Miss Jiff: Mall Madness (WG, AP, Bimbo, Much more)

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Re: Miss Jiff: Mall Madness (WG, AP, Bimbo, Much more)

Postby TransGirlAndAWGFan » Thu Sep 29, 2022 7:14 am

"I assume the rest of the group will be nerds as well?" Sandra spoke up.

"Nah, we need some variety. Besides, I don't feel like ALL of them want that in their lives."

"Mhm", Sandra nodded. "I'm also guessing you are in the mood for something different as well."

"That's more the case, yes" Miss Jiff admitted.

Miss Jiff's eyes focused on one of the three "Bros" left. He seemed to be the best dressed of the lot. He also had a briefcase next to him. He didn't wear a suit, but that's due to having changed before walking into the building. He would be seen as pure city boy to everyone but Jiff, which she sensed something else.

She sensed his true roots, and decided that it was best to bring him back to his roots. Plus, a bit of TG would also be needed.

He seemed to sense something was up. "Where's Max", is what he asked his bros. His voice did not have the accent that Miss Jiff knew he had as a youth.

"What are you talking about, Bryan?", the jockiest of the bros, Kyle, asked.

A sense of fogginess entered Bryan's brain, before he came to his senses. Jiff decided to begin the TF with his voice. "I don't know", he said with a slight country accent. He noticed this and gasped, but his buddies didn't seem to notice.

"You ok, Bryan?", Kyle asked.

"Yeah, yeah", he responded. "I'm going out to get a smoke". The idea of smoking at all shocked Bryan, even though he was the one that said it. He could of sworn he quit years ago, but that memory was fading.

Jiff wanted to walk outside with him, but Sandra stopped her.

"Ashley sent you here for a reason." was all Sandra said.

"But how can I continue without him in my sight?"

Sandra sighed. "I know where you are going with this. Until he, or she, wherever they are in the process, comes back in, I'll take the reigns"

Ashley nodded. "Just don't go too far. I want a good amount of fun as well."

"Don't worry, I'll leave you some leeway". Sandra winked as she went outside.

Sandra walked through the doors to the outside. There, she saw Bryan, nervously smoking a cigarette. She could tell that he had a bit of awareness of what was happening.

As he took the next puff of his cigarette, Sandra decided to start a little bit of genderbending. With each puff of the cigarette, Bryan's chest grew ever so slightly bigger. First he grew A cups, then B cups, then C cups, you get the idea.

Bryan could feel the weight on his chest, but didn't pay any attention to it. All he could pay attention to was his cigarette. With each puff, his breasts also jiggled slightly. Sandra stopped at a D cup, assuming Jiff would want some fun in that category as well.

Bryan was still smoking at that point though. So, Sandra decided to have the final puffs to affect his overall look. His shirt, while far from what he wore to work, turned in a wife beater, which then turned into a short tank top that showed off his breasts. For the final puff, his slacks turned into tight jeans. There wasn't much to show on that front, but Sandra knew that Jiff would want to complete that as well.

As he walked back into the building, Jiff could see his incomplete form. She knew that a man with big ass titties, especially in something that revealing, would cause more commotion than she wanted. So, she took the reigns back before he could head back to the bar.

As Bryan walked, he could feel his body starting to jiggle. His stomach grew larger and larger before his ass did the same. His thighs and ass were stretching his pants quite a bit, and his bulge lessened quickly before completely disappearing, and was replace by a Cameltoe.

Brie could feel her head get foggy again. She was quickly forgetting all about her past life. As her jeans turned into a pair of daisy dukes, he ass poking out just a little as it became an absolute dump truck, in her mind she became a redneck country girl.

Her tits also grew much larger, jiggling all the way to a kind of sagging G cup, which was free in her tank top. Her thick, but still smooth, legs got her back to the bar just fine, but not before her face, now cute, but with a slight double chin, was now quite heavily covered in makeup.

"How are you doing boys", she said to her friends before sitting down. Her voice had quite the southern twang to it.

"Not bad, Brie", Kyle responded, distracted slightly by her breasts.

Brie could see this, and accentuated her braless breasts more, before remembering something. That something being that her meeting with the boys was a coincidence, and she was here with someone else.

She ordered a beer, and then quickly said her goodbye to the boys.

"You should introduce us to this friend sometime" is how Kyle responded.

"I should", Brie replied, before taking her beer and heading to the game room.

Miss Jiff and Sandra both looked at each other, knowing that they would meet soon.

Jiff locked her eyes on both of the bros still remaining. A double dose of change is what she decided was best, next.
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Re: Miss Jiff: Mall Madness (WG, AP, Bimbo, Much more)

Postby TF Fan88 » Thu Sep 29, 2022 10:59 pm

I loved the addition and how you continue to think of new transformations. I can't wait to see what lies in store for the other two! It would be cool if the jock remains a jock after he becomes a girl but I am sure whatever you have in store for him will be great
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Re: Miss Jiff: Mall Madness (WG, AP, Bimbo, Much more)

Postby TF Fan88 » Thu Sep 29, 2022 11:09 pm

The only minor criticism is that you might want to mention what happens with the hair. Other than that your knack for writing transformation sequences is always a pleasure to read
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