Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Reversal)

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Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Reversal)

Postby apediuex » Thu Aug 25, 2022 10:36 pm

Quick Synopsis
Common warrior aims for the seat of the Emperor, but at what cost?

New Story, writing this one in my off time while I keep working on the Queen’s Demise (so it won’t be super polished). Both slow burn and fast changes.

This idea came to mind, as I have seen very few Dg stories where the MC ends up with a higher social status even though they Dg. Male MC.

Basically up the official social ladder, and down the unofficial one.

Bear with me through the first chap, story should really kick off by the second. This chap is mainly explaining the slightly complicated premise.

Trading Upwards

A whirlwind of blood, death and guts smashed through the ranks of the Lycarian army. Rangar tore his sword from the body of his opponent before raising it aloft.

“Come on yer bastards, lets fuck up these pigs”

Roaring in answer, the men of his squadron followed on the back of his heels.

The lycarian soldiers desperately fought back, but they stood no chance against the Death Flayer.

Standing at nine feet tall and being more built then the strongest of bears, Rengar was a real force of nature. His charge was only stopped when several javelins pierced through his bare chest.

By then however, it was too late. The collapse of the Lycarian battle line in this region led to a domino effect resulting in the collapse of the rest of the already beleaguered army.

Satisfied, Rengar returned to the rear to the bask in the adulation of his men.

“Yo capitan, has the messenger arrived yet?”

“Nah those lily-white novels musta decided to take dey time”

As if to prove his words wrong, one of the army’s messengers galloped up to him.

“Captain Rengar, please present yourself to the central command tent. Princess Esmeralda has arrived from the capital in order to deliver the imperial edict.”

The man looked over Rengar before continuing

“ And for god’s sake man get cleaned up, you're getting promoted to a noble Knight.”

Rengar fixed him with a predatory glare.

“Im kidding, do what you want” stammered out the messenger before wheeling his horse around and fleeing.”

As soon as the man left, Rengar turned around and let out a brilliant grin.


Princess Esmeralda stood in the cold northern gloom awaiting the subject of the day’s ceremony. This was not the first time she had knighted a deserving warrior; as one of the least favored of the Emperor’s hundreds of children she often had to carry out these sorts of thankless tasks.

This time however was different. The man’s achievements were so exaggerated that she initially thought someone was playing a prank on her.

An abandoned orphan, he was a war brat that followed behind his tribe’s warriors, At 6 he killed his first person. At 9, he killed his first enemy warrior. At 11 he went to the local imperial city to become a gladiator. At 12 he became the champion, and at 13 the imperial army recruited him. Before leaving, he returned to his tribe and helped them defeat their ancestral rivals, single handedly sailing a dozen men.

He rose up the ranks, and at 18 he became captain of a squadron. At 19, he single handedly defended a key bridge against one hundred enemy warriors, buying his squad precious time to deliver critical military information.

Left for dead, he survived before fighting his way back from enemy territory. When the acting general of his legion Count Hassenoverheard his feats, he sent in a missive to the capital to have Rengar promoted to knight.

Now at 20, he was the youngest ever commoner to rise the ranks and be knighted. Most other commoners that were knighted were wealthy sons of merchants who bought their rank or married a noble, or very distinguished veterans on the verge of retiring.

Although a brute like Rengar couldn't possibly go much further than a mere Knight, the opportunity to meet such a legend in the flesh excited her.

The sound of heavy footsteps caught her attention, and she turned in time to see a massive slab of meat and muscle walk through the door.

“What's up little princess?” Rengar grumbled in his deep voice.

Esmeralda held up her arm to stop her escorts from getting herself killed. Least favored as she might have been, disrespect of that level still warranted Rengar’s death by pillory. Unfortunately or fortunately, she only had access to a dozen common warriors due to her lowly status in the imperial palace.

Her lady-knight Sophia , the one remnant from her time in the sun, was more than ready to risk her life, but clearly it would have been futile against this handsome monster.

Esmeralda blushed as she realized she found him handsome. Refocusing, she started the ceremony.

“In my authority vested to me…”

The only problem arose towards the end when she needed to lay her sword on his shoulder, as even kneeling he was too tall. Smiling, he rose and picked her up with one hand, the other busy tilting her chin upwards. He winked then spoke

“You can reach now princess”

Flustered, she stammered and muttered before completing the proceedings and fleeing the tent red-faced.


Watching the mousy girl run from the tent, Rengar purred in satisfaction. She was a little plain and chubby for his tastes, but for someone like him it wasn’t often you ran into a daughter of the Emperor. She would make a fine addition to his sizable harem.

As for that knight of hers…

He licked his lips. Regardless of her identity, that one fit his normal harem standards.

Turning around, he looked at the frail looking man that was left behind. As a reward for low ranked commoners that ascended to nobility, he was given a scholar to teach him how to read and write. It wouldn't do to shame the face of the empire’s nobility.

But first, he had to figure out something

“Fore’ teaching me how to read, I need you to tell me something. How can a man like me become emperor?”

The scrawny scholar burst into a loud laugh. A decent scholar, but one with no social grace or ability to hold his tongue, he despised the assignment given to him. He hoped to annoy Rengar to the point that he was sent back to the capital.

“There’s no chance you become emperor. Ever. I heard of some of your feats, such as fighting versus one hundred men. Doesn’t matter. Even if you were a thousand times better warrior then you are now, it still wouldn't matter. The imperial guard has dragons for crying out loud! A stupid musclebound commoner brute like you-”

The scholar’s head traced a beautiful arc through the air. Rengar gritted his teeth as he sheathed his sword. Uneducated as he might be, he had always had a natural cunning about him. He knew that the man wasn’t lying.

“Am I destined to never claim that golden throne?”

The second those words left his mouth the entire world froze. In front of him appeared a blinding ball of light in the shape of a vaguely humanoid being.

“I will keep this short, as you are one of many beings across a myriad of universes I have decided to play with. Having come across your situation, I decided to assist you on your quest to the throne. Here is my gift for you.”

Before Rengar could come to grips with the situation, he felt a powerful headache assail his brain. It quickly passed, leaving behind knowledge of the gift. He was given a ‘system’, through which he could make various trades.

“Reading your mind it seems like you have a lot of questions. Let me just give you an example of a trade.”

The being gestured, and a strand of hair flew out of Rengar’s lush beard. Before he could protest, a second wave of information assailed his brain.

“I just traded a strand of your beard for the reading and writing skills of the average 12 year old noble. After all, you killed the man who was supposed to teach you. The rest of the exchanges will be left up to you, and you will have access to this system for the rest of your life.”

“I look forward to watching your success and failure” the being intoned as it disappeared in a flash of light.

“Or failure” muttered Rengar in response as he greedily started to examine the ‘system’ that was left behind.

Very quickly he realized how the system worked. He could trade almost anything in exchange for anything, but the chips he held were limited.

“That’s the catch huh” he realized

According to the system, his most valuable possessions were his height, cock, physique etc.

None of those were very important in his quest to sit on the throne.

On the other hand the money, soldiers, land, etc that he could trade for were critical to having a shot at becoming emperor.

“There’s no way i'm giving up this body, not even to become emperor”

Thankfully a closer look showed that the system allowed for microtransactions. There was no way he would willingly become one of the short men he despised, but

“An inch of height for one hundred thousand gold! A quarter of an inch off my cock for one hundred loyal elite soldiers!”

“As long as I don’t go overboard I should be able to trade my way upwards” thought Thurkell.

“And I can use the soldiers to get gold which I can use to trade for more stuff, or even get that quarter inch back!”

Rengar went to bed happy that night, looking forward to his brilliant future.
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Re: Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Revers

Postby Notrewound » Fri Aug 26, 2022 11:36 am

Love the world building! It's good to see something outside the typical modern day setting.
Hoping for more descriptions of the changes as they happen, and also seeing how the alterations are handled (does it change history and give everyone new memories, etc.?)
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Re: Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Revers

Postby apediuex » Fri Aug 26, 2022 9:25 pm

With a wet slop, Rengar pulled out his twenty inch mast from the bloody insides of his partner.

Handsome in a rugged looking way, combined with his stature and new found status, Rengar had no lack of romantic partners who wanted a taste of the giant.

The most beautiful amongst them would get to join the harem he started building when he was thirteen.

As for the others, they would lay with Rengar once or twice, before they either died or fled. Considering his fifteen inches of girth, along with his incredibly powerful body, the women were torn apart from the insides. No matter what, he couldn't fit more than a fraction of his length inside, but he would violently try his best to do so.

It’s not to say the women in his harem were treated much better. A common warrior he might have been, in his harem he was the Emperor. Whether the task was acting as a human table or licking his feet, the girls were not allowed to refuse.

In exchange he was relatively gentle during sex, finding positions and angles that would satisfy his needs without killing his partner. Usually.

In fact, the frailty of his sex dolls as he called them pissed him off. Although he was proud of his monstrous penis, it wasn't always a blessing.

Speaking of which it seemed that he could turn this misfortune into a blessing.

Clicking on the system, he found a trade that immediately jumped out to him.

“Half an inch off the length, and a quarter inch from the girth in exchange for military information which includes the position of the enemy’s crown prince (in enemy territory right now)”

Rengar grinned before immediately confirming. Over the last several months he had endeavored to learn more about the system, and had traded almost all his gold for the ability to understand measurements, and to learn more about the empire’s structure.

“Half an inch for this is nothing, as long as I successfully capture him the war should end. The Lycarians are a relatively minor enemy, but getting promoted to a Landed Baron is the minimal reward for this sort of achievement.”

Furthemore Rengar knew that this type of trade would not last long. As soon as the Crown prince got back to safety, knowing his location would become irrelevant.

The system’s blue-screen gradually resolved itself into the shape of a map.
A blinking red dot indicated the position of the crown prince. Sure enough, he was in a relatively close location, far from enemy lines.

“In regards to the current situation, payment will be taken upon completion (successful or not) of your operation.”

Rengar Nodded before getting ready to go.

“Tell the Colonel I decided to go for a jog. I smell an opportunity in the mountains”

“Yes Sir Rengar” answered the sentry

As a knight, he had the freedom to come and go from the army as long as a battle was not imminent. Known for his eccentric behavior, no one suspected anything.

And when he came back several hours later with the beat and bloodied body of the Lycarian crown prince, everyone congratulated his good fortune and intuition of being in the right place at the right time.

Later that night he watched in fascination as the system shone a blue light on his dick, making it shrink the promised half an inch of length, and quarter inch of girth.

Quite frankly, it was hard for Rengar himself to tell the difference, and with half his shaft sticking out of her cavity, his woman for the night was also unable to tell. If anything, it was slightly less of an annoyance for Rengar to fit inside.

Waking up the next day to news that he would be made Landed Baron, and receive a ten thousand gold coin reward, Rengar was more than satisfied with the trade.
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Re: Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Revers

Postby forceofwill10 » Sat Aug 27, 2022 10:37 am

This premise is amazing and unique. I have become a big fan of your writing. Please keep going!
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Re: Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Revers

Postby unterwomc » Sun Aug 28, 2022 3:17 pm

so he's had a actived sex life since he was very young... maybe Rengar has a lot of bastards...

perhaps Rengar in decline needs a bodyguard and unknowingly hires a beefy warrior born of him and an Amazon making him even beefier and more virile than his own father, of course due to the timeline he is still a growing teenager so he will develop more in the future and fuck his harem while Rengar is powerless. :twisted:
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Re: Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Revers

Postby apediuex » Wed Sep 21, 2022 9:45 pm

Next chapter is already out on my Patreon!

“WHY IS THIS TERRITORY SO POOR” roared Rengar at the imperial messenger in charge of taking him around.

“Where are the MINES! How am I supposed to make money off this piece of shit land!

“W-well my l-lord, there’s this small forest, you can make money by felling and selling these trees”


Rengar’s fist slammed into the trunk of the tree, instantly creating a massive hole in the trunk.
As he watched the tree slowly fall, he asked in a calmer voice

“Any better ideas?”

Hearing no response, he turned to see that the messenger had fainted of fright.


“Lord Master, what is troubling you so?” asked the half-naked women languidly reclining on the bed after an intense bout of sex.

“I should have realized they would give me a poor territory as a reward for my services; after all I was a mere commoner. It’s going to be nearly impossible for me to expand this territory. As for going back to the army, as a landed baron, only the overall achievements of all the soldiers in my service will be counted, and I can't afford soldiers.”

The woman, Chu Yuyan, blinked her almond shaped eyes at him.

“My lord, you captured me from the Lycarians, who themselves had kidnapped me. Before all this happened, I had some experience with this sort of thing.”

Rengar shifted his hand and gave a fierce squeeze to her already tender ass, eliciting a pained yelp.

“Women shouldn't talk about things they don't understand.”

“No my lord, really believe me! You need to send surveyors around your territory ro check for resources that the imperials missed. It’s possible there might be a hidden mine or perhaps some sort of natural deposit. Although the land isn’t very fertile, it’s possible to fix that if you hire the right expert.”

Rengar sat in silence for several moments, before beckoning her towards him with his hands. Chu Yuyan crawled forwards, eager to suck his cock.


Rengar’s large palm swept outwards and connected with her ribs, sending her flying off the bed and into the wall.

“You gave me a very good idea, and you brought up some good points so I let you live. Still, you talked back to me and ignored my orders which means you needed to be punished.”
He received no response except for the sounds of her cries and groans. Uncaring, he closed his eyes and focused in on his new idea.

That’s right, he had been worried about using the system to generate a bunch of gold, because people were eventually going to get suspicious of where he got his money. But what if he used the system to generate a gold mine? The Imperials would just think their surveyors did a bad job. It wasn’t like this was the first time it happened; usually the lucky fool would give the imperials a decent chunk of the revenue in exchange for a reward and the right to keep the rest. The more powerful the noble, the less they had to give away.

Therefore before he spawned a gold mine he had to make sure his territory was strong enough.

[One hundred loyal mercenaries of average skill join your territory ] for [1 inch of height]
[Perfect weather over your farmlands for one year] for [8300 gold]


Next chapter is already out on my Patreon, along with the next chapter of Queen’s Demise.
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Re: Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Revers

Postby apediuex » Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:29 pm

Btw I am curious if you guys want this more slowburn or fastburn
I was hesitating on pacing.
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Re: Trading Upwards (Penis Shrink, Shrink,DG, WG Role Revers

Postby CodyBlast » Thu Sep 22, 2022 8:58 pm

I wouldn't mind a slow burn, the dude's about to go to the tipping point and, eventually I trust he'll end up with pretty modest height, look ugly, and not be well endowed. I'm more interested in seeing him start to react to his new circumstances. Pretty dope so far.
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