A Selfless Wish

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A Selfless Wish

Postby audipwr87 » Wed Mar 22, 2023 11:42 pm

“I told you we don’t need to remodel our house. It’s only ten years old…”. Martin sighed.

He did a quick once over of the inside of their house looking over the still gorgeous kitchen in his eyes with stainless steel appliances that were only a few years old, the like new hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings all throughout the spacious 2500 square foot two story home. They had purchased it almost three years ago which was a year after they had gotten married at 24.

And it was a gorgeous home furnished with only the highest quality items. A leather sectional sofa in their living room planted before a massive 85” 8K Smart LED flat screen tv (not that it was used very often due to their demanding careers). Solid wood furniture that Martin imagined could withstand anything Mother Nature could cook up due to how sturdy they were and priceless art and family photos decorated the majority of the inside of their house.

But even still, Alexandra wanted more…. Remodeling the house had been an ongoing argument for the past handful of months.

“But look at this!” She said as she brought her new IPhone 14 Pro Max within her husband’s line of sight to show him photos of newly remodeled homes.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have granite countertops, a farmhouse sink, maybe turn one of the rooms into a nursery for when we have kids? And ooh! A new walk in shower with multiple rain shower heads? It would make our showers so much more enjoyable!” She cooed in her sweet but slightly understated Georgia accent.

Martin thought fondly of their steamy showers together. They were few and far between however the long span between was all worth it. Seeing his wife’s young and lithe twenty eight year old body, her perky C cup breasts and heart shaped ass all sudsed up… It was enough to excite him on the spot.

Martin was quite the catch himself. He was in peak physical shape and had been gifted a rather towering stature of 6’3”. He was handsome with angular features and was quite well endowed downstairs with a member that stood proudly at ten inches in length. Not to mention, he made north of $300k annually thanks to his very respectable career as an elite architect.

“It would be nice, but we don’t need it Alexandra... Sure we could definitely get started on the nursery, but everything else can wait…. We could spend the money elsewhere, invest it, or save it for our future kids college fund…”

Alexandra brushed her lustrous brunette locks from her emerald eyes and pursed her full lips together in a soft smile showcasing her perfect bright white smile.

“But sweetie, with you as an architect and me as a college professor we could easily afford it…”

Martin pictured her parent’s house. A massive sprawling 3500 square foot monstrosity of a mansion with top of the line appliances, expensive and luxurious flooring, cabinetry in a timeless design.

He knew that is what Alexandra wanted…

Martin loved his wife and loved that they were high school sweethearts who didn’t have sex until their wedding night. They had met in middle school and had become close friends after a short time but hadn’t become romantically interested in one another until freshmen year of high school as Martin played football and Alexandra was a cheerleader. She was a very well to do southern belle with a voice as smooth as honey. Even though she was born and raised in Georgia, she never listened to country music preferring classical music instead, she never ate anything deep fried and had been a vegetarian for the last ten years. He couldn’t even recall a single time where she had gotten drunk as she often enjoyed high dollar wine only on special occasions and in small quantities. She had a caring nature, was always well put together, dressed for success often masking her magnificent body and had an impeccable intelligence thanks to her parent’s strict and high class upbringing. She had gotten a scholarship to Stanford for her PHD and thanks to her parent’s connections, had gotten her a cushy position at the University Of Georgia as a professor of Interior Design, proudly following in her mother’s footsteps.

Martin was lucky enough to get a scholarship to Stanford, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to afford it due to his parent’s “live below your means” rhetoric. Sure they had decent paying jobs, with his dad John being a manager at a tire shop in the city and his mom Katherine being a kindergarten teacher but they didn’t make nearly enough to pay for his college tuition. He loved his parents dearly and didn’t hold their financial fragility against them one bit.

But nevertheless Martin worked hard and he had gotten a job designing some of the most elite skyscrapers in the state.

He didn’t see his parents often as his parents and Alexandra’s parents didn’t get along very well since they looked down upon the blue collar family.

Even though Alexandra had gotten a scholarship, her parents on the other hand could’ve easily afforded it as her dad owned his own highly prestigious law firm while her mom was a high class interior decorator. But he felt it was also a curse sometimes. She was an only child so she was spoiled by her parents as a kid and she always wanted the best of everything and anything less was considered “unacceptable”. He often felt as if her parents often looked down upon him as well even with his very respectable career as an architect.

Their cars for example weren’t even a year old. Alexandra had a fully loaded Mercedes AMG sedan while Martin owned a fully loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee.

They had even spent a small fortune on their bed, spending a little over ten thousand dollars on a king sized organic hybrid mattress.

Alexandra approached him, her average height of 5’7” being dwarfed by his towering 6’3” stature.

“Just think about how nice it would be to live in a beautifully redone home. I’d be forever grateful…”. She purred as she reached up and began to undo his tie with a mischievous look as she peered up at him. He just couldn’t say no to that look.

Martin knew what that look meant. He loved making love to his beautiful wife, but it was always the same vanilla missionary position that she requested... Never wanting to try anything new…. She was even against giving blowjobs always stating that it was trashy and beneath her.

But sex was sex and he had to take advantage of when Alexandra was in the mood as she was often too tired from her exhausting job. He could only recall two times in the past month where they had sex and it had been planned after a few date nights that coincided with her ovulation days so it was beginning to feel more like work than for enjoyment…


The morning started out just like any other morning. Martin was fully nude cuddled up to his equally undressed wife after their lackluster night of lovemaking which left him wanting more. He slowly pressed his manhood into her round derrière.

“Wasn’t last night enough hun? I have to get up and get ready for work anyways…”. She sighed as she quickly got up out of bed and hopped into the shower.

Her showers often took the better part of an hour due to her strenuous bathing routine which included at least five different specialty washes and then blow drying her hair and styling it to perfection.

During this time Martin often got himself off…

Almost exactly an hour later, she began to get dressed in her usual business style attire that consisted of a suit jacket, a blouse, loose black slacks and black flats. An outfit that was boring, functional and disguised her plentiful curves. Just like always…

Martin swallowed his frustration and got ready for the day ahead.

Martin had finished up his work project early and decided to meet up with his high school buddy Brian at their favorite hole in the wall bar “The Broken Spoke” before heading home.

He truly enjoyed his friends’ company, but felt that he still had a lot of growing up to do; Still working the same dead end retail job that he’d been working at for the last five years, living alone in a small two bedroom apartment, and having numerous flings with random women he met. He was a good looking guy after all standing 5’11” with sandy blonde hair always styled to the side and just a little bit of extra weight clinging to his body.

Martin was just a few inches taller than him at 6’3” and had remained in tip top shape thanks to his active lifestyle and healthy diet. He had raven black hair that was always cut short and styled to perfection. He too was much like his wife in the fact that while he lived in Georgia, he didn’t care for country music, deep fried foods or beer. He instead preferred healthy foods like grilled chicken, salads and the like, drank high dollar booze and he often listened to smooth jazz and dressed to impress.

They had met back in high school when they both played for the varsity football team and immediately hit it off with them both being offensive linemen.

Martin didn’t get to hang out with him very often because Alexandra was often very judgemental towards him, often fearing that Brian was a bad influence on him.

“So… How are things at the homestead?” Brian asked before taking a long drink from his frosted mug of beer.

Martin took a sip of his old fashioned.

“Well… Things are pretty good I guess…. We’re trying to get pregnant which is exciting. But Alexandra wants to remodel the house which I’m not too crazy about… I’ve done the math, and everything she wants to do would cost about three hundred thousand… It’s a lot of money and a lot of mess that I don’t want to even think about…”

“Well having a baby would be awesome, but Jesus…. Three hundred grand?!? She’s the same old Alexandra from high school huh? Always wanting the best of everything. Thank god the both of you have good paying jobs. Happy wife happy life and you hit the jackpot man. She’s gorgeous.”

Martin chuckled as he took another drink of his cocktail. “Yeah, guess you gotta pay to play huh?”

Brian chuckled. “Well I wouldn’t know about that but having the freedom to go out with whoever I want and do whatever I desire is pretty nice. Couldn’t imagine being tied down or having a kid to be honest.”

Brian downed the rest of his beer and placed it onto the bar.

“Hey when the bartender comes back, can you get me another one? I gotta go hit the head.” Brian asked as he got up from his stool.

“Yeah no problem buddy.”

As Martin sat by himself enjoying his Old Fashioned, a rather busty woman who was in her early thirties sat down beside him. The term “white trash baby factory” came to mind as his eyes roamed about her plump and rather curvaceous body noticing that she must have birthed a number of illegitimate kids already with another one on the way. Beneath her straw cowgirl hat, she had long blonde streaked auburn hair with the roots showing, was dressed quite provocatively wearing a tied off flannel that dangerously showed off her massive and obviously pierced udders and hugely pregnant midsection, daisy duke short shorts that barely covered the bottom of her asscheeks, muddy cowgirl boots, had layers upon layers of bright garish makeup caked on her face with large gold hoop earrings and a collection of trashy tattoos covering her tanned and heavily freckled skin. She was also very obviously short in stature as her thick legs dangled a good seven inches above the ground. Probably no taller than 5’2”.

“So… Your wife’s too uppity and money hungry huh?” She said in a heavy southern accent before taking a drag from her cigarette.

Martin looked over with a slightly irritated demeanor. “What the hell?? Is it normal for you to listen in on stranger’s conversations?”

“Well I do when it involves a cute hunk of man meat like you…. Would you fancy a quick romp in the bathroom? I promise I’ll rock your world and your wife don’t have to be none the wiser.” She winked seductively.

Martin cringed at her poor use of the English language. “Sorry… For one, I’m married and two, I would never cheat on my wife with a white trashed hick such as yourself. You could help me by leaving me the hell alone…. Can you do that?” He replied flatly.

He failed to see the woman’s eyes burn a shade of crimson for a moment before returning to their vibrant blue hue.

“No…. But I think I could help you out some other way... I received this special medallion from mah late grandmammy. It can make any wish a reality and I bet it kin help you too.” She winked.

Martin looked over the medallion for a moment; It was roughly the size of a silver dollar very clearly made of real gold with intricate carvings weaving around a very sizeable emerald in it’s center.

“You’re fucking crazy…. Get away from me…”. He snapped at her.

But even with his guard up, he could feel his eyes being drawn into the medallion’s sizeable jewel as his resistance fell.

“But wouldn’t cha be happier if she didn’t care so much about belongings or makin’ lots of money?

“Well umm… Yeah…”. He said as he began to feel dizzy.

“Fine, I’ll leave yah be, but ‘fore I go I wanna make your wish while touching this medallion.”

As if on autopilot, Martin reached for the medallion and felt an almost searing pain as his fingers slid over it’s smooth metallic surface.

“I wish Alexandra was less materialistic…”. He heard himself mutter in a monotone voice.

“Your wish will take five days to reach it’s full form ‘less you stop it before hand by sayin’ the sentence “selflessness is next to godliness”. With each new day you’ll notice slight changes in your reality but only you will notice them while everyone else will treat it as normal. If ya ever change your mind bout bein’ with a real woman, I’m here every night round six. Good luck Martin.”

Unbeknownst to him, the word “selflessness” had just vanished from his vocabulary.

His world went dark for a moment and the next thing he knew he was taking a drink of his Old Fashioned, the woman nowhere to be found.

“Hmm… So strange…”. He chuckled as he took another sip of his drink.

“What’s strange?” Brian asked as he sat back down where the woman had just been.

Martin tried to recall exactly what the girl looked like but failed to do so.

“Oh some sex crazed nut that at first wanted to have sex with me in the bathroom and when I turned her down she said she could make any wish come true…”

Brian chuckled. “Damn…. Where is she?!? What’d she look like?! Was she hot?! I wouldn’t mind getting a piece!” Brian said looking around.

“Woah down doggy down!” Martin chuckled. “Eh she was pretty chubby and pregnant. Pretty enough, but her ignorance was enough of a turn off for me.

“Well it’s probably for the best. Girls like that are trouble and for some reason I can’t help myself around them. They do have heavy pours here. She must have just had one drink too many.”

Martin chuckled. “Yeah, you got that right...”. But felt sad thinking that a pregnant woman was drinking.

After having a few more drinks over the next hour, he decided it was time to head home.

“Don’t want Alexandra finding out that I spent a couple hours here after work. She despises this place and always gets so annoyed when I come here…”

“Ah…. One of the drawbacks to being married to Alexandra Gibson…”

Martin said his goodbyes to his friend and headed for home.

He arrived home and awaited his wife’s arrival, first brushing his teeth and then rinsing it out with mouthwash, hoping she couldn’t smell the whiskey on his breathe. He looked at his watch seeing that she should be home any minute.

But twenty minutes passed by…

Thirty minutes passed by…

She was running late which rarely happened.

“Hmfff… Bet she stopped off at a store to look at materials for our home remodel…”. He scoffed.

He sighed as he heard her car pull into the driveway and park in their spacious three car garage half an hour later. He had a feeling Alexandra would be pushing the home remodel plans hard again tonight.

As soon as she got in the door, Martin could see that she had her arms packed full of color swatches, counter top and flooring samples, various brochures pertaining to a home remodel and another unmarked shopping bag.

“Hey baby. How was your day?” She asked sweetly.

“Oh it was good for a Tuesday. Finished up my project that I’ve been working on for the last month or so. How about yours?”

“That’s great hun! I had a pretty good day. A lot of my students did very well on their presentations aaand I may have made a stop at a few places after work today…”

Martin sighed with irritation tainting his voice. “Alexandra… I said we don’t need to have our house remodeled…”

“Okay… I know you said that, but just look at what I found!” She said placing all of the items onto the kitchen counter.

He looked over everything that Alexandra had grabbed and knew that each sample was most likely the best of everything. He could see negative dollar signs flying from their shared bank account…

“So I’m thinking for flooring we could use this Mazama Hardwood…”

“And look at this beautiful rich mahogany leather furniture for the living room…”

Martin looked over the still like new black leather sectional and matching recliner they had purchased only a few years prior.

“And for our new cabinets we’d go with White Oak with glass windows, internal lighting, under cabinet lighting, soft close doors…”

“And we’d use this really cool aqua marine polished ceramic tile for our backsplash for a pop of color…”

“And for the bathrooms…”. She continued.

Martin had finally heard enough…


Alexandra stopped mid sentence in shock that her usually laid back and reserved husband had actually yelled at her. Her eyes were already beginning to tear up, her lower lip trembling.

Martin immediately regretted losing his temper.

“FINE!! I GUESS WE DON’T NEED A FUCKING REMODEL!” Alexandra said between sobs, tossing the samples in the trash bin cabinet and slamming it shut.

“Is it so wrong that I want a house I can be proud of?!?” She choked out as she neared him and sniffed a few times. And that’s when he really knew he was in trouble.


“Wait… I’m sorry!! Let’s talk about it over dinner. We can open a bottle of wine and order from your favorite vegetarian Indian place…”

“I’m not hungry… and I sure as fuck don’t want to drink”. She replied flatly as she emptied the mystery bag that contained a few odd items onto the counter. A pair of newborn sneakers, a plushie, and a few baby toys.

“Thought it’d be nice to surprise you… I’m pregnant…”

She grabbed her purse, exited into the garage and drove away in her car.

He tried to call her multiple times and on the first few calls, it rang until it went to voicemail but then on the last few she must have turned her phone off as it went directly to voicemail.

Martin kicked himself, walked over to their wine cabinet and opened a bottle of wine for himself, grabbing a second one knowing full well that it would be a long night ahead and headed up to their bedroom.

He turned on their 60” wall mounted flat screen tv that hung above the bedroom fireplace and began to drown his sorrows.

He had really screwed up this time…

The hours ticked by and before he knew it, it was nearing midnight or 11:55PM to be exact and his eyes were getting heavy. Alexandra still hadn’t returned his calls and he figured she must have stayed at her sorority sister Whitney’s house or her parent’s house for the night.

“Well… I’m fucked either way…. She’s more than likely complaining to her gold digger of a friend or her parents about how terrible of a husband and soon to be father I am…”

Whitney was the worst type of fake when it came to a person. She was a highly materialistic, painfully intelligent neurosurgeon who often bragged about it and looked down upon anyone not as intelligent or as successful as herself and worst of all, she was overly sweet to someone’s face only to talk behind their back when they weren’t around.

She often made it clear that Martin wasn’t good enough for “her sorority sister” Alexandra but in the most disgustingly sweet and backhanded comments.

“Oh this house is cute. I bet if Martin started his own company, he could build you an even nicer place.”


“Oh that is a beautiful car, but you should really think about getting the new model!”

Martin went to take another swig from the second opened bottle to find it completely empty.

“Fuck…. I’m gonna be hung over tomorrow…”. He slurred.

He tossed it onto the bed beside him next to the other empty bottle before he passed out fully clothed in their bed with the tv on.
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby VoltaireEMCSA » Thu Mar 23, 2023 8:39 am

Excited to see where this goes!
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby audipwr87 » Thu Mar 23, 2023 11:23 am

***DAY ONE***

Martin awoke with a clear mind, surprised that his head wasn’t pounding as it typically did after a night of drinking. In fact he couldn’t even taste any hint of the wine. But the bigger surprise was that his wife’s nude, lithe body was lovingly pressed up against his own, her soft brunette locks brushing against his chin. He could feel his already erect member nestled between the supple cheeks of his wife’s toned derrière.

“Mmm…. Good morning honey…”. She purred.

Martin paused for a moment.

“You’re not upset?” He immediately asked.

Alexandra rolled over and looked at him curiously.

“Upset? Why would I be upset?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“About you wanting to remodel our home and me not wanting to spend the money. We got in a pretty heated argument last night and you left…”

Alexandra giggled. “Well now why would I want to do that? Our home is only ten years old…. There’s nothing wrong with it…”

It took everything in Martin not to gasp out in shock.

“Hmmm… Must have been a dream…”. He said doing his best to come up with a cover story.

“Sounds like a nightmare to me… But the real question is, why would a dream like that leave you so turned on? Especially after we just made love last night… I have a feeling that last night or this morning could lead to baby number one!”

He was about to reposition himself for their usual round of boring missionary style sex when Alexandra climbed on top of him and pinned him down.

“Now now…. You know how much I like riding you like a cowgirl…”. She said in a comically overdone southern drawl with a wink.

She smiled as she grasped his member, climbed atop him and quickly guided it towards her slit.

She was never this forward or this excited when it came to sex…

It was a welcome change…

“Maybe that skank was telling the truth…” Martin thought to himself as he felt himself slide into his wife hearing her gasp out in pleasure.

“Oh godddd… I love how much you fill me up!” She moaned out.

“Hmmm… Maybe my luck is finally turning around?” He asked himself happily.

After a few minutes she had made that point clear as she spun around in place taking on the reverse cowgirl position and began riding him with her lithe back and supple derrière in his main point of view.

As he looked on at her backside, he noticed that his abdomen seemed to have picked up a bit of excess weight. To anyone else, he’d look just like he always had but there was no doubt in his mind. He had put on roughly ten or fifteen pounds as his six pack was slightly less defined.

“Hmm… That’s odd…” He thought to himself.

This morning round of sex was some of the best he had ever had, but during their session of lovemaking, he couldn’t help but notice that their night stands and bed frame was older and that the 60” tv that once hung above the fireplace was noticeably smaller.

“Eh, so I’m slightly softer and we have cheaper possessions? Small price to pay for a happy wife.” He thought to himself.

After their bout of love making, they both jumped in the shower and Alexandra began her very detailed wash regimen. During that time, Martin was brought to another realization as he grabbed his wife from behind. It seemed as if he had lost a couple inches in height…. His dick used to touch the middle of her back, but now it barely hovered above her asscheeks.

“Why am I getting shorter??” He asked himself.

…And did his dick seem smaller?

He grasped it with one hand and studied it. There was no doubt in his mind. He hadn’t only lost an inch or so in length from his member, but it seemed to be less girthy as well.

His line of thinking was interrupted as Alexandra bent forward, pressing her derrière into his manhood.

“Mmm… I’d love to have some more fun in here but it’ll have to wait til after work sweetie.” She purred.

As they both began getting ready for work, he noticed that Alexandra had done away with her usual suit jacket and slacks only to be replaced by a basic white button up blouse and dark blue denim jeans with two inch heels.

“Why aren’t you dressing like you usually do? The suit jacket and slacks?”

She raised her eyebrow at him. “I’ve never dressed like that hun. I’m just an assistant professor and I always dress like this babe…. Now maybe if I ever become an actual professor, I’ll dress like that… I know I know… I should’ve dedicated more time to my studies, but hey it still pays pretty well!”

Martin likewise grabbed a suit from his closet and could immediately tell that it was made of a slightly cheaper material.

“Funny… I don’t remember this suit…”

Martin was still trying to process why he owned a suit of inferior quality as Alexandra kissed Martin goodbye and headed for the garage. Martin followed closely behind and as he entered the three car garage, he was treated to yet another surprise.

Both vehicles were slightly older.

His one year old Jeep Grand Cherokee had been replaced by one roughly four years older and it was the same story with his wife’s but to a higher degree. Her Mercedes sedan had been replaced by a six year old Chrysler 300S sedan.

“Eh, so we have older cars… No big deal…”. Martin shrugged.

Work went as per usual minus a few of the elite projects he had been working on being replaced by smaller but still respectable buildings. However he was distracted from the small changes in his job as a battle was waging in his mind.

“Should I put a stop to the changes?”

He basically had the perfect life now. A wife who was less interested in material possessions and was perfectly happy with how things were.

But he kept thinking about his loss in height, his smaller member and the small amount of extra poundage he was carrying.

He had to put a stop to this wish…

But try as he might, he couldn’t remember the sentence that the girl told him to say aloud to halt the changes.

“Something about next to Godliness??”

“DAMNIT!” He said running his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Should I go back to the bar? She did say she’d be there every night at six…”

But as he drove home, he began to talk himself out of worrying about it.

“Well maybe one more round of changes won’t hurt…”

As he arrived home, he was shocked to see his wife’s car already parked in the garage.

As he entered into the house from the garage, he was treated to his wife dressed in a cute sunflower tank top and denim shorts, preparing dinner for them as she sipped from a glass of wine. She rarely ever made dinner for them when she was a college professor and she almost never drank wine as she was often too tired so it was a nice surprise. He slowly walked up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her lithe midsection quickly being reminded of his slight reduction in height. He knew he had to be somewhere in the ballpark of 6’ even now.

“Smells good! What are you making?”

Alexandra smiled. “Something that sounded really good! I’m making grilled chicken California style with a spinach, bacon, almond and feta salad.

Martin tried to mask his surprise as he looked at the delectable grilled chicken topped with a slice of mozzarella, avocado, and tomato, then drizzled in balsamic vinegar .

“Huh…. Guess she’s not a vegetarian anymore…” He surmised.

After they enjoyed their delicious meal with multiple glasses of wine, they spent a bit of time cuddled up on their leather couch watching a new show on their 55” flat screen tv and retired to their bedroom around ten when Alexandra was once again ready for another round of sex cowgirl style.

He was loving this new Alexandra and was hoping that the next morning would bring about even more exciting changes, and maybe not so many negative ones.
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby Tayfair » Thu Mar 23, 2023 10:34 pm

I love this style of story. Excited to see where it meanders.
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby audipwr87 » Fri Mar 24, 2023 2:05 am

***DAY TWO***

Martin awoke to a wonderful feeling. He opened his eyes to see the sheet covering his crotch raising and lowering and immediately knew what was going on.

Alexandra was giving him a blowjob!

He swiftly pulled the sheet off from her causing her to look up at him with a smirk as his member was still between her plump lips.

She let his dick slide from her lips with an audible “POP”.

“Good morning lover…”. She purred.

As he looked at his hard erection exit his wife’s mouth, he noticed with some distaste that it appeared to have shrunk again. Another inch lost… Another small bit of girth. If he could guess, he was probably right around eight inches long now. Still very much above average but he missed the extra two inches he used to pack between his legs.

“Hey sweetie? Do you notice anything different with my member?”

Alexandra studied it closely.

“Ummm no, looks like the same dick that I’ve always enjoyed pleasuring. Why do you ask?” She smirked.

“Oh, it’s nothing… Come up here.” He said as he started to guide her on top of him.

“Mmm… Good… I didn’t want to waste all of that good cum that might get me pregnant.” She cooed.

As she crawled up his torso and slid onto his dick, he immediately noticed that something else was amiss.

His abs were all but hidden beneath a small layer of excess pudge now.

And he was brought to yet another interesting change.

Alexandra’s face looked less defined somehow… Rounder… And she was slightly softer all over now… It wasn’t much of a difference on her 5’7” frame, maybe an extra thirty pounds or so, but it was still noticeable when compared to her usually trim and toned body. She wasn’t chubby by any means, but the term “thick” was beginning to surface in his mind. Just barely so…

He usually preferred an athletic, toned body like how she used to be, but strangely he found her new body to be unfathomably delectable. He couldn’t pull his eyes from it…

She immediately went in to kiss him, her tongue parting his lips with authority.

She rode him with a desire and passion he had never felt before. She was thoroughly enjoying it. But after a few minutes she stopped.

“Mmm this is great and all, but why don’t we do doggy style? You know you can get deeper inside me and I just love it when you pull my hair and say my name as you’re doing me from behind.” She moaned into his ear.

Martin didn’t need to be asked twice as he nodded and she immediately assumed the position in front of him, invitingly shaking her slightly softer rear in his direction. Her ass was still perfect in his eyes, maybe even more so now thanks to the added heft. He took this advantage to smack it a few times and squeeze it, causing Alexandra to coo with pleasure. As he mounted her from behind, he realized that the mattress he was kneeling on was decidedly less comfortable as he could feel the springs beneath his knees.

As he began to thrust, he grabbed a large sum of her brunette hair and pulled causing her to gasp out in pleasure.

“Mmm…. Say my name…”. She moaned out loud.

“Oh fuck Alexandra…. You’re so fucking sexy!”

She was obviously enjoying their steamy bout of sex, but between gasps she paused and corrected him.

“Why are you calling me Alexandra? It sounds like some uppity rich bitch.”

Martin panicked for a moment, trying to think of what she liked to be called now and as luck would have it, he saw the name “Alexis” tattooed on her right shoulder blade.

“Mmm… Alexis…. You’re so fucking tight…”

“Mmm…. That’s better baby…”. She purred. “Let Alexis take care of her hubby…”. She purred.

After she had taken him for all he was worth, she slowly crawled up next to her lover and draped her arm across his chest, bringing his attention to his slightly softer pecks. He shook the negative thought from his mind.

“Mmm…. I’m so glad that after almost two years of marriage, our sex life has only gotten better!” She purred as she kissed him generously.

“We’ve only been married for less than two years?” Martin asked himself. They had originally gotten married over four years ago…

Before he could process it any longer, Alexis pulled him towards the bathroom.

“Cmon, let’s go take a shower before I have to go to work!”

They once again jumped into the shower together and thoroughly washed each other, enjoying every second of the steamy shower session. This gave Martin a very up close and personal view of just how much his wife’s body had changed.

From behind, Martin wrapped his arms around her torso with his hands immediately going to her breasts. They were noticeably larger and while they did hang a bit lower we’re still remarkably perky for their size. His hands traveled lower to where her abdomen was and noticed just a slight collection of pudge residing beneath her belly button where her once flat midriff used to be.

He noticed with some disdain that he had shrunk a few inches in height again as his dick was almost perfectly in line with her asshole.

He couldn’t have been any taller than 5’10” now... Only three inches taller than his wife…

His hands slid down her body once more, inspecting her waist, hips, derrière and thighs noticing that most of the excess weight had accumulated in her lower half giving her just a slight pear shape now. His eyes zeroed in on something he thought he’d never see grace the perfect skin of his wife. A tattoo placed towards the top of her right ass cheek…

It was simple and very small. Roughly three inches in length and maybe three quarters of an inch tall. All it said was “When two hearts became one: 7-7-21”

His fingers glided across the artwork.

“Mmm…. You keep doing that and we may just have to have some fun in here while we’re at it, but it’ll have to be a quickie. Mr. Roberts likes all of his staff to be to work promptly at 7AM.” She said groping his hard shaft and pumping it a few times.

Martin paused. “But…. You don’t typically have to be to work until nine o’clock…”

Alexis gave him a curious look as she glanced over her shoulder. One he was swiftly growing accustomed to.

“Baby…. I’ve always had to be to school by that time. If I’m late again, the principal will have a cow. High school starts promptly at 7:45 babe…”

Martin paused only for a moment as to not draw any attention to his perplexed look. He did some quick thinking on his feet.

“Oh yeah right… Anything exciting going on today?”

“Eh not really… My students are going to read their reports aloud in front of the class. Freshmen are always so awkward so it could be pretty entertaining.” She giggled as she continued giving him a handjob.

“Wait… Where’d you go to college again?” Martin asked his wife.

“Babe you know this…. I wanted to go to a better college but between my parents not being able to afford it and my well… just slightly above average grades, I had to attend Georgia Community and got my degree from there…”

“Your parents didn’t have enough money? Slightly above average grades???” Martin asked raising his eyebrow.

“Well yeah… I mean my mom got pregnant with Gabby right after they graduated from high school. She said that it was a planned pregnancy, but my dad told me (after one too many drinks might I add) that she was the result of a broken condom. But anyways, my mom decided to forego her dream of going to college to become an interior decorator and instead went for a receptionist job while my dad pursued his career in law. He does pretty well, but I know he really wanted to open his own law firm. And then a few years later I was born. Obviously Gabby got the majority of the intelligence between us, but at least I got the curves and the looks.” She giggled.

Martin simply nodded his head. He’d have to do some more digging once his wife had left for the day.

But his curious thoughts were pushed to the wayside as Alexis dressed in very casual attire consisting of a blue denim skirt that hovered a few inches above her knees and hugged her healthy thighs and ass with a semi low cut tank top which was taut against her soft midsection and voluptuous breasts. Upon getting dressed, she began to apply a fair amount of makeup to her slightly rounded visage consisting primarily of neutral colored tones only to highlight her already beautiful features.

He had never seen his wife dress in such a way, even during her days off, and he loved it.

“Well at least this Alexandra likes to show off her body a bit more…”. He thought happily to himself.

“Wait… Alexis…”. He corrected himself.

As he grabbed a suitable suit and slacks, he quickly noted that he had fewer to choose from and they seemed to be of cheaper quality again.

Upon coming downstairs, he was treated to quite a few surprises. The appliances were no longer stainless steel but instead a gloss black and of inferior quality. The ones that had originally been in the house when they bought it. Not only that, but in the living room, their massive flat screen tv had been replaced with one no larger than fifty inches and their nice leather sectional had been replaced by one wrapped in tan microfiber and their expensive wood furniture had been downgraded to something typically found at an IKEA.

Alexis quickly gathered her breakfast which consisted of a microwave breakfast burrito and grabbed her lunch consisting of a few slices of cold pizza from a nearby pizza chain and kissed her husband goodbye.

Martin followed his wife to the garage to see her off and stopped as he noticed that their vehicles had once again aged a number of years.

Alexis now owned a base model Dodge Charger that looked to be at least ten years old while Martin owned a Dodge Ram that was equally as old.

Upon waving goodbye to his wife, he began to try to make sense of this reality and headed inside to look for family photos, academic paperwork and the like.

Martin approached the hallway where most of their photos resided.

His eyes focused on the first photo he came across. It was of him and Alexis posed with her parents seated on their back patio at their house. But the photo had changed since he had last seen it.

Both Alexis and Martin had slightly rounder faces and he was only sitting a few inches taller than his wife…

The patio was remarkably smaller and clearly part of a noticeably smaller home. A one story rambler that was still respectably nice and probably close to two thousand square feet. But then he noticed Mr. Gibson. He looked tired and was holding what looked to be a glass of Whiskey in his right hand. Mrs. Gibson on the other hand had likewise changed much like her daughter. Her makeup was heavier and applied to a more rounded face and her outfit was noticeably more revealing showing a slight bit of her deep cleavage.

But most shocking was the new addition of Alexis’ sister Gabby. Alexis was correct in mentioning that she had acquired the majority of the looks as Gabby was still attractive but in a more ordinary way. She had a gaunt, diamond shaped face with thin lips, was excruciatingly thin with little to no curves, large framed glasses and dull brown hair. Almost the exact opposite of his overtly curvaceous wife who now proudly yet tastefully showcased her best assets.

His eyes traveled to the next photo on the wall, still expecting to see both him and his wife posed in their cap and gowns with her family. But instead he saw the Gibson family, including Alexis and Martin dressed in casual attire, while Gabby stood proudly in her cap and gown standing in front of the University Of Stanford.

Martin felt a bit guilty as he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that in the next photo it was of him in his own cardinal red cap and gown. However that relief was short lived when he saw that it was no longer a cap and gown for Stanford, but from Georgia College; A brighter red... While Alexis was in her normal street clothes but looked happy as could be with her bare arms wrapped around her husband’s slightly soft waist.

In the next photo he was expecting to see a picture of his wife in her own cap and gown but their wedding photos came next.

“Huh…. I wonder why there’s no photo of her at graduation? Maybe Alexis didn’t think it was worthy of putting up on the wall?” He surmised.

Martin’s eyes moved onto the next photo on their wall. Or to be more precise, a collage of photos in a sizeable frame. It was of their wedding day. But where he remembered it being a big extravagant affair held at a luxurious hotel with over three hundred people in attendance and Alexandra wearing none other than a Vera Wang signature wedding dress, now it looked as though it had been held in the Gibson’s backyard with a little less than fifty people in attendance with Alexis wearing a significantly cheaper low cut dress that showed a lot more of her tanned cleavage and thighs.

Martin couldn’t deny that this new Alexandra or Alexis as she liked to go by now had never looked better.

Martin looked at his watch seeing it was time to go to work.

“Well I’ve seen enough. Time to go to work.”

The first shock when coming into work is that his desk had moved from his cozy corner office to an office about half it’s original size, and then he began to notice his projects. He was designing school gymnasiums and parking garages now.

“God damn wish… Why did I have to make that stupid wish?!” He cursed himself.

He began to grow worried about what changes the next day might bring for his wife and himself. He decided that he would put a stop to the changes, but try as he might, he couldn’t remember exactly what the slutty girl had told him to say.

“Cmon… Something is next to godliness… But what???” He said smacking his forehead.

“It’s not cleanliness…”

He spent the better part of the morning attempting to remember the sentence however as midday approached, his phone vibrated as he had received a text message or to be more precise, a picture message from his wife. In the photo, the phone was above her head and angled down giving him a generous peek at her deep cleavage wrapped in a black laced bra and she had pulled her skirt up to give him a hint of her matching panties. She was posed with her lips puckered in a slight smirk. Following the photo was a text.

“Time for your daily photo…. Can’t wait to see you tonight lover… I have a special surprise for you when you get home, but need time to set it up, so take your time coming home. Maybe invite Brian out to the bar and have a couple drinks or something? But don’t be home any later than 7PM. Love you! <3”

She was very clearly in her classroom judging by the background.

Martin grew increasingly turned on by the photo. This Alexis was just so much more fun and laid back.

“Now she doesn’t care if I go to the bar?!! And what kind of surprise does she have for me??” He chuckled with excitement.

“Well…. Maybe one more day won’t hurt…”. He reasoned to himself.

After receiving the steamy text message, time seemed to crawl by as very sexual thoughts began to seep into his mind of Alexis and what he was going to do to her that night.

As lunch time approached, he found his hunger multiplying by the minute. He decided to stop by his work’s vending machine to grab a bag of chips and a chicken salad sandwich. Something the old him would’ve never done.

Directly after she had sent him the text, he decided to invite his friend Brian out to the bar again.

Plus maybe he could track down that plus sized woman who had started this whole thing.

Brian had beat him there and already had a dark beer waiting for him.

“What’s this?” Martin asked.

“It’s your usual… A Mac N Jack’s. Did you want something else?” Brian asked.

Martin paused for a minute wondering where his Old Fashioned was but as he looked at the ice cold beer, he couldn’t help but begin to crave the cold carbonated drink.

“Nope, this is great!” He said bringing the beer to his mouth.

As it hit his tastebuds, he immediately realized that this tasted leaps and bounds better than his old drink.

Martin looked at his watch noting that it was a little after five. He had less than an hour to go before that woman would hopefully show up.

After they greeted each other, Martin noticed with disdain that Brian was a good two or three inches taller than him now and Brian made sure to put an exclamation mark on that fact by putting Martin in a headlock and proceeded to give him a noogie.

“Stop man!” Martin playfully pushed his friend away, as he tried to keep his loss in height from bothering him.

Before long they got to talking about life once again. About their jobs, their home life and whatever else was going on in their lives.

“How you (a second string DB, might I add) were able to tie down a hot piece of ass like Alexis is beyond me. I mean, you remember how she was back in high school…”. Brian chuckled.

“How was she back in high school?” Martin questioned raising his brow.

“Oh y’know… A hot, sexy cheerleader that went from guy to guy for awhile there until you two got together during senior year. She was more interested in the guys than her studies if you know what I mean… You must have one magical dick!” He chuckled as he playfully nudged his friend.

Martin sat back and enjoyed a few more drinks contemplating what Brian had just said.

“Well, gotta drain the main vein as they say. I’ll be right back.” Brian said.

Martin looked at his watch again seeing that the time had just switched from “5:59PM” to “6:00PM”.

He was about to start looking around the cramped bar, when a familiar voice spoke up from his right.

“So… How is the wish treating you so far?” She purred.

Martin’s head immediately snapped in her direction.

It was the same woman and she had a slightly devious look upon her face.

Tonight she was dressed in a denim mini skirt with a low cut white laced blouse and the same dirty cowgirl boots. He could also notice two distinct strips of bright red fabric coming up over her plush, wide hips and meeting in the middle in a triangle of red laced fabric above her deep asscrack. They were very obviously red thong underwear.

“You have got to put a stop to this wish! I mean, I don’t mind what is happening to my wife, but I’m changing too!”

The woman smirked as she peered at his body.

“Well… Wouldn’t it make sense that in order for the two of yah to be together that you’d have ta change too? I mean, c’mon. What business would a studly high profile architect be doin’ with a high school English teacher? So ya gotta change too.”

“But… I’m getting shorter, fatter, my dick is getting smaller and I can feel my mental state changing! I can’t remember the line to stop this wish! You have to help me!”

“Yeah, I was gonna say that you looked a bit shorter in stature and softer in the middle but hey, I’d still fuck you. You still sure you don’t wanna take me up on a short romp in the bathroom?”

Martin scoffed. “I’d never cheat on my wife! NEVER!” He bellowed.

“Well then, ya won’t get the magical phrase from me then!” She smirked.

“Maybe yah shouldn’t have made fun of me in the first place. Yah wouldn’t be in this mess now sugar…”

As Martin went to drink more of his beer, he took his eyes off of the woman for a split second, and when he looked back her way, she was gone.

“Fuck… What am I going to do??” He asked himself.

As he was heading home, he began thinking about what Brian had said.

Had she really been more promiscuous in this reality?

Part of him was sad that Alexandra had been with other guys before him… But he also felt a strange twinge of excitement in his lower regions for some reason.

Martin arrived home at 4:45 and as he entered the house, his nostrils were treated to a marvelous scent.

Alexis had clearly pulled out all the stops for tonight. Candles were lit and a full home cooked meal rested upon the dinner table; Garlic mashed potatoes, Ribeye steaks cooked to perfection and roasted green beans.

As his eyes diverted towards the stairs, he noticed a trail of rose petals leading up the steps mixed in with Alexis’ discarded wardrobe that she had worn to work earlier that day.

Upon opening the bedroom door, he was treated to a sex swing being suspended by a heavy duty tube frame and seated in the swing was his curvaceous wife in full black laced lingerie as she gently swung back and forth with her hands clasped and suspended in a pair of black fuzzy handcuffs.

“Surprise sweetheart. Thought we could try something new…. Why don’t you have your way with me?”. She smirked.

Martin now knew that he was going to let the wish run it’s course for at least one more day.
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby Maon » Fri Mar 24, 2023 4:03 am

Thank you for the story. I love it, especially the style of the transformation.
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby fragmenter » Fri Mar 24, 2023 4:57 am

This is cracking good and I am always in total awe of how you get me checking back daily for another chapter of your stories. Love it. Moll xx
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby audipwr87 » Sat Mar 25, 2023 12:00 am

Thank you everybody for the kind words! And another chapter is about to drop! :)
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Re: A Selfless Wish

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Upon waking up, he opened his eyes to Alexis slowly rocking back and forth upon his lap moaning loudly as she did so, her sizeable breasts swaying to and fro just above her soft, stretch marked belly pooch. She had her hands placed on his now legitimate starter belly to support herself.

“What the… I’m fat?!!” He said aloud.

Alexis smiled and looked down at him.

“Aww sweetie, you’re not fat, just pudgy… Like me! Now can you be quiet while I focus on the task at hand?” She groaned out.

As she ground against his crotch, he could already tell that he’d once again lost a bit more of his member’s size as he could clearly feel that he wasn’t filling her nearly as much.

But that was just the start of the changes…

She had once again softened just a touch but it was an extra twenty or thirty pounds at most since the previous day. He was curious as to why she had so many stretch marks on her belly, thighs and hips…

But luckily not much else had changed this time around, at least with his wife. He noticed three more additional tattoos on top of the other two tattoos she already had. He cringed when he looked at the tattoo that she had gotten for their wedding day but noticed the new date in place of the old one.

The first new tattoo was one the went up the length of her forearm a good five inches. It read “Bailey Rose Frazier” in a script font surrounded by small flowers and butterflies with the last name Frazier crossed out.

The second and third new tattoos were located on the back of each plush upper thigh only a few inches from her sex consisting of matching pink bows roughly four inches wide.

One positive change for sure was how she was working his shaft with her experienced pussy. It was slightly looser than he remembered or maybe it was because he was smaller? But periodically she would tighten around his shaft as if milking it for all it was worth. He came to the realization that sex had never felt better. She just knew exactly what to do and when to do it.

“Damn…. I could get used to this…”. He said aloud.

“Mmm…. Fuck yeah babe! Fill this pussy up!” She groaned out.

As she continued to rock back and forth, Martin began to feel warm droplets falling onto his softer chest. As he looked down, he was shocked to see that her breasts were leaking milk onto his chest that could no longer be described as pecks, but growing ever closer to the term “moobs”. As he looked up to get a closer look at her breasts, he did notice that they were noticeably larger and a few shades darker than he remembered.

“What the??” He grunted quietly to himself.

She slowly dismounted his shaft and immediately got onto all fours in front of him causing the bed to creak loudly beneath her extra heft.

As he was repositioning himself, he noticed that the bed was no longer a King but had downsized to a queen. Upon that discovery he began to take in the surrounding room.

Things had changed. And not for the better…

While it was tastefully done, the bedroom around them was noticeably smaller than their old master bedroom, however it was slightly disheveled with random articles of Alexis’ clothing strewn about. At least he figured they were her clothes, but they consisted primarily of thong underwear, g-strings, low cut midriff baring tops and short denim skirts.

On a small flatscreen tv which was placed atop a dresser, hardcore porn was illuminating the screen.

“Now that you’re awake, fuck me like the dirty slut that I am!!” She demanded as she wiggled her softer ass at him.

Martin had to process what had just come out of his wife’s mouth. He could never recall obscenities flying from her mouth like that unless she was legitimately upset.

As she wriggled her ass at him, he now realized just how much wider her backside had become since the last shift in reality.

“Well babe? Are you gonna do something? This ass won’t fuck itself.” She groaned.

Martin took a deep breathe and inserted his dick into her wet slit with ease, grimacing at how his belly mashed against her fleshy asscheeks.

“No…No… No…. Stick it in my ass. You know how much I like anal and before you cum, slide into my slit and finish there.” She purred.

He masked his surprise at her request but did as she asked. He had never done anal before so he had no idea what to expect. Upon slowly easing into her asshole, he was brought to a new realization. He loved it!

The new Alexis seemed to like it too as she grunted and groaned with each thrust of his hips. She had even started bucking her generous ass cheeks against him.

As he was getting close, he slid out and finished in her pussy.

“Mmmfff… Now that was in-fucking-credible babe!” She sighed happily as she collapsed next to him with a look of contentment on her face.

“Let’s jump into the shower and we can have some more fun in there!” She winked.

She led him down the narrow hallway to the first door on the right to a cramped bathroom just big enough for a toilet, a tub, and a small vanity which was more or less clean aside from the wide variety of numerous types of obviously cheap makeup in an array of vibrant colors.

Alexis switched the water on and jumped in with Martin following closely behind. She immediately assumed the position, placing her hands upon the fiber glass tub surround covered wall.

Martin approached her from behind and was brought to the startling realization that they were now almost the same height… As he struggled to get into a proper position to slide into her, she giggled.

“C’mon babe, put one foot up on the edge of the tub like we’ve discussed so you can slide in a bit easier.”

Upon getting a better chance to study his swiftly shrinking member, he realized that it was now only about six inches in length and significantly less girthy. Basically of average length now to go with his slightly below average height and above average weight…

As he slid in, he began to thrust and something began to dawn on him. He was already getting winded…

He kept pumping, and shortly thereafter began breathing heavily with Alexis quietly taking his member into her slit. Before long, Martin’s dick began to tremble and he could feel rope after rope of cum pump into his wife’s slit.

Without so much as a sigh of happiness or moan of approval, Alexis dismounted from his member and began bathing herself, but this time used a cheap variety brand of shampoo for her hair and an equally cheap bottle of body wash.

Martin was expecting her to go through the long process of styling her hair, but she simply dried it with a towel as best as she could and then tied it into a simple bun.

As she had finished with her hair, she began to apply her cosmetics. Today she had gone for bubble gum pink lipstick, a healthy amount of foundation and blush and finished off with mascara and a bit of pink eyeshadow to match her lips.

After she had finished up in the bathroom, she headed back down the hallway and began to pick out her outfit for the day which consisted of red thong panties, a basic red tank top which was a bit too low cut to be worn to a school and a cheap pair of denim shorts which had obviously been cut by herself due to the random strands of fabric hanging from the leg holes. Martin was a bit relieved when he saw that they reached her knees. She finished off her look with a pair of white flip flops.

“Well… I gotta get to work… Those little shits aren’t going to clean up after themselves.” She said.

“What are you talking about hun?” He questioned.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Who are you cleaning up after?”

“The same kids who I always clean up after at Shermer High sweetie…. I am the janitor after all…. Have been for the last six years.” She chuckled. “Crazy to think that as a student I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough and now I’m back there…”

“And you’re going dressed like that??!” Martin asked.

“Well uh duh! For one, I always wear clothes like this to work. They’re comfortable! Besides, the principal never complains because I think secretly he enjoys seeing my body. I know you do!” She giggled with a wink as she rubbed her bloated derrière against his crotch. “And secondly, I wear coveralls over my clothes anyways.”

Martin followed his wife down the cramped hallway eyeing photos lining the walls and made a mental note to look at them after she had left.

As the hallway ended, they entered a small kitchen that was relatively dark regardless of the nice sunny day outside. It had at best a fifth of the cabinets that their old kitchen had and it was clear that the cabinets weren’t made of solid wood. It had been tastefully but cheaply remodeled with cutting board countertops, a double bay stainless steel sink, gloss black appliances all roughly four or five years old and a backsplash comprised of small brushed aluminum rectangles (most definitely a hardware store special stick on). He flipped the switch to illuminate the kitchen a bit more and squinted when a light fixture overhead lit in an annoyingly bright fluorescent white glow.

“Ugh god… That light hurts my eyes…”

Alexis sighed as she placed her hands upon his face. “Babe… For the ninety-seventh time, we don’t need a new light fixture. It works fine and lights up the kitchen pretty well if I do say so myself. Besides we don’t need to spend the money.” She said with a gentle kiss placed upon his lips.

She grabbed a few Ding Dongs and Twinkies for a quick breakfast and then began heading for the door.

“These will do for breakfast…”. She smiled.

“Aren’t you going to take a lunch?” Martin asked.

Alexis shrugged her shoulders. “I think during my lunch I’ll just head to MacDowell’s to grab a bite to eat. You know how much we love that place!”

Martin followed her out to the carport as this house didn’t have an actual garage. The neighborhood was comprised of smaller one story ramblers with most of them being either kept up well enough with a few being clearly updated. As Martin turned to their vehicles, just as he expected, their cars had changed again.

Martin had by his guess since he wasn’t really a car guy a mid 90’s Ford Bronco while Alexis had an early 90’s Chevy pickup with tires slightly larger than stock and a brush guard.

As she started it up it was clear to Martin that the exhaust wasn’t stock either as the noise that came from the truck was very throaty. Suddenly a torrent of loud music began blaring from the truck’s speakers. Martin realized very quickly that Taylor Swift’s “Highway Don’t Care” was playing through the stereo which Alexis was currently singing to.

“What the?? She listens to country music now?? And how do I know the song??” Martin mouthed.

As Alexis blew him a kiss from the driver seat, Martin returned to the inside of the unfamiliar house.

Once back inside, he took a more detailed look at what this new house was like.

The front door led directly into a slightly cramped living room yet it had been redone like the rest of the house but had been clearly updated on a budget.

The flooring was a faux hardwood, most likely cheap laminate as a few of the boards had warped at the edges most likely due to moisture.

The furniture was likewise of a decent quality and looked to be made of leather but instead of the sectional he was used to seeing, in it’s place was a loveseat under the front window, a three seat couch placed along the wall opposite of the tv wall and a matching recliner. Speaking of the tv, it had gone through another downgrade, looking like a five year old flatscreen that was roughly 50” big.

The living room then led into the small kitchen and past the kitchen was a dining area only big enough to fit about six people, then past that was another bedroom and a half bathroom.

A far cry from their spacious two story house that Martin had already begun to miss.

His next stop was the photo wall in the hallway.

As he passed by the first photo in line, he saw a young, shorter and pudgy Martin, a thick Alexis and three girls who looked much like Alexis herself. It was clear that it was from their high school graduation with all of them in their caps and gowns. Alexis had her lips lovingly planted upon Martin’s slightly rounded cheek.

As he reached the second picture, he noticed that it was once again of the Gibson family at what looked to be a family barbecue in their back yard. Even though it was an older picture, Mr. Gibson appeared to be roughly forty to fifty pounds heavier, looking more run down than ever before with his hair in need of styling with a clear five o’clock shadow. He was in a suit that was obviously cheap and was once again holding a glass filled near to the brim with what appeared to be whiskey. Mrs. Gibson had clearly put on some weight as well moving her into the plump category, but she carried it well. For the occasion, she was wearing a very low cut black laced top and was bending forward enough to show off her healthy rack and just a hint of her white laced bra. Instead of her normal smile however, a look of lust was pasted upon her face. A young twenty something Alexis was posed next to her and looking every bit of her mother’s daughter by the way she dressed, her heavily made up face and equally daring look. Then came Gabby who was standing a few inches away with a slightly annoyed look pasted upon her bland, angular visage.

But oddly enough Martin was nowhere to be found.

“Hmm… Strange…”. He muttered to himself.

The next photo on the wall was of a scantily clad Alexis kissing a random guy who he’d never seen before surrounded by her friends and they were very clearly at a bar.

He looked at the mystery man in question. He was tall, fairly athletic and quite handsome. Just like Martin used to be…

The first girl appeared to be on the pulse of current styles with a southern twist, had long blonde hair, was roughly three inches shorter than Alexis, quite svelte with a decent rack (roughly the same size Alexandra’s had originally been) She had tastefully done makeup applied to her girl next door face.

The second girl in question was a brunette, just over five feet tall, and decently chubby with slightly small breasts but a sizeable ass. She was incredibly attractive even with her rounded face and she too had a certain southern flare about her.

The third girl in line was a brunette with blonde highlights, she was five and a half feet tall, with a thick build but was the most stacked of the three and dressed to highlight those assets.

He sighed as he tried to stomach seeing Alexis kiss another man.

As his eyes landed upon the following photo, it took everything in his power not to pass out or throw up from shock.

It was a photo of that same random guy standing beside Alexis who was laying in a hospital bed holding a baby.

Holding her baby that she had just given birth to.

“What the fuck…” Martin groaned.

He almost didn’t want to continue going down this trip of an unknown memory lane afraid of what he would see.

But he smiled as his eyes glanced upon the next succession of pictures.

It was a photo of them seated at a nice restaurant with Martin attempting to dress to impress with an equally stunning albeit very sultry looking Alexis dressed in a low cut black cocktail dress that appeared to be a size or two too small as her breasts were all but pouring out of the garment. She had a look of lust written upon her rounded face.

In the following picture he saw them at what appeared to be at the beach. The sun was shining, Alexis was wearing a violet string bikini with a white floral sash wrapped around her wide lower half but she was holding up her left hand with a big smile on her face showing off her new engagement ring.

Martin had just proposed to her in the picture…

As his eyes traveled to the next photo on the wall noticing that it was a collage, he breathed a small sigh of relief as he saw Alexis and himself tying the knot in the main photo. Martin was dressed in a simple but snug button up shirt and slacks while Alexis was wearing a white knee length skirt and white laced long sleeve shirt. A far cry from her once extravagant Vera Wang dress… He frowned a bit as he realized where they had held their wedding…. It appeared as if they had simply gone to the courthouse this time around. No family, no friends, no wedding cake, nothing…

He quietly cursed himself when his eyes landed upon a picture of them kissing in front of the courthouse after their “wedding”. Another slightly painful reminder that they were nearly the same height.

However it appeared as if the reception afterwards was quite the occasion.

Speaking of the reception, he saw a handful of smaller photos surrounding the main picture all of the ensuing party. He saw a number of scantily clad girls in various states of drunkenness. The first photo he came upon was of some unknown girls, Alexis, Brian and Martin playing what appeared to be “Kings Cup” and smoking cigars.

In the next photo, Alexis had done away with her “wedding attire” and had chosen to wear a red button up flannel with a deep plunging neckline and what appeared to be the same denim shorts that she had put on that very morning before work. Alexis had placed a full shot glass between her breasts and was trying to entice Martin to drink it.

For the next picture, Alexis was posed beside the three other girls. All of whom were dressed in skimpy bikinis that showed off their bodies including Alexis who had gone for an emerald green thong bikini that left very little to the imagination, displaying her overtly plump form in all of it’s glory. It looked as if they were getting ready to get into an inflatable hot tub which had been installed on their back patio.

The final photo had been taken at their own home through a barely opened door. He could see a surprised but obviously happy Alexis straddling Martin in post coital glow. Luckily they were covered by a comforter.

Martin shook his head. This Alexis certainly was more of a “wild child” in her younger years and he only hoped that she had calmed down after they had gotten married.

As his strange trip down memory lane came to a close, he decided to get ready for work.

He tried to stomach his disgust when he looked at the size 36 slacks that he slid on which were noticeably snug…

Alexis had just pulled into school and began her walk towards the janitorial office with ten minutes to spare so students were still getting to their classes for the morning.

As she walked down the halls of the old high school that she herself used to attend, she could feel numerous sets of eyes following her.

Girls scoffed at her disgusted that she’d show off her body.

But many of the boys couldn’t help but stare at the curvaceous janitor.

One senior boy in particular was walking with his buddies as he approached her from the opposite direction. He was quite handsome, a few inches north of six feet tall, with a very athletic body. His name was Cody Barton and he was the quarterback for their varsity football team.

“Good morning Mrs. Peterson, looking beautiful as ever.” He said with a smile and a wink.

Alexis smirked.

“Now behave you naughty boy, don’t you know it isn’t polite to hit on a married woman!” She winked as she continued walking, putting an extra sway in her hips as she continued down the hallway just for his benefit.

Just because she was married, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t enjoy the attention or that she couldn’t innocently flirt with guys who showed interest in her. She wouldn’t take it any farther anyways.

“Jesus dude, didn’t know you had a thing for thick milfs!” His friend Eric said nudging his side.

Cody watched her wide derrière sashaying side to side as she walked further down the hall.

“She’s a real woman my man. Built for pleasure, and I swear, if I ever get the chance, I’m going to fuck that woman…”

Alexis breathed a sigh of relief as she entered her cramped and slightly messy office and immediately locked the door behind her.

She could never fathom why, maybe it was her high sex drive but she just craved attention and it only seemed to get stronger as the years went by.

She immediately sat in her worn out computer chair, undid her shorts and immediately began pleasuring herself.

“This is going to be a great day…”. She quietly moaned as she came a few minutes later.

Martin had arrived at work and once again things had changed and not for the better…. He not only now just had a small, cramped cubicle, but now he was only an entry level architect. He no longer designed skyscrapers or even high school gymnasiums. He was now stuck with the task of designing landscapes for new housing developments…

“Jesus Christ… Things can’t get much worse…” He said rubbing his eyes with irritation.

He focused on his work and before he knew it, it was lunch time. Suddenly a thought popped into his head. Something he couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of sooner.

He swiftly opened up his Galaxy S9’s picture gallery to see if he could get any more answers as to what this Alexis was like and what their past had been in this reality.

The most recent photos were of course of him and Alexis posed together in cute selfies, but once he had gone a year into the past, Alexis had all but vanished from his photos.

“Why isn’t she in any of these photos?” He asked himself.

He clicked on another album labeled “My love” and as he opened it, he immediately jumped.

It was of Alexis in various states of undress and performing various sexual acts; topless… photos with her spreading her thighs apart and parting her pussy lips, photos of her giving Martin a blowjob, with his small shaft completely engulfed by her, photos of Alexis using various dildos and buttplugs with a look of pure sexual hunger displayed on her face.

He also noticed with a bit of shock that he had received a number of nude photos from Alexis all throughout different stages of her pregnancy…. All while she had been with the other guy…

Even though he was shocked that he’d have photos like this on his phone, he couldn’t ignore the fact that he was growing increasingly turned on.

“Well… At least she has a strong sexual appetite.” He said to himself.

“Maybe this reality isn’t so bad. She still seems happy with our station in life…”

Suddenly his stomach gave out a small rumble. A strange thought entered his mind.

“Well Pizza Pit is only a few minutes away. Maybe I can grab some lunch from there…”

It was lunch time and Alexis had left the school to get herself something to eat. She cranked up her tunes and headed for MacDowell’s. As she entered the drive thru lane, she sighed as she looked at the long line of cars ahead of her. She’d most certainly be late getting back to work again.

“Oh well, at least I have these at my disposal… Mr. Roberts is just like any other guy. All I gotta do is bend over a bit to give him a peek at the girls and he’ll be putty in my hands.” She giggled as she hefted her large breasts in her hands.

She sighed with pleasure at just the simple touch of her breasts. She was so incredibly horny! Then an idea popped into her head.

She turned her music down for a moment, looked around for a second to make sure nobody could see, and then undid her jean shorts…

Martin heard a “ding” erupt from his phone as he had taken a seat at Pizza Pit with his couple slices of pizza and breadsticks and as he unlocked it, saw that Alexis had sent him yet another media message.

“Hope you’ll be ready for me when I get home! This should hold you over til then! ;)

As he opened it, he gasped at what he saw.

He could clearly see that she was in her truck in a drive thru. Alexis had sent him a short video of her Jean shorts hiked down to the middle of her plush thighs. She had pulled her thong to the side and had her fingers buried deep in her snatch as she moaned. He could clearly hear just how wet she was… Then she brought her juice covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean to end the video.

Martin couldn’t wait to have her again that night. He began to fondle himself as he began eating.

Martin had thought that his sizeable meal would’ve sufficed, but he ended up grabbing a few more slices and washed it down with an ice cold Coke.

Upon returning home, he was surprised to see their driveway full with a few random cars that he’d never seen before so he parked out on the street and made his way inside.

As he walked into the kitchen/dining room, he now knew who the cars belonged to.

It was the same three girls he had seen from the photos in their hallway. They were busily chatting away at the dining table and giggling like high school girls.

As they noticed him come in, they went silent.

“What’s up girls?” Martin asked trying to play it cool that he had no idea what their names were, what they were like, or if they even liked him.

The four of them smiled at each other and began giggling.

“Well hey Martin. How have things been?” The stylish blonde asked with a warm smile.

Martin decided to skew the truth a bit to keep up appearances.

“Things have been great. Work is going great, we have a modest but beautiful home and I have an amazing wife. Life couldn’t possibly be any sweeter.”

“Oh is that right? Are you sure life couldn’t get any better? Even with a special gift?” The chubby brunette asked with a smirk as if she knew something he didn’t.

“Lisa??? We talked about this…”. Alexis said in a slightly serious tone.

“But in all seriousness, he’s been fantastic through everything that has been going on with that loser who shall not be named.” Alexis sighed happily as she kissed him.

“So I’ve heard…”. The brunette with blonde highlights giggled as she glanced at the couple with a knowing look.

“Rachel, not you too. I wanna surprise him with it later…”

Martin was happy that he could finally put names to the faces.

“Surprise me with what??” Martin asked curiously.

“Oh you’ll see. Let’s just say you’re going to have a fun night ahead.” Heather replied.

“Well, we will leave you two to your devices.” Rachel added with a giggle as they began to head outside.

“So… What was up with them?” Martin asked raising an eyebrow.

“Oh you’ll see… Meet me in the bedroom in ten minutes.” She purred as she gave him a very sensual kiss and headed for the bedroom.

Martin raised his eyebrow again as he pondered what Alexis had up her sleeve.

He was already getting hard…

After ten minutes had passed Martin began walking towards the bedroom.

Alexis had a trail of obviously fake rose petals leading down the hall to their bedroom where she was seductively laying on her plush side in red laced crotch-less lingerie that left her dark nipples exposed as well. But placed in front of her on their small bed was a single solitary positive pregnancy test.

“You’re you’re?!?” Martin gasped happily.

Alexis grinned. “FUCK YES!! I’M PREGNANT!! Bailey will finally have someone to play with!” She squealed happily as she hugged him.

Martin was absolutely brimming with joy until the last part of her sentence registered in his mind.

“Bailey?? Who’s Bailey??”

But then it suddenly clicked…

The baby who Alexis had been holding at the hospital in the photo…

Alexis raised her eyebrows. “Cmon babe how can you not remember? I mean I know you haven’t met her yet thanks to that asshole, but she’s my daughter who I had with that deadbeat loser Drew Frazier a lil over a year ago…. He never wanted to be a daddy and I was unfit at the time since he kicked my ass to the curb so I lost her to a foster couple. I’ve been trying to win back sole custody of her since Drew and I split up. If only I would’ve stuck with you after high school instead of breaking up with you to go out with him, I wouldn’t be in this mess, but then again I wouldn’t have Bailey either... I quickly learned that a happy relationship is about more than just great sex… But here I am now clean and sober, married to an amazing guy for six months. I’m now in a stable home instead of living out of my truck and I have a good chance at winning her back all thanks to you!” She said kissing him generously.

“How will I ever repay you for helping me turn my life around?” She cooed into his ear.

She immediately straddled him and began gyrating her wide hips atop him as he continued to process what he’d just heard. Alexandra…. HIS Alexandra had not only had sex with multiple other guys before they had gotten together, but had given birth to someone else’s child…. And now here they were, married for less than a year and living in an updated but entry level home… And Alexandra was going to have his baby…

But she wasn’t HIS Alexandra anymore…

Things couldn’t possibly get much more fucked up than this and try as he might he couldn’t remember the sentence to put a stop to this horrific madness…. He only hoped that the next round of changes wouldn’t be too severe.
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Re: A Selfless Wish

Postby fragmenter » Sat Mar 25, 2023 1:07 am

Oh Sean, this is ****ing amazing, you’ve got a girl seriously fired up reading this story. I don’t know how you keep writing such great stuff. I can’t wait for the next part. Moll xx
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