Lights, Camera, Action! - The Date (mc, hum, reality change)

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Lights, Camera, Action! - The Date (mc, hum, reality change)

Postby PresentSilentKay » Tue Mar 21, 2023 11:35 am

Act One: The Hypnotist
Simon Sez tossed his golden coin, watching it skip through the air before bouncing off his table with a soft clink and roll before tumbling between Jenny’s black heels. Even from a distance, Simon could hear the waitress’ annoyed sigh as she set her tray on a table and bent down to pick up the coin. Thanks to her earlier encounter with Simon, any time Jenny had to pick something up, she would be exposing herself. Facing the man with the shades, Jenny crouched down to pick up the coin, giving Simon a front-row view as her skirt parted to reveal her pink panty.

“You ought to put this thing on a leash,” Jenny said as she stood back up, slamming the coin squarely on the table. “This is the fifth time I have had to pick up your stupid coin. Also, if you don’t order soon, I will ask you to leave the restaurant.”

Simon didn’t like that attitude one bit. Clearing his throat, he spoke, “Simon says to make your skirt look smaller.”

Jenny had on her white buttoned shirt and plain black skirt. They did a fine job of making her feel comfortable and not exposing her slender legs during her restaurant shift. She was more of a pants girl than a skirts girl. If she could have worn pants like the guys, she would have done so, but the long skirt made her feel covered. The other staff would make small jokes about how her skirt was too long for her short, petite frame. Usually, she’d ignore their comments and be happy with them, but tonight, Jenny suddenly felt overdressed.

With glazed eyes, she grabbed the skirt’s edge and slid it up her slender legs as far as the material would allow. By the time she stopped, her hem had reached her mid-thigh. Her cheeks turned red as a rose as she crossed her legs.

“I… need to take this plate to a table,” Jenny stuttered, shaking her head. She quickly waltzed away from the suited gentleman before he could speak. Simon shrugged.

No matter. That waitress will be back soon.

He tapped his fingers on the clothed table. The light music from the cute pianist and quiet conversations did an excellent job of keeping his frustration in check. He didn’t like to be kept waiting. His fingers danced to the piano’s tune as his restless leg shook. Where was she?

“Sorry I was late,” said a soft voice. Simon smiled as he turned his head at the sight of his date. The brunette woman wore a flowery dress, a denim jacket, and a bookbag at her side, a sharp contrast to his professional look. “I know, I know, I picked this place, but traffic was a nightmare and my professor… Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors at night?”

“It’s a surprise, my dear Tori.” Tori sighed as she went to the faux-leather seat. Simon’s head followed her direction as his lovely date sat gracefully in the booth. She picked up a menu to check her options. The college student couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being stared at. Jenny lowered her menu and looked up to see her tired reflection in Simon’s shades. “I didn’t think I would see you again.”

“We had a good time,” said Tori. She allowed herself to smile as she remembered the good time they had on their first date.

Simon slowly nodded but never broke his line of sight with Tori, looking like a guard making sure you weren’t up to no good. “I was just nervous. It’s been a month since we’ve seen or talked to each other.”

Now it was Tori’s turn to knowingly nod. Her thin lips squirmed as she tried to think up a response but ended up shrugging. “In my defense, classes have been keeping me on my heels. But I’ve waited for you to text me back, but you never did. If I didn’t make reservations for this place, who knows if we would ever meet again.”

The nervous couple stared back at each other as the restaurant ambiance filled the empty space. The soft clicks of their waitress broke their silent spell. Standing between the two of them, Jenny tried to lighten the mood.

“Hi,” she said in her over-cheery restaurant voice. She held her arms low before her legs as she swayed, wishing Simon would stop ogling at her exposed legs. He must have thought he was so slick pretending to be blind. “Are we ready to order, or do you need more time?”

“I’ll start with a salad and water,” said Tori, not bothering to look at her menu.

Having already seen the menu (twelve times!), Simon knew what he wanted as he pushed his menu to the center. “I’ll have rice with beef.”

Jenny’s hands were reluctant to leave their post to write their order. But after a few awkward moments that felt like an eternity, the waitress relented and quickly jotted down the order. She instinctively put one leg in front of the legs, which Simon appreciated as the pair watched the waitress collect their menu and left with their order.

“I’ve been busy with my own stuff,” Simon said, getting back on topic. Tori rolled her eyes and scoffed. “I’m serious.” He paused and dug into his pocket before pulling out the golden coin. Tori’s eyes widened, and she readied herself in anticipation of what Simon had in store for her. “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t hypnotize you.”

“You’re… not?” asked Tori, a hint of disappointment in her voice as her body eased.

Simon cocked his head. “Wait, you wanted me to hypnotize you?”

His date burst into a laugh, and Simon found himself laughing with her despite himself. Wiping a tear, Tori continued. “Gosh, we must have been gone for a while. Remember how I told you I had this fantasy of falling under hypnosis.”

Even though Tori couldn’t see it, she could tell he was squinting and tensing behind his shades. Simon tried to remember their first date at the park but kept drawing blanks. Finally, Simon shook his head as he relaxed.

“No,” he said. “After hypnotizing you, I thought you were embarrassed by what I did to you and wanted nothing to do with me.”

“You’re talking about hypnotizing me out of my clothes and leaving me naked after our date?” Simon sunk into his chair as embarrassment filled his body, looking more like a boy caught with the cookie jar in his hand. He held his hand over his eyes, shielding himself from the inevitable shouts. Why did he agree to go on this date? “That was the best thing to happen to me!”

“What?” Straightening himself, Simon saw that Tori wasn’t trying to pull a fast one on him. Unless he had hypnotized her earlier and forgotten about it. He asked, “Are you sure it’s not the hypnosis talking?”

“I’m positive.” She smiled and reached for Simon’s hands. He initially pulled them back but kept them on the table when she grabbed them. Looking at her face, Tori’s warm smile made him feel special. That she wanted to be here with him. “It’s nice to find someone who shares the same kink. It’s hard to find someone who likes to take people’s clothes off.”

Simon covered his mouth, feeling a chuckle, trying to worm out of his mouth. “Unless they're pranksters.”

The grinning couple leaned back and burst into laughter, not caring about the ruckus they were making as several customers shot them annoyed looks in their direction.

After their laughter died down, Tori eyed the golden currency as Simon danced the coin around his fingers. “So if you’re not going to hypnotize me with that coin, what are you planning to do with it?”

“This coin has a lot of value to me,” Simon said. His shades glimmered as the coin passed through his fingers. A sick feeling in his stomach boiled as Simon felt his words stall. He had practiced this speech night after night, but even now, he felt unprepared. “This was my great-grandfather’s coin. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have been mesmerized by this coin. I want you to have it.”


He tossed the coin in the air. The way the currency dazzled in the dim light dazed Tori before Simon caught it mid-air and tucked it back in his pocket. “Not quite. I want to give it to you, I really do, but you have to earn it.”

Tori’s lips curled into a sly grin. “Is that a challenge?”

“It can be,” Simon said. Hovering over his seat, he peered around the dining area, where well-dressed people made small talk by the candlelight. A few ladies looked fun to play with, but nobody piqued his interest. Sitting back down, Simon tapped his fingers on the clothed table. “The first person who gets a lady naked before our food gets here gets to keep my coin.”

Tori’s eyebrow arched as an idea began to cook. “Would it count if I strip naked in the bathroom?”

Simon’s hand pressed against his bearded chin, trying to force himself not to smile at the thought of his date strutting around the place buck-naked. However, the rational side of his brain won as he forced the idea down for a later fantasy to think of again. “Tempting, but no.”

“I see,” Tori said, partially relieved she didn’t have to relive her first date experience, but she couldn’t deny the subtle disappointment.

He took off his sunglasses, but his baggy eyes remained closed. He slid his shades to Tori’s table side and cracked his knuckles. “If I were you, I would put them on unless you want me to hand me an easy win.”

Tori scoffed, but the serious look on his tired but stern face was enough to give her pause that Simon meant business. Grabbing the black shades, Tori slid the glasses on her face, though they sat loosely on her face. The dimly lit restaurant was plunged into near darkness when Tori tried to look around. “How the heck do you see?”

“You’ll get used to it,” said Simon, rubbing his weary eyes. He opened his eyes, and Tori stared slack-jawed at what she saw. The shades made it hard to see, but Tori could swear she saw Simon’s eyes moving. Where irises once were, his eyes were merely spirals for her to stare at. To forget her worries and cares about the world. To fall deeper into slumber.


“Woah, what? I’m awake.” Tori’s head turned rapidly as she got her bearings. Did she just fall asleep?

“Yeah, I got my eyes and voice done between our dates,” said Simon, holding his hand above his eyes. “The shades act like a buffer. You’ll be protected if you keep those on, but you will fall into a trance if you stare at them for too long. Sorry to make you jealous.”


Simon nodded. “Yes, I got more powers between the last time we met, and you’re still an ordinary girl, no offense.”

Tori pursed her lips to the side, almost tempted to tell the truth but ultimately deciding to leave it unsaid. She gave a cute smile and squeezed her modest breasts between her arms. “None taken.”

“Thank goodness.” Simon leaned back in his seat and was about to explain what he wanted Tori to say when the familiar clicking sound grew louder. Tori looked up to see the waitress coming with two glasses and water. “You want to see something cool?” Simon asked. Tori nodded in return. What did he have in store?

Standing over the two, Jenny was about to present the complimentary water to the dating couple when she realized how silly that was. Setting the two glasses down, she jutted her chest out as best as possible and poured the icy water down her tight white blouse. As the water rolled down her body, leaving goosebumps in its wake, her shirt became translucent, revealing her black bra. Tori’s jaw dropped for the second time tonight, trying to make sense of the scene while Simon snickered as if he heard the funniest joke in the world. Nearby patrons stared in shock and confusion at the waitress wetting herself and emptying the jug all over the floor.

“Will that be all?” Jenny asked with her incredulous smile, oblivious to her now transparent shirt.

Catching his breath, Simon spoke, “Yeah, Simon says to lose the bra and fill our glass.


The shivering server skipped back to the kitchen, almost tripping on her heels. Simon was a giggling fit and nearly fell from his seat as Tori was too stunned to process what had happened.

“Do you want to go first, or do you want me?” Simon said, finally catching his breath.

Slowly nodding herself back to reality, Tori gave a knowing smile. “Ladies’ treat. You go first.”

Simon shrugged. Her loss. “However, to make things interesting, you choose who will be our lucky lady for tonight.”

“I can live with that.”

Standing up, Tori grabbed her bag and led Simon around the restaurant, looking for their would-be target. But as Tori looked around, she noticed several more women acting strange. At a table, a woman accidentally (though Tori could have sworn it looked like it was on purpose) spilled wine all over her white dress. She passed it off as being a klutz and asked her friend to help her out of her dress. Her friend had an embarrassed look on his face but obliged, revealing to anyone who glanced in their direction his friend’s lacy black underwear. He tried to look away, but his friend was making it hard as her breasts jiggled when she sat down and continued their conversation.

Tori and Simon stopped at a bar, where they saw a bartender pull out a marker and notepad. He scribbled in his notepad, the loud marker penetrating through the soft music. Finally, he placed his marker and note on the counter, revealing: Topless drink free. Tori looked to Simon, who looked at a group of women at a nearby table. One of the women spotted the sign and suggested taking advantage of the complimentary beverage the cute bartender was serving. The five peeled their tops off, showing off their large, firm, natural breasts. Despite the nervousness and shyness written all over their faces, they crossed over to the bar and ordered their drinks.

Tori’s eyes widened as she looked at the women who had just taken their tops off as if it was the most normal thing to do. Simon must have noticed her stare because he whispered, “Are you having fun, or do you need more examples?”

“How did you hypnotize them so fast?”

“It’s the eyes,” Simon said as they continued to walk. “People just do what I want them to do as long as I stare at them. It helps put the strain off of my voice.”

Tori nodded. “Oh right, your voice.”

This will be more challenging than she thought, but it doesn’t matter. She had never known to back down from a challenge, and she wasn’t about to start now. But as they passed table by table, it became glaringly obvious that Simon had this challenge in the bag. Tori thought about pulling up the script to convince Simon to change his mind when she spotted a figure at the restaurant’s corner.

Even without the glasses, it was hard to tell what exactly she was looking at. The figure was most likely a woman dressed in a blue burqa that covered her head to toe. That would have been noticeable alone, but the thing that struck Tori the most was the woman’s plate. It was empty, with no food or scraps to be seen. Weird.

“I want to see what you can do with her,” Tori said, pointing to the quiet woman in the blue burqa.

He didn’t need to be told twice. Simon’s mouth turned into a toothy grin as he headed for the still woman.

Simon hovered over the covered woman, but she continued to stare at her empty plate, not bothering to acknowledge his existence. He looked to Tori, who looked like she was wondering why nothing was happening. What worried him more was that he was asking the same question to himself.

Taking a huge breath, Simon spoke, “Simon says take off your stupid hijab.”

Her covered head turned from her clean plate to Simon’s startled face. Startled, the suited man almost tripped over himself but maintained his composure. “Simon,” she said with her sultry voice. She stretched the name to her fullest content as the dating couple traded confused looks. “What a delicious name.”

The not so gentleman gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists. He wasn’t about to have this mysterious woman ruin his fun. “What’s your problem? I told you to take off your clothes!”

“You didn’t say Simon says,” the woman said in a mocking voice that annoyed Tori’s date to no end.

“You know what, fine,” he said. “S… Suh, suh.”

He couldn’t see it, but the confused man was sure the woman was smirking underneath that cloth. The woman asked the stammering fool, “What’s the matter?” She let out a snicker. “Forgot your own name.”

“Hey, I know my name!” the man with the spiral eyes said. He tried to reach around his head, praying to find a memory of his forgotten name but kept running into dead ends. “Just give me a second,” he said. The man ran over to Tori and asked, “Quick, what’s my name?”

“Huh?” Why would her date ask that? No matter. It seemed like an easy enough answer. Tori spoke, “Your name is….” *POOF*. Just like that, Tori’s confidence in knowing this man’s name was gone. How can that be? Maybe she could find it in her contacts. Fishing for her phone in her bag, Tori pulled up her contacts and found the nameless man’s phone number when she called to tell him she was running late. However, his name was nowhere to be seen.

Before the duo had a chance to panic about the hypnotist’s nameless name, the burqa woman turned to them and raised her voice. “Her name is Sexy Bunny.”
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Re: Lights, Camera, Action! - The Date (mc, hum, reality cha

Postby FungiAndFlowers » Fri Mar 24, 2023 1:04 pm

This is really good! I think some of the ideas in here are really fun.

I'm excited for the next chapter!
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Re: Lights, Camera, Action! - The Date (mc, hum, reality cha

Postby Meeqa » Fri Mar 24, 2023 5:50 pm

Ooh, tasty - really well written, I'm enjoying it so far!
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Re: Lights, Camera, Action! - The Date (mc, hum, reality cha

Postby PresentSilentKay » Tue Mar 28, 2023 7:33 am

Thank you for the comments! Next part is coming soon, with Tori having a few tricks of her own.
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Re: Lights, Camera, Action! - The Date (mc, hum, reality cha

Postby PresentSilentKay » Sat Apr 01, 2023 8:24 am

Act Two (Part One): The Film Student
Two Weeks Ago.

It was the end of the week, and the film student was late as usual. Tori ran as fast as her flats allowed as she darted to the subway station. Her heart raced as she sprinted down the streets, horns blazing as she cut through the oncoming traffic. Tori knew she was cutting it close when she skipped her usual home breakfast and went for the trendy cafe’s morning menu. Her bagged muffin bounced inside her bag, and iced coffee sloshed with each step. She could have sworn she had planned this trip right. Everything would have gone well if she could have found her favorite skirt. She spent so much time looking for the skirt that she didn’t have time to braid her hair. Now she was stuck with her loose skirt and hair that flew all over her face. If Professor Yohanna sees her today, she will surely rip her a new one for arriving late to film studies for the fifth time.

However, as she rounded the corner, Tori sighed in relief as she saw the subway station - she was going to make it. However, her heart sank when the subway’s cry penetrated the downtown area. She only had minutes left.

Channeling all the strength her sleepy body could muster, Tori bolted to the gate with the grace of a newborn giraffe in the birth canal of a tornado. She tugged at her skirt, the loose fabric threatening to slip down around her knees. That would have been the cherry on top of the sundae of her day going wrong. The train crawled to a stop and opened its doors for the new commute.

Just another minute, just one more minute!

Pushing passed the entrance, Tori reached the platform just as the doors were about to close. Squeezing through the closing gap, Tori slipped into the back corner of the car, her breath heavy as her disheveled body caught the attention of the other passengers before they returned to their own light worlds. Tori slumped onto an empty seat and set her drink to her left, breathing a long, heavy sigh as the doors closed and the train departed.

A woman beside her looked up from her book about caring for your cats, reading over her shoulder, “Do you mind?”

Tori rubbed her eyes with the heels of her palms. “I’m fine,” she said softly, pulling her drink to her lips. Annoyed, the woman returned to her cat book, uninterested in whether Tori was alright.

She was not alright.

Sure, Tori was late for film studies, but she’ll be lucky if she gets to class with half of the lesson left. Professor Yohanna will chew her butt for being late again for the fifth time. However, as her eyes gazed down at her phone, she had another person on her mind.


You would think you would never want to see the person who stripped you naked in public, and yet the thought of him made her heart race. She could remember feeling her cheeks burn as everyone pointed and stared at her exposed figure. But yet, the feeling of being so exposed and seen was like a drug to her mind. She missed seeing that hypnotist and his silver coin. Even before he swung his coin over her glazed eyes, Tori knew her life had changed when she met him. Something awoke inside her, a fetish, and it wanted to play. After their date, Simon sent her a message saying they should see each other again. That was two weeks ago.

As Tori reached into her bag for her muffin, her hand found a paper book instead. A script book.

The subway reached another stop, doors opened, and several passengers got on and off.

Tori stared at the book before her. She didn’t remember packing this book when she left her place and hadn’t borrowed a book from any of her friends. Her hands passed through the cover with this feeling of freshness, yet it felt like she’s always had this script book. Like it belonged to her.


Opening the book, Tori saw a blank page with two words. “Life Reimagined.”

Whispers of pages moving licked her ears, stirring her mind as an idea began to cook. Maybe it was a creative journal? It could be like a writing exercise. Maybe Professor Yohanna sent out an assignment about putting a different spin on your life? Knowing Professor Yohanna, she probably gave this to the class at the start of the semester and forgot about it.

There was something alluring about changing the past. Tori had been the butt of so many jokes and embarrassing situations. It would only be fair to be selfless and repay the universe. She tapped the butt of the pen against the book. If she could remake anything about herself, she wouldn’t be a loser struggling to get to classes on time. She would be the popular girl with all eyes on her.

Where to start?

“Tori was grateful for her position as one of the most popular girls on campus. Students seem to recognize her everywhere she goes, and she can feel their admiration. She uses her celebrity status to avoid trouble with her teacher. Tori loves being the center of attention and never has a problem with running late to her classes.”

Not bad.

Maybe she went overboard, but this was her imagination. If anything, she could write a new page. However, before Tori could close the book, the script book closed its own, and a gush of wind filled the subway car. Aside from the shivers, none of the passengers reacted to the sudden breeze except for Tori, who looked like she had seen a ghost.

Tori boarded the subway, her stomach full from the breakfast she’d eaten, though she could feel the memory of her morning being rewritten. She touched her hair, and sure enough, it was braided. The other passengers continued what they’d been doing as the train left the station as if the world hadn’t turned into a movie set just moments ago.

The student spotted the reading lady and sat down next to her. The woman quickly noticed Tori and set her book on her lap. “Hi, your work has been a huge inspiration. My name is Alice,” she said, extending her delicate but excited hand.

“Tori.” She took Alice’s hand. “I’m sorry. What exactly did I inspire?”

Alice snickered. “Your video of you walking around town naked and pretending not to notice. It inspired me to always be mindful of my appearance.” Tori’s face fell into perplexed shock as memories made themselves comfortable inside her head. As it turns out, her celebrity status was born the day she went shopping for a new top. She’d picked up the clothes so fast that she didn’t notice that she had picked up a see-through blouse and a black mesh micro miniskirt that did nothing to hide her ass. It didn’t help that she’d left her underwear in the dressing room.

Tori could feel the embarrassment burn as she recalled people gawking and commenting at her outfit. But in her oblivious state, Tori saw their reactions as confirmation that she had made the right choice. Gosh, she could remember professors telling her to not wear revealing outfits. Her spacing out and pretending to play dumb was a favorite among her male teachers and annoyed her female teachers to no end. She was undoubtedly the talk of the campus.

Stupid book.

However, Tori’s worries weren’t through with her yet as the film student felt something within herself. Looking down at herself and saw that her outfit had transformed into a leather pencil skirt. Her wool sweater shimmered until it was a sheer white top that hugged her curves in all the right places and advertised to anyone in her direction that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She felt a pang of embarrassment and arousal, wondering what more the script book had in store for her.

“You seemed distracted,” Alice said, ignoring Tori’s new choice of clothing. “Are you alright?”

Ignoring her question, Tori pulled out the script book and pulled to the page with her paragraph, only to discover that it was gone. Of course. At least she could write a new entry. Tori’s pen bleeds into the page as her hand remains motionless. She was about to fix this mess when a thought occurred. Messing with this thing was what got it in this mess in the first place. But, if she was careful…

Her gaze left Alice when she noticed a passenger holding onto the pole. Tori began to write.

“The woman over there is happy with her life.”

Just as before, the book closed and glowed. Only Tori saw the changes unfold as the train left another stop. The woman’s shoes began to rise and turn into pointed stilettos, the leather straps tightening around her ankles. as her outfit shifted. Her jeans darkened, and the legs of the pants clung together as the material rose and reshaped into a red and black plaid skirt. Her white socks followed, stretching above her knees. The black jacket melted away as her sweater shrunk into a crop top. As the train swayed, her skirt would flash the back half of the train. A pink thong. The passenger stared down at her phone, unaware of the free show the blonde woman was providing.

Not a single passenger objected to the change.

Tori couldn’t help but stare in disbelief as the edits to reality solidified. That wasn’t what she had in mind, but the changes revealed that this script book wasn’t something to use lightly. No one would blame Tori for putting it away and cutting her losses. But then again, how else can she hope to control this script book if she didn’t make a few mistakes?

Alice’s ears perked above her brunette hair as she resumed reading her cat book. A furry tail wiggled out of her pants as brown fur sprouted all over her skin. Finally, the feline whiskers were added as the finishing touches to her cat transformation. And, of course, no one batted an eye at the woman turning into a cat woman. Sitting next to a couple having a full-blown make-out session, a man had a porn magazine inside his newspaper. He kept looking over his shoulders to ensure he wasn’t caught red-handed with the offending material. In the seat behind him, the shifting of the train caused a man’s hand to land on an Asian woman’s leg. The man was too tired from waking up early this morning to notice his mischievous hand. However, the Asian woman noticed and tried to move his hand but thought against it as she didn’t want to wake him up.

Further along the train, two girls from another college stood before each other as they talked. The train’s movement caused them to sway and for their lips to meet. They tried to apologize to each other, but the train kept moving back and forth, leading to more unexpected kisses. A fashionista sat by herself with her phone in hand while she took pictures. Her sharp nails idly scratched her arms and legs. But with each shot, her itching would intensify to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore and had to rip her elegant dress off, not caring that the passengers had an open view of her naked body. She was making a spectacle of herself with how her hands scratched and groped her breasts. The train made a surprise turn, sending her tumbling on a man’s lap, embarrassing both parties.

Tori could barely hold herself together as she watched it all unfold. Interestingly, while the scenes drew attention to themselves, the passengers’ reactions to them felt muted. Like these situations were expected and didn’t warrant freaking out over. But one thing was clear, this book was perverted as it twisted every entry she’d written. Tori left the train with a wicked smile as she held the book tightly. Simon will be so excited when she shows him what this script book can do. But for now, she had plans for her professor.
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