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Postby Mollaw1w » Fri Mar 17, 2023 11:17 am


Change you and your friends—wisely, that is—with KAV3AT Beta!

KAV3AT is a free-to-use text input program under development by Foot & Paw Technologies. The software asks a simple question: what if you could rewrite the script of your life? With KAV3AT, now you can. After a quick computer download and setup, put the information of the person you want to change and you’re set to start…

…but don’t go crazy just yet. While KAV3AT has revolutionary and hitherto unfathomable technology to alter the fabric of reality, nobody can use it willy-nilly. Every change requested in the KAV3AT command bar receives its own “caveat” score. If you want to be an inch taller, odds are you’ll have a score of 0 or 1. But ask for an extra foot in height, you’ll have a pretty decent score. And with any score higher than 0, you’ll also be required to select from a list of “caveats” associated with your change, the number/severity of which depends on the score. So if you want to get that boost to your stature, perhaps you’ll have to also become socially awkward or terribly obese. Don’t worry though, you’ll have a decent amount of potential caveats to choose from. Also, don’t try and make yourself “worse” off, since doing that won’t mean you don’t get points.

When it comes to how your changes will work, they do not take effect immediately, and changes are fully refundable up to 24 hours after they do. If you elect to not reverse the changes, they will become permanent and irreversible. Unless otherwise specified, you will be aware that the change happened, though your awareness goes away if you choose to not undo them. Don’t expect anyone else to have noticed, though, and be prepared for new memories; that’s because all changes are retroactive, essentially replacing the previous continuity!

KAV3AT is committed to promoting the betterment of all, but only with the responsibility needed to ensure all stay better off. Individual caveats will be fair, respectful of each change, and are only as severe as the changes are impactful. User feedback in this critical stage will be vital as the program continues to evolve and optimize. Be sure to document your experience on our forums, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Go to http://www.kav3at.com to download and become a part of the community!


The Foot & Paw Technologies Team


Lorelei Blake

I don’t know what the fuck I just read.

Rewrite the script of my life? Alter the fabric of reality? Replacing the previous continuity? Maybe it’s just a computer game, but that email didn’t make it sound like a game; it made it sound like I could really change my life with this KAV3AT. It’s almost as if these weirdos at Foot & Paw Technologies (what a stupid name) were onto something.

Things weren’t in line with this luxurious fantasy that I mapped out when I was a little girl. Was I naive? Yes. But even when I graduated high school—eleven years ago, wow—I thought it would only be a matter of time until it all came together. I’d switch up my whole vibe; start wearing bold clothing instead of my older sister’s hand-me-downs, restyle my dull brown hair into a chic, practical style, step out of my shell and actually talk to people, impress people. I’d be reborn in womanhood.

And once I graduated college with my fancy-schmancy degree in journalism (and got my master’s!) I’d get a killer job at some huge magazine and become a famous writer. Then I’d find a tall, cuddle-loving man to call mine. He’d preferably be sophisticated and handsome, with nice hair and as much interest in the written word as I have. He’d wow my family, and then we’d get married; traveling the world and happily ever after to follow.

But as things often happen with me, that all fell apart. My vibe, I’m sad to report, stayed the same. I got my degree, but no master’s. I have a mountain of debt that I pay off as a two-bit writer during the day and a waitress at night. Sure, I’m almost thirty, but I feel so much older. There’s no Prince Charming in my life and there’s seldom ever a man in my apartment. But for all the gloom I have about all that, it typically comes in waves. Probably because I always, no matter what, hope that the applications I routinely send to actual newspapers and magazines will land me something bigger. I can only write “Ten Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Here In The City” so many times over so many years.

But as I sit here at my desk in the early evening, when I should probably be getting ready to head over to my (seriously) favorite job, I can’t help but laugh! At face value, this KAV3AT solves all of my problems and then some. Who cares if there will be some strings attached? It won’t be that many, since I’m not looking for world domination here. I know Kathy from the restaurant would think I’m crazy buying into this, but how is this not worth at least five minutes of my time?

Without much thought, I hit download and open it up once it’s done. It only requires me to tell it if I’m the user or not and give it my full government name (Lorelei Marilyn Blake) before it says I’m all set. It then brings me to the modest main screen. It's a pretty basic green color, with “KAV3AT” spelled out at the top in white, stylized lettering. There is a toolbar with a gear icon (probably settings), a notepad icon (probably for feedback) and a door icon (probably a way to safely quit). Below it is a text bar like a search engine would have, an obvious invitation to type. The word “User” is already there.

What to start with?

If I don’t want to accrue a high “caveat” score or whatever, I might as well do something small. In the event this isn’t a joke, I’d rather fuck up too severely. But then again, why not try something a little daring?

<User has firm, decent-sized breasts>

I’d be honored to leave the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. I click the “confirm” button on the far right of the screen, bringing me to yet another screen with the following text:

Your request is worth TWO (2) point(s). Please select caveats that add to TWO (2) point(s).

There is a bulleted list of these caveats, each with a corresponding value point value. And some of these I’d definitely avoid, but they weren’t too bad. Slightly less intelligent was worth two points. One less friend was also worth two, and I’m shocked something like that was that low. Slightly overweight was only worth one. So was Slightly shyer. There were a couple additional options, and then there was a “show more” button at the very bottom. I don’t think I need to see more; I pick Slightly overweight since I already sort of am and Seasonal allergies since it’s late winter, and then press “confirm” again. One of those “Are you sure?” screens pops up, but I click yes again.

Congratulations! A pop-up window tells me. You’ve made your first KAV3AT change. Your change will take effect in approximately ZERO (0) second(s)!

Before I could even process that it literally said zero seconds, I felt strange bubbliness across my whole body. Something was happening, and it was changing me, in a seay that felt hard to process. It was the strongest in my chest, where my boobs felt so warm, almost sensually so. As I began to pant and heave, I observed them jiggling more and more with every breath, their size allowing them to move on their own, with their own gravity.

“Are they…getting…larger?!” I asked, stunned at the question I already knew the answer to. They began to inflate—like someone was slowly blowing up two balloons—and it felt so fucking good, that they actually had some weight to them. They were growing into rounder, perkier orbs that had serious gravity, and as they did so I felt my bra and shirt alter to accommodate my improved cup size. I stared at my chest…(un)familiarly? Weren’t my breasts always this big? No…they were always these expansive things, I’ve had them since I was in middle school, more or less. You’re an early bloomer, dear, my mother would always say, her breasts similar in size to mine, even with their age and sag. They got some stares I could see and some I couldn’t. I remember one conversation with a college admissions counselor who talked to me like I was a ditz, staring at my chest with a condescending glare, but he was a creep. My boobs were never massive where I was the “tits” or “rack” girl, and thank God. The attention they gave me seemed outsized given that they weren’t even that massive. They were…nice…and firm…

But why do I remember them being small, too?

I didn’t have time to think about that, as looking at my breasts distracted me from the fact that my whole body was a bit bigger, or was it always like this? There was a tension in my arms, legs, and wait, and I could swear I saw them all expand, extra weight giving me a thick, curvy shape. It wasn’t to the point of being fat, but it was an extra bit of chub…that I also remembered having, but also not? Like, I was always on the curvy side, but still to the point of being fit and not obese, obviously. A funny memory hit me of the last time I had sex (the man isn’t important), where he slowly ran his hands over the outline of my figure, seeming all the more turned on by my very shape, calling me “rubenesque.” He was a smart bastard, but way too horny for me.

But staring in the mirror, that smart bastard was definitely right. I looked so…(un)recognizable. My breasts were prominent and sizable, with my plunge top (I owned one?) doing wonders to draw attention to them. My leggings now had slit legs, making them look sexier when hugging my (new?) thunder thighs and flaring hips. I was plump, and I felt great about it. Even my hair changed(?): it was a darker brown and fuller, no longer straight but instead sporting a gentle wave. But my hair—and by extension makeup, which was also now applied—needed to look good, since I was going out tonight (huh?)! I clutched my temple, seeming to see two different women in the mirror: who I was right now and who I deep down knew I was!

“Alright…so this fucking works,” I said, finally collecting my bearings. The shock value was decreasing by the second, though, thanks to all these (new) memories. “I guess that means I have allergies too…yup that rings a bell. But now what? Why am I going out tonight?”

I took a look at the calendar that I keep on my desk, and it seems like I was able to find a cover (yay!) so I could go to the bar with somebody named Hannah…who I soon remembered was my sorority little. But I was never in a sorority! I always felt insecure about it…but not in this reality. I joined my freshman year and was the Recruitment Chair my senior year. I won “nicest rack” as a junior.

What else did this thing change about my life?

Scouring my room, the answer seemed to be “not much.” I look different in pictures and was more sick growing up, but my degree is the same, my address is the same, my jobs are the same, and my friends are (more or less) the same. My mom’s side had some slightly bustier women though, looking through old photos (which made sense). I was definitely a more confident, optimistic person somehow, but aside from a different boyfriend here and a new experience (or a lost experience) there, putting my lives side by side didn’t expose much difference. I can’t say if this is a better version of me—it’s not the real me—but I have a day to decide and-


Fuck, it’s this Hannah girl calling me. Why did I give her the most obnoxious ring tone? Something about her being obnoxious?


A loud, energetic female voice responded. “Hey girlie! Where are you? I’m here! You coming down?”

I slyly glance out my apartment window, and I do see a blue car out front. So I guess she’s not drinking? Weird. “Oh, uh right. Coming in a sec,” I respond.

“Hurry up! Let’s get this par-tay started! You're gonna love where we're going!”

Again, how is she driving and drinking? Would we be joined by someone else? Maybe I’m too hung up on this? My life literally is fundamentally changed, so maybe. I should be focusing on that, right? “Yeah! I-I’ll see-”

Boop. She hung up. Lovely. Time to see what this is all about. There’s an “Undo” button on my screen, but I’m really intrigued to see where this all goes. What if I don’t wanna go back? What if I like Hannah (I won’t)? What then? And what if there were other things I don't even know about yet? As I make my way to Hannah, these questions and more set up shop in my head and I feel like they'll be there for a long, long time. Maybe they could pay me rent. It's a five-star mind, you know.

But before I left my apartment, I grabbed my laptop and put it in my bag. Maybe I’d need it later. Something inside me was screaming "you will!"

I’m not sure if this will be a series or just a one-off. Let me know!
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Postby pinkhippo99 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 2:10 pm

I, for one, would be very interested in seeing this becoming a full series. You have only given us a taste and already I am very interested.
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Postby audipwr87 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 4:47 pm

I am quite intrigued already and I do hope you make this a series!! I’d love to see what else is going to happen to Lorelei! Bravo!!
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Postby Paulsmithwrites » Fri Mar 17, 2023 6:48 pm

I love this, I really hope you continue to add to it and make it a series - it's very intriguing and I can't wait to see where it goes!
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Postby PresentSilentKay » Tue Mar 21, 2023 10:44 am

Not me thinking KAV3AT was a real website, lol. Great story and interesting premise, very interested to see this as a series.
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Postby syconerd » Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:14 pm

Like others have said, great start off. Hope this will continue
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Postby shinji2020 » Sun Apr 16, 2023 7:10 pm

Really like the idea and the possibilities here. Great work! I would love to see more.
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Postby allthosecurves » Mon Apr 17, 2023 8:25 pm

Great story, this idea has a lot of potential!
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Postby captsqui » Fri Jan 05, 2024 3:44 pm

Hope to hear more!
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Postby EFHRJ » Fri Jan 05, 2024 5:36 pm

Mollaw1w retired, IIRC. So there's likely none to come, barring a change.
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