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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby Freaksss » Thu Mar 09, 2023 12:50 pm

I love where it is going too.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Mar 11, 2023 4:27 am

Part 5

Over the following weeks, Constance forgot what hunger felt like. Rosie was on a mission to make Constance’s eating capacity catch up to her and tolerated no excuses.

Each morning, Constance woke up to a message with her meal plan for the day. This alone was enough to make her so stuffed that she had to lie down afterward.

But Rosie didn’t stop there. Whenever she randomly craved a snack, she texted Constance and told her to get it. When Constance was done, she had to send her a picture of the empty package and her stuffed belly. Only then would Rosie be happy and congratulate Constance on her efforts to live her new life.

After a few weeks, Constance got used to the feeling of her constantly stuffed belly. She found joy in how it stuck out and became more prominent by the day. Even in the morning, before her breakfast, it was now a small pouch that strained slightly against her shirts.

Even though her weight gain started becoming noticeable, her friends refrained from commenting about it. However, Constance could tell that their gazes now graced her midsection frequently, especially after she had eaten another big meal. Secretly, she wished they would say something about her expanding figure. Something about imagining herself getting teasing or even mean comments made her heart flutter. It scared her but, at the same time, made every new day exhilarating.

She finally felt excited about her future, and returning to her old ways was out of the picture. And she was sure that if she kept up her regimen, the comments would inevitably come her way.


In her hopes that people notice her weight gain, Constance squeezed herself into her clothes until, one day, she found herself unable to button her jeans.

“Girl, you are finally growing some curves!” Rosie said excitedly when she heard the news and showed up at Constance’s apartment. “How much did you weigh before you started enjoying life?”

“I think it was around 130 pounds,” Constance answered. It was a healthy weight on her 5″5 frame, especially since a lot of it was muscle mass from her frequent workouts.

“You were such a skinny thing! It’s good that we are finally putting some meat on your bones. Let me see how far you are coming along!”

Constance blushed as she took off her sweatpants and shirt and let Rosie examine her.

“No need to be shy. We are just some chubby girls showing off our bodies,” Rosie assured her while pulling up her shirt and giving her protruding belly a pat.

Constance was mesmerized by the jiggles that went through Rosie’s upper body. She had never seen her friend with her belly exposed like that. It surprised her that she felt a pang of envy over her friend’s wide body.

“Damn! You are already getting quite a booty,” Rosie exclaimed and giggled. “And those weeks of laying around have done wonders to get rid of your muscles. You are already looking a little out of shape. How do you like the new you?”

“I’ll be honest with you,” Constance confessed, “I love it! I never thought it would feel this good, but it makes me feel so free and self-determined. I’m finally doing what I like and not what my family wants me to do.”

Rosie smiled. “That is amazing! With this mindset, you’ll be a big girl like me in no time. And don’t worry about your outgrown clothes. I have many old clothes at home that you can use while your body grows into its new shape. Just promise me that you will outgrow all of them.”

Constance laughed. “I promise to grow out of all your old clothes and get as big as you.” She got goosebumps all over her body saying those words. “How much do you weigh anyway?”

“Good girl,” Rosie replied, “after you told me about your plans to plump up like me, I weighed myself for the first time in a long while. I thought I was still under 200 pounds, but it turns out I have been enjoying myself a lot recently and am now at 220 pounds.”

The reveal that Constance would have to pass the 200-pound barrier made her heart jump. Gaining that much weight felt extreme. But at the same time, it felt incredibly right.

“Sounds fun!” she replied, “why don’t you get me something to wear, and we head out to eat?”
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Mar 18, 2023 8:47 am

Part 6

The two friends kept their strict eating regimen up for months, and Constance soon developed regular cravings. Almost daily, she found herself already hands-deep in a bag of snacks even before Rosie instructed her what to get. Constance would then eat what Rosie wanted before going back to her snacking. She had some catching up to do after all.

And catching up, she did.

Not long after Rosie had gifted her all her old clothes, Constance’s friends started to comment on her growing figure. Their concerns only worsened when Constance started overeating every time she was with them and looked bigger each week.

The reactions to her weight gain only excited Constance and made her crave another round of snacks. She loved the concern but also the secret gloating on her friends’ faces when they looked at her. It was apparent that some enjoyed the downfall of the formerly perfect student.

When some of her friends got increasingly pushy about getting back in shape, Constance decided to reveal her new foodie cravings to them. She told them about her bonding with Rosie and how she had inspired her to live a little.

Even though they were somewhat understanding, Constance soon learned that they had come up with a name they called their two foodie friends when they weren’t around: The porky pair.


On the other hand, Rosie was delighted with her friend’s rapid growth. She found that she enjoyed eating even more when there was someone with her who had a flabby body and ate like her. It was nice not being the only overweight girl when Constance was around. Secretly, she hoped that Constance would one day surpass her.

That’s why Rosie was eager to push her friend daily and introduce weekly weigh-ins to measure her progress. Over the months, the porky pair watched Constance’s weight rise until she was just a few pounds shy of crossing the 200-pound mark.

Watching her friend get off the scales in just her underwear, Rosie was amazed at how different she looked from a few months ago. Any muscles were long gone and replaced with soft fat all over her body. Constance’s thighs were riddled with dimples and rubbed against each other. Even though her boobs had grown quite a bit, her belly protruded farther than them and had a slight hang. Her arms showed a subtle hint of bingo wings developing.

Each step sent waves through Constance’s pale stretch-mark-covered belly as her phone rang, and she went to the table to pick it up. Rosie didn’t pay attention to Constance’s phone call as she inspected her back rolls and wide ass. Soon, it would lose any shape and be a bouncy bag of fat. Rosie was determined to get her friend to a point where none of Rosie’s clothes would fit her.

She imagined Constance not only bigger but also more out of shape. Falling behind her when they climbed stairs and breathing heavily afterward. It made Rosie giddy to imagine corrupting her friend into this state. Constance did seem happier than ever, so why not push her a little bit more? Rosie didn’t feel like putting in any effort to lose weight, so the very least she could do was get a friend to replace her as the fattest girl at college.

When Constance ended her phone call and turned around, Rosie’s daydream was cut short. She suddenly looked stressed and worried.

“What is wrong?” Rosie asked.

“My mom just called,” Constance answered. “My cousin has announced her spontaneous engagement to her boyfriend. They have already hired a team to prepare the wedding and will hold it in two weeks. My mom told me that she expects me to be there and on my best behavior.”

Rosie already knew what was coming next but held back her smile.

“I will have to show my whole family at once how fat I have gotten,” Constance continued and shuddered.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby Freaksss » Sun Mar 19, 2023 10:33 am

The last sentence of this part make me expect a lot from the next chapter :D
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Mar 25, 2023 4:37 am

Part 7

“I look ridiculous,” Constance said as she looked into the mirror. It was the wedding day, and she had just put her dress on.

“Don’t be silly. There is nothing wrong with looking positively round! Or would you say that I look ridiculous every day?” Rosie responded.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. It just feels so tight. I guess I’m still not used to being a fat girl now.”

Rosie smiled. Even though she did everything to assure her friend, she had to agree that it wasn’t a flattering look.

She had made sure of that.

Right after Constance had announced her cousin’s wedding, Rosie convinced her to go shopping for a dress the same day. They chose a tight-fitting dress that nicely accentuated her curves.

However, Rosie did everything she could to make Constance gorge herself extensively for the next two weeks. It turned out that her nervousness only made Constance more eager to shove snacks into her mouth. She went along with Rosie’s edging without complaint and spent most days stuffed on her couch, adding new pounds to her already wide frame.

Now, the once perfectly-fitting dress had turned into a too-tight one that showed off all the extra weight Constance’s hefty body carried. Her belly pressed into the fabric, making her belly button’s outline visible, especially when Constance sat down. Her love handles stood out, just like the rolls on her back. From behind, the dress did nothing to hide the jiggles of her ass as she walked. You could even make out some of the dimples the extra fat had formed on Constance’s behind. It was short enough to show off the thunder thighs she had grown and had a deep cleavage that her boobs were almost bursting out of.

All in all, it looked like the dress of someone in denial of her fattened body.

Even though Rosie’s kind words calmed her down, Constance was still not convinced about her look. All she saw in the mirror was a bloated and dull girl, a far cry from the elegant woman she used to be. She had spent a lot of money to get her dark hair styled beautifully. Still, the first things that drew attention were her chubby cheeks and double chin.

Constance knew her mother would freak out when she saw what had happened to her only child. Her father would probably look at her disapprovingly and not talk to her all night. The rest of her family would sneer at her college transformation and use her to lower her parents’ reputation.

It would not be an easy night for her.

But despite her nervousness, Constance felt a hint of excitement thinking about her lowered status due to her fattened figure. Feeling beneath the other family members made her shiver. And that shiver went through her entire body only to end up between her thighs, where it caused a confusing wetness.

She took one last look in the mirror and then turned around. “Ok, I’m ready for my big night.”

“You’ll be fine,” Rosie said and hugged her. “Your boring family needs someone with curves that knows how to have fun,” she continued and playfully slapped Constance’s ass.

Constance giggled and made her way toward the door.

Rosie enjoyed the view of Contance’s backside. The jiggling was increased because Constance had chosen to wear some of her old high heels. All her elegant shoes were high-heeled, and she hadn’t considered that walking in them would be significantly harder with her extra weight. Her center of gravity had shifted, erasing all the experience she had gathered over the years. She looked like someone wearing high heels for the first time. Instead of an elegant gait, Constance moved in an awkward shuffle. Her clumsy movements caused even more ripples through her flabby body.

Constance got into her cab while Rosie watched her from the window. She watched as Constance’s ass spread under her as she sat down. How she desperately tried to stretch the fabric around her belly button to make the outline disappear without success. How her upper arm jiggled when she reached for the door.

Once the cab drove off, Rosie closed the blinds, smiling. She couldn’t wait to hear about Constance’s night.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby Tommmy » Sat Mar 25, 2023 11:05 am

Love the story SO FAR. … It has a lot of HUGE potential. Please continue it soon ! ❤️
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Apr 01, 2023 7:32 am

Part 8

Constance grew increasingly anxious as her cab drove her toward the wedding destination. She was painfully aware of all the places her dress hugged her flabby body and emphasized her recent weight gain.

Knowing her cousin Hailey, the wedding would be a fancy event with all guests styled to look their best, and a fat girl like her would stand out like a sore thumb. Additionally, Hailey was always competitive regarding their achievements and looks, often making snide remarks whenever she felt she was doing better than Constance. There was no way Hailey wouldn’t throw Constance’s fatness into her face in front of everyone.

As much as it scared her to face the consequences of her gluttonous behavior, Constance couldn’t deny that it also caused a tingle between her thighs. Something deep inside her was looking forward to getting made fun of by Hailey.

As the cab rolled up to the front entrance, Constance could immediately tell she had been right about the wedding. One look at the crowd confirmed that it consisted mainly of people focused on outside appearance and arrogance. Constance saw trim bodies dressed in figure-hugging dresses and high heels wherever she looked.

She would be the only fat person, surpassing everyone by almost 100 pounds.

Constance unconsciously put a hand on her bulging belly and squeezed it. She paid the driver and took a deep breath. Then she opened the door and grunted faintly as she lifted her hefty body out of her seat.

As she closed the door and the cab drove off, Constance could already feel the first disapproving looks on her. She tried to ignore them as she awkwardly shuffled towards the entrance, already regretting that she had chosen to wear heels.

She entered the venue and looked around for any familiar faces. Before she found anyone, she heard her cousin’s voice from behind her.

“Excuse me, you must be wrong here. I don’t recall inviting any fatty to my special day.”

Charming as ever, Constance thought as she turned around and put on a fake smile. “Hey, Hailey.”

Her cousin stopped in her tracks, surprised that the fat girl knew her name. The confusion on her face told Constance that she still didn’t recognize her.

“It’s Constance,” she added and giggled nervously.

Hailey’s eyes grew big in shock as she recognized her cousin. After another moment of shock, her expression changed into amusement and malice.

“Holy shit, Constance, what happened to you? You’re so fat now! Look at that belly! It’s sticking out further than your boobs!” Hailey gave Constance’s belly a poke, then stepped back to gawk at her entire body. “I really had no idea. I hope we’ll have enough food for you here. Otherwise, do you want me to order you some McDonald’s before the wedding starts? You look so wide and heavy! I hope the chairs here will be sturdy enough to hold your weight. Why didn’t your parents tell me that their daughter has become such a porker so I could prepare?”

“Well,” Constance said and felt her cheeks blushing, “they don’t really know yet.”

Hailey looked at her in shock again. “You’re telling me they think their daughter is still an elegant slender woman? Oh, this is rich! I need to see their looks when they see you. Come on, porky, I know where they are. Let’s meet them!”

She led the way while Constance struggled to follow. Hailey’s elegant and light-footed gait was too fast for Constance’s chunky legs. She stumbled through the crowd, feeling her entire body jiggle. Her body was not used to moving this fast anymore, and her breathing grew heavier with each step. Constance received a fair share of repulsed looks as she passed through the venue.

Hailey didn’t care to slow down for her out-of-shape cousin. She was driven by her desire to see her aunt and uncle humiliated by their fat daughter. Confidently entering the room, she looked around until she found them standing on the other side.

“Hey, aunt and uncle! Your daughter is here,” she yelled through the entire room, ensuring that all eyes were on them when Constance entered. “She’s looking her very best today!”

Constance watched her mother’s expression turn into pure horror once she recognized her. Her father gave her a cold, disapproving look and left the room before Constance made her way toward them. She felt everyone’s eyes on her hefty body while she shuffled through the room.

“Constance, what in the world has happened to you?” her mother sputtered when Constance awkwardly tried to greet her with a hug. She backed off from the embrace and looked her porky daughter up and down in disgust.

“I’ll leave you two to catch up,” Haily said with a bright smile. “I’ll see you later, Constance. I’m sure it’ll be easy to spot you at the buffet.”
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Apr 08, 2023 7:59 am

Part 9

Constance felt humiliated as she watched Hailey walk off. Yet, her body felt buzzing from excitement. A look around the room showed her that everyone’s eyes were still on her when she turned around to talk to her mother.

Before she could say anything, her mother jumped forward to grab her belly. “What have you done to yourself!” she yelled with tears in her eyes. “This is unacceptable!”

Constance was surprised by her mother’s emotional outburst and didn’t know what to answer. She nervously tugged on her dress while her mother looked her up and down again in disgust.

“I will not tolerate my daughter embarrassing me like this! Can you imagine what people are thinking about us now? You look absolutely disgusting!” She slapped Constance’s belly and squirmed, watching it jiggle.

“I’m sorry, mother,” Constance stammered while feeling her cheeks flush, “I lost my focus and only realized too late.”

“You’re a cow! How can you realize this so late? I didn’t raise you to become a fat slob! I hope you are ashamed of yourself. Now get out of my sight. We’re done talking. You better remember the path you’re supposed to walk in life and get back there immediately!”

Her mother sneered while turning around and left Constance to her humiliation. Even though Constance felt embarrassed like never before, she also felt a burning desire to retreat somewhere she could touch herself. Seeing the disapproving looks everyone shot her only increased this feeling.

She took a deep breath to regain her composure and left the room to look around the venue.

Usually, Constance would be swarmed by people wanting to talk to or flirt with her during events like this. Now, she was left alone, only receiving dirty looks wherever she went. Some people stepped further away from her when she walked by as if her fatness could somehow spread to them. Even though it felt awkward to be alone amongst so many people, Constance also felt relief not to have to participate in dull small talk. She found most people her family associated with shallow opportunists only interested in getting further ahead in their careers.

Not knowing what else to do, Constance decided to go outside where the ceremony would be held and find a good place to sit.

As she stepped outside, she saw Hailey surrounded by her friends. Once Hailey saw her portly cousin, she pointed to her and said something to the group. Everyone turned around to inspect Constance and then burst out laughing.

Her cheeks burning bright red, Constance searched for a seat with a good view and sighed in relief when she sat down. Not being used to carrying that much weight in her heels, her feet were already killing her. She would have to make sure to spend most of the wedding seated to avoid any further strain. Given how everyone had reacted to her, Constance knew that no one would try to get her involved in dancing or other activities.

Lost in her thoughts, Constance tried to cross her legs out of habit, forgetting that the newly added weight on her thighs made this impossible. She heard Hailey’s friends burst out into another fit of laughter when they watched her fat thighs clash against each other in her failed attempt to cross them.

Constance sat alone for a while until Hailey stepped into her line of view. At a second glance, Constance saw that her cousin carried a plate with cake on it.

“You look so sad sitting all by yourself,” Hailey said, unable to hide her gloating, “so I thought I’d get you something to cheer you up. The buffet is still closed, but we had to make an exception for a big girl like you. You must be so hungry, and I can’t have anyone feeling unwell during my big day!”

“Thank you,” Constance said as she sheepishly accepted the plate.

“You’re welcome! I’m just glad to make my tubby cousin happy,” Hailey responded and walked back to her friends, who were all dying from laughter.

As she took her first bite, Constance was happy to have something to do to pass the time. The intense embarrassment from being laughed at by everyone slowly faded. Everyone at this event thought of her as less than them and expected her to act accordingly. There was no more pressure to act like an upper-class lady fitting into the posh crowd. It was a thrilling freedom she had never experienced before. She could feel herself getting addicted to it immediately.

But her newfound freedom wasn’t the only thing that made Constance feel alive. Another feeling bubbled inside her, growing stronger every moment and starting to take over her thoughts. Each humiliation only added fuel to the fire that raged deep inside her, and she could no longer deny the scary truth.

Being looked down upon by everyone made Constance horny as hell.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby pinkhippo99 » Sun Apr 09, 2023 2:45 am

Looks like Constance is already in too deep. Can't wait to see where this goes.
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Re: Trashy Desires (DG, WG, IQ, Prost)

Postby CaliWriting » Sat Apr 15, 2023 8:19 am

Part 10

Constance’s arousal grew as she waited for the ceremony to start. She watched everyone’s reaction when they caught her sight and felt a tingle between her legs for every dirty look she got.

Even when the hall started to get crowded, no one wanted to sit next to her. She had 2 empty seats on her left and right that everyone stayed clear of. When her parents entered and saw Constance, they sat on the other side of the hall, as far away as possible.

Absolutely no one wanted to be associated with an obese girl that would tarnish their reputation. Constance sat alone throughout the entire ceremony.

When the wedding moved to the dining hall, the seat for each person was assigned, and two unlucky people wound up sitting next to her at the table. Constance immensely enjoyed their horrified expressions when they realized who they had to sit next to.

Hailey began a speech before the food was brought out. She talked about her first meeting with her husband and how blessed she was to be with him. After thanking everyone for their attendance, her sight suddenly focused on Constance while a devious smile appeared on her lips.

“Lastly, I want to give special thanks to my cousin, Constance,” she grinned when everyone turned their heads to look at the tubby woman. “Why don’t you get up for a moment, so everyone can see who I am talking about?”

Surprised by the request, Constance got up awkwardly, her belly bumping into the table. She heard sneers through the crowd and felt everyone’s disapproving looks on her as Hailey continued.

“For all our lives, Constance and I have been rivaling for the spotlight in our family. We were both slim, beautiful, and successful. And I must admit: many times, Constance got the better of me. That’s why I am so delighted to see her give me the most fabulous wedding gift tonight. Constance, I want to thank you for stepping into my shadow and letting me shine on my big day. That is such a kind gesture, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Frankly, you did overdo it quite a bit, but it’s the thought that counts: to let your cousin step into the forefront of your family on her wedding day. And I am sure you will lose all that nasty weight soon enough. Everyone, please give a round of applause to my cousin!”

Unwilling and hesitant applause went through the hall while Constance looked at the crowd anxiously. She spotted her parents, who were in their seats unmoved, their faces with blank expressions that tried to hide the embarrassment they were going through. As the unenthusiastic applause faded, Constance sat down again.

“Thank you again, everyone. I hope you enjoy the evening! The food will be brought out soon,” Hailey ended her speech and walked to her seat, complacent.

Constance’s cheeks burned bright red. But that wasn’t the only thing burning. A fire blazed inside her that she felt grow more furious each time she played back her humiliation in her mind. After trying to fight it for a few minutes, she grabbed her purse and got up again.

She had to do something to keep the fire at bay.

When Constance stumbled into the bathroom, she was relieved to find it empty. She barged into a stall and locked it behind her. Her body was acting as if it was controlled by something bigger than her as she pulled up her dress and yanked down her panties. Her finger found her dripping wet pussy, and Constance moaned in ecstasy as she started playing with herself. Thinking back to everything that had happened at the wedding, her body writhed in pleasure.

It didn’t take longer than a few minutes, and Constance experienced a mind-shattering orgasm while biting down on her fist to suppress her cries of euphoria.

As she leaned against the wall afterward, the blazing fire inside her was gone. But she still felt the small flame inside her. A flame waiting to be nourished until bursting out in an explosion of pleasure again. Deep inside, Constance knew that she would never get rid of it. She had started something that was quickly spiraling out of control. Shuddering, she thought about what this would mean for her future. How it would change the entire course of her life. That thought was enough to fuel the fire inside her again.

She was disrupted when her phone inside her purse rang with a new message from Rosie.

“I’m having such a gluttonous evening, constantly eating until I’m too stuffed to move. You should do the same.”
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