The Road Trip, Part Twelve [ABDL, AR]

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The Road Trip, Part Twelve [ABDL, AR]

Postby Lady Lucia » Tue Oct 18, 2022 1:48 pm

Author's Note: Fair warning before you start reading--This is one of my Patreon stories! The parts are gradually being released for free on my website, but there are currently 25 parts available for patrons. :)


“Come on, Annie!”


“Please? Please, please, please?!”

God, she was whiny! For a girl who physically looked like an older version of me, Kate certainly didn’t act the part. Around our parents, she was a cute and innocent angel. At school, she was a popular girl and a total flirt. Around me, she was an obnoxious brat. You’d think turning eighteen would have made her grow up a little, but this wasn’t much different than the way she operated in middle school. Being a total social chameleon. When it came to me, her older sister, she had a whole lifetime of us being related to figure out my buttons and how to push them. Kate usually combated my stubbornness and maturity with her own stubbornness and immaturity, begging and whining and pleading until she got her way.

The worst part was, it almost always worked. Most of the time, just to get her to shut up.

But not this time. “No, Kate.” I sternly said, crossing my arms to show just how serious I was. The pose probably worked a lot better back when I was taller than her. Still, I was determined to show her that this wasn’t happening.

“God, Annie, you’re so boring! It’s not like anyone will know. Can’t you just be fun? Like, for once in your life?”

I just rolled my eyes in response. Our definitions of ‘fun’ rarely aligned. Especially in this instance, as embarrassing me would clearly be one sided in terms of who was having a good time.


That was Kate’s SUPER FUN idea. One minute, we were shopping for snacks at the rest stop. The next, her eyes were lighting up and she was grabbing a pack of disposable underwear off one of the shelves we were walking past. She giggled and gushed over how the light pink reminded her of some of the underwear I used to wear when we were kids, and how these would totally fit me despite the packaging saying ‘Ages 8-12,’ and that I should try them on just for fun.

I was nineteen years old, a year and a half older than my sister. However, puberty really fucked me over. Seventh grade was my first and last growth spurt. 5’0 and 3/4. I didn’t even break 5’1, as I was constantly reminded by the penciled growth chart back at our house in one of the doorways. My hips and chest existed, but really only enough to identify me as a girl. So yes, pull-ups sized for tweens would probably fit my twig frame, which is exactly why there was no way in hell I’d give Kate the satisfaction.

“Nope, I’m going to keep being boring,” I shrugged. It would be pointless trying to explain to my sister that I was fun in my own way, plus leaning into her attempt at an insult was the best way to dismiss her, “Come on. We still have to get drinks.”

“Ugh, Annie! It’s a dare. You have to do it. How about $10? Or $50, for the whole ride!” she smiled, trying to haggle when I clearly didn’t even want to meet her at the table. I was about to roll my eyes and walk away, until she threw out something she knew would be enticing, “I might even consider not calling you ‘Annie’ for the rest of the trip.”


She knew she had me.

While I was cursed by puberty, Kate was blessed. She caught up to me when she was thirteen, and now had a full five inches on me at eighteen years old. Curves that put mine to shame; a perfect hourglass figure. And the worst part? She didn’t even try. No sports, no workouts, no diets, nothing. At first, I was just a little jealous, but that jealousy ended up turning into constant frustration about my size thanks to how my sister constantly had fun with it.

Ever since her growth spurt, Kate had gone out of her way to make me look like her younger sister. Not quite bullying, but close enough. Little patronizing comments here and there, random hair tugs and hip checks, and only ever calling me ‘Annie.’ Nothing overt or malicious. Just that small, knowing smile, as she knew full well that I couldn’t make a big deal about an offhand comment that no one else around us batted an eye at. And, since I was the older sister, I would end up looking like the bad guy if I snapped at her.

The worst part was, a handful of people had taken to the name ‘Annie,’ despite how it had never been a nickname of mine before, even when growing up. One or two boys at my home church, most of her high school friends, and even one of MY friends once at our graduation party, just due to the repetition of Kate saying it whenever my friends were over. The girl apologized immediately and corrected herself, of course, but the damage was done. Kate was ‘winning,’ simply by being casually persistent.

Going into this trip, I expected Kate to call me ‘Annie’ all weekend long in an attempt to get our cousins, and maybe aunt and uncle, to pick up the nickname. If she poisoned the waters like that, who knows how the nickname might circle throughout our extended family? Which is exactly why her offer was so tempting. Especially after two semesters of college, where people actually called me what I wanted to be called.

Rather than dismiss her again, I hesitated. Apparently that was enough to tell her that I was on board. “Yay!” she squealed, grinning and handing me the pack of pink pull-ups, “Meet me at the checkout counter. I’ll grab the drinks!”

And, just like that, she was skipping away.


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Re: The Road Trip, Part One [ABDL, AR]

Postby brightsun21 » Wed Oct 19, 2022 12:38 pm

Annie just made a very poor decision :lol:
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Re: The Road Trip, Part One [ABDL, AR]

Postby Adobeman10 » Wed Oct 19, 2022 1:49 pm

I subscribed as its a good story- but I was hoping for a faster regression or some more permancy in the change. Love the humiliation aspect of it all though and a very well done story.
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Re: The Road Trip, Part One [ABDL, AR]

Postby Vended » Wed Oct 19, 2022 7:05 pm

Look interesting.
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Re: The Road Trip, Part One [ABDL, AR]

Postby lowradiation » Thu Oct 20, 2022 4:13 am

The Patreon account is very good and well worth a subscription in my opinion.

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Re: The Road Trip, Part One [ABDL, AR]

Postby RedRose1443 » Wed Oct 26, 2022 8:12 pm

Amazing I love this so far
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Re: The Road Trip, Part One [ABDL, AR]

Postby Lady Lucia » Sun Oct 30, 2022 1:18 pm

Thanks for the support and the endorsements, everyone!

As for my pace, it's definitely a strength AND weakness of mine. I try to keep things as realistic as possible, but that tends to keep things from happening too quickly. Pros and cons to the style, I suppose.

--Lady Lucia
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The Road Trip, Part Two [ABDL, AR]

Postby Lady Lucia » Thu Nov 10, 2022 11:26 am


I hadn’t even agreed to anything yet! But there I was, standing alone in the rest stop aisle with the babyish underwear Kate was so eager to make me wear. Sighing to myself, I made my way to the front of the store. Thank God this was on a road trip, far away from our home city. I could feel my cheeks flushing at the thought of someone seeing me holding such an embarrassing item, but I’d probably be a lot more paranoid if there was a risk of being seen by someone I knew. Logically, I knew that the average person would assume I was buying them for a younger girl, but the knowledge that Kate wanted ME to put them on made it impossible to fight apprehension with logic.

A minute later, Kate appeared from a nearby aisle. Before, she just had a small box of crackers for us to share. Now, she was holding several bags of candy and a large variety pack of Gatorade. Yeah, we had four hours left on the drive, but we also just had lunch. Whatever.

“Ready to checkout, Annelise?” Kate asked. It was actually kind of weird hearing my full name in her voice after so long, even with the exaggerated tone. She beamed at the sight of me still holding the pack of pull-ups. Before I could change my mind, Kate strutted right up to the counter and placed her items down, plucking the pack from my hands and adding it to the pile.

I watched in nervous silence as the checkout girl scanned the items one by one. The pull-ups were first, as Kate had placed them on top, and now I’d have to go through the trouble of getting the girl to remove them from the order if I wanted to bail. It would just be a series of clicks on the computer, but it was still always a little awkward to interrupt an otherwise smooth transaction. I half expected Kate to turn to me and say that she ‘forgot’ her wallet, a constant move she’d use in order to get me to pay for all kinds of things. She would pay me back, most of the time, but only after a lot of reminders. Apparently her excitement about this little dare was enough for her to forego that little song and dance, as she immediately pulled out her credit card and paid for everything.

The moment the chip was successfully read, Kate grabbed her card and stashed it away. Then she picked up the underwear pack and handed it to me again. “Meet me by the bathroom, Annelise.” She grabbed the drinks and snacks and headed for the exit to put everything else in the car. Meanwhile, I retreated into one of the aisles when I realized what my sister just said right in front of the cashier girl across the counter and what it would imply.

Despite the embarrassing absurdity of this dare, and my gut instinct telling me to simply put the recently purchased pull-ups on any nearby shelf and walk away, I found myself listening to my sister’s parting words and finding the bathrooms in the back corner of the rest stop store.

Was this worth it? Kate already called me ‘Annelise’ twice, and I hated that it was actually working. Offering me something that should never have been taken away from me to begin with. Taking a breath, I realized that I only had so much time until Kate returned. Then I would lose the precious solitude that a road trip rarely otherwise offered. I had to weigh the pros and cons while I had the chance.

My sister wasn’t wrong. No one would know. It’s not like she was asking me to put on an outfit piece that would exaggerate my unfortunate size. Plus I was wearing a skirt, which would hide any bulk from the pull-ups. And, if I went along with this, then she would use my full name around our extended family. Certainly a pro.

But, if I went along with it, Kate would know. My dignity would definitely take a hit, no matter how innocent and fun she pretended a dare like this was. And would we be stopping again? As awful as being called ‘Annie’ was, my sister blurting out “Annelise is wearing PULL-UPS” would be much, much worse. And/or just pulling my skirt down or up for the visual. I definitely wouldn’t put it past her, which means that I’d have to change back before we arrived to avoid the risk. Or just go commando, I guess, since I could always just pull the underwear off and shove it in my backpack before getting out of the car.

Most importantly, what mattered more? Giving Kate the satisfaction of me willingly putting something this embarrassing on, or more or less ‘allowing’ her to fuck up my name all weekend long?

Thirty seconds later, when I saw Kate walking back from the car after stashing away her snacks, I knew I had to make a decision. The pros and cons flashed across my mind as she entered the rest stop store again and meandered through the aisles until she joined me by the private restrooms. Ugh, and she was drinking from a lemon-lime Gatorade. In my opinion, every other flavor was better, especially the red and orange ones. As usual, Kate and I had nothing in common as sisters.

“Well, Annelise?” she said, “Ready to put on your pull-ups?”

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The Road Trip, Part Three [ABDL, AR]

Postby Lady Lucia » Wed Nov 23, 2022 7:52 am


The mature college school girl within me was screaming ‘NO.’

I’m nineteen. Way too old and way too mature to be wearing something so childish. Especially since it was Kate’s dare, and nothing good ever comes from letting my younger sister have her way. But my self conscious side was pushing back against the voice of reason. I already wore heels and slightly padded bras to enhance my otherwise petite body, as well as clever make-up and perfect hair for as many mature features as possible. Being called ‘Annie’ really undermined that, especially since my red hair made it too easy for people to compare me to the freckled orphan from the musical.

Yes, pull-ups were obviously beyond immature as well, but it was different. They’d be hidden. No one would actually know, as long as I was careful and as long as Kate didn’t do anything to screw me over. The name ‘Annie,’ however, wouldn’t be hidden in the slightest. I’d have to deal with it all weekend long, and it was easy to imagine my younger cousins latching onto the nickname. Still. I wasn’t exactly enthused about the way my sister called them MY pull-ups, and there wasn’t exactly a lot of trust when it came to the girl.

“Kate, do you promise not to tell anyone?” I asked. Thinking quickly, I added the other option, “Or show anyone?” Lifting my skirt would be difficult to prevent on my end, no matter how guarded I stayed. I still planned on taking them off before arriving, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t expose me to our parents on the way.

Kate gasped. She had the most exaggerated expression of shock and surprise all over her face, which almost earned her another eye roll from me. “An-ne-lise,” she said, enunciating each syllable, “What kind of sister do you think I am?” Kate held up three fingers as she settled back into a more nonchalant smile, “Your secret is safe with me. Scout’s honor.”

“You dropped out of Girl Scouts in 4th grade.”

“So? Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout!”

“I’m serious, Kate. You can’t say a word. To anyone.”

“I won’t. But you have to wear them for the whole drive, sis. No changing until we’re out of the car, okay?”

I internally cursed at that little stipulation. It would be a lot more difficult to discreetly remove them between the car and our relatives’ house. That made it more of a risk if Kate decided to go back on her word and embarrass me, but I could still dart to the bathroom the moment we arrived. It’s common enough to need that kind of break after a long drive, and I could do a quick swap before visiting with anyone.

“Promise me, Kate.” I looked her dead in the eyes. I’m the older sister. Even if I have to look up in order to keep eye contact, I can still be serious. “You’ll call me ‘Annelise’ for the whole weekend.” Echoing her tone, wanting to be sure it wasn’t going to be one of those things where we made a deal without actually making a deal. I needed to hear her say it. And, while Kate was a lot of things, the two of us did take our promises pretty seriously.

She gazed down at me for a second, then glanced away in thought. In retrospect, her hesitation should have made me call things off right then and there. In classic teenage fashion, my sister was trying to think of a promise that wasn’t so cut and dry. And I was letting her, simply by not speaking up. “I promise to call you ‘Annie’ while you’re wearing your pull-ups,” Kate said, with a wink. Moving right on, she continued, “And yes, Annelise. When your dare is over and you’re back in your big girl underwear, I promise to call you Annelise all weekend.”

Unbelievable. That meant she was going to call me Annie for the whole drive! And after just giving me a taste of my preferred name again. Nothing was ever easy or straightforward with her. “Kate, no,” I said. It was important to put my foot down when it came to her antics, especially when I was already doing something so demeaning. “That wasn’t the deal.”

“It’s too late, Annelise,” Kate said, “Unless you’re saying I should break a promise?”


She immediately put me in an impossible position. As the older sister, I’ve lectured her about the importance of keeping her word. Leave it to Kate to twist that into making a promise in a way that binds her to something that works to her advantage. “That’s not-” I began. “You can’t-” Ugh! I couldn’t even find the words.

But Kate could. “Your choice, Annelise. But choose quickly. Mom and Dad are going to wonder what’s taking us so long.” She stepped over to the private bathroom and pulled the door open for me to enter if I wanted to. “Pull-ups and ‘Annie,’ or ‘Annie’ all weekend?”

The time pressure just made everything worse. Part of me still knew this was a terrible idea, but I was also falling victim to the ‘logic’ of her conditions. Kate was already regularly calling me ‘Annie’ these days. She had been doing so for months, and for the first half of the drive as well. What was another few hours? The only reason that it stung was because I had been given false hope. I also noted that she was still calling me ‘Annelise’ at the moment, which aligned with her promise. She would only call me the annoying name once the pull-ups were on.

One little dare. Just a few hours in embarrassing underwear, and then I could have a normal weekend where I wasn’t cringing at Kate’s name for me and constantly correcting her around our cousins.

“Kate. Promise me.” I took one step towards the bathroom. That’s it. Showing her I was game, but not wanting to cave without some assurances. “You won’t tell anyone. You won’t touch my skirt. This stays between us.”

“Where’s the trust, sis?” Kate giggled, “But fine. I promise I won’t tell anyone about your pull-ups. I promise I won’t touch your skirt. Happy?”

Not quite. “You promise this stays between us?”

“Jesus, Annelise. It’s just a sister’s dare. Yes. I promise it stays between us. Now, stop stalling and put your pull-ups on.

They’re not MY pull-ups!!! If we weren’t in public, I might’ve yelled just that. Instead, I merely scowled and walked into the bathroom. Kate’s annoyed tone already made me feel a little bit judged. At this point, it was best to just get it over with and pretend that I wasn’t bothered by the embarrassing underwear.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the privacy I was hoping for. Rather than closing the door behind me, Kate followed me into the bathroom.


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The Road Trip, Part Four [ABDL, AR]

Postby Lady Lucia » Tue Jan 03, 2023 11:25 am

Author's Note: Over 35 parts of this story are available on my Patreon, for anyone who wants to read more right away! Otherwise, you'll have to be patient and wait for the free releases. :)


“Kate, what are you doing?”

“Making sure you do your dare! What, would you rather lift your skirt to prove it outside?”

“No, but-” I began, trailing off. As usual, my sister had a way of making it sound like she was right. There were plenty of reasons why I shouldn’t have to do what she was suggesting, but none of them came to mind. The visual of lifting my skirt in public, showing off pull-ups that I was now wearing, was enough to give me pause. That, and arguing would no doubt just draw this process out.

As always, the best option was to just act like none of this bothered me.

Resisting the urge to sigh, I opened the pack of pull-ups. Knowing that any hesitation would only result in potential teasing, I wasted no time taking one of the bulky pairs out. The light pink made me reflexively cringe, as I had given up the color years ago. For a redhead my size, pink wasn’t the most flattering color. Thankfully, the childish underwear would be under my skirt. Unfolding the pull-up, vaguely familiar with the material from my babysitting days, I adjusted my weight so I could step into the first leg hole without inadvertently flashing my sister.

“Annelise, what are you doing?” Kate asked.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I was actually a bit surprised she interrupted, considering how I could still change my mind at any second. I definitely caught how quickly she turned my question around on me.

She just sighed. “You don’t wear pull-ups over regular underwear. What if you have an accident? That would be a total nightmare to deal with!”

“Why does it matter? It’s just a stupid dare.”

“Then do your stupid dare properly. Otherwise, it doesn’t count.”

For a few long moments, I just stared Kate down. Was she really going to insist on this? It was bad enough that I was letting her watch me put on pull-ups, but low key stripping in front of my sister was uncomfortable too. That same small voice in the back of my head was telling me to just throw the recently purchased underwear into the bathroom trash can and walk away, but I was mentally committed now that we had circled around promises and deals for so long already.

Without much bravado, I simply reached under my skirt to get a decent grip on my underwear. The entire time, I kept a close eye on Kate, still suspicious that she might try to catch some of this on camera. She didn’t, thankfully, and it didn’t take long for me to tug my panties down my slim thighs. It was wearing a boring white pair of underwear, and I was immediately tempted to explain to my fashionable sister that I had only chosen such a set since we were on the way to visit our cousins; the last place nice underwear really mattered.

Kate didn’t tease me, surprisingly, though I guess she was already pushing her luck with everything else. I let the underwear drop to my ankles and I stepped out of the leg holes as gracefully as I could manage; not only was the light breeze underneath my skirt embarrassing, but I also didn’t exactly know what to do with the underwear now in my hand. Putting them in my purse seemed a little gross, so I ultimately decided to tuck them into the open pack of pull-ups.

“Happy?” I muttered.

“Now put on your pull-ups, Annelise,” she simply said in response.

Now that we weren’t in public any more, I could be more vocal about my distaste for that particular phrase. “They’re not mine, Kate.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sis. Did we buy them for someone else? Or did we buy them for you?”

“You know what I mean.”

As usual, it wasn’t worth trying to deal with my younger sister’s ‘logic.’ Instead, the best play at this point was to just get it over with. Letting Kate get a rise out of me would only enable her. Her size advantage and her teasing would always bother me; I just had to get better at not letting it show.

Taking the partially unfolded pull-up I had temporarily set aside, I got to work. Trying my very hardest to pretend Kate wasn’t watching me with an amused grin, I stepped one foot after another into the leg holes. ‘Please don’t fit, please don’t fit.’ I quietly prayed as I slid the childish underwear up my legs. They were designed for tweens, and I was a nineteen year old college girl. Admittedly, my legs were pretty twig-like and my lower curves were even less impressive than the upper ones, but still. I was an adult.

Then again, what would happen if they didn’t fit? Technically I made an attempt to try them on, which was kind of the dare. But if I couldn’t wear them for the whole car ride, which was definitely Kate’s stipulation in regards to calling me ‘Annelise’ once we arrived, would she claim my efforts didn’t count for anything?

I didn’t have to wonder for too long. When I reached my thighs, the pull-ups didn’t resist in the slightest. Unable to help my blush the farther upwards I went, I soon found the waistband of the padded underwear wrapped snugly around my hips. When I felt the slight bulk between my thighs, and the padding against my ass, I was immediately tempted to just yank the embarrassing thing all the way back down my legs. But if it was sunk cost fallacy before, I was definitely in too deep at this point. There was no way I was going to give Kate the satisfaction of putting on pull-ups and letting her screw up my name on purpose because I bailed so soon.

“Well? Do they fit?” Kate asked. She gazed at me with curiosity as I removed my hands from underneath my skirt and adjusted my outfit to make sure nothing looked out of place after changing underwear. My expression must have said everything, because she smiled widely at my awkward silence, “Oh my God, I knew it!”

“Let’s just go,” I muttered. The longer we were in the gas station bathroom, the more strongly I’d consider just calling this whole thing off.

“Not yet,” she said. She grabbed the pack of pull-ups and pulled out another one. Holding it out with an expectant expression, she explained herself when I glanced back in confusion.

“Your dare was to put on pull-ups, Annie. As in, more than one.”

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