Hot Head: M2F, F2M, Trait

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Hot Head: M2F, F2M, Trait

Postby Perplexed » Wed May 15, 2024 5:02 am

Finally got some time to write and this is the first of hopefully eight parts. The story will follow a couple over the course of a week with a role reversal after one character in their hot headed rage causes a man in black to feel the need to interfere. I'm planning to have the story mainly written from a third person perspective through Mary. As always, I appreciate any feedback.

Hot Head

Chapter 1:

As the country/pop hybrid song played over the speakers throughout the bar, while the drinks flowed and numerous small groups of patrons mingled, no one could have imagined that they were only mere seconds away from a fight breaking out. Making his way towards the bar was Keith, already eight drinks in, and with his girlfriend in tow, he should have been heading home, not towards the bar. At 6 ‘4 and 260 pounds of muscles, however, there were few, especially his submissive girlfriend Mary, who would have had the ability to cut him off.

“Maybe we should get going….we’ve spent a lot tonight.” Mary quietly suggested, her voice barely audible over the music

“Turning his head back, while continuing forward, Keith shot back, “Did you say something?!”

Before Mary had time to overt her gaze and answer in the negative, she heard a small thud, followed by the smashing of glass and another thud.

“Ouch, what the hell!” a woman shrieked

Mary had seen Keith’s movement come to a stop, before anger flashed brightly across his face and his head shot back forward.

“You should’ve watched where you were going you stupid bitch!” Keith shouted down at the girl, that was struggling to her feet, surrounded by glass

“That’s Sarah!” a man in the bar shouted, before bounding over quickly, with two of his friends right behind

As the man passed into the opening that was created from the collision of Keith and the girl, his eyes fixed onto his girlfriend. Helping her up the rest of the way, it became obvious that with her fall, the glass had cut open her left hand.

“Ha, serves you right.” Keith laughed

“Did you say something asshole.” the man spat, turning and looking up at the much larger Keith

The boyfriend might not have been the smallest of guys, but his 5 ‘10 frame was still much shorter than Keith. Barely having time to process the behemoth that was in front of him, the man crumpled to the ground as Keith had thrown a punch straight into his jaw. The friends, for their part, did not leave their friend hanging and charged Keith. Not one to back down, Keith continued punching, first breaking a nose, before throwing the other friend into the bar.

“Please stop.” Mary cried, grabbing Keith’s arm

“Is there anyone else! I can go all night with you pussies.” Keith bellowed, ignoring Mary

From behind, two bouncers were quick to get a hold of the gloating Keith. Struggle as he might in front of the shocked bystanders, crying Mary and the injured group, Keith was no match for two trained guys that were almost as large as him. Slowly but surely, the three made their way to the door, the two bouncers not giving Keith any room to hurt anyone else.

“Miss, can I speak with you for a second?” Mary heard a man ask her

Looking up, Mary’s eyes rested on the man dressed in all black. She could tell that he was a lot larger than her, but at only 5 ‘1 and 110 pounds, that could apply to almost everybody. Besides that, Mary couldn’t really get a good look at the man as his eyes were drawing her in. She couldn’t look away from the black circles, but the longer she looked, the more relaxed she became.

“Umm, yes.” Mary replied, as she turned to follow beside him

The two made their way over to a corner booth and Mary took this time to wipe her eyes. In this man’s presence, everything melted away, her worries and fears, and even the music and other patrons. It was as if her world was now only occupied by him.

“Are you okay Mary?” the man began, sitting down

“I am, but those people. Keith has such a temper, he never knows when to just stop.” Mary replied, relaxed but feeling guilty

“Why do you feel guilty? You are not the one that attacked those people.” the man answered reassuringly

“I could have…” Mary trailed off

“Stopped a 6 ‘4 man that looks like he’s built to play football, not someone I would have expected to be working at a warehouse.” the man noted in a calm but firm tone

“Well, since they kicked him out he just hasn’t…wait, how do you know all of these things.” Mary replied in confusion

“That is not important, but what is, is what we are going to do about it.” the man smirked

“What do you mean?” Mary questioned

“A man that big should protect others, not put others in the hospital.” the man continued

“I know, but I love him and he means well. It’s just the alcohol and his temper.” Mary replied, trying to defend Keith

“Do you believe that because I know you don’t. You love him, that is true, despite all of his faults. I don’t mean to speak ill of your highschool sweetheart, now town bully, but imagine if he wasn’t the big man anymore. Imagine if instead, he was as big as you and you were as big as him. Would he be better behaved, would you treat him like he treats you?” the man queried

“I don’t know.” Mary answered, intrigued by the thought of being that big

“Well I do and I think that maybe you want to experience that, so maybe come by next Friday, same time same place. Just look for the man in black and we can discuss all that you’ve learned, but something tells me you will be enjoying this next week a lot more than your boyfriend.” the man chuckled to himself

As the man was speaking, the idea of Mary being the strong one in the relationship, getting to decide where they eat, what they did and even when they had sex, began taking root inside her mind. As a smile at the crazy thought brought a smile to Mary’s face, she blinked and was not only alone, but standing outside beside Keith.

“Fucking bullshit, I’m not the one that should have gotten kicked out.” Keith fumed out loud, before continuing, “And how long is this cab going to take.”

“Oh what…” Mary began before being cut off

“I can’t believe you tried to stop me like that.” Keith interjected

“I’m sorry, but…” Mary tried

“You better be, because if you ever do that again, you’ll be joining those fuckers on the ground.” Keith threatened

Silence took hold of the two as they continued their wait for the cab. Mary knew deep down that Keith wasn’t normally like this, and he never would have threatened her if he was sober. As soon as the alcohol started flowing, however, so too did his anger. Angry at the world for being stuck working in a warehouse, instead of as an athlete, Keith was angry at the world, especially when drunk. In truth, the alcohol is what had cost him everything, something Mary had known for a long time. What Mary didn’t know, however, was how much more it would cost him, or whether her meeting with the man in black was real or not.

As the cab pulled up, the pair stepped in and the cab driver took off.

“Took you long enough.” Keith said from the backseat

“Busy night, what can you do?” the cab driver answered pleasantly through his own annoyance at the drunk in his car

Taking this comment through his own annoyed lens, Keith just huffed to himself and sat back, still fuming at being kicked out of the bar.

Only a fifteen minute drive back to their house, the ride was punctuated by silence. Keith was still fuming and huffing to himself, while Mary was lost in her own thoughts. Wanting the ride to be over in favor of a nicer set of customers, the cab driver continued on without a word. Even when it came time to pay, Keith merely threw the driver a twenty dollar bill for the nineteen dollar ride and got out without another word. Mary got out the other side, before saying a quick “thank you” and jogging to catch up with the large strides of Keith.

“You know what I need right now?” Keith huffed

“I don’t think we have any more alcohol.” Mary replied, hoping Keith had forgotten about the beers he had purchased that week

“No, no, no.” Keith laughed, “I need a good fucking to get my mind off that bar.”

“It’s been a long night…” Mary started

“Are you serious?” Keith cut her off again, before adding, “You’re my woman and I have needs.”

Mary knew Keith was about to get his way. Whenever he drank, they ended up having rough sex, not the love making that she preferred when they were sober. If she said no, he would fly off the handle and leave the house, usually with a hole being put in a wall for good measure.

“Okay, but can you be gentle this time?” Mary meekly replied

“I’ll be as gentle or as rough as I want to be.” Keith replied coldly

Mary made sure to lock the door behind Keith, who was staggering ahead. The alcohol coursing through his body had obviously impaired his vision and Keith kept reaching out to the walls to use them as a guide for his next step. Still, Keith had one thing now on his mind, and pushed his body onwards through sheer will and up the stairs. Had he fallen backwards, with Mary coming up behind him, Keith surely would have severely injured her with Mary’s body absorbing the impact.

As Keith made it to the top of the stairs, and onwards to the bedroom, his feet were barely even fully stepping in line, but rather sliding across the floor. With more and more alcohol being processed by his body, Mary was worried that Keith might end up puking at this rate, something she had never seen him do before.

Sliding his shirt up and over his head, Keith smiled at Mary.

“I think you should get me started.” Keith smirked

Without having to be told twice, Mary nodded and got down onto her knees, her skirt sliding up as she did so. Reaching up, Mary began to unbuckle Keith’s belt and jeans, and watched as they slid to the floor. Following this, Keith slid down his black boxers to release his soft member, pointing straight at Mary. Even soft, Keith’s member was a thick eight inches, but Mary knew from experience as she took ahold of the shaft, that it would grow another four and become even thicker in the process.

“You love my cock don’t you, you slut?” Keith laughed

“It is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” Mary placated Keith, mentally wishing that he would return the favor one day to her

“And the best!” Keith continued on, stroking his own ego, while Mary began to stroke his member to life

As Keith’s member began to grow and harden within Mary’s hand, she brought her tongue down to the base of the shaft before running it all the way up to the head. Acting on autopilot from the sheer amount of time she had given Keith a blowjob, Mary’s mind once again began to wander. As her lips slid over the tip of Keith’s member, and his hands began to guide her into taking more and more of his shaft in her mouth, she continued to zone out.

“What I wouldn’t give to be shoving his head in between my legs……Eww I don’t like doing that, well Keith do you think I like doing this.” Mary began to monologue internally

Without much control over the situation, Mary’s mouth began taking thrusts from Keith as he worked himself up into a sexual frenzy and repeatedly pushed her head deeper onto his shaft. Stifling the urge to gag, Mary managed to take almost half of Keith’s member into her mouth, before he pulled back abruptly. Before she could really get her bearings, Mary felt herself picked up onto her feet, spun around and pushed over the bed.

“I’m not wet yet babe.” Mary pleaded

Not hearing, or not caring, Keith pulled Mary’s thong to the side, before he began to slide himself inside of her. This wasn’t the first time Mary had been made to feel helpless, and ever since failing at sports, his increased drinking had made this a weekly event.

“One day you’ll know how this feels. I swear.” Mary mentally spoke

It was times like these where Mary wanted to leave Keith. She loved him, but whenever alcohol was involved, he was an entirely new person. With each thrust, Keith pushed himself deeper and deeper into Mary as his pace sped up. Against her own desire, Mary did start to feel herself loosening down below, but with the force that Keith was exerting, it was far from pleasurable for her.

“Oh yeah babe, you like that when I fuck you so…” Keith continued to stroke his ego, before abruptly stopping

Mary spun around to see Keith’s hand shoot up to his mouth before he pulled himself out of her and staggered toward the bathroom.

“Thank goodness.” Mary laughed to herself, as she heard Keith over top of the toilet

Ten ungodly minutes later, Mary was happy to hear Keith flush the toilet and turn on the faucet. After washing his hands and mouth out, Keith, now in a fully drunken stupor, managed a combination of crawling and walking to get back to the bed, before throwing himself on top of it. Instantly passing out and snoring loudly, Mary looked over at him before trying her best to drift off to sleep.

“I can’t believe this is my life.” Mary thought to herself, the man in black’s comments now gnawing at her more than ever as she too drifted off to sleep
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Re: Hot Head: M2F, F2M, Trait

Postby fragmenter » Wed May 15, 2024 5:53 am

Interesting start Perplexed, can't wait to see how you develop it. Moll x
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Re: Hot Head: M2F, F2M, Trait

Postby Perplexed » Sat May 18, 2024 4:01 am

Thank you, hoping to keep up a slow and steady approach to this one.

Chapter 2

Mary’s eyes slowly opened to see the sun peeking in through the window of their room, while Keith’s deep and loud snoring could be heard rumbling in the bed. Throwing the blanket to the side, she looked down to see that her body was still the same old petite 5 ‘1 and 110 pounds that it had been the night before. In truth, Mary actually liked her body, from her stunning blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, soft face, slim build, tight butt and perky B cup breasts, she was the envy of a great number of other ladies. As she laid there, however, she couldn’t help but think that every inch of her gave off a cute, but not to be taken serious look.

Hearing Keith snore again though, Mary threw a look of annoyance his way and gave him a push in the back.

“Oww, uhh. My head hurts babe. Can I have a bit more time?” Keith replied in a groggy state

Mary was positively shocked at herself for having shoved Keith awake, but without even thinking she continued into the barely awake Keith.

With another shove, Mary replied, “No, it’s time to get up. We’re going to get breakfast at the diner around the corner and you’re paying for what you did last night.”

“What did I do?” Keith quietly questioned, rolling over to face Mary with a look of panic in his eyes, “I didn’t leave the toilet seat up again did I?”

“What’s gotten into him, and what’s gotten into me?” Mary mentally questioned, “He looks like he’s afraid of me and yet he’s still massive. Does he not remember last night?”

“ doesn’t matter, we’re getting breakfast.” Mary confidently stated

Without another word, Keith got out of bed and Mary followed after him on their way to the bathroom. Watching Keith intently, Mary couldn’t help but notice small changes that had happened since the night before. Keith was still the 6 ‘4 muscle-bound tank he had always been, with his strong jawline and handsome features, but his walk was new. Instead of the confident strides he had previously had, he was taking smaller steps, while his shoulders were being held lower and his chest less puffed out and proud.

“Did I take his confidence away?” Mary questioned to herself

Mary, on the other hand, felt a flush of dominance within her and was striding with purpose behind Keith, her own chest puffed out and proud. As the two got ready to go out, Mary continued to watch Keith in fascination. He was definitely still her Keith, and she could tell he still loved her, but it was just different. Instead of looking at himself in the mirror, he was sneaking glances towards her and what she was doing, even though he was rarely meeting her gaze.

“I could get used to this.” Mary laughed to herself

After finishing getting ready, the two were out the door and on their way to the diner.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, and what I did.” Keith meekly offered as he sat down into the driver’s seat, before adding, “You can whatever you want, my treat and when we get home I’ll make sure you know how sorry I am.”

As Keith winked at Mary, she felt her heart flutter a bit. This version of Keith seemed to have his sweetness dialed up to a ten. He hadn’t even fought her about going to breakfast and she wondered what was in store for her at home. Arriving at the diner only five minutes later, the two were happy to see that the parking lot was almost empty and that they would be able to get a table right away.

As the pair exited the car, Mary had hardly noticed as she strode ahead of Keith, leaving him walking on behind her.

“Such a great day for breakfast, right babe?” Mary shot over her shoulder

“Of course.” Keith agreed

Opening the glass door, Mary swung it open enough for Keith to catch it as she continued inside, just ahead of her boyfriend.

“Table for two?” the waitress greeted

“Yes, just us.” Mary quickly replied

“You can sit wherever you like, and I will be right over with a set of menus.” the waitress smiled, her eyes lingering on Keith

Mary didn’t have to be told twice and led the way to an open booth, slightly miffed that Kait was working today. The waitress had gone to school with them and was everything that Mary wasn’t. Instead of the petite look that Mary possessed, Kait was easily 5 ‘8, with a thick and healthy butt as well as D cup breasts. Sure she had a bit of extra meat on her bones, but Mary had always felt jealous of her curves and knew that she had the hots for Keith.

“Got to love that we get Kait today.” Mary began sarcastically

“I feel like she’s here every time we come, but at least she’s nice.” Keith offered

“Yeah to you, because she thinks she can steal you away from me.” Mary retorted, shocking herself again with just how forward and direct she had once again been

“W-well you know I only have eyes for you.” Keith meekly answered with a smile

“Right…” Mary suspiciously answered, before she was interrupted

“So, I know you two have been here before, but here are the menus. Anything I can get you two to drink?” Kait asked, her look never detouring away from Keith

Keith, for his part, averted his eyes bashfully, while Mary took over.

“We’ll have two coffees and then I’ll have a spinach omelet, while he will be eating the two egg breakfast with scrambled eggs, white bread and hashbrowns.” Mary ordered abruptly

“Oh but…” Keith tried

“I think I got this.” Mary cut him off, before turning to Kait, “That is all.”

Even Kait was taken aback by the forward confrontation of Mary, and yet, Mary could tell it wasn’t that she was totally shocked by this.

“It’s as if to everyone else, Keith has always been the quiet one now and I’m the one in charge. Maybe this is what the man was talking about. Keith won’t hurt anyone if he’s not the one in control.” Mary thought to herself

Meanwhile, Keith stared at Mary with a curious look, as if he was trying to figure out what she was thinking about.

“Is something on your mind?” Keith finally asked

“Oh no, everything is just perfect.” Mary smirked

“Okay.” Keith replied quizzically

“It’s nothing, I’m just happy being with you.” Mary continued

“Awe, I love you too babe.” Keith smiled

It wasn’t long before their coffees and food had arrived, and Mary was impressed that Keith was merely polite to Kait, never returning her flirts. Mary, for her part, almost felt more territorial about Keith, although with her size, there was little she could actually still do to stop someone like Kait.

As they began eating away, Mary’s curiosity was once again peaked and she smiled at Keith.

“So, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?” Mary asked

“After we get back and have a little time together, I was going to get off to the gym. Then when I get back I can do the cleaning, if that’s alright with you? You know my normal Saturday routine, unless you have something else planned?” Keith calmly answered

“That sounds fine and nope, I was just curious.” Mary replied, happy that Keith was now the one that had taken on the cleaning duties instead of her all the time

“What will you get up to? I know you don’t want a job but…umm never mind.” Keith began to ask, before his head darted down to the plate of food in front of him

“What? Do you think I’m lazy or something?” Mary snapped, feeling a rush of dominance flowing through her

“That’s not…I’m sorry.” Keith answered, not having looked up from his plate

After their small spat, the two mostly finished their meal in silence, with Keith paying at the end. Although Mary felt like the dominant one in the relationship, she was quickly realizing that in this reality, she still didn’t work and Keith paid for everything. Before, this wouldn’t have bothered her as she took care of the house, but now she felt as though her power was being eroded.

“I need to show him who wears the pants in this relationship when we get home.” Mary mentally thought

On their short ride back to the house, Mary’s mind was racing, thinking about how best to show Keith that she was in charge. Everything kept circling back to one thing, and one thing only, sex.

“I’m sorry babe for…” Keith began as he pulled into the driveway

“Shh…come on, I’m going to show you why you’ll never leave me.” Mary cut in

As Mary unlocked the door, she quickly took Keith by the hand and straight back into their bedroom, giving him little choice in the matter. To an outsider, this display almost looked comical as the tiny lady was pulling along the much larger man, not that Keith would ever say no to Mary.

Crossing the threshold of the room, Mary gave Keith a small push and guided him down into the bed. With his body laying back, he quickly went to grab the zipper of his jeans to undo them. Mary, however, seeing this, batted away Keith’s hands.

“Not today. I’m in control, not you.” Mary cooed

Without missing a beat, Keith just smiled and returned his arms to his sides to await what Mary had in store for them. He had wanted to make love to her in payment for whatever he had done to her the day before, but Mary seemed to have something else in mind. Swaying her hips in place, Mary bent over her body to give Keith a slight view of her cleavage over the low cut crop top as she stared into his eyes. Keith remained in place, smiling from ear to ear at the show Mary was giving him, while he began to feel his member growing harder in his pants.

Next, Mary undid her own jeans, before turning around and slowly sliding her pants to the floor as she continued to bend over for Keith. With her perky butt bouncing and swaying, Keith couldn’t help but feel himself grow fully erect. Looking over her shoulder, Mary could see that Keith was beginning to feel uncomfortable with his member trapped inside his jeans.

“Babe, I need to get these pants off.” Keith pleaded

“You will…” Mary began, as she turned around and sauntered over to Keith’s legs, which were dangling over the side of the bed, “...but not yet.”

Pulling Keith’s legs open, Mary began to crawl between them, allowing her hands to run along the inside of Keith’s thighs and up his shaft before they came to rest on his stomach. Following her arms, Mary seductively pushed herself onto the bed, planting soft kisses on each of Keith’s thighs, before a few made their way onto his member, still hidden beneath the ever tighter jeans.

Pushing herself up, Mary was easily able to move her petite body into place atop Keith, sitting atop his member and smiling down on the now squirming Keith. Taking a hold of her crop top, Mary pulled it up and over her head, leaving her in only her matching navy blue lacy bra and thong. With the shirt hitting the floor, Mary began grinding on Keith, only increasing his need to get out of his pants as he felt Mary’s vagina pushing itself along his shaft.

“I don’t think you should be freed just yet. Your tongue hasn’t proven it’s worth yet.” Mary moaned as she continued to grind away

“Anything….I’ll do anything.” Keith moaned in replied

Mary was enjoying the torment and desire she was eliciting from Keith, but wanted something even more.

“Finally, I’m the one that gets to be on top. Time to make up for all those blow jobs you got from me.” Mary laughed mentally

Unclasping her bra, and sliding it to the floor, Mary continued to stare into Keith’s eyes, happier than she had been in a long time. Bending forward and allowing her breasts to sway beneath her, Mary continued her way up Keith’s torso. Planting kisses on his chest, Mary made her way towards his lips, before giving him only a single kiss. Following this kiss, Mary put her plan into action, guiding her pussy to Keith’s mouth.

Reaching a hand down and sliding her thong to the side, Mary simply gave the command, “Eat.”

Keith groaned in response, his member still trapped and growing more painful by the second, but nonetheless complied. Pushing his head up, Keith began licking the outside lips of Mary, before working himself deeper.

“Deeper, I need you deeper.” Mary moaned

Once again, with no resistance Keith complied and he pushed his tongue as far as it could go into Mary, with even his nose pushing into her. With his tongue firmly inside Mary’s wet pussy, it began its rhythmic motions, while Keith moved one of his hands up to join. Mary was seconds away from batting Keith’s hand away, before it found her clit, and interrupted her. Between his fingers playing with her swelling clitoris and Keith’s tongue flicking back and forth inside her, Mary was taken to new levels of orgasmic bliss that she wasn’t used to.

As if cheering Keith on, Mary’s moans grew louder and louder, while she bounced up and down on Keith’s face. She couldn’t get enough of this feeling and wanted it to last as long as possible. Unused to having Keith being the one to go down on her, however, Mary couldn’t control herself and after only barely three minutes, found herself cumming hard. Shaking from head to toe, Keith knew that Mary had been pushed over the edge and moved his head back as his fingers continued to play with her clit. Unfortunately for Keith, Mary tended to spray when she came this hard, something this version of him was used to. Pinned between her and the bed, Keith had nowhere to go as his face became coated in her juices.

“That was amazing!” Mary moaned, falling to the side of Keith, still trembling

“Ready for round two?” Keith questioned, finally undoing his pants, much to his own relief

“I think you’ll have to take care of yourself today. That took everything out of me.” Mary replied, out of breath, “But you did good. Definitely made up for yesterday.”

Mary didn’t even look over at Keith as he pushed himself off the bed and headed into the bathroom, resigned to having to settle for a masturbation session as if Mary’s word was now final. As Mary laid basking in her post-orgasmic bliss, she couldn’t believe that she had gotten away with that.

“He must be like the doormat I used to be.” Mary quietly said to herself, as fapping sounds began to come from the bathroom

Electing to take a nap after the morning she had, Mary barely heard Keith heading off to the gym, having gotten himself off and cleaned up.
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Re: Hot Head: M2F, F2M, Trait

Postby TF Fan88 » Sat May 18, 2024 10:14 pm

What a brilliant twist in having the mental side happen first! Normally the physical transformation would happen first before the mental changes take place.
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Re: Hot Head: M2F, F2M, Trait

Postby Perplexed » Wed May 22, 2024 5:44 am

Thank you, I definitely wanted to do the mental first for this one, with a slower progression into Mary's ever changing reality as her physical body also changes.

Chapter 3

Mary felt like the nap she had taken had lasted a lot longer than she had expected, and could barely open her eyes. Stretching her arms above her head, Mary noticed that she felt almost heavier for some reason and that her movements were slower. Blinking three times, Mary looked down at her now freakish looking body. Still 5 ‘1 in height, what had changed was how large she was. Having gone to bed naked, Mary’s muscles were predominantly on display.

Her arms were each easily four times as large as they had been, with bulging sculpted muscles that had belonged to a gym bro more than anything else. As Mary took in her new arms, her eyes continued to trace along each muscle, noting that even her veins looked bigger. Next Mary took in her new chest, which dwarfed her boobs. Mary’s breasts actually looked almost nonexistent due to the muscles that had built up underneath them. Not to be outdone, below her massive pectorals was a strong eight pack of abs. Still in shock, Mary looked down at her legs, which were even larger than her arms.

“I look like a steroid freak!” Mary screamed

“Oh, you’re awake.” Keith greeted as he came through the bedroom doorway, before adding, “Dinner’s almost ready. That turkey took hours, so it was a good thing you decided to catch up on your sleep instead of working out again.”

Mary looked up in shock to take in her new boyfriend, or at least what was left of him, with his new squeakier voice. Gone were the bulging muscles atop his 6 ‘4 frame that had made him a dominant football player and jock, replaced instead with a slim softness. All Mary could do was look on in awe at the transformation that had taken place, completely silent as Keith made his way over. Mary noticed that even the gym clothes he normally would have been wearing had changed to just a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. These did little to hide just how small Keith’s muscles were, or the fact that Mary, with her own new bulging muscles, could easily physically dominate him.

“Are you okay babe?” Keith asked in worry, resting his hand on Mary’s thigh

“Yeah, yeah. You know me, nothing can keep me down.” Mary laughed, her voice sounding deeper and more powerful than she was used to

“That’s true my hulking Amazonian.” Keith smiled, kissing Mary on the cheek

“Now that you mention food, I’m starving.” Mary noted

“Everything’s ready for you downstairs.” Keith smiled

Mary knew she should be looking down at the new weak Keith. He was so small that he barely qualified as a man, let alone one she went after, and yet, like her last change, Mary found herself content and happy with the changes. She pictured holding Keith down against his will on the bed and making him do whatever she wanted, and felt herself growing wet at the thought.

As Keith headed back out of the room, to complete the final touches on the dinner, Mary too got out of bed. Although initially thinking she looked like a freak, as soon as her feet touched down on the floor and lifted her up to her feet, Mary smiled.

“I could get used to this though, I feel so powerful.” Mary spoke to herself

With each step, Mary could feel her entire frame powerfully bouncing with her. Almost as if entranced by her new muscle-bound form, Mary barely looked up from herself as she made her way over to her closet. Expecting to see her usual dresses, crop top, jeans and girly clothes, Mary was shocked. Within the walk-in closet, Keith’s clothes had been shunted off to the side and were made up of jeans and various t-shirts, with only a few pairs of khaki shorts. It was very evident that this version of Keith hated anything physical, and therefore didn’t have any gym outfits to speak of.

Mary, on the other hand, had work out outfits galore. Gone was anything that could have been considered girly, and in its place were sports bras, leggings, tight sports shorts, numerous pairs of running shoes and only a few sleeveless t-shirts.

“This version of me must be a badass, addicted to the gym.” Mary laughed to herself

Not wanting to put on a full outfit just to have dinner, Mary grabbed a black lacy thong, a pair of black stretchy shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that advertised some local gym that Mary had previously never heard of.

“Maybe I work at a gym now?” Mary questioned, before adding, “But I am starving, so I’ll have to check into that after dinner.”

As Mary departed the bedroom, she felt a growing sense of joy. Keith had never been one to cook for her, and their relationship had been fairly traditional. He took care of working, while she took care of the house and any of his needs. Yet, as she continued onwards to the kitchen, the smell of the food told her that their relationship had already undergone a metamorphosis over the last day.

“If I ever see that man again, I’m going to kiss him.” Mary chuckled to herself

Continuing into the kitchen, Mary could see that even further changes had taken place. Gone were the pink utensils she had picked out because they looked cute, as well as her bright pink tablecloth and decorations. In their place, more of a man’s touch had been used as the tablecloth was now dark blue, as were the cooking utensils and even the paint on the wall.

Although these changes were drastic for Mary to take in, what caught her eye very quickly was the dinner Keith had prepared, as well as the disparity in portions. While Keith had a large salad in front of him, with some grilled turkey cut above it, Mary’s plate had mashed potatoes, stuffing and the two legs of the turkey. Almost as if she was eating a Thanksgiving dinner herself.

“In this reality, I must be the one loading up on those carbs, holy shit.” Mary thought to herself

“Babe, this looks incredible, thank you.” Mary said warmly

Keith, who had been sitting in front of his own plate, waiting for Mary, looked surprised.

“Really…thank you.” Keith managed, beaming from ear to ear

Mary returned Keith’s look of surprise, before she felt the dominant streak she had gained rising up again, “Why are you so surprised by my comment? I compliment you enough.”

“You do, I-I just really work hard…” Keith began

“And I thanked you for that.” Mary interjected sitting down in front of her plate

“You did.” Keith managed again

Without another word, Mary smiled to herself at how easily Keith gave in to her and began to dive into her meal, while Keith began to eat across from her. Eating rather quickly, Mary noticed that Keith was only picking away at his own food and she slowed down. Eyeing up Keith, Mary felt a pain of recognition pass through as she watched the now downcast Keith still making little progress into his dinner.

“Is that really what I used to look like….and yet, here I am doing the same thing to him that he used to do to me.” Mary mentally chastised herself

Against every fiber of her new dominant streak, Mary began, “Babe…”

Keith looked up quickly, meeting Mary’s gaze with a startled look.

“...I’m sorry. This is a delicious meal.”

“Thank you, and I’m sorry…” Keith answered

“You shouldn’t be.” Mary interjected, thinking to herself, “This is something I wish you had told me.”

“After we’re finished, what would you like to do?” Mary continued

“Me…umm.” Keith answered in surprise, lighting up, “Maybe we could watch a movie, if that’s okay with you?”

“Definitely, and maybe after, I can show you a good time.” Mary smiled warmly

“I would like that.” Keith smiled

Digging back into her food, Mary couldn’t help but feel herself growing wet at the thought of pinning Keith to the bed and grinding atop his shriveled frame. She still felt conflicted between wanting to punish Keith for what his previous self had done, and yet, realized that this version of Keith was a far cry away from the strong man he had once been. Finishing up their dinner, Keith was quick to clean up the dishes and load them into the dishwasher, while Mary headed over to the couch, satiated with food.

“I could get used to this.” Mary laughed to herself

“Sorry, did you say something?” Keith called from the kitchen

“Oh, nothing.” Mary smiled

Turning on their smart TV, Mary loaded into their streaming platform to see that there were two profiles to pick from. What surprised her was not that they had separate profiles, as she had always wanted to keep Keith’s sports shows separate from hers, but rather that Keith’s avatar had changed from an athlete to a whimsical looking lady with a pie, whereas her avatar was now a bad ass chick holding a pair of guns. Clicking into Keith’s profile, Mary was further surprised to see that the recommended section was full of romcoms, reality shows and competition shows.

“It looks like he likes the shows I like now.” Mary smiled to herself

Keith didn’t keep Mary waiting very long, and entered the livingroom carrying a beer for Mary and a glass of water for himself.

“Beer?” Mary said in surprise

“Do you want something else?” Keith asked sheepishly

“Umm, no that’s fine.” Mary recovered, taking the beer

“I never drink beer though.” Mary thought to herself

“I can get you something else, I don’t mind.” Keith offered

“This is fine.” Mary firmly replied

“You want to watch one of my shows?” Keith questioned, looking towards the TV

“Yes, you made such a great dinner that I thought this would be like a little reward.” Mary answered, her smile returning

“Thank you.” Keith returned her smile, planting a kiss on Mary’s lips

Returning his kiss before starting the show, Mary pulled Keith’s large frame into herself with little resistance as he fell on top of her. Sure, she was still the shorter of the two, but her strength was something Keith could now not match. Keith, for his part, was happy to snuggle into Mary, placing a hand on her bulging abs, while resting his head onto her chest. Taking the remote in one hand, Mary rested her other arm onto Keith’s back, as she pulled him in closer.

“This one looks fun.” Mary noted, clicking onto a cooking competition show

“You’ll love this one, they get to sabotage each other.” Keith happily answered

“That does sound like fun.” Mary answered, with an odd feeling

Ignoring the feeling, Mary grabbed her beer and took a swig while the introduction began to run.

“That actually tastes really good.” Mary thought to herself, before returning the beer to the side table and glancing back at the TV

Under her arm, Keith was excitedly watching the show, and this continued throughout all of the rounds. Mary, however, felt herself growing bored at the lack of action, and ability to relate. Sure, she remembered being able to cook just the day before, and yet, it now longer appealed to her and felt like more of a distant memory. Daydreaming as the contestants moved into the final round, Mary could only think about how much more she wanted to watch some sports or an action movie.

“Did you see that? She won’t be able to recover after that spill.” Keith narrated

“Oh yeah.” Mary placated Keith

“Yeah, she’s done.” Keith laughed

As the credits began to roll, a notification popped up to auto-launch into the next episode.

With this, Keith looked up at Mary and asked, “One more?”

Pausing the TV, Mary looked down with a grin, happy to avoid another bored hour and responded with, “I can think of something much more fun we can do instead.”
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Re: Hot Head: M2F, F2M, Trait

Postby TF Fan88 » Wed May 22, 2024 10:04 pm

She probably for sure does not weigh a slim 110lbs now and Keith is definitely not a beefy 260lbs anymore
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