Princess Replacement

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Princess Replacement

Postby Perplexed » Mon Mar 20, 2023 8:08 pm

I wrote this story for animefan78 after consulting with them about a post they wrote last year asking for stories. Happy to be able to share my take on this transformation type and as always welcome any and all feedback.

For size, this story comes in just over eight thousand words as well.

Princess Replacement

A shriek pierced the air, echoing throughout the castle's spacious walls, on this otherwise peaceful morning. Although normally cause for alarm, the castle's inhabitants had grown deadened to this frequent event. In the king's chambers, he and his queen can distinctly make out the shrill tantrum of the princess, and simply trade glances on whether or not they should involve themselves. Standing up to his full royal height, and adorned in his full regal splendor of crimson with rubies dotting his garments; George began making his way to the door.

"Leave her!" Queen Mary interrupted, before adding "If we keep going over every time she decides something is not perfect, it'll only encourage her."

"I tend to have a calming effect on her." George answered, puffing his chest out ever so slightly

To this, Mary strode over to her husband, meeting his eyes with hers, and simply uttered "Maybe that's part of the problem. I for one, am at my wits end with her."

George knew that Mary, as per usual, was right; especially with anything related to their daughter Christine. He too had grown tired of his demanding daughter, who was interrupting his ability to successfully run his kingdom. Whether he was sleeping, in counsel or hunting, she was a persistent nuisance. Although George followed Mary in silence, after giving a simple nod, Mary wasn't finished.

"She might look like me, but I never acted like that. Imagine if she was more like that niece of yours instead."

"The traitor's daughter! I will not be spoken to about that parasitic brother or his family. How many good men did we lose just to quell his revolt? And how much damage did he cause by turning on me?" George exploded, before adding "Isabelle is probably just like him. The minute I turn my back, the knife will surely come."

"Your brother is dead, as are his supporters. That was over a decade ago. Isabelle was only five at the time, the same age as Christine. Her mother, the Duchess, passed away last year and their estate is in ruins." Mary tried to lay out a strong logical argument

"Serves them right, if you ask me." George retorted

"Maybe it does, but should we punish Isabelle because of the traitor? Plus, think about this, what if she could improve Christine?" Mary spoke gently

"Well she could really use a friend that doesn't have to listen to her." George begrudgingly answered

As if on cue "You don't get it, why would I want to look like a pig for tonight's feast!" came another shriek echoing throughout every room

"I think I should spare the servants' ears." George laughed and departed the room

After sending out riders, Queen Mary went back to the usual daily life of managing her husband's kingdom with him. Although she attended his meetings, she knew the Queen's place and saved her thoughts for her private time with George. Weeks passed and Mary began to grow worried, as she had not received any word from her riders. She had made preparations for their arrival, already setting up new chambers for Isabelle, obtaining the mirror she needed and even trying a few last ditch attempts to get through to her daughter. Unlike Mary, Christine just didn't get it and constantly chaffed against doing her duty. Banned now from pretty much any meeting, due to her disruptive nature, Christine spends her days being pampered and finding new ways to anger the servants. Even festivals weren't safe from her wrath, nor their attendees. On one occasion, a lady of the court made the mistake of matching the princess. Christine made a show of having her stripped by the guards in the middle of the hall. The poor lady had been forced to stand naked until Mary's arrival, who quickly put an end to the torture. Mary knew that Christine was in her finest form whenever George was visiting other parts of his kingdom, and he was the only one who could control her.

"You're sixteen, why can't you learn to act like a lady." chastised Mary

"I'm just having fun. You wouldn't know what that's like you old hag. You're just jealous that I'm younger and more beautiful than you ever were." Christine snipped back

Another yelling match was about to break out as a group of horses galloped across the drawbridge. Bearing the ruby red flags of the kingdom, atop their gray horses, Mary instantly recognized them. These were the riders that Mary had sent out, followed behind by their prize Isabelle. Isabelle stood in stark contrast to Mary, Christine or any of her riders. George's brother had married a duchess from half a world away, and this had caused Isabelle to be a mixed race child. Bearing very little resemblance to Mary, Isabelle looked malnourished with a sunken face, due to the hard times the estate of her parents had suffered. In addition to this, she had a flat chest and ass, but was very tall standing at 6 '2, had darker skin, stringy and curly brown hair and a very plain looking face. Even her clothes were dated and bore more of a resemblance to dresses worn decades previous.

"My Queen, my Lady." The rider in front greeted each of the ladies in turn, before gesturing behind himself and continuing "I bring you the Duchess Isabelle, daughter of the Duke and King's brother John."

"Oh good, we're taking in strays now." Christine laughed

With an icy glare, Mary turned to Christine and simply said "leave us, I'm sure you have other more fun things to do."

Christine gave a huff before turning on her heel and walking across the courtyard. Once Christine was out of earshot, Mary began "I trust my riders gave you the letter?"

"My Queen." Isabelle began with a bow, "they did and I burned it as per your request. Are you sure it will work? I mean a magic..." Isabelle finished after being cut off

"Shh, it will, but not here. I don't know the full extent so we'll have to start small." Mary answered, before gesturing to the keep

The pair walked in silence across the courtyard and into the keep, before ascending the stairs to Isabelle's new room.

"So these will be your new quarters, right next to Christine's. I'm sure you two will get along." Mary said, her voice becoming louder with the final sentence, before dropping to a whisper "and this here is the mirror."

The room was fairly plain to look at. On the left was a small bed with a red blanket and pillow on top of it. There was also a large bucket for bathing and even some implements for using the bathroom. On the right wall was also a rack to hang clothes. Additionally, a couple of wooden chairs were sitting against the wall, along with a small desk. Overall, Isabelle was a bit disappointed to say the least. Her previous castle at least gave her a large room, although it had been emptied as she sold her possessions off to pay for upkeep, food and taxes. Even if this room was a renovated broom closet, it was still safer and warmer than she was used to, and gave her the opportunity of a lifetime. The only object of real importance in the room was the large full-length mirror. Trimmed in gold, the mirror had a perfect reflective surface and was blemish free. Around the edges of the trim were spirals, waves and flowers, which blended together into a beautiful pattern.

"Here, let me show you how it works." Mary said, leading Isabelle over to the mirror

Although Mary was a beautiful queen, she was beginning to age and this had caused a slight bit of weight gain. Mary stood at 5 '9, with C cup boobs and a healthy butt. Her stunning face, with its blue eyes and blonde hair, had added to her ability to stand out from the other ladies at court, which also allowed her to entice George into marrying her. The ten extra pounds she was carrying didn't bother her normally, but with the way Isabelle was looking, she thought this was a perfect opportunity to help them both out. Standing beside Isabelle, the pair gazed into the mirror before Mary spoke.

"I thought you said your family had fallen on hard times and that you missed meals? But, to me you look skinny but healthy. I, however, lost a good ten pounds recently as you can tell by my reflection. We seem to have similar sizes, wouldn't you agree?"

Within the blink of an eye, Isabelle's cheeks had gone from sunken into flat, her stomach from pushed in to simply shapeless, while the rest of her body gained new energy.

"Your words. The mirror, it worked!" Isabelle beamed

"Shh, I know it's exciting but we have to be quiet." Mary interrupted

This was when she noticed Mary's new figure. Although she was beautiful before, her body now seemed tighter and more toned, with its small layer of fat disappearing.

"Well it didn't just help me." Isabelle said with a wink, gesturing to Mary

"I definitely feel a bit better, but remember, tonight we rest, tomorrow we begin." Mary noted in a hushed tone

Mary left Isabelle to settle into her new room, as Isabelle walked over to the bed to lie down and relax her muscles. The long ride from her family's estate had taken a lot out of her and the bed was certainly soft enough for resting. As the minutes passed, Isabelle slowly drifted towards sleep, until a shriek pierced the room.

"Why is my bed wrong!" came a further scream

"Sorry, I'll fix it right away, we just didn't think you would need it until..." her personal servant tried to excuse herself

"You didn't think I would want my room perfect!" Christine screamed

Isabelle could barely make out the servant's voice that was coming from the room with the Princess. Christine, however, left nothing to be misheard. Even outside of the keep itself, Christine's voice traveled far.

"I guess sleep is out." Isabelle mused to herself

Walking down the hall, Isabelle rounded the corner and saw Christine in the final stages of her beratement of the servant.

"If you weren't so...What do you want?!" Christine quickly shifted her focus as she took notice of Isabelle

"Umm..." Isabelle managed

"Stupid and ugly, how are you even related to me?" Christine laughed

Isabelle's face twitched in anger, but she quickly stifled this emotion.

"Why don't you come with me and I can brush that beautiful hair of yours, while she fixes her mistakes." Isabelle tried to defuse the tension

"That would save me the trouble of doing it I suppose." Christine responded

Isabelle and Christine began walking down the hall to her room, as Isabelle was trying to come up with a plan on the fly. She had planned with Mary to begin tomorrow, but Christine was just too nasty of a person. Holding herself in check, Isabelle knew she would have to start out small and see what she could fully get away with, before moving onto other changes.

"This is your room? Ha, definitely fitting for a traitor's daughter." Christine taunted

"Yes, it is what I deserve. I am grateful for you letting me stay here." Isabelle tried to sound positive and not betray her true intentions

The pair walked over to the mirror, and Isabelle pulled over a chair for Christine to sit in. Sitting down, Christine flipped her hair back, as Isabelle grabbed a brush and began to gently brush her hair. At this, Christine began speaking a mile a minute and launched into a tirade about all the little problems of her life. These ranged from the servants not knowing their place and her whims, to the sun being too bright, to her mom not helping her enough and the court's meetings being a bore. The list, and the stories, went on and on, with Isabelle only managing to interject the odd "really" or "wow that isn't fair." After a near unfaltering thirty minutes, Isabelle couldn't take it anymore and gave the brush a hard tug in Christine's hair.

"Ow, why did you do that?" Christine sharply questioned

"Oh sorry. You know what I just noticed though?" Isabelle asked

"That you can't brush hair properly!" Christine quickly jabbed

Ignoring her, Isabelle continued "Well my mom had a rather large nose, due to her African heritage, while your mom has a small nose." Isabelle began

"Yeah, so?" Christine answered annoyed

"Look at my nose, it's so small and petite like your family's, whereas yours is large and wide like my mom's used to be." Isabelle noted calmly

"You can't be..." Christine began, before her eyes focused on her reflection

As Isabelle had said it, the image of her nose shimmered slightly and began to shrink. Isabelle watched as her nose went from being in her field of vision one second to disappearing. Her face now had a small cute button nose in place of her thick bulbous one. Christine only caught the slight end of the change as her cute little nose had been replaced with a thick protruding one.

"Wait, my nose has changed!" Christine began to panic

"No it didn't. I noticed your nose when I first met you, because it reminded me of my mom." Isabelle confidently answered

"Shit she knew right away." Isabelle worried internally

"No, this isn't what my nose looked like at all." Christine complained as she shot up from the chair and closer to the mirror

"Are you sure? Look in the mirror. I think it suits you well, it matches your brown eyes. Which is kind of weird because I'm the one with blue eyes like your family's." Isabelle continued unabated

Isabelle had hoped that a second smaller change would distract Christine from the first more obvious one. The change had been instantaneous as Isabelle's eyes were dark brown in color before, but in the blink of her eye, the irises had gone to blue. Christine's eyes went in the opposite direction from blue to brown as she looked between the mirror and Isabelle. Focusing back on the mirror, Christine looked like she was going to have a full breakdown.

"Are you okay?" Isabelle asked cautiously

"Mom!" Christine shrieked, as she quickly turned around and strode to the door

Isabelle was close behind, striding in step with her.

"Mom, something happened. Where are you?" Christine continued to scream

As she did, Mary came flying around the corner.

"What's wrong my dear?" she asked with that calm motherly tone of hers

"Look at my face! My nose is huge and my eyes aren't blue anymore!" Christine yelled with tears starting to form in her eyes

"And why is that any different from yesterday?" Mary asked

"What do you mean, not different from yesterday?" Christine asked dumbstruck

"You've always had brown eyes and a bigger nose. You never inherited our eye color which surprised your father too. Are you okay today? I know you've been under a lot of stress lately." Mary said in a thoughtful tone

Christine was positively bewildered, but her mother's and Isabelle's faces seemed to show genuine worry, and so Christine knew they wouldn't be much help to her.

"Umm...yes...sorry, just tired I guess. I'm fine." Christine replied

Christine turned around and walked back towards her room as Isabelle gave her a "I hope you feel better." Turning to leave as well, Isabelle felt fingers tighten around her arm, before her arm, followed by the rest of her body, was spun around to face the Queen.

"Follow me." Mary snapped

With a nod and a dejected look, Isabelle began following closely behind Mary. Staring at the ground, Isabelle almost ran into the back of Mary after she had rounded a corner and abruptly stopped.

"So, you couldn't wait until tomorrow?" Mary said, spinning

"Sorry it was just that she was yelling at the servant, so I tried to help. Then she was being mean to me and I snapped. I thought she wouldn't notice the small changes." Isabelle apologetically spoke

"It's okay, and we're committed now, right." Mary softly spoke, seeing the sadness in Isabelle's eyes at disobeying her, before she continued "At least we now know she'll notice quickly, but hopefully I've deterred her from asking anyone else."

"What if she does?" Isabelle replied worried

"Do you think anyone in this castle likes her?" Mary laughed before adding "They don't know the means, but they have been told to ignore any changes she goes through or questions she asks."

"Oh good. I'm really sorry though." Isabelle said calming back down, as she hadn't spoilt the plan after all

"It's fine, just wait until tomorrow now. We need to move slowly and steadily on this." Mary instructed

The two parted ways after this discussion and Isabelle mentally began trying to figure out how she would trick Christine tomorrow, as well as what order she would go for. As she passed by Christine's room, she could see her sitting down and staring at her reflection in the mirror. Isabelle didn't linger as she didn't want to raise Christine's further suspicions and hurried on her way. Isabelle's night passed by with little to note, as the shock had caused Christine to avoid any of the servants for the remainder of the night. Although Isabelle felt a bit peckish before bed, she decided it would be best to wait until morning and drifted off to sleep.

Isabelle awoke with the sun shining through her window and a servant girl waiting patiently for her to awaken.

"Good morning Duchess." Angel greeted with a bow, before continuing "I am Angel and have the pleasure of being your servant in addition to my other duties. The Queen has also gifted you this."

Isabelle was still trying to focus her eyes, as Angel retrieved the dress off of the back of a chair and brought it over. Examining the dress before her, Isabelle was shocked by its beauty. The dress was the bright ruby red in the color of the King's house, with gold colored trim and a low hemline.

"I've never worn anything like this before." Isabelle said gaping at the dress

Isabelle hadn't been used to having servants to help her get ready in the morning, and Angel proved very helpful. Zipping through her morning routine, Isabelle departed her chambers, leaving Angel to tidy up her bed. As she was leaving, she threw back a final "thank you for your help this morning." A smile beamed across Angel's face as she had never had the pleasure of being thanked for simply doing her job before. Isabelle descended the stairs and made her way into the banquet hall, only making a few wrong turns along the way. The hall sat just outside of the kitchens. Mary was already sitting down, waiting to be served, while the others had not woken up as of yet.

"Good morning, breakfast should be finished shortly." Mary greeted

"Good morning, perfect I'm famished." Isabelle smiled, and sniffed the air

"I'm sure. Here you won't have to worry about food." Mary returned her smile

"Are you usually the only one up for breakfast?" Isabelle questioned

"Sadly, Christine sleeps in, and George has to campaign or tour his kingdom often. Right now he's off in the north, but should be back within the next week. I was hoping to have more time, but we should be able to make this work." Mary noted

As she finished, two servants arrived with hot stew and pieces of bread. Maintaining proper decorum, Mary and Isabelle ate in silence and each finished off their bowls. Once finished, the two thanked their cooks and began departing the hall.

"Today I have to hear out any problems or concerns from the people. Would you like to sit in on this?" Mary asked, hopeful

"That would be amazing, but should I get Christine to join us?" Isabelle timidly answered

"Yeah we don't want to do that!" Mary laughed

The two proceeded together towards their meeting hall as guards joined them on either side. Walking in silence, the only noise that could be heard was the clanking of armor as the guards walked in step beside them. As they walked, a "get out!" echoed around the hall, which startled Isabelle. Although she jumped, the rest of the party just continued on walking. Catching back up to Mary's stride, Isabelle met Mary's eyes as she looked over.

"It's best to just ignore her. Just a few more days and things will all be different." Mary smiled

The doors at the end of the hall opened before them with a groan. Beyond the doors, the group could see an awaiting crowd before them. Most would have found the endless procession a bore, but Isabelle was positively beaming. As she sat silently, she was excitedly taking in every word spoken and every complaint and solution. Prior to this, Isabelle thought her future would be one of wants, while being stamped as a traitor's daughter. Now, reality had hit her and she was ecstatic at what laid before her.


Although Christine hated hearing the commoners complain, she was infuriated that Isabelle had been brought in her place.

"Angel!" Christine screamed

"Yes, my lady." Angel spoke as she rounded the corner and bowed

"Do I look different to you at all?!"Christine asked forcefully

"I don't see anything out of place. Did I do something wrong?" Angel responded

"Besides looking like a pear-shaped whale. No, you didn't do anything wrong!" Christine insulted

"Would you like your breakfast brought up?" Angel looked down sadly

"What do you think?" Christine snapped

Only a few minutes later, Angel strode back into the room with stew and bread, placing the tray on Christine's desk.

"You certainly took your time!" Christine glared

"My apologies." Angel sheepishly answered, before departing

As Christine dug into her food, she could have sworn she felt drowsy. Chalking it up to her just being tired, she continued away at the food until it was polished off. Standing up, she attempted to call Angel back to the room before her vision began to blur. Struggling towards her bed, Christine managed to grab the bedpost before her body slumped over.

Christine didn't know how long she had been out for, but she felt the odd sensation that she was being carried under her arms. Her toes were dragging against the stone tiles before she felt a change in direction. Continuing forwards for a bit, Christine felt herself heaved up and her butt placed on a wooden object.

"Good afternoon, Christine, can you hear us?" Mary spoke

This all felt like a dream to Christine, and she barely managed to crack open her eyes.

"Good, let's start." Mary added

As Mary stated the last order, Christine could hear her steps move across the room behind her. As she was listening, she felt a different hand gently seize one of her shoulders, as the other took a hold of the back of her head and positioned it to see what was in front of her. This object was still blurry to Christine and then she heard her cousin begin.

"I thought you said you were the queen's daughter? Your mouth and bone structure looks more like a mixed race baby born to my parents whereas mine look like that of your mother's daughter."

With the final word leaving Isabelle's mouth, her face began to soften and took on a very Anglo-Saxon bearing. Her mouth thinned and shrunk on her face, as did her lips. Even her overall head looked smaller and a thinner oval shape. Her face, however, was still fairly plain looking, even if it had undergone some recent improvements. Christine had undergone the opposite change, but still couldn't really put anything together as her head was spinning.

"Hurry, we have time for one more before she'll be too out of it." Mary called over

"Sorry. I heard that your face had a natural beauty about it, but looking in this mirror it looks fairly average to me. I, however, look absolutely gorgeous and stunning, don't I." Isabelle spoke

This time, Isabelle watched in glee as her face brightened and took on a perfectly proportioned look. Before, she wasn't ugly, but just plain. Now, she knew she would stand out. She didn't have time to examine her face too closely though, as Mary walked up beside her. Together the pair hoisted Christine up and walked her back over to her room, before laying her down on her bed and leaving.


Christine stretched her arms, still feeling a bit groggy and blinked a couple of times until her room came into focus. The light outside of the window was beginning to fade and the room was steeped in a gray shade. Kicking her feet off the bed, Christine pushed herself out of her bed and walked over to her lavatory. After taking care of herself and getting ready, Christine stood before her mirror and let out a shriek.

"What's wrong princess?" Angel asked, hustling into the room

"My face, it's changed and frumpy!" Christine cried

"Oh, you just had a bad dream. It's okay." Angel tried to comfort Christine

"No!" Christine screamed and swung a backhanded slap towards Angel

Angel wasn't fast enough and Christine's hand connected hard on Angel's cheek. The slapping sound the hit created, echoed throughout the hall and Angel's cheek immediately flared up bright red. Angel had grown used to Christine's flare ups and managed to stifle her response. Christine simply stared into Angel's eyes, trying to figure out if she was lying or not.

Taking in an influx of air, Angel steadied herself and simply smiled back at Christine. "Shall I fetch you your dinner my lady?"

There was a momentary pause from Christine, before she nodded, her face remaining stern and inquiring. As Angel departed the room, Christine turned and began poking and prodding her face. She wasn't ugly, but her features were different and plain. After feeling the pain of trying to pull her nose off her face, Christine gave a huff and began pacing. Her stomach was rumbling in need, and the stress Christine was feeling only made this worse. Angel rounded the corner with a tray full of pork, stew and bread.

"You slept all day, so your mother had this prepared for when you woke up. Do you need anything else?" Angel asked, placing the tray down

"Bring me some wine or ale as well. I can't eat without something to drink! You really do belong as a servant with how stupid you are." Christine insulted

With a bow, Angel rushed down the hall and towards the kitchen. Replacing her was the Queen with a sad look on her face.

"My dear, are you feeling alright? You slept all day." Mary spoke as she walked up to Christine and placed her hand on her forehead

"Wait, I saw you before. You did this to me!" Christine accused, batting Mary's hand away

"In your dreams?" Mary asked, before adding "Did what, I haven't been sick in months."

"You changed my face and made me ugly!" Christine shrieked

"You're not ugly, but Christine you know you've always been a bit plain looking. I guess bringing Isabelle around was unhelpful as she's stunning. Do you feel jealous of her?" Mary asked

"What, no! This happened today to me!" Christine continued to scream

Angel appeared in the doorway with a bottle of wine and a large glass. Placing them in front of Christine, she bowed and departed. Mary followed behind and added "I'll leave you to it then."

"I'm not crazy!" Christine yelled after her

As her mother's gown rounded the corner and out of view, Christine began diving into the food in front of her. If she was famished before, she was starving now. Gorging herself, Christine only stopped to tip back wine. Her stress had taken over and she finished off the plate. Although she had slept, for what felt like the whole day away, Christine could see that the sun had fully gone down and there was little for her to do. Before sleeping, Christine struck a candle and strained her eyes to read by candle light. Trying to figure out if her books could give her any insight into what was happening to her, was now appearing like a poor strategy. Due to the strain, in combination with the stress she was feeling, Christine made very little progress in this endeavor. As the words began to merge and spin, Christine snuffed the candle and curled up for a restless night of sleep. Drifting in and out of sleep, Christine's mind was jumping, trying to make sense of the problem before her.

"I'm not....crazy." Christine spoke, half asleep, "Why...won't you listen."


Not needing to be woken up, Isabelle bounded out of bed, gave a stretch and walked up to her new favorite possession. Isabelle examined her face in the mirror, smiling from ear to ear.

"I might even wear this face better than she did. She was always so angry." Isabelle laughed

Lost in her reflection, Isabelle began making different faces in the mirror, realizing now, just how beautiful Christine had been.

"Morning my Lady. My apologies, I didn't think you would be up so early." Angel said with a bow as she entered the room

Isabelle gave a beaming smile and moved her hand dismissively, "No need to apologize, you are the best servant I have ever had."

Blushing, Angel could only manage "You are too kind."

Isabelle went through her morning routine with the help of Angel. As Isabelle departed her quarters to get food, Angel once again stayed behind to clean the room. After only a half dozen steps, Isabelle looked in and could see the passed out Christine looking rougher than usual. Her linen had been pulled out of alignment throughout the night and Isabelle could see that one blanket was barely hanging on to the bed, while another was only partially covering Christine. Not wanting to be the one to wake the bratty princess, Isabelle continued onwards to get her breakfast. Once again, only Queen Mary was waiting for her and her food.

"Good morning, my Queen." Isabelle greeted in a chipper tone

Matching her smile, Mary raised a hand and replied "Good morning, but call me mom."

"Okay, Mom." Isabelle lit up

"Now yesterday went well and we still have days to go, so now that your face matches, we need to work on the rest of you today." Mary spoke with an air of confidence

"Certainly. Did you see that she hit Angel? Her face has a big welt on it today." Isabelle said astonished

"Yeah, trust me when I say the servants aren't her allies. It's not the first time, and definitely not the worst she's ever done." Mary noted sadly

This morning, eggs were brought out to Mary and Isabelle accompanied with bread and a glass each of wine. The pair ate in relative silence, keeping up appearances, before beginning the day's tasks.

"Today will be a little slow, we just have to go down to the stables, but after that it'll be easy going." Mary noted

"Perfect, I hope to get the routine of the castle down and help you as much as I can. Thank you again for doing this." Isabelle thanked

"It's not only for your benefit. She's a monster, as you've seen. I don't know what went so wrong." Mary sadly spoke, as a tear was clinging to the corner of her eye


Christine awoke for what felt like the dozenth time, since her most recent scare. Her eyes met Angel, her pudgy servant that always seemed to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Although Christine knew she probably shouldn't have slapped her, Angel sure had a slappable face Christine thought.

"Shall I fetch breakfast, my Lady?" Angel asked

No, I'm full from last night, just get me some wine." Christine demanded

As Angel departed, Christine ran to her mirror to verify her fears.

"No, it's still there!" Christine panicked before talking to herself

"Maybe I can get a different book from the library, that would explain this. No one seems to notice I'm changing. Yes, the library and the old man there could figure this out." Christine continued to monologue

Christine wanted to get going to solve her problem, but knew she didn't want to draw anymore attention to herself. She went through her normal morning routine and was almost finished when Angel reappeared with her wine. By this point, Christine was standing naked in her room getting ready to get dressed, she saw Angel.

"Once again, your slow ass barely made it here on time. Take a look at me..." Christine spoke with venom, gesturing across herself and added "If only you ate better and moved your ass, you could look like me."

Angel just stood there shocked. If she responded, her other cheek would match the other side of her face, if not worse. Using this momentary pause, Christine walked up to Angel and snatched the wine out of her hands.

"Grab my blue dress, you pig." Christine laughed and gave Angel a hard smack on her backside as she passed by

Angel jumped, and then continued across the room to Christine's wardrobe, as Christine began to take a number of gulps of wine. The effects, this time, were near instantaneous, as Christine began to feel woozy.

"Oh, you look like you're going to be sick. Here, let me help you." Angel giggled, before grabbing the bottle of wine and tipping it back down Christine's throat

Although Christine coughed and sputtered a bit, most of the wine made it down her throat and she collapsed to the floor still naked.


Christine felt once again like she was being dragged along. Her feet were bouncing with each stone they passed over, while her arms were tightly grasped and supported by her pits. Whoever had her was dragging her along by her arms, and with each new stone that touched her feet, her boobs had a slight bounce. Christine didn't need to open her eyes to know that she was still naked as a chill was being felt across every inch of her skin. Her body shifted to the left as she was dragged before the evil mirror of her dreams and sat back down upon the awaiting chair. Christine's eyes were still full of liquid and she was half-asleep, switching between fully closed and half open.

"She's definitely out of it today. Hey, Christine, can you hear me?" Isabelle began

Christine managed to let out a small groan and Isabelle smirked

"Good, good. See the mirror in front of you and our reflections. I thought you would have had straight blonde flowing hair like your mother, instead your reflection shows that you have stringy brown hair, like my mother's. Whereas I seem to have inherited the straight blonde flowing hair." Isabelle spoke in a calm rhythmic fashion
Christine felt a new tingling sensation in her scalp, as her hair changed in the weight it had on her head. Even out of it, she could feel her hair had become lighter and less bouncy. Squinting at the mirror, she wanted to scream in shock as her long flowing blonde locks had been replaced by a brown mess.

"Oh this hair really is gorgeous, but the weight, wow." Isabelle smiled

"Keep going." Mary interrupted

"Sorry, you're right." Isabelle apologized

"Christine, I'm shocked that you are so tall, look at your reflection, you're 6 '2 and tower over even your own mother. I stand at only 5 '5 though, and look much more like I belong in your family than you do." Isabelle hypnotically spoke

Isabelle felt a wave of vertigo hit her as she watched everything become bigger around her. Mary, who she previously towered over, was now the one that stood over her. Even Christine looked like the chair was too small for her, and that she too would now be a giant compared to Isabelle. Christine compliantly sat in the chair as her reflection had shifted, along with her body into a towering figure. The effects of whatever had been given to her, had slowed her thoughts as well as her body. It was taking all of her willpower just to not fall over, and she couldn't seem to get up or fight against the changes.

"You know what surprised me the most when I met you was that dark skin of yours. It must have been a shock to your father to be born with skin like that. This mirror definitely puts that dark skin on display. Look at my reflection though. I must have also shocked my mom when I was born with this white skin." Isabelle continued
The pair were still looking in the mirror as Isabelle's skin began to lighten through the shades from light brown to white. With each shade her skin lightened, Christine's darkened. Although the change was rapid, Christine didn't get to see it as her eyes rolled backwards and she slumped over and passed out. With her newest changes, she now looked much closer in appearance to the old Isabelle, rather than her old body.

"Damn, I was hoping we could finish up the final pieces today." Mary spoke in a frustrated tone, before adding "There's no denying the changes now."

"I'm sorry, I should have gone faster." Isabelle replied

"I don't think even that would've been enough, but let's get her back to her room, and you into one of her dresses." Mary finished with a dress

"This one is nearly falling off." Isabelle smiled

The pair picked up the new much heavier Christine and dragged her back to her room. Quickly, Isabelle shimmed her dress off her shoulders and picked up a similarly colored one from Christine's wardrobe.

"You look gorgeous." Mary beamed

Blushing, Isabelle grinned from ear to ear, while looking into Mary's eyes. In a moment of weakness, Isabelle took two quick steps forwards and wrapped her arms around her new mom. Although Mary was shocked at first, her smile grew and tears were starting to stream down her face as she pulled her new daughter into a tight embrace. Once they broke their hug off, the two left Christine sleeping under the covers of her bed, and departed the room. Mary thought to herself that she knew she had made the right decision. Christine never even hugged her, let alone showed her any love or appreciation. Isabelle, on the other hand, was proving to be the best daughter she could have ever asked for and was taking an interest in actually being a princess.


Christine woke up, still feeling the effects of whatever had been given to her. Rolling over, Christine tumbled to the floor and immediately took notice of her new body. Her skin was brown, her body huge and panicked thoughts bounced around inside her head. She wanted to scream, to cry, to hurt someone, but reason prevailed. Her head was starting to clear as she worked through her initial panic.

"I need to run." Christine whispered to herself

Walking up to her wardrobe, Christine grabbed the first dress she could find, as she knew she couldn't run around the castle naked. As she slipped the yellow material over her head, it got stuck. With her increased size, none of her dresses would fit her anymore. Tossing the dress aside, she saw a red dress crumpled on the floor that looked like it had been Isabelle's. Christine stepped over and threw the dress over her head. It was a little tight against her curves, but otherwise fit well.

"Really?" Christine muttered with a ping of sadness

The light of the sun was starting to fail as sundown was fast approaching. Christine could still see relatively well, but hoped that there wouldn't be many others walking around the castle. Making for the hallway, there weren't any servants in Christine's direct view and so she began walking towards the stairs. Making it to the top without any issue, Christine began making her way down the spiral staircase. As she was about halfway down, a couple servants were coming up from below. Christine slowed her pace to a discrete walk and nodded to them as they came up.

"Good evening, Lady Isabelle." the male servant greeted

This sentence hit Christine like a slap in the face. Did she really look like that ugly cousin of hers?

"Oh, yeah, good evening." Christine managed before continuing down the stairs

Christine successfully made it throughout the rest of the castle, barely being noticed by anyone and into the courtyard. Christine was conflicted as she was happy this new gangly body was going unnoticed, but also saddened that she stood out to no one. The guards at the gate weren't included in this and ordered Christine to halt.

"I'm the princess, you don't order me!" Christine screamed

At this, the two guards burst out laughing, while one took a step forward and brandished his sword.

"Haha, I suggest you come with us." the guard managed still snickering

"I am Princess Christine, and I order you to move!" Christine ordered, standing her ground

As she did so, Christine felt a quick pain, as something had hit her in the head, before everything went black.


Christine's head felt like it was floating along as her eyes struggled to open. She had a pounding headache emanating from the back of her head, while something was lodged in her mouth and her arms as well as her legs felt restrained.

"Mmph...mmph." Christine tried to speak through the gag

"Look who's finally joined us." Mary chuckled

Christine's eyes had finally shot open and she could see that she was sitting in front of the same mirror she had been the last few days. She was also tied with cloth to the chair on her ankles and wrists. In the mirror's reflection, Mary, Isabelle and Angel all stood behind Christine's chair. Christine watched as her mother walked around her and into her field of view.

"First of all, I don't think that was very smart, running off like that." Mary chastised, before continuing "You're probably wondering why you're here and why we've been changing you these past few days. Basically, it's because you've become insufferable, a brat and a stain on this family. You scream all day over every little thing, you attack the servants and refuse to do your duties as Princess. So I found your replacement and Isabelle's replacement as well, if you can believe that." Finishing with a smirk

After a momentary pause, Mary walked past Christine and out of direct view, as Isabelle took her place in front of the mirror. Standing beside Christine, Isabelle looked down at her helpless victim and simply nodded and gave her a face of condolence. Although this was for Isabelle's benefit and Christine deserved it, Christine made for a sad sight.

Pushing this feeling down, Isabelle began "Well let's finish this Christine. I heard from some of the boys that you had a nice round and healthy butt, but seeing it now, it looks so flat in your reflection. Mine however..." she paused and gave a half turn "looks nice, healthy and round."

In an instant, the back of Isabelle's dress pushed upwards as two nice and bouncy cheeks had expanded behind her. Christine felt the opposite sensation as her butt felt thinner on the chair and she was less comfy.

"It's one thing to have a flat ass, but a flat chest too Christine, what will the boys grab on to. As you can see, I, however, have nice B cups for them to look at." Isabelle continued

"Mmph." was all Christine managed in reply

Christine's chest quickly deflated, leaving her flat as a board, and a better fit for her dress, while Isabelle's chest expanded outwards. Her B cup breasts now nicely held up her stolen dress.

"Looking into the mirror now, I only see you Isabelle with a husky voice and the daughter of a traitor, while I am Christine, the Princess with a sing-songy voice." Isabelle spoke

Mentally, Christine knew that the new Princess was right, she looked nothing like her old self and no one would believe her.

"Hello, hello. I sound so cute!" the Princess laughed

"My turn, and I'm going to enjoy this!" Angel laughed threateningly, "You made my life unbearable, so being a Duchess is too good for you I think!"

"Mmphm, mmmm, mmph." the Duchess tried to speak, rocking the chair with eyes wide in terror

"Don't worry, there's only a couple things I need from you. Looking into the mirror, you don't look like Isabelle the Duchess at all, she has a graceful walk and has a lot of knowledge about etiquette and noble pursuits. That's what I see when I look at myself. You, on the other hand, look like Angel, who has been a servant all her life and only knows about such things, with her awkward movements." Angel spoke with confidence

Although no physical changes took place, the new Angel felt her knowledge change into cleaning and serving as she resigned herself to her new life. The new Duchess' posture changed to be more regal as she smiled into the mirror with new knowledge flooding her mind.

"And finally, I think you can guess what's coming next. Look at your reflection, wearing that dress doesn't hide your chubby lumpy body from the mirror. I, however, have a figure that matches Queen Mary's and Princess Christine's." the Duchess spoke

As she finished, the new Servant could see the red material of the dress begin to pull tight as weight piled onto her body, moving her from skinny to slim to chubby through to fat. Happily, her boobs, that had been flat before, along with her butt, both expanded larger and lumpier in size. The Duchess went in the opposite direction as her fat melted off her entire body, leaving her with a slim torso, arms and legs. Her pear-shaped butt thinned into a tight smaller, and yet still noticeable behind. Even her DD boobs shrank down to B cups that sat perky on her chest. As the transformation finished, Mary draped a blanket over the mirror and began to move it out of the room. Standing before the new giant, plump and dark-skinned Servant was the Princess and Duchess.

The Princess was the first to start "A lot has happened and I know you're still taking it all in, but listen closely. We can't have you running around the castle once my father returns so see this..." she said, lifting up a brown bag of coins "...there's enough in here for you to travel to a new place, get a new job as a servant and buy some new clothes."

Angel was still in shock and just stared into the Princess' eyes pleadingly. Walking over to the desk, the Duchess grabbed a glass, before walking back to the Servant.
"This'll make sure you have a safe and restful journey." the Duchess laughed

Pulling out her gag, the Duchess forced the liquid down Angel's throat, with the Princess' help. The pair watched her fall asleep before they placed the coin purse on her and ordered the guards to take "the crazy servant" away to an awaiting barge.


A few days later...

King George led a procession of knights through the gates and into the courtyard. Not one to spook easily, George still almost fell off his horse as he saw that his Queen was joined by his daughter, and what must be his niece, all dressed in dazzling ruby red dresses.

"Well, I'll be damned." George laughed heartily, "My Queen and my daughter are both here to see my return. This is monumentous."

George got off of his horse and walked up to the group, kissing his wife and hugging his daughter in turn, before turning to face Isabelle

"This is Isabelle, my best friend." Christine beamed and gestured towards her new cousin

"Yes you are." George laughed and hugged her as well

"It's nice to finally meet you and I need to apologize..." Isabelle began

George cut her off with a wave of his hand, before noting "You need to apologize for nothing and if this is the effect I knew you'd have on my daughter, who's never looked happier, than I would have brought you here years ago."

"Your banquet celebrating your return is ready. Shall we?" Mary happily answered

"We shall!" bellowed George, "All of us together as a complete family."
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Re: Princess Replacement

Postby animefan78 » Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:28 am

I had some idea of what to expect with that brief outline you showed me but this is better than I could have imagined. The way you slipped in a bit of race change was perfect. Plus I loved how they drugged her and had the servants assisting. Now I might have spent a bit more on how her other features changed liked you did with the nose, and the end with the maid threw me off on the first read through. However other than that, nicely done sir.
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Re: Princess Replacement

Postby Perplexed » Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:48 am

Thanks, was more than happy to write this one and certainly some of the changes could've had that extra bit of detail to flush them out. I wanted the maid to be my hidden twist, as she was always around and a crux in controlling events. I might've missed a bit of foreshadowing in there :)
Weirdly the drugging expanded as I wrote to keep their reactions (Christine) more in character.
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Re: Princess Replacement

Postby animefan78 » Tue Mar 21, 2023 7:01 am

The drugging made perfect sense once we saw Christine reacting to the mirror changes and the maid getting some improvements made sense as well.
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