A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

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A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby KentaurosDos » Sat Oct 01, 2022 10:43 am

A Witch Can't Quit
By Kentauros

Part 1

Nadia had tried to put her heritage behind her. Magic was a rare gift, often envied by unknowing mortals, but they didn't know about all the downsides. All magic had its limits, and the culture of witches and wizards was stuffy and old-fashioned, full of a labyrinthine bureaucracy that only a bunch of ageless immortals with nothing better to do with their time than form centuries long feuds and alliances and cold wars and, and, and - it was all too much for her!

So she had gotten out. That had been a trick in itself. The preparation had involved thousands of powerful spells - adjusting memories here, altering magical records there. Nadia had erased herself so completely that not even her own parents knew about her anymore. A lesser witch would have missed something, would have made a mistake, left a clue somewhere that would let someone unravel all her careful preparations, but not Nadia. As far as she knew, she was the first and only witch to start living in the shadows in the mortal world full time. The first one to escape any one else's notice and forge her own path away from the pointless squabbling of eons.

But there are always risks of being a trailblazer, as Nadia was soon going to discover.

Nadia had cast her last spell 10 years ago today. 10 years ago she had earned her freedom. Life had been simple - she had taken up a job as an accountant in a small ski lodge in the Rocky Mountains. She had made a group of tried and true friends, and loved drinking and hanging out with them on weekends.

Other witches and wizards might have considered such an existence far beneath them, but not Nadia. This was what she wanted. Sure, she did wonder about the long term viability of all of this. Her friends were getting into their mid-30's and showing little signs of aging here and there, but she hadn't aged a day since she had shown up. It wasn't weird yet, but she wondered whether their gentle joking whenever she got carded would turn into anything more in another 10 or 20 years.

The cracks in her perfect little plan started to appear the next morning.

It seemed like a day like any other in the off season. There was no snow on the mountains at this time of the year, and so most of the staff either took up jobs elsewhere in town or moved back to their "real homes" until the next ski season started. The lodge was pretty quiet - and the only excitement came when Nadia had to help support the occasional wedding or other event that happened at the lodge during the summer months. Today there was no events planned, so she just had to show up to her office for a few hours, do some paperwork and go back to her simple apartment. An easy day, in a small town away from all the hustle and bustle of the Mage's Council. Exactly what she wanted.

The rosy dawn was still peeking up over the mountain, making everything look breathtakingly beautiful.

"Oh, god, I wish I had my canvas on me right now!" Nadia's friend and sometimes coworker, Jill, said.

During the winter Jill manned ski and equipment rentals. During the off-season she worked at a small art museum in town, that always seemed to be on the brink of closing down. She was a typical story - a ski bum raised by ski bums, who decided she should get a job at a lodge so she could do what she wanted for free. Jill had a slim and athletic body, and it wasn't uncommon for people to call her "sir" at restaurants and stores before realizing their mistake and apologizing profusely. In Nadia's opinion, Jill was the sweetest and most caring person on Earth. She had been the first friend she had made in the mortal world, and Nadia had so many fond memories with her.

They were both going to Starbuck's. They would have gone to a more "local" establishment for coffee, but the last mom and pop coffee shop had closed down last year. So they reluctantly went here.

"I know, right?" Nadia said, admiring the view. "It just fills me with such a wonderful feeling." Nadia loved taking a moment and appreciating little moments like this one.

As they stepped through the door, Nadia felt a strange chill run through her body. It was... familiar in some ways.

"Oh, I think they got a new barista," Jill observed.

"Seems so, I wonder what happened to Lisa?" Nadia asked.

They walked up to the line, and waited for their turn to talk to the new bartender. Jill and Nadia were regulars, so it was a bit strange having to go up and actually order. They were further thrown off by the girl as they finally got closer.

The girl was a bit of an odd sight in a town like this. She was clearly going for a goth look, and pulled it off quite well. Her skin was milky white which contrasted beautifully with her dark make up and black dress. She had snake bite piercings on her lower lip, and grey and black tattoos of skulls and tombstones creeping up her arm. Her name tag said "Lilith."

Nadia tried not to roll her eyes. She knew the real Lilith, and she was a total nightmare. Still, something about the barista felt so strange to Nadia.

< Ugh, more fucking customers. Kill me now.> Nadia heard a sarcastic voice, and blinked in surprise. People weren't usually so rude in town.

"I beg your pardon?" Nadia said.

"I didn't say anything," Lilith said, rolling her eyes. In a depressed monotone, she said, "Welcome to Starbucks, what would you like to order?"

Nadia realized she hadn't heard the woman speak at all. The words had been inside of her head. Had she been mind-reading? But she hadn't even cast a mind reading spell! This should be impossible. Nadia watched as Jill tried to make small talk and get to know the new barista.

< Of fucking *course* this bitch is a chatty Cathy. Everyone's so damn chatty in this town. I hate that I had to move back in with my parents here. At least in the city people knew that you shouldn’t give your life story to a barista! >

Nadia put a hand onto Jill’s shoulder. “Uh, Jill. You’re scaring the poor girl! She’s probably new in town and still adjusting to the local culture here. There’ll be plenty of time to talk to her in the future.”

Jill looked taken aback, but then looked at Lilith and noticed she was staring daggers at her. “Oh, yes. Uh, sorry. I’ll have a grande coffee with cream.”

“And what name was that for?” Lilith asked.

“Oh, uh, Jill.”

Lilith nodded, and took Jills card. “And whaddyou want?”

< I really hope this bitch isn’t so chatty. God, I just want to get to payday. That’s my mantra. Just gotta work til payday. Fuck, I hate my life! I wish I could work whatever cushy job chatty Cathy over there has. >

Nadia felt energy surge through her at Lilith’s thoughts. The world seemed to blur, and then reassert itself - the sure sign of powerful magic being used. When the world reappeared, Nadia was surprised that she was looking at a completely different barista.

“Hi Nadia!” Jill said cheerfully. “Good to see you back here today. What drink do you want?”

Nadia felt memories surge into her head. Jill had recently started working at Starbucks during the off season. Which meant-

Nadia looked behind her. Sure enough, Lilith was standing there her eyes wide in shock.

What was happening?

< Did my wish just come true? > Lilith thought to herself.

Nadia’s mind started racing. She had never encountered anything like this before. Why was she able to hear this mortal’s thoughts? And why was this mortal able to make her use her powers against her will?

“Lilith, please be super careful right now,” Nadia said. “I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s definitely not good. Try to focus on the here and now, don’t think about anything you want.”

< Wait a second, did this woman notice the changes too? Is she some kind of genie?> Lilith thought. < Let’s test it. >

“I wish I was rich!” Lilith said aloud.

“Don’t we all!” Jill said, giggling.

Nadia breathed a sigh of relief when nothing happened.

“It didn’t work?” Lilith said. “Why didn’t it work?”

“Why didn’t what work, miss?” Jill said, giving a good-natured smile.

< How can she be so happy! > Lilith thought angrily. < She’s working the same crappy dead-end job I just was! She should be miserable like me, I wish I was happy like her. >

At these thoughts, reality again shifted. Gone was the cheerful and perky Jill, and in her place was a much more dour individual. Nadia could feel new memories filling her head. Jill had never been her friend. She was just a stranger that worked odd jobs around town, and had now, apparently, ended up at this Starbucks.

She turned to Lilith, who was now smiling a pure, carefree smile. Memories flooded Nadia’s head of meeting Lilith a week or two ago when she had moved into town to live with her parents again.

Nadia’s immortal mind could still remember the old world, and she was furious at Lilith for changing her dear friend.

“Lilith, can we talk outside?”

Lilith nodded happily. “Okay.”

“Lilith, I’m sure you notice something strange is happening,” Nadia said, when they were out of ear shot of Jill. “But you’ve got to keep a handle on your thoughts, for just a bit as I figure things outs.”

“Oh, I’m not worried miss genie,” Lilith said cheerfully. “After that last wish, I find that I’m very satisfied with my life. I’m sure I won’t need to make another wish!”

Nadia heard Lilith’s thoughts, and could tell that it was true.

“First of all, I’m not a genie. I’m a witch. And we have a big problem. You just erased 10 years of friendship with my best friend in the world. I’m going to need you to trade back with Jill. Then I can figure out what’s happening, and find some way to stop it.”

Lilith looked inside. “That girl wasn’t very nice. I tried to have a friendly conversation with her today, and she just stonewalled me.”

“That’s because of you!” Nadia said, her voice raised slightly.

“Oh yeah,” Lilith said. “I guess so. I remember being like her once, but it’s so… fuzzy.”

“That’s because you’re a mortal,” Nadia said. “Your brains aren’t meant to remember old versions of reality. I’m actually amazed you’re remembering so much of your old life now.”

“Well, I don’t want to go back to being like her!” Lilith said. “I’m happy like this.”

“Will you really be able to be happy stealing someone else’s happiness?” Nadia said. “Look, once we get this all sorted, I promise Jill and I will take you under our wing. You deserve to be happy too, but not like this.”

< God, guilt trip much! > Lilith thought. < But I suppose she is right. >

Nadia nodded. “Thank you for seeing reason!”

“I didn’t agree to trading back just yet,” Lilith said. “First, what have I got to do?”

“Well, you can see Jill from here, right? Just look through the window, and think about taking back your unhappiness and your old job. Wish for it.”

“My old job?” Lilith said. “Wait, did I work for Starbucks before?”

Nadia was getting frustrated. Mortal minds were so limited!

“Yes! You’ve made two changes so far. I can remind you after you make the next two, just look at Jill and wish to change back.”

Lilith looked throught the window at Jill, who was being miserable to yet another customer today. < Was I really like that? God, I hate to think I’m going back to that, but this witch woman is being super understanding in spite of me screwing everything up. I’ve got to try for her! Okay, here goes.> Lilith looked at Jill, and tried to make herself want to change back into her. But it was too hard. < Maybe if I think of something I do like about Jill? Hm… She seems pretty athletic. I bet she does all sorts of outdoorsy stuff! I wish I did that kind of stuff. >

Nadia crossed her arms as reality warped again. “No, not like that! You’re not supposed to take more of her traits!”

When Lilith again became visible, there were muscles stretching her tattooed skin.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I can’t make myself want to go back.”

“Well, I bet you don’t even remember what you used to be like originally?”

Lilith tried hard, but she could only remember that she didn’t used to be athletic.

< This witch lady is so lucky! I wish I could remember past versions of reality. >

Reality shifted once more, but after that, Nadia suddenly had trouble remembering what things used to be like.

“Uh, what did you change just now?” Nadia said, uncertainly.

“Oh nothing,” Lilith said, giving a mischevious smile.

“No, I really can’t remember, what’s happening?” All Nadia could tell was that something seemed off.

Meanwhile Lilith remembered every reality stretching back to the original one. She had been a high school drop out, working a dead end job in a small town in the middle of no where. Now she was an artist, new in town and had a sunny disposition about life.

< I do wish I had lived in this town as long as Jill did. > Lilith thought.

“Wait, what do you mean-” Nadia said, before being cut off.

Reality changed again, and this time, Nadia didn’t seem to think anything was wrong. She was here with her friend Lilith, her oldest friend in the world.

“Hey, Lilith!” Nadia said. “Ready to order coffe?”

“Actually, I’ve got a better idea,” Lilith said. “Why don’t you call in sick, and the two of us go on a little walk through town?”

< She really can’t remember anymore! > Lilith thought. < This is perfect! Now, I’ll be able to wish for whatever I want. This little witch won’t know what hit her. >

“Hey, wait a second!” Nadia said. “How do you know I’m a witch?”

Lilith was taken aback. She didn’t count on the witch having mind reading powers, but it made total sense. Everyone one of her wished had just been in her head, after all.

Lilith looked at an owner walking his dog nearby. The dog was off its leash, and the owner just walked amicably beside it.

< I wish Nadia trusted me as much as this owner trusts his dog! >

Suddenly, reality reshaped itself, and the owner now had his dog on a leash. Meanwhile, Nadia remembered a very important fact. Lilith was the only person who knew she was a witch! She had told her four years into her friendship, and has explained the great lengths she had gone to for secrecy.

“What do you say to calling in sick?” Lilith asked again.

“I love the idea!” Nadia said.

* * *

Whether she was a genie or not, Lilith was having a ton of fun with her loyal witch companion.

As they walked down the street, they spotted a young couple walking and talking to one another. The girl was an absolute knock-out, and in spite of the somewhat brisk morning, she was wearing quite a skimpy outfit.

Lilith may have been happy with her life, but she did feel a little envious seeing the girl. < I wish I had curves like that. >

Suddenly, reality shifted and Lilith’s signature black outfit now had a prominent boob window to give a nice peak at her generous cleavage.

“Why would you wish that?” Nadia said confused. “You’ve always been on the curvy side, and that girl is a total twig.”

Lilith looked at the couple, and could see they were no longer holding hands like they had been before. She could also see that the guy was much more luke warm talking to the girl. Was it possible they weren’t even dating in this reality?

Lilith understood the reason, as soon as the girl opened her mouth again. She was a total airhead. The guy was probably willing to put up with an airhead, when he got to enjoy her curves as her boyfriend, but in this new reality she was just a friend or maybe an acquaintance. Lilith smiled, and knew exactly what she was going to do with the girl’s airheadedness.

< I wish Nadia was as simple-minded as that girl. >

“Hey,” Nadia said in a girlish voice. “I’m already not the, uh, brightest, uh, brightest… knife? Don’t make me even stupider!” She looked down and checked herself, before breathing a sigh of relief. “Oh good, I’m not, like, any dumber.”

Lilith meanwhile remembered a new timeline with Nadia. The two of them had met 10 years ago, and Nadia had explained that she was on the run from the Mage’s Council, and when Lilith had pointed out how strange it was to blab something like that to someone she had practically just met, Nadia had giggled and realized how silly she was being. Lilith had kept the poor girl by her side since then, for her own good.

In the new reality, Lilith suspected that Nadia’s “clever countermeasures” against discovery hadn’t amounted to much, and hadn’t been necessary. The Mage’s Council was probably all too happy to let a disgrace of witch like her out of their clutches.
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby bela04 » Sun Oct 02, 2022 12:29 pm

Amazing one! The way all the changes starts is just wonderful, what a great idea and a twist to start with! I hope we can see some other lifes changes as well! Maybe some AR/AP as well, this time? ;)
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby deadite103 » Mon Oct 03, 2022 8:37 am

awesome great start
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby KentaurosDos » Mon Oct 03, 2022 7:27 pm

Part 2

As Lilith and Nadia walked through town, Lilith marvelled at how much she suddenly knew about its current inhabitants. Growing up in the original reality, she had always felt out of place and ill at ease with the small town, and had moved away to the big city four hours away as soon as she had the chance. Being forced to move back in with her parents two weeks ago had been a rude awakening indeed.

But now, she was an integral part of the community. Sure, she had moved away for a bit, but her sunnier disposition had created a lot of people who missed her and welcomed her eventual return. All of the little things she had found to complain about in the small ski town (no night life!, nothing to do!) now seemed insignificant in the face of all the friends she now had.

She looked over at Nadia, the poor little bimbo witch who she had ensnared. It was cute how much she looked up to her now - practically worshipped her. Maybe… Well, Lilith should have been content with her simple life just like Jill had been, but Jill hadn’t known that magic had been on the table, and couldn’t remember a past where she had been an outcast.

No, Lilith was going to have fun turning the little town upside down.

Their first stop was the restaurant where their friend Mary worked. The restaurant was a local institution, with retirees and young families alike coming to eat there for lunch on weekdays. It wasn’t uncommon to see people from all over town, stopping by to catch up for a bit and enjoying a nice chat and some surprisingly delicious meals.

When Lilith and Nadia walked in, it was busy as always.

“Hello, girls!” Mary said, beaming from ear to ear to see her friends. “You can sit over there, and I’ll get your usual to start you off.”

Lilith and Nadia walked over, and sat down while looking around at the busy restaurant.

Lilith spotted a few local high school girls sitting around a table, enjoying their summer vacations and hanging out together. Nadia smiled at the girls.

“Don’t they have such cool styles!” Nadia said.

Lilith shrugged. “I prefer a darker color palette myself.”

Nadia smiled. “That’s for sure! You really don’t wonder what it would be like to dress differently?”

< No of course not! I always hated when my mom would try to get me to dress more normal growing up. I bet none of those girls know whats that like. Especially that blonde girl - bet she’s the queen bee. I wish she could know what it was like to have your mom get angry at you for dressing different. >

Suddenly, Lilith noticed that her outfit had changed. Her black clothes had suddenly become various shades of pink. She quickly realized that her piercings and tattoos had disappeared as well!

“I’m surprised your mom ever got angry at you for wearing clothes like that!” Nadia laughed. “Now that girl over there on the other hand…”

Lilith looked over, and saw that the four high school girls were still there, but the scene was quite different. The formerly blonde girl had died her hair black and was wearing a classic goth outfit and three girls sitting around her were making fun of her.

Lilith shook her head. Kids could be so cruel. She hadn’t done anything to the three girls, so changing their friend was just showing their true colors.

“Who said you could sit down with us, Jenny?” a red-headed girl said. “We don’t want a weirdo like you casting a spell on us or something.”

Lilith considered changing herself back right then and there, but she thought it would be better to give the girls around the table an important lesson in humility first. She scanned around the restaurant, looking for a good option.

She saw one of the restaurant’s cooks, Jose, in back. Lilith wasn’t super close to him, but news travels fast in a small town and she had heard that he was actually an illegal immigrant and couldn’t speak very good English.

< I wish the girl who just spoke up had as much difficulty speaking English as Jose does.>

Reality shifted, and the scene again changed.

The red-head suddenly wasn’t dressed in quite as nice of an outfit. She was dressed in simple clothes that looked like they could be hand-me downs. Her red hair had become a dark brown, and her skin had gone from pale white to an olive color.

All that were left were two brunette girls, who were still dressed like their parents made a lot of money, and didn’t mind spoiling their daughters with it.

“Look who the cat dragged in!” a brunette girl said, looking from the goth to the Latina. “Little miss, ‘I no speak English’ and her witchy friend. Maybe we made a mistake coming here - we didn’t realize they’d serve people like you.”

The two girls laughed and got up to leave, but there was someone standing behind them.

<What’s Nadia doing?> Lilith thought.

“Hey, I totally heard what you said about witches!” Nadia said. “And it’s not okay. Witches are people too, and they have feelings that can be hurt.”

The two girls looked a little non-plussed at Nadia.

< What does she think she’s doing? >

Lilith got up, and tried to intervene.

“Uh, Nadia, why don’t you come back to our table? Let those two girls leave.”

“Nuh-uh,” Nadia said, shaking her head. “Not until they, like, apologize for the mean thing they said about witches.”

Lilith didn’t know what to do. She could make another wish, but what?

She looked around at the patrons. There had to be someone with a trait to make Nadia care less?

She saw Jason, the local stoner extraordinaire, in the corner. He was never bothered by anything.

< I wish Nadia was as easy-going as Jason. >

Suddenly, the world reasserted itself. Lilith and Nadia were again sitting down, and the girls were again trying to leave. Whew.

Lilith saw that Nadia had bloodshot eyes, and was clearly a little out of it.

“Wow, Nadia,” Lilith laughed. “You *really* don’t care about what those girls have to say do you?”

Nadia blinked for several seconds before realizing that Lilith was talking to her.

“Oh, no worries at all. I, like, didn’t even really notice them saying anything. I was just noticing that my teeth were feeling really funny. In fact, I, uh, no… I just forgot what I was going to say.”

Lilith was satisfied with this, so she turned her attention back to the girls.

< I wish that girl had saggy boobs like the old woman ove there. > she thought.

Nothing happened. The girls were getting closer to the door.

Lilith looked over at Nadia, who was giggling and had her mouth half open while playing with her tongue against her teeth.

“Nadia, pay attention! I don’t think the wishes work if you don’t consciously hear my thoughts.”


Lilith shook her head. < Unbelievable! I wish she could just pay attention to the things going on around her like I can. >

Suddenly reality shifted, and Lilith felt a bit lightheaded. She was looking at the menu the waitress had given her and not really reading it. She looked around, and saw her friend Nadia walking up to some girls. Lilith had a vague recollection of what had been happening, but it was so hard to follow the conversation now, she had no idea what was going on. God, she really shouldn’t have taken those edibles today. She was so zonked out right now, but she was having a great time regardless.

“Come on, Lilith!” Nadia said.

Lilith looked over in Nadia’s direction.

“I totes need you to make a wish, so I can show these girls just how powerful I am,” Nadia said, desperation clear in her voice.

Lilith looked blearily at Nadia. Eventually, she was pretty sure she understood what she wanted.

< I wish that girl had saggy boobs like the old woman over there! > Lilith was proud of herself for remembering that one. < And I wish that the other girl wouldn’t be potty trained just like the baby over there. >

Reality shifted, and suddenly all four girls were at the table again.

They were united by one thing: they were all misfits. None of them had escaped the mockery of the people around them.

One of the brunette girls was now wearing a diaper - it was the smallest, thinnest version she could find, but it was in no way discrete. She had been to see doctors recently, and they had talked about injecting botox to make her bladder muscle less over-reactive, but until that happened, she was a pariah.

And the other brunette had the most hopelessly sagging boobs ever. The rest of her was alright - a pretty face, and a nice ass, but changing in gym had made her a laughing stock to the other girls her age.

Lilith laughed at the wonderful outcome.

“Don’t be mean, Lilith!” Nadia said. “They can’t help that they’re different.”

Lilith paused for a moment, trying to gather her thoughts. Shit, it was so hard to think.

First things first - Lilith was super hungry right now. She looked enviously at a rotund gentleman eating a bunch of food alone a few tables over. < I wish I had food like that in front of me right now! >

Lilith ballooned up a bit, and her clothes became more simple - there weren’t as many options for girls her size after all. Her size? Lilith didn’t let herself get distracted by this thought! Nadia had said something important. What was it again?

Lilith slowly realized Nadia was right, though. She was being just as mean as the girls had been. She needed to be nice. She needed to assess the situation. She went over everything that had happened today in her mind.

After what felt like an eternity in thought, Lilith looked at Nadia, and saw that her eyes were open wide in surprise.

“Is all of that true, Lilith?”

“What are you talking about?” Lilith asked.

“You’re tricking me right now!” Nadia said, her eyes welling up with tears. “And you’re not really my friend!”

Lilith tried her best to stay on the topic. “No, no, no! I really do like you, I just wanted to have a little fun.”

“Oh, yeah, how do you explain those girls you were mean to?” Nadia said, pointing.

Lilith shook her head. “No, it’s not like that.”

Nadia ran out into the street, and Lilith tried to follow her, but her new weight made her quite winded quickly, and she lost her in the crowd.


Lilith tried searching, but in her high state she was in no condition to do that. She instead walked back to her house and took a nap.

When she woke up, she was feeling a little better.

She tried to piece together her memories. She was a stoner in this new reality now. Her parents had always been disappointed, but it did make her art better. Moreover…

Lilith walked up to the mirror. It was weird seeing what she had become in this reality. No tattoos, no piercings, and no fashion sense - just a bunch of fat rolls to keep her company.

Somehow it didn’t bother her much. Maybe it was Jill’s sunny disposition, or maybe it was just a peace she had learned to live with her appearance in this reality.

Her wardrobe was a bit basic, but it kind of worked for her. Still, she could remember the original reality. And she knew what she needed to do. First, she needed to hit the mall. She could easily buy a new wardrobe - piercings and tattoos could wait.

Lilith went to the mall one town over, and went to her usual haunts for clothes. She bought a basic black dress, and did her make up. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt disappointed. The joy wasn’t there anymore. Sure, she could put on the clothes. She could even remember how she used to feel wearing this stuff. But it was like she had fallen out of love with dressing this way. Something that had been a part of her, was now a part of someone else.

Plus, even though she had managed to find a dress that fit her rotund form, she had to admit that her look came together much more easily when she was waifish.

Oh, well. She needed to focus now. She needed to find Nadia!

She walked out of the store, trying to think of where Nadia might want to go.

Fate seemingly smiled on Lilith, because just as she was thinking that, she saw Nadia with dozens of bags in her hands. Of course. The new bimbo Nadia would just do some retail therapy to deal with something big like this.

Lilith looked around. She realized that the stoner trait was a liability. < I wish that guy would be a stoner like I am. >

Reality rewrote itself, and Lilith and Nadia were walking together through the mall, as if nothing had happened between them. Of course it wouldn’t have, without her drug habbit Lilith never would have slipped and let Nadia know everything.

Now, Lilith could have fun again! She needed to get rid of all this excess weight.

They walked past a gym. There were men and women inside. Lilith saw a fit, thin woman. < I wish I was skinny like her. >

Karen had always loved working out. She was proud of her lean body. But the moment she gained Lilith’s increase weight, her motivation changed. She hated working out - her one true love was eating - and today she was only in the gym as part of her regular ‘care about fitness for one day, before inevitably failing for several weeks’ cycle.

Meanwhile, Lilith was enjoying her body being skinny again. However, she hadn’t counted on the mental part coming with it. Her previous weight had been the result of Jill’s athleticism, and her own normal metabolism. But when she wished to be skinny “like her”, she had gained all of the motivations and hang ups behind it. Lilith now felt obsessed with her appearance, and couldn’t stop checking herself out in the mirror at the back of the gym. Damn! She looked good.

“Ooh, I didn’t say anything before, but you do look good today, Lilith!” Nadia said. “You’re going to have the guys drooling over you.”

Lilith considered this for a moment. She did look good, but she could look better, right?

She scanned the gym and found a guy who was about a foot taller than her. < I wish I was as tall as him. >

The man’s posture and confidence seemed to disappear when reality reasserted itself. He tried to tell himself he was a “short king” and he worked out to compensate for his lack of height.

Meanwhile, Lilith was now as tall as a model. She towered over Nadia.

< No guy will be able to resist me now! > Lilith said. < But, it’s not just guys I want to attract. >

She saw that the various men around the gym couldn’t resist her now. They were checking her out, whenever they thought she wasn’t look, but they weren’t very subtle about it.

< I wish that mister short king over there was as attracted to men as Nadia is. >

Suddenly reality shifted again. The short king became much more effeminate, and much more lucky in love. He was much more successful as a gay twink than he had been as a short, insecure straight man.

Nadia’s gaze up at Lilith had a different meaning now. There was something else in it - longing, yearning. Lilith smiled. Nadia trusted her completely, and now was a lovesick puppy pining after her. It was perfect.
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby deadite103 » Sun Oct 09, 2022 10:18 am

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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby funfun74 » Fri Oct 14, 2022 10:17 am

Enjoying how this one is going so far. Hope to see it continued.
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby KentaurosDos » Thu Nov 17, 2022 2:03 pm

Part 3

Lilith took stock of her new life. All things considered she was doing pretty good for herself. She had a creative job that she loved, her relationship with her parents had never been better, and she had longtime friends that she loved. It was amazing what having a happy and optimistic personality, conventional taste in clothing, and being a tall, skinny woman with big boobs could do for a person. Not surprising, but definitely amazing.

Nadia smiled at Lilith. Lilith could sense the desire in her. Nadia had always been a little on the slow side mentally, but she had left the world of witches and tried to make a new life for herself. She had met Lilith and the rest was history. Nadia was so attracted to Lilith, so trusting of her, that she probably would have let Lilith get away with anything. The only sore spot for Nadia was that Lilith was straight as an arrow. Her pining for Lilith would always be a little one sided.

They left the gym, and Nadia thought about what more she might want as they wandered the mall. She already looked great, though she did keep an eye out for traits that might help improve her appearance anymore. A girl had to look her best after all!

As they were walking, Lilith spotted a teenage girl arguing with her mother. The girl was dressed in a rather risque outfit, which seemed to be the topic of discussion.

"I can't believe you would buy an outfit like that!" her mom said. "You look like a baby prostitute - march right back to the store, and return all of that right now. Honestly, is this how you repay me for taking you out?"

"But, mom!" the girl said.

Lilith smiled. She could remember years of arguments like that with her mom in the original reality. < I wish that mom could understand her daughter's perspective. >

Suddenly the scene changed. The girl was wearing conservative, but nice-looking clothing, and her mom was now dressed like she was about to film something for Only Fans.

"Mom, can you not walk so close to me!" the girl said, lowered her eyes. "I don't want people to think I'm here with you."

"But you are dear!" she said. "Why are you so embarrassed to be seen with me? This is the latest fashion - everyone is wearing it."

Lilith laughed at how out of touch the mom had become. She had the fashion sensibilities of a teenager trying to look older and sexier than she was, but on her adult body the effect was rather different.

"Wow, that woman is so sexy!" Nadia said pointing.

Lilith rolled her eyes. Nadia had become a disaster lesbian. She was just distracted by any pretty lady they walked by now.

Lilith realized Nadia wasn't alone. She saw a boy who must have been 14 or 15, just openly staring and gawking at the scantily clad woman and her young daughter. Lilith shook her head. She idly though, <I wish that boy could just control himself around women like I can.>

Lilith realized her mistake too late. Reality reasserted itself, and she found herself blushing as she looked at the sexy woman. She now had the libido and sex drive of a 15-year-old boy at the height of his awkward sexual awakening, and could barely think straight around pretty girls. She almost jumped when Nadia tapped her.

"Uh, Lilith, we probably shouldn't stare at their lady so much. You've had a good look now, right?"

Across the way, the boy was completely obliviously to the scantily clad mother. He didn't swing that way after all.

Lilith giggled a bit. She had always been attracted to Nadia, and she suspected Nadia felt the same way about her, but she was too awkward to actually ask her out. It was like Lilith's tongue just got caught in her mouth when she tried to tell Nadia how she felt. And what if Nadia thought she was weird and didn't want to be her friend anymore? That would have been devastating!

"So, Lilith, where should we go next?" Nadia asked.

Lilith had been distracted by a sign in the Victoria's Secret store. The airbrushed model was exactly Lilith's type, and she could remember fapping to the Victoria's Secret catalog she had recieved last week. God, she spent so much time thinking about women and having sex with them, it was a shame she had never had the chance to actually do. She realized just how much time she spent horny and waiting for porn for release. She could only think clearly after she had finally cum, otherwise she would have the most vivid fantasies...

"Well..." Lilith said. "I mean, maybe we could try on some stuff there."

Nadia smiled at her friend. She had known Lilith for long enough to know what her ulterior motive was.


They walked into the store, and Lilith was only able to mumble around the sexy sales associate. Nadia explained that they were looking for some nice lingerie, and the woman helpfully guided them around and offered suggestions.

Lilith half-listened to the woman, but must of her time was just spent staring at her boobs while trying not to get caught. How did teenage boys do it? She was so horny, but she had to hide it. Her one small comfort was that she couldn't have an awkward boner.

Lilith and Nadia eventually found some items they liked, and were directed to the changing rooms.

When Lilith shut the door behind her, she couldn't help but be hyper-aware that Nadia would be changing just one stall over. She had never seen Nadia naked. Maybe if she just...

Lilith quietly stood on the bench in the changing room, and peeked over to the next stall over. She could see Nadia beneath her, stripped down to her plain white panties. Lilith stopped breathing as Nadia started to take her bra off. As Nadia's breasts bounced down into view, Lilith could feel herself getting so turned on. Her breathing was becoming ragged, and she knew it would take her a long time to start thinking straight again if she didn't just rub one out.

Nadia looked incredible. Her breasts were nice and round, a perfect perky shape. What Lilith wouldn't do to just touch them, rub them, squeeze them.

Nadia looked up at Lilith and smiled. "You know I can read your thoughts, right?" she whispered.

Lilith gasped and popped back down into her stall. She had gotten caught! How cold she have been so stupid and reckless. Of course Nadia could read her thoughts - she had been doing that all day!

Lilith found herself wanting to be anywhere else but here, in this embarrassing situation. < I wish I could disappear into the background of Nadia's life like the store clerk who helped us. > It was the only way she could think of to get out of things.

Suddenly, reality shifted, and Lilith was standing behind the check out counter. She smiled, as new memories filtered in. She wasn't an artist in this time line. She helped out at Victoria's Secret, and it was a dream come true for someone like her with the sex drive of a horny 15-year-old boy. She loved perving on the customers, and because she was a woman she didn't ping as creepy to most of them!

She could hear Nadia and the other woman changing nearby. Nadia wasn't her long time friend in this time line, although Lilith had seen the absolute trust when Nadia had first walked into the store. Nadia would do anything for Lilith, and she had only just met her!

Lilith watched as Nadia walked out with her friend, the woman who used to be the store clerk. Lilith couldn't help but stare - they were just so beautiful. <Nadia is so sexy! I love her soft skin, her luscious lips, her boobs, her butt - everything about her is perfect! >

Nadia looked in surprise at Lilith at this thought. When Nadia came up to the counter, she started acting very flirty, and it made Lilith nervous.

After Lilith rang Nadia and the other girl up, Nadia said, "Um... Lilith, was it? When does your shift end?"

"I get off at 6," she said.

"Well, do you want to grab dinner somewhere?" Nadia said. "I think you're really cute."

Lilith's heart was practically beating out of her chest. Nadia thought she was cute?

Lilith smiled, and tried to act naturally. "Of course, I mean, definitely! Let's eat dinner, I love eating out." Lilith blushed, but Nadia just wrote something, handed it to Lilith and left with her friend.

It was several minutes before Lilith calmed down. Luckily, no customers came in, so she was able to get a handle on her immature horniness.

< I wish I wasn't so hopelessly horny anymore! > Lilith thought, but she soon realized it was pointless. Nadia wasn't nearby, and she hadn't wished for someone else to have the horniness instead of her.


Lilith's new sexuality was going to make being normal for the next few hours very hard. She just knew one thing - as soon as Nadia came back, she would have to wish for someone else to have it instead of her. It was making it too hard to think straight, or make good and sensible wishes!

Lilith did enjoy herself at least. Her job was a paradise of attractive young women, and she loved being helpful to them. She was pretty sure they didn't notice her checking them out, and was able to just awkwardly stew in her lust.

When it was near closing, a group of high school girls came in, and Lilith felt weird about how much she was attracted to them. It made sense - her lust was that of a 15-year-old boys, but she was a grown woman! This was icky and not okay. < I wish I was their age so this wasn't so awkward! >

Lilith was surprised when the world warped around her. She had become 16 years old - she was a little shorter than before, and her curves weren't quite as developed as they had been.

No, how? That should only be possible if Nadia was-

She looked around and saw Nadia walking up to the store clerk, who used to be one of the gaggle of girls nearby.

"Hiya," Nadia said happily. "You ready for our date?"

Lilith wasn't near the girls. They weren't her friends, she just happened to be the same age as them. Everyone knew she was a lesbian, and some of the girls had made it awkward in the locker room, refusing to change around her and calling her a pervert.

But she couldn't pay attention to her new memories! She had to go on her date with Nadia.

She ran up, and tried to think up a wish. < I wish I was going on a date with Nadia like that lady! >

Suddenly, reality shifted again, and Nadia was standing next to her smiling.

"Let's go!" Nadia said.

Lilith looked down at herself. < Wait, why am I still a 16 year old? >

Nadia's eyes widened. "Wait a second, how old are you? I thought you were a college student or something. I've, uh, gotta go."

Lilith couldn't let Nadia get out of range again. < I wish I was Nadia's age! >

Reality shifted once more. And Lilith reeled as hundreds of years of memory filled her mind. How could she have forgotten? Nadia wasn't human, she was an immortal witch, and she had lived for more than 500 years. And now all of those years were hers. She wasn't a human anymore - no, Lilith could remember being a part of the Mage's Council, and getting out once she made the requisite countermeasures. She had been meticulous exacting, and there was no way anyone could find her now.

"Hey, Lilith!" Nadia said. "Ready for our date?"

Lilith did find Nadia incredibly attractive, but... "Woah, there! You're only 16, right? I can't risk getting arrested."

Nadia frowned. She thought, < Shoot, Lilith is perfect. I wish I was old enough to date her like that college girl studying on the bench over there. >

Lilith's looked shocked as reality reasserted itself, and she saw Nadia, now 19 years old, and perfect in every way standing in front of her. Lilith realized with a sinking feeling what was happening.

She had become a witch who had renounced her magic, and Nadia... was now the one making the wishes!
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby funfun74 » Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:55 am

Very fun turnabout and very enjoyable story. Hope it continues.
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby KentaurosDos » Mon Dec 04, 2023 2:52 pm

Part 4

Lilith didn’t know what to do! On one hand, she still had her adolescent, masculine attraction to Nadia, and the idea of going on a date with the cute 19 year old was practically short cirtuiting her brain. On the other hand, a part of her realized how phenomenally bad it was that Nadia was now the one doing the wishing.

Nadia smiled at Lilith. “Well, where were you, like, taking me on our date, Lilith?”

Lilith could hear Nadia’s thoughts. The girl was nervous about this first date with a hot strange like Lilith. She was also as dumb as a bag of rocks. In the end, Lilith’s horniness won. She was going on a date with this ditzy goddess.

Lilith stared at her. She realized with all the changes, Nadia and her weren’t friends anymore. Lilith was now working as a waitress at the ski lodge that Nadia had once been an accountant at, and Nadia was a 19 year old up-and-coming social media influencer (AKA unemployed, and living in her parents home still.)

“I was thinking it might be fun to watch a movie,” Lilith said.

“Aw, but everything out right now is so boring!” Nadia said. “Why can’t we do something actually fun?”

Nadia saw they were passing a gaggle of giggling college girls, and idly thought, < I wish Lilith was fun like those girls. >

Lilith blinked as reality reasserted itself at Nadia’s thoughts. She was now dressed in a much skimpier outfit, and felt herself full of energy. She may still be 500 years old, but she had the personality of a 20-something party girl. Across the mall, the girls were all wondering why they had invited their stick-in-the-mud acquaintance our to their hang out. She was totally lame!

“You know what, why don’t we go dancing at the club!” Lilith said.

Nadia jumped and clapped her hands. That sounded amazing!

* * *

At the club’s entance, Nadia had two X’s put on her hands, telling the bartender she wasn’t old enough for alcohol.

<It’s no fair!> Nadia thought. <I wish I could drink like that girl ahead of us could.>

And suddenly, Lilith found that Nadia had gotten a bit older. She was now 23 years old, and the X’s on her hands had disappeared. Meanwhile, the girl who had suddenly become 19 felt a little nervous and out of place in the club. It was her first time there, and she felt self-conscious about the X’s on her hands marking her as too young to drink.

Lilith had to admit that she was even hotter this way, and atmosphere of the club made her more relaxed. She began to wonder if she could get Nadia to make herself even hotter with a few well-placed wishes.

“Nadia,” she shouted. “Do you ever find yourself jealous of other girls?”

Nadia blinked at Lilith. “Not really, why?”

Lilith frowned. “Why don’t you look around the club, and think about what traits you wish you had?”

Nadia was a little confused. She came to the club to have fun with Lilith on their date, why was she going to look at other girls?

But as she looked around, she had to admit she liked some of the outfits the girls were wearing. < I wish I dressed like that! >

All of a sudden, Nadia was there in front of Lilith, wearing the bright rave gear another girl had come in with. Lilith remembered Nadia talking about how much she loved rave culture. And the little pill that she had handed Lilith at the start of the night.

Lilith was starting to feel it now.

Oh, shit. She had never felt so loved and connected to everything and everyone in her whole life. 500 years as a witch, and this was the first time she realized the essential connection of all things.

“You’re so hot,” Lilith said to Nadia, kissing her sweet cherry red lips.

Soon the two women were making out, and excusing themselves to the restrooms for a little privacy. As they stepped through the threshold, they noticed they weren’t alone, but they didn’t care. They found a stall, and closed it behind them.

Nadia was so sexy. Lilith loved the way her lips felt.

“Well, aren’t you going to take my top off silly?” Nadia said.

Lilith paused. She was so horny for sexy girls, but her adolescent sexuality made her so nervous as well. How could she get the courage to make the first move?

Nadia’s eyes widened. “Have you ever done something like this before?”

Lilith looked indignant. “I’m a lot older than you. O-of course I’ve done things…” Lilith might have been able to remember past versions of reality where that was true, but in this one.

“You don’t have to lie to me,” Nadia said in a smoldering voice. “I can tell your nervous. Like it’s your first time with a chick. It’s kind of cute.”

Lilith felt deflated. Was it really that obvious?

“But I’m happy to show you the ropes,” Nadia said, kissing Lilith again, her hands beginning to roam over her body.

“Ooh, that feels… really good,” Lilith admitted. Whatever drugs Nadia had given her made her felt so connected and loved in her date’s embrace. She was ready to do anything for her.

Nadia took the lead, and it was one of the hottest things Lilith had ever seen. Lilith was nervous - at every step, she would move clumsily, or stare a little too long, or shake just al little too much as she contemplated the next step. But Nadia was in total control of the situation.

When Nadia kneeled down, and began licking between Lilith’s legs, she knew exactly how to make Lilith squirm with pleasure. It wasn’t long before Lilith was screaming and tensing her muscles as she was rocked by the most mind-blowing orgasm she had ever experienced.

It took her several moments to recover her senses, and she had, Nadia was looking at her expectantly. Her expression seemed to be saying, “My turn.”

Lilith smiled nervously. She didn’t want to let Nadia down, but she had never done anything like this before. Trembling, she dropped to her knees, and started trying to lick between Nadia’s legs.

“Ow,” Nadia said, jerking away. “You’re hurting me!”

“Sorry!” Lilith said.

Nadia frowned. <I wish she was just as good at this as me!>

Suddenly, Lilith’s clumsy nervousness stopped. She smiled up at Nadia. She had plenty of experience at this sort of thing!

Lilith went to town with her tongue, rocking Nadia’s world as hers had just been rocked. (Though come to think of it, Nadia had been a little clumsy in this version of reality, hadn’t she? Lilith had told her to stop, and show her how a pro did it!)

Lilith relished every one of Nadia’s squirm, as her tongue teased Nadia’s clit perfectly.

“Oh, fuck, don’t stop! Don’t stop,” Nadia screamed.

And before long, the experience was too much and Nadia felt the electricity of an orgasm work its way through her body, and banish her mind for a time.

“Fuck, that was incredible,” Nadia said. “How did you do that?”

“Years of experience,” Lilith smiled.

Lilith had had a lot of fun during her years in the human world, and had picked up a trick or two in all of that time.

“Well, what do we do now?” Nadia said, looking up at her lover.

“Why don’t we enjoy the dance floor?” Lilith said.

She led the younger girl out, and the two of them were soon dancing with reckless abandon. After a few shots, they were having the time of their lives. They were pressed up against each other, enjoying each other’s sexy bodies almost as much as they had in the bathroom earlier.

Lilith felt so helpless in Nadia’s arms. She felt so connected, so joyful that she wanted to tell Nadia the truth.

When they stumbled outside, their ears numb from hours of loud, thumping music. Lilith held Nadia’s hand, and leaned onto her, and smiled.

“I’m a witch,” she said, as softly as she could.

“What was that?” Nadia said.

A little louder. “I’m a witch.”

“Oh, fun! I’m into wicca too,” Nadia said. “We should totally be in a coven or something.”

“No, Nadia,” Lilith said, more seriously this time. “I can do real magic. And I don’t know why it’s happening, but I can read your thoughts.”

“Oh, yeah, what am I thinking right now then?” Nadia said.

Lilith blushed. “I’m not sure I should say.”

Nadia’s eyes widened. “Okay, that’s spooky. But show me if you can really do magic!”

Lilith shook her head. “I haven’t cast an actual spell in 10 years, and if I did, they’d find me. They’d track me down, and take me back to the witch world. The only magic I’ve done is a result of the wishes you’ve been thinking. I can’t control it.”

“Wait a second,” Nadia said. “You mean if I think a wish, it’ll become real?”

“Yes, but-”

< I wish Lilith was the bouncer at the club >

Lilith felt reality reorient around her. She was no longer on a date with Nadia, she was watching as Nadia was running off with the man (just a friend!) who had just been the bouncer at the club. She apologized to the people waiting in the line outside, and ran to catch up with Nadia.

“Please, stop, Nadia!” Lilith said huffing and puffing. “You have to wish for me and him to swap places.”

Nadia recognized the strange woman as the bouncer at the club. What a weirdo!

“What you want me to say, ‘I wish for my friend and the bouncer to swap places?’” Nadia laughed. “Why would I say something like that?”

“No,” Lilith pleaded. “I don’t have time to explain, but you’ve got to think your wish.”

Nadia rolled her eyes. <I wish this chick would get out of my face like the homeless guy over there.>

Suddenly, Lilith felt her circumstances change wildly. She was no longer a bouncer confronting someone leaving the club. She was lying on a park bench, covered in newspapers. She had been homeless since she had come to the human realm, and it was miserable. She could have lived as a queen in the world of witches, but this was her chosen exile.

She saw Nadia being confronted by the formerly homeless man, who had cleaned up quite a bit and was now the bouncer for the club. Nadia’s friend (the former bouncer) punched the man. And Nadia’s eyes widened. <God, I wish he was a chick like that homeless hag over there, because if a woman punched a guy for me, I’d be so wet. >

Lilith felt a shiver, as her changed. It felt… different. She felt her chest, and instead of breasts, she was flat and flabby. Her body had become male!

Meanwhile, Nadia was running of with her “friend” eager to spend a sexy night with her. Lilith could tell that Nadia was turned on by that display of butch aggression, and they drove off together.

Lilith or Lyle as he was now known tried to chase after them, but they didn’t notice him in their rearview window, focused as they were on one another.

* * *

Lyle shivered the whole night, and when morning rolled around, he started his rounds of begging. He knew a lot of people in the area, and they sometimes showed him kindness by giving him a dollar or two for coffee.

Lyle finally scraped together enough for a decent breakfast, and made his way over to the nearby coffee place. The woman she recognized as Jill was behind the desk.

Jill clearly looked down on Lilith, as she took her order.

“Excuse me, old geezer,” Jill said. “Can you please sit in the corner? I don’t want your smell to bother the other customers.”

Lyle nodded, and shuffled off to the corner with his drink.

He felt miserable. He hadn’t gotten much sleep, his back ached and he was lower than she had ever been. He realized his mistake from last night. In his defense, he had been high, and maybe not thinking straight with a teenage boy’s libido and a girl as hot as Nadia, but he had still made a massive mistake.

The door rang, and Lyle looked to see what new customer was coming in. He realized with a start that it was Nadia!

This was his chance.

“Nadia!” Lyle said. “Please, I need your help. Can you please just wish for my life to be better? Think in your head, and make a wish about me.”

<Wow, this poor homeless man has seen better days.> Nadia thought. < But what’s all this about wishes? If I had a wish I wouldn’t waste it on something stupid like giving a homeless woman a good life. I would wish I wore cool clothes like Jenny over there. >

Lilith felt a chill, and when she looked, Nadia was now dressed in a goth outfit. She looked over at the misfits. Jenny was no longer sitting with the other girls her age, commiserating in her outsider status, she was standing over them at the table, mocking them.

“I can’t believe they let little miss bedwetter in. Are you still wearing your diaper!” Jenny said, puffing out her chest.

Meanwhile, Nadia had finished ordering, and was walking back to her table and thinking about how great the sex with her date had been last night. She was incredible.

She frowned when she heard the way Jenny was mocking the other girls.

< Why do people always pick on outsiders? > Nadia lamented, not realizing how stuck up she had been just one wish ago. < I wish she walk a mile in the shoes of someone less fortunate, like that poor homeless man! >

Lilith blinked, and she was now a high school girl. She practically jumped for joy! This was a thousand times better than being a homeless old coot, though it was a bit pathetic leaving the world of magic to take on the role of a high school girl.

She rushed over.

“Nadia!” she said. “Please, I need you to listen and pay attention.”

Nadia looked at the panting girl beside her. What was her problem?

“Uh, do you need help or something? Shouldn’t you be heading to school soon?”

“I’ll go to school, but please, I need you to stop thinking,” Lilith said. “Please, try to stop thinking about me or anyone else.”

Nadia gave the girl a strange look. Usually, people said she didn’t think enough. Was this high school girl making fun of her? < I wish this girl knew what it was like for everyone to think you’re just a dummy like me! >

Lilith shivered. She was just a dumb high school girl now, barely a thought in her head. It took a few seconds, just blinking at Nadia to remember what she was trying to say.

“Um… like, what was I saying?” Lilith said.

Nadia shook her head. “I have no idea. Though you’re cute when you’re flustered like this. How old are you?”

Lilith blushed. She had just turned 18, and was about to graduate high school.

“Old enough,” Lilith said. “Why?”

“Well…” Nadia said. “What do you say to skipping school?”

Lilith giggled. She twirled her hair, smiling at the thought of spending the day with someone old and mature and smart like Nadia!

Lilith got into Nadia’s car, and felt so nervous. She could hear Nadia’s naught thoughts about the younger girl. God, Lilith was so turned on by the older goth girl. She loved alternative styles, though she had never been brave enough to try and stand out in this reality!

She was scared she would become like those poor misfit girls at the coffee shop.

“Nadia,” Lilith said. “If you could change one thing about me, what would you change?”

Nadia thought about it.

“Well, I’d love it if you had big, sensitive breasts,” she said.

Lilith smiled. It was a naughty thought, but a part of her wanted to cast a spell. She couldn’t just wait for Nadia to mentally wish it. Besides, what if Nadia got rid of her amazing body? That wouldn’t do at all.

“Okay, like, don’t freak out,” Nadia said. “But I’m a witch, and I can do things like this.”

Her eyes glowed, and wind seemed to pick up in the car, and suddenly, Lilith was before Nadia, her breasts three cup sizes larger than before, straining against the fabric of her top.

“What the fuck?” Nadia said. “Magic is real?”

Lilith nodded. “Yeah, they’re going to, like, catch me or whatever. But I don’t care. You’re too cute and sexy and mature, and I think I love you!”

Nadia smiled at the younger girl.

The two of them went back to Nadia’s place, and the experience was so different from any of the past encounters that Lilith remembered. At the club, things had been hot and heavy, the drugs only fueling the fire. But here, Nadia was just soft and tender, but sexy as all get out.

And after they finished and lay in each other’s arms, the hooded figures appeared.

“You thought you could get away,” an old man said.

Nadia covered herself with the blankets. “Who are these guys?”

“Like I said,” Lilith said. “They’re going to catch me, but I regret nothing.”

The old man shook his head. “Lilith, you should have known better. A witch of your immense power can’t just quit! All that power starts to leak out if it isn’t put to constant use. Frankly, it’s a miracle you lasted 10 years in the mortal world like this.”

Lilith looked confused at the old man. She was so stupid now, she barely understood.

“And look at all the damage you’ve done. Reality warped every which way by the desires of a mortal. Frankly, it’s a miracle this town is still here and in tact,” he looked over at Nadia.

“So, are you going to, like, put me in witches prison or whatever?” Lilith said.

The old man stroked his chin. “I probably should. But I’m inclined to give you your wish. You want out, well what do you say to having your powers sucked out?”

Lilith looked at Nadia. “Can me and her stay together?”

The old man sighed. “I’m sure we can arrange a love potion or something. Frankly this whole thing is a huge mess, and you should be thankful I’m letting you off so easy.”

Then he waved his fingers.

* * *

Lilith loved her new life, though she had this nagging feeling that the world hadn’t always been this way.

But that was silly!

Of course she had always been an 18 year old high school drop out with a sunny disposition and a conventional fashion sense. Of course she had always been into alt girls like Nadia, and of course she had never been happier that way!

Although, she felt like her boobies hadn’t always been that big. Had they?


She loved the way they bounced when she moved, and she knew Nadia felt the same way. Nadia, her 23 year old goth lover, who worked as an accountant at the nearby ski slopes.

Lilith loved life in this sleepy ski town. Tourists loved her waitressing, and she loved all the friendly townspeople.

Well, most of the townspeople were pretty friendly to Lilith, but that meanie Jill at the coffee place was a always a total bitch! She wondered what had happened to her to make her that way…

Oh well, life was good, and she was going to enjoy living with Nadia for the rest of her life. She blushed, thinking of all the hot and steamy times that lay ahead of them.
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Re: A Witch Can't Quit (trait/life swap, various)

Postby funfun74 » Fri Dec 08, 2023 10:37 pm

What a fun story and enjoyable end. Thanks for finishing this one.
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