Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

Postby Freaksss » Wed Jan 25, 2023 1:05 pm

This story is really great.
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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

Postby CaliWriting » Thu Jan 26, 2023 9:26 am

Freaksss wrote:This story is really great.

Thank you! :)
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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

Postby CaliWriting » Thu Jan 26, 2023 9:32 am

Realizing that she was the fattest girl in school wasn't the only milestone Melissa reached that month. Her weigh-in at the end of the month also showed that she had reached the 300-pound mark.

Alisson was just as happy about that as Melissa was. She loved seeing her piggy expand into massive dimensions. After the weigh-in, she made sure to stuff Melissa until she could not move and then lick her until she had multiple mind-shattering orgasms.

Over time, Alisson realized that she loved the jiggling belly her piggy was growing. She was surrounded by soft fatness every time her head dove between Melissa's thighs, which felt wonderful. She made it seem to Melissa as if she was pleasuring her out of pity and because she wanted to have her under her complete control. While both things were true, by now, Alisson mainly loved the feeling of Melissa's fat and was getting just as much pleasure from it as her piggy was. However, she didn't want Melissa to notice it. Whenever Alisson felt drawn to Melissa too much, she thought about how she had hated her. How all those years, Melissa took the positive spotlight away from her. This helped her get back to wanting to humiliate her as much as possible for letting herself become such a massive pig. And the next opportunity to humiliate her piggy was just around the corner.

Track season started about a month ago, and it was time for their High School to host a meeting on the first weekend of April. Melissa had already feared that Alisson would make her come to watch the meeting, and she was right.

The night before the meeting, Melissa was lying on Alisson's sofa, breathing heavily from being stuffed, as Alisson approached her with a grin.

“I bet you know what I'm going to say. Tomorrow is our track meeting, and I want you to be there.”

Melissa nodded. Even though she had expected this, she still felt nervous about it. Many people who hadn't seen her for a year would attend the meeting. She hoped nobody would recognize her, but she was sure Alisson wouldn't let that happen. All the parents and athletes would be looking for her.

Alisson sat down next to Melissa and put a hand on her thigh. As soon as her hand sunk into the soft fatness, Alisson felt a rush going through her body. All she wanted to do for a moment was grab and jiggle, then dive her head between them and enjoy the warm fatness around her.

She quickly shook those thoughts and looked Melissa in the eyes. “Now, I just want to make sure that you know what you have to do there. All I want to see you do is to eat. All the time. The only time you're allowed to be seen without food in your hands is when you're in line to get yourself more of it, do you understand?”

Melissa nodded again; she would have done that even when Alisson hadn't ordered her to do it. By now, she was too addicted to eating, and it was impossible for her to just sit around without putting something fattening into her mouth.

“And, to be clear, waddling up to receive your award isn't an exception from this rule. I want you to have both hands full of snacks while you are in front of everybody!”

Melissa gasped. She had forgotten about her award!

Last year she set a new school record in the 400-meter race. And it was a tradition that athletes who had set a record would be recognized at the home meet the following year. All her hopes of not getting recognized at the meet were gone. Everybody would see what had happened to the former athletic superstar. How she had transformed into this out-of-shape caricature of her former fit self. It would be the ultimate display of how far this once attractive beauty had fallen.

Thinking about the things she would have to go through tomorrow instantly aroused Melissa. Soon she was utterly lost in the fantasies of her upcoming humiliation. Her hands were kneading her belly, jiggling it and letting it fall into her lap as small moans escaped her mouth.

She was about to reach between her legs when Alisson grabbed her hand.

“Not today, piggy. You have to earn that tomorrow, and then I'll satisfy you completely,” Alisson said. She could barely withstand her desire to jump on top of her piggy and do everything to make her come. But she was used to discipline and got herself under control.

“Now go to bed and get some rest for your big day.”


Melissa spent most of the next day fantasizing about what she would have to go through during the meet. When the school bell finally rang, she was shivering with anticipation. She left the classroom as fast as she could, which was still slower than anybody else. Her heavy body and poor stamina prevented her from doing anything fast. As she made her way to the back door leading to the stadium, she saw Alisson approach her.

Alisson was wearing the school's track uniform, which consisted of short spandex hot pants that just about covered her fantastic ass and a short top that was more like a sports bra. Their school was known to have a laid-back attitude considering their athletes’ uniforms, and boys around the county were coming to watch them compete.

Today was the first warm day of the year. Warm enough to walk around without a jacket. Melissa could tell how much Alisson was enjoying showing off her perfect body, swaying her hips seductively as she walked toward her.

“Ready for your big moment, piggy?” She grinned and held out a track uniform. “Here, put this on. After all, you're getting an award for your athletic achievement. And since you don't have an athlete's body anymore, you should at least wear an athlete's outfit.” She jiggled Melissa's belly. “It's not the small size you used to wear since, let's face it, your fat ass would rip those apart if you tried to put them on. We usually don't let fatties into our team, so we don't have your huge size. This is the closest I could find. I'm sure you can make it fit somehow. Now go change and show the world what has happened to our school's most promising runner. You know, last year, I heard so many guys say that you were the hottest thing they had ever seen when wearing this outfit. Let's see what they will say now.”

She laughed and walked outside.

Melissa waddled into the locker room nervously. The last time she had been there was on the first day of the school year when she had to change her inappropriate outfit. She was relieved that everybody else had already changed and left the room. Looking at the skimpy outfit in her hands, she remembered when this was her favorite thing to wear a year ago. Now, it was the most unflattering outfit that she could think of.

She took off her clothes, already getting out of breath, and grabbed the spandex hot pants. They were stretched out to their maximum as she pulled them over her huge jiggly thighs, but she managed to put them on. She struggled a little more with the short top as it was hard to get it over her head and to fit her big boobs inside, but she finally got it to fit somehow. As she waddled to the mirror to look at herself, Melissa felt like a giant blob, already panting just from putting on some clothes.

It was impossible to tell if she was wearing any pants. Her hanging belly covered any signs of the hot pants underneath. Even from the back, you couldn't tell that she was wearing pants as half of her fat butt was hanging out, making it look like she was wearing poorly fitting panties. Her tight top barely contained her breasts and was digging into her back fat, causing her fat rolls to become even more prominent.

Melissa looked at her reflection in awe, increasingly turned on by seeing what she had done to herself over the past year. She ran her hands over her flabby belly, picking it up and letting it drop against her thighs, moaning as her whole body jiggled. Just as she was about to start pleasuring herself, she had one quick moment of clear thought and quickly turned away from the mirror. She knew it was time for her to show up at the stadium, so she started waddling out of the locker room. Her belly was slapping against her wobbly thighs with every step she took, the feeling and sound of it making her head spin. As she reached the door, she took one last deep breath and opened it.
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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

Postby CaliWriting » Sun Jan 29, 2023 9:05 am

As soon as Melissa waddled outside, she felt the stares everyone was giving her. She slowly made her way to the food stand, her whole body jiggling while laughter and snickering followed her every step.

Once she reached the food stand, she ordered enough food to feed a family. They had to look for a big bag to put the food into since it was way too much to carry in her hands. The girl at the food stand finally gave her the bag with a disgusted look.

Melissa turned around, feeling the nervousness rising inside her. She had gotten used to being the fat girl in school and being made fun of. Still, so many other people here hadn't seen her for a year, and she was anxious about how the crowd would react to her gain.

She took a donut and started eating it as she shuffled over to the bleachers. Everywhere she looked, she could see people giving her disgusted looks as they watched her exposed, jiggling body. However, Melissa was surprised that she didn't see many shocked faces in the audience. Instead, most looked at her in disgust. She found a free seat and sat down, feeling a jiggle go through her body. Immediately, her focus shifted from the people around her to the big bag of food in her hands. She tore it open and began stuffing her face with anything she got her chubby hands on.

As time passed and the award ceremony came closer, Melissa finally had her belly filled up enough to start noticing the people around her again. She looked down at herself and saw grease and chocolate smeared all over her top and belly. But the stains didn’t bother her since her day would be full of embarrassment anyway. So, instead of worrying about cleaning herself up, she took out another burger and took a big bite.

While she enjoyed the taste of her burger, Melissa overheard the conversation of the couple next to her.

“Do you know what happened to that Melissa girl?” The woman asked as she looked at her husband. “I remember how good she performed here last year. She was such an athletic girl and so good-looking, too!”

“She must be injured,” her husband replied. “At least I haven't seen her around either.”

It hit Melissa, and her body tingled from pleasure: She had gotten so fat over the last year that the people who hadn't seen her since didn't recognize her.

That was why she didn't see many shocked faces in the crowd as she waddled by. Nobody believed that the school's most impressive athlete could have turned into such a fat pig in just one year.

Melissa had to quickly take another big bite out of her burger to muffle the loud moan escaping her lips. She began to eat faster again to somehow repress the realization she had just made and not start moaning around everyone. Her timing was perfect, as it turned out. Just as she had only two donuts left in her bag, she heard a voice announcing the beginning of the event.

Her heart began to race, knowing that her moment was about to come, and every passing second made it worse. Finally, the announcer said there was one special prize before starting the competition. He began talking about Melissa's achievements over the years and her fantastic performance last year. Listening to it, Melissa didn't feel like it was her that he was talking about. She didn't have any vivid memories of her athletic years anymore; they were all replaced by memories of gluttony and laziness. It felt more like he was talking about a movie she had seen long ago.

After an eternity, Melissa heard the announcer say her name, and the crowd started clapping. She opened her bag and grabbed one donut with each hand, then slowly got up, her fat legs shaking from nervousness. Waddling down the stairs, Melissa could see the people looking around, searching for the athlete about to receive the award. Nobody took much notice of her; they thought she was just a fat girl getting up to get more food. When Melissa stepped onto the racing track, people began to realize that the fat cow in front of them was the once so talented runner. With every jiggling step, Melissa could feel her face become a brighter shade of red as the clapping got quieter, replaced with shocked silence.

By the time Melissa had reached the field where her former coach was standing, holding a medal in his hand, and looking disappointed and disgusted, the stadium was quiet. She turned around and looked at the crowd; all she saw were shocked faces and people taking videos of the bizarre spectacle.

The coach walked over to her. Obviously, he was uncomfortable with the whole situation as he quickly put the medal around her neck without saying a word and extended his hand. Melissa was about to shake it when she remembered that she still had a donut in each hand. She quickly stuffed one of them into her mouth and wiped off her hand on her belly, causing it to jiggle.

After the handshake, both had to pose awkwardly long, so some photographers could take a picture for the papers.

As the cameras flashed in front of them, Melissa grew increasingly turned on, trying to imagine what the images would look like. Instead of a fit girl, a fat pig was now standing there in too-tight sports clothes. Her fat pale belly was exposed and covered in food stains, just like her face. She held a donut in her hand while chewing on the one she had just stuffed into her mouth.

When the pictures were finally taken, the announcer asked for one more round of applause. This time almost nobody clapped as Melissa waddled back. She looked up one more time to get another look at the audience. Most people had started to talk by now, and it was obvious that they were laughing at her. Next to the bleachers, Melissa spotted Alisson, watching with a devious and satisfied smile. Seeing how pleased Alisson seemed to be filled Melissa with joy. She smiled at her and stuffed the remaining donut into her mouth. Instead of disappearing from the audience, she kept on the racing track so everyone could see her heading for the food stand to get more snacks.

Once again, Melissa got so many things that they had to look for another big bag. When she finally held it and was about to return to her seat, someone yanked the bag out of her hands.

“Filling up on your snacks, fatty?”

Melissa turned around to see Amy holding her bag with a grin.

Amy was a star runner from another school. The two had a big rivalry back in the day, even more significant than Melissa's one with Allison. It was either Melissa or Amy who would usually win a race, with Alisson following close behind.

“I got hungry,” Melissa meekly replied.

“Oh, I bet you did! Gotta work on your figure, don't you, fatty?” Amy pinched her belly and laughed. “Good god, I have heard rumors about you getting fat, but I didn't expect this! How pathetic do you have to be to become like this? And what made you think that you could wear this sports uniform? I'm not even able to see if you're wearing any pants because of your disgusting fat gut.”

Melissa gave Amy a pleading look. “Can I please have my food back?”

Amy smiled. “If you want it, why don't you come and get it?” With that, she jumped back and began jogging away slowly.

Melissa followed her awkwardly. Her slightly faster waddle caused her whole body to jiggle, and she was already getting out of breath after only a few steps.

Amy laughed as Melissa couldn't even keep up with her slow jogging. “Having trouble keeping up?” She stopped to enjoy the sight of the obese girl trying to catch up, her face red from the little exercise and her flabby body wobbling with every step.

As Melissa was about to reach Amy, she continued to jog away, heading for the corner where the rest of her team was sitting. “Look who's desperate to stuff her fat belly again!” Amy yelled as her team began to laugh. “You really want this food, don't you?” she asked with a grin as Melissa finally reached her.

Melissa nodded weakly.

“Well, maybe my teammates have more sympathy with you,” Amy said as she handed the bag over to another girl.
The girl walked over to Melissa and held the bag out for her to grab. Before Melissa could reach it, she laughed and jumped to the side, handing the bag to another girl.

Melissa tried desperately to get the girls, but they kept jumping out of the way, giving the bag to someone else. A year ago, Melissa would have had no problem getting the bag since she used to be a way faster runner than any of them. But now, she was hopelessly outmatched. She followed the girls, feeling her giant ass wobble with every step and her belly slap against her cellulite-covered thighs. All while the group around her was constantly laughing at her.

After a few minutes, Melissa got too winded to keep up the performance and finally had to admit her defeat. She groaned as her legs gave in and she plopped onto her fat ass, causing an immense wave of ripples to flow over her body, and her big boobs slapped her face. As she leaned against a wall trying to catch her breath, the girls formed a circle around her.

“What a pathetic pig you have become,” Amy said as she stepped forward and lightly kicked her belly to make it wobble. She took a donut out of the bag and held it over Melissa's face.

Melissa had to heave herself up a little to reach the donut, which caused her to let out another loud groan. When she had finally got it, she plopped back and greedily stuffed the donut into her mouth.

“Wow, you have really lost all self-control and dignity.” Amy crouched down in front of Melissa. She was holding the bag in her hands, and Melissa thought she could finally have it. But as she bent forward to grab it, Amy pushed her back against the wall and caught both of her hands.

“You don't get to decide what you're eating, fatty,” she said as another girl took out a donut and shoved it into Melissa's face. The girls took turns stuffing Melissa with food from the bag, smearing a decent amount of it all over her face. At the same time, Melissa was being held down and unable to move. Melissa was overcome with pleasure. She moaned with every bite and was only getting more turned on by the laughter around her.

Finally, Amy let go of her hands, grabbed another donut, and stuffed it into her face. Then she tossed the bag a few feet to the side. “I don't think I've ever seen a human being as disgusting as you. I can't believe I've ever lost a race against you. But I guess that's what happens when you lose all self-respect. Now get out of here. Unlike you, we must prepare for our races instead of being greedy fat pigs.”

Melissa nodded and, with another groan, managed to get herself on all fours. She then slowly crawled a few feet until she was able to reach her bag of food. It took a few tries until Melissa managed to get back on her feet. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and then began waddling away, the girls' laughter slowly starting to fade, but her arousal staying at an all-time high.

“Look at this disgusting fat pig; she doesn't even bother to get her face cleaned up,” was the last thing she could hear Amy say.
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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

Postby CaliWriting » Wed Feb 01, 2023 10:50 am

Melissa was beyond exhausted when she sat back down in her seat. She didn't even feel like getting up to get more food but managed to motivate herself to do it one more time. She knew that this was what Alisson expected from her.

After her trip to the food stand, she was too concentrated on stuffing food into her mouth to pay attention to anything happening on the track. But she noticed that Alisson seemed to have gotten way faster since Melissa decided to quit and become her piggy. This proved accurate as Alisson beat the school record Melissa had just been honored for a few hours ago. A year ago, Melissa would have been a little upset if Alisson had beaten her record, but now her old life seemed so far away that Melissa didn't care. She applauded for a moment and then focused on her snacks again.

The rest of the meet flew by without Melissa taking much notice of what was going on. She was either eating or daydreaming about the humiliation that she had experienced earlier. Although it had been one of the hottest things ever happening to her, it left her too tired to get up more often and get the food necessary to get stuffed. She still ate 3 big bags of fast food, which many consider a huge stuffing. But for Melissa, it wasn't anymore. She was used to eating way more than that. She desperately hoped that Alisson would have some food at home that she could feed her after the meet.

As everybody was getting out of their seats and leaving, Melissa had to take a few deep breaths to motivate herself to get up again and start waddling to the locker room. This took quite a while, and when Melissa entered the locker room, all her old teammates were already there. She shuffled to her locker, all eyes on her, hearing whispers and giggles everywhere.

The locker next to Melissa belonged to Claire, who had always been nice to Melissa, even after her gain. As she watched Melissa struggle to get out of her tight hot pants, Claire tried to get some conversation going without staring too obviously.

“So, uhm, what have you been up to lately?” She asked while unable to take her eyes off the obese girl next to her, panting while trying to get her hot pants over her dimpled legs, her belly getting in her way and her face turning a bright red.

Finally, Melissa managed to get them off and straightened up to catch her breath and answer the question. But before she could do so, Alisson approached her and slapped her jiggly belly.

“What does it look like she's been up to?” Allison said with a grin on her face. “Sitting on her fat ass and shoveling food into her mouth, how else would she be able to get that fucking fat in such a short time? Isn't that right, fatty?”

“Yeah, I've been eating a little much lately,” Melissa responded, looking down, embarrassed.

“More like non-stop,” Alisson replied. “My God, to think that you used to be as slim as us. You must be so unfit by now. You know what? Why don't you show us? Come on, piggy, do some jumping jacks for us!”

Melissa's face turned red, and she began jumping up and down. She could feel her entire body jiggle with every move. Her boobs flopped up and down, her flabby arms jiggled, and she could even feel her double chin move around. Each time she moved her fat legs towards each other, they caused a loud slapping sound. And each time Melissa jumped, she moaned, causing the girls to laugh. Even Claire couldn’t contain her laughter.

All the while, the girls thought she was moaning because of the exercise. Melissa was indeed getting worn out. But she was moaning because her big bouncy belly kept hitting her private parts, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

“Alright, that's enough. We don't want you to collapse and smother one of us,” Alisson finally said.

Melissa immediately collapsed on the bench, barely able to catch her breath.

“Wow, look how out of breath you are after barely a minute. I bet you're starving after all that exercise,” Alisson laughed. “We are going to have a team dinner at a restaurant now. You should join us there. After all, you used to be a part of our team. And that way, you can all show us what you have been doing so much lately. Wouldn't you like that?”

Melissa nodded and felt happy thinking about all the delicious food she could eat there.

Alisson looked at her with disgust. “But you can't go like that. Look at you! There are food stains all over your body! Take off the rest of your clothes and waddle over to join us in the shower.”

The girls undressed and went into the shower while Melissa caught her breath and struggled out of her remaining clothes. At last, she was ready and waddled into the shower. As she entered and looked around at all the fit and toned bodies, she was overcome with a feeling of fatness she had never felt before. Seeing all the girls' perky breasts made her realize just how big and saggy her own had gotten. Their toned legs and thigh gaps made her aware of her fat cellulite-covered thighs, smushed together, restraining her from moving with any grace. Instead, they forced her into a slow labored waddle that set all of her flabby parts into a jiggling motion.

There was one free shower in the middle of the room next to Alisson, so Melissa waddled over and turned it on, feeling the warm water rinse through her fat folds.

Immediately Alisson turned around and laughed. “I didn't think it would be possible, but you look even fatter when you're naked,” she blurted out. “Come on, pick up that huge gut and let it drop to show us how tubby you have gotten!”

Melissa did as she was told, and the girls laughed.

“Her boobs have gotten huge and saggy, too!” one of the girls shouted, and Alisson grinned.

“That's true. They're two floppy bags of fat now. Why don't you play with them for us, piggy?”

Once again, Melissa did as she was told and grabbed her big breasts. At first, she jiggled them. Then she kneaded them and pinched her nipples from time to time, having to bite her lip to prevent herself from moaning.

“I can't believe what an obedient fatty she is now,” another girl said.

Melissa finally couldn't hold herself back any longer and let out a whimper. It couldn't be heard due to the running showers but based on the sly grin on Alisson's face, Melissa could tell that she knew what had happened.

“Alright, tubby, that's enough. Get yourself cleaned up so you'll look at least slightly less pathetic when we're at the restaurant,” Alisson said and passed her the shower gel.

Melissa tried to grab it, but her head was still clouded from her arousal, causing her to let it drop to the floor. She tried to bend down and pick it up but couldn't reach it as her belly was in her way. Her second attempt didn't go any better, forcing her to straighten up to catch her breath. She was about to reach it on her third try, but her head was still spinning, causing her to lose balance and fall onto her fat ass.

The room erupted into laughter as Alisson stood over Melissa, looking down at her with a superior expression.

“Oh my, look what our little miss perfect has turned into. Too fat to manage even the simplest tasks.”

Everybody looked down at Melissa as she got on all fours to reach the shower gel and slowly struggled to her feet.

“Now, don't waste any more of our time and wash this disgusting pile of fat you call your body,” Alisson taunted as she stepped out of the shower.
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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

Postby CaliWriting » Sun Feb 05, 2023 8:53 am

By the time Melissa was done showering, the rest of the girls had already left the locker room. Scared that they would leave without her, she hurried over to her locker and got her clothes out. She started to put on her pants hastily but had to slow down as she found it too tiring to get dressed at this pace. Once she got her pants over her massive thighs and got them to button, which took quite some effort, she threw on a top, feeling her flabby arms jiggle, and then hurried out of the locker room.

She waddled to the parking lot, already starting to get out of breath as she got closer. Realizing that the other girls' cars were already gone, a wave of panic overcame her, and she began to waddle as fast as she could. As she reached the middle of the parking lot, she finally spotted Alisson waiting for her by the car in the far corner. Alisson signed her to hurry over, so Melissa continued her fast waddle.

Alisson watched her closely as Melissa inelegantly made her way to the car. A surge of excitement coursed through Alisson's body as she saw her former teammate's body jiggle violently with every step. She marveled at the thought that it was her doing that this once fit and popular athlete had turned into an unfit blob who let herself be degraded whenever Alisson felt like it.

When Melissa reached the car, she saw Alisson looking at her with a grin. “Oh, come on, don't tell me that shower was all for nothing because you fat pig are already out of breath and sweaty from that short walk.”

Melissa was too out of breath to answer and just opened the car door.

Alisson got into the driver's seat and, with an amused smirk, watched as Melissa plopped her fat body into her seat while loudly gasping for air.

The drive to the restaurant took about ten minutes. It took Melissa just that long to recover and get her breathing back to a somewhat normal level. Melissa wanted to heave herself out of the seat when Alisson grabbed her by the belly, looking at her.

“You know what you have to do. It's time for you to shine, fatty.”

Melissa nodded obediently and was then released to make her way to the restaurant.

The rest of the team was seated inside and motioned Melissa to a free chair. Her chair was in the middle of the table. The problem was that it was on the side next to the wall. Melissa could immediately tell it would be a tight squeeze to get there. She sucked in her belly, but it didn't help much. She immediately got stuck behind the first chair and had to forcefully yank herself out.

This went on with each of the other chairs. Every time Melissa squeezed through, the girl sitting in the chair got a whole load of her boobs and belly. For that, Melissa received a lot of disgusted looks, comments, and slaps against her gut or ass.

“You girls should be glad that this pig at least has the decency to suck in her fat belly; otherwise, she would have smothered you all,” Alisson laughed.

Finally, Melissa reached her chair but realized that the girls on the left and right were sitting too close to her, and she wouldn't be able to fit in between them.

“What's the problem now, fatty?” Alisson asked.

“I need them to scoot over,” Melissa said, feeling her cheeks flush red. She looked up at Alisson, who was looking at her with an expectant look, and Melissa knew that she had to continue. “Because otherwise, my fat ass won't fit,” she elaborated.

The girls laughed as they made room, and Melissa could tell that Alisson was pleased with her answer, which filled her with happiness.

Now that Melissa was finally seated, they could order their meals. Each girl ordered a small meal, while Melissa ordered a meal meant to feed three people. While waiting for their food, all the girls began to talk to each other. A year ago, Melissa would have been right there with them, talking about the meet or other activities. But now that her whole life only revolved around getting stuffed and lazing around, she found it impossible to speak to anyone. She just sat there, listening to the others talk about their workouts or who had recently made out with which boy. At the same time, she could only think about the fattening meal she was about to pig out on.

When the waiter finally brought Melissa's big meal to the table, he asked where to put it so all the three people eating it could reach it.

“Oh, that's all for her,” Alisson said with a grin as she pointed at Melissa. “You know, she once used to be a runner like us, but lately, she has gotten so greedy that only meals like that somewhat satisfy her hunger.”

The waiter handed the meal to Melissa, who immediately dug in, not paying attention to the disgusted look he was giving her.

The girls began slowly eating their meals and talking. At the same time, Melissa greedily stuffed her face, the rich flavors making her body shiver and causing quiet moans to escape her lips after each bite. Melissa continued pigging out, not caring about getting stains on her cheeks and top, until she finished her massive meal before the girls were halfway done with theirs.

She leaned back, placing one hand on her round belly. After that meal and all the snacks at the track meet, she was feeling somewhat full. Nevertheless, she was looking forward to ordering some desserts to further fill her belly. The only thing that was bothering her was the tightness of her pants. It had been hard to button them before the meal, and now that her belly was even fuller, they were straining even more.

Alisson noticed that her piggy was done with her food and looked at the other girls with a grin. “You girls want to see something funny?” She asked as she pushed her plate in Melissa's direction. “Hey fatty, I can see that you don't want to stop eating yet. Why don't you have some of my food.”

The girls giggled as Melissa immediately nodded and tried to reach for the plate but failed multiple times because her belly prevented her from reaching that far. They finally helped her and placed the plate in front of her, so Melissa could dig in eagerly. One after another, the girls pushed their leftovers toward Melissa while she devoured everything, not caring where it came from.

Eventually, she finished everything on the table and leaned back again while moaning. She felt stuffed and thought about stopping her binge for a moment, but that thought faded once she saw the dessert menu. There were a variety of cakes, most containing a considerable amount of fattening cream, and she couldn't resist ordering 5 pieces.

A bunch of the other girls also ordered some pieces, which surprised Melissa as they usually would stay away from such fattening treats. She soon realized why they had ordered them as all of them immediately grinned and pushed their plates over to her as soon as the waiter brought them. Melissa was now surrounded by plates of cake. Though her belly was already hurting, their sight made her mouth water, and she reached for her fork. Before she could get it, another girl grabbed it and put it out of her reach.

“You're acting like such a pig. I'm sure you'll eat those even without a fork,” the girl said with a derogatory tone.

And she wasn't wrong. While Melissa hesitated for a moment, she lost all self-control as soon as she took her first bite. Soon she was shoveling handfuls of cake into her mouth, unaware she was smearing cream all over her face and top.

She finished her big plate and some others in that fashion until she began feeling dizzy from being overstuffed. Her pace slowed until she finally couldn't continue anymore. She fell back into her chair, holding her belly with both hands while breathing heavily and moaning in pain.

The girls around her realized she couldn't continue and began feeding her. The world around Melissa started to blur as the feeling of her painfully overstuffed belly became the only thing she could feel. Still, she kept opening her mouth to receive more cake which only caused her fullness to intensify. She was even too spaced out to realize that most of the girls had taken out their phones to take pictures and videos of the spectacle.

They kept on going when suddenly, the button of her pants couldn't take it anymore and popped off, flying across the room. Her belly plopped into her lap, and Melissa let out a loud sigh of relief as the feeling of her belly being freed from its restraints was almost orgasmic. The girls broke out in laughter and blurted out a bunch of teasing insults before they continued to feed her the remaining pieces of cake. Melissa was too stuffed to react to any of it. By now, her arms had weakened and were hanging down to her sides. She couldn't even pull down her top to cover part of her exposed belly. Instead, she let her stretch mark-covered belly lay in her lap for all to see.

Finally, the girls managed to stuff every last bit of cake into her mouth, and Melissa was left to revel in her haze of gluttony while the girls chatted some more. Being surrounded by this group of thin and fit girls made Melissa feel like a beached whale as she looked down at her distended belly.

Soon after, the girls decided it was time to go home. Everyone was already outside when Melissa found the strength to heave herself out of her chair. Every movement hurt her, so she waddled through the restaurant in slow motion. She was still too full to care about covering up her belly, let alone cleaning some of the stains off her clothes. So, she kept waddling, covered in cream, with her colossal belly hanging out. The lower part of her belly jiggled around while her breathing was so loud and heavy that it could be heard throughout the restaurant. Everyone was giving her dirty and disgusted looks as she waddled by until she made it through the door and into Alisson's car.


The ride home was quiet since Melissa was panting too much to speak. They arrived at Alisson’s house, and Melissa was about to open the front door when Alisson spoke up.

“Not so fast, piggy. Look at you. You're a mess! I'm not letting you into my house like that!” She took out a tissue and cleaned off Melissa's face, surprised by how soft even her cheeks had gotten. “Now, take off your clothes. All of them.”

Melissa looked at her with a surprised look on her face.

“You heard me, piggy. There need to be some rules in this house, and I'm not letting a disgusting pig like you inside with those dirty clothes,” she said while grinning. “And you better hurry up, or else someone might see you.”

Melissa tried to get out of her clothes as quickly as possible, which didn't work out the way she hoped as she constantly had to take breaks to catch her breath and stroke her aching belly.

Alisson watched with great pleasure, enjoying the panic her piggy was in and her pathetic attempts to get undressed quickly that made her entire body wobble. She was getting turned on by how hard this simple task had gotten for Melissa. Having so much power over this fat pig that she could make her do the most humiliating tasks without experiencing resistance aroused Alisson even more.

Finally, Melissa managed to get out of her clothes and looked at Alisson with pleading eyes as she felt the cold breeze on her belly.

“What are you looking at me for? You're not ready to go inside yet,” Alisson said as she pointed at Melissa's clothes on the floor. “Do you really think I would pick those up for you?”

Melissa looked down, ashamed. “I'm sorry,” she said, and Alisson felt another rush of excitement curse through her body.

Melissa bent down, giving Alisson a great view of her fat, cellulite-covered ass. She didn't manage to pick everything up in one try, so she had to bend over multiple times. Since she was trying to get everything over with quickly, it caused her ass to start wobbling up and down and from side to side.

When Melissa had picked up everything, Allison was pleased to see how out of breath she was from bending down only a few times. “Good girl,” she said and smiled while giving Melissa a smack on her ass which caused her to gasp in surprise as it wobbled all over. “You can go inside now, piggy.”

“Thank you,” Melissa said, and Alisson could see the relief on her face.

Melissa wanted to go inside as fast as possible. The combination of having an overstuffed belly and being entirely out of breath from getting undressed and bending down made it impossible for her to go any faster than a labored, slow waddle. Completely humiliated, she waddled to the door, feeling Allison watch her naked, jiggling body closely with a grin on her face.

When Melissa made it to the couch, she let herself plop onto it, sighing in relief as she felt it struggle under her weight. She kept on gasping for air while holding her full, distended belly.

Allison approached her seductively, taking in the sight of her former rival sitting on her couch as a naked, bloated blob. She sat down next to Melissa and began stroking her fat belly.

“Did you see what I did at the meet today?” She asked.

“You set a new record, congrats,” Melissa replied between her heavy breaths.

“Oh, it wasn't just any record I beat. It was your old record,” Alisson said as she moved her hand down to Melissa's soft thighs. “Do you know what that means? I've erased the very last remaining memory of fit Melissa. She's dead now.” Allison could feel Melissa's arousal as she slowly moved her hand up her inner thigh. “All people will think of when they hear your name is the pathetic girl that turned herself into a disgusting, fat pig. Unable to resist stuffing herself at any chance. A fat slob with no self-respect.” She moved her hand to the very top of Melissa's thigh and looked at her with a devilish sparkle in her eyes. “A fat pig that's completely under my control,” she whispered into Melissa's ear as her fingers entered her.

Melissa was immediately hit with an intense wave of pleasure and moaned.

“You should thank me for what I've done to you,” Alisson said as she kept going.

“Thank you!” Melissa cried out while being overwhelmed with pleasure. “For turning me into your fat pig with no self-control.”

“Go on, piggy,” Alisson demanded.

“For turning me into an out-of-shape fatty. A pathetic, fat girl addicted to stuffing herself and being made fun of.” Allison's fingers started getting faster, driving Melissa wild with pleasure. “Please never stop humiliating me for it,” she pleaded. “Do whatever you want to me. Be my fit, sadistic goddess. I'll do anything to please and worship you. Just let me be your fat pathetic pig.”

Melissa experienced a mind-blowing orgasm that pulsed through her entire body.

Meanwhile, Allison watched in satisfaction as Melissa lost her last shred of dignity and ultimately descended to being her obese plaything.
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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

Postby CaliWriting » Wed Feb 08, 2023 9:55 am

Chapter 10

By the end of April, Melissa weighed 320 pounds and kept on gaining steadily in May, getting to around 340 pounds as graduation came closer. She was close to reaching her goal weight, but Melissa hadn't wasted one thought on what would happen once she got there. Alisson ensured that, as she kept Melissa stuffed and aroused all day and rewarded her piggy with mind-blowing orgasms once at home. Melissa had no time to think about anything other than her desire to grow and please Alisson.

When the last week of school started, Melissa woke up Monday morning as Alisson was standing above her with a smile on her face.

“Wake up, my piggy. Today is your special day,” she said as she held up a sports bag. “You've finally recovered from your injury and are free to participate in PE class again. I've already packed your clothes for you,” she grinned and placed the bag next to her.

Melissa sighed. She had dreaded this week for a while now. As much as getting humiliated turned her on, working out would be hell. Forcing her out-of-shape body to do any exercise felt terrible, and the sore muscles she got from the slightest exertion made moving around the following days torture. Especially the fact that she had to work out every day of the week caused her to feel very anxious.

Her PE class was just after lunch, so Melissa was anxious all morning and even more aware of how ridiculously fat she had gotten this year. During her lunch break, she devoured her huge portion rather quickly and sat around anxiously as she saw a girl approach her with a bag in her hand. She set the bag in front of Melissa, grinned, and said it was a little gift from Alisson.

Melissa opened it and saw that it was filled with various snacks. She immediately knew what to do and grabbed the first candy bar. Those snacks were the perfect way to take her mind off the unpleasant struggles waiting for her. She tore the wrapper off and stuffed one candy bar after another into her mouth, the pleasure of her gluttony sweeping away all of her sorrows.

Before she knew it, she had devoured every last candy bar. Leaning back and feeling her full stomach spread out, Melissa slowly returned to her senses. The ecstasy of her binge soon faded and was replaced by an even worse feeling of anxiety as Melissa realized just how full to the brim she was. She had trouble breathing even while sitting down and not moving at all. With a labored groan, she lifted herself from her seat, feeling the heaviness of her belly even more. She was already panting loudly before beginning her miserable waddle to the locker room.

By the time she reached it, Melissa was so out of breath and tired that all she wanted to do was to take a long nap. Instead, she was greeted by everyone inside staring at her in amusement, curious to see what kind of outfit she was going to embarrass herself in.

Melissa slowly stripped out of her clothes, careful not to lose balance because of her stuffed belly, and opened the bag Alisson had packed for her. She could immediately tell that the clothes inside were too small for her, just as she had expected. Melissa took out the spandex hot pants, slipped her cellulite-covered legs into them, and had to pull with all her strength to get them past her knees.

Standing still to catch her breath, she could feel they didn't manage to cover all of her fat ass, and part of it was hanging out. Besides, she knew her belly hung so low that it would cover the entire front part. The room was filled with snickering and laughter as Melissa took out the top that Alisson had packed. She put it over her head and was happy when she managed to pull it over her huge boobs. Still, the top didn't even cover a part of her belly, leaving it exposed for everyone to see what an obese mess her overeating had turned her into. As she recovered, Melissa collapsed on a bench, feeling like an actual whale. Meanwhile, everyone else was leaving the room laughing and making fun of what was to come for the school's fat piggy.


The class had already begun when Melissa finally left the locker room. She could hear everyone jogging in circles as a warm-up as she waddled around the corner.

“Well, look who's finally joining us,” she heard the coach say as he looked at her in disgust and disappointment.

Melissa looked around the sports hall nervously and realized that Allison must have spread the news about her workout attempt to the whole school. The stands were full of people waiting for the spectacle. She was met with amused smiles, and cameras pointed toward her wherever she looked.

She slowly waddled inside, trying to postpone the inevitable as long as possible. Her stuffed belly weighed her down even more, and she was panting as she reached the circle everyone was running in. There was no way out now. Melissa took a final deep breath and started running, immediately feeling miserable. Her belly jiggled violently and slapped loudly against her thighs while her giant boobs bounced and hit her in the face. It was tough to move her massive thighs past each other, and she knew it didn't look like she was actually running. Instead, it looked like a slightly faster and bouncier waddle. It seemed to amuse her audience as the hall filled with laughter and cheering.

But Melissa didn't notice much of that. She also didn't see how her running was about as fast as an average person would walk, and she was being passed left and right by other students. The only thing on her mind was the agony her body was in. Her untrained legs felt the weight of every step and were already hurting badly. Her lungs were on fire as she gasped for air and felt her whole body drenched in sweat.

Lucky for her, the warm-up jogging was over after she finished her first round. Now it was time to do some stretching. While everyone started, Melissa was too occupied catching her breath and cooling down a little. Eventually, she figured doing some stretches while sitting would be best. That way, she could give her hurting legs a little break.

Once seated, she quickly realized that her fat was getting in the way with every exercise she attempted. She had gotten too inflexible to do anything properly. Still, she knew Alisson was watching and wanted her to try, so she kept going. Her fat did not only cause trouble with stretching but also cut off any air she could breathe when she bent forward. Because of that, she soon again was panting and sweating throughout. She also realized that sitting down might have looked like a good idea, but it wasn't as soon as stretching time was over. The coach had called everyone around him into a circle. While the other students quickly arrived, Melissa was still plopped on the floor, mentally preparing herself for the strain that standing up would put on her poor body.

The coach paused and shot an annoyed look her way as everyone turned around to observe her struggle to get up. Meanwhile, Melissa rolled herself over so that she was on all fours. She paused for deep breaths while the crowd took the opportunity to berate her about how much of a pig she looked. After a minute, Melissa was ready to put up one leg and, with a loud grunt, heave herself into a standing position. She felt her body cry out for another break as sweat streamed down her chubby, red face. Waddling over to the coach, she dreaded what he had planned for the rest of the class.

He had set up multiple workout stations where the students were supposed to train for 5 minutes and proceed to the next station after a short break. Melissa's first station was rope jumping. The coach blew his whistle, and Melissa was in agony once again. She barely managed to get her heavy body off the floor just enough so the rope could pass underneath her. Once again, her whole body was bouncing and jiggling all over. Her boobs slapped her face even more, and her belly made even louder smacking noises as it hit her thighs. Her ass was shaking, and she felt like it was getting more exposed every minute. Even her chubby cheeks bounced up and down, and her flabby arms grew weaker and weaker from the exercise. Every time Melissa managed to jump, she inevitably had to let out a moan of exhaustion.

Melissa felt light-headed when it was time to proceed to the next station. Lucky for her, the next task was not based on fitness but on coordination. Even though she could go very slowly, she still struggled due to not being used to moving in such ways with all her recently added fat. Every coordinated move she tried to make failed, leaving her looking like a clumsy fatty. It didn't help that she could not see where her feet were stepping as her view was obstructed by the giant wobbly masses of her boobs and her belly. But she didn't care at this point. She stumbled through the exercise and used it to catch her breath a little.

She was well advised to do that, as her next station included sprinting back and forth across the hall. Melissa wanted to take it slow, but she knew that Alisson was watching her and wanted to see her give it all she had, so she took off running as fast as her wobbly legs would. However, she didn't last more than a few seconds before her out-of-shape body forced her to slow down more and more. It didn't help that her stuffed belly made her feel even heavier, and soon her running had changed into her regular slow waddle, only with a lot more wheezing. She managed to keep this up for the required 5 minutes and make it to the next station but then collapsed on the floor, unable to do anything else.

Her head was spinning as she lay there, not caring beginning of the next round and that people were telling her to join in. Instead, she stayed on the floor as the groups passed by. She heard people on the stands laugh about how little exercise was needed to put her into this miserable state. All she could do was gasp for air. Even when some people walked up to her to write “Pig” on her belly with a marker and take some pictures of it, all she could do was lay there helplessly and let them do whatever they wanted.

It took a long time, but eventually, Melissa felt a little better and could sit up to see what was happening around her. The class was still going, but she saw it was close to the end and had no intentions of joining again.

While sitting there, she was approached by a girl from the stands. “The pig must be thirsty,” she said as she handed Melissa a big bottle of soda.

It was true. All the exercising had left Melissa thirsty and overall miserable. A bottle of soda was just the right thing to make her feel better. She smiled at the girl and thanked her before putting the bottle to her lips and gulping down. The sugary sweetness immediately rushed through her whole body as if it had suffered a terrible withdrawal. Her abused body craved every sweet calorie, and Melissa gulped down the bottle without stopping for a second. She then lay back down on the floor with a smile as the sugar and feeling of her massively bloated belly finally made her feel happy again.

As she lay there, Melissa realized that the combination of her exhausted body and bloated belly would make it impossible for her to get up again. She was too tired to even try it. At the end of class, her body was pinned to the floor while everyone walked past her. She got a lot of amused looks down at her. Still, no one seemed to be interested in helping her, making her worry that she would be left to her own when finally, the coach called out two boys to go and help her.

As they stood over her, Melissa recognized them from being on the track team last year. They grabbed her arms and got her back up on her feet with quite some effort.

“I can't believe I ever used to be attracted to you,” one of them murmured as he looked her up and down with an appalled look. His look grew even more disgusted as the gas that Melissa had gulped down earlier forced its way up, causing her to let out a loud burp.
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Re: Deal with the Enemy (WG, humil)

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At home, all Melissa wanted to do was get stuffed and teased for being such an unfit piggy and finally be pleasured into multiple orgasms. At first, it looked like she would get all she wanted, and Alisson entered the room with a grin and bags full of burgers she set in front of her piggy.

“Eat,” she commanded, and Melissa immediately grabbed a burger to stuff into her greedy face. Meanwhile, Alisson sat beside her and began kneading and jiggling her fat. “Look at what happened to you. You failed miserably today, like a pathetic fat pig.”

Melissa moaned and began stuffing her face even faster while Alisson's hands explored all her fat body.

“Good piggy. Keep eating. I want you to have an even harder time tomorrow. Everybody will see that you're too fat for any activity. All you're good for is eating like a pig and getting humiliated.”

Alisson kept teasing Melissa as she worked through all the bags in front of her.

By the time Melissa had finished all the food, she was dripping wet from being stuffed, teased, and jiggled. She spread her legs and lifted her belly so Alisson's fingers could enter her and work their magic. But today was different. Instead of feeling Alisson's fingers wander between her soft thighs, her touches stopped.

Alisson stood up and looked down at her piggy. “Get some rest. The rest of your week will be just as hard as today,” she said and walked away, leaving Melissa sexually frustrated and wondering what this was about.


Alisson was right. The following days, Melissa woke up with all her muscles terribly sore. Just waddling around was a serious chore. Each day she would get a big bag of snacks before class to gorge on. Then she would put on some way too small outfit and fail at anything they had to do in PE class.

On the second day, it was time for Pilates. Once again, it didn't help that Melissa had stuffed herself just before starting. She felt too heavy and weak to hold any positions for more than a few seconds. On top of that, her fat was getting in the way constantly. All she did in that class was try for a moment and then collapse on the floor with a loud groan of exhaustion.

On day 3, it was time for Dodgeball. While they could easily hit Melissa with their first throw, her classmates took their time and threw some balls that missed her to see her bounce around in her pathetic attempts to dodge. Only when she was visibly exhausted and panting loudly would they hit her and allow her to take a break. A year ago, Melissa was one of the best Dodgeball players in her school. Now she had gotten too slow and weak to hit anyone, and the others made it a fun game to humiliate her until she was too tired to continue.

Day 4 consisted of lifting weights. Again, Melissa was confronted with the drastic decline in her fitness over the year. She had to do all the exercises without any weights. The weight of her newly gained fat was enough to cause her to break out in sweat immediately and cause her to get exhausted after a few repetitions.

All that physical exercise caused Melissa to come home tired each day, ready to get stuffed and pleasured. And each day, she would get stuffed and get all her fat played with until she got done eating. Then, instead of being allowed to orgasm, she was sent to sleep to “recover from her hard day.” This was the worst week of her life as a piggy, and the sexual deprivation slowly drove her crazy with lust.

However, things finally began looking brighter on Friday. Melissa waddled her sore body into class, not feeling up to working out again. She was delighted when the coach called her out in the beginning and told her he couldn't take watching her embarrass herself anymore. He told her to sit in the stands and stay away from his class.

She knew that this should embarrass her. The former athlete was now being called out for getting too fat and unfit to make it through one week of PE class. But she wasn't embarrassed. Instead, she couldn't hide a big smile as she heard her coach, and the whole class turned around to make fun of her. All she felt was an immense relief. She didn't even feel the tiniest bit of embarrassment when she made a detour to the stands and waddled to the vending machine to fill up on snacks she could gorge on while watching. As she sat in the stands, shoveling food into her chubby cheeks, she felt waves of happiness as her belly was filled with calories.

Melissa felt considerably better that evening when she was lying on the couch being approached by Alisson, who had a ton of fast food in her hands. She stuffed herself with a lot more vigor and enjoyed every second of it. Sadly for her, once again, Alisson stopped her attention as soon as all the food was gone. This time, she wanted her piggy to be well-rested for the graduation ceremony the next day.

Melissa had no idea why she had to endure being so sexually frustrated. Still, she knew better than to ask questions. Alisson had a plan for her, and it was her job to be an obedient fatty that lets her do as she pleases.


Sitting at her graduation ceremony the next day, Melissa couldn't believe how fast time had passed and how much she had changed in such a short time. She could feel it, though, as even her gown was so small that it was clinging to her fat.

Thoughts about her nonexistent plans for the future crossed her mind, but she was too distracted, getting turned on by all the shocked stares she was getting. When she was called on stage to receive her diploma, there were many surprised gasps as people realized who the fat girl waddling to the stage was. Looking into the crowd, Melissa could tell that the news of her immense weight gain had not reached all the parents. There were still a bunch of shocked people that remembered her as an outstanding track athlete. She felt like bursting from arousal as all eyes watched her heave her heavy and jiggly body onto the stage and get visibly out of breath. When she got off stage, all she could think about was how she would repeatedly relive this moment in her memories to turn herself on.


She was still aroused when they made it home again. Alisson told her to undress and sit on the couch like she did almost every evening while Alisson got the fattening food ready. Once again, Melissa was told to eat, and while she did so, Alisson explored her fat body. It didn't take long, and Melissa had stuffed everything into her greedy mouth. She was expecting Alisson to pull back her hands again, but this time she didn't. Instead, her hand wandered down and began stroking the softness of Melissa's inner thighs.

“I'm sure you noticed how disgusted everyone was at the sight of you today,” Alisson teased, and Melissa couldn't help but moan. “You've been a good obedient piggy, letting me ruin your figure and reputation. We're almost at your goal weight, and you've surpassed all my expectations about what a pathetic blob you would become. Despite that, I'm still not completely satisfied.”

Melissa was surprised by how sad it made her to hear Alisson not being pleased with her.
“When we started, I thought that getting you to 350 pounds would turn you into this huge mass of fat, too fat to ever do any sports again. So fat that it was inevitable to make fun of you and humiliate you for fun. And while I was right about that, I now see that there are still so many things left to do to you. So many things to have you do, so many things I need to make happen to you, so you lose every last shred of your dignity. To turn you into the complete pig you're supposed to be. That's why I'm raising your goal weight to 500 pounds.”

Melissa's eyes grew wide in shock.

“It's not like you have much of a choice. How can you afford all the food your greedy belly needs daily without me? What will you even do now that High School is over? I've already bought a nice apartment near campus where we can live while I fatten you further. Everything is already set up for you to grow massive.”

“Please, don't,” was all that Melissa could stammer at that moment.

“Why not? You'll love it,” Alisson laughed while sliding her hand further up Melissa's thigh. “I know you'll love growing bigger for me.”

“No, please, I'll be too big,” Melissa pleaded in desperation while simultaneously being flooded with arousal.

“Oh yes, you'll be too big for many things. Too big for many of your daily tasks and more dependent on me,” Alisson grinned and slid her fingers into Melissa, which caused her body to tremble in pleasure. “Why don't you just prove to me that you won't like it,” Alisson said while taking out her phone. “Hold out for 5 minutes, and I will consider your pleas.” She started a timer and leaned forward. “But if you don't,” she whispered into Melissa's ear, “then you're mine.”

Melissa tried with all her willpower to think of something else. But a week of sexual deprivation made her craving for an orgasm irresistible. She started thinking back to the events of her graduation. Then she began imagining how she would get those disgusted, shocked looks every day if she were 500 pounds. She imagined herself huffing and puffing up the stairs, surrounded by even more jiggly fat as Alisson made fun of her. Needing two seats for her massive ass. Having to ask for help with things that used to be so easy to do. She lost herself in a haze of these thoughts, helpless to control them and losing all sense of time. Alisson knew precisely what to do with her fingers to make her explode into a mind-shattering orgasm. All Melissa could do was lay there, her head still dizzy, while Alisson checked the timer and laughed.

“Not even 2 minutes.”



The story of Melissa and Alisson will be continued in my story "Expanded Terms of Contract"

Coming soon!
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