Boy Crazy (WG, DG, FtM)

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Boy Crazy (WG, DG, FtM)

Postby Agrams » Tue Oct 11, 2022 9:45 am

Here's an older story I wrote. Lots of sexuality and gender play with a pinch of corruption.

“You ready to party?”

Those words were always music to Kim’s ears. “Yuup!” Kim finally stepped out from the bathroom. She had spent the evening fixing up her appearance. Her hair was dyed vibrant pink and she flung it proudly to the side for Stacey to see. She knew it was only a matter of time before she switched colors again.

Stacey had been waiting for the bathroom to open up and she needed every mirror she could get. “Maybe now you can get your big butt out of the bathroom?” Stacey asked, her arms crossed by the doorway.

“Like you’re one to talk,” Kim stuck out her tongue and giggled as she left Stacey. Kim was actually quite bony, as far as her lacking breasts were concerned. Stacey, nonetheless, delighted in poking fun at the one feature that matched Kim’s bubbly attitude. Kim bounced her prized bubble butt off of Stacey’s side and made her way to the stairs.

Stacey was the standard beauty of the two, or rather the gold standard as she regularly liked to claim. Golden blonde hair and eyes blue like the sky, these features, lovely as they were, often went unnoticed when her overflowing chest caught the eyes of the club. It was tragic, Stacey thought, that she was forced to live a life without high heels. She had a decent height about her that usually had her breasts match the chests of the guys she liked to flirt with.

Kim sat bored on the stairs overlooking the door to the bathroom. She always hated the waiting part before throwing a party. She slapped her hands against her knees while watching Stacey struggle to get her shirt on. Fucking hell, she thought, Stace did not deserve to have a pair like that.

“Hey, Stace,” Kim called out.

“Losing your mind already?” Stacey asked.

“Yuup!” Kim leaned her back onto the stairs. She was worried a whole minute might go by before the doorbell would ring. “I can’t just sit around and wait. I need stimulation!”

Stimulation, sure, Stacey thought. She always took Kim for a loose girl but once they moved in together she found out how truly loose she could be. Every week there seemed to be a new visitor staggering out from her bedroom. Meanwhile, Stacey reserved herself for two passions: Modeling and getting wasted every Friday with Kim and whatever collection of boys she was calling in. Balancing Kim and career was hard, Stacey thought, but highly rewarding.

“Hey!” Kim leapt back up, “I got an idea.”

“Do I want to know it?” Stacey knew Kim could get some wild ideas, though it generally waited until she had a drink in her.

“I was just thinking about that weird girl from down the street,” Kim said. “We should totally invite her.”

“Dare I ask, I don’t know,” Stacey paused for a moment, “Why?”

“Because,” Kim began to giggle at her own idea, “we’ll, oh my God,” she trailed off into laughter.

“What!?” Stacey yelled.

Kim did her best to speak through her laugh, “we’ll say you can only come if you bring a friend.”

Stacey only responded by giving Kim an unsure look.

“She doesn’t have any friends!” Kim succumbed to her laughter once more.

“Oh my God,” Stacey smiled, “you bitch.”

Ash was sitting alone in her apartment watching the old glass screen TV drift in and out of static. Every time the Wolfman seemed ready to pounce the TV would fade out from interference. She sighed. From the sounds of it, that weird couple in the next apartment were going at it again. She didn’t know why but it was only recently she caught onto that awful stench that seemed to crawl through the walls. Maybe she wouldn’t have moved into a crappy apartment if she knew the neighbors were fat, horny slobs.

This town sucks, she thought as she leaned over to her laptop. Ash lived a modest life, never acting greedy, but her laptop was her most expensive possession. If only she knew what to do with it. She thought about making conspiracy videos once but she never felt she had anything with a real hook to it. Watching Kim and Stacey posting selfies online and brag about their parties did nothing good for her self-esteem either.

Ash was the quiet girl of the block. The goth girl in the back of the class when she was in school. Now she was the recluse in black, nervous to test the world. She was content, or moreso compliant, to spend another night in a corner, subject to staticy horror movies. That was until she got the notification on her phone.

It was a message from Kim.

Sent 3:53 PM.

Heyy girl! Party 2 night.

Bring friend.

C u then!!

Ash only glared at her screen. What, she wondered, did they have a bucket of pig blood waiting to drop on her at the front door? She could see it now. She knocks, they drop it, pics go up on imgur, a fun time for all. Ash shook her head and put down the phone.

She didn’t even like Kim and Stacey. But the two were always throwing parties, always getting...she thought about the boys that came and went down her street. She thought about how much time she spent locking herself away just watching the late night street reek with boozes and fill with laughs. She wasn’t like Kim or Stacey. She didn’t have magazine cover beauty to lure guys handing out validation. No, she thought, she was the weird girl.

Ash grabbed her jacket. It was black with bones designed across it. It was quite fitting, she was technically underweight from a medical standpoint. She pocketed her phone and left her apartment to the sounds and stench of the next door humping.

She wasn’t heading out to Kim and Stacey’s, no. Ash only wanted to clear her head, grab a bite of something to eat, and crawl into bed before the apartment on the corner cranked up the lights. Life was such a boring thing, she thought.

Ash turned the corner where the park was. There was a food stall selling tacos across from it. It wasn’t the most healthy choice but Ash needed something quick that would get her by for the next 24 hours. She approached the counter and found the young girl working the stall to be as greasy as she was excited to see her.

“A customer?” The girl turned so quick some of the sweat flew off her forehead. She was a slim and tanned kind of vendor, not so different from the awful smelling meats she was selling. “What can I get you?”

“Uh, I don’t know. A water and something light,” Ash was looking forward to sleep and didn’t want to deal with any sugars.

“Nah, you look super hungry!” The girl behind the counter grinned and put together a stuffed and dripping taco, “H-how about something on the house?”

“Well,” Ash reached for the not so appealing meal before her.

Before Ash could grab the food it was swiped by a pale and veiny hand. She followed its movement and on the stool appeared a raggedy looking girl with white hair. She put down the taco before Ash could see it. She did, however, see the strange girl’s yellowed teeth smiling back at her.

“Sorry, I’ve been feeling pretty famished today,” she wiped the grease on her sleeve, “wooh! You’ll have to come by here when it’s not closed.”

“I don’t mind working overtime!” The vendor said.

“Give me and my friend a minute here, alright?” The white haired girl said and the vendor backed off.

Friend? Ash looked over to the white haired girl. There was a strange vibe coming off her.

“Don’t give me that look,” the strange girl said, “I’m not trying to sell you anything.”

Ash saw the vendor switch the open sign to closed with a sad look on her face, “Well, I was looking for something to eat.”

“That’s really good to hear,” the strange girl pulled out a sticky looking phone that glimmered in her palm, “I just saw that there was a party in town tonight. I haven’t been to a party here yet. Do you know if they're any good?”

“I couldn’t tell you.”

“You sure? You look like you know how to party. Really dig the all black, mopey look you got going.” The strange girl cracked the bones in her neck and sighed, “Well, this sucks. I saw there was going to be free food there too and I really wanted to check out the place. Too bad it says ‘no loner creeps.’ That knocks me off the list.”

Ash sat quiet for a moment.

“Well…” she wanted to see the inside of the party life herself, “I guess,” there might not be any backing out in suggesting, “we could go together.”

“Why, that’s a beautiful idea!” The strange girl jumped up. “You and me! Walking down the red carpet together.” She stood on the stool and bent down to Ash, her hand offered out and all, “The name’s Skye. It’s a pleasure to call your gothy ass friend.”

“Friend, right. I’m Ash,” Ash grabbed Skye’s hand and she moved her feet back to the earth. Awck, she was as sticky as she looked. “I wouldn’t be so excited though. It’s a get together for the really vain types.”

“Hm,” Skye put her finger to her lips, “And you don’t want to be a part of it?”

“No,” Ash lied. She was more than curious. She wanted the experience that never seemed to offer itself to her. This Skye here was suspicious, she thought. Maybe it was drugs. Maybe she was just one of those high on life kind of people. “I don’t think there’ll be drugs if that’s what you’re into.”

“Drugs? Eh, I chase a better experience than that,” Skye smiled.

“Maybe you just want to get lucky like the other girls there? Kim and Stacey are just boy crazy.”

“Boy crazy?”

“Sluts,” Ash said plainly.

“No, no,” Skye said, “no shaming here. I get it. Still, maybe I can put a spin on the party and help with that.”

“If you think you can distract all the guys attention from Stacey’s flirting and Kim’s legs, go for it.” Ash thought of this homeless looking girl chasing out the guys before the hostesses could lay their talons on them. It gave her a sly grin.

“Ah! There’s a smile,” Skye said, smiling back at Ash. “See, I think we’ll have fun tonight.”

The sun had set and the apartment had begun to fill with the usualls and a few out of towners. Kim was already stationed at her mini-bar that she refused to let others near. From her little fort she watched the small groups of the first floor mingle about under the party’s music.

Stacey returned from teasing one of the groups and rested beside Kim, “Aaron’s running late. He said he’s bringing some beer so you don’t have to worry about sharing.”

“Shuuht uuup,” Kim rolled her eyes, “he’s not even on my list.”

“Who you eyeing tonight?”

“I spy two points of interest. There’s the alpha wolf from the pack over there,” Kim pointed to the fit looking athlete sharing a drink with a few girls, “and there’s the little lost lamb in the kitchen,” she moved her finger towards the more handsome one of the pair talking in the kitchen.

“The stud is Ryan,” Stacey said, “I just gave him my number.”

“Doesn’t protect him from me,” Kim laughed.

“And the guy in the kitchen...think his name is Adam.”

Kim took a sip of her drink, “Yeah, he’s my plan B.”

“No, he’s my plan to get a job in the city. You know he works for…”

As the two went on there arrived two points of interest they hadn’t spotted.

“I have a little confession,” Ash said to Skye. “I’m not a very good people’s person,” and now that she was facing a house full of them she wasn’t exactly sure what she was supposed to do.

“You just need to lighten up,” Skye said, “or maybe put on less powder? You look like a ghost.” Not that she wasn’t as pale.

“I don’t even know what to say to anyone.”

“Just follow my lead, Ashley.” Skye cleared her throat. “Hey, party animals! Who's ready to get their shit fucked!” Skye skid across the couch and sat atop it with her legs crossed. This was not a lead Ash wanted to follow. “Somebody toss me a drink. Hey, Ashley!” Oh no, Ash thought, people were now looking at her. “Ashley, get over and bring me a beer!”

“The fuck are you doing?” Ash whisper-screamed next to Skye. “Everyone’s looking!” Ash stopped to give an awkward wave to a group of people staring, “Hellooo...”

“That is not lightening up,” Skye said, picking off a beer from a party goer trying to sneak by.

“Oh my God,” Stacey covered her face in shame, “she actually came.”

“What?” Kim couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “What the fuh...did she just pick a hobo off the street? Ugh! Gross!”

Skye could see the attention she was getting from the two girls, “I take it that those are the queens of this party business?”

“Yes,” Ash said in a nervous tone.

“I’ll handle this,” Stacey walked over to Ash and Skye, “Ash, honey, it’s so nice to finally see you come over!”

“It’s,” not exactly, “good to see you too,” Ash said.

“And you brought your...friend?”

“Best friends,” Skye reeled in Ash by the shoulder, “as a matter of fact. We go way back. Fought in the war together,” Skye shoved Ash aside, “I LOVE the place you got here. But don’t you think it’s a little…”

“Don’t get any stains on the furniture,” Stacey said before departing for the kitchen, “O-M-G, it’s Adam, riiight?”

“What a bitch,” Skye downed half her beer before spotting what had to be her warm-up for the evening. “Ooh, now that’s too good not to play with.”


“WHO'S READY TO GET WRECKED!?” Skye stomped up to the swollest looking guy at the party. A few of the women orbiting him snickered and left him to his fate as Skye cornered him.

“You’ve been drinking already?” Ryan asked coolly.

Skye only answered with a belch.

“Nice,” Ryan was trying to hide his disgust.

“What’s the matter?” Skye asked. “Don’t think I’m hot like the other girls here?”

“So you are girl,” he chuckled, “I’m kidding,” he wasn’t, “but maybe after a few more beers you’ll start looking prettier.”

“A real romantic, I like that,” Skye stopped herself from taking another sip of beer, “here’s a deal,” she said as she itched the back of her head, “you down this beer in one gulp and I’ll leave you alone for the night.”

“Ehh,” he weighed the offer, but Skye didn’t look THAT sickly, “why not. It’ll help me loosen up.” Ryan took the bottle from Skye and, to her mischievous joy, downed the last of it before her.

A chill came over Ryan as soon as the contents reached his stomach. Skye could see he was trying to shrug off the ache but she knew it had already begun.

“You can get lost now, I...oof,” he grabbed his not so hard anymore midsection, “kind of hot in here all of sud…” he trailed his words off into a quiet burp. Still he tried to hide it but the way he bent himself over, letting his new chubby gut spill out of his tight shirt, practically screamed ‘I got gas.’

“uuRRRuup, awh, fuck…” Ryan took in a deep breath, “Something doesn’t feel right.”

“Don’t look at me,” Skye said, sitting back on top of the couch, “I said I’d leave you alone.”

“No, no, URRUUP, ugh, wait,” Ryan looked around but nobody seemed to be looking at him. He wasn’t used to that. He scratched his chubby belly which was now sticking off of him like a sore thumb. Something wasn’t right, he scratched the soft flesh under his chin. “What was in that drink?”

“I said I wouldn’t…”

“ARRUuhhUUUUHP, oh damn that felt good,” Ryan sighed, patting his fat belly. He looked around, still all the heads were turned away from him. That felt strange somehow to him. “Something feels a little off though.”

Ryan stood there for a moment as his mind struggled to figure out what was going on. Meanwhile his pants struggled to hold in his growing, soft butt and latest dozen pounds of fat forming at the bottom of his belly. None of the usual party goers saw what was happening. It was happy hour while an oblivious, now former-jock, stood off to the side packing on more weight than he had ever tackled in his college football career.

A dark haired girl in a grey sweater passed by Ryan. He gave a dopey smile as she accidentally made eye contact with him.

“Hey, girl, what’s up?” As Ryan moved the spacious sack of lard attached to his body, his button popped off his pants and a fart blew out his jiggling ass.

“Oh, ew!” The girl rushed away.

“Woah, wait,” Ryan wobbled a few steps after her but then another belch ripped out of him, “I-uuhRRAAAAAAAHP!!” A few people looked, a few more snickered, and thankfully for Ryan’s tearing jeans, the weight he had been putting on stopped. “What’s going on?” He looked back to Skye, “I’m, uh…”

I’m an all-star, Ryan thought. A lifelong athlete, a football star. I’m four hundred pounds and have no muscle mass to speak of...wait, he thought, how did that add up? He remembered winning the big game last year. But he had been putting on weight recently. Why wasn’t this clicking?

“I’m leaving you alone,” Skye tried to turn away.

“No, hold up,” Ryan put all his effort into waddling his massive frame a few steps towards Skye. For someone who considered themself a pro-runner, waddling his fat body took a lot more out of him than he remembered. “Don’t leave me alone just yet, tell me what you put in that drink.” Was it spiked? His mind was just drawing the ultimate blank.

“You want to know?”

“rrrUUHHhp, ahh,” he used both hands to quell his fat gut. Only half his shirt managed to cover it. Luckily his monster belly also covered the fact his fly had been torn open. “Yeah, I want to know. Something’s weird here.”

“You really want to know why that girl wasn’t into you just now?” Skye smiled.

“Yes!” His jowl jiggled as he begged for an answer.

Skye picked at something behind her ear and flicked it off, “Isn’t it obvious? You’re gay! You’re the gayest bear around. You just LOVE stuffing your face with food and stuffing twinks with your dick. Just a big ole’ tub of rainbows and lard, that’s you.”

Well obviously, Ryan thought. He was a sucker for the cute, skinny boys. They were a great contrast to his own body. “Oh, right. I mean, no duh, it’s just that…” what was the part that WASN’T making sense here.

“Is it being morbidly obese?” Skye asked simply.

“Maybe?” He wasn’t totally sure.

“Pfft, another easy one,” Skye kept itching her head, “you’re a phony jock. You tell the cute boys you used to play football or whatever but you were just the waterboy. In fact, you were only on the team to gawk at all the sexy jocks on the team. You were always chubby but the night the quarter back pinched your belly for a laugh you knew you wanted to be just like him. Cept’ as a total fatass.”

That is how Ryan remembered it. And boy, was that quarterback cute, he thought. He started gaining just for him! “Oh, yeah, that’s me alright.”

“You should really keep your story straight, unlike you that is,” Skye rested her hand on her chin.

“Yeah, don’t tell anyone okay? I don’t want it getting out that I never played for the team.”

“How about on one condition?”

While Ryan came to his senses and remembered he was four hundred pounds of gay flab, Stacey had been enjoying her conversation in the kitchen. Her back had been facing Skye and her scheme and she had no idea what was coming.

“Hey, hey!” Skye popped up from behind the counter in the middle of the kitchen, “is that Adam I see?” She smiled at the pretty boy Stacey had been pestering.

“It’s Andrew...” he corrected. “Don’t know where everyone is getting ‘Adam’ from,” he muttered.

“Hey, remember when I said don’t get any stains on anything?” Stacey asked Skye, “You’re being a stain.”

“Oh don’t be such a…”

Just then Ryan caught up with Skye and bumped his huge belly off the side of the counter, “Hey there, cute-stuff. Been looking at you all night,” he tried his best to not look flustered and out of breath from walking all the way from the living room.

“Not interested,” Stacey said flat out. Didn’t Kim say she was eyeing this sack of lard? What was wrong with her, Stacey thought. Then she noticed Ryan wasn’t looking at her...he was looking at Andrew.

“Umm,” Andrew stepped back, looking away, “thanks?”

Ryan caught his breath, “You looking to get with a champion?” Ryan asked the uncomfortable looking Andrew. Ryan raised his arm as if it weren’t shameful, sagging flesh, “This right here? The body of a champion!”

“Maybe you should fuck off,” Andrew’s words weren’t aggressive but he did mean them.

“Yeah, there’s an idea,” Stacey said.

“Maybe you should give him a chance,” Skye popped up from behind Andrew before he could back himself into the fridge. “Who knows?” She menauvered herself to the other side of Andrew’s back, “Maybe you’ve been a closet chubby chaser your whole life?”

“You can’t tell me you can resist this?” Ryan rubbed his belly before the disgusted hostage in front of him.

“Alright, I’m out,” Andrew said, making his first step to get away.

As Andrew tried to move, Skye gripped his shoulders, and blew into his ear. In that moment, that surreal moment where his eyes widened and jaw dropped, it was as if Skye had blown away every spec of heterosexuality the man had. No, he wasn’t a man he thought, he was a twink, a sub, a boytoy. There by the counter, that gorgeous hog. That was a man!

“You…” Andrew moved towards Ryan.

“Him?” Stacey asked.

“Yes, him, he’s...he’s…” Andrew’s hands trembled before the obese man in the tight and tearing clothes.

“He’s a fat loser who was just about to leave,” Stacey said, not remembering who the hell let him in.

“No!” Andrew gasped before the smug and plump looking Ryan, “he’s beautiful!”

“He’s what?” Stacey cried. Ryan only laughed, his belly jiggled in a manner that drove Andrew mad.

“Yes! May I, oh please may I?” He put his shaking hands near Ryan’s belly.

“Knock yourself out, cutie,” Ryan smiled. He had a hunch he would be into him.

Andrew clutched his fingers as deep as he could into Ryan’s cusionay body, “Yes! You feel amazing, such shape too! All of you!” He rubbed his hands gently up and down his obese beauty. “The softness, the form, even your breast!”

Andrew rubbed at Ryan’s moobs as Stacey looked on in horror. Somehow her own large breast felt deflated by Andrew drooling over the fat loser soaking in all the attention.

“I know, I know,” Ryan laughed, “the body of a champion.”

“You don’t understand,” Andrew held his legs together as they trembled, “you are the most stunning man I have ever seen. The world needs to see you! All of you, every pound! Those juicy, overflowing hips,” he rubbed them to make sure they were real, “the alluring navel,” he rested a finger at the entrance of his deep belly button, “that adorable, chubby face,” he caressed Ryan’s cheeks and for a brief moment the two looked into each other’s eyes, overcome with love...among other feelings.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Stacey yelled, as Skye snorted and laughed.

“, oh hrnngah!” Looking ready to fall over, Andrew’s face went red as he latched onto Ryan’s moobs for support. He squeezed them, “ahhh!”

“Fucking sick!” Stacey ran off when she saw the dark spot spreading across Andrew’s tight bulge. Andrew sighed with relief but he only wanted more.

“Aww, heheh, I’m flattered,” Ryan grabbed Andrew by the butt and pulled him in, “don’t even worry about being a quick shot, I can think of plenty of other things you can do in bed.”

“Yes, anything for you, you handsome hunk of blubber,” he wrapped his arms as far as he could around his meaty trophy, “I’m canceling all my contracts tonight! From now on my only model will be you! You’re going to be a star!”

“Ha! I’m already a star, but I don’t mind having a personal fanboy to play with,” and like that the two were hotly pressing lips and getting handsy with each other in the kitchen. Ryan let loose some gas when Andrew squeezed too much but it only seemed to encourage him to squeeze further.

“Boy, I’m a really good match maker!” Skye swung her arm in a victorious pose. Unfortunately, everyone was staring at Ryan and Andrew making out in the kitchen. It was quite the shock to see the successful photographer panting and groping the local, obese nobody. “Hmm,” Skye eyed the others at the party, “guess I’ll have to make a few more matches.”

“Are you seeing this shit?” Stacey said to Kim. She was holding tight to her neck, she thought there was a very real chance she might lose her lunch.

“You mean the unfuckable pig Ryan getting touchy with your big chance to work in the city?” Kim put down her drink.

“I spent weeks trying to get Andrew out here!”

“Thought his name was Adam?”

“Who cares,” Stacey groaned, “clearly his tastes don’t include me. And weren’t you talking about rolling in the hay with pig boy?”

“Ryan? Uh...” Kim paused for a moment. He was on tonight’s agenda. But now that she was watching him get dry humped, jiggling with each thrust, “You think I had a stroke?”

“Looks like Andrew had too much to drink,” Greg said, reconsidering if he should be drinking any more tonight.

“You know, the fat one tried hitting on me a few minutes ago,” Brittney said, “I didn’t think I could be more grossed out than I was then.”

“Yeah, it’s like, get a room already.”

“Hmp,” the drink Brittney had was making her feel rather bold, “I don’t get queers.” Maybe it was desperation, she considered while looking at Ryan’s nasty body wiggle and wobble one way then the other.

“Isn’t that not progressive?” He didn’t care if it was or not, he was just waiting for Brittney to have another drink so he could take her home.

“Oh shush, we’re not online.”

That’s kind of messed up, Greg thought. “If they’re gonna keep at it in front of everyone then how about you and I go somewhere more private?”

“And the sooner we leave the better,” Brittney’s words made Greg happy. He was ready to put down his drink until a girl backed up into him, splashing some of it on his shirt, “Hey, watch it!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Skye covered her face, “I was distracted by Adam and Steve over there.” Or was his name Andrew?

“Heh,” Brittney chuckled, “yeah, they’re making me ready to gag.”

“Hey, I’m going to dry off,” Greg said, “we’ll head out in a minute.” Greg gave Skye a nasty look and walked off.

“Alright, don’t take too long,” Brittney looked at the drink in her hand and wondered if she should even finish it. The girl who just showed up seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, “You new in town?”

“Pretty new, yeah,” Skye lowered her hands and smiled.

“Oh damn,” Brittney looked away, “what the hell is wrong with your teeth?” Yellow and bucked with an overbite? The girl must’ve been mortal enemies with the tooth fairy, Brittney thought.

Skye glared at Brittney. “Why don’t you finish your drink,” she scratched the side of her head before quickly whirling her hands into her pockets. Brittney finally looked back at the not so pretty girl. “Finish it now, you don’t want it to go waste.”

“Yeah. Yeah, alright. Sorry, by the way, I get a little bitchy when I drink,” Brittney said before taking a sip.

“No, I get it,” Skye glared at Greg as he entered the bathroom, “You’re lucky your friend really finds your big overbite cute.”

Just then Brittney’s teeth poked through her lips, growing a fair bit in size and crawling over the top of her bottom lip. Skye instantly felt better looking at the girl’s newly enlarged chompers that would never comfortably rest inside her mouth.

“That’s true,” Brittney said, “a lot of people can be dicks about it,” she certainly knew from experience. Yeah, she thought, I’ve got big teeth, thanks for pointing it out like I didn’t know what was sticking off of my face.

“Speaking of dicks,” Skye said with a devilish smile over her own overbite.

Brittney lowered her drink just before taking a sip, “What?”

“Uh,” Skye’s face relaxed, “no, um, go ahead and take a sip.”

“Oookay,” Brittney took another sip from her drink. Skye’s smug face returned.

“Speaking of dicks!” She said a little too loudly, “Aren’t you worried about your friend finding out?”

“Finding out about…?”

“The one between your legs.” And with that, the tight ‘Y’ shaped crotch on Brittney got to work and rearranged itself into a subtle, bulging ‘U.’ Gone was her womanhood, here to stay was the unimpressive, little dick.

Brittney pulled down his sweater to better hide his little bulge, “Now that you mention it, I don’t know. He’s really sweet but I don’t want to scare him away when he finds out I’m a guy.” His voice retained its high, femininity.

“Just relax, have another drink,” Skye said, showing more of her vile teeth through her smile, “I think I can help out.”

“Yeah...sure,” Brittney took a nervous drink.

“I mean, I get it. Your voice is a little bit of give away. Like a guy who only knows how to whisper.”

“It’s that noticeable, huh?” Brittney said in the soft hushed voice of a male trying to do a feminine impression.

Skye could see a little liquor left in Brittney’s drink, “Finish your drink off and I’ll tell you what I can do.”

“Yes,” he said softly, “I would love some help here,” Brittney finished his drink and Skye confidently crossed her arms.

“So, I feel yah,” Skye said, “you’ve stuffed your sweater with toilet paper like an amateur, this whole cross-dressing fetish seems like it got out of hand, and you’re just about ready to do anything to lose your virginity.”

Brittney’s breast then detached, leaving a new softened, femboy chest in their place. His former boobs twisted and turned into inanimate sheets of last week’s funnie section, featuring some ads for sports bras.

Also vanishing now were the memories of prom, that time in the backseat of her forgotten ex-boyfriend’s car, and all her swings throughout college. He had lost a great deal of experience and confidence. In its place were memories of entire weekends set aside for porn. Gay porn and the ache to lose his forsaken virginity.

“Oh please,” Brittney moaned, “I’ve never gotten this far and I really, really like Greg…”

“I hear my name?” Greg was halfway across the living room as he returned to the conversation, “You still ready to go, Brittney?” As he looked at Brittney he blushed and looked away. That overbite they had seemed cuter than he remembered. But Brittney also seemed more nervous. In fact, he was realizing now she had always acted pretty nervous around him.

“Umm…” Brittney twisted at his dark, long hair.

Skye lifted up a hand, “Greg will catch up with you, Brett *AHEM* Brittney.”

Brittney...Brett...looked at Skye with a fluttery feeling inside them, “Uh, okay.” Was she going to spill the beans? Brett was so nervous his Brittney disguise was about to come undone. He left the two and stepped outside.

“Something wrong?” Greg asked.

Skye paused for a moment, standing still in thought. Then she shrugged, “Eh! You go have a good time!”

“Uh-huh,” Greg murmured.

She watched the oblivious guy leave the party. Looking through the window she could see Greg saying something. Then he also gave a shrug and Brett hugged him and wrapped himself around his arm. Brett saw Skye through the window and mouthed the words ‘thank you’ through his overbite. Of course Skye didn’t want to spoil Greg’s little surprise.

It’s the little things that count, Skye thought. Like seeing Brett using his overbite to nervously bite his finger. Skye hadn’t actually done anything to sway Greg into a romantic relationship with him. They still had a fair bit to worry about. As for Greg, well…Skye smiled to herself. Some you just gotta let be. She wondered exactly how progressive Greg might be.

“Hey, Stace?” Kim walked away from the group of girls she was trying to chat with, “that hobo girl just made some people leave.”

Stacey looked over in time to see Skye waving goodbye to Greg and Brett. “That little bitch.”

“This has Ash written all over it,” Kim said, “where is that weirdo?”

“You find them, you deal with them,” Stacey said, “I’m going to deal with…” Skye was gone when she looked back. Stacey walked off towards the center of the living room.

Kim looked back to Andrew rubbing his face against Ryan’s moobs in the kitchen, “Because that’s not what we should be dealing with.”

Joanna, a ginger and a favorite regular of Kim’s parties, stepped over towards her, “Are you actually going to send them away?”

Kim laughed, “I’m totally going to make Stace deal with them.”

“Where did she go?” Stacey looked and turned and suddenly there she was back right by her on the couch, “Ahh!”

“Sorry,” Skye raised up a coin, “saw a quarter behind the couch.”

“I think it’s time you left.”

“Awh, really? Things were just getting fun!”

“Yes, really. I told you not to be a stain and you’re a giant stain on this party.” Once more Stacey looked to the freak show in the kitchen, “’ve ruined this whole night.”

Skye put her arms behind her head, “Bet I could ruin your whole life in a night.”

“What was that?” Stacey shot a deathly look at Skye.

“I said,” Skye went on, “I can make up for tonight. I’ll get out of your hair,” she said as she scratched hers, “I’ll even bring the love pigs in the kitchen with me. Before they start making love like pigs, that is.”

“Then go do it,” Stacey said.

“I will! If we can play a game first.”

“You are worse than Kim…and what game would that be?”

“A party game that is!” Skye reached over to the side of the couch and revealed a bottle of booze, “A drinking contest. You win, I take Moby Dick and his lover with me.”

Stacey sat down, she really didn’t want to get close to those two, “and if I lose?”

Skye spoke in a harsh and demonic voice, “I get your soul,” she coughed and cleared her throat, “or cab fare, your choice,” she poured the first shots.

“Fair enough,” Stacey picked up her glass, “but I should warn you. I’ve got an iron liver.” She extended her middle finger out as she downed the first shot.

Skye raised her shot in the fashion of a cheer. She really should warn the girl that she is a cheater. Skye opted to just take the first shot and smile. Stacey looked away, refusing to share any warmth with the girl. What a cold creature this woman really was, Skye thought.

“So,” Skye itched the side of her head again and flicked the dust off her fingers towards the bottle, “you actually have any hobbies?” She poured the next round.

“Besides entertaining the homeless?” Stacey lifted her drink, “I throw these parties with Kim every week. They’re actually pretty important things for people with status to uphold.”

“Partying is a good hobby,” Skye shrugged, taking her second drink.

“But my career is modeling,” Stacey took her second drink, “if you couldn’t tell.”

“I actually couldn’t tell,” Skye swallowed a burp, “models have big tits right?”

“Uh, yeeeah?” Stacey leaned forward with her large boobs squishing up. Light shined off the top of her breasts as she tilted her head in curiosity. And just what the fuck was hobo girl onto here, she thought.

“Well,” Skye poured the third round, “if you had big tits instead of a big belly maybe you’d get call backs.”

“Uh,” Stacey was about to laugh, “wha…” but before she could go on, her breast felt lighter and something heated up inside her stomach. Her breast quickly shrunk and her belly began to swell. Her shirt remained tight but now it was her mid section that did a brilliant job portraying her soft, round bot belly. Her pathetic a-cups, perched upon her belly, really did beg the question: Oh what if these two were reversed?

“Uhh,” Stacey poked at her pot belly, “well,” the hobo girl had a point. This potbelly killed many a deal for her. She really should start dieting she thought, what the hell was she doing keeping a job killer like that tied to her. I mean, yeah, she agreed there was never much she could do about having tiny boobs but this belly...wait...shouldn’t the gym she’s been going to three times a week get rid of this damn belly?

Skye took her third drink and interrupted Stacey’s puzzled look, “I believe it’s your turn.”

“Huh?” Stacey snapped back to reality. “Oh right,” she took her third shot. “I’ll lose the belly one day, don’t worry about that. For now I’ve been more than successful with face shoots,” she said as she waved back her blonde hair.

Skye licked her teeth, hearing those words like a challenge, “Well now I know you’re just lying. Those chubby cheeks, all those pimples, how could a fat girl like you impress any agency?”

Stacey was about to slap the girl sitting on the couch across from her. But suddenly that seemed like a lot of effort. She felt little aches across her face as it began to swell as her belly had. Pimples appeared around her face, her cheeks rounded out, and a wide double chin seemed to smile back at Skye.

While this happened Stacey began to gain weight all across her body. Her legs became hunks of dimpled meat and her belly blobbed out and marched down her super widened thighs. She sunk a bit into the couch, her ass becoming a big feature that made up for her forgotten D-cups. But then her ass continued to grow until she had become burdened with such a jiggly, expansive pear shape no door frame would ever let her pass without trouble.

“Alright, so what!?” Stacey said angrily. “It’s my DREAM to be a model. Nobody said I had the body of a model!”

“No need to be so…” Skye admired the belly ready to rip her shirt apart, “uptight.” Skye moved closer to Stacey and poured the fourth round. “Here, just hold your glass. I know getting up is hard for you.”

“Yeah, no shit it's hard,” Stacey eagerly drained the fourth shot into her, “you try being overweight.” Technically, Stacey knew she was obese, but that wasn’t something she bragged about.

Skye savored her fourth round and leaned back, “It sounds like you’ve given up on ever losing weight. Is that why you wear baggy shirts and PJs all day?”

Stacey’s belly seemed to thank Skye with a new jiggle. It bounced with freedom as Stacey’s formerly small shirt turned into a gigantic, bland sheet of black. Still, it clung to Stacey’s rolls, proudly informing to the world that this girl is one fat cow. Meanwhile, her torn shorts reformed into a fairly loose pair of bland pajama pants. She looked as if she just crawled out of bed with her thick, smelly socks put on upside down.

“How the hell could anyone lose all this weight?” Stacey moaned. “You want a work out? Try going up the stairs with this body.” She was looking red from the booze, though the new weight and pimples likely never gave her skin a break. “I’ve accepted I’ll always be fat. Deal with it.”

The fifth round poured and each girl took their drink. “I respect that. But I don’t get why you deal with these parties when all you want to do is play video games all day. I’m pretty sure I overheard you say gaming was your life, right?”

The words ‘Eat. Sleep. Fortnite. Repeat.’ Appeared on Stacey’s shirt. “These parties are stupid. They’re Kim’s thing, not mine. Reality is better in Hyrule, I don’t care what anyone else says.”

The sixth round poured and Skye could see Stacey looking ready to pass out, “I’ll be honest. You sound pretty pathetic.”

“Heh,” Stacey took up her glass, “maybe. But unlike you, I still get to flirt with guys online. They love their gamer girls as long as they don’t see us.”

Fuck, Skye thought as she drank her round, these girls really are boy crazy, “Except that isn’t you,” Skye watched Stacey put down her sixth round of booze, “you’re just another short, fat guy locked in his room all day. Bitching and jacking off about how women are all whores yet none will sleep with incels like you. Sound about right, Stan?”

Stan let out a sigh. As the air left him, so did his height. He lost eight inches of height and only gained about two for his newly formed prick. His hair became short, darker, and wet with a mixture of grease and sweat. His big gamer shirt also dampened at the pits, picking up several noticeable stains. He gave a mean look to Skye that seemed to cement his eyes as slanted and narrow. Fat, short, and ugly. Stan was a loser who had given up on life, love, and dreams.

“Fuck you,” he said in a nasally tone. “I’ve got better things to do than beg for pussy all day.”

“I’m sure you’re ready to get back to your games,” Skye poured and downed her seventh round. She was ready to pour Stan a round but he put up his hand.

“Enough, I’m sick of talking to you. You can ask that bimbo Kim for your precious cab fare.”

“Awh, I can’t have your soul?” Skye asked with a frown.

“What soul?” Stan struggled to stand back up. He kept the weight he had gained but by losing his height he had become a real scrunched together blob of lard.

Skye sat back, quite pleased with herself. Watching Stan stagger and waddle with his new body, his ass-crack carelessly revealed for all the world to see, Skye was proud of how he turned out. He looked much like a child with his short height and chubby face. Skye wondered if she should've sent him back to high school to enjoy the wonders of adolescence with his new body. But she neglected to push perfection.

She swirled the contents left in the bottle thinking this was a fun party.
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Re: Boy Crazy (WG, DG, FtM)

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Kim watched Stan waddle towards the kitchen. He ignored Andrew and Ryan, the better looking fat guy, damn if he knew what a salad was growing up, Kim thought. Stan waddled back with a load of snacks in hand.

“Stan,” Kim said coldly, “go tell those two in the kitchen to beat it, already.”

“Do it yourself,” Stan said. He worked his way to the stairs. He had enough problems to deal with.

“What an asshole,” Joanna said. “How can you stand living with that guy?”

“I…” Kim tightened her brows, “don’t even know. I guess I forget about him because he’s always in his room.”

“That’s good,” Joanna giggled, “cause if I had to look at him all day.”

“His ass would be on the curb,” Kim laughed.

A third laugh interrupted the two. It was long winded and obnoxious like it was mocking them. There arrived Skye, clapping her hands, “You two, I see, are the life of the party.”

“You must be Ash’s lover,” Kim said, “I assume cousins as well?” Kim then scanned the living room, “It looks like she ditched you.” But it also looked like the party had died down as well. “Ughh...where the hell is Aaron, this party sucks.” Something about all the previous parties she’s thrown made her expect something better than this.

“This probably just isn’t your kind of party,” Skye said.

“Oh my gosh, just shut and go beg for food crumbs at the park,” Kim snapped.

“Isn’t there a fat lady eating trash there now?” Joanna asked.

“I don’t know,” Kim said, “town seems like it's kind of gone down hill recently.”

“I think it’s an improvement,” Skye said.

“You. Go away,” Kim said.

Skye gave a dirty look to Kim. Originally, she wasn’t planning on anything crazy...but for the boy crazy? “Okay. Let’s party.”

“Let’s…” was all Kim could say before Skye tossed her hand over her vision. She flinched, thinking she was about to be hit. Being punched at a party wasn’t a first for her when she slept with so many girl’s boyfriends. It was clear though the strange girl here did not intend to hit her.

“Kim!” Joanna backed up, “Your hair,” She said in a quiet and scared voice.

“What about…” Kim patted the top of her head and, to a horror she never knew before, felt a great bald spot that arced around a small, separated front patch. She didn’t need to see it, she didn’t want to see it, but she knew that it must have looked like a horseshoe had been burned onto the top of her head, leaving a smooth trail of skin.

“What.” Kim raised her voice. “The.” She raised it higher. “Fuuuu-ah-ah-ahhk…”

Skye revealed her open hands, no pink hair stuck to the palms, “Ta-da! It’s just a party trick, don’t worry.”

“Don’t. Worry!?” Kim confronted Skye. “Fix it and I won’t have to worry about strangling you!”

“To fix it, I’ll need a hat.”

Kim looked back to Joanna. Joanna nodded, “Okay, okay, I’m on it.”

She ran into the nearby closet and returned with a baseball cap. Joanna offered it to Kim but Skye quickly snatched it, “For this trick I’ll need a volunteer.”

“I’m going to kill you. I am actually going to kill you,” Kim hissed.

“Ah, thank you for stepping up,” Skye said, placing the cap on Joanna’s head. “Now watch as I make all this girl’s dignity...DISAPPEAR!”

Skye reached deep into her pockets before raising them over Joanna’s head. She sprinkled some sort of dust, exactly what Kim wasn’t sure, and it settled on the cap. Then it happened. Quickly and to Kim’s surprise, the hat on Joanna’s head changed shape.

“What, what’s happening?” Joanna asked.

“The hat...she...she...uhhh…”

“What!? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! It’s just’s a fedora.”

A fedora, black and sharp, it sat on the young Joanna’s head. “How did you do that?” Joanna said, feeling the hat.

“You don’t worry about that,” Skye said. She looked over to Kim, “Kim was it? I don’t do this a lot but I wanted to give you a preview.”

“A preview of what?” Kim asked sharply.

“Why can’t I get this thing off?” Joanna revealed to Kim what Skye had meant. As she struggled to take the fedora off, Kim watched Joanna’s breast sag and her belly poke out.


“What did you use? Glue?” Joanna’s gut spread out, drooping only a fair amount over her waist. Her butt was hit rather hard with new weight and it lost its perky form for something saggy and sad.


“Get over here and help me get this thing off!” Her voice cracked, sounding more masculine. She was working up a sweat as her clothes became damp and her belly and arms thickened with hair. Her cheeks became fuzzy as well, less youthful looking too, and then it happened and Kim grabbed her remaining hair in terror.

“Joanna, LOOK!”

Joanna stopped just in time for her new bulge to fill her newly formed sweatpants. She, or rather he, looked down. He watched as his shirt crinkled with stains and before he could scream his enlarged, hairy hands finally popped the fedora off his now tangled and knotted hair.

“What!?” Joanna said looking at Kim, “What is the problem?”

“You! Look at yourself!”

Joanna gave a confused look. He went over to a mirror on the wall. There he paused for a moment before turning to say, “I don’t see anything wrong.”

Kim, dumbfounded, looked to Skye, “I can change them back,” Skye said, “but there’s a price to pay.”

Kim looked at her former drinking friend. Joanna had gone from an attractive young woman to a lumpy looking troll covered in stains she dared not know. “How much?”

“It’s not money I’m after,” Skye smiled, “if you want your friend back you only have to sleep with them.”

“No,” Kim said it before Skye had finished.

Wow, Skye thought as her eyes widened, “Ahk...geez.” She wasn’t anticipating that answer, at least not that quickly. “Okay, but I’ll also fix your hair.”

“Fine,” Kim answered as quickly. She took in a deep breath. “Just...get me another drink.”

“This deal is only being offered now. You can screw the neckbeard or you can shop for a wig.”

Kim gritted her teeth. She had just discovered the existence of magic and yet all she could think about was strangling the strange girl with a wig.

“I’ve never actually done this before…” Joanna giggled.

“Would you shut up,” Kim said, laying down on the bed. “Hurry this up, I want my hair back.”

Joanna emerged from Kim’s bathroom. He was naked, hairy, and terribly out of shape. “M’lady, you are perfect.”

“Shut up!” Kim yelled. “Just, pretend you’re Steven Seagal and,” Kim closed her eyes in shame, “help me cross off doing a fat guy from my bucket list.”

“Ooh!” The bed creaked as Joanna rolled himself onto it. He smelled sweaty upclose. “M’lady has exotic tastes, I see.”

“Well it’s low on the bucket list.” Kim couldn’t help but cringe as Joanna’s hairy skin made contact with her. She bit her lip, thought of her beautiful hair and what new color she would dye it after this, and got to work.

As Kim held onto Joanna, she began to play with the hairs on his back. It was actually a soothing distraction. They felt nice and relaxing to play with. Calmed with what was happening, she brought Joanna in for a kiss. It felt good, she thought, surprisingly good! She put more passion into her tongue and rolled Joanna over. Funny, she thought, Joanna seemed a lot lighter than she would’ve guessed.

What Kim wasn’t aware of, was that Joanna was indeed becoming lighter. She was losing weight and all the hair was disappearing. Unfortunately, for Kim, it was doubling all onto her.

Kim’s breast shrunk and drooped, her belly bloated and covered itself in curly fur. Her ass suffered a worse fat than Joanna’s had as it plumped up into a soft yet lumpy, hairy nightmare. Her shoulders broadened, legs thickened, and a double chin with a curly beard layered in grease sprouted from her face.

“Kim…” Joanna said, her voice nearly returned to normal.

A uni-brow was forming across Kim’s sweaty face. Her bald spot worsened as her pink hair turned a miserable brown. Her neck became hairy and linked up with her beard just in time for a ponytail to fall down to her shoulders.

“Kim!” Joanna said, her voice returned to normal.

Kim only drooled and moaned in what she thought was bliss. A woman, she thought. She was about to have sex with a woman! She kissed Joanna’s smooth cheeks, drooling over her. The skin of a real woman felt so nice, Kim thought. Her weight continued to rise, crushing Joanna as obesity enslaved her.

“Kevin!” Joanna pushed Kim back with all her might.

“What? What is it m’uh...lady?” Kim froze, his mind catching up with him. Something felt amazing below his obese, blubbery belly. He felt the unimpressive three incher, ooh it felt good he thought. But that wasn’t right.

“Get off of me!” Joanna pushed Kim onto the side of the bed.

“Wait!” Kim cried, “I was finally about to…” get laid? No. She had slept with a thousand...guys?

The magical hobo, Kim remembered. He remembered everything as Joanna collected her clothes and jumped away from the bed.

“We didn’t do anything and you don’t tell anyone anything,” she said. Joanna was all back to normal as she fled the room.

“Joanna, waih...hrrnng!” Kim tried to get up but he was too heavy. A minute went by of Kim trying to sit up. His legs were too heavy, his ass was heavier, and his belly was just in the way. “Fuck!” He farted after exerting himself.

After another minute Kim figured he needed to roll himself side to side to gain momentum. It worked after a few tries and triumphantly he stood like a fountain pouring sweat. He wheezed as he looked around. His room, once a sanctuary of punk music and beauty products, was now a mancave of wizard figurines and anime posters.

Kim went for the door but remembered the party downstairs, “Shit, right.” He went to his wardrobe but found it had been replaced with a mini fridge. “No, that isn’t right,” he gasped for air, looking around. To his heartache, and boy his heart was aching, all his clothes were randomly spread across the room on the worst spot imaginable...the floor.

“ we go,” he was too fat to just pick up any clothes right off the ground. He had to strategize by leaning his heavy, sweaty ass on his bed, molding his fat rolls to the side as he reached crookedly down, and then hoping what he scooped would fit.

“Ooh,” Kim said, looking at the soda and cum stained shirt. It was Rainbow Dash. Best pone! Thank god, he was worried it was the Flutter Shy shirt...wait, what!? No, he thought, this isn't right. His mind was being fucked with. “Damn that girl…”

Eventually Kim managed to stretch his My Little Pony shirt over his fat rolls. His pits and back rolls wasted no time spilling sweat into it. The underwear he found was coded in fart stains but he was too exhausted to try another pair. The elastic pants at least felt good if not overly snug.

“Okay!” Kim panted after his workout. It was time to murder the witch down stairs.

Grinding his side rolls against the doorway like a car skidding off of a building, Kim bounced out into the hallway. It seemed much more narrow than it had before. Skye stepped out of the upstairs bathroom down the hall.

“Hey, I’m actually sorry for this but I might have clogged the toilet,” Skye said with as much sympathy as she could manage.

“You!” Kim hissed, waddling his sweaty blubber towards Skye. Two steps was a fuck load of work he thought. He grabbed at his moobs and hit his other hand against the wall, “Just a moment, m’lady, I mean...ugh!”

“You should take it easy,” Skye studied Kim’s new body. She let out a whistle, “Yikes. I really messed you up. I only thought you’d come out a little worse than the other girl but ahh, this look suits you pretty nicely.

“Change me back,” Kim gasped for dear life, “I wooed the fare lady. By the Gods, I laid with her.” He shook his head to get his words right, “I did what you told me.”

Skye shrugged, “Okay.” She reached into her pocket, threw a bit more dust into Kim’s face, and then it happened.

“Nothings happening!” Kim yelled.

“What are you talking about?” Skye chuckled, “Go look at the mirror.”

There was a mirror at the end of the hall by the stairs. Kim waddled towards it like their life depended on it. When he arrived he saw his ugly, bloated, fuzzy face. Complete with a full head of hair tied back behind a ponytail.

Skye popped up in the reflection as she locked onto Kim’s shoulders, “See! I told you I would turn your friend back AND give you your hair back.”


“As for being a disgusting neckbeard,” Skye smiled, looking off to the side, “you’re welcome!”

“You little…”

“At least I am little,” Skye started to walk down the stairs, “alright, come on. I’m a bit buzzed so I’ll give you a second chance.”

“What do I have to do?” Kim asked.

Downstairs, when Kim finally managed to thump his way down them, Skye wrapped her arm around Kim’s sweaty shoulders and pointed to the last party goers. “See those girls? All you have to do, to get your original body back, is to walk up to them, introduce yourself as Kevin, and get one of their numbers.”

“That’s it?” Kim asked.

Skye chuckled, “Come on, we both know this is a tall order. But it is your second chance. Your last chance.”

“And by original body you mean like I was before?” Kim wheezed. “And not as an infant or something?”

“No but I like that, I’ll have to use that one sometime,” Skye patted Kim’s sticky back, “Go get’em big boy!”

There were three girls in the corner of the living room. Three chances, Kim thought. He worked his body towards them but they must have smelled him coming. They looked over their shoulders and looked back at one another to laugh. Oh no, Kim thought, they were very pretty. Something about pretty girls upset his stomach.

“Greetings fare maidens,” Kim said, wanting to kill himself, “I am known as Sir Kevin,” why the hell is this happening, he thought, “perchance I could entice one of thee for their number?” What even are words, Kim asked himself.

Two of the girls giggled. The third merely left along with a third of Kim’s chances.

“Well met, Sir Kevin,” one of the girls said to his surprise, “I’m sorrowed to inform thee that,” Kim’s back tensed, his gut ached, instinct knew what words were coming, “I already have a boyfriend.” She left and now the shy girl was all Kim had left to hope for.

“Please, m’lady, I mean, please miss,” Kim gripped his big hands to control himself but he only seemed to sweat more. He steadied his breathing. There was still a chance, “Could you…” a rancid and hateful fart blasted out of Kim’s ass. It went on. And it went on. As the room stunk up and the fart changed pitch, the last girl left before it was even over.

“Honestly,” Skye came over to say, “you lasted longer than I expected. ‘A’ for effort,” she said, crowning the neckbeard with the fedora from before.

Slowly Kim’s memories distorted. All the guys he had banged, the parties he had reigned over...they collapsed beneath an encyclopedia of various table top trivia and cartoon lore. He had become Kevin, a fat neckbeard.

The front door opened and a guy surrounded by women, beautiful women like Kevin had once been, appeared. “It’s party time!” His shout trailed off at the sight of the miserable looking neckbeard and the homeless looking girl by his side. In the back was the kitchen where a shirtless fat guy was getting his belly rubbed and kissed by his slender lover.

“Hmm,” the guy looked around, “wrong address.” He shut the door and through the door Skye and Kevin could hear, “Let’s take this party somewhere else!”

“Please, m’lady,” Kevin mumbled, “just take away my memories of being desirable. Free me from this curse.”

Skye shook her head, “Sorry, Sir Kevin. Curse is for life, no refunds. You enjoy the memories of being hot though, huh?”

Kevin sighed, “I’m going to rewatch season 3 of Friendship is Magic,” he waddled off for the stairs, “it was back when the world made sense!”

Skye fell back onto the couch, she figured it was a good enough place to crash. Ryan and Andrew made their way to the front door.

“This way, baby,” Andrew hugged Ryan tightly into his belly, “I’ll, uhh, tell you how I lost my trophies back at my place.”

Andrew looked on longingly at his beloved idol, “Yes, and we’ll buy new ones to take pictures of you with!”

“Hey, you two have a good night!” Skye waved the two off and took a swig from her bottle. That was a fun game with Stan, she thought. Good old Stan. Probably masturbating upstairs right now she figured, “What a party!”

Somebody was standing to the side of her vision. Skye looked over and saw Ash with her phone out. “I got you!”

“What?” Skye asked, genuinely confused, “This a Tik Tok?”

“What? No!” Ash cried.

“Those girls were doing Tik Tok the entire night,” Skye said, “I don't know what that’s all about.”

“It’s not Tik Tok,” Ash shouted and took a defensive stance, “I was filming you! The whole night. I saw everything! I got it all on camera.”

“Oh shit,” Skye almost sat up. It was easier to take a drink from her bottle, “You saw what I did to the people here.”

“Yes,” Ash couldn’t ward off her smile, “I saw it all.”

“Even the part where I took a dump?”

“Huh? No, I...I didn’t follow you upstairs.”

“Then you didn’t see everything.”

“Who cares!?” Ash said in frustration, “I’ve got actual proof of real life magic. Right when I thought this world couldn’t get any more boring. Now the whole world will know you’re a witch!”

Skye pointed her finger up, “Actually I’m a succubus.”

Ash seemed ready to protest but lowered her guard, “Is that right?”

“Yep,” Skye stood up, “a demonic entity, feeding off of corruption.”


“Oh who really cares,” Skye took another swig, “But I do enjoy corrupting the world, as you’ve seen for yourself. And as much fun as I’ve had here tonight, I have to confess, I don’t think I’ve made the world an uglier place.”

Ash looked to the stairs, “You did a pretty good job, I think.”

“Thank you,” Skye smiled, “but, if anything, I only made the world marginally more ugly. Everyone here tonight was so vain, so vapid. What’s a gender change and morbid amounts of weight gain without corrupting a soul?”

Ash kept quiet and looked away sheepishly.

“You really should've just left,” Skye took a final gulp of her liquor and nearly fell back, “the hell am I even drinking...” It wasn’t soda, she knew that much. She looked for the label. “Oh. Vodka. That explains a bit,” she fell back over the table and Ash began to run for the door.

The front door neared but a veiny, pale hand appeared before Ash to keep it shut. She looked to see Skye, she was sprinkling something with the fingers of her other hand. She looked down to find the doorknob rusted. It broke off as she gripped it.

With a yelp of fear, Ash ran from the front door and up the stairs, “Come back!” Skye yelled, “I just want to to turn you into a bloated freak or give you a pig face, I don’t know,” she tripped halfway up the stairs and snorted as she laughed, “ah man I’m wasted.”

Why the stairs, Ash asked herself, you’re never supposed to run up the stairs. If only all the horror movies she played on TV actually had good reception. She had no clue what to do in a horror movie now that she was in one.

She opened a door in search for a place to escape or hide, “Hey, close that door you dumb skank!” The fat manchild yelled from his computer.

Ash tripped back and tried the next door, “A rouge in need of rescue,” the neckbeard tried to pull his pants back up but fell over onto his bed.

Down the hall Ash saw Skye, bent over and grabbing her chest. Skye took in a deep breath, “Seriously, don’t make this a whole scene. I’m going to throw up.”

Ash ran further down the hall. On the ceiling was a latch to the attic. She pulled it down and crawled up into the dark exit. She shut the latch and moved the heaviest piece of stored away furniture on top of it. With that she crawled into one the corners and hugged her legs.

I can’t believe this happening, she thought, all those Edgar Allen Poe stories didn’t do much to teach her how to actually survive she now realized.

Her heart slowed down. Perhaps, she hoped, Skye had given up or blacked out. A dim ball of light appeared at the end of the attic. It didn’t illuminate much but it floated about for a short while. What is that, Ash asked herself too soon. A moment later the light was hovered over her and in a flash of light the room became illuminated in a hue of green.

There, standing over the heart racing Ash, was Skye holding a phone, “Lose something?”

Ash knew immediately Skye was holding her phone. She held her tongue.

“You dropped it when you shook your ass going up the ladder. You got a real nice ass, we gotta let you keep it,” Skye hiccupped.

“Please, I didn’t mean to cross you,” Ash said, “I was just so excited to see that magic was real and I had to try and tell the world. I’m sorry if it meant exposing you or whatever, I promise not to upload anything!” And she had such a cool idea on how to edit it all together. X-files theme and everything.

“The begging is a nice touch,” Skye hiccupped again, “but you know what I really like about you…” Skye paused for a moment.

“My ass?”

“No, I mean yes, hang on I was thinking. Oh, right,” she hiccupped, “you were fine with letting me turn people here into groveling losers. Well look at you. You already are one,” she paused again, “that was mean, I’m sorry. What I’m getting at got a nice ass!”


“Here we go,” Skye held up the phone over Ash, “I want this on video.” She began to record, or at least she hoped she hit the right button, “Ashley, my dear, stand up and take a bow!”

Reluctantly, Ash stood up and moved towards the middle of the attic. Unsure of what to do next she took a hesitant bow.

“Don’t actually bow,” Skye slurred, “Ash, leaving everyone here to their fates while you stood up to me, heyy! That took balls!” Skye flung a fist full of all the dust she had left in pocket towards Ash.

Ash knew what was coming, “No, stop!” A shiver hit her and she knew she was no longer a she. The bulge formed in her pants and Ash raised his hands up in surprise, “Dude!”

“That’s the idea,” Skye laughed, “oh, I got somethin’ I got something, okay. Telling me you were filming everything…”

“Skye, please,” Ash begged, “I won’t say a word about any of this!”

“...that must have taken a lot of your chest!” Skye waved her finger and Ash felt a force push him back. Keeping his balance, he found his chest had flattened.

“Femboy Ash!” Skye cheered.

Ash patted his flat chest and gave Skye a worried look, “Okay! I learned my lesson, alright? Don’t be a dick? That’s what you wanted me to learn, right?”

“I think tonight’s lesson is don’t confront the girl that can triple the size of your ass.”

“Seriously?” Sure enough, Ash felt his butt cheeks swell up like a pair of balloons. When he went to feel them they were clearly not filled with air. Fat and juicy, they jiggled to the touch. He had taken on an extreme sort of pear shape. Or maybe it was a cherry shape with his slender body running down to two big blushing buns of pork.

“Now this is my kind of movie,” Ash moved her thumb out of the camera, “you’re too cute to not make a piggy out of.”

Skye made another wave of her hand and Ash felt the rest of his body begin to bloat. First the cheeks of his face puffed out. Then the double chin formed. He got back some of his breast but they weren’t the perky boobs of a woman. For male breasts they were more than modest however.

At his belly Ash began to fill out his hoodie until it became a tight fit. It doughed out gently over his new manhood. His legs fit as chunky complements to his big butt which seemed to stay the largest part of his body.

Ash very much kept their feminine face though it had become layered with pudge, “I’m…” androgynous with a chubby face but the shape of the moobs was sure to give it away.

“A real soft looking boy,” Skye sighed.

Ash began to feel up his new body. He poked his belly, gave it a shake and squeeze, “This isn’t so bad actually…”

“Nahh,” Skye agreed, “that’s why I want you to be a huge degenerate who gets turned on by everything they saw tonight.”

“No, not that!” Ash begged, hearing the worst of it all.

“Chronic masturabor, corruption fetishist, come on, pretty boy,” Skye lifted her free hand, “welcome to the world of debauchery and degradation!”

Skye snapped her fingers and Ash enjoyed his first erection.

“H’ooof, rrnng!” The sexual euphoria vibrated across Ash’s soft body. He fell to his knees, ooh how he liked the feeling of his body jiggling as he did. He grabbed at his groin, ah, it felt too nice to do so. “Stop...make it...ahhnng, make it stop!”

Everything he had seen tonight. A jock turned into a fatass, it pushed him to the edge of pleasure. The photographer destroying his career over some fat loser, how hot it now seemed! The girl made guy, the urge to see the guy finding out in bed only made Ash hold himself tighter. Then there was Kim and Stacey. Kim and Stacey who Ash asked. What happened to them blew Ash’s mind in a whole new way.

The whole world turning into fat, stinking losers. A utopia, Ash thought. He drooled at the idea knowing it was wrong. He thought of what had befallen him now. Yes, this felt amazing he couldn’t deny. No, he wanted this. He had lost to Skye. He was a loser and it felt so lovely.

Maybe he could film himself and put the videos online. That sounded more magical than magic. Oh how the ideas flooded Ash’s mind. Acting like a pig, rolling in mud, begging for food. Maybe he could do it all while cross dressing. Now that was a career!

Ash shoved his hands into his pants and began to stroke his member, “Ahh! Hnngg!” Tug after tug, he rubbed himself hard and finally he unloaded right there and then into his pants.

Out of breath, he fell over with his fat ass perched in the air, “I’m a total creep,” he moaned. Skye knelt down beside him. He looked up to her with a smile, “Spank me, mommy.”

Skye obliged and Ash let out another moan of pleasure. “Party’s over, piggy. Thanks for being my Trojan Horse. Oh! I think I got a good name for you.”

An untold amount of time had passed. Skye felt she had entered a deep torpor and reawakened to a bright flash of light. It was a trick of the eyes. She was back in her dimly lit bedroom within her dumpster. She tried to remember what had happened last night. Her head was pounding like a drum.

“My skull is on fire,” she groaned, feeling the full fury of a hangover.

From the other side of her bed an overweight femboy clung to her naked body, “Mmm. Good morning, mommy.”

Skye gave a wide eyed look at the fat boy that had invaded her covers. “Ohh,” she covered her eyes while her new boytoy Troy snuggled into her. “I was drinking last night.”
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Re: Boy Crazy (WG, DG, FtM)

Postby Tyler15 » Wed Oct 12, 2022 7:59 pm

Great work! Not every day do you get a swap this good
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Re: Boy Crazy (WG, DG, FtM)

Postby cadillac » Wed Oct 12, 2022 8:26 pm

this story is so good!! Would love to see more adventures with Skye and her new perverted pig boy

Re: Boy Crazy (WG, DG, FtM)

Postby j3golem » Mon Feb 06, 2023 5:42 am

Damn this one has everything. Fun story!
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