It's Only Temporary (Chav, Bimbo, IQ-, Reality Change)

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It's Only Temporary (Chav, Bimbo, IQ-, Reality Change)

Postby BigMystique » Sun Oct 16, 2022 4:25 pm

Hey guys, it's been a while. I know I promised to get more Brit Wish to you as soon as possible but the scale of it got a bit too big and overwhelming which caused me to burn out. But don't worry! It doesn't mean I've finished with it. Slowly I've been chipping away at the story to make Becky's descent as dense and devious as possible so hopefully I can get more done with that soon. Some of you may have noticed that I've just uploaded the first part of a new comic to DeviantArt and I'm proud to say that the creative juices have been flowing and I've cooked up a new story for you in the meantime. It's another Chav FTF so think of it as a spin-off or side-quel to Brit Wish. So, without further adieu, please enjoy "It's Only Temporary"!


It's Only Temporary (Chav FTF) - Part One

Tabitha Beckett knew she needed a change and so on the eve of her 25th birthday she made the decision to leave her hometown and move to a new city. It wasn’t easy, what with the British political climate and all, but she managed to find herself a flat share on the outskirts of town and a full-time job to go with it.

Of course, it wasn’t a glamorous job, she was a crew member for the fast-food chain MacRonald’s, an American company from the 50s that now had restaurants worldwide. She wasn’t particularly a fan of their food but being desperate for a job and her being way over qualified, it was hard for either of them to say no.

Tabitha had just finished cleaning the kitchen tops following the breakfast rush when she walked into the staff room and found Stacy and Rebecca in there. They were of a similar age to Tabitha and shared much of the same background, University graduates who were looking to make ends meet while searching for other jobs, particularly ones that would offer some sort of fulfilling career.

She sat down next to Rebecca and pulled out her phone, she saw that she had a notification from one of her job search apps, someone was offering her an interview at a finance company for a junior accountant role that promised career progression and excellent benefits, she couldn’t have agreed to the interview sooner.

Just then, another crew member walked in, a man by the name of Colin, also of a similar age to Tabitha. He removed his coat and folded it before shoving it into his locker. “Hey guys” he said before turning and seeing Tabitha looking up at him from her chair. “Oh hey, a new face, I’m Colin!” He reached out to shake her hand. “Tabitha” she said with a smile as she touched his hand, shocked at how smooth it was. “Sorry I was away for a couple of weeks so I haven’t had a chance to catch up on new arrivals.”

“Where did you go?”

“Oh, I was in Italy on a study trip with my History class, I’m working on my Masters.”

“That’s so cool!” She said with excitement, him being the first really interesting person she’s met since starting here.

Colin sat down next to her; she could see the tattoos he had on his toned arms. “You planning on staying long?”

“Oh no, I just moved here last month.” She showed him her interview notification with a smile and a wink. “I’m looking for something a little more... fulfilling. This is only temporary...”


Tabitha exited the staff room along with the other crew members and made her way into the kitchen to join the rest of the team but just as she got to the door, she felt a cold hand on her shoulder. “Tabitha, can I have a word?” She turned to find her manager, Tim, standing in front of her.


Tim led her into his office and gestured towards the seat in front of his desk before he went around to the back and sat in his own. “How’s your first few days been?”

“Oh, great, kinda crazy how fast I’ve been picking everything up to be honest, everyone is super helpful.”

“Good, that’s good.” He paused for a moment and then opened up the mini fridge he had under his desk and offered her a bottle, “water?” She took the water and immediately started to drink it, downing the bottle in one go, she had forgot to grab one while on her break. Tim smiled, “Thirsty?” Tabitha nodded.

“You see, the thing is- and the reason that I called you in here is that I and a couple of other staff members have overheard you talking about your job, saying it’s only a temporary thing and this and that but the trouble is we find those kinds of comments really bad for... staff morale and so I’d just like to ask if you could tone it down a bit?”

Tabitha was very apologetic. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I was just talking with my friends I didn’t mean-”

Tim put out his hand in a stopping gesture, “it’s- it’s fine, just- please don’t do it again.”

Tabitha nodded and was sent on her way, as she got to the door Tim called out, “just give it a while, I think you’ll come to love it here!”

Tabitha awkwardly smiled (there was no way she could see that happening) and went out of the room closing the door behind her.

Tim checked his watch, “and now it begins...”


The next few hours were very typical of daily life at a fast-food restaurant, Tabitha took orders, manned the fryer and cleaned up what she could when there was no one to serve. She was mopping the floors in the dining area when she felt a sharp pain in her legs. She put the mop back in the bucket and sat down at one of the tables and began rubbing her thighs. Rebecca, who was by the tills, could see that she was in some discomfort, “hey, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just a bit of cramp that’s all!” At least that’s what she suspected; she had been standing for quite a few hours.

Once the pain had subsided, she got back up and grabbed her mop, she felt something was off when she saw that the tip now lined up with her chest when she was sure that before she sat down it was waist high. She blinked a couple of times and shook her head, “growing mops, I must be going delirious.”

She came back into the kitchen where Rebecca was just bagging someone’s order, “how you feeling now?”

“All better” Tabitha replied before tripping on one of her pant legs that had been caught under her shoe. “Oops!” she giggled, slightly embarrassed.”

Rebecca shook her head, “they really couldn’t get you a pair of pants that fit, no wonder you wanna get out of here.”

Tabitha then folded the bottom of her pant legs so that they wouldn’t get caught, “first the mop and now this, maybe I shouldn't have watched that experimental movie with Sasha last night.”


Things were beginning to pick up in time for the lunch rush and so it was all hands on deck in the kitchen. Tabitha, Stacy and Colin were in there while Rebecca and the younger staff (they always made them go on till duty) were in the front.

“Can I get a Mac 12, please!” Stacy shouted.

Tabitha had to think fast, “Mac 12, Mac 12, what is it- oh yes! Fries, Chicken Burger and a Shake!” She began putting the order together, first she got the burger, then she prepared the shake, last thing she needed were the fries, she went over to the fryer and scooped up a load of the fries and then realised she didn’t have any of the boxes, she looked up to find someone had but them above the grill. She got up on her tip toes and found she was unable to reach them, she squinted as the fumes from the sizzling burgers irritated her eyes.

“Here, let me grab them for you.” Colin reached up from behind her and handed her the boxes. “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Tabitha then boxed the fries, put them in the bag and then handed Stacy the order.

Colin chuckled. “Y’know, I didn’t realise how short you were, you looked a lot taller in the staff room.”

“I didn’t realise either.” Tabitha smiled. “Could’ve sworn they weren’t that high up yesterday.”

“Yeah, I don’t know who puts them up there but they sure do like to make things awkward.”

“They certainly do!” Tabitha laughed.

There was an awkward pause as they both stood there unsure what to do next. Then Colin cleared his throat and turned. “Hey, so you’re new in the city, right?”

Tabitha nodded, “Mhm.”

“Well, how about I show you around, I mean- I've only been here for like a year but I think I’ve got to know the place.”

She smiled, “are you asking me out on a date?”

Colin started to feel the sweat dripping from his forehead. “Erm... no- well... Yeah! But I only if you’d like to, it’s totally cool if not!”

“I’d love to.”

“Awesome! I know this cool bar that my friend works at, we could start there.”

“I’d like that.”

“Well, I get off early today, you’re here all day, right? So why don’t we say you come straight after work, like 9ish?”

Tabitha looked down at her outfit, her shirt was looking a little baggy, “don’t you think I’m a little underdressed? I might need to put my date face on.”

“You’re perfect as you are...”

Tabitha blushed, Colin smiled and put his hand on her arm.

Suddenly they were interrupted by the sight of chicken nuggets being thrown around them, some of the local yobs had started a food fight with each other. Colin, as the oldest and tallest of the staff knew that he was the designated restaurant security guard and left Tabitha so that he could deal with the situation.

“Hey, you lot, could you pack it in, there’s people trying to eat!”

They were all in different variations of the same tracksuit and wore hoods to cover their shaved heads, they looked like the chav equivalent of a boy band.

The leader of the group, who had his hood lowered to show off his “fresh trim” to the chavettes sitting in the corner too busy filming TikToks on their phone to really pay attention, shouted and threw his fries at Colin, “fuck off, knobhead!” The boy and his crew then saw a policeman in the distance and knew it was time to leave. “Let’s go boys!”

Colin watched them run away into the busy street and turned back to Tabitha; he looked a little hurt by the boy's remark.

“Ignore them, they’re all a bunch of idiots.”

Colin smiled and gently squeezed her hand, “thanks, Tabitha.”


Tabitha’s face began to feel itchy, as if she was suffering from some sort of rash, she attributed it to standing above the hot grill earlier, all that hot grease must’ve gotten into her pores. She stepped into the staff toilet and ran the warm water tap. Looking into the mirror she could see that her face was looking a little red... and tired, but that was normal for someone of her age, bags under her eyes from years of late nights finishing essays and dissertations. She lathered some soap in her hands and then wiped her face. She then rinsed it and wiped her hand on the fogged-up mirror. Looking now she could see that the redness had gone away, in fact, so had the eye bags. Her face took on a more youthful appearance.

She stepped out of the bathroom to find Colin wheeling his bike to the front door, he waved at her as he walked past, “see you at 9!”

“See you then.”


It was around half three when things began to settle down giving Tabitha enough time to take her lunch break, she was starving! As company policy dictates, every worker was guaranteed one free meal per day. She prepared her usual which was a plain hamburger, fries and a coke. She then sat in the staff room to eat; Rebecca was already in there nibbling on a couple of nuggets. “How’s it hanging?” Rebecca asked.

“All good, did you see all those guys throwing stuff around before, Colin had to kick em out, don’t they have like- literally anything better to do?” She then unwrapped her burger and started eating.

“Those kinds of guys come in here all the time causing trouble, usually trying to impress all those girls that come in with their prams to discuss who got more ‘mortalled’ the night before, ‘oooo I was so drunk that I blew like 50 guys last night with my stupid fake lips and then jerked off another 25 with my huge tits!’” Rebecca pushed up her boobs and mockingly showed them off while making a kissy face.

Tabitha laughed, “you really got it in for those girls, huh?”

“Trust me, I went to school with most of them, they're all stuck up airheads!”

Tabitha had finished her burger and was now opening up her packet of sauce to dunk her fries.

“Hey, I gotta get back to work, you wanna finish off my nuggs?”

“Sure!” Tabitha said with her mouthful of fries. Rebecca had barely left the room by time she had finished it all, feeling a bit bloated she leaned back in her chair and heard a snap.

“Oop-” she looked down to find that her bra had snapped and was hanging loose in her shirt, “maybe I over did it a little.” She stood up to remove the bra and felt a tightness in her rear, she looked behind to find the fabric of her pants stretched to breaking point across her arse cheeks. “What the hell, first they were too long and now they’re too tight!” She unbuckled her belt and threw it in her locker along with the broken bra.

“Back to work, I guess.”


If you enjoyed the story don't forget to leave a comment! I'd love to hear your theories for what might happen next ;)
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby armchairbull567 » Sun Oct 16, 2022 7:52 pm

This is so good! Really hope Colin turns into another "fresh trim" chav
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby Maon » Mon Oct 17, 2022 12:12 am

Whenever the next chapter of Big wish will be published I'm looking forward
to read it.

I don't know what Tim has planned but I know that I will enjoy to read
the next chapter.
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby BigMystique » Mon Oct 17, 2022 7:49 am

It's Only Temporary (Chav FTF) - Part Two


Tabitha had swapped places with Stacy and was now working with the younger staff taking orders. They didn’t really speak much as they had so very little in common. It wasn’t even that the age gap was that big, them being 18/19 while she was mid 20s, there was really only a stint in university to separate them, not that they had any intention of going.

They were all local to the area, having been born here and had a familiarity with many of the customers who turned up on a daily basis. Usually, old classmates or relatives, the odd ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

She tried to make an effort with them but not even their taste in music aligned, Tabitha was more into Pop Punk (Paramore) and Classic 80s hits while the younger lot were more into Rap (Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B) or God forbid Drill and DnB. She overheard a couple of the girls talking about a rave they had been to at the weekend. It sounded awful to her, a load of dolled up scantily clad women surrounded by dumb horny boys in a dark and sweaty room. Live music was never really Tabitha’s thing.

She had just finished up serving one customer when a middle-aged man in high vis jacket came up to her. “Hi there, could I take your order?”

The man smirked and then turned to his friend behind him. “It looks like they’ve got the Big Racs up front today!” They both laughed.

“Hey, they’re not big-” Tabitha thought. But when she looked down, she could see that her cleavage was now clearly visible.

“I’ll just take a coffee to go, doll.”

She started to walk to the coffee machine and could feel her chest beginning to jiggle. “Wow-” she thought, “they’re definitely bigger.”


Another day at MacRonald’s was almost at an end. The store was shut, the younger crew had gone home and Tabitha was cleaning up the front with Stacy and Rebecca. She was starting to feel some back pain from the added weight of her breasts and took a moment to breathe.

“Girl, you really gotta get a bra for those things, they need support,” said Stacy.

“It broke.” Tabitha then carried on sweeping. “Oh, I forgot to tell you guys!”

Stacy and Rebecca stopped what they were doing.

“Colin and I are going on a date!”

“Oh my god, when?!” Rebecca replied excitedly.

“Tonight! I’m meeting him at some bar in town,” she said, trying to hide the grin on her face.

Stacy squealed, “oh my god, that’s awesome, congrats, Tabs!”

“He’s such a great guy and he’s like the perfect fit for you. You’ll love him!” Rebecca smiled.

“Thanks guys.”

The girls then put all of the cleaning equipment back into the storage cupboard and went to the staff room to pick up their bags and coats.

Rebecca put on her coat and then turned to face Tabitha, “Y’know, if you and Colin are going out tonight, you should really try this new Mediterranean place I found with Steve, it’s got like this tiny bookstore at the bottom and then you go upstairs and there’s this huge cafe.”

“That sounds romantic,” replied Tabitha.

“Oh, it totally is.”

“And you never know, if Colin sees you without that bra someone might be getting lucky tonight.” Stacy interjected.

Tabitha laughed, “I don’t know about that, on the first date, that’s not really my thing.”

“That’s what we all say.” The girls all giggled and then made their way to the exit.

As they got to the door, Tim came out of his office, “Tabitha, could I borrow you for a moment?”

“Oh Tim, I’ve really got to be going!” It was already 8:39 and she was supposed to be meeting Colin at 9. She hated running late.

“It’ll just be for a second.”

Tabitha looked at her friends, “you two go on without me, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Rebecca then gave her a quick hug, “good luck tonight!”

“Bye, guys.” Tabitha said as the door closed behind her...

Tim leads her back into the office where they first spoke this morning, again, he gestures for her to take a seat.

“So-” Tim sits back in his chair, “have you had time to think things over, a change of heart perhaps?”

“Well, errr- it's just that I’ve been really busy today and...”

“So, you still plan on leaving, okay.”

“Look, it’s not a problem with you if that’s what you think.”

“Well, I wasn’t thinking that until you said it.”

“I’m sorry, Tim, but I’ve really got to get going.”

“You’re not going anywhere.”


“I said you’re not going anywhere.” Tim then pressed a button under his desk and metal restraints came out from the arms of Tabitha’s chair and over her wrists locking them in the place. “Hey, what the-” Another restraint came out from behind and locked itself over waist. “What is this?!”

“I gave you a chance and you still couldn’t do it, you’re bad for morale and things are gonna have to change.”

Tabitha started to kick her legs but found that the chair was firmly planted to the ground and her upper body was locked in place, tight. “Help, HELP!”

“No one can help you, this office is sound proof.”

“What are you gonna do to me?”

“A more appropriate question to ask would be what have I been doing to you.” Tim then pressed another button and a monitor came down from the ceiling. A video started playing of a clow, the company's mascot, who was standing in a white room.

“Congratulation, you have been selected to take part in our super secretive and state of the art Superstar program where you become out ideal employee. Now, you may be wondering, ‘aren’t I already the perfect employee’, but the answer is no, otherwise, you wouldn’t be seeing this video in the first place hahaha!”

Tabitha squirmed in her seat, unsettled by the sight of the clown.

“You may have noticed that you’ve already been going through some changes, that’s because you have been provided with a high dose of our youth serum! Yes, now you get to relive your life from 19, the age that our scientists have determined is the best age to get you started on your wonderful new career with us.”

Tabitha looked down at her slightly altered body and realised she hadn’t been going crazy and something was happening to her.

“Now that the first step is complete it’s on to the second, a complete rewrite of your original history! Of course, this is a very thorough procedure and requires a personal touch so we’ll leave you in the hands of one of our most trusted colleagues-” a robotic voice then came in, “Tim.”

“I always did find that clown creepy” Tim said as he pushed the monitor to the side so he could grab a box off the floor, he put it on his desk and opened it up, pulling out the bubble wrap and throwing it into a corner. He then pulled out a strange looking hat. It was one of those novelty drinking hats you’d find at a baseball game. “Courtesy of our American partners” he said as he turned towards Tabitha with a smile.

He walked over to her and removed the black cap she wore for work, her hair was short and practical, a dull natural light brown. He then fitted the device onto her head and made sure to tighten it so that there was no wiggle room. “What did it mean, a complete rewrite, there’s no technology that can do that.”

“That you know of... and you’ll see how it works soon enough. He then pulled two clear canisters from the box, inside them was a glowing gloopy pink liquid.

“What’s that?”

“This is our secret ingredient.” He then put the canisters into the parts where the drinks would usually go. He moved the straw away from her mouth. “That’s just for show, most people like to put in to keep their patients quiet, me, not so much. I like to hear what they’re thinking.”

“This is wrong, you can’t do this to people!”

“Oh, no? It hasn’t stopped us for the last 20 years.”

“Someone’s gonna find out eventually!”

“That’ll be the day, people encounter our ‘perfect employees’ every day and nobody realises.”

“Well then I’m gonna tell em!”

“Trust me, you’re not even gonna remember this conversation when it’s over.”

“Oh yeah, you think you can turn me into your work slave and get away with it, like hell I’ll work for you.”

“Hey, we don’t make slaves, that’s way too obvious, then people would get suspicious, we merely change a person's life so that they’re relying on us for employment, they need us, YOU need us.”

“I’m not gonna let this happen.”

“You have no choice in the matter. What choice you do have is what life we give you, you see, you’re not just any of our ‘perfect employees’, you’re the first using a new technique, a combination of magic AND technology.” He then sat at his desk and pulled the keyboard towards him. “We used to have to write this stuff out by hand.” He then opened up two web pages, one was Tabitha’s employee profile and the other was her personal social media. “Okay then, where should we start?”

Tabitha was starting to get angry; this man was telling her that he is going to change her life against her will and make her a slave to this company. “If you think I’m gonna help you in any way then you are fucking insane!”

Tim sighed, “Alright, have it your way, I’ll make the decisions.” He then started to type and Tabitha watched, he pressed enter and then looked at her, proud of himself. Nothing happened. She didn’t feel a thing. Tabitha laughed at him, “your crazy invention, it didn’t work, I knew it was a load of baloney!”

“Oh!” he laughed back at her, “I can be so forgetful after a long shift sometimes. I forgot to plug it in!”


Only one more part to go, how do we think Tabitha is gonna do against the might of the MacRonald's food corporation?
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby brightsun21 » Mon Oct 17, 2022 10:36 am

Very promising start
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby audipwr87 » Mon Oct 17, 2022 11:21 am

Very thoroughly enjoying this story! Can't wait to read more!
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby Alicia767 » Mon Oct 17, 2022 4:52 pm

Wonderful! Love the addition of the machine, can't wait to see how it works!
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby pinkhippo99 » Tue Oct 18, 2022 2:19 am

I love where this is going. Reality alteration is my jam!
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby pinkhippo99 » Mon Dec 05, 2022 1:37 pm

Bumping this because I hope it gets continued one day.
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Re: It's Only Temporary (Chav TF)

Postby audipwr87 » Fri Dec 09, 2022 12:27 pm

I as well can't wait for the next installment!
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