Tidying up the Kingdom (Social Status, IB, DG) complete

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Tidying up the Kingdom (Social Status, IB, DG) complete

Postby animefan78 » Sat Sep 10, 2022 5:11 pm

I am trying to write something original this time rather and a fanfiction. Now this did start as something I was planning for the interactive stories, but I decided to put it here instead. However I am still very interested in where you think the story should go so please let me know your suggestions. That said it is something of a slower burn but not nearly as slow as my Princess Hermione story. The chapters will be much shorter around 500-750 words with a tighter focus and narrative. Thanks in advance.


The sole saving grace of the country of Heim was that it was frankly to small and insignificant to be considered much of anything by its much larger neighbors. They also considered it cheaper and easier to just bribe the rather fickle and weak-willed ruling family to do their binding and the current king was an old fool who left much of the ruling of the kingdom to his daughter Princess Sarah Cuthbert. Sarah was as pretty as she was ruthless, the worst combination of Cinderella’s looks with the demeanor of her evil stepmother, and the worst impulses of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Her hair looked like spun sunshine traveling down her back in a golden waterfall of silk. Eyes as blue as the sky, with teeth the color of freshly fallen snow. Her facial features perfect and regal as befitting her station as the ruling princess of the land. The princess’s figure was equally impressive with ripe breasts as larger than any woman despite only barely being a woman at the age of 22. Yet despite their size her waist was no larger than that of a girl creating an extremely pleasing curve as it pulled inward before spreading out over her lush child bearing hips. Standing at nearly 5 feet 10 inches tall her legs were impressive and carried her across the dance floor with ease temping man and woman alike with her sensual movements.

However, such movements were beyond her at the moment as she drunkenly staggered down the hall helped by one of her more dedicated maids, after an all to typical night of over indulgence of her overly large appetite for pleasure. The lowly Stela could best be described as everything that Sarah was not. Dirt brown hair the texture of straw with dull muddy eyes with a smile only a mother could love and Stela’s did not as she had been found abandoned near the castle. A foot shorter and several stones heavier Stela’s flabby form with no semblance of womanly curves, with thick arms, and legs with a large bloated belly she struggled to help the Princess along. Yet her kind heart and loyalty to her home kept her slow body and mind working painstakingly moving one step at a time as Sarah put more weight on her.

You would think that Sarah would have been grateful for such help yet her angelic voice could only hurl drunken insults at her loyal maid in a number of different languages. Stela only sighed as she knew she was being insulted but it was her job to assist the princess. Her role in life was to be a maid and so she would serve her home as best she could, forcing back even the tiniest thought of dumping the spoiled brat on the cold stone floor. At last they reached the Princesses chambers. “Princess we have reached your chambers.” Stela said softly sitting the princess on her opulent bed.

“About time,” Sarah groaned.
“Do you require anything else,” Stela said still holding the wobbly princess up.
“Coming up,” Sarah groaned as a green pallor came over her porcelain complexion.
“What is coming up my lady,” Stela asked only to receive a blast of thick acrid bile to the face. The chunky putrid liquid the remains of Sarah’s food and drink for the evening as nearly a half-gallon of fluid soaked into her skin hair and clothes.
“Much better,” Sarah sighed before slumping onto her bed.

How will Stella respond?
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby TF Fan88 » Sun Sep 11, 2022 9:40 am

Great to see something truly original from you. I look forward to more. And you are right this gives you the chance to write something more streamlined and less an epic that PoL turned into
TF Fan88
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby animefan78 » Mon Sep 12, 2022 12:31 pm

We've now met our two main characters the Prima Dona Princess Sarah and the lowly maid Stella.

Stela yells at Sarah

Covered in acrid foul-smelling bile, listening as the Princess snickered at her Stela finally snapped. “That ungrateful bitch,” Stela thought slowly clenching and unclenching her fists as all of her long-suppressed thoughts came surging to the forefront of her sleep deprived overworked mind. “You ungrateful little snot,” Stela growled wiping the bile from her eyes not caring as globs of bile fell onto the opulent carpet or clothes strew around the room.

“What did you say to me,” Sarah snapped glaring at her maid.
“I said you an ungrateful wench,” Stela growled wringing the bile from her clothes letting it pool on the floor.
“How dare you,” Sarah snapped.
“How dare I,” Stela said. “You were the one who threw up on me, after I carried you back here before you made a fool of yourself.”
“Apologize this instant or I will have you thrown in deepest pit in the dungeon,” Sarah growled struggling to sit up.
“You’re a lousy drunk who can’t even stand up,” Stela said taking a step closer till her legs touched the mahogany bedframe. For once even her short statured frame could just barely look down on the beautiful slovenly princess.
“You dare lecture me,” an enraged Sarah screamed.
“I might be just a maid in service of the Cuthbert family, but I am still a citizen of Heim and….”
“Under my rule,” Sarah sneered. “Guard!” she exclaimed loudly.

Barely a fraction of a second past before an armored soldier was standing in the princess’s quarters sword at the ready. “Yes, Milady,” the pair replied.
“This maid had the gall to insult me, throw her in the black hole,” Sarah replied.
“Princess, the black hole is the deepest darkest part of the dungeon,” the guard said.
“I know,” the Princess replied.
“But Milady none have……” the man gasped.
“That is entirely the point,” Sarah replied. “Now do it or I will have you join her.”
The man sighed. “Yes, my lady,” he said grabbing Stela by the arm and pulling her along.
“How long will I be resigned to the black hole because……..” Stela asked.

“A week you worthless maid,” Sarah said. “Now get this worthless girl out of my sight,” Sarah said with a wave before falling back down on her bed.
“Of course, my lady,” the soldier said pulling Stela along. “Now don’t you dare try anything.” He said as they left.
Stela waited until she heard the door close before speaking again. “I will not resist,” Stela said softly. “Because it’s not like I would be able to escape anyway,” she thought as they headed into the depths of the castle.

Unexpectedly the Black Hole was not inf act a hole but rather a lone dank cell found in the depths of the dungeon. In fact, it was the only room after descending a long flight of stairs. However, it did live up to the name dark with the only light coming from a lone torch halfway up the stairs. So she could barely see the rusted metal doors let alone the back of the cell. She wasn’t sure of the size in the low light, but it could have been anything from no bigger than the reach of a knight’s arms to vast expanse of darkness. Then there was the smell, a foul pungent odor, but underneath it Stela could detect a more natural scent, so while foul it would not kill her.

“I am terribly sorry Miss,” the knight said closing and locking the door behind her as her shoes sunk into the dirt and muck covered floor.
“You are simply doing your duty sir knight,” Stela replied. She was unable to tell if she had impressed the man or not, but he did linger on the steps before vanishing out of sight.

Is Stella to clueless to realize what she's getting into or blinded by duty?
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby animefan78 » Thu Sep 15, 2022 4:55 pm

Time to get the ball rolling on an important McGuffin.

Stela investigates her cell

Stela sighed looking around the cell, which felt more like the entrance to a cave than a prison cell. The dirt covered floor and dank air only added to the cave like atmosphere as she looked around the room waiting for her eyes to adjust to the low light of her surroundings. As her eyes adjusted her face fell further as she discovered an old rusted metal bucket next to a stone ledge sticking out from the wall, that looked more like a dislodged stone rather than an actual bench to sit or lay on. Her blanket in so much that you could call it one was more of a small threadbare sheet, that wouldn’t even make a poor-quality rag. There was no pillow that she could see. Stela sighed, all she could see was dirt, dirt, before the light vanished completely towards what she assumed was the back of the cell. With another sigh she sat down on the stone outcropping, the cold damp stone chilling her body before her thick wide frame slipped off dropping her into the damp earth with a soft thud.

“Owie…..” Stela groaned. “So much for sleeping on that,” she sighed slowly standing back up. “And I can’t sleep on this,” she said pulling her hands out of the muck covered floor. The unfortunate maid was at a loss she knew she couldn’t very well sleep in the dirt, but there wasn’t much else at the moment so she stood squared her shoulders and steeled her mind before stepping into the abyss. One hand on the wall, she began slowly walking further into the darkness. One small step after another she moved into the depths of the cell the flickering torch from the distance hallway continued to fade until it to vanished leaving her in complete and total darkness. Darkness that would have made even the strongest warriors pause in trepidation and yet she continued on.
Perhaps Stella was as stupid as the Princess claimed she was, or perhaps it was desperation, or curiosity or a mix of all three as her hand lost purchase with the wall as she lost all sense of direction. “I’m fine, this is nothing, I mean I’m inside the castle and it’s not like there is an actual monster living down here,” Stella said to herself as she lost all sense of direction or time in the dark abyss with only the occasional drip of water to keep her company. “How long has it been,” she said to herself. “I wonder…. Eep!” she squeaked as her foot hit something solid sending her rolling across the ground before crashing into something. A rather hard and soft something, not unlike a plant. “What in the stars is a tree doing all the way down here,” she said slowly rolling off it using her hands to feel out the darkness of her surroundings. The tree as it turned out was nothing but a small sapling or rather a small sapling growing out of the middle of a massive tree stump the protruded just above the muck.

“I am sorry for crashing into you like that Mr. Tree,” Stella said gently brushing it off and straightening it. “But I can’t see a thing in the darkness like this.”
As if responding to her words the tree began to glow letting off a soft silver light that drove back the darkness illuminating the large cavernous space, she found herself in. “Oh wow,” Stela gasped looking around the faintly lit space filling her with a sense of wonder as she marveled at the remains of what must have been a once been a place of greatness. Titling her head back she could see a small crack in the ceiling revealing a faint sliver of the night sky. “Thank you, Mr. Tree, I feel much better now,” she said laying back on the stump looking up at that faint sliver of sky like a ray of hope. “And I’ll do my best to return the favor once I get a little bit of rest ok,” she said softly as exhaustion took over.

Just what is this tree doing buried under the castle?
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby shanglion » Sun Sep 18, 2022 2:09 am

I'm looking forward to some more.
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby animefan78 » Mon Sep 19, 2022 12:43 pm

What does a maid who doesn't know anything else do when surrounded by filth?

Caring for the Tree

Stella was unaware for how long she had spent sleeping next to the tree, underneath small crack in the ceiling showing a dark sky. Whether it was dark from it being night or from a cloudy sky she could not tell. “Good day Mr. Tree, I hope you had a pleasant rest,” she said her joints cracking as she slowly set up. The leaves of the small tree glowed faintly in a silent reply. “Thank you, but please don’t stress yourself over me,” Stella said gently patting the tree whose light dimmed slightly but remained active.

Her thoughts turned inward as she looked around the expansive room that was bigger than she remembered it being. Try as she might, Stella couldn’t just sit back and look at the dilapidated room. Idleness was unbecoming of a maid, and soon her body was itching to move and do something even if there was nothing to do and no one was watching. “Just because she stuck me in the filth doesn’t mean I have to live in it,” she said standing up. “Don’t worry Mr. tree I will be right back.” She said making her way back to the front of her cell. The total darkness didn’t scare her as she quickly made her way to the cell door where a bucket of water and a bucket full of food scraps was waiting for her. Thanking the guard she took one bucket in each hand, putting the old empty one on her head and the blanket around her shoulders before wading back into the darkness of her cell. The tree glowed a bit brighter as she returned. “Silly tree, I told you I would be right back,” Stella said.

“Rag check, water check, food……” she said looking down at the slop. “Um…. yeah.” she said picking what edible bits she could before returning to her work. The first order of business was cleaning off the large stump that was easily the size of the princess’s room at the least. The grain grew outward from the center is wide concentric circles, with a pleasing color that was neither to dark or too light. She soon lost track of how long she had scrubbed, pouring all of her skill and strength as a made until it began to shine under the small sliver of light that shone in to the cave. A wide oval face with pudgy cheeks fat misshapen nose, small eyes, and a large bulbous chin looking back at her. While her reflection gave her no reason to smile, the fact that there was a reflection did give her reason to smile for a job well done. “Much better, I hope that makes you feel a little better,” she said looking at the small sapling growing out of the stump, that gave a small flicker of light in response.

“Good, I’m glad,” she yawned. “And I’ma gonna take a nap now,” she yawned before falling asleep on the spot her head resting next to the sapling. It could have been a random bit of dew dripping off the tree or a conscious act by the strange tree but a large drop of water fell from one of its leaves onto the sleeping Stella. The silver droplet glowing like the moon as it splashed on the sleeping woman soaking into her dirty brown hair. The shimmering light spread across the straw like strands expunging the dirt turning the strands darker closer to the pitch black of their surroundings.

This pattern repeated itself with Stella gathering fresh water and food each day and spending her time cleaning the tree of the disgusting filth surrounding it. It took her three days to clean out the muck around the stump, and another two to clean the back of it’s roots. Always returning to the sapling to sleep. The tree guarding her in her slumber while releasing small drops of water on her hair in thanks for the love and care. The once straw like strands becoming smoother and darker, as the strands began to tickle the back of her neck inching closer to her shoulders. Additionally, her vision was improving seeing a bit more each day as they adapted to the lack of light in the chamber. Tripping less as she forced herself to lift her feet over the roots and stones around her. However as suddenly as it started her monastic life came to an end as she heard the distance call of someone from the front of the cell.

The tiding up has begun, will anyone or anything appreciate her efforts?
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby animefan78 » Sat Sep 24, 2022 5:12 am

After a week in the hole what is next for Stella?

Stella’s release

“It seems our time here is at an end Mr. Tree, but I promise to come back ok,” Stella said gently stroking the leaves like one might a favorite pet. The leaves moved pressing into her hands drops of dew forming on the top. The glowing droplets of water dropped into the palm of her hand.
“For me thank you,” Stella said looking at the drops of water before running it through her hair to settle some of the wild strands. “It might take me a while, but I promise to return,” she said one last time before heading back into the darkness.
Oye, are you still alive and sane in there. I swear if I have to clean up another prisoner gone mad," the guard said rattling the cages with his sword. A metallic clang echoing throughout the dungeon.

“You needn’t worry, I am quite alive and quite sane,” Stella said stepping out of the darkness. She was still the same old maid he had thrown in there a week earlier and that was entirely the problem. Half of the prisoner’s throne in the hole didn’t survive, driven mad by the overwhelming darkness before ending their own lives. The half that did were never the same again suffering from bouts of insanity and muttering about imaginary beasts that roamed the darkness. So, to say that seeing the remarkably composed woman step out of the muck looking non the worse for wear besides dirty clothes, dirt-stained hair, and skin a bit paler from the lack of light was rather surprising. Said pale skin was beginning to redden as she looked at the slack jawed guard staring at her. “Is something wrong, am I to be released or has the princess extended my imprisonment.”

“No,” the guard yelped nearly dropping his sword. “I mean yes,” he added quickly fumbling with the blade. “No.” he said as it clattered to the floor.
Stella smiled a bit at the guard’s expense. “I know I am not the smartest but I am confused. Am I to be released or not?” she asked.
“Right sorry,” the guard said putting his sword back in its sheath. “Your week of confinement in the black hole is at an end. I was just surprised to see that you survived with your sanity intact.”
“I see,” she said as the door was opened.
“Yes, most are driven mad by the oppressive darkness of this place,” he said.
“That is terrible, but I fond my time in the darkness to be an….” Stella paused thinking of the tree she had befriended. “An interesting experience.”
“Really,” the guard scoffed.

“Yes, you just need to keep an open mind,” she replied as they headed up the long stairs her high confident steps never once tripping on the stone steps.
“That’s because she’s too stupid to know any better,” one of the other maids called out as they exited the dungeons.
“That’s enough out of you,” the head maid said walking over to them.
“Stella, you’re ok,” the woman said hugging her.
“Thank you, Ms. Elizabeth,” Stella said returning the hug.
“And your ok, really ok,” Elizabeth said.
“Yes,” Stella replied.
“But the darkness of the black hole,” Elizabeth said.
“It was very dark, but I had nothing to fear because you can’t fear nothing and I’m not going to be afraid of what isn’t real,” Stella said.
“Batty that one,” the rude girl replied.
“That’s enough out of you,” Elizabeth said.
“Am I to resume my normal duties,” Stella asked.
“I……” Elizabeth began to say as the familiar clacking of heels on stone filled the hallway.

“That would be up to me,” Sarah said confidently striding down the hallway like she owned the place. Her blond hair brushed to perfection, flaunting her curvaceous figure in a form fitting blue gown. In stark contrast to Stella’s short round rather ugly appearance save for her dark brown hair with a bit of shine and a slight wave which was quickly becoming her best feature
“I’ve seen trees with more elegance,” Stella thought. “Hu where did that come from,” she thought again watching as Sarah came closer her looming presence beginning to overwhelm her. Instincts screaming to take a step back her foot sliding slightly. “No!” her mind shouted. “I faced the black hole, I can face her,” she thought holding her ground craning her head upwards to look at Sarah. “Princess what role would you like to resume,” she said.

The maid grows a backbone.... Oh my what might happen next?
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby funfun74 » Mon Sep 26, 2022 7:03 am

Fun read so far. I also am looking forward to more and seeing where this is going.
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby animefan78 » Mon Sep 26, 2022 12:25 pm

funfun74 wrote:Fun read so far. I also am looking forward to more and seeing where this is going.

Thanks and I am glad you have been enjoying it.
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Re: Tidying the Kingdom (maid to princess various tfs)

Postby animefan78 » Tue Sep 27, 2022 2:14 pm

A new demeaning job for Stella just how will she handle scooping night soil.

Night Maid

While never angelic, Sarah’s otherwise beautiful smile turned into a wicked grin matched by the cruelty gleaming in her sky-blue eyes. “Since you seem to have enjoyed your stay in the black hole living in darkness and muck you shall live in their permanently as a night maid cleaning out the castles latrines like the low brow incompetent maid you are,” Sarah said.

“How predictable,” Stella thought fulling expecting the worse from the spiteful princess.
“Princess surely,” Elizabeth protested.
“If my princess orders it, I shall obey,” Stella said softly before Sarah could turn her ire on the head maid of the castle.
“My Lady this is too much,” Elizabeth said moving to Stella’s side.
“This is fine and if I am to serve as a night maid might I retire for a while to prepare,” Stella said.
“Do what you like, just know I will have the guards making sure you are performing your duties,” she said before spinning on her heel and marching off.
“Thank you, Princess,” Stella replied with a bow watching the Princess leave.
“Stella I am so sorry,” Elizabeth the older and semi-official head maid of the castle said.
“Tis water under the bridge Madam Elizabeth. I am but a humble servant who works to keep the castle clean as it is a symbol of the Kingdom of Heim,” Stella replied. Most saw her words as simple resignation, however a few arched eyebrows or slightly turned heads showed surprise at the hidden undercurrent in two simple sentences.
“But….” Elizabeth said having a soft spot for the girl.

Stella stepped forward wrapping her short doughy arms around Elizabeth. “Thank you for your kindness, Elizabeth, but you need not worry the filth and stench of the latrine is no worse than that which flows from the Princesses mouth,” she whispered.
“What happened to her in the Black Hole,” Elizabeth thought as Stella walked off not holding her head high, but not bowed staring at the floor either.
As she made her way to her quarters for a bit of rest she saw a gardener spreading manure on a small field they used to grow flowers for the castle. “Manure is cow shit, cow shit makes plants grow……. Trees are plants….. Shit can make trees grow……” she whispered in shock as her brain slowly put the pieces together as the tiny tree that helped her remained in the back of her mind. “And this castle has had shit piling up for years,” Stella thought as a plan came to mind.

The moon was already rising into the sky as Stella tightened her boots, before pulling on long gloves like a knight preparing for battle. The pungent odor mixed with the sulfurous smell of rotten eggs assaulted her nose as she descended into the first latrine armed only with a shovel and water proof sack. The only light provided by a candle set high above the latrine lest she cause the foul gasses to explode. After filling four sacks with the moist foul-smelling slop, two were slung over her shoulders and the others held in her grubby hands, she exited the latrine. The first half of her plan was easy enough as just thinking about the Princess was enough to distract her from the smell. The second was a bit harder as she needed to get the bags down to the Black Hole unseen.

A task aided by cracking each of the bags open slightly letting the stench permeate the air around her driving off several guards. Plus carrying the bags down to the dungeon was much easier than carrying them out of the latrine in the first place. Each bag was carefully dumped halfway down the path to the tree. Not so close as to sully the Tree room, and not to close to be spotted by any curious guards. While the smell provided an extra deterrent to any who might get close to her special place. Thus, her routine continued night after night as she waited for a chance to ask the gardener about fertilizer so as to not hurt the tree.

The faint glow of the moonlight caught Stella’s eye’s one night as she continued with her work. “I know I haven’t come to visit you properly Mr. Tree, but I’ll have something special for you real soon,” she called out. Flashes of light like clapping filled her vision before two drops of dew impacted her eyes. The drops of moonlight colored dew seeping into her eyes the trees magic repairing and improving them. Blurry vision clearing as her surroundings came into focus. The pitch-black corridor brightening as her eyes grew accustomed to seeing in the dark, flashing golden before returning to a rich brown color. “Thank you Mr. Tree I had this terrible itch and I can’t rub them while working with this.” She said before leaving.

Hard work is rewarded and just what is that tree and what is Stella planning?
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