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Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Feb 11, 2023 4:35 am

In this story I will dive into different themes besides just weight. So, after the first parts focused on weight gain, this story will feature all forms of downgrade, trashyfication, IQ loss and prostitution.

Part 1

An upbeat piano melody echoed through the streets of an upscale neighborhood. Evidently, they were played by someone who had years of practice behind them. Daily practices since they were five years old, to be precise. The flawless execution put a smile on the faces of everyone that happened to hear them.

Everyone except Constance. When she finished her song, she sighed sorrowfully and turned to look out the window.

Usually, a run or a session on her piano was enough to put her in a good mood. Today she had tried both but was still feeling empty inside. Recently, a sadness had taken over her life that she felt powerless against. It had crept into her life slowly, barely noticeable at first, until it took hold of her so tightly that nothing made her feel excited or happy.

Constance could see no reason why she felt this way.

She was born into a wealthy family that pampered her all her life. From a young age, she had the best education, be it at a private school or from her piano teacher. Money was never a problem for her family, and she didn’t have to work one day in her life so far. Her parents’ only expectations were for Constance to behave appropriately, do excellent in school and keep herself pretty to find a wealthy man one day.

Those were reasonable expectations, she thought. They had paved her way to success and brought her to where she was now: a 24-year-old master’s student with a bright future ahead of her. Her path to success had been paved from the moment she was born and laid out before her. She would work until she found a husband to settle down with and start a family. Then bring her kids onto the same path she had walked.

Who wouldn’t be happy having a perfect, stable life like this?

Giving up on her hope of feeling better, Constance laid down on her couch and let her mind wander.

It all seemed so pointless to her. Living a life where every step was already decided and marked for her. How could she feel excitement thinking about those prospects?

She couldn’t.

Something had to change.

Constance needed something new and unexpected to happen in her life. Something that gave her a fresh outlook and perspective on things.

But she had no idea how to achieve this.

Sure, she was from a wealthy family. She could pack up her things and travel the world, all paid for by her family’s fortune. But she would be a privileged girl, just taking a break from her life at home. Once she’d come back, everything would fall right back into the same routine.

Constance spent the next hour pondering her life until her buzzing phone interrupted her thoughts.

A message popped up on the screen: “Hey girl, wanna meet up for lunch?”

Constance smiled.

Meeting her college friend Rosie was just what she needed to get into a better mood. Rosie had a bubbly attitude about her that was too infectious to resist.

She grabbed her phone and jumped up from the couch.

“I’ll meet you in 20 minutes.”

When Constance left her apartment, she was hopeful that some time outside with her friend would help her feel better. Maybe she would even get some idea of what to do to find joy in life again.

But she would have never thought just how drastic this day would reshape her life. Without knowing it, she set her feet on a track that led to the exact opposite destination in life.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby VoltaireEMCSA » Sat Feb 11, 2023 9:25 am

Excited to see where this goes!
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Feb 18, 2023 12:48 am

Part 2

Constance’s mood immediately improved when she saw her friend.

Rosie was a bubbly girl who always had a smile on her face. She was known to light up any room she entered and become friends with everyone she met.

Another thing Rosie was known for was her love of food which knew no constraints. Of course, this habit affected her body and put her close to the 200-pound range. She was a tubby girl all over. Her chunky thighs rubbed against each other, her arms jiggled when she moved them, and she spotted a prominent muffin top. However, none of that seemed to bother her or diminish her love of food.

Constance enjoyed the softness each time they hugged. At first, it had been alien to her as her whole family and high school friends were diet obsessed and thin. But with time, she found comfort whenever she embraced her chubby friend.

“Let’s hurry inside. I’m starving!” Rosie said as they hugged.

Rosie immediately began studying the menu inside the restaurant and loudly debating which meal sounded best to her.

Even though Constance felt slightly better, she didn’t feel like eating much. She decided to order a salad like she usually did. From a young age, Constance was taught to avoid excess calories and always choose a healthy option.

Rosie decided on a hefty steak with fries and a coke. She kept talking and making jokes while Constance nipped on her water and picked at her salad.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Rosie asked while steak sauce ran down her chin. “I don’t think I have ever seen you look so sad.”

“I don’t really know,” Constance said, “I’ve been feeling down lately, and nothing can cheer me up anymore. Today has been the worst so far. I’m glad you called to get me out of the apartment, but I still don’t feel too good.” She looked up at Rosie and sighed. “How do you do it? How do you stay this happy all the time?”

Rosie giggled and pointed to her plate. “I don’t hold myself back and eat to my heart’s content. Being a foodie is the best thing in life. How could I not be happy when I have tons of delicious meals to try?”

“That’s it?” Constance asked doubtfully. “Eating is what makes you happy?”

“Eating excellent meals is what makes me happy. You sound like you really have no idea how much good a tasty meal can do to your soul. I only ever see you with bland healthy meals. I’d be constantly depressed with a diet like this! You know what? Why don’t you put aside that salad and let me order a nice steak for you, so you can see for yourself?”

Constance was hesitant but ultimately decided that it was worth a try. She ordered her steak, and a slight tingle ran over her body at the thought of eating something she had been told not to. If her family were there, they would look down on her choice and judge her for it.

The flavor exploded in her mouth when Constance took her first bite, and the intensity overwhelmed her. She ate her whole meal without saying a word, ignoring everything that was going on around her.

Leaning back after she finished her meal, Constance realized that she was smiling.

She put one hand on her full stomach. It was a sensation she had never experienced before. She had learned that a woman should never let herself go during a meal like this. Another tingle ran through her body.

“I think it’s safe to say that this meal has worked its magic on you,” Rosie said and laughed.

Constance smiled and nodded. “I feel better already. I should have never doubted you.” She laughed and winced from the pain it caused in her belly.

“I’m glad I could help you out,” Rosie replied and smiled.

“I didn’t think that food could taste this great,” Constance said and sighed contently. “You know what? How would you like it if I became your foodie friend?”
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Feb 25, 2023 4:13 am

Part 3

Rosie laughed. “I’d like to have you as my foodie friend. But I’m not sure you fully understand what this would mean for you,” she said as she put one hand on her chubby belly, “you will inevitably gain some weight and become chubby. You do realize that, right?”

“I can handle it,” Constance replied without hesitation.

“Really?” Rosie asked and raised her eyebrows. “You should know that people will treat you differently once you become heavier. They will not consider you attractive anymore and look down on you. I regularly have to endure mean comments or hear them when people think I’m not listening. You’ll be known everywhere as the chubby girl, and people will respect you less because of it.”

Something about those words caused an explosion of excitement inside Constance. She didn’t know what caused her heart rate to accelerate. But she knew that she wanted to try living life as Rosie did.

Constance looked determined as she responded: “I would love to become your foodie friend.”

Rosie looked surprised by her quick and determined response. “Wow, that is amazing!” she said as she regained her smile, “I’ve always dreamed of finding a friend that goes on food adventures with me! Ok, to start, we have to try one of the desserts here.”

Constance groaned. “But I’m already stuffed from my steak. I’m not used to eating this much.”

“That’s why we need to start training you,” Rosie responded. “We need to get your stomach capacity up so you can keep up with me. If you want to be my foodie friend, then you have to be able to eat as much as I do. Otherwise, it won’t be any fun if we can’t try the same things.”

Constance still didn’t look convinced, so Rosie continued: “Look, just imagine that you’re not stuffed while reading the menu. You’re actually quite hungry. What would be something that you’d love to try? Just order it, and we can worry about how to get it inside your belly later.”

Trying to ignore her painfully stuffed stomach, Constance looked at the menu. Getting dessert was something she had never done before. She could only eat some fruit after a meal growing up. Once she read over the options, she had to admit that they all sounded good.

After some thinking, Constance chose to go the classical route and order chocolate cake. Rosie was happy with her choice.

The desserts arrived, and Constance took a deep breath. Her body told her not to eat another bite, but she knew she had to ignore its pleading. Hesitantly, she took the fork and got her first mouthful.

Not being used to sugar, the sweetness overwhelmed her taste buds. It was so intense that Constance felt a rush through her body, and her painfully stuffed stomach was forgotten by the time she swallowed. The aftertaste of her high-calorie treat left her yearning for more.

Bite after bite, the cake disappeared into Constance’s mouth, each one making her happier. When she finished her piece, a wide smile lingered on her lips. Only one thing was on her mind.

How have I lived so long without this?

“You look like you have really enjoyed yourself,” Rosie remarked, “I told you that you just have to order it.”

Constance was slowly coming off her high. She groaned as she regained awareness of her now even fuller belly.

“You better get used to this feeling. We must get you to this point regularly if we want you to catch up to me.”
“I feel like I won’t be able to get up for the rest of the day,” Constance answered between heavy breaths, “How are you supposed to keep up with your workout if you’re eating like this?”

Rosie giggled. “You don’t, dummy. I haven’t worked out since I left High School, and I’d look ridiculous if I tried to run now. You will get out of shape with my lifestyle. That is inevitable. I get out of breath whenever I have to climb a long flight of stairs. From now on, the most important thing in your life is to try all the food and satisfy all your cravings. And you will pay by not being to exercise anymore. Try getting used to seeing yourself as an unfit girl, so you’ll be prepared when you get there eventually.”

Constance leaned back, still smiling. She tried imagining herself as out of shape and overweight. To her surprise, the thought didn’t scare her at all.

On the contrary: somehow, she was looking forward to it.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby Freaksss » Sat Feb 25, 2023 1:17 pm

Those 3 first parts are excellent. I'll be glad to read what follows.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sun Feb 26, 2023 4:38 am

Thank you!
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby cadillac » Sun Feb 26, 2023 2:19 pm

Loving this so far

Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Mar 04, 2023 8:16 am

cadillac wrote:Loving this so far

Happy to hear that :)
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Mar 04, 2023 8:19 am

Part 4

The following day, Rosie came over to Constance’s apartment to discuss her plans to get Constance accustomed to her new lifestyle.

The first thing Rosie did once inside was to open a big trash bag. “I’ve already warned you that from now on, you won’t have any time to work out. Get all your sports shoes and clothes and throw them in here.”

At first, Constance felt uneasy as she gathered all her clothes into a big pile on her bed. But once she tossed them into the bag and tied it shut, she felt like a huge weight was being lifted off her shoulders. She immediately went outside and eagerly tossed the bag into the trash.

“Very good,” Rosie said, “now, let me see the snack stash you keep here.”

Constance blushed. Healthy eating was so drilled into her behavior that the only snacks she had in her kitchen were a bowl of fruits. She didn’t remember ever being given anything other than fruit by her parents when she asked for something sweet.

“Ok, so you have nothing proper to snack on at home. We will need to change that. What are you craving if you could choose any snack right now?” Rosie asked.

“I don’t know,” Constance answered, “I just ate breakfast an hour ago. So, I’m not really hungry right now.”

Rosie shook her head. “Cravings have nothing to do with hunger. You can have a full belly but still crave something sweet to top it off. I crave food basically all day long, no matter how full I am. And I give in to my cravings constantly.” She patted her belly, then put a hand on Constance’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, though. We will have you constantly craving food soon, too. Let’s go grocery shopping, so I can show you all the snacks I keep at my place. I will text you whenever I get a craving and eat them. It will be hard at first, but you have to push yourself. Sugar is super addicting. Once you eat it regularly, your whole body will start to crave it. Soon you’ll be just as helpless around food as I am.”

The last sentence gave Constance goosebumps. She was so used to being in control of her entire life that the thought of being helpless around food was exhilarating. Obviously, becoming overweight and addicted to sugar was a bad idea. But making this bad choice was a thrill she had never felt before.

She couldn’t help but nod enthusiastically. “Let’s go shopping!”


After they returned from the grocery store with multiple bags full of snacks, Rosie showed Constance the best places to stash them. Her living room was now full of sugary treats, but Rosie also told her to put some snacks next to her bed. Now, she wouldn’t even have to get up if a craving hit her. A big stash was also placed next to the couch. Rosie told Constance that this was where she would spend most of her time now.

The two girls went to Rosie’s favorite restaurant when all snacks were stashed away. For the first time in her life, Constance ate an entrée, meal, and dessert in one sitting. She struggled with it, but Rosie pushed her to keep going until everything was finished. Constance admired how Rosie ate the entire course without a problem. The more time Constance spent with Rosie, the more she wanted to be like her.

Constance hated walking home with her stuffed belly and was happy when she could lie down on her couch. She turned on the TV and mindlessly rubbed her belly while watching her favorite show.

An hour passed, and Constance still felt too stuffed to even think about getting up when her phone vibrated.

“You’re stranded on the couch, aren’t you? It’s time to eat the packet of cookies from your stash,” the message from Rosie said.

“But I’m still so full!”Constance replied.

Rosie replied with a picture of an empty cookie box. “I don’t care. It’s time to eat!”

Constance groaned as she reached over to grab the box of cookies. She took her first bite and was surprised at how easy it went down. Without overthinking it, she stuffed cookie after cookie into her belly.

Before she knew it, the box was empty. Constance was panting while holding her full belly that pinned her to the couch. She thought about all the calories she had just eaten that would end up as fat on her. If this was what every day would be like from now on, her skinny figure would be destroyed in no time.

She had taken her first steps toward becoming a fat girl.

And she had never felt more alive.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby pinkhippo99 » Sat Mar 04, 2023 5:46 pm

I like where this is going.
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