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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

Postby CalPeak099 » Sun Nov 19, 2023 9:58 pm

Awesome addition!
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

Postby Nobody14 » Mon Nov 20, 2023 5:49 pm

CalPeak099 wrote:Awesome addition!

Thank you! It was a lot of fun to write, and finally really show how toxic Valerie's group can be. I'm excited for what comes next now that Ada has realized her feelings.
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

Postby Nobody14 » Wed Nov 22, 2023 12:49 am

Hello again everyone! I wanted to get another part done before the Thanksgiving holiday makes it a little tougher to write for a few days. Hope you all enjoy this part as we catch up with Chelsea and see how Ada is dealing with things.

Part 7

Chelsea had no idea how long she had been running. With her enhanced physique it took a long time for her to start running out of breath, even at a dead sprint.

Exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically the blonde gasped for air. Instinctively she began taking in deep breaths through her nose, letting the air out through her mouth to maximize oxygen intake. Arms behind her head to improve her air intake further Chelsea looked around to see where she had ended up.

Looking up as she cleared the tears from her eyes she found herself in front of the hotel they were staying at.

"Hiding in our room is no good. Ada will just come back and find me eventually." Chelsea murmured miserably to herself.

When it had come time to decide roommates for the vacation it was only natural the girls chose to stay together. It would be just like any of the numerous times they'd had sleepovers at each other's houses over the years.

Chelsea could not explain the emotions she was feeling as she imagined Ada coming to find her. A pain sharper than any knife dug into her heart as she struggled to understand why she had run.

"Well howdy there little lady!" A boisterous voice called out, forcing Chelsea to pay attention to the woman who owned it. "It's mighty good to see ya again. Where's yer friend at?"

Vicky was slowly waddling out of the hotel toward Chelsea. With Latoya's assistance she felt leagues better than she had since the last time she saw the blonde.

It had been a long process draining her heavy milk tanks. The maid had truly been a life saver as she went above and beyond the call of duty to help out. Latoya had been modest, but Vicky made sure to speak to her manager and shower the woman with praise.

As a token of appreciation Vicky had invited Latoya out for a bite to eat. Latoya had tried to politely decline, but the grumbling from her stomach at the mention of food led the embarrassed nerd to accept.

Vicky was once more wearing her cow print patterned bikini, though the milk spots from the earlier incident had been dried as best they could be. Vicky had convinced Latoya to follow suit, and the Black woman was somewhat nervously looking around, not used to the attention her blue bikini was drawing.

"Have you been crying?" The moment Latoya looked at Chelsea she went into mother mode, ignoring her own insecurities. "Oh sweetie, you look absolutely distraught. Why don't you join us for a bite to eat and tell us what's wrong? I hope that's not too much trouble Vicky."

"Of course it ain't. You just come along with us and we'll hear ya out." Vicky put a hand on Chelsea's shoulder, her voice softer as she spoke to the younger woman.

Chelsea looked at the two victims of Ada's revenge. It was hard to believe that they had once been bullies who had relentlessly made her life miserable. At the moment they were just two concerned women who wanted to help.

"Thank you, I really appreciate it." Chelsea hesitated for a few moments, but the women did nothing to force her decision.

She had no reason to deny them. In their current lives they had done nothing to wrong her. With nowhere to go the thought of having people who wanted to help felt like a godsend to the anxious young woman.

The trio found a seaside restaurant with outdoor seating nearby. None of them wanted to walk very far. This far along in her pregnancy Vicky found herself wanting to sit and get off her aching feet as soon as she could. Latoya, tired from her long day at work and lacking musculature from her mostly sedentary lifestyle, did not complain. Despite being the most fit of the group Chelsea welcomed the chance to rest after the adrenaline from her sprint wore off.

"Now, take your time and tell us what's wrong. No need to rush yourself." Latoya took the initiative to get the conversation going once they had ordered their food.

"Does it have something to do with your friend? When I talked to ya'll earlier you seemed tight as two peas in a pod." Vicky offered a sympathetic smile.

"We had a fight." Chelsea said after letting out a long sigh. "She started acting different today. More mean spirited than I've ever seen her. Ada had her reasons, and I do understand, but what she was doing felt wrong. I couldn't stand seeing her like that."

Chelsea decided to go the broad strokes approach, carefully choosing her words. There was no way she could explain to these women that they had been her age and a quarter of their current weights that morning.

"Sounds like ya just want what's best for her." Vicky nodded in understanding. "Is that why ya'll are on the outs? Cause of what Ada was doing?"

"It's part of it, but I think I was getting through to her." Chelsea stared at her glass of water, letting her melancholy wash over her. "A girl we know came along and called me out as a parasite. She was completely right too. Without Ada I'd be nothing. I'm just pathetic. Even now I'm just taking advantage of your kindness."

Chelsea's shoulders quaked as her sobbing racked her body. Bitter tears streaked down her cheeks as she thought back to Selena's words.

"Don't you ever believe that!" Chelsea and Vicky jumped as Latoya slammed her palm on the table. The nervous geek looked the picture of a powerful mama bear as she stood up. "You can't let someone else tell you who you are. You're the only one who gets to decide that!"

Chelsea could only stare in awe at the Black woman. In her old life she would constantly put people down. Now she spoke with conviction as someone who had grown up an outcast and come out making the best of her experience. The irony that it would be Latoya who snapped her to her senses was not lost on her.

"Oh!" Latoya looked around sheepishly as she realized everyone was looking at her. Her blush only deepened as a handful of cheers and shouts of agreement came from the other patrons. She sat back down and nervously stared at her hands. "Sorry, I, uh, got a little passionate there. I just can't stand bullying."

"What did Ada have to say?" Vicky picked things up from there. "If she didn't put a whooping on that gal for ya I've got a few words for her."

"Ada did tell her to cut it out. I took off running not too long after. I have no doubt Ada got some solid revenge for us though." Chelsea couldn't help wondering what kind of fate had befallen Selena. "I was just so afraid that afraid Ada would agree with her. That she'd realize she's better off without me."

"Chelsea, do you really believe Ada thinks that?" Latoya put her hand on the young blonde's and gave her a reassuring smile. "It sounds like she cares about you a great deal too. I'm sure she misses you as much as you miss her."

Chelsea thought about the things Ada had said. The Asian girl could have easily pushed Chelsea away at any point. Told her to leave, or changed her mind to be more agreeable. Instead Ada had improved both their figures. She listened to every concern Chelsea had, and despite her personality changes showed signs she knew she was wrong.

"It's you and me against the world, just like it's always been." She remembered Ada saying.

It seemed so obvious now. Ada had always wanted Chelsea by her side. She could have just kept Chelsea out of the loop and unaware of the revenge she had planned for Valerie and the others. Ada had even claimed some of the changes she'd made were done for her sake.

"I think you're right. Ada and I are supposed to be inseparable. It's just not the same when we aren't together." Chelsea's nodded with renewed determination.

"Ya'll are such a cute couple. Make sure you kiss and make up now, ya hear?" Vicky let out a deep belly laugh.

"Oh my! I didn't know this was a lover's quarrel." Latoya chuckled as well.

"Why does everyone think we are a couple?" Chelsea groaned, though she felt a deep warmth as she imagined reconciling with Ada.

Chelsea's gaze shifted between the two women her classmates had been changed into. They had become incredible women she got along with easily. She would not forget that they had been the ones to pull her from the pits of despair.

She still felt Ada had gone too far in changing them. Although she would miss the people they were now she felt a responsibility to make sure they, along with everyone else, were turned back to normal.

"Oh, here comes the food!" Latoya cheered as a veritable feast was brought out for the women.

"Dig in and get your energy back. You'll need all the strength you can get to talk sense into your gal." Vicky continued teasing before piling food onto her own plate.

"Thank you both so much. You're two of the best friends I could have ever asked for." Chelsea gave them both a radiant smile before beginning to share in the meal.

At the same time Ada was growing more annoyed as she searched for Chelsea. She needed to make sure her friend was alright, but all these worthless people kept getting in the way!

"Chelsea! Where are you?" Ada frantically called out. "Damn it! If Selena hadn't butted in we'd still be together."

Though Ada hated to admit it she may never have realized her feelings if it hadn't been for the bitch either. It was the only reason she had refrained from making Selena an immobile blob of fat.

She had already been searching for an hour. She chastised herself for not following directly after Chelsea. As much as Selena deserved her punishment the clown slut had cost her valuable time. Now Ada had no clue where Chelsea could have gone.

"If it wasn't for all these smug, entitled, self absorbed losers she'd be easy to find." Ada growled as her fury continued to build.

Ada was left alone with her thoughts. She feared Chelsea had come to hate her. That her best friend would reject her. The thoughts circled in a negative feedback loop, worsening as she walked along.

"Why do they all deserve to be happy?" Ada spat as she looked at all the people around her.

A part of her knew she was just looking for an excuse to vent her frustrations. Another part was still intoxicated by her ability to change the reality of others.

"Let's see how happy they are in some new lives!" Ada began typing in changes on her phone. She didn't care who she altered. Anything to distract from her own pain.

Ada's gaze first fell on a woman lying out on the sand sunbathing. She was Asian and had medium length black hair. Her thin arms rested behind her head as she basked in the afternoon rays. The woman wore a yellow bikini that covered her modest breasts while showing off her trim tummy.

Name: Jie Shao
Old Age: 25 New Age: 54
Old Weight: 118 Pounds New Weight: 472 Pounds

Ada watched as the Chinese woman aged and quadrupled in size. Her hair had been collected into a graying bun. Jie lazily scratched her immense belly, unaware that the craving she had for a pack of hot dogs had been a foreign concept moments ago. The beach blanket beneath her had grown in size, but Jie's blubbery folds were too wide for it to catch up. Jie rubbed her gigantic gut as she contemplated what she should have for dinner. That hot dog cart she saw would be a good start, but she'd need more to keep her full.

Sagging over her belly was a set of massive tits with cleavage that could rival the Grand Canyon. Jie felt a sense of superiority when she remembered all the girls she had grown up with. Their barely B-cups could never hope to compete with her humongous H-cup beauties. Though they could be a pain to wrangle into her bras she wouldn't trade her pride and joys for anything.

Below Jie her corpulent tush was sinking deep into the sand. Her wide set hips were a wonder to watch when they were in motion. For how busty Jie was she was a bottom heavy woman. Her rotund posterior made it difficult to maneuver through doors without getting stuck. Just that morning she had needed to call for help after misjudging the width of the doorframe at a coffeehouse. One of the baristas had needed to push with all his might for several minutes to pop her free.

"I could really go for a burger. A triple stack to start with a bag of chili fries on the side." Jie mused to herself, trying not to drool as she lazed about.

Ada turned her attention to an older woman walking with her husband. She looked good for being middle aged. Her red hair had hints of gray peeking through, and had been styled into a mature bob cut. Though she had some laugh lines and crow's feet showing they were not that noticeable.

The redhead had worn a black bikini for the excursion. This trip had been an anniversary gift from her husband, and she had decided to be a little daring for him. The top was cut low enough to give an enticing view of her large bust. A strict diet and extra hours in the gym for the last few months had melted away her belly fat. Even her butt was tighter than it had been in years.

Old Name: Cathy Longford New Name: Chen Shao
Old Age: 43 New Age: 25
Old Weight: 143 Pounds New Weight: 343 Pounds
Family: Jie Shao (Mother)

Chen watched the older man walk away. He was kind of cute, but not really her type. She shrugged her pudgy shoulders as she carried bags with greasy burgers to where her mom was resting so they could enjoy a snack.

"I'm back mom!" Chen announced herself to the older woman. "I got that triple bacon ranch melt burger you wanted to try, and a ton of fries."

Growing up with an obese mom it was no wonder Chen had grown to a similar size. The younger woman still did her best to look cute, styling her long black hair in a way she hoped looked attractive and hid how round her face was.

Hoping to draw attention to her substantial assets Chen had worn a black bikini for their beach day. Her boobs had ballooned over the years into the massive tits they were now. She knew plenty of guys had a thing for Asian girls, especially if they had a huge rack. It would be hard to find another who could compete with her G-cup melons, though she had been irked when she saw a busty Asian girl that rivaled her when she was walking back from her food run.

Chen knew she had other charms to use to her advantage though. Her thighs were round pillars of fat that could crush a lover's head if she chose. Her backside was a buffet of cake that could feed for days. Lovers had nearly suffocated after taking her challenge to let her drop her booty on their faces. Chen got a thrill out of them struggling to please her enough to earn the right for a break.

The Chinese butterball's belly apron hung over her portly thighs as she walked. Chen had accepted she was a big beautiful woman a long time ago. Instead of hiding her roly-poly tummy she let it all hang out for the world to see. If they couldn't handle a big bellied bitch that was their problem.

"You got my snack, but what did you get yourself?" Jie laughed as she sat up, her belly spilling over her lap to pool into the sand.

"Don't worry, I got my share too. The lady at the burger stand gave me a once over and still asked if I was getting the grub for a party." Chen laughed as she began pulling out the food. "When I told her it was just me and my mom she looked like she could faint!"

"Where are you Chelsea?" Ada grumbled to herself, the emptiness inside only growing as she watched the now mother and daughter eat their slop.
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

Postby Nobody14 » Sat Nov 25, 2023 1:32 am

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! I managed to find enough time to get this part done sooner than I thought. I hope you all enjoy!

Part 8

As the day stretched on into the later hours of the afternoon the demographic of the beach began to slowly shift. It had less to do with the people coming and going, and more to do with the attractive young Asian woman walking around.

Wherever Ada went the women around her invariably became fatter. The number of older women around middle age began to skyrocket as well. They all went about their lives in ignorance to the fact they had ever been any different.

"Damn it! Where are you Chelsea?" Ada's mood had continued to sour as her attempts to track her friend down continued to result in failure.

Chelsea had left her phone behind when she ran away. It had been Ada's first instinct to locate her friend after dealing with Selena. Without any solid leads on where the blonde went she had been forced to wander in circles hoping to spot her. As time dragged on Ada's desperation turned to malice.

A Black woman walking down the beach was just the latest person to catch Ada's eye. She wore glasses, and walked with a self assured confidence. Her hair had been pulled into a low ponytail that bobbed along with her steps. The woman's legs were long and supple. She was slightly more bottom heavy with wide hips and a juicy booty. Her white bikini suited her well, cradling her D-cup bosom perfectly.

Name: Melody Carmichael
Old Age: 24 New Age: 50
Old Weight: 142 Pounds New Weight: 442 Pounds
Old Occupation: Social Media Influencer New Occupation: Baker

"This trip is exactly the change of pace I needed." Melody hummed a happy little tune to herself as she waddled along the shoreline. "I've got a ton of new ideas for the bakery. I'm sure my customers would love an authentic tropical inspired selection."

Thoughts of the collaboration she had planned for next week vanished. The name of her would be partner would only be vaguely familiar as someone her daughter followed online. Neither would believe the technologically inept woman had dominated the social media landscape herself in another life.

Melody was a matronly woman with heavy hanging breasts that stretched her top to its limits. The hefty back breakers she lugged around had only grown as she and her husband had their three kids. Melody remembered the days she had lorded around over the other girls how busty she was. These days they were bigger than basketballs and constantly got in the way.

Her time as a homemaker had led her to different pursuits. When she was young she had considered herself a fashionista. While Melody still did her best to put together stylish outfits it was hard with the smaller selection for women her size, and the money a full wardrobe would require was better spent on her children.

Instead Melody had taken to the pleasures of baking. Her propensity for baking had led to a career and successful bakery that served customers across the country. Melody was fond of decadent cakes, pies, strudel, fudge and more. Whenever she had a new idea for a recipe to add to her cookbook she simply had to keep working until it was perfect. Melody couldn't bring herself to let any of the experiments go to waste, and often ate large amounts of her own baked goods as a result.

Her enormous belly told the tale of sampling far too many of her own creations. Melody's doughy belly drooped low over her bikini bottoms. The master baker's gut had as many layers as a deluxe wedding cake, each wider than the last.

Behind Melody her rear end wobbled nonstop. She'd always carried most of her weight in her hips, thighs and butt. As her baking empire had grown the inches had similarly added up. Her perky booty had transformed into a colossal shelf of dense fat. With each new recipe it grew wider, rounder and fuller as pounds of sugar and frosting converted to pounds of lard. A moment on the lips truly becoming a lifetime on her hips.

"Excuse me, are you Melody Carmichael?" A woman around Melody's new age approached the Black woman. "I recognize you from the picture on your book. I simply adore your recipes. Oh, how rude not to introduce myself. My name is Ginger."

Ginger had short scarlet hair worn in a mature style. Living up to her namesake the woman had fair skin dotted with a smattering of freckles that gave her a somewhat youthful appearance despite her age. Ginger was more conservative than most of the women on the beach who seemed to inexplicably choose to wear bikinis despite their more corpulent physiques. The redhead had chosen a simple green one piece that served well in covering her modest breasts.

"Oh, it's always a pleasure to meet a fan!" Melody clasped her hands together in an excited manner.

"Would it trouble you if I were to ask for a few pointers? This kind of chance doesn't come up everyday." Ginger asked, her enthusiasm clear as day.

"I've been meeting a lot of people who seem to not be able to get enough of my baking. I'd be more than happy to give you a few tips." Melody began eagerly talking with the other woman.

"I can make it much easier for you to get advice from her whenever you want." Ada muttered from nearby.

Even as she typed in more changes Ada felt the emptiness inside her growing. The more changes she made the more miserable she became. Was it because Chelsea was gone? Since their separation using the app had only left Ada feeling hollow.

Old Name: Ginger Farley New Name: Ginger Carmichael
Old Age: 47 New Age: 22
Old Weight: 154 Pounds New Weight: 360 Pounds
Family: Melody Carmichael (Mother)

"I think some fresh grated coconut would be perfect for our tropical menu." Ginger pointed to a shop selling the fruits.

Ginger had been her mom's assistant in the kitchen from the time she first helped make Christmas cookies. Growing up Ginger had thrown herself into the field her mother had dominated, and helped expand the business. She had been the one to take their service online and setup the pipeline for sending orders out around the country. It was the young partner's goal to make their brand one recognized worldwide.

The stout woman had all the confidence her mother had in her youth, though growing up plus sized meant she had come to adore her plump curves earlier. Ginger had been delighted that this beach was so fat friendly when they booked their trip. Her long braids trailed down her back, bouncing as she walked to the stand to pickup some of the produce.

She had chosen a green bikini that made her ghetto booty stand out. As she strutted down the boardwalk she wanted all eyes on her planet sized ass. Ginger added an extra sway to her steps, wiggling her plush hips to send her butt bouncing. She'd seen plenty of good competition, but the plus sized beauty kept her head held high. Despite being overweight Ginger still exercised regularly. As a result her meaty ass was pliant but firm.

Ginger's years of baking had left her with a sizable gut. With her sweet tooth and lack of control around the sugary treats her family was known for it was a small miracle she was not much fatter. Her fitness regimen only continued to get harder as her belly ballooned. For now her husky tummy was somewhat in check, but Ginger knew it was only a matter of time until she was as obese as her mother.

Ginger had decided to step her game up to compete with other heavyset women on the beach with a top that showed more of her impressive jugs. Her cantaloupe sized breasts had a perkiness that few others her size could compete with. Back home she was among the biggest girls around. It astounded the young baker that her chest only ranked as average compared to most of those around her here, but she refused to let it get her down.

"That's a wonderful idea honey! I hope you have your appetite, because I see a lot of sampling in our future." Melody joyfully joined her daughter in perusing the local wares, humming a cheerful tune.

Ada watched the pair. Despite what she had done to them they were still so happy.

"What am I even doing? This is all so pointless." Ada sighed as her gaze shifted to the myriad number of altered people.

With every face she saw Ada could only wonder what Chelsea would think. How disappointed the blonde would feel in Ada for abusing this power.

Ada couldn't bring herself to make any of them miserable. In truth she had gone out of her way to make sure none of the people she changed were alone. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends, but almost none of them truly on their own.

The thrill of changing reality had dulled. When she had started with the purpose of changing Valerie's group she had a clear goal. Now she was simply changing people because she could. Because they were there, and she would rather run away from her problems than confront them.

In her heart Ada recalled how Chelsea had called her out after changing Gwen. Looking around at the multitude of obese older women surrounding her she wondered how she had let things get this far.

As Ada stared at the phone in her hand she knew she was the one who was wrong. This was no longer about revenge against those who had oppressed her. She could only imagine Chelsea crying as she witnessed all these people changed forever.

"I can't face her like this." Ada murmured to herself.

Ada typed into the phone and watched as the new mother and daughter reverted to how they had been before.

"What was I doing? Oh yeah, I was making plans for my next stream. I've got an urge to bake for some reason. I could have my followers vote on designs." Melody mused to herself, the thought of sweets seeming much more appealing than ever before.

"This one piece is more plain than I thought." Ginger frowned at her swimsuit. "I could wear something to show off a little more."

"I guess there are some after effects." Ada contemplated as she watched the two women who had briefly been family part ways. "At least it's their own choice where they go from here."

For the first time in hours Ada felt better. The Asian girl still had a gloomy aura, but she gave a slight smile for the first time since her friend went missing.

"Fuck, how many people did I end up changing?" Ada scrolled through the long list. Most of the names had only vaguely registered in her memory.

For the first time since changing Jie and Chen, Ada truly looked around her. The majority of the women were all middle aged and three to four times her weight.

"Resetting all of these is going to take forever." Ada let out an exasperated sigh. "I guess I don't have a choice if I'm going to make things right. I just hope it's enough to show Chelsea I'm not a lost cause."

As Ada scrolled through the names she neared the bottom of the list. Familiar members of Valerie's group began to appear.

"I'm sure she'd understand finishing what we started with Valerie though. That luau is going to be the last party that bitch ever throws." Ada growled, her vindictive streak flaring up once more.
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

Postby Nobody14 » Tue Nov 28, 2023 1:04 am

I debated splitting this into two parts. It ended up being the longest chapter I've currently written for anything. I hope you all enjoy as we head for the finale of the story.

Part 9

"It was kind of you both to offer to help me track down Ada, but you really don't need to push yourselves." Chelsea told her unlikely companions for at least the third time.

"You ain't getting rid of us that easy. We just want to make sure you and your gal make friendly again." Vicky slowly waddled along behind the blonde. One hand was rubbing her pregnant belly, the other bracing her back.

"We'll let you do the talking, but I believe we could give Ada some valuable insight if needed." Latoya was just as slow as Vicky, the pair having needed to take breaks a few times already.

"I really appreciate it. I hope I can pay back your kindness." Chelsea gave them a bright smile. It was an unusual support system, but she couldn't deny she felt reassured having the women with her.

"No need to worry about that sugar cube. Me and Latoya will just be pleased as punch to see you and your gal happy together." Vicky appreciated the gratitude, but this was just friends helping friends. Something that in her mind should come naturally.

Chelsea found herself conflicted as she walked ahead of the middle aged nerd and soon to be mother farm woman. Her mission was to get Ada to reverse all of her changes. When that happened Vicky and Latoya would go back to being the spoiled popular girls who would sooner hurl insults at her than listen to her troubles.

As much as Chelsea knew it was the right thing she couldn't deny a sense of fellowship with these women. As their afternoon wore on she caught herself almost wishing they didn't need to go back to their original lives.

"You're certain Ada will be at this luau your classmate is organizing?" Chelsea was grateful for Latoya's question serving as a suitable distraction from her thoughts.

"If there is one thing I know for sure it's that Ada will be there. She wouldn't miss out on Valerie's party for the world." Chelsea had attempted to track Ada down, but without her phone she had no way to pinpoint her friend.

Chelsea's fears had only grown as she saw the number of women reaching obese weights increase. The majority of them were older as well. Though she couldn't say for certain it was all the work of Ada and her app it was impossible to assume this was an ordinary sight.

Ada had chosen a very particular modus operandi with the app. There was no doubt in Chelsea's mind that her best friend had continued altering people in her absence.

The sheer number of victims was what worried Chelsea. She had only seen Ada make changes to someone uninvolved with Valerie in the case of the lifeguard, and even then the woman had made a point of interacting with them.

It was hard to imagine all of these people had set Ada off. That could only mean Ada was choosing to alter them on purpose. Chelsea resolved to give Ada the chance to explain herself before she passed judgment.

Now that it was getting later her best chance to find Ada was Valerie's luau. Unless the Asian girl had been lucky enough to stumble upon everyone left in the group naturally it would offer the opportunity to finish her quest in one fell swoop.

"Then we best be gettin' there pronto." Vicky proclaimed in her boisterous way. "I want to see ya'll make up before I need to pump again."

"Perhaps you'd all like to join my family and I for a game night after? I know it's probably not as fun as a luau, but I can promise it will be nice and cozy. I'll make hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows." Latoya clasped her hands together in a girlish way that betrayed her current age.

As Ada made her way to the luau she did her best to undo some of the changes she had made. The main issue she was running into was the sheer number of people she had transformed. The app made it a simple process to rewrite anything about a person. Hours into changing anyone she came across before Ada couldn't bear the guilt any longer left ample time to modify the realities of a large portion of the people she had seen.

"I hope Chelsea won't be too mad at me. It's going to take a long time to track down everyone I changed." Ada sighed as she undid another transformation she did not remember making.

"I got an order ready for number 23!" A butterball of a woman yelled from behind the counter of a burrito stand.

The woman was a Latina with skin the color of rich caramel. She had a mature face with noticeable lines around her mouth. Her curly chestnut hair had been pulled into a bun to be out of the way while she worked.

It was hard to gauge just how fat the Latina was with her bottom half hidden behind the counter. What customers could see from a distance was a set of tits almost twice as big as the Latina's head. The vendor had strategically altered one of her work shirts to give her the deepest cleavage possible. Her prized jugs were the perfect lure to draw in horny tourists.

Though it was partially hidden behind the counter the Latina's belly pushed out just as far as her breasts. Her flabby belly squished against the countertop, a vast layer of blubber spilling over as she yelled out toward the customers waiting.

"Oh, that's for us!" Jie's mouth watered as she eyed the plates stacked high with tacos and burritos for her and her daughter.

"This place has everything!" Chen giggled in contentment, unaware that as reality shifted the variety of food stalls had vastly improved. "It's like they have every type of cuisine you could ever hope for."

"And we're going to try them all." Jie slowly lumbered toward the Latina to collect the latest meal she and her daughter would stuff themselves with.

A moment later Jie felt her tummy rumble. The thin Asian looked down at her distended belly, rubbing circles to nurse her food baby. It took a great deal of effort to make it to a table to sit down.

"Oh, I've never felt so full in my life." The younger Chinese woman groaned.

As she rubbed her tight belly she couldn't deny a certain excitement. A vague thrill at seeing her belly so full and round.

"I wonder if I could go even further?" Jie mused to herself. She blushed deeply as she wondered what she'd look like even bigger.

"Where did he wander off to?" Cathy walked past the Asian girl as she looked for her husband. "He'll have to make up for leaving me on my own. I think I'll make him feed me. First a slice of that decadent chocolate cake, and then..."

The redhead continued to make a list of the things she would demand in compensation for her husband running off during their anniversary.

Nearby the Latina was standing on the opposite side of the counter. She had a petite figure. Her face was that of a tomboy with short messy hair. Her breasts were small and perky B-cups. She had a flat tummy left exposed by her orange bikini.

"This place isn't bad, but I think I could do better." She'd never really considered cooking, but as she tasted her burrito she felt confident she could make a delicious, authentic version.

Ada was pleased with the results. Three more off the list with the usual side effects.

Ada had crafted a theory regarding the people reverted back retaining some mental elements from their time altered. She believed it must be due to their minds adjusting and compensating for what they had been doing while they were in their alternate lives.

In Jie's case she had become a glutton who mainly focused on what her next meal would be. Being returned to normal after her eating binge had not erased the large meals she'd eaten, but left her with slight differences to account for the decisions she'd made while in her older, fatter life.

Ada had no way to prove this theory. It had partially been crafted based on her observations, and Chelsea's earlier desire to exercise after her own alterations. She wondered if the women she reverted would go on to voluntarily reclaim some part of their altered lives. As she watched Jie begin eating from a stack of burritos she decided it may vary on a case by case basis.

Leaving the scene behind Ada made her way to the luau. An email had been sent to the entire class informing them of the location. Objectively it was sponsored by the school, but Valerie had seized the opportunity to take control and mold it into her personal event.

"Hey Ada! Over here! Good to see you!" A brunette girl waived to her from one side of a volleyball court.

The brunette was named Nicole, and was one of the last few members of Valerie's close group. Her hair was long and pulled into a braid. Nicole was one of the bustiest members of the group, and a complete airhead. The ditzy girl's family was well off enough to afford the extravagant shopping trips Valerie liked to plan. Though she could be cheerful and friendly Nicole went along with everything Valerie said like a dog obeying its master.

At the moment Nicole was wearing a cute pink bikini that lifted her massive boobs higher. The bimbo had an immaculate tan from spending the first days of the trip sunbathing. The only lines were around her heaving breasts and plump booty.

"And that's my point." The girl on the other side of the net smirked as the ball landed just behind Nicole. "You can't let yourself get distracted if you want to win."

"That totally doesn't count Chiyo! I was saying hi to Ada." Nicole whined, her face scrunched up in a pout as she looked across to the tomboy on the other side of the net.

"Not my fault you stopped paying attention." The athletic Japanese girl shrugged casually. "It's not like you'd ever beat me anyway, so it's not a big deal."

Chiyo was one of the more athletic girls in Valerie's posse. The Asian girl had her hair cut down to a cute pixie cut to avoid any possibility of it getting in her way on the court. A member of the volleyball team in school Chiyo had helped lead them to a state championship the last three years in a row.

Chiyo had chosen a more athletic style top for the beach day. Chiyo was the polar opposite in terms of assets to Nicole. Her breasts were only small B-cups. The Asian girl had well sculpted abs from her commitment to the gym. Though her butt wasn't large it had an alluring heart shape. Chiyo stood out by wearing her trademark athletic shorts rather than any swimwear.

"You're so mean!" Nicole stuck out her tongue, her childish demeanor in contrast to her mature figure. "You're totally on my side, right Ada?"

The brunette turned to the new arrival with a pleading look in her eyes. Evidently she expected Ada to stand up for her in this circumstance.

"You could have finished the set before calling out to me." Ada offered no sympathy, only wondering how the group put up with Nicole's juvenile tantrums. "If you didn't let yourself get distracted you may have stood a chance."

"Haha, you're absolutely right Ada." Chiyo crowed triumphantly. "Even with her full focus Nicole could never match my speed though. Even going easy and giving her a handicap hasn't helped."

"You two are so mean!" Nicole stomped her foot, kicking up some of the sand.

Ada thought back to when she had maxed out Selena's bimbo stat. Even with her decreased intellect the clown slut hadn't been this whiny.

"Where is Chelsea? I would have thought you two would come together. You're always attached at the hip." Chiyo chose to ignore her companions outburst.

"She ran off somewhere. I've been trying to find her, but I haven't had any luck." Ada's calm mask cracked slightly, her eye twitching in annoyance.

"I bet she's, like, lost in the sea of fatties out there. This place is all beached whales." Nicole giggled as she looked out to all the obese people around them.

"Yeah, with all that blubber around it's no surprise your view is blocked. You could walk right past each other and not even notice with all these blobs in the way." Chiyo joined in the mockery, shaking her head at the undisciplined people she could see.

Finally feeling guilt for what she had done to all these people, the words carelessly thrown out by these two only made things worse. Ada could just picture Chelsea choosing to avoid her as the constant barrage of her mistakes were always in view.

"You're not exactly slim yourselves." Ada bellowed defensively as she typed in commands for the app.

Name: Nicole Hathaway
Old Weight: 128 Pounds New Weight: 246 Pounds
Old Punk Level: 3 New Punk Level: 95
Old Height: 5'7" New Height: 5'1"

"You got a problem with my weight skank? I still got enough muscle to pound you into the ground!" Nicole screamed while flipping Ada off.

The brunette bimbo was no more. She was replaced by a severely overweight short stack punk. Her blonde hair had been chopped into a short undercut style dyed an electric blue. A series of piercings were fitted into each ear with more in her nose and lip. A stylized spiderweb tattoo trailed down her right arm. Both wrists sported a spiked bracelet that matched the choker around her neck.

Her bright pink top had been replaced with one that was pitch black. The added weight only caused Nicole's massive rack to balloon further. Her enormous melons easily surpassed the size of her head, and with her short height looked even bigger. At their mammoth size they required custom tops and bras, more a pain in the ass than a badge of honor. Without the assistance her heavy hangers would flop down over her belly.

In her mind she had blossomed early and gotten pissed off when everyone assumed she was just a big breasted slut. Feeling uneasy with the leers she received, and finding the popular girls jealously spreading gossip about her being easy had left Nicole feeling like an outcast. It was what had helped push her into the punk scene, and she embraced it wholeheartedly.

Nicole's lower half had packed on plenty of pounds as well. Her thigh gap had vanished with her saddlebags pressing together and rubbing with every step. Her ass had valiantly tried to keep pace with her boobs to maintain her hourglass. What was left was a colossal badonkadonk that was swallowing her blue and black striped bottoms.

Between her immense tits and ass Nicole's belly had grown heavy and flabby. An expansive gut hung slightly over her bikini bottoms. It seemed to collect in one large, shapeless roll of blubber.

Name: Chiyo Sasaki
Old Weight: 124 Pounds New Weight: 266 Pounds
Old Status: Athletic Tomboy New Status: Gyaru
Old Rebelliousness: 13 New Rebelliousness: 87
Old Height: 5'6" New Height:5'0"

"Beat her ass Nikki! Show her she ain't such hot shit!" Chiyo crassly cheered the punk on.

Chiyo had gained a deep tan with no lines as if she spent hours in the sun, or regularly frequented tanning beds. Her hair had been dyed blonde with pink highlights and lengthened until she had a twin tail hairstyle that went to her waist. A pair of sunglasses sat atop her head.

Losing her dedication to sports had led to different circumstances for Chiyo. Her small breasts were allowed to swell and grow freely. As her weight soared her jugs only climbed through the alphabet. These days she had a set of titanic sized tits that would be the subject of many fantasies. Her pink bikini top was simply a strip of fabric that kept her nipples hidden, showing almost every angle of her monumental globes.

Chiyo had always hated the idea of others telling her how to look. She challenged school rules and served plenty of detention time thanks to her skimpy outfits.

At first she had purposely started gaining weight to challenge the status quo. Inch by inch her belly had steadily expanded. As she grew accustomed to large meals Chiyo fully embraced her surging tummy. She had even gotten several small star tattoos along its plump, round surface to draw more attention to it.

Her pink bikini bottoms had a frill to their design. They looked positively tiny compared to her pillowy thunder thighs. The pillars of fat that were her legs would wobble with every step. Behind the tanned Asian her jumbo sized ass jiggled incessantly. It took little effort to get her abundant booty bouncing.

"Looks like you finally messed up bitch. I'll just knock your lights out quick before the party starts." Nicole cracked her knuckles as she marched toward Ada.

"Shit, I need a distraction." Ada looked around and spotted her salvation.

Lumbering up the beach with her supplies in hand was Gwen. The pale goth woman had packed up for the day and was heading for her bar. Seeing her gave Ada an idea to avoid trouble.

Name: Nicole Hathaway
Old Age: 18 New Age: 47
Old Weight: 246 Pounds New Weight: 484 Pounds
Old Occupation: Student New Occupation: Musician
Old Number Of Pregnancies: 0
New Number Of Pregnancies: 3

Name: Chiyo Sasaki
Old Age: 18 New Age: 47
Old Weight: 266 Pounds New Weight: 486 Pounds
Old Occupation: Student New Occupation: Bartender/Waitress
Old Number Of Pregnencies: 0
New Number Of Pregnancies: 5

"Nikki, stop wasting time with that miserable bitch. You need to get ready for a sound check. And your shift starts in thirty minutes Chiyo. I need you taking in tips with those assets of yours." Gwen waddled up to the punk and gyaru women her age.

"I guess I do have better things to do." Nicole grumbled, turning to join her boss. "You got lucky this time slut, but I don't want to see you again."

The morbidly obese punk slowly waddled toward the goth woman. Her calves melted together with her ankles and left her feet looking tiny. Her immense legs had multiple folds and layers of flab. Nicole's hips were wide enough that she'd likely take up a love seat on her own. With every step her gigantic dump truck ass quaked and rippled.

As she moved Nicole's vast belly jostled and swayed. Her incredible bulk was a wonder to see. Among the fattest women on the beach the punk's blubbery belly apron hung low over her crotch. It had taken time to adjust, but the accomplished drummer needed to be mindful of her gut to keep it from knocking over her kit.

The other issue was her mega milkers. Nicole's monstrous udders had never stopped growing, and swung like pendulums as she hammered away at her drums. She'd had more than one show where she'd gotten too into things and had them shaking along to the beat, swing up and hitting her drums. On one occasion they'd even flopped up and slapped her in the face hard enough she was seeing stars.

"Fine, if Nikki's done here I guess I am too." Chiyo put her hands on her hips, unsatisfied that this spoiled princess got away with mocking them.

Chiyo had grown to be the bustiest of their group. The Asian woman had never grown out of her gyaru lifestyle, still tanned and fashionable as ever. Now she used her impossibly huge boobs to keep the party going all night at Gwen's bar. Her usual outfit was little more than she wore now. A small strip with a tight band to keep her thick nipples hidden. The rest of her behemoth sized jugs were allowed to wobble and shake as much as was necessary to keep driving in tips.

Chiyo's tremendous belly was a far cry from the abs she'd had two realities and several minutes ago. Now she had a gluttonous gut that pushed out almost as far as her tits. The immense spare tire of tanned flesh was wider than the woman was tall.

Carrying her enormous bulk were a set of chunky legs swaddled with lard. Her stocky limbs had quadrupled in size from the time Ada had begun changing her. Chiyo's astronomical caboose balanced the squat short stack out. Her ass had enough shelf space that she could carry a tray loaded down with pitchers of beer with ease. Her gelatinous keister required two bar stools for her to comfortably sit during her breaks.

"What the hell did you do to them?" Ada heard from over her shoulder several moments later when the trio had walked a good distance away. "How did you make Nicole and Chiyo so old and fat? Don't hold out on me Ada. Is this beach full of lard asses because of you?"

Turning around Ada was face to face with her greatest enemy. Valerie was watching the fat blimps waddling off to their new jobs with a malicious smile on her face.

Valerie King stood above the rest of the school for several reasons. One was that her family was quite wealthy. Enough so that their riches had paid for the nature garden located at the center of the property. Valerie had grown up in the lap of luxury never wanting for anything. Those that stayed in her good graces found themselves part of a world that their peers simply could not afford.

A second reason was Valerie's stunning beauty. Her mother was a model that frequented Paris runways. Those genes had been passed down to her daughter. Valerie's skin was flawless as a diamond, and lightly kissed by the sun. Her blue eyes drew people in. Her blonde hair radiated like the sun itself.

Valerie had been graced with a body that could immediately drive the lust of those around her. Her breasts were large and perky, matching the size Ada had given herself without the need for enhancement. Her designer bikini was black and made to enhance her natural beauty. The straps crossed over her bosom before wrapping behind her slim neck.

Ada couldn't deny that her enemy had a perfect hourglass figure. Her waist cinched in to give her curves that her mother's rivals in the modeling world would covet. Valerie's butt was as round and full as her breasts. Her long, perfectly proportioned legs left her a head above most girls her age.

"Was it that app you were using? Once you changed those stats they changed along with them. Based on what I saw they weren't even aware. It was all I could do to keep from laughing, but there was no need to draw their ire. You were already doing that quite well." Valerie coldly assessed the situation before laughing haughtily.

Ada wondered if that was how she herself had looked before. Her depression returned as she realized Chelsea had seen her carelessly looking down on people from on high just like this. It was no wonder Chelsea had fled.
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

Postby TransGirlAndAWGFan » Tue Nov 28, 2023 5:51 am

I'm loving this story.
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

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Time for the big climax! Sorry that this took longer to come out. My dad shattered his leg this week and I was helping to take care of him.

Part 10

"Don't leave me in suspense Ada. I was wondering why this beach had more whales on land than in the sea. Surely you don't mind letting me in on the fun?" Valerie's smile was an odd mix of disarming yet predatory. A well practiced grin that spoke of the expectation she would get her way while presenting the illusion of choice.

"You weren't supposed to see this." Ada felt a bead of sweat roll down her forehead.

"You mean to say you planned to keep this to yourself?" Valerie took a step forward, Ada reflexively retreating. "Were you planning to come for my crown? Clear away the competition so you could finally sit on the throne?"

Ada felt herself buckling under the intense glare the blonde was giving her. Despite her own enhancements she was still mentally the girl Valerie had abused for a lifetime. With the element of surprise gone it felt as if she had lost control of the situation entirely.

Ada quickly began typing on her phone. If she could just make a change to Valerie she'd regain her advantage. The modelesque woman would be much less intimidating once she was triple her weight.

"I don't think so Ada." Valerie deftly snatched the phone from Ada's shaky grip. "I may not know how you got this technology, but you should have changed me when you had the chance."

"I had to get close enough for it to scan you first." Ada said through gritted teeth, frightened of what could happen next.

"You've been busy." Valerie scrolled through the long list of names, smirking at the vast amount of lives Ada had ruined. "Let me guess, you planned to change me into a loser as well? What was your idea for me?"

Ada looked down in defiance. She did not want to give Valerie the satisfaction of knowing.

"I asked you a question bitch!" Valerie grabbed Ada by the hair and forced the Asian girl to look her in the eye. "I bet you would have loved to see me as a clown like this poor slut. Or were you going to make me a breeding sow like this whore?"

Ada lunged for her phone, but Valerie had been prepared and violently yanked her backwards. Ada fell to the ground groaning in pain as she clutched her scalp.

"Wait, you were just some pathetic little nerd?" Valerie laughed as she had scrolled far enough to see the changes Ada had made to herself and Chelsea. "Now it's all starting to make sense. You're out for revenge."

"Fuck you!" Ada spat at Valerie's feet.

"How dare you!" Valerie kicked Ada hard in the ribs as punishment. "Looks like I'll need to show you who is in charge here. I see you decided to improve Chelsea. Why don't I give you a version more to your liking? You must have a fat fetish if you made everyone so big, so why don't I make Chelsea an immobile blob for you?"

"Wait! If you change anything the app will stop working. Everything will lock to how it is now." Ada screamed, tears in her eyes as she watched Valerie begin typing in horror.

"You think I'm going to fall for that?" Valerie rolled her eyes.

Ada struggled to get up. The fear that she would forget Chelsea drove her. That her best friend would be stuck in a life of gluttonous immobility terrified the Asian woman.

If she could not stop Valerie Ada herself would become just another vain popular girl with no memory of her friendship with Chelsea. Ada remembered Chelsea asking her to change her own stats back. She wished with all her heart that she had listened then. If she was more empathetic like Chelsea this whole mess could have been avoided.

"I just wish she was here for us to see her change." Valerie basked in her victory. "We'll have to go find her once I make you something more agreeable. You were a nerd once. I'm sure you won't mind being one again."

Just as Valerie moved to accept the inputs she had selected something peculiar happened. A length of rope wrapped around Ada's phone and pulled it from her hand.

"That was amazing Vicky!" Chelsea cheered from nearby.

"I've won the rodeo roping championship at the state fair eight years for a reason." Vicky proudly declared, lasso in hand. "Now go help yer gal up."

"How dare you!" Valerie was seething with rage as she made for the phone.

"That is enough young lady!" Latoya stepped between Valerie and her prize. "I've watched you steal property and assault this poor young woman. I won't let you hurt her anymore."

"You stupid cow! You'd be thanking me if you knew what that pathetic loser has done!" Valerie tried to get past, but Latoya stubbornly blocked her.

"Ada, what happened?" Chelsea helped her friend stand to her feet, undoing the rope and handing Ada the phone.

"Valerie snuck up on me and saw me using the app. She knows what it does." Ada explained. "I'm so sorry Chelsea! If I had just listened to you everything would be fine."

"We'll have time for that later, but you need to do something about Valerie now!" Chelsea pointed to where Valerie had pushed Latoya aside and was stalking toward them.

"Give me that phone!" Valerie roared as she ran toward them.

Ada had almost no time to react. She quickly changed the name to reflect applying the changes to her rival instead of her friend and accepted the alterations.

Name: Valerie King
Old Age: 18 New Age: 53
Old Weight: 128 Pounds New Weight: 600 Pounds
Old Status: Heiress New Status: Trailer Trash
Old IQ: 122 New IQ: 80
New Fetish: Feedee, Stuffing, Immobility

"Wha da fuck?" Valerie managed to mumble out, her pace rapidly slowing as she quickly became the fattest woman on the beach.

At her new size Valerie's attempt to run looked more like a slow motion walk. Her immense thighs rubbed together with every sluggish step. The long, slim legs that could rival any cover model were now swaddled in layers of lard that made the task of standing a burden. They seamlessly melded with her colossal ass. Valerie's butt had grown to a size Ada would have thought impossible. Acres of soft, doughy flab stretched as far as the eye could see. Each massive cheek was wider than any beach ball in sight. A simple string style red bikini was all that kept her decent. Nothing was left to the imagination as her cellulite riddled haunches were proudly exposed for the world.

Memories were coming to Valerie of her ass taking up the entirety of the ratty sofa in her trailer. Over the years it had only gotten harder and harder to heave herself up and make the arduous trek to her fridge. Her double wide trailer was coming close to not being enough for the hog of a woman to move around comfortably.

A gnawing hunger erupted in Valerie's mighty triple belly. The enormous woman mindlessly guzzled a beer to settle her gut. She knew it would not be enough. As Valerie gained more insight into this life she knew it would take a mountain of food to fill her ravenous belly. Valerie grabbed a roll of her spongy gut and blushed. She found herself loving the feel of her gelatinous fat.

As the blonde kneaded her more than quarter ton bulk she dreamed of delicious foods to be stuffed with. She imagined a well hung stud bringing a feast to present to her. Valerie's mouth watered as she envisioned tons of calorie ridden meals made to make her gain even more weight passing between her lips. She'd lay back like a queen, her belly hanging over her lap to hang inches away from the floor as she submitted to becoming immobile. To never again have to get up to move was a paradise she deserved.

Valerie had a hard time seeing her bloated belly. Her large breasts had zoomed through the alphabet to somewhere well into the back half. The majestic melons had to be more than twice the size of her head. Without question the obese redneck had eclipsed the size of every other woman changed that day. Valerie found one hand was simply not enough to lift her titanic udders. Soft, jiggly tit flesh oozed between her fingers as she proudly examined her enormous bust. Each of her prized pumpkin sized jugs was haphazardly stuffed into a top bearing the confederate flag.

A thick triple chin made it difficult for Valerie to move her head. She had no visible neck, her head just a ball of fat sitting atop her corpulent body. Her face was red from the strain this minor level of exertion put on her.

"You fuckin' skank! I'mma whoop your ass!" Valerie bellowed, but stumbled and fell on her tremendous butt hard enough to cause sand to fly up and leave a crater.

"She was going to do that to you." Ada stared at the miserable hick desperately trying to get up.

"Let's just leave her alone." Chelsea guided Ada from the scene.

"Where da fuck are ya'll goin'? Change me back ya stupid bitch!" Valerie angrily yelled at them.

Several minutes later the best friends each awkwardly waited for the other to talk first.

"I'm sorry Chelsea. I should have never let things go so far." Ada was the first to speak. She started crying as the guilt welled up within her. "Valerie was going to give those changes to you. She was going to make you a barely mobile blob that just wanted to get fatter. If she succeeded the failsafe would have trapped us like that and we'd have lost all our memories!"

"We managed to stop her." Chelsea gently put a hand on the Asian girl's shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile as she looked into her eyes.

"I almost lost you Chelsea! I was stupid and nearly lost you because I couldn't just listen to you when you said to back off. I'm going to do something I should have a long time ago." Ada pulled out her phone and quickly pulled up her stats.

Name: Ada Yamanaka
Old Brattiness Level: 92 New Brattiness Level: 24
Old Vindictiveness Level: 97 New Vindictiveness Level: 23

"Oh God! I feel even worse about what I did now!" Ada cried harder as her level of empathy for her victims magnified with her new mindset.

"I'm just happy you're taking the first steps to fixing this mess." Chelsea pulled Ada in for a hug as she began to cry as well.

"I never would have guessed Vicky and Latoya would save the day like that." Ada sniffled after a few moments.

"They grew up to be incredible women. They're the ones who convinced me to come back." Chelsea looked over to see the older women nearby watching, but giving them space to talk.

"I'm glad I did something right, even if it was just an accident." Ada told herself bitterly. "I'm going to undo all the changes I've made Chelsea. It will take time, but I'm going to make good on my promise to you."

"Thank you Ada, although..." Chelsea looked away, blushing a little.

"Everything okay Chelsea? What are you thinking?" Ada tilted her head in confusion. She expected her friend to be happier about this announcement.

"To be honest I kind of don't want to fully change Vicky and Latoya back." Chelsea admitted. "I know it's not entirely fair, but they're much better people this way. I wouldn't want to leave them obese, or take away so many years from them, but they're true friends."

"I think I know what to do." Ada giggled as she typed in new changes for the app.

Name: Latoya Gilson
Old Age: 52 New Age: 18
Old Weight: 416 Pounds New Weight: 203 Pounds
Old Number of Pregnancies: 3 New Number of Pregnancies: 0
Old Occupation: Hotel Maid New Occupation: Student

Name: Vicky Parsons
Old Age: 34 New Age: 18
Old Weight: 436 Pounds New Weight: 208 Pounds
Old Breast Size: J-cup New Breast Size: E-cup
Old Pregnancy Status: 7 Months
New Pregnancy Status: Not Pregnant

The pair watched as their saviors returned to the midpoint forms Ada had given them before making them older. Ada, eternally grateful for Vicky saving Chelsea left the farm girl a little more busty as a thank you.

"They can either grow into those same women, or be whoever they want from here. I wouldn't mind getting to know your new friends better." Ada wiped the last of the tears from her eyes.

"You're the best Ada." Chelsea's happy expression faltered. She had to know something. "I have to ask you a question. Do I just push my opinions on you? The girls helped me realize you really do want me around, but I just have to be sure."

"Of course I want you around Chelsea! I love you!" Ada quickly admitted, blushing at what she realized she had blurted out.

"What?! You mean.... like...?" Chelsea fidgeted nervously.

"I mean I love you Chelsea. I was miserable without you. I changed all those people just to numb the pain of you leaving, but it was your words that made me start correcting things." Ada decided to go for it and hold nothing back. Todd prove herself she pulled up the log of changes to prove herself.

Chelsea took the phone and scrolled through the list. It warmed her heart to see that Ada had gone back and begun correcting many of the changes she had made. It would still be a lot of work, but Chelsea no longer doubted Ada was serious.

"I don't want to ever be away from you again Chelsea. When this is all over, would you... be my girlfriend?" Ada's heart was pounding loud enough she could hear it in her ears.

"No, I can't." Chelsea replied.

"Right.... of course. I don't deserve you after everything I did." Ada's shoulders drooped. She was a fool to think Chelsea would want a monster like her.

"I can't wait that long Ada. I'll be your girlfriend from this moment on." Chelsea pulled the Asian girl in and gave her a deep kiss.

"Bout time ya'll made yer move! I take it ya'll are finally a couple?" The new pairing heard Vicky walking toward them several moments later.

"You two are so adorable together! I'm so glad you got the true ending route Chelsea!" Latoya was geeking out, pumping her arms up high.
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

Postby pinkhippo99 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 7:04 am

What a cute ending!
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various)

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Thank you all for following this story to the finish! It's been a lot of fun delving back into using the EP App with new characters, and I've truly come to love Ada and Chelsea. I'm hoping to do even more with them in the future. For now I give you the epilogue to the story. I left some teases for where you may see the girls next.

On a quick note I was asked if it would be okay to use the EP App in stories for other people. Absolutely! If anyone wants to use the app for their own stories I'd love to see what people do with it.

And one last thing before I go. I have been posting this story on Deviantart as well, though my username there is different from here. Back at the beginning I was approached by DSerpentine about making Kisekae panels for the story. If you ever wanted to see what Ada, Chelsea, and everyone else looks like as they are changing check out his profile for the story here: https://www.deviantart.com/dserpentine


"Are you sure this is okay? I did promise that I would return everyone back to the way they had been." Ada checked once more with her girlfriend. "Like I said, it appears there are some side effects from being reverted, and they seem to be stronger the longer people were in their altered lives."

It had been two days since Ada had gone on her rampage with the app. Chelsea had agreed to letting Valerie and the rest of her crew stay in their new lives for the rest of the trip, but with their plane leaving the next morning it was time to undo everything. Though Ada had the ability to change anyone already scanned by the app from a distance the girls had agreed that waiting any longer could cause issues in getting everyone back home.

"We've kept a close eye on them. I truly think they would be better off with some more humility. Valerie may take longer with her awareness active, but in the long run they'll all benefit." Chelsea replied with a firm nod.

The new couple had talked it over and come to the decision to not fully return Valerie and her group to how they had been when the trip started. Instead they would adjust each of them to a version of the younger midpoint Ada had first changed them to, or a new midpoint in Valerie's case, in hopes they'd be better people.

It had been Chelsea who suggested this plan. After coming to know Vicky and Latoya better she held out hope the rest of the group could improve as well. With a fresh slate they could be whatever they wanted without the baggage of keeping up appearances for popularity.

"We should get started then. Do we really have to do all the changes in person though?" Ada complained, not looking forward to correcting the last of her mistakes.

"If there are any side effects or adjustments that need to be made it will be easier to address them in person. Besides, you need to fully take responsibility for your actions. I'll make you sleep on the floor tonight otherwise." Chelsea crossed her arms and tapped her foot in a cute, yet menacing way.

"Okay, no need for that." Ada sighed, dreading their first stop. "You know, you're cute when you're mad."

"Stop stalling." Chelsea demanded, blushing deeply at the compliment.

Their first step was the bar Gwen owned. They had left the former lifeguard in her goth life to look after Nicole and Chiyo. They feared changing Gwen would alter reality enough to make the girls harder to find.

"How can I help... oh, it's the stuck up bitch. If Nikki sees you I'm not responsible for how fucked you'll be." Chiyo addressed the girls as they entered.

The bar was empty at the early hour, save for the three people Chelsea and Ada hoped would be there.

"We were actually hoping to speak with you all. My girlfriend wanted to apologize to you." Chelsea spoke up, taking in what Ada had done to the other Japanese woman for the first time.

"That right? You think you can waltz in here and make everything right with an apology?" Nicole walked off the stage, her glare eating away at Ada.

"No, but I wanted to clear the air. I had no right to talk down to any of you. I was in a bad headspace, and took it out on you and your boss. I'm very sorry for what I said the other day." Ada gave the women a deep bow.

"Stand up straight girl. That will do well enough." Gwen joined them, a smirk on her face.

"Are you really just going to forgive her Gwen?" Chiyo asked incredulously.

"We're adults here. It took guts to walk into our turf just to apologize. Besides, she's shaking and looks like she's about to cry." Gwen put a hand to her wide hip.

"Fine, I guess we should show a good example. No hard feelings I guess." Nicole rolled her eyes.

"Alright, apology accepted." Chiyo reluctantly followed suit.

"Thank you all. I hope we can be on better terms from here on out." Ada said as she made adjustments to return them all to their proper ages.

Name: Nicole Hathaway
Old Age: 47 New Age: 18
Old Weight: 484 Pounds New Weight: 246 Pounds
Old Occupation: Musician New Occupation: Student
Old Number Of Pregnancies: 3
New Number Of Pregnancies: 0
Old Rebelliousness: 94 New Rebelliousness: 46

Name: Chiyo Sasaki
Old Age: 47 New Age: 18
Old Weight: 486 Pounds New Weight: 266 Pounds
Old Occupation: Bartender/Waitress New Occupation: Student
Old Number Of Pregnencies: 5
New Number Of Pregnancies: 0
Old Rebelliousness: 13 New Rebelliousness: 46

Name: Gwen Sanders
Old Occupation: Bartender New Occupation: Grad Student
Old Goth Level: 97 New Goth Level: 52
Old Weight: 452 Pounds New Weight: 253 Pounds
Old Exercise Motivation: 3 New Exercise Motivation: 41
Old Age: 47 New Age: 22
Old Breast Size: J-cup New Breast Size: E-cup
Old Number Of Pregnancies: 5
New Number Of Pregnancies: 0

"You girls want to come to Nikki's set tonight? I pulled some strings for her to play here before you all leave." The newly rejuvenated Gwen asked the other girls. Her skin looked healthier than the fully pale look of her older self, but she was back to the overweight form Ada first changed her to otherwise.

"I don't think it's their kind of scene." Nicole folded her arms together under her heavy breasts.

"Well, it would be cool to have some familiar faces in the crowd. Besides, Ada already apologized and whatever. She and Chelsea aren't so bad." Chiyo argued.

To the two girls Gwen was a cool college student who had taken a summer job at this bar. She'd taken them under her wing while they were on the vacation, and the three had formed a strong bond.

In addition their animosity toward Ada had cooled. With her history rewritten to be less of a brat they could talk with her more easily.

"Yeah, I guess a big sendoff would be cool. Alright, make the show and we're truly all square." Nicole looked up at the other girls, a cocky smile on her face.

"You've got a deal. We'll see you back here tonight. Sorry again, for everything." Ada told the group before dragging Chelsea away.

Back on the beach Chelsea finally stopped Ada. Her look told the Japanese girl she needed to be careful with her next words.

"So why didn't you change Gwen back to being a lifeguard?" Chelsea broached the elephant in the room.

"We did say everyone left goes to the midpoint." Ada tried joking, but Chelsea's expression soured. "Okay, to be honest I thought Nicole and Chiyo could use a friend. Someone a little older to help them out. It's hard being an outcast, and a tight group would do wonders for them. Why split up a good group of friends?"

"I suppose your heart is in the right place at least." Chelsea relaxed a little. "I'm not thrilled, but it's not the worst that could happen. So, who are we changing back next?"

"Betcha never saw something like this!" A high pitched, giggly voice caught their attention.

"Well, it sounds like Selena is performing nearby." Ada gave a sheepish look to her blonde girlfriend before leading the way.

"Step up to see Fatty McJiggles!" Rosalie called out to the passerby. "You've never seen a show this entrancing!"

Ada and Chelsea walked up to see Fatty spinning plates on sticks resting on her palms, nose, and each of her overinflated boobs.

"Holy shit, you weren't joking about the clown thing." Chelsea was taken aback by the sight before her.

"I was pretty mad at her for making you leave." Ada admitted, not looking Chelsea's way out of guilt and humiliation.

"Why is she with Rosalie?" Chelsea wondered of the odd duo.

"Last I saw them they were going to fuck. I did make Selena at least as slutty as Rosalie." Ada uncomfortably admitted.

"Hey, you're looking down again little lady." Fatty awkwardly waddled up to the couple. "Betcha I can get you to smile again!"

"Hey there girls." Rosalie greeted them from behind the clown. The Latina gave them an embarrassed smile as she recalled how their last meeting ended. "Thanks for the workout advice Chelsea. Sorry I got distracted."

Chelsea remembered how the older woman left to go off with one of the gym bros.

"That's alright Rosalie. If you don't mind me asking, how do you and Selena know each other?" Chelsea asked to change the subject.

"Selena? You mean Fatty?" Rosalie pointed to the clown slut. "Selena's your real name?"

"Yeppers!" Fatty honked her nose, a squeaking noise escaping it. "But Fatty loves Fatty's job. No one calls Fatty that anymore."

"Well, to answer your question Fatty and I see eye to eye. The things she can do with balloons...." Rosalie felt a heat building in her, staring off and starting to drool before the younger girls snapped their fingers to wake her up. "Umm, right, anyway we just get along."

"We're totally banging!" Fatty announced loudly enough to get the attention of multiple people around them.

Name: Rosalie Montez
Old Age: 35 New Age: 18
Old Weight: 437 Pounds New Weight: 268 Pounds
Old Number of Pregnancies: 8 New Number of Pregnancies: 0
Old Libido: 96 New Libido: 34
Old Slut Level: 82 New Slut Level: 28
Remove Fetish: Breeding

Name: Selena Morlund
Old Bimbo Level: 100 New Bimbo Level: 55
Old IQ: 82 New IQ: 110
Old Weight: 505 Pounds New Weight: 300 Pounds
Old Libido: 93 New Libido: 42
Old Age: 44 New Age: 18
Old Occupation: Clown New Occupation: Student
Old Number Of Pregnancies: 10
New Number Of Pregnancies: 0

Ada swiftly altered the two to be less extreme sluts. The clown makeup disappeared, though Selena's new bikini was a brighter polka dotted number than her original life. Though not as vindictive as before Ada left Selena just a bit dumber, and more of a bimbo than she promised for a small bit of revenge.

"So, you two are a couple?" Chelsea asked of the two, seeing them holding hands.

"Yeah, we kind of just went for it while we were here." Rosalie admitted, blushing at having been discovered.

"Rosalie has our whole future planned." Selena giggled nonstop. "She wants a BIG family."

"Selena, you don't need to tell them all that!" Rosalie quickly tried to dissuade her girlfriend.

"Why not? I love kids! I'm thinking of doing something that lets me help put a smile on their faces." Selena had a huge grin on her face. "Anyway, Rosalie wants us to both be preggo together. Isn't that adorable!"

"Yeah, that sounds really sweet." Chelsea looked to Ada. Her expression told her girlfriend she had doubts about this reversal.

"We actually became a couple too." Ada ignored the look for now.

"Oh my gosh! That's so fantastic!" Selena took Ada's hands and began jumping up and down in joy. "You want to be mommies with us? You two would have beautiful kids!"

"I think we'll take it a little slower." Chelsea could feel a nervous sweat as Rosalie shook her head in embarrassment.

"We should double date sometime!" Selena threw her hands up joyfully.

Half an hour later they managed to break away from the incredibly excitable Selena and her loving, but increasingly withdrawn girlfriend.

"I swear, that was mostly the side effects. I got rid of the breeding fetish for Rosalie, and I didn't expect Selena to be so hyperactive. I told you the longer they were in those forms the more they'd be affected later." Ada explained, hoping Chelsea accepted the truth.

"I know other factors can change because of the app, and not fully reversing things can cause different personalities than we expect." Chelsea sighed, tired from Selena's exuberance. "As long as they're happy in the end it's fine. I think they're well on their way to being a clown and devoted mom though."

"All that's left is Valerie." Ada's shoulders slumped. "Do we really have to change her? She kind of got what she deserved."

"She deserves another chance Ada. If we make sure she can never use the app she can still start a better path." Chelsea admonished the Asian girl.

"Has anyone ever told you you're too nice?" Ada groaned before giving the blonde a kiss. "It's one of your best qualities."

"I love you too, but you aren't getting out of this." Chelsea giggled. "Come on, I bet I know where she is."

It didn't take long to find the morbidly obese woman their tormentor had become. Valerie was so massive she stuck out like a sore thumb. She was on the boardwalk ordering vast amounts of food for herself. At the moment she was scarfing down a quadruple stack, fully loaded burger as if it were nothing.

"There ya bitches are. Gonna gloat? Look at the blimp who can't stop eating?" Valerie got in their faces.

"We aren't here to gloat. We're here to undo some of the changes." Chelsea stood between Valerie and Ada defensively.

"Ya ain't gonna do shit! Ya coulda fixed me days ago. Bet ya got tons of laughs watchin' me stuff myself." Valerie berated the pair.

"We haven't been watching you Valerie. We have better things to do." Ada said as she started taping on her phone.

"Ya fuckin' deaf? Ya ain't gonna change me no more!" Valerie yelled defiantly. "If it be the last thing I do I'mma get you back fer this. You ain't the only magic fuckers out there."

"Valerie, we want to make amends. Just let us undo some of the damage." Chelsea pleaded with the older woman.

"Change me back all the way or go. I gotta get my snackin' done fore I meet up with my family. We's goin' home tonight." Valerie put her hands on her ample hips, foot tapping expectantly.

"We can't risk you taking the app. You can just be the fattest girl in school, but you'd have your youth and future back." Ada offered, but Valerie only scoffed.

"I don't need yer charity. I'mma fix this myself. Then you'd better watch yer ass." Valerie threatened, turning from them and waddling slowly away.

"We did our best Chelsea. After a few months I'll fix some of the changes. By then we'll be off at college and harder for her to track down." Ada scowled at the fat woman's back as she explained her plan.

"I don't know if Valerie can be redeemed, but I hope she finds some level of happiness." Chelsea sighed.

"Hey, we saw that lady that was giving ya'll trouble the other day. You two alright?" Vicky ran up to them, Latoya not far behind.

"She didn't give you too much trouble, did she?" Latoya had a nervous look on her face.

"No, we were just trying to bury the hatchet. Things didn't go so well." Ada explained, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly.

"Why don't we talk about something more pleasant. I got in contact with that Eddie girl. She says her mansion has plenty of space for us." Latoya tried shifting gears.

The four had become close over the last few days. Ada and Chelsea were still nerdy at heart, and were fast friends with Latoya. Many hours had been spent geeking out and gaming. Vicky had been a little slower on the games and such, but she was fun and always there for the rest of them. The redhead found her spot in the group as the sensible, more mature one who looked after the others.

As luck would have it they would all be attending the same college starting in the fall. Rather than dorm life they agreed to get part time jobs and live together. They'd found a place that claimed to have plenty of rooms, diverse people, and decent prices based on which floor they picked.

There had also been a mention of needing to be prepared for unusual circumstances and adventures. None of them quite knew what this meant, but they could hardly turn down the wonderful deal.

"Yeah, she confirmed the price too. I told her ya'll would be sharing a room so we only need three." Vicky chuckled at the blushes the other two gave her. "Says she'd be happy to give the grand tour when we get there."

"Sounds perfect." Chelsea took Ada's hand and gave it a small squeeze. "I'm so glad we get to start this new chapter together."

"Me too." Ada leaned her head on her girlfriend's shoulder contentedly.

She had no idea what the future held, but she was sure they'd be fine as long as they were together. The two losers had found good friends, and more importantly each other. Though they had enemies they'd handle things as they came. For now the possibilities were endless.
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Re: EP App: Beach Day (WG, AP, Various) COMPLETE

Postby syconerd » Thu Dec 07, 2023 4:53 pm

Great story, I would love to read another installment or whatever ideas you have planned! Keep writing because it’s awesome to read it
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