Kaycee McNeal - Lawyer for the Mob

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Kaycee McNeal - Lawyer for the Mob

Postby FFA5924 » Fri Apr 07, 2023 5:44 am

Note: This is just a short story, I like the idea of my characters so I might write more for them later. Anyway! Part 1…

Part 1

Kaycee McNeal looks nervously at the legal pad in front of her on the table. She doesn’t dare look to her left at the defendant in her current case but she “feels” him staring at her. She shifts uncomfortably in her seat and tries to fight the panic that she knows is making her cheeks flush… Looking up at the Judge presiding over this case Kaycee gets even more flustered because the usual patient Judge Harken looks like she is ready to throw her gavel at her.. Her cheeks are also flush Kaycee notices, but she’s sure that it’s because she’s been sitting there like a bump on a log for 5 minutes now instead of beginning her argument against Jerome Giovanni.

She finds herself looking over at him when she says his name in her mind and sure enough; the large “enforcer” for the mob is staring at her and smiling. She darts her eyes down just as he nudges his attorney Joseph P. Dismissed and they share a knowing chuckle. Kaycee cringes at the thought of Joe. Sleazy Lawyer to the underworld from LA to Houston. He actually had his last name legally changed to “Dismissed”.. “Ugh!” She mutters under her breath. For all of the fear that Jerome has instilled in Kaycee, her disgust with Joe still finds a way to break through.

“Councilor?” Judge Harken practically barks..
“Yes your honor, excuse me.. I am ready to begin.” Kaycee begins to stand when suddenly she is overwhelmed with nausea.. she feels lightheaded and holding up her hand the Judge rolls her eyes with a “Oh my God just go!” dismissing the young prosecutor to step out of the courtroom.

The only sound you can hear in the hallway is the click-clack of Kaycee’s fashionable heels as she rushes to the nearby lady’s room. She opens the door and heads for the nearest stall while quickly unbuttoning her navy blue blazer afraid she will vomit before she has a chance to reach the toilet.. she makes it, but just barely.

“That sounds rough.” A voice says behind her.
As sick as Kaycee feels she is embarrassed to know that someone is standing over her while she’s on her knees holding her light brown hair leaning over the toilet bowl.
“It is.. I’m so sorry you had to hear that.” She apologizes to the stranger.
“Hey it’s ok. Big case, big nerves.” The voice says handing her some toilet paper.
“I.. I guess so..” she responds meekly
“That or you drank way too much for a pretty little thing like you last night right Kaycee?”
Kaycee suddenly feels a twinge of fear mixed with anger..
“Here, let me help you.” The voice says reaching down and grabbing a handful of the nauseous lawyer’s hair and quickly snatching it back forcing Kaycee to look up into the large woman’s eyes.
“Don’t worry dear… the drugs will wear off soon. We just wanted you to know who owns your ass from here out.” She says pulling her to her feet.
“Let me go!” Kaycee whimpers as the woman grabs her by her waist and pulls her from the stall shoving her over to a sink with a tight grip on her hair.
“Come on now, you know what to do.” The woman says shoving her foot between Kaycee’s heels and then quickly sliding her foot up sliding her skirt up her thighs. “Spread em.”
Kaycee starts to tear up.. the memory (or what she can recall) of last night flooding her mind.
“That’s a good girl, now show me.”
Kaycee looks at herself in the mirror. At 27 years old she is a natural beauty. Her green eyes and perfectly pouty lips under a button nose give her a sexy girl next door appearance. Her white blouse is strained against her 34D breasts accentuated further by her arms being pinned behind her back by her tormentor. The navy skirt she wears is hiked up to her upper thigh exposing the cream colored panties beneath.
Her attacker on the other hand is a tall blonde woman that would remind you of a Swedish masseuse stereotype. A large woman with broad shoulder, matching bust, a tapered waist and floating hips. She easily stands a foot taller than the 5’4” lawyer she has pinned against the sink. She releases Kaycee’s wrists and as the first tear rolls down her cheek she starts unbuttoning her blouse to expose a matching cream lace bra.
“Didn’t even try to wash it off… Good girl.” She says laughing at the black sharpie words on Kaycee’s chest. “Now be a dear and read it.”
Kaycee blushes as she stares at the black writing across her cleavage…
“Hurry up! Judge is waiting!”
“I’m…” Kaycee stutters “I’m a dumb slut…”
“Let me help!” The Amazonian sized woman reaches around and grips the front of her bra before ripping it from her chest exposing the smaller woman’s ample breasts. “Now you can read it all.”
“I shouldn’t look… look… for di… dick like a little whore…” Kaycee’s voice breaks and she starts sobbing.
“Oh Jesus..” the woman says yanking her away from the sink spinning her around by her waist and then ripping the two remaining buttons of her blouse out of the way exposing the lawyer’s entire torso. “It says. “I’m a dumb slut. I shouldn’t look for dick like a little whore. Now I’m a Mob Owned Bitch.”

Kaycee sinks to her knees as her previous night comes in flashes.. She’s at a bar having a drink. She sees a man looking her way. Three drinks later she decides that it’s *his* lucky night as she invites him to her place. She blushes as she remembers how she reached for his cock as she fumbled to open the door to her condo. Once inside she quickly starts stripping her work attire off and telling him how wild she was going to get with him.
Fast forward and she’s on her knees before him taking his erect penis into her mouth and wondering if she can fit this big a thing in her tight slit.
She remembers hearing laughter. Then the lights come on and she’s surrounded by several men and a few women. They tell her to keep going as they snap pictures of her and video her now less enthusiastic blowjob of Paul from the bar. He grabs her hair and starts throat fucking her for all she is worth ending with him pulling out and shooting his load all over her face and chest.

“Good work Paulie!” A man says stepping from the shadows. It’s Jerome. The mobster she is supposed to prosecute the next morning in court!
“Now check this out bitch” he says pulling her to her feet. “Tomorrow you are going to drop this case or us releasing these pics and videos will be the least of your fucking worries.”

She doesn’t remember much else from the evening other than the warning that she better not try to clean off from the night.

Kaycee slowly stands in the lady’s room and faces the large woman.. “I gotta get back before they send someone..”
“Fine, but let me help you with your clothes first.” She steps close to Kaycee “Can’t let you go in there looking like a slob right?” She pulls a box cutter out of her pocket and quickly slices the straps to Kaycee’s lace bra then quickly pulls it away from her and drops it on the floor. “This shirt is ruined.” She says looking at the ripped buttons. She smiles at the scared lawyer and then rips the shirt from her small frame leaving her topless. Kaycee gasps at the way she is being handled and then quickly covers her exposed breasts.
“Here put this back on, maybe it will cover your body art.” She says tossing her the navy blazer she had been wearing. She then leans close to Kaycee’s exposed chest and seeing the dried semen gives her a knowing wink. “Good girl, quite the listener. That’s good.”

Kaycee quickly buttons the three buttons and notices that while it hides her “art” she definitely doesn’t look like a professional lawyer, more like a woman looking for some action in a professional office.
“Go!” The woman says smacking her across her ass and pushing her back into the hallway. “And remember, we fucking own your ass now.”
Kaycee wipes a tear off her face as she adjusts her skirt and then enters the courtroom.
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Re: Kaycee McNeal - Lawyer for the Mob

Postby FFA5924 » Fri Apr 07, 2023 10:06 am

Part 2

“Finally woman! Please, let’s hurry this up.” Judge Harken growls. Kaycee quickly takes her seat and then looks over to see Jerome leering at her and then feigning ignorance points at his chest and mouths “What does that say?” Before laughing again.
“Mrs McNeal TODAY!”
“Yes ma’am.. I’m sorry.”
“So you keep telling us.” The judge says before suddenly sitting up straight in her chair gripping the armrests.
She starts to rise and then looks over to see Jerome showing Joe something on his phone which she can only assume is the pictures from the night before. She hears noise behind her and turns to see Paulie, her “date” from the night before that turned out to be Jerome’s younger nephew. He simulates her giving him a blowjob and then laughs.
“Mrs McNeal I’m not sure what game you are playing but….” Judge Harken says starting to stand “but…. I’ve had enough of it.” She looks at the defendant and then looking at the way that Kaycee is behaving suggests “Do you need to speak with me in my chamber? If there is something you need to tell me…”
Kaycee looks over at Jerome as if she were a little girl afraid to tattle but before she can say anything Joe replies “Your Honor, I hope you aren’t insinuating that the good councilor is being intimidated or harassed in some way by my client.”
Now it’s the judge’s turn to look concerned. “No councilor I was simply asking her.”
“Because if you’d like for us all to come in your office…” he looks at Jerome “I’m certain that we can expel any issues and get this whole thing cleaned up.” His odd way of phrasing leading to “huh?’s” from the audience. Even the bailiff raises an eyebrow.
“Ok… Yes that sounds good.” she replies. “We will take a 30 minute.” (She sees a smirk from Joe) “Make it a one hour recess.” The judge quickly darts into her office followed by both sides of the case.

“Now no more games Kaycee. Tell me what is going on.”
“Yes ma’am. You see…” Kaycee begins retelling her last 24 hours to the judge and how she is being blackmailed to dismiss the case. She can’t quite believe it but the judge doesn’t seem to care about the entire issue merely looking at Joe as if she wants HIS permission or something. “And that is what is happening ma’am.” Kaycee finishes.
“What about the rest?” Joe says looking at Kaycee.
“Aren’t you going to tell us about the naughty writing on your tits?” He laughs.
“Fuck you Joe.” Kaycee growls
“Fuck me? No cunt. Fuck you. Take off the fucking jacket and show Emily the truth about last night.”
Kaycee looks at the judge but she just looks uncomfortable and looks at the gold buttons of Kaycee’s jacket.
“I… I don’t have to..”
“Show us your tits.” Jerome says.
“I’m afraid I can’t… I can’t help you without proof.” Judge Harken says though her skin looks pale..

Kaycee stands and unbuttons her jacket turning her back towards the two men.
“Oh my…”
“I told you ma’am… please help me!”
“Do you want to dismiss the case?”
“Don’t you think you should drop the case?”
“Why would… Shouldn’t I push..”
“God damnit girl how stupid are you?” Judge Harkens barks “You can’t possibly think you won’t be ruined here? Drop the case.”
“No.. I told you this so you’d help me?”
“How dense can you be?” Emily Harken says standing up and holding her belly. “Joe.. Please, I’ve done my part here… I can’t do this much longer.” She says walking towards the attorney.
“Sorry Slut.. Not till she says the fucking words.” Joe says flatly. “Now get over here and show us what a good little whore you can be.”

Kaycee finally understands, the judge is being blackmailed too. There is no escape for her, she sees Joe pull out his cock and Emily takes it in her mouth, her black robe betrayed by her soiled moral compass.
“Your turn bitch.” Jerome says unzipping his slacks and pulling out his half erect penis. “Suck it.”
She shivers and shakes her head back and forth. He laughs. Ok. I told you we can always make it worse. Watch your little friend over there.

She looks to see Judge Harken giving the blowjob of a lifetime to Joe. He’s holding her dark hair in his fist pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. “That’s my girl.. that’s it. Suck it you little bitch.” He leans back and grips her head and says “Good Girl…” Just as he sprays his cum into her throat.
She sits back on her heels and opens her mouth allowing some of the cum to drip down her chin and a few drops fall on her robe. While her docile pose screams “porn star” her eyes look almost pleadingly staring into Joe’s face….
“You see Kaycee… This whole case is useless to try. We own the cops, we own this little piece of ass, and thanks to your slutty behavior last night… we own you too.” He stands and steps towards the kneeling judge and pats her on the head. “Get up. Time to show your friend just how much control we have over you.”
Judge Harken stands and faces Kaycee. “Show her your wardrobe for today’s court session.”
Kaycee watches as the once powerful judge removes her robe exposing her large fake breast. Kaycee doesn’t remember her having a large bust, she’s always looked up to her as a mentor…
“Ugh!” Emily whimpers as Joe pinches her left nipple..
“Like these? Yeah, the family gave her to me and I decided I wanted some big fake porn star tits to fuck.” He looks at her and then whispers in her ear. Emily looks at Jerome and Kaycee and then tilts her head down to let the remainder of his cum drip down her cleavage. Some makes its way to her swollen belly. “Swollen belly?” Kaycee thinks. “God I hope they didn’t knock her up?”

“You’ve done a great job today your slutness. You’ve been such a good girl. Now why don’t you show Kaycee what we do to judges that don’t get cases dismissed to our approval.”
Emily starts whimpering and then drops her robe to her feet exposing a very bulky adult diaper!
“Make her understand.”
“Yes sir.” Emily says turning around and without hesitation begins emptying her bowels into the thick padding. She strains and puts her hands on her desk..
Several loud squirts and farts later she turns around and her belly is back to normal.
“One gallon… one gallon enema is what we got her up to today. She might have been a tiger in the courtroom at one time but now she’s a docile little kitten.”

Emily waddles to Kaycee and pleads with her to drop the case before they do something worse..
“Ok.. I’ll do it…. Please don’t… what do you want?” She says looking at Jerome. He looks down as his cock..

A few minutes later and Kaycee looks down at her chest, Jerome’s fresh cum dripping along side the dried cum from last night.

“Good girl.” Jerome says patting her head.

“Look at the time, recess is about over ladies.” Joe says patting Emily’s diapered butt.
Emily reaches for the bag next to her desk “Leave it. You can change it *after* our friend here keeps her end of the bargain.”
Emily winces and then puts her robe back on, the back puffed out from the full diaper. She starts to waddle to the door

Kaycee stands and promises she will ask Judge Harken to dismiss the case as soon as they get in court.
“I want to believe you, but the kind of girl that sucks any cock that comes near her slutty mouth will probably say anything so I’m going to need some reassurance.”
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Re: Kaycee McNeal - Lawyer for the Mob

Postby fallenprincess » Sat Apr 08, 2023 2:15 pm

A great start, I can’t wait to see where this story goes x
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Re: Kaycee McNeal - Lawyer for the Mob

Postby FFA5924 » Mon Apr 10, 2023 6:08 am

Part 3

“Court is back in Session.” The bailiff announces now that everyone is back in the courtroom.
“Are you ready to proceed councilor?” Judge Harkens says once again the appearance of a professional..
“Y.. yes ma’am..” she stammers out..
“Your Honor I thought this was a courtroom and only the most professional attorneys have the right to be here. I can’t believe that Mrs. McNeal is speaking to you sitting down.” He looks at Kaycee. “Stand up to speak to her, she’s earned it.”
Kaycee blushes and then stands. “Y… Your Honor…. We’d like to… drop all charges …”
The courtroom erupts into the noise of the audience which is quickly silenced by Judge Harken.
“If that is your decision then we will consider this case dismissed.”
Kaycee quickly sits and the looks to Jerome, then towards the judge’s chamber door..
Jerome and Joe step over to Kaycee and Jerome takes her hand and pulls her to her feet. “Great job councilor, hell we are going to work on getting you assigned all of our cases by our buddy the DA.”
“Th.. thank you…”
Jerome leans in close to her ear still holding her hand and says “Do it now.”
The sounds of the courtroom stifle the sound of Kaycee McNeal, Assistant DA expelling the small glycerin enema into her panties. The slurry of feces and water running down her thighs onto the floor below. The perfect assurance that she’d “Do the right thing.”

“You dirty girl, we should go get you cleaned up. I’m sure Emily wants a clean diaper by now.”

Joe and Jerome lead her into the judges chamber to begin her new life as a slave to the Mob…

More Adventures coming sooner than later.
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Re: Kaycee McNeal - Lawyer for the Mob

Postby Lusas » Thu May 25, 2023 10:04 pm

Interesting story. I loved reading your stories. Going to read other stories.
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