park. She could have rented an apartment in a comparatively nicer section of town but she knew her own hardships would impress audiences on the coasts and give it some real authenticity. She’d write some articles while she was out here but, if things went well, she had hopes and aspirations of a book deal.

Of course, she was going to miss her gym and the organic produce of her upscale grocery store. But there was a Wal-Mart that was a quick bus ride away that would have good enough food and she was planning on getting back into running as a way to stay fit. She was also going to miss the men of New York, she shuddered to think of the Sanders singles scene. She was glad she packed along a good vibrator.

Besides, she told herself, this was just a brief pitstop towards her bright future. She was going to pay her dues and then reap the rewards.

“Uh… is this it?” asked her driver, almost certainly that the GPS was wrong. He couldn’t understand why such a pretty, successful looking lady was headed to this dump.

“Yes, we’re in the right place,” said Taylor.

As happy as she was about her plan, Taylor quickly had her doubts when she pulled up to her trailer. The door was unlocked and Taylor walked right in. It had seen its share of tenants. Everything was cramped. There was a small kitchen area connected to a small living room. The living room was bare except for a stained couch and an ancient tv sitting on an old stand. On one end of the trailer was a small bedroom. Taylor had ordered a new bed but it seemed like it hadn’t arrived yet. Maybe it was at the landlord’s office.

On the other end of the trailer was a small bathroom with a toilet and a mildewy shower. There was no tub but Taylor doubted she would have used it anyway. She was now planning to buy a pair of flip-flops just to use the shower. Taylor wondered how a landlord would let a property get in such a bad state.

Then, the landlord showed up.

"You Taylor? My name's Earl, I run the place around here," he said offering Taylor a greasy handshake, "We don't get too many pretty girls like you around here, if anyone bothers you, let me know and I'll sort them out."

Earl was balding. His dirty, yellow t-shirt failed to cover his huge beer gut and he smelled like he hadn't showered in a week. He was also missing a couple teeth. He was not exactly the person Taylor wanted to be her knight and protector. The way he looked her up and down made her skin crawl.

"If you need anything, day or night, my trailer is right down the road. I'd be happy to help you in any way you need," said Earl.

Taylor reminded herself to get an extra lock for the door, one Earl wouldn't have a key to.

“No, thank you,” said Taylor, “Wait, you haven’t seen a bed arrive today or yesterday for me, have you?”

“Sorry, miss,” said Earl as he got close enough that Taylor could smell the beer on his breath, “But I’ve got a mattress from one of the other vacant trailers I can bring over. No frame but I can put it on the floor for ya.”

“That will be all right, I’m sure my bed is on the way,” said Taylor.

After Earl left, Taylor decided to take a walk around the property. She walked down about three trailers when she saw a fat woman standing outside smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. It was only 1 PM and she was already drinking. The cheap looking tattoo on fat woman’s arm jiggled like jello as she waved to Taylor.

“You new here? We don’t get a lot of new people here, I’m Carleigh,” said Carleigh as she introduced herself.

Taylor knew the people here were going to be fat but she was shocked at how bulbous Carleigh was. Each of her thighs had to be the size of Taylor’s waist. Taylor thought Carleigh might have had a pretty face if it wasn’t for her jowly neck and the fact that Carleigh was wearing bad, waxy makeup. In fact, all of Carleigh’s look was simultaneously both over done and way too cheap. The dark roots showed underneath her poorly dyed blonde hair. Her long press-on nails draped around the cigarette as she drew in a large breath.

“I’m Taylor and, yeah, I just moved in,” said Taylor.

“So you met Earl?” asked Carleigh.

“Oh yeah, he was a little too welcoming,” said Taylor with a roll of her eyes.

“How dare you insult my boyfriend!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…” stammered Taylor.

“No,” laughed Carleigh as she took a swig of her beer, “I’m just fucking with you. He’s not my boyfriend. He is a little creepy at first but he’s not so bad. I’ve been short on rent sometimes and… we’ve figured out a deal.”

Whatever that meant made Taylor shiver. Luckily, that line of conversation was interrupted as a battered up car drove up.

“Finally, my pizza is here,” said Carleigh.

Carleigh signed over for the pizza, breadsticks and soda.

“The Pizza Hut isn’t too bad if you don’t feel like cooking after moving in,” said Carleigh.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” said Taylor as she started back on her walk.

Carleigh’s grease feast had made Taylor remember that she had to figure out something to eat so she decided to walk to the convenience store down across the road from the trailer park. She’d get real groceries tomorrow from Wal-Mart, for now, she told herself she wasn’t going to get something as gross as Pizza Hut pizza. If she was going to eat pizza, it was going to be a slice from a New York pizzeria.

Taylor strolled through the convenience store and picked up some dusty almonds that looked like they had been sitting on the shelf for a while. She also picked up some bananas. So far, the food selection was better than she had expected. She grabbed a bag of baked chips as a treat. Then she went into the liquor aisle. She decided to pick up a bottle of vodka for those nights when she needed to unwind. She told herself that she could even celebrate a little tonight for starting this project.

As she was about to leave the liquor aisle, she spotted 40 oz bottles of malt liquor. She hadn’t had malt liquor since her undergrad years. Still, she thought it would be so funny to send her friends in New York a picture of her drinking a 40 in her trailer. Add in some caption like “starting my expedition into real America.”

The 40’s were on sale if you bought two so, of course, she bought two. On her walk home, she saw several other residents of the trailer park who were drinking or were already drunk. So she didn’t look out of place with her vodka or her 40s at all. One guy was utterly wasted, he might have even catcalled at Taylor. But she wasn’t sure as he was too hammered to be coherent.

Back at her new trailer home, Taylor opened up one of the two 40s she had purchased at the convenience store. She decided to have a sip before she snapped the picture. It was only around 2 PM, it had been a long time since she had started drinking before 5 PM. The cheap malt liquor tasted nasty. She had never liked beer to begin with but when she did have one, it was a creamy stout. This was skunky and bitter.

But she suddenly wanted to see what it would be like to be day drunk in her trailer, just like the people who actually lived here. She was glad she had grabbed those baked chips. Taylor thought her best bet was to drink down as much as she could as fast as she could and then have a handful of chips to get some of the taste out.

Once she had finished the first 40, she thought about stopping. She had a buzz going and - somewhat shamefully - Taylor realized she had also eaten the entire bag of chips. But she wanted to keep going, she wasn’t drunk, just buzzed. The people here get drunk. She popped off her uncomfortable bra and opened up the second 40. The second one went down easier. It was a stretch to say she enjoyed the taste but it was no longer disgusting.

After a grueling final effort, when she felt like she was about to vomit, Taylor poured the final gulp down her throat. By now, she was starving but the almonds and bananas she had picked up at the convenience store weren’t going to cut it. In New York, she had dozens of options for delivery and take out. Here, only one. An option that she had outright rejected only a few hours ago.

"Pizza Hut," said the voice on the other end of the line, "What's your address?"

Taylor listed off her address. The man on the phone groaned when he heard the trailer park. Taylor ignored him.

"I'll have a large pizza with mushrooms and green peppers," said Taylor.

"Great, we have an offer to add in cheesy breadsticks and a 2 liter of Coke for $4.99. Are you interested?" said the voice.

"What? Uh... no," said Taylor.

"Okay, I've added on the breadsticks and the 2-liter of Coke," he said, "It will be there in 30 to 45 minutes."

Taylor wanted to keep drinking so she opened up the vodka she had purchased. But she didn't have any orange juice or anything else to mix it with. She poured herself a small glass and tried to drink it straight but it was a bit too much for her.

Finally, the food arrived. Taylor answered the door in her tight tank top with no bra on. Her nipples were clearly visible through the shirt to the speechless delivery driver. Across the way, Taylor’s next door neighbor saw the skinny new girl accept a giant pizza order and smiled.

Taylor brought her food in. What was she going to do with these breadsticks and the soda? She didn't have any use for 2 liters of corn syrup / diabetes juice. Then Taylor had a thought, a little of it could cut down the vodka. She made herself a strong vodka and coke and sat down to eat her pizza. She decided to try one of the breadsticks, she was amused to see they even came with a couple of cups of ranch for dipping. When in Rome, she thought, dipping the breadstick into the ranch.

It tasted like the trailer park, cheap but decadent. Intensely salty and greasy but strangely almost flavorless. She knew these flavors were engineered in labs to be addicting, that's why it felt so bad to indulge in them. She started eating the breadsticks faster, then she dipped a slice of the pizza in the ranch. Taylor made herself another vodka and coke.

Taylor was a little lactose intolerant but usually that didn't bother her. However, the combination of the amount of cheese and the grease caused her to feel a gas build up. She tried to hold it in but then she remembered she was living alone, she let herself fart.

She was sitting in her trailer drunk, having eaten half the pizza, all the cheesy breadsticks and 2 tubs of ranch. Was this how Carleigh lived everyday, Taylor imagined. She imagined what it would be like to be like those huge women who lived in the park who ate and drank like this daily. She felt her small perky breasts and imagined if they were big floppy fat girl tits. She imagined what it would be like to have a flabby butt and thighs dimpled with cellulite.

She passed out on the stained couch in her new trailer home. The start of six months that would change her life.
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby Archimedes » Tue Dec 22, 2020 10:02 pm

My favorite transformation!!! Can't wait to see her become loose and cheap <3
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby david515 » Wed Dec 23, 2020 1:27 am

Something's tells me this won't be a brief pitstop at all, great start!
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby Kinky_Kandy » Wed Dec 23, 2020 2:37 am

I like it a lot so far.Good start ❤
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby summertime » Wed Dec 23, 2020 2:55 pm

Look forward to seeing how this progresses, loving the first chapter
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby div » Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:51 pm

A new story by ideafactory. What a nice surprise. It must be the time of the year.
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby Natalie James » Thu Dec 24, 2020 8:36 am

Really liking this so far!
Natalie James
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby badcompany8888 » Thu Dec 24, 2020 12:37 pm

A trailer trash story? From ideafactory?
Yes please!
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby ideafactory » Thu Dec 24, 2020 8:10 pm

Chapter 2

Taylor woke up the next morning around 10 AM with a pounding headache. She went out for drinks in the city but, other than New Year’s Eve and weddings, she never drank like she had the following night.

“I can’t do that again,” she said to herself, “I can’t believe I ate this shitty chain pizza.”

Her stomach churned, she felt sick. She knew she needed to eat something to settle her stomach. With few options available, she microwaved a slice of the leftover pizza. That made herself feel a little better, so she had two more.

Taylor peeled off her clothing and was about to hop into the shower to try and clean up. But then she remembered that she had yet to buy flip-flops for the nasty shower and decided to see how well she could clean up with a washcloth instead.

She decided to watch something on Netflix or another streaming service. But, try as she might, the cell service in her trailer was too weak, no video on her phone or tablet. Her only other option was broadcast signals on the tv.

With her entertainment thwarted, she decided to try and get some work done. She put on a hooded sweatshirt, some dark sunglasses, tied her hair back and prayed that she didn’t reek of vodka.

She decided to stroll back towards Carleigh’s trailer when she saw the portly blond with the poorly dyed hair taking out her garbage. She was wearing a t-shirt that looked like it used to be loose but now stretched over her large breasts and even bigger belly. That belly was separated into two rolls by Carleigh's jeans.

“Hey, Tay,” said Carleigh, “Hit it a little hard last night?”

Taylor frowned for multiple reasons. One, she did not like being called Tay. Two, she didn’t like that it was that obvious that she was hungover.

“Yeah,” said Taylor, desperate to change the conversation, “Thanks for the Pizza Hut recommendation. I’m going to go shopping today for real groceries but that was a nice way to unwind after unpacking.”

“You don’t have food yet? Well, I was just going to make some lunch. You should join me,” said Carleigh.

Taylor smiled. She wasn’t hungry after eating three more slices of pizza to soothe her hangover. But she was proud that she was already building a relationship with a local and it was only her second day in the park.

She walked into Carleigh’s trailer. It was cluttered but at least it was fully furnished, Taylor thought as she remembered her spartan trailer.

“Just move aside that pile of laundry on the chair and have a seat at the table,” said Carleigh.

Carleigh reached into the fridge and pulled out a package of ground beef.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat,” said Taylor.

“Huh,” said Carleigh as she looked at Taylor like she was a space alien, “Well, I can use a bun to make you a grilled cheese, I guess?”

“That would be lovely,” said Taylor.

Carleigh opened a family size bag of chips and set them on the table. Then, she reached back into the fridge. As she bent over, Taylor got a good look at Carleigh’s ass crack and her tramp stamp tattoo of a rose. Carleigh emerged from the fridge with two beers.

“Hair of the dog,” she said with a wink as she passed a beer to Taylor.

Taylor wanted to say no. But she felt bad about not accepting the burger so she cracked open the beer instead. Taylor grabbed a couple chips as she started to try and inconspicuously interview Carleigh.

“So you lived in the area long?” asked Taylor.

“Sanders? Yeah,” said Carleigh, “I thought about leaving for college but my dad lost his job when I was a junior and I put it off and put it off and it never quite happened.”

Taylor was so happy. A trailer park resident whose dad lost the family supporting job. Probably a factory or some sort of plant. It’s the exact thing audiences on the coast want to read about. She thought to herself, this was journalism gold!

“But I was lucky, Mary Ann at the salon was nice to me and helped me pay for my cosmetology courses.”

Taylor almost spit out her beer. This woman with the overdyed hair, tacky press-on nails, and the gaudy, overdone makeup was somehow a stylist.

“After today, I’m working a bunch for the rest of the week. Let me know if you want to come in,” said Carleigh.

“Oh, I just got my haircut. Maybe some other time,” said Taylor. Even though she knew she’d never let someone like that manage her appearance.

Carleigh came over with Taylor’s plate and two more beers. Two buns with multiple slices of American cheese on each one. Not exactly the hipster-artisan grilled cheeses they served in Park Slope. Taylor took a bite, it was obvious Carleigh had cooked them in the same pan as the burgers, she could taste that they soaked up the juices from the beef. She nearly gagged from the realization, not to mention the overpowering grease.

“How is it?” asked Carleigh.

“Good,” said Taylor as she lied through her teeth. She was not going to throw away a promising relationship with someone with this good of a backstory over some greasy buns. Besides, she told herself that she was still a vegetarian as long as she didn’t directly eat meat, right? Taylor finished her second beer in record time as she tried to use it to wash down the first “grilled cheese.” For a big girl, Carleigh moved fast and quickly got Taylor a third beer as Taylor resigned herself to eating the second sandwich.

“Mind if I smoke?” asked Carleigh.

Taylor said no, assuming that Carleigh was going to step outside. Instead, Carleigh lit up right at the table. The second hand smoke combined with the hangover and the burger grease soaked grilled cheese was making her stomach feel nearly as bad as it had this morning. How can anyone live like this, constantly abusing their body in every way imaginable, thought Taylor as she finished her third beer of the early afternoon.

“You don’t have cable yet, do ya?” asked Carleigh.

She was never going to get cable, Taylor almost said aloud.

“There’s a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on, do you want to watch it?” asked Carleigh.

Taylor was too queasy to walk home so she said yes. She sat down next to her new friend on the couch. She never ended up making it to the grocery store that day. She never managed to check up on the status of her new mattress. Instead, she spent the next three hours drinking and watching women try on wedding dresses in New York. New York, the place that had been her home a week ago but now felt like a world away.
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Re: Trailer Trashed (dg, WG, smoking, intox)

Postby syconerd » Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:14 pm

Wow, I love where this is going. I can tell its already going to be interesting. Especially with the hints of what is going to happen. Like her giving up being vegan, gaining a LOT of weight, smoking, watching trash TV (although I wonder, who watches cable anymore? I thought only boomers still pay for that crap), etc. However, I wonder how realistic you'll make this transformation, because it seems cliché and lazy to just say all of a sudden she is now addicted to food and cant stop her hedonistic binging of eating, drinking, and chain smoking. Although, that's not to say I don't respect the choices for the story, but wouldn't it be better some other route?
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