Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

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Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

Postby Airum » Mon Apr 01, 2024 10:53 pm

Thanks to everyone who commented or DM'd me on Sting, always appreciate it even if I don't always respond. May get back to that one eventually, but this one had me itching to write it. Fair warning: We're gonna get nerdy as hell in this one. First chapter is mainly setup, but should start rolling pretty quickly after this.
Cassandra Lighthope climbed the faintly glowing staircase to the Temple of Horizons, savoring each step for what it meant to her, the end of her latest journey and the start of a new chapter in her life, a chapter that she knew would shape the history of her people. She turned, resting a moment in her plate mail and surveying the land she had crossed to get here. The frozen tundra at the far reaches of the Eastern Lands, populated mainly with icy abominations, a few bitter bands of barbarians and other than that, nothing. This barren expanse had been her home for almost two weeks since she left the last outpost town. And it had been many months before that since she had left her duties in the capital. She did miss home, but her excitement drove her forward.

She turned back and continued to the temple, its iridescent, faint blue glow making it seem like it was carved of ice, reflecting the pale setting sun of the tundra, but the intricate humanoid motifs carved into its grand entryway suggested another material. She recognized some of the scenes, famous stories of ascended heroes. Irrodeus, Heaven’s Archer, when he killed all 5 of the Golden Orc Generals with a single shot. The Grand Summoner Xixi, when she ended a continent-wide drought by organizing 1,000 water spirits and 1,000 air spirits into the legendary “Army of Rain”. Many other stories from her childhood were carved in this ancient building pulsing with magic, making them seem much more real than she had thought before.

Then Cassandra saw him, Kennen Dawnbringer, The Light Paladin, her idol. His story was carved at the top of the door, in the center where it belonged. And whoever had carved this how many 100s of years ago had picked her favorite tale. When the first Devil figured out how to open portals for lesser demons into the mortal realm, it was Kennen who led 20 city guards in defending Dracia’s Holy Palace, giving the mages inside time to devise a sealing spell. He is said to have stood in front of the gates slaying demons for 3 days straight, the other guards rotating around him. She saw at least five different renditions of this story every day back in her role as Captain of the Dracian Guard. If she were honest, those bedtime stories may have been what had gotten her to take the vows of a knight to begin with. She blushed and moved on, it had been years since she admitted to anyone how much the tale meant to her, “Crushing on Kennen” was a joke she had left behind at the academy. Only one person she currently worked with knew about it, and since becoming Captain, it hadn’t been mentioned.

Kennen & the other heroes carved here were great, but the ascended champions of the last few centuries had not been up to par. To Cassandra, an ascension that didn’t change the world and improve the fate of the champion’s people was a waste; people with the skills and experience to ascend had a duty to the world… but that was not everyone’s opinion. Hell there were even a couple she had heard of alive today. In her own city of Dracia, there is the aging “Great Flame” Marcus Leston. He apparently won a war for Dracia 50 years back, but couldn’t handle the pressure and spends his time drinking the memories away. He hasn’t been on the battlefield, or useful to anyone since then. That was probably why Cassandra hadn’t met him. The other living ascended she knew of was the Master Thief Ling. He will provide his skills to those who can afford them, but his prices are so high clients often regret hiring him. She’d heard that a small country once hired him as an assassin to protect themselves from an aggressive neighboring king. Ling did his work but then asked for the entire royal treasury, effectively destroying the nation anyways. There were probably others keeping to themselves, but that was just the issue: there were still too many people suffering, the armies of Hell were still too powerful, and the asendeds that did exist weren’t doing shit. If the others weren’t going to take responsibility, Cassandra would.

While the current Devil hadn’t proven to be much of a warmonger, Dracia’s spy networks reported he was more interested in magical research. That could mean any kind of trouble on the horizon for her people. The armies of Hell lusted for Dracia’s riches, their land and technology, anything they could eat, kill you with, or fuck really. Whether the Devil currently sitting in Satan’s throne was a warmonger or a philanthropist made no difference to Dracia nor Cassandra. They were a threat to be eliminated, and Cassandra knew with the power she was about to receive, she would be the one to do it.

She walked into the main chamber with her purpose freshly reinforced and saw four monks of indecipherable age, gender and race. The ascension monks who took care of this temple were sitting at four corners around a ritual circle softly chanting while rubbing glowing stones that seemed to be brighter versions of whatever the temple was made of. This was it, her time to ascend. She walked to the closest monk who slowly looked up at her, she remembered a question she had, “Hello your um… Holiness? Are you the people who carve the legends into the entryway out there? You see I really admire Kennen Lightbringer and was hoping you might have some insights or extra knowledge of any of his stories, I um…” She blushed “really want to be just like h-”

“Do you have the items needed for ascension? The requirements are: An ascension contract signed by your guildmaster, the tongue of a great sphinx, a seed from the tree of hidden knowledge, and confirmation of required experience.” The monk looked at her expectantly.

“Yes of course, I brought all of that, I just wondered ab-”

“Do you have the items needed for ascension? The requirements are: An ascension contract signed by your guildmaster, the tongue of a great sphinx, a seed from the tree of hidden knowledge, and confirmation of required experience.” The monk looked at her expectantly and Cassandra sighed in frustration. He was one of those. For some reason only God knew, people that performed some simple roles long enough seemed to stop thinking new thoughts and simply became that role, almost ignoring anything outside of it. Scholars called it “Neuro Passivity Condition”; most of her own knights had it. Great cannon fodder, terrible conversation partners; whenever a particularly dangerous or unpleasant job came up, “Send the NPCs!” became the slogan among the officers that she couldn’t help but smirk at when they weren’t looking. She shrugged and got on with what she came for.

“I have everything.” She opened her impossibly large and well organized satchel and retrieved the requested items. The tongue was dried and bound tightly in cloth, to quiet the cursed riddles it whispered even in death; the seed pulsed with unnatural life, only to be held by gloved hands lest it sprout roots in the fingers grasping it. Her ascension contract was signed by the Great Knight Dorothea Vanguard, the woman who had been like a mother to her, who had taught her until the day Cassandra had surpassed her, and even now an important advisor and friend. Each item, in one way or another, had been hard-earned. As she handed them to the monk, they seemed to dissolve in his hands as the circle behind him glowed brighter and the other monks’ chanting grew louder.

Finally, he handed her a round, gray stone, the proof of experience. As she held it in her hand, her life flashed before her eyes. Her successes and failures, the hard decisions that made her who she was. In her hand, the stone started glowing red, before shifting through the colors of the rainbow and settling on the same bright blue the whole temple now glowed. The monk smiled and woke her from her memories, “You have been chosen, and have earned the right to ascend, please walk into the circle”. Cassandra did as instructed; as she got to the center of the circle the whole world faded to blue and she found herself floating, an ethereal wind keeping her suspended in light as her armor, and even the border of her skin dissipated to become one with her surroundings.

The presence of God, she remembered it from when she became a knight and of course he whispered new goals and quests to her now and then. But anyone who graduates from a guild's academy can experience that. While the sights and sounds were similar, she felt in every nerve that this was different, Cassandra felt full of God himself, destiny was upon her.

Finally God spoke, the words in her mind, ringing in her ears, and written for her eyes: “Congratulations Knight Cassandra Lighthope, through your determination, skill, and heroic deeds you have earned the right to ascend, and be a champion favored by God. You will become a new being, with powers to change the world beyond all other forces. It will be up to you to use them well. This process will change your class, and once complete you will no longer be a knight; your skills, stats, and equipment will all be updated to better support your new, more powerful role. This action may not be undone. Do you wish to proceed?”

Cassandra recalled the formal and dramatic voice of God. While being a knight was part of her identity, and losing that did make her think twice, she knew as a Paladin she would be all that and more; the answer was easy: “Yes”.
“Cassandra Lighthope, your actions guarding Dracia from its many foes, sacrificing yourself in my name to protect the weak, and finding strength in your most dire moments have made you worthy of being a paladin” Once she heard the word, Cassandra was overjoyed she would finally get to follow in the footsteps of her idol, but was slightly confused when for the first time, the voice of God wasn’t direct and clear, seeming to mumble the last line “urzee of being a Palaudeen, worthy of Dalpin…” She waited, not having much choice and assuming this was part of ascension.

God spoke clearly again, “Cassandra Lighthope, your hot body trained by years of frivolous combat, needy cunt desperate for release after a lifetime of prudishness, and deep-seated desire to submit drilled into you by a career as Dracia’s bitch have made you worthy of being a Fucktoy.” If Cassandra still had eyes, she blinked. “The powers of your new ascendant class will awaken and replace your weaker knight characteristics as you complete your class change quests” Wait, what the fuck was happening? Fucktoy? God continued unperturbed by her mental anguish if he noticed at all “Please use your new powers to further the glory of my name, I believe in you champion, goodbye.” No, no, no, no! That was the exact line that ended her transformation into a knight, that probably meant that she was about to…

Cassandra woke up in the now dimmer temple, the same four monks all around her. She stood up and checked herself in a panic, but everything seemed in order: Her armor gleaming, Clavius her trusty broadsword at her side, no serious injuries. She ran to the monk that had started the ritual, “Hey, while I was listening to God something really weird happened, you see I was definitely about to become a paladin like I was supposed to be, but th-”.

The monk interrupted with a smile, “Now that you have ascended, there is nothing else I can offer you, please spread the grace of God out in the world!” After trying to ask a few more times to the exact same response, Cassandra almost punched a nearby pillar in frustration and walked back to the entryway, rubbing her temples instead. Maybe it was her imagination? Or a joke from God, letting loose around a newly ascended champion? She realized she could very easily check, and meditated. The world went blue again as she saw herself, all her secrets and skills, her possessions and current goals all in one place. She hadn’t needed to do this for years; once she mastered her last knight skills, there wasn’t much reason to check on herself. But now that she had a new class, and wasn’t even sure if it was the right one, she needed to know. She thought past the material to consider her most basic soul, base stats. And they looked good. Like real good. They looked like a similar distribution to a knight, but much higher, with slightly more emphasis on willpower and defense than strength… These had to be the stats of a paladin. Her body remained motionless in meditation, but a large grin was spreading on her face; it must have been her cracking just a bit under pressure, “Fucktoy” was not a class, and certainly not an ascendant one.

She reviewed her stats a bit more, happily noting she still had her knight skills and abilities, but they now seemed to be marked with a blue orb, like the one she had held during the ritual. She wondered what that meant, but knew she was procrastinating answering the big question. Everything on her stats page and the history of the universe clearly pointed to Paladin, so she knew it was silly how nervous she was to simply meditate on her class name. But her nightmare, or whatever it was, was so vivid it had shaken her. But that was not the attitude of a Paladin; she ripped the bandaid off and looked at her class name. Obviously she had been nervous for nothing; she was a Paladin. Except that is not what God told her when she meditated on her class. Ringing in her ears, eyes and soul was “Fucktoy”.

Cassandra startled out of her meditation, but immediately calmed herself. She was appreciating her increased willpower. Both earlier when she avoided punching that pillar, and now when she wanted to scream until the temple cracked, she knew the Knight Cassandra Lighthope would have done both of those things given the… distasteful name her ascendant class had been given. But as a… newly ascendant champion she was able to control herself despite the odds. Perhaps “Fucktoy” was a word that meant something in the Godly language. Of course God wouldn’t use the word “Fucktoy” the way crass tavern-goers might; Cassandra quietly chastised herself for not believing in the ever-knowing glory of God. By stats alone, it was clear a “Fucktoy” was stronger than any Knight.

Many times in life, Cassandra had put her knightly duties before her own needs and preferences. Whether that meant performing unscrupulous acts for lords she was bound to, or pushing her body to the limit to protect others. This was just one more test of her loyalty. She was bound to spread the glory of God, to beat the armies of Hell, to bring a new age of prosperity to Dracia! If God gave her the power to do that, and that power made her a “Fucktoy”, then she would bring glory to the world as a Fucktoy. She made the mental adjustment to stop using quotes on her new class, and at that moment, God whispered a new goal to her: “Congratulations on accepting ascendance, it is time to unlock your new power. The ascendance monks will carve your greatest legend into the Temple of Horizons one day, but they need a new chisel. Slay tundra mammoths until you find one with the perfect tusk for a chisel then return it to the monks. You will be rewarded with further knowledge of your ascendance”. Cassandra looked down at the tundra with new purpose, and quickly made her way down the stairs, noting how the additional agility let her practically skip down the steps. She knew she would have that chisel soon and be one step closer to being the ultimate Fucktoy.
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Re: Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

Postby Airum » Tue Apr 02, 2024 7:18 pm

Still a bit of buildup, starts to get
Cassandra Lighthope was having trouble not thinking of herself as a knight. Maybe Fucktoy meant “Elite Knight” to God, because she had all the same skills, but her stats were 25-50% higher than they ever were as a knight. She used Instant Slash to cut the throat of her third tundra mammoth, reapplying her Blade Bolster as its body fell to ensure maximum damage to her next target. This was the same pattern she had mastered years ago, but better in every way with her new stats. Instant Slash almost teleported her to an opponent’s closest opening, and combined with a blade buffed and hardened by mana it ensured a powerful, if not fatal blow against any opponent. She remembered learning this combo then using it exclusively for 3 months until she got bored and figured she should keep her other skills from getting rusty. With her new stats she was reliving that power rush.

In the day and a half since becoming a Fucktoy, Cassandra had come 180 degrees to fully embrace ascendancy. She was honestly a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t get new flashy paladin skills, but her knight skills were feeling almost new with this crazy stat boost. Maybe ascended champions had been playing up the mystique more than necessary, and it was really just the world’s best combat buff? Either way, she’d find out more once she got this chisel, which wouldn’t be taking long at this rate. As the fourth mammoth fell, unlike the last 3, the tusks didn’t disappear, but popped off its face, glowing on the ground. Those looked like chisels for sure. Ignoring the plight of mammoth depopulation across the Eastern Lands and the abhorrent tusk trade, Cassandra collected her chisels and headed back to the temple.

As she handed the tusks to the monk, her hands glowed and she briefly felt the presence of God again. It whispered, “Blade Bolster and Instant Slash have been upgraded into ascended Fucktoy skills, use them to overcome upcoming obstacles and spread my glory to the world. Congratulations on completing your first ascended class change quest, Fucktoy ascendance now 9% complete”. Finally! If she thought her combo was powerful before, she couldn’t wait to try it out with ascended skills. She meditated to see how they had changed, but was frustrated to see 2 of her 4 knight skills obscured, God only whispering their new names, “Ready for Action & Instant Loss. Use these skills to learn new effects”.

She was annoyed at all this mystery around the ascendance process; just tell her what her Fucktoy powers are and let her save the world, but God works in mysterious ways… speaking of, he whispered a new goal: “Your time in the Eastern Lands is done; you must now return to your homeland and achieve the goals you ascended for, spreading my grace to the world. A good deed before you go will plant the seeds of your legend. A powerful horde of tundra barbarians are threatening Kharkov, the outpost town you stayed in on your way to the temple. Stop them in my name, and protect the innocent Easterners there. Defeat them with your ascended skills to learn their powers and continue your ascendance.”

Proud Fucktoy-in-Training Cassandra Lighthope returned to Kharkov, though the broken farming equipment and abandoned storefronts suggested the town had gone from bad to worse in her weeks away. No one in this cold, dinghy backwater cared when she arrived on her champion’s quest, and there were even fewer to care about her glorious return. Although the ragtag towns guard of about 30 men, women, and teens was quite happy to see a knight in shining armor with a clean broadsword coming their way. She smiled and realized she was better than a knight. “I Cassandra Lighthope, Fu- Pala~Ascended Knight have arrived to protect this town from the heathen scourge in the name of God!” Despite her stuttering start, the guards cheered loudly, rallied immediately that someone, anyone had answered their prayers, let alone an ascended champion.

She couldn’t bring herself to tell them what her new class name was until she could fully explain its meaning. She was tempted to just say “Paladin”, but couldn’t bring herself to lie even to new acquaintances… she would have made such a good Paladin! “Ascended Knight” would have to do for introductions until she discovered her true Fucktoy powers. Not even mages with inspection spells would be able to see it unless they were more powerful than her, which meant pretty much no one would ever know anything about her class other than what she showed or told them. This thought relaxed her as she was given a hero’s welcome to the captain’s office, where she and the head guards discussed tactics for the assault they knew would come at nightfall.

It started at dusk with a rain of fiery arrows, luckily the town was mostly mud construction and barbarians were not known for their archery. Regardless, the watchmen sounded the horn and got in the formation discussed hours earlier. A vanguard of Kharkov’s finest stood in front, women, teens, and new recruits in the back with spears. Ascended Fucktoy Cassandra Lighthope in the broad space in between, ready for the only tactic she had ever seen barbarians use. As if on cue, a roar from the front lines stunned her vanguard: “FUCK YOU!!!” Cassandra crouched with her blade still sheathed as a greataxe cleanly cleaved the captain of the guard, lodging into the man next to him, likely a fatal blow as well. A giant of a barbarian wearing leather scraps around his privates, clearly-stolen metal greaves on his feet and nothing else held the axe, laughing at the murder he had committed, as he burst through the hole in the front lines.

The ascended champion had no time for him yet, she had already sprinted to the wounded man and brought him to the backlines, where she quickly cast Divine Grace on him. The blood that had been pouring onto his chest and armor glowed faint green as it made its way back into his body. The color that was fading from his eyes returned in seconds as the giant hole in his torso reclosed, green threads sewing it shut as if it had never been there. He gasped, waking from nightmare, “CAPTAIN WATCH OU-”

Cassandra slapped him and lightly shook his shoulders, reciting a line she had perfected as someone who routinely performed high-level combat healing, “THE FRIEND YOU WERE NEXT TO IS DEAD, BUT YOU ARE ALIVE, SOLDIER! RETURN TO YOUR POST AND PROTECT THE COMRADES YOU HAVE LEFT!” She slapped him on the ass as he sprinted back to the frontlines where his comrades were holding off the barbarian footsoldiers. The chieftain’s laughter quieted as he realized what had happened; Cassandra had literally pulled a dying man out from under his nose, healed him and given him a pep talk before he’d had a chance to react.

“Shiny bitch!” He smiled as he pointed his axe at her “You good healer, very quick but no match for Gorvo, too small. And no match for Gorvo’s men, your men too weak!” He laughed at his own wit. “You kinda pretty, maybe under armor good woman. You join Gorvo as fungirl, Gorvo no kill you and all your men.” He waited for her response but Cassandra silently looked at him, and behind him. Taking this as a sign of consideration, he continued, approaching his prize with obvious lust as if she were already his fungirl, “Gorvo not usually make deals, never make deals with dumb barbarian town like Kharkov, but Gorvo think you special, and-” Cassandra had had enough.

“CRASH!!!!” As planned, the strongest barbarian had broken through the front lines and continued through the gates of the town w/o waiting for reinforcements. The vanguard which had been protecting the town gate took Cassandra’s signal and sprinted in, quickly slashing the rope that held it open as the last one entered, they then turned their swords inward. Gorvo was suddenly in a circle of the Kharkov towns guard, spears and swords pointed at him from every direction, and an 8’ wall separating him from his men.

“Shiny Bitch! I, Gorv…” His words faded out as Cassandra stopped listening, she didn’t have to hear his exact words for Gorvo to be a standin for every slightly-tougher-than-average barbarian she’d ever slain. She looked at him, laughing and jeering her silently as if in slow motion, the spittle coming out of his mouth as he cursed her for tricking him. She could tell just from hand gestures and facial expressions that was the part of the tirade he was on. There’d be something about how she’d had to use tricks because she was weak, something about how it was pointless because he was so strong, and then of course the violent misogyny would be peppered throughout.

If Cassandra were honest with herself, the misogyny was probably her favorite part about most bands of barbarians. They just made it so damn easy. How many peasant revolts had she put down for greedy lords where she was a glorified goon, extorting taxes from families who just wanted to eat? Occasionally they made her question God’s wisdom in choosing such fools to lead. She remembered her first barbarian removals in contrast; at first she had worried about the cultures they were destroying just because they refused to settle down and accept Dracian customs. She assumed some lord was profiting by kicking each band off their land. She even made a point to talk to barbarian PoWs and get their side of the story. It was only after talking with those barbarians and truly getting to know them that she learned to relish barbarian removal quests. She smiled at her trip down memory lane as Gorvo’s skilled oration was coming to a close, “and the skulls of your men will decorat-” God damn he was going long.

Cassandra reviewed her quest goals, reminding herself she needed to use her new skills to beat this clown. He finally seemed to be finishing up and he got into a battle stance, casting fury or some other basic bitch barbarian buff; he clearly got stronger, his muscles bulging and a red aura of anger coming off him. He was still very much outclassed by the Ascendant Fucktoy, but far too dumb to realize that. Cassandra smiled and thought the name of her upgraded Blade Bolster, “Ready for Action”.

Using a new skill was always weird, the inexperienced user’s body would let God take over, performing the exact motions necessary to activate it until they mastered it themselves. Once they used it enough to master it, they could be creative, make combos and do whatever they wanted with their new class skill, but first they had to deal with their body doing unexpected things, even more so if, like in Cassandra’s case, they weren’t sure what their class skills did. So it was a bit underwhelming when her off-hand took two fingers and touched them to the armor on her lower belly, and that was it. She didn’t sense any strength or weapon buffs like Blade Bolster had provided, though Ready for Action didn’t seem to be taking any mana, so maybe it was a low cost, stacking buff? Suddenly God whispered, “Current equipment hindering Fucktoy skills, switch to Fucktoy-appropriate equipment for more powerful skill usage”. She hadn’t thought about equipment requirements in ages having been a knight with all skills that could be used in plate. The last time she had gotten a message like that was the week she learned Instant Slash. One of the first things she tried was using bigger and bigger weapons. Unfortunately, dual-wielding greatswords “hindered knight skills”, God could be a bit of a buzzkill sometimes.

She cast Ready for Action a few more times to see if she could learn anything about its benefits. After quickly reviewing her stats, it seemed like a minor buff to her low charisma while slightly reducing her defenses. She was disappointed, but it had to be due to her equipment. Possibly due to the charisma boost, her pussy was wetter than it had been in a while. She blushed, she’d heard of dancers getting pleasure from charisma buffs, but had never experienced it or heard that it was this intense. Her pussy was ready, but focusing on Gorvo’s snarling, sweaty form hulking towards her after his fifth stack of fury was enough to put that thought away quickly.

With the stat difference between her and Gorvo, she didn’t need buffs. Hell if she wasn’t trying to complete her class change quest, she wouldn’t need to use her skills. But she smiled, it would be fun to watch this idiot’s head hit the ground before he had time to blink while she continued her ascendance. With a murderous gleam in her eye she hoped was hidden from the towns guard she grinned up at Gorvo still 15’ away and finally thought, “Instant Loss”.
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Re: Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

Postby Airum » Thu Apr 04, 2024 5:14 am

It felt just like her first few times using Instant Slash. Her body became rigid as its movements were not hers, the world blurred as she accelerated towards her target, her blade hand reached for Clavius before swinging into the barbarian’s neck. Except her blade hand didn’t reach for Clavius, instead her whole body pivoted, and her hands reached for the ground in front of her toes, her gauntlet-covered fingers touching down a few inches in front of her greaves. Nanoseconds turned to microseconds as every red blood cell in Cassandra Lighthope’s body rushed to her face. In the middle of a literal circle of townsfolk, she was grinding against the barbarian she had promised to protect them from. Just over a second had passed since casting Instant Loss, and she still could not move, other than to bounce her ass lightly in front of her enemy. Then as if to slap her in the face, God whispered, “Current equipment hindering Fucktoy skills, switch to Fucktoy-appropriate equipment for more powerful skill usage”. So even if something good were supposed to come of this humiliating skill, it likely wouldn’t now.

It had only been 2 seconds since casting Instant Loss, 1.5 since she had been four-to-the-floor in front of Gorvo, but to her it had been hours of painful struggle, hoping to move in time to play it off as some advanced combat maneuver. The light bouncing that seemed to be part of this skill was made much worse by the fact her pussy was still wet, hadn’t been touched in months, and despite inches of various leathers and metals separating her from furious barbarian dick, it could still feel his inches ever so faintly. She was near tears of frustration when she heard God again: “Gorvo, Barbarian Chieftain: Willpower check failed! Instant Loss effects: all buffs removed, disarmed, charmed, lowered intelligence, lowered willpower, lowered endurance, increased aggression.” Cassandra thought about that and realized those mostly sounded like good things for her. Although as second 4 of her humiliation approached and she felt Gorvo’s hands on her hips, she remembered her situation was still not ideal, and seeing the first eyes of the townsfolk start to realize what was happening she redoubled her efforts to escape. She jumped out of his grasp, thanking God she could move again and easily escaping his grip with her ascendant strength now that he was unbuffed. Wasting no time, Cassandra lunged at Gorvo and stabbed him through the heart, making satisfactory eye contact with her would-be assailant as he died.

She looked towards the dead chieftain’s men outside the gates, some of them realized they were outmatched at this point, but most only seemed emboldened, probably thinking they could be the next Gorvo. Cassandra wanted to end those fantasies quickly. If she still had her combo, she could simply use it as many times in a row as there were barbarians. With these new…skills, she wasn’t so sure it would be an easy feat. So she used the strategy she had devised with her men earlier, relying on her skills as Captain of the Guard she yelled with all the authority her still slightly embarrassed form could muster: “REVERSE!” No one hesitated to follow her leadership, but just in case effort wasn’t enough, she cast a large Knight’s Rally to give all of her allies strength, defense, and will power buffs. With that, the empowered vanguard rushed out of the walls cutting through the barbarians’ front lines. Without a leader and their front smashed, most of the rest ran away back into the tundra. The next hour was spent tracking down and executing those barbarians foolish enough to stay.

Cassandra retired early once the fighting was over, despite the party thrown in her honor in the townsquare just outside her guestroom window. She wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate. Her ascendancy seemed to be in shambles. These new skills… Perhaps Fucktoy just meant Fucktoy… she was no ascended knight. She couldn’t even use her combo now, she was so much weaker than before. She felt so much less able to protect her people, to accomplish her goals. Her stat boost didn’t come close to replacing her old combo’s power. She wiped some tears away, silently staring at her ceiling in the dim light, the laughter from outside, people she saved from almost certain death, only seeming to mock her new status.
And then God, in his all-knowing wisdom chose that moment to pile it on: “Class change quest failed, skills: Advanced Swordsmanship, Knight’s Rally were used to beat barbarians, you must use the Instant Loss and Ready for Action skills to complete the quest and continue your ascendance” Cassandra sat in silence, seriously considering Atheism for the first time in her life, but God wasn’t finished: “Failing a class change quest triggers your new cursed class change quest: Defeat the Barbarian Khan angered by your slaying of his nephew, use your new Fucktoy skills to great effect or the mission will fail. Succeed and unlock more secrets of your ascendance.”

Cassandra realized she could just leave Kharkov, she could fail her class change quests and stay in this weird limbo of pseudo-knighthood. Knight’s Rally and Divine Grace, combined with her skills with a blade and knowledge of the battlefield, all coupled with high stats meant she would still be a force in any combat situation. Fuck ascendancy, she’d take half knight over full fucktoy any day. Cassandra was pretty much resolved to leave early the next day and continue her life as Dracian Captain of the Guard when God continued as if reading her mind, “Failure to complete cursed class change quests will result in severe penalties. Penalties of this cursed quest are: the murder or enslavement of every citizen of Kharkov, a stronger and emboldened barbarian horde on Dracia’s eastern borders, and changing of Cassandra Lighthope’s class to ‘Harem Girl (NPC)’”. She laughed because it came easier to her than crying. God rarely gave true options, even to ascended champions like her.

She sat up, knowing that moping in the dark was not what an ascended champion should be spending her time doing. She lit her table lamp, appreciating the silver linings like the willpower boost that was able to keep her looking at silver linings. No, God was good. Ascendancy could not be her undoing, she was destined to change the world. She looked at herself in the mirror; it had been so long since she’d inspected herself outside her armor. As Captain of the Guard, she spent some time considering her appearance, but always in formal clothes or full combat gear. But now she stood alone in her undergarments, “pajamas” were for court ladies, and maybe it was the quick drink of ale she’d had before leaving the party, but she felt like taking those off too.

There she stood, Cassandra Lighthope, Captain of the Dracian Guard, naked. Her skin was pale as the majority of her time was spent in armor, especially the last few months. Her hair was a deep red, beautifully silky but cut at her jaw line to stay out of the way. Her body was incredible. Taller than most men, but more graceful than most women. While she always kept her sexuality subdued, as expected of a woman in her position, she had had a few romantic partners over the years and all of them went crazy when her clothes came off. It was well-trained and muscular of course, but she also boasted the subtle but noticeable curves of a mature, athletic woman. Her perky bubble butt made a nice S silhouette when seen together with her bouncy B-cups, which was distracting Cassandra herself more than normal.

Her pussy was even a bit wet, its red bush slightly darker around the lips. Thinking about the frustrating situation with Gorvo earlier, and how embarrassed she was to be that aroused, she realized now would be a better time to let off some steam than the next time she gets some type of terrible Fucktoy surprise on the battlefield. While her God required no vows of celibacy, Cassandra always thought of sex, and especially masturbation as unseemly for a leader that stood explicitly for order and grace. But her time away from the capital, and mostly the emotional shakeup she’d been through since ascending, had broken down some of her old self-image. She now knew she was not going to follow in Kennen Dawnbringer’s footsteps to be a Paladin, she was going to be a Fucktoy. One hand gently grabbed her breast and with the other, she drew a gentle circle around her belly button then going lower. She was not going to be executing hordes of enemies at lightning speed, she would be grinding on them and tempting them like the most shameless of Dancers in the “Ho’s Guild”, as most Knights casually referred to the National Dance Academy. Her left hand was now massaging her breast harder, while her right wove its way through her bush to find the now-soaked lips it hid. She slid to the floor in front of her mirror, her back against the bed frame as her fingers continued their work. Her breathing quickened and strange but somehow enticing thoughts kept coming to her quicker. She wouldn’t be doing damage, instead tricking stronger enemies with her body. And why not? Her body was amazing, and it was about to blow; she watched her fingers in a happy daze, one was making circles around her clit while the other alternated between gentle teasing and pinching of her nipple. She would no longer be able to efficiently lead her party, she’d need a strong leader to lead her. Oh shit, that one stuck and kept repeating in her head, almost as if each circle her fingers made around her clit brought the thought back as she approached her climax. She’d need a leader, a strong leader, she’d need to be lead, she’d need someone to tell her what to do, she was a good fucktoy, she couldn’t make decisions, she needed an owner to use her, she wasn’t a leader she was a tool, Cassandra Lighthope, Ascendant Fucktoy. She came as she thought of her name and title together. Harder than she recalled ever cumming before, though it was hard to recall anything as consciousness wavered for a moment.

The afterglow ended quickly as shame and confusion engulfed her psyche. It was hard not to focus on the pleasure still pulsating lightly in the background, but those strange, almost intrusive thoughts, why had they driven her to do something so crass? She chalked it up to the stress of the day and was finally ready to call it a night when God chimed in one last time: “Hidden Fucktoy Class Change Quest Complete! ‘Your last orgasm alone’ tasks fulfilled by masturbating to completion while thinking about your Fucktoy class”. Cassandra’s face went bright red, highly considering telling God he shouldn’t be watching her masturbate. However, regardless of the quest, she needed a win for the night, so she kept listening, “As a reward, you have unlocked the Fucktoy Ascended Passive Skill: On Edge. Please use your new powers to spread my glory and grace, goodbye.”

Excited, she meditated to check her new skill. She saw her two new Fucktoy skills, descriptions still hidden, along with her old knight skills, and her knight passives: Advanced Swordsmanship and Courageous Leadership. In a new section of her skills screen, she saw the label “Fucktoy Ascended Passive Skills (FAPS)”; there was one entry: “On Edge: Masturbation slowly restores HP, the higher Fucktoy’s current libido, the more effective. Fucktoy can’t orgasm without partner”. What. The. Fuck. Cassandra had an amazing healing skill already and she could not see herself whipping off her armor in the middle of battle to masturbate and “slowly” restore HP. But what the hell is that second part? She had cum a total of 4 times in the last year. Each one had been much appreciated, and none of them had been with partners. And this was somehow her reward because she masturbated?? However at that exact moment she was too satisfied and tired to truly get mad about not cumming from masturbation in the future, so she drifted off to sleep, less sure of her ascendance than ever before.
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Re: Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

Postby Biggbruizer » Fri Apr 05, 2024 2:16 am

Great story, I made an account just to give you kuddos. Hope you stay inspired to finish it. Such good world building and lewd desc
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Re: Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

Postby Airum » Fri Apr 05, 2024 7:02 am

Word of the approaching horde came the next day in the form of two barbarian horsemen, blowing their horns outside the gate to catch the residents’ attention. They were unperturbed by the piles of their comrades’ bodies around them. The one that must have been better at the common tongue yelled eloquently, “Foolish residents of foolish town Kharkov!!! You foolishly killed the fool nephew of great Khan Olov! Horde comes tomorrow to burn everything we cannot take.” With that they both spit at the gate and turned around.

Cassandra was still waking up from her late night as they left. The newly-appointed captain of the towns guard rushed to meet her in the dining room of her guesthouse. “Lady Cassandra, please you must help us again, an even greater-” Cassandra was too tired to listen to bad news she already knew.

“Yes, yes some Khan is on his way; I will of course help with the defense.” The guard smiled and relaxed, now feeling he at least had some chance of surviving the next day. He was slightly taken aback by the severity of her next statement though, “However, I will need new armor before we fight again if we are to survive”.

Kharkov was not a town that had, needed, nor in most cases wanted an armory. People that lived there were primarily farmers; at most points in its history, barbarians had left it alone simply because there was nothing to steal and the women were generally considered unattractive. So the town had no armory and Cassandra Lighthope found herself trying on her first set of medium armor in a general store. She tried activating Ready for Action, but still her equipment was hindering it. She sighed, defeated but not surprised; she suspected from the moment her provocative Fucktoy skills were deemed “hindered” by equipment she was going to end up in light armor. So the young woman running the store found the only light armor set in the place. It consisted of white gloves, white, cloth slippers, a long, white skirt, a white bandeau covering her breasts, and a white headband. A healer cleric would love this, but Cassandra was mourning the loss of her plate. It didn’t help when the young clerk complimented how pretty she looked in white.

Light armor set fully equipped in the fitting room, and seeing that the clerk wasn’t nearby to catch her in a potentially embarrassing position, it was almost with trepidation she finally thought, “Ready for Action”. Still nothing more noticeable occurred than a slight bump to charisma and an embarrassingly pleasant moisture in her privates. Then of course came God’s message about equipment hindrance. She returned the light armor to the clerk and put on her plate again, leaving in frustration as she considered her options. She knew she would need to get unconventional if she wanted to save the people of Kharkov and avoid the fate of a “Harem Girl”.

The horns of the horde were first heard mid-morning the next day. Kharkov’s guards had recruited about 10 more men, bringing their numbers close to 40, in varying degrees of combat readiness. After beating the last barbarians easily, buffed by an ascended champion as they were, many of them were brimming with confidence. That confidence waned then shattered over the course of the day as the horde kept coming. Kharkov’s walls were surrounded, 100s of soldiers deep on all sides by noon. Most of the surrounding fields were blackened as the Sun was getting low in the sky. Even by sunset, every few minutes a new horn signaled more of the horde arriving. Some of the barbarian regiments were now hoisting bodies on pikes to intimidate the town’s defenders. Looking closely it could be seen that they were some of the townsfolk who tried to run yesterday. The Khan had cavalry flank the town before his messengers arrived to ensure no survivors. This had the intended effect on already low morale in town.

Cassandra looked out, then looked at her allies and grimaced. Even in her prime using her best stats and knight skills, flanked by her most trusted comrades, this would not look good. But here she was handicapped w/o her killer combo, a group of scared, literally sobbing farmers at her side, she couldn’t even use her new skills properly, and to top it off, she had to use these strange new skills well or fail her quest, herself and everyone in this town completely. She exhaled, usually laying out the facts of a situation could help her focus in the heat of battle, but that exercise did not help right now. She had one plan and it had to work. It was that or die here, in this shitty little backwater.

Cassandra was starting to wonder if the horde would still be coming once it was dark outside when a new sound was heard. Just as the oranges and reds of the smoke-filled sunset gave way to the deep purples of dusk, all the horns sounded at once. From her perch in a watchtower, she could see the horde parting ways as something approached Kharkov’s front gate. The two horsemen from the previous day led the best dressed barbarian she had ever seen. His chest was adorned with two purple sashes each filled with metals, presumably earned from successful campaigns, creating an X-shaped mark of achievement across his broad torso. The rest of his clothes seemed like high grade leather: boots, pants, and cap. He wasn’t a fashion icon, but it was striking compared to everyone around him who seemed to settle for killing tundra animals, eating the meat, then wrapping everything else around themselves. He even shaved a somewhat neat handlebar mustache.
Cassandra jumped down to the inside of the gate, eyeing the large burlap sack she’d stashed earlier. The fashion barbarian approached the gate and looked in at her, “You are probably warrior who kill Gorvo, seem strong”. He looked to her expectantly, she silently maintained eye contact, crossing her arms on the other side of the gate. The fashionista smiled, spitting at the ground in her general direction, “You can be quiet, but person here kill Gorvo, my nephew. NEPHEW OF THE GREAT KHAN OLOV!” He paused for dramatic effect, but Cassandra wasn’t taking the bait, it was her turn to spit in his direction. Olov narrowed his eyes but otherwise ignored her, “Gorvo most stupid of my family, but still family. For this disrespect, horde has come to burn Kharkov. Olov only wanted to see warrior strong enough to kill Gorvo to give respect. You should speak what you want to say now before horde kill you”. He turned and began to walk away, assuming the stubborn warrior would die with his dignity in silence, as Olov might in the same position. He was wrong.

“VJOOOORGA!!!!” Cassandra screamed the only word she knew in Tundra-Tongue, her (very unchill) name for Sworzak, the language she had avoided learning throughout her many campaigns against the indigenous people of the eastern tundra. However, this one word had gotten her out of some fairly high stakes situations before, and it was her only idea right now.
Olov turned to face the gate again with his eyebrows cocked in disbelief, “What you know of Vjoorga, strong one?”

Cassandra smiled confidently as her plan seemed to be working, “You and I duel, Olov, the last one standing sets terms of the loser’s defeat. If I win, this horde fixes all the mess it’s made, disbands, and never troubles Kharkov again. If you win, I will return return Gorvo’s body for proper burial, and your horde can have its way with this town!”

Olov stood there silently for a moment, his turn to cross arms, unimpressed, “So you know vjoorga, but-” Olov stifled a laugh, “but you think-” another laugh slipped out, “you think Olov STUPID enough to agree to do, now?” He threw back his head and laughed, which Cassandra hadn’t been totally unprepared for, though she had indeed been hoping he was that stupid. What she wasn’t quite prepared for was the sound of 1000’s of barbarians laughing in support of their Khan in 360 degree surround sound. It was a solemn reminder of the stakes if the next part of her plan failed.

While the Khan and his horde were still laughing mockingly at her, she hoisted the large burlap sack from the side of the gate and dumped it unceremoniously in front of her. Curious, the Khan quieted down, the horde silent again not 5 seconds later. The control of their volume levels was what had Cassandra the most impressed with this guy so far, purple sashes be damned. With his attention back on her, she whipped the sack off her bargaining chip. Her heart was beating in her throat, she really hoped all the townspeople were inside cowering, not watching her defile so many values simultaneously. Spreading the grace of God by any means necessary, that was one of the many rationalizations she lay awake last night telling herself to justify this plan. Protecting the weak was another. There had been many, and even now she was blushing at her own shamelessness, mentally praying the ends would justify the means. This plan was not in the captain-of-the-guard-wannabe-paladin playbook. This was straight outta the school of hard knocks survival guide’s chapter on punching low. Strengthening her resolve and seeing the look on Olov’s face, she continued her plan with more conviction, “VJOOOORGAAAA!!!!” It seemed to capture Olov’s attention much more now that she said it while pissing on Gorvo’s corpse. Her scream and stream seemed to go on for eternity. When it was over she looked at Olov, he looked like he needed one more push, so she covered back up, then casually kicked the corpse over so it landed head first in her puddle of piss, “Since you didn’t care about taking his corpse back I figured you wouldn’t mind if I-”
It was as if the every gust of wind in the tundra blew through the gate of Kharston with Olov’s response, directed by his scream into Cassandra’s chest, “VJOOOOORGAAAAA!!!!”

By the time she recovered from the gust, she was dodging splinters of the town gate that Olov had broken through in one swing of his ginormous hammer. Speaking of ginormous, Olov was at least twice as big as he had been 5 seconds before. This was not a basic bitch barbarian buff, this was an enraged and skilled warrior, now taller than the city walls and almost as thick. She really wished she could use her old knight skills right now. He swung his hammer down faster than she expected, he had so much reach he could hit her from nearly across the town square. She parried with her arm, breaking the gauntlet and her hand. Divine Grace quickly fixed the hand but the gauntlet was destroyed. The idea of using Instant Loss to debuff him crossed her mind, but the thought of being stuck in front of him like she was with Gorvo rightfully terrified her. So they kept up the pattern, she would dodge or parry, take light damage, then heal, sometimes attacking with purposefully fast, light, glancing blows. She couldn’t win this fight with swordsmanship, but she didn’t know how her new skills would help either.

Feeling like it was now or never, Cassandra cast Ready for Action, her fingers touching her belly armor automatically, getting wet, feeling the minor charisma bump, and of course God reminding her that she was wearing the wrong equipment. She was a little more wary of the defense loss than previous situations, but she had to use it. She couldn’t feel much change, though the more she used it, the more she noticed how buff Olov had gotten, and that hammer seemed somehow bigger now. She shook the errant thoughts from her head, and went for the kill, hoping somehow, some way for better results than last time. “Instant Loss”.

The world blurred as she sped towards the hulking barbarian, his blur seemed to grow larger as she found herself lightly crouched, face-to-face with the tall man’s leather fly; by the time she realized where she was, her hand was already against it, massaging the outline of what felt like a proportionally sized cock. Just like before, it took a few moments of her body doing the opposite of what she wanted before she had control again. Though this time it was a bit rougher; she felt massive hands on her shoulders, pulling her up and throwing her back against a wall. Then God whispered, as if it needed being said, “Olov, Barbarian Khan: Willpower check passed. Consider Fucktoy-appropriate equipment for more efficient use of Fucktoy skills”

Cassandra laughed darkly, slumped against the wall and spitting up some blood. Divine Grace kept her alive, but for how much longer? If she couldn’t beat this bastard with knight skills, and could barely use her Fucktoy skills, why even heal? But once more, she told herself this wasn’t how an ascended champion should act. She needed to try everything before giving up, then try it again, then repeat until death. She stood, another bitter laugh as the remaining pieces of her trusty plate set fell from her body, completely destroyed by the impact against the town walls. Olov was yelling something she couldn’t really make out over the ringing in her ears, but she definitely heard the word “whore” a few times so she figured the gist of it. Fuck it all, she had two moves she needed to use, so she was gonna use them. Equipment couldn’t hinder her if she wasn’t wearing any equipment; take that, God! She chuckled, knowing full-well that class skills needed specific equipment types to activate properly, and that with just tattered underwear on, she was not meeting any class skill’s equipment requirements. But whatever, die trying.

Olov started lumbering towards her and she thought, “Ready for Action”. Her hand trailed down her bare stomach, fingers spreading as they reached her pussy; two fingers made light circles at the bottom until she opened up enough for them to slide inside. It was incredibly easy with how wet she was, but what was more shocking was the heat. She thought her fingers might burn in there if they were left too long. As they lightly swirled inside her she felt a horniness like she had never felt before, starting where her fingers touched and spreading up until it engulfed her whole body. She wanted to be filled, and there was someone coming this way who could fit that bill.

Her fingers left her pussy and she thought that would be it, but her hand lifted to her lips and she tasted her nectar, bending forward to give her enemy a good look at her mouth and obscenely licking all over her already soaked digits. He was slowing down and getting hard; she noticed both before God even chimed in, “Olov, Barbarian Khan: Constitution check failed. Ready for Action Effects: Charisma increased, all other stats reduced”. Charisma increase was weird but she’d take it with the rest of them, and honestly it did take Olov from jacked and sexy for a barbarian to drop dead gorgeous hunk. Now that she thought about it, with her new skillset, it wouldn’t hurt to give her enemies a little charisma.

While she was happy something seemed to have worked, it was right there, bent forward, fingers in mouth, eye contact with Olov that God returned her body to her. A lesser woman may have hesitated or been shocked in surprise at the full Ready for Action skill, but Cassandra Lighthope was ready for this the moment she realized she could use her skills unhindered now, she looked at her increasingly handsome opponent and confidently thought, “Instant Loss”. It didn’t hurt she was now more excited than scared to find where the skill might take her.

Once more the world blurred, she expected to be back on her knees but as the world gained shape again, she found herself above the barbarian dropping into his waiting arms as her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist. The way she found herself helplessly gyrating this time was with her perky little titties against his face. The next few seconds lasted a lifetime in “Olov, Barbarian Khan: Willpower check - Critical Failure Instant Loss Critical effects: all buffs removed, cannot be reapplied until tomorrow, all equipment is removed, cannot be equipped until tomorrow, charmed, decrease all stats. increased affection, increased aggression”. Hot damn that sounded good to Cassandra, and while she felt a strange disappointment, she was mostly relieved when the debuff brought him back down to human proportions.

She had won, and remembering her goals helped break her out of whatever sex trance all these barbarians and fucktoy skills had left her in. Now it was just time for the killing blow and- Olov loudly grunted and Cassandra’s eyes rolled back, forgetting anything else as Olov dropped her hot, soaking cunt over his dick that was so hard it nearly pointed straight up. Regaining some of her senses, she tried to pull herself out of his grip, but in this position being held in the air, a position Cassandra had quite literally put herself in, she couldn’t overcome his strength. And each time he picked her up and dropped her onto his waiting cock, her struggles became weaker and quieter. After a few minutes of this, she was mostly holding onto Olov’s neck, kissing and sucking on it while he moved her hips up and down on his shaft. This continued until the barbarian roared with a massive orgasm that sent cum leaking all over the ascendant fucktoy as he collapsed on top of her. He seemed to be drifting off, but Cassandra wasn’t done by a longshot. Before it had a chance to soften, Olov’s freshly used dick was in the Fucktoy’s mouth getting hard again. He wasn’t physically prepared for more in his debuffed state, but being charmed with artificially inflated affection and aggression towards this girl, he had no chance to resist.

Cassandra Lighthope was insatiable for hours after her first real achievement as a Fucktoy, she had Olov fuck her in every position she could think of, giving two shits that many horde officers had perched on the city walls watching the show. An uneasy truce between them and the town's guard existed so everyone could enjoy a duel like none had ever seen. And while his body was likely taking some damage, Olov kept pace in his almost berserk state, fucking her like a madman until dawn.

However even at her most shameless she was still a champion, and a victorious one. She laid the terms of her victory out for the gasping barbarian in strained moans as she slammed down on his dick, hands pinning his chest while preparing for cumshot number 7, “You will replant the fields you burnt, YES! You will provide 100 men to rebuild everything you and your nephew destroyed, Oh my GOD! You will… you will… you will… FUCK!!” The finer details of his surrender would have to wait.

Waking up soon after dawn, caked in cum from her mouth to her pussy, Cassandra saw the spent form of Olov beneath her. This jarred her awake as she remembered everything and quickly got up, fetching Clavius from the heap of armor she had abandoned earlier. Gratefully seeing many horde officers awake and watching the scene, she lifted her sword, put one foot on Olov’s chest and screamed “VJOOOORGAAAAAAAAAAA!!” An incredibly loud clattering sound filled Kharkov as 1000’s of weapons hit the ground simultaneously. She had done it.

A happy snort from below kept her from daydreaming about the Legend of Cassandra Lighthope, “Nice view up from down, ya strong one?” Blushing she dropped the Captain Morgan pose and hopped off her defeated opponent, noticing that somehow he was still hard, and disappointed in herself for feeling excitement at that. However any bad feelings were quickly interrupted by God’s voice reminding her she had new quest rewards.
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Re: Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

Postby devidevil888 » Fri Apr 05, 2024 8:28 pm

Honestly this is great I love how in depth you're going in the technical parts of the transformation. I can't wait to read more!
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Re: Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

Postby Airum » Tue Apr 09, 2024 10:53 am

Thanks for the positive feedback, always encouraging! Chapters from here on out should have a bit higher steaminess:nerdiness ratio, now that a lot of the setup is done. (Whole story will remain unapologetically nerdy though, final apologies to anyone who thinks the RPG stuff is way too much)
Cassandra lay awake that night in her guestroom, still slightly drunk from the celebration. Dressed in the light armor set she had tried on before her fight with Olov, she wished the general store had some plate for her, but was grateful to be wearing anything. She guessed a small advantage light sets had over plate was they could double as PJs. Reminiscing on her night, she had partied a bit with the towns guard and the 100s of former horde members who had been recruited to rebuild the walls, replant the fields, and generally repent to the town of Kharkov. It seemed the nature of her victory over Olov had smoothed over what otherwise might have been seriously bad blood between the two groups. Honestly she can’t imagine a better outcome given the odds she had been handed the day before. It would only take a few weeks for Kharkov to recover with all the helpers Olov volunteered, the town guard was now quite a bit stronger, and Olov graciously donated a good chunk of his treasury, despite that not being part of the Vjoorga agreement. While the 11 citizen lives lost could never be valued in money, sleepy Kharkov was objectively coming out quite a bit ahead in its dealing with barbarians.

The nature of her victory is what made all that possible, but it was also what kept her up that night. Cassandra turned over in a huff, fretting for her future. She remembered past victories, drinking with her comrades after a hard-won battle, trading stories and building bonds that were vital in the heat of battle. But tonight was different. It had been largely the same of course, drinking, dancing, embellishing tales. But there was a tension. No one talked the specifics of her unlikely victory over Olov; where normally she would have repeated the play by play of slaying a powerful foe three to five times, tonight she avoided the topic completely, and everyone seemed to follow her lead on that. Even more so because Olov was right there drinking with her and her men.

Cassandra blushed remembering why she left. All night Olov had been overly friendly for a defeated enemy, joining her conversations and asking her to cheers just a bit too often. She didn’t want to admit to herself that it was obvious, to absolutely everyone, why he was acting that way. Not a day before she had fucked him, skilfully and with abandon, in front of everyone they were drinking with. While Dracian customs weren’t particularly prudish, it was not every day its citizens watched an ascended champion and a barbarian khan fuck in the townsquare. Cassandra’s sexuality was top of mind in the collective consciousness of the celebration, which made the Captain of the Dracian guard very uncomfortable, and a little bit wet, which in turn made her more uncomfortable. On top of that were the glances she got with varying degrees of subtlety from all the men drinking in the square. While the set was not as risque as her “outfit” from the fight with Olov, the white, light armor put her body on display under the bright tundra moon in ways the normally plated knight wasn’t used to. That’s why even with her increased willpower, when Olov drunkenly grabbed her ass near midnight, all she could do was slap him across the face then stomp off like some offended maiden, as she tried to ignore the hushed gossip of everyone who had seen it.

Her blush deepened remembering that humiliation. She didn’t know what to do in that situation; Olov was no longer an enemy at that point. In fact he was the greatest patron Kharston had ever, and likely would ever know. As a champion tasked with defending the town, decapitating Olov would not have been the right call. But as a knight whose honor had been besmirched, by a defeated opponent no less, she was completely ashamed that she hadn’t at least demanded an immediate, public apology. Instead, she was the one who left in shame; she could still hear Olov’s laughter among the men, her men, outside her window. Despite her victory, despite Olov’s rudeness, despite every outcome the situation might suggest, it was Cassandra left alone in her room, regretting the events of the day.

But regret and shame weren’t the only emotions swirling through Cassandra as she laid in bed. They were both mixed with a heavy dose of arousal, the source of which she wasn’t sure. Of course she had had more sex in the last day than the year before it, but if anything that should have made her less horny, right? She should be satiated for a few weeks at least. But the heat from her pussy had been smoldering since she’d seen Olov’s hard cock that morning after their duel. And she hated to admit it, but her humiliation at midnight had if anything made her overheated condition even worse. Her hand slowly made its way to her wet slit even as she lay on her side, huddled under the sheets as if to protect herself from unseen foes. Without Cassandra even noticing, her muscular thighs inched apart, her fingers began slowly dancing between her lips, effortlessly sliding in as their controller fantasized about her day.

Cassandra almost stopped when she realized what she was doing, but another burst of drunken laughter from outside reignited her shame and convinced her she needed a distraction before bed. She bit her lip as she remembered her duel with Olov; her favorite parts were delivering her demands as she rode on top of the defeated barbarian. Even if the method of victory was quite a bit different than she was used to, dictating terms of surrender was something she quite enjoyed; those few minutes had made the fight seem like a real win, even if that feeling didn’t last. That memory at least made her smile, but it wasn’t really helping her get the relief her body was so desperate for. No matter how many times she relived her first decisive victory after ascension, it was like pussy was stuck at 30%.

Frustrated, Cassandra went through her steamiest memories: teaching young, elven cadets how to treat a woman’s body, having her way with barbarian PoWs, even nights with well-endowed lovers as they passionately explored each others’ bodies until dawn. Nothing was getting her closer to the release that at this point her body was desperate for. She flipped through her memories for something, anything until another boisterous laugh put Olov back on her brain. But this time the memory that flashed through her was not her dictation of terms, but her first real use of “Instant Loss”. The memory of his strong hands completely in control of her whole body. Even after the debuff, his strength in that position had completely dominated her. Outside of her memories Cassandra’s fingers were finally speeding up, and her breathing soon followed. The way she had struggled to escape, just to be slammed back down on his cock, it was too good. It was unlike any fucking she had seen or been a part of before. He had simply used her like a… like a… “Fucktoy”, the word quietly escaped her lips in a trembling voice as her fingers found her clit and started their final sprint to the finish line. She thought about all the ways Olov had fucked her, unconsciously spending a lot more time on the positions where he was clearly in control of her body. After a few minutes of this, her thoughts were spinning out of control as her climax built: the smell of his sweat as she bit into his neck, the taste of his cum whether unloading on her tongue or sucked off his shaft, the eyes of her men as he casually smacked her ass. All those eyes, barely hiding the fact they were judging her as a “Fucktoy”, she breathed the word again, more dreamily.

Cassandra Lighthope, the ascendant champion who had just saved the entire town, was just a fucktoy to them, and all it took was one slap from one man. She knew she was close, but she didn’t have the spare brainpower at that moment to consider what she was about to cum to. As the thoughts kept spiraling in her mind, one more word escaped her lips, “Olooooov~”. She bit her lip, then nothing. She was so close just one more dirty thought of him grabbing her hips and then… Nothing, again.

She was so horny she was about to try again when God chimed in, “On Edge effects triggered: HP fully restored, you can not orgasm without a partner”. Her eyes burst wide open in shock. It was too much; between the humiliation, the sleep deprivation, the drunkenness, and her neediness now that she’d been at it for almost an hour, she couldn’t even cum! For the first time in her life, Cassandra Lighthope screamed impotently into her pillow, kicking her legs and crying in frustration, cursing god while hornier than she could ever remember being. She tried to cum two more times to the same effect, which redoubled her crying and screaming into the pillow. Eventually she ran out of energy, and at some point before dawn, she finally fell into a fitful sleep. She was too tired to even notice as God explained, “Hidden Fucktoy Class Change Quest Complete! ‘Desperate for Daddy’ tasks fulfilled by edging to thoughts of a potential new Daddy and wishing in your heart they would make you cum. As a reward, you have unlocked the Fucktoy Ascended Passive Skill: Daddy’s Fucktoy. Please use your new powers to spread my glory and grace, goodbye.”

As soon as the world darkened around her, to her great dismay, Cassandra found herself disembodied and floating in blue, the voice of god all around her again, “Ascension progress accumulated, but no meditations performed today, ensuring continued ascendance through automated sleep meditation”. Helpless, Cassandra would have sighed if she’d had a mouth at that moment. She had put off learning about her quest “rewards” and “ascension progress” after her victories that day because she hoped she could simply avoid it all and live her life pretending to be a knight. If she could just avoid meditation and not accept any ascension rewards, maybe she could hide everything about her ascension, move to some new city she wouldn’t be recognized, and live out the rest of her days as a highly overqualified townsguard.

However, she’d completely forgotten about automated sleep meditation as she had always been a go-getter, opening god’s insights through meditation as soon as they were available, from the time she was in the academy until the last rewards she received as a knight. Any of her less ambitious colleagues could have told her her plan wouldn’t work; many lazier champions thought they were quite clever when they realized they could easily farm low level quests if they just didn’t level up themselves. Unfortunately for them and Cassandra, God didn’t let champions sleep on their rewards.

So Cassandra found herself participating in her own humiliation as she opened her quest rewards. Normally, she would have done it one at a time, enjoying god’s voice explaining to her how she would be getting stronger. Tonight though, she immediately opened them all w/o fanfare and skipped to her skills screen to see the damage. It looked quite a bit different now; her last two knight skills had been replaced as she’d feared, as new skills all she could see were their names. Divine Grace, the one thing that kept her alive during her duel with Olov, had been replaced by “Immaculate Divinity”. Knight’s Rally, a skill that had saved the lives of her subordinates on countless occasions, had been turned into “Fucktoy Festival”. Terrific.

Looking at her other skills, she could finally read their descriptions, “Ready for Action: Sharply raise charisma at the cost of defense by getting your pussy wet and showing your enemy. Moderate chance of raising their charisma and lowering all other stats when enemies smell your Fucktoy pheromones… Instant Loss: Instantly position yourself in the most enticing stance possible for your target to fuck you in. High chance to debuff, disarm, charm, lower all stats, and raise aggression and affection of target”. Perfect, just what she needed.

Disappointed but not surprised, Cassandra just rolled her non-existing eyes at her skills screen and waited for the automated meditation to end. But it didn’t until God chimed in, “Please review all quest rewards and ascension progress before ending meditation”. She must have missed something. She checked her stats page and saw she had reached ascendance level 2. Her stats actually did look even better than last time, so she was at least going to stay a strong fighter, even w/o her skills. Even w/o killing Olov, she was happy the ascendance quest still gave her XP; in fact, it gave her a little hope. Since she had an all new “Fucktoy Ascendant Passive Skills” section, her existing passives of Advanced Swordsmanship and Courageous Leadership would hopefully remain, and combined with her impressive and ever-improving stats may even allow her to stay on as Captain of the Guard. She allowed herself that fleeting hope, the only purely positive emotion she had felt since Olov slapped her ass. But even as she got to the end of her stats page, the meditation wouldn’t end.

A bit concerned she would be trapped in this blue world, reading about her humiliating new class for eternity, Cassandra flipped back to her skills screen and read it top to bottom. Then she saw it: Daddy’s Fucktoy. Right next to “On Edge” in her FAPS section, it sat staring at her, the description mocking her. She almost thought it was a joke since she couldn’t remember how she’d “earned” it. But nothing on this page was ever a joke, unfortunately for Cassandra. As if an anchor had been tied to her heart, she read, and re-read: “Daddy’s Fucktoy: All Fucktoy skills greatly enhanced when within 2 meters of an allied, male champion with high affection for Fucktoy. Fucktoy skills can be cast on male allies for positive effects. Fucktoy HP decreases every 10 minutes when farther than 10 meters from allied, male champion with high affection for Fucktoy”. She practically gagged, desperate for this to not be real, but there was more: “Up to 3 allied males with high affection can be chosen as a ‘Daddy’ at one time, their status and distance from Fucktoy can be seen below”. Cassandra looked to the list beneath the new passive skill. There were two gray portraits that simply showed a question mark. But on top of those, with a little “25m” in the corner to indicate distance, was a very detailed, accurate, naked picture of Olov, Barbarian Khan.
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Re: Class Changes (Bimbo/Sextoy TF, Videogames/RPGs)

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Love the story. So much world building and amazing descriptions. Is there going to be any physical changes to our main lady?
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