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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby BigMystique » Tue Dec 27, 2022 1:19 pm

It's Only Temporary (Chav FTF) - Part Three

Tim pulled out a large cord from the box and walked behind Tabitha, he plugged it in to the back of device and then dragged the wire over to his computer, slotting in the other end. “Sorry about that!” He then pressed enter again and Tabitha felt a sharp pain in her body causing her body to seize up for a second as if she had been shocked. “Calibration complete” read the monitor. She was scared, this device wasn’t just for show, she felt it was actually doing something to her.

“Now, let’s see here, where to begin.” Tim scrolled through her work profile. “Ah yes, you’re not from around here, are you? I think it’s best we make you a local girl.” He deleted her old hometown of Guildford, Surrey and entered the new one, Oldham, Greater Manchester, pressing enter sent another shock through Tabitha’s body but this time she felt a more severe pain in her head, “Ah, wot the fuck! Huh- my voice!”

“How’re you liking the new accent, told you we were making you a local girl. Oldham born and bred.”

Her accent was now much more northern and “common”, losing any hint of the distinguished southern that once occupied her tongue, she no longer sounded educated. “You’re just playing some kinda trick on me, no way this is real like.” It felt strange to talk in this new voice, it was like she had a stranger living inside of her.

“Oh, I assure you this is very real, let’s get on with some more changes, shall we?” Tabitha stayed silent. “So, in your soon to be old life you recently moved here after living with your parents all your life, not counting your stay at university, of course. And in quite a nice area too. The village of Shamley Green is very nice, very homely, horses, pony clubs, genteel. Yep, that’s gotta go.”

Tabitha was getting upset, with a few presses of a keyboard the man was making drastic changes to her life and he was only just beginning, “why are you doing this?!”

“Because we don’t need free thinkers here, just someone to take orders and flip burgers, I want staff that are loyal to our company, love our burgers and never want to leave the MacRonald’s family. And I happen to think that a bubble brain like you is the perfect candidate.”

‘Bubble brain’, that struck Tabitha as odd, she was intelligent, well educated, she loved to read and was always enthusiastic about learning new things. Was he going to alter her mind?

Tim looked back at his screen, there was a page filled with sliders, each with a different characteristic next to them. “I’m just going to make a few tweaks to your personality to make you the ideal employee. Don’t worry, it isn’t going to hurt…. much. You’ll barely notice it. You’ve already seen that I’ve made you a little more curvy and very compact.” He pointed at her new figure.

She looked down at her body, it felt wrong, unfamiliar, she was always tall and skinny, a figure perfect for Netball which she played every Summer. She had a local team back home that she played with, or at least she did, Oldham wasn’t particularly known for its sports facilities.

“How are you liking being 5ft tall, with big boobs and a bubble butt? You really fill that uniform out now, like you were poured into it, which is really good, it attracts the lads in the area to come and get their burgers here. It makes you look sexier; you aren’t fat but I bet you need to watch your weight now. You certainly look more aligned with the younger members of the team, less domineering and even less of an adult.”

The memories of being stared at by customers suddenly made sense to her.

“Ok”, he cracked his fingers and flexed his hands and started moving the sliders on the laptop screen. “Let's do this.”

He moved the slider on educational attainment removing her degree and making it so that she left school at 16 with next to no GCSEs. “No, wot are you doin?!” Tabitha cried out.

“Degrees mean nothing here; your job is simple so YOU are simple. Any academic achievement is seen as unnecessary baggage, we wouldn’t want you thinking you’re too good for us now, would we? But don’t worry, I made sure that you still got an E in Art.” Tim chuckled to himself. “Congratulations by the way, I bet you drew a very pretty picture, you must be so proud.” Tim pressed enter and Tabitha felt another shock hit her brain causing her body to seize up.

When the device stopped, she didn’t feel that different, her old memories were still there, albeit pushed to the side to make way for the new ones. She thought back to results day, going on her own because she worried, she might’ve failed a couple, of course, she got perfect grades all around. However, sat next to this memory was another. Going with her friends (girls she didn’t recognise) to pick up their grades, she opened up her letter to find that she had failed all but one subject, Art, the old Tabitha would be distraught but the new her actually felt proud, she now had one more GCSE than her mother.

“Let’s fill in some more details, shall we? How about you were brought up on a council estate by a single mother, her and your father split when you were very young, he was a local criminal, now serving a jail sentence of ten years, but don’t worry, every few weeks you get to visit him, you’re a real daddy’s girl now.”

“Leave my family alone! They haven’t done anything!”

“Don’t worry though, your Mum raised you in her image, she’s not some drug dealer or morbidly obese unemployed slob like most of the residents of these kind of estates. She is pretty, in a trashy sort of way, a hair dresser and a bit younger than you recall her being in your old life. She’s not 55 now, let's make her 39, silicone boobs, lip filler, permatan, nice rose tattoo on her breast, definite MILF territory.”

The woman he described was nothing like the mother Tabitha knew. She was no means bad looking but she certainly didn’t make it a priority. She held both her family and her career in high regard. She was a doctor and always made it her mission to inspire her daughters and encourage them to use their minds.

“Now, onto your older sister Melanie. 28 years old, lives alone, single and a teacher? From this estate? Nah, I don’t think so. Not possible. She is Melodee now, 23, works in a tanning salon nearby and has two kids (7 and 4), her boyfriend works in construction and is a wannabe boxer. She’s a real popular party girl, out every weekend, leaving the kids with Nan (your Mum), trying to live that influencer life she can barely afford.

You idolise her and always have done. See I am not cruel, you got so much support from Melanie with your studies and so I’m keeping much of that, the support she gave you is staying, only thing now is, it's all focused on hair, makeup and beauty tips.”

Tim presses enter and Tabitha feels a shock through her entire body, she was about to undergo some major changes...
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby armchairbull » Tue Dec 27, 2022 3:07 pm

Incredible, cannot wait to see where this goes
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby Maon » Wed Dec 28, 2022 12:37 am

What is his plan. What will happen to her and to her family?
So many questions. I'm looking forward to read the next chapter.
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby CaliWriting » Wed Dec 28, 2022 8:50 am

Love it!
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby pinkhippo99 » Wed Dec 28, 2022 2:59 pm

Really liking where this is going so far!
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby BigMystique » Fri Dec 30, 2022 4:59 pm

It's Only Temporary (Chav FTF) - Part Four

Tabitha feels a strange sensation in her fingertips, she looks down at her restrained arms to see her short, bitten fingernails growing. The rough edges smoothed out as they turned into hard acrylics, not too long as to impede her work but enough to show that this was a girl who took care of herself, appearance wise at least. Tabitha wasn’t one for fake nails, usually opting instead for a simple nail polish now and again, she thought back to the last time she wore acrylics, it would’ve been for prom when she was 16. She made an attempt to be super girly but it wasn’t for her. Tim looked at them from the desk, “I’m sure many will come to recognise those hands in future.” Tabitha didn’t even want to think about what he was inferring.

But this was going to be far from the most drastic change for her tonight as the tingling in her fingertips returned, what she mistakenly thought was a shadow emerged from her nails and made its way down to her palms. She then realised the colour was too different to be a shadow, it was an orangey brown colour, almost like paint, that creeped its way across her skin. She felt a similar feeling in her toes going across her feet and could only assume it was the same thing. Tabitha then remembered what Tim had said about her new Mother and Sister, according to him they worked in salons and dressed to nines in makeup, fake tan and tattoos, she was becoming just like them!

The fake tan crawled up her arms and legs, her pale white skin disappearing under a sea of deep orange. Tabitha screamed, “get it off me!” Tim knew this change was necessary for her to blend in with the local girls, there was no natural sun to be found and so it was fake tan and sunbeds all the way. She yelped in pain as she felt a stinging sensation in her thigh, unbeknownst to her, a large floral arrangement had now been tattooed on her thigh. Tabitha looked down as she felt the tan move up her stomach and towards her now big boobs. As it did, she yelped in pain once more as two nipple piercings attached to her body, they were now poking through the thin material of the shirt. The tan then made its way up her neck where it suddenly stopped, Tim had pressed pause on the machine.

“How are you liking the changes so far?” Tim asked.

“Stop it, please, I hate it! Just let me go!” She cried.

He shook his head. “No can do I’m afraid, once the process starts it can’t be stopped, company procedure.” Tim then grabbed a mirror out from under his desk and held it up at Tabitha so she could see herself.

“What are you doing?”

“I just wanted to give you one last chance to look at that pretty face before we make some... adjustments.”

What Tabitha saw was the girl she recognised, albeit a few years younger, she still had her green eyes, her slightly unkempt eyebrows, her thin but kissable lips slightly dry and flaky, a sad and innocent look on her face, her cheeks were a bit fuller but other than that she still looked like herself. That was all about to change.

Tim hit resume and the tan oozed itself up her neck and across her jaw and chin, her ears were the first to turn orange, the small studs in her earlobes turned into a pair of large hooped earrings, it took Tabitha a second to get used to the weight of them but then they felt completely natural, as if she had been wearing them for years. The tan then moved over her lips and nose before filling out her forward. She was now covered head to toe in an egregious amount of fake tan and started to look a lot like the younger girls who worked the counter.

Tabitha then caught something at the corner of her eye, it was her hair, it was growing and all of its natural curl was being straightened out of it. She could then see it was brightening, “my hair... it’s turning blonde!” First looking like highlights had been run through it before continued to lighten until it turned a bleached blonde, Tabitha didn’t know it but her roots were still dark indicating it was a dye job and not her natural colour. The hair then styled itself under the device so that it was done up in a bun. “We here at MacRonald’s LOVE blondes, our customers love them and we think you will love it too, after all, blondes do have more fun.” Tim smirked.

Tabitha sighed, exhausted, she felt defeated, the company was turning her into their own Barbie doll with the hair to match. She thought the worst of it was over but she was wrong. Dead wrong.

“But we’re not done yet.” Tim smiled.

“Wot do ya mean?” Tabitha asked before feeling immense pain in her nose. “Ow, my nose!” She couldn’t see it but she now had a ring pierced through one of her nostrils. She then cried out in pain again as a burning sensation spread itself across her face.

“Oh, you’re going to look so pretty!”

The first thing to change was her eyebrows, they disappeared before they were drawn back on, her eyes then felt heavy as a set of thick and heavily curved Russian lashes appeared, temporarily obstructing her vision. Her face then became coated in heavy makeup, immaculate and perfectly applied, her face contoured and all blemishes removed. The stinging sensation then returned in her lips, she looked down beneath her heavy lashes to see that they were expanding, “my wips!” They filled up with collagen until they turned into a pair of fluffy pink pillows, now coated in sticky pink lip gloss. The device then powered down and Tim walked up to her and put the mirror up to her face. It was now almost unrecognisable, but through all the makeup, piercings and collagen, her shiny green eyes remained, the last vestiges of Tabitha Beckett, physically. “Wot have you done to mwee?!” She was still getting used to her inflated lips.

“Like I said before, we need employees that blend in with the locals AND attract customers, now you fit the bill.”

“I look horrible, this isn’t me!”

Tim leans in and grabs her by the shoulders, “you look like a dolled-up tart and that’s just what we need, someone that can turn men on just by standing behind the counter, that’s what you are now.” Tabitha didn’t want to look but she could tell that Tim’s degrading comments to her were turning him on, he moved back to behind his desk to hide the raging hard on in his pants.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?!”

“Me, oh no, I’m merely doing my job.”

“By turning me into your dream woman, is that it?!”

“Oh, you’re really not my type, I just select which options are best for the location. You’re not Colin’s type either, he doesn’t date... chavs. Even the really pretty ones like you.”

“Chav? I’m not a chav!”

“Oh yeah, maybe not yet, but you certainly look like one. Just need to make a few slight mental adjustments and then we’ll be all set. Let’s get to it, shall we?” Tim flicks a switch and the device starts back up.

“Oh, I almost forgot the attachment”, he then goes back to the box that the device came in and pulls out a-

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Oh yes.” Tim smiles while holding a pink dildo attached to some sort of frame. He walks towards Tabitha and she tries fighting against the restraints to no avail. “Get away from me!” She creams. Tim removes the straw and slots the dildo in to the device so that it sits in front of her mouth without going in, “get this thing off of me!” She looks down at it, it looks eerily realistic, she could swear that she saw it twitching. The sight of it made her want to puke. Tim then started typing things into the computer, “so Tabitha, any last words?” She kept her mouth shut, refusing to humour him or let the device anywhere near her throat.

“I guess not.”

But then, just before he hit enter and started the device back up, the door swung open.

“Sorry, Tim, I used the spare key, I hope you don’t mind, I think I left something-” Rebecca looks up from her phone to see Tim sat as his desk while a girl is sat in front of him strapped to a chair wearing a strange looking helmet.

“Err, what’s going on?”
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby BigMystique » Fri Dec 30, 2022 5:03 pm

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy the latest part, as you can see I left it a little open ended and this is where I ask you for your input, originally I had no plans for Rebecca but now she's here in amongst the action and I was wondering what changes you might have in mind for her, should Tabitha have a new bestie, a rival, something else entirely, please keep in mind I keep my work strictly FTF (Female to Female) and so I'm not really looking to incorporate TG/FTM into this story.

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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby VoltaireEMCSA » Fri Dec 30, 2022 7:10 pm

BigMystique wrote:Hey guys, I hope you enjoy the latest part, as you can see I left it a little open ended and this is where I ask you for your input, originally I had no plans for Rebecca but now she's here in amongst the action and I was wondering what changes you might have in mind for her, should Tabitha have a new bestie, a rival, something else entirely, please keep in mind I keep my work strictly FTF (Female to Female) and so I'm not really looking to incorporate TG/FTM into this story.


If you're taking suggestions I'd like to see Rebecca turned into Tabitha's identical twin sister. They could share everything together, from makeup to boyfriends.
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby obviousagent » Fri Dec 30, 2022 10:58 pm

Well I like Voltaires suggestion but why not flip it and give Tabitha her older sister or even better her mother? Or if they still need employees and can't afford to lose one you could just chav her up as well, make her a bit older maybe the assistant manager? Have one of the loyal employees in the shadows of the office grab her and even have Tabitha do the conversion on her after all she will be loyal to the company. Whatever happens I'm liking this story alot.
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby allornone » Sat Dec 31, 2022 12:00 am

I am also liking this story a lot and I would say that regardless of the specifics I would like for Tim to finish transforming Tabitha and then leave her to decide how to transform Rebecca according to her wishes.
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