Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby GeneGenie » Fri Aug 05, 2022 6:35 am

Chapter 10.

The last 3 empty cider cans lay crumpled by the side of the bed. As Taylor awoke she felt more Tracey than she ever had before. Her head was still throbbing a little from the alcohol the night before. As she looked down at the sheets, she could see a faint orange tinge where she’d forgotten Kaylee’s advice about sleeping on a towel. The stained sheets were the least of her problems though. Taylor approached the mirror to have another look at the work the stylist had inflicted on her. The orange tinge hadn’t faded, if anything, in this unforgiving light she looked more orange than ever. The only pale bits were a few marks in-between her thighs where she’d allowed the tan to get a little streaky, but she wasn’t going to show those off any time soon! She moved her (fake) eyebrows up and down, observing how much higher they seemed than before. She’d been too angry to pay attention when she was in the shop, but they didn’t seem quite symmetrical either, giving her an unnatural look. Taylor was tempted to try a touch it up herself, but she was hardly an expert either. She didn’t want to make it worse, and she didn’t trust herself to do anything right while she had a slight hangover. She’d deal with her looks later, right now, breakfast was sorely needed. She threw on the robe (that was white too, maybe she’d be safer with a darker colour in the future) and she walked out into the kitchen where an icy Sarah was pouring a bowl of cereal.

Sarah went to put the bowl down and did a double take as she saw Taylor’s face “Oh my.. oh you. You’ve changed…. you look a little… it’s very.. ummm ….striking!” She said, trying to be polite but failing miserably.

“Uughhhhh” Taylor groans back, not fully awake, not wanting to make conversation or defend herself. She knew she looked stupid, she didn’t need to be talked down to by this bitch. The bowl of cereal looked particularly unappetising this morning. She knew she should eat it, it was good for her, but this wasn’t the cure for a hangover. “Look Sarah. I know I put cereal on my dumb little card thingy. But can I upgrade to a full English? Just this once? Oh and I need coffee, black, as much as you have” It wasn’t polite, and it sounded more like one of Taylor’s dressing room demands, but Sarah’s face lit up none-the-less.

“Oh course darling. I knew you’d end up hating that vile stuff every morning!” Sarah smiled and jumped into action. She quickly whisked the bowl of cereal away and immediately went about her business. A pot of coffee went on, pans sizzled into life, and Taylor folded her arms and buried her head as she tried to avoid the cacophony of noise that now filled the kitchen. She only lifted it up briefly to mumble a “Thank you” as the black coffee was presented, and she drank cup after cup, trying to get a little energy into her system and feel more human again. When the food arrived, Taylor didn’t say anything, she just attacked the plate. Needing the carbs to fight whatever battle was going on in her stomach. She almost forgot she had company, but slowed her pace when she saw Sarah’s disapproving look

“I know it’s good but remember to chew!” She said in a scolding fashion. Taylor just nodded, afraid to open her mouth, knowing that she was already stifling burps and Sarah wouldn’t approve of that either.

Her plate empty, Taylor went back for a quick shower before work. The water had a faint orange colour as she washed herself, but the bronzed look remained. She brushed her teeth, left her eyebrows alone, went to apply a little cover up.. and stopped. The make-up she brought was now completely different to her skin tone. It would look awful. She could try and get rid of the breakout by squeezing but… ow, no. It was too painful and just made the chin spot angrier and stand out even more. She’d have to leave it alone. Her breakouts usually cleared themselves up in time anyway.

The next challenge was getting dressed. Taylor felt far more steady and alert now, and she bent down into the bag on laundry to fetch a black thong and a white bra. Both went on with ease, put as Taylor picked out her black polyester trousers something felt off. She had to tug them a little harder past her thighs, huffing and grunting as she moved to her waist. As she got to the waistband she had to breathe in to get the button and the hole to meet up. The pressure on her bloated abdomen forcing another stifled burp into her mouth and she quickly tasted her breakfast once again.

‘This is mad. I Can’t have gained that much in one week? It’s ridiculous!’ She though to herself as she moved into the bathroom, a small amount if belly pushing against the waistband and creeping out the top. It wasn’t a muffin top, yet, but it didn’t stop Taylor from feeling fairly self conscious. She pulled out a scale and observed the numbers as they ticked up. ‘Yeah, I’m only 2lb heavier’ (Only! Taylor’s trainer would have a fit if he knew) ‘Maybe it’s just the bloating’ She thought, rubbing and massaging her belly, hoping a few more burps in private may help relief the pressure and make her look less silly. The tight trousers remained a mystery though until Taylor gingerly bent over and pulled a black t-shirt out of her bag. As she rolled it on, it again felt tight. The fabric gripped around the arms and was constricting across the shoulders. The t-shirt was shorter too, reaching just to her belly button and leaving a noticeable orange ‘line’ of skin open to the air. Frustrated she rolled the top back off again, and that’s when she saw it.

‘Dry clean only’ the label said. ‘Crap! Are all my clothes too fancy for..’ She cut off her own train of thought, as she rifled through the bag, checking labels as it slowly dawned on her. She’d managed to ruin nearly her entire stash of clothes in one fell swoop. Her first instinct was to blame that mad old bat. She’d taken £40 and ruined her wardrobe! Then Taylor remembered that it was her own lack of knowledge that had caused this. She was the one who instructed that old woman to use the tumble drier. The only incompetence here was her own. Taylor wanted to cry, but quickly pushed that feeling away. She hadn’t been successful if she gave up after every little setback (although there had been quite a few recently!). She could buy new clothes next Monday, for now she’d have to lean into the look. She grabbed a black strappy top and tugged it into position. In it’s new shrunk form, it showed off way too much cleavage (you could see the cups and straps of the white bra beneath) and it showed off quite a bit of her midriff too. Although Taylor knew this wasn’t as toned or flat as it could be, she was sure it could beat half the bitches that lived round here. Taylor was used to turning heads, but now Tracey would as well. It was actually quite liberating after a week stuck in fairly frumpy / loose fitting clothes. Now she could show off and didn’t have to be ashamed. She put on her shoes, and with a confident strut, headed for work.

As the doors swung open Martin had to call from behind the bar “Oh sorry luv, we don’t open for another hour!”

“It’s me Martin.”

“Tracey, is that? Blimey, I didn’t know the circus was in town, they got you some new face paint and all!” Martin replied with a playful chuckle, that continued even as Taylor flicked him the finger and stuck her tongue out.

“Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. very funny” Taylor rolled her eyes as she settled behind the bar. “Have you got those polo shirts yet? I’m sure you don’t want me serving like this all day!” She gestured to her ample cleavage on show.

Martin blushed and wasn’t sure where to look as Taylor made chest jiggle “Well.. I erm.. yes. I’ll.. I’ll go get them” and dashed off to the back room, returning with the box. He opened it and passed Taylor one of the shrink wrapped polo’s. “Why don’t you try it on… Oh not here though, or maybe.. I can leave”

“It’s ok boss, I’ll go change in the ladies. Maybe you should get a glass of water or something and calm down.” She raised an eyebrow as she walked past and into the makeshift changing room. The top fit well and made Taylor feel more secure than she hadn’t gained that much weight. The material was cheap and a little scratchy, but it was hard wearing and that’s what she needed. It was also a little tight across the chest but Taylor didn’t see that as anything to be ashamed of, and when she walked out of the ladies bathroom to give her boss a fashion show he seemed to approve too.

“Wow Trace, that looks great on ya. Best investment I ever made!”

“Do you mean me, or the shirts?” Taylor said with a wink “And I made the investment, remember?” She tried to put her boss back in his place and he stared sheepishly back at her.

“Fair point, but just because you had this idea doesn’t get you out of table duty!” He threw a cloth and walked away. Taylor didn’t want to know what he was thinking of right now, it was probably for the best that he left promptly.

The rest of her day was an uphill battle. Charlie came in and constant jokes about her new look. “Fake tan, fake eyebrows, fake tits, and you say you want a ‘real’ man” Was his absolute worse jibe that took as of Taylor’s self control not to slap him there and then. The ‘fake tits’ bit did feel like a bit of a compliment though, hers weren’t but if they were perky enough to pass then she still felt in pretty great shape. When he went to buy Taylor a drink, he insisted on getting her one of the blue WKD bottles and making her drink that. Taylor wanted to refuse, but time with Charlie always made her want a drink. After she’d finished the bottle she pulled a pint of cider for herself, regardless of if he was going to pay for it. The boss wouldn’t notice and this was an emergency after all. Charlie had been on her case all afternoon, asking for snacks and all sort’s of bottles out of the mini fridge. Taylor suspected it was just so the creep could take a better look at her arse, but in such a tight space behind the bar, there was little she could do to hide it.

The rest of her shift wasn’t any easier. Most of the customers seemed to do a double take when they saw her, and most started to talk down to her little as well. Where they once thought she was deserving of some respect, many just saw the fake orange sheen and assumed she was a cheap slapper. It was frustrating to be treated with such little regard, but Taylor understood why, she’d have judged any woman who decided to go for this look the same.

At her 4pm break she nipped back into the kitchen to see if Gary had prepared her a salad, as he’d promised. However, as she made her entrance, music blared out of Gary’s phone ‘Oompa loompa doompety doo. I've got a perfect puzzle for you…’

“Oh Fuck off Gary!” Taylor shouted and went to give him a less than playful swat on the arm.

“I’m sorry, but.. but.. I can’t help it.. Martin said it was bad but.. OMG.. this is better than I could’ve imagined!” Gary was struggling to breathe he was laughing so much. Taylor’s stern face told a very different story and she was rapidly losing her patience.

“Did you do me a salad or wot?”

“Yeah yeah I did, don’t get your knickers in a twist. There’s a big bowl of it on the side, just scoop out what you want and ‘Bon Apetite’” Gary said as he finally turned the music off and continued with the rest of his work.

Taylor walked over, gave herself a small helping and a first and a nervous taste. The salad was dripping in dressing, but it did taste good. She’d never had a salad so flavourful before, but maybe that’s because it didn’t have all the added extras. She took a bigger helping this time and started to tuck in while Gary cooked away.

“Hey, don’t you want chips with it? The new menu has it as a side!” Gary asked, his tone more serious than before.

“Gary, are you a potato farmer or something? Not everything needs to come with chips you know?” Taylor rolled her eyes and found a quieter spot to eat her dinner in peace, turning out the kitchen and to the small smoking area out the back. She took a seat and the half broken plastic chair, and a man turned to see who it was.

“Alright’ luv?” He asked, taking a toke on his cigarette, before taking a second look a quickly stubbing it out. “Oh shit, I didn’t realise you was eating, I’m sorry!”

Taylor smiled, it was a small gesture, but it was the nicest a customer had been to her today.

“Oh thanks, you didn’t need to, but… I appreciate it” Taylor flicked her black hair away from her eyes that was blowing across in the breeze and getting in the way each time she tried to eat her food. Despite his cigarette being gone, the man lingered a little longer.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to seem rude but.. it is Tracey isn’t it, the new barmaid?” His voice was slightly less sure than when she’d met him before. Was he nervous?

Taylor smiled and put down her fork. “Yeah it is, and you’re Kev right? I saw you last Tuesday too”

“Well yeah it’s my day off an all.. I just wanted to say, I really like the look you’ve gone for”

“Fuck off!” Taylor giggled a little “You don’t mean that do you?”

“Yeah I do. It suits you. Not many birds around here than have the guts to go for it!” He seemed genuine and this random act of kindness made Taylor smile. He wasn’t her type, but maybe he was Tracey’s?

“Well it’s kind of you to say. You’re the first person to say that, you know?” She leaned in, wanting to engage now and keep him around a little longer.

“Well I’m surprised about that. You’re the fittest barmaid we’ve had in ages. If you don’t mind me saying that of course but.. well you are. I’m sure half the pub’s crazy for you! Just go careful with Charlie ok? He can be a little ‘too friendly’” he said with a raise of the eyebrows.

“Oh don’t worry about him. I know him and guys like him all too well.” Taylor looked a bit wistful, thinking of the other creeps she’d dated in the past. Whether you’re rich and famous or just a barmaid, there was always some bloke who tried to take advantage.

Gary swallowed, building up some courage before he said his next line. “Well I’m sure you do luv, but.. well you know he’s been getting you to bend over?”

“Yeah?” Taylor responded, giving Kev the the most condescending of looks “What of it? I know he’s just trying to look at my arse, it comes with being a woman!”

“Well yeah he is but, you’re um..” He paused, wondering what to say next “Well there’s no way to say this politely. Your thong is showing.”

Taylor gasped and reached behind, she could feel the top of her thong peeking over the top of her tight polyester trousers. When they shrunk they must’ve messed her waistband up too! Taylor blushed and tugged her shirt down to try and hide it. She knew men looked, but flashing her underwear to a creep like Charlie and god knows who else just made her feel cheap.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s embarrassing but… somebody had to tell you!” Gary said sheepishly

“No it's fine. It’s not your fault its just I’ve had… wardrobe issues all day” Taylor stood up and sharply tugged at the loops in her waistband to try and cover up the issue. “At least I got told this way rather being shamed in public. Thanks Kev” She gave him a warm smile back, and he returned the favour. She was sure he was blushing a little as well.

His phone buzzed in his pocket “Shit, the lads are wondering where I am. Well, take care Trace, I’ll see you around.” He unzipped his jacket ready to go back inside, but before he left, he had one last parting comment to make. “Oh and if you go for a makeover again, maybe consider going blonde? I like blondes.” And with that he was gone.

Taylor returned to her seat, picked up her fork and tried to eat in solitude, but as her hair kept blowing infront of her eyes, that comment from Kev just echoed in her head. ‘Maybe I could go back to blonde.. for me of course. Not him...’ But as she thought of him, she couldn’t help but smile, just a little.
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby loki-boy » Fri Aug 05, 2022 7:39 am

I really hope it's a trashy bleach blonde with black roots that make it clear to everyone that she's a "bottle" blonde. Anyway, I've really enjoyed how this has been going and I'm looking forward to reading more.
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby brightsun21 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 8:53 am

Loving Taylor/Tracey transformation
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby Laserstar88 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 8:15 pm

This is a great story and I'm enjoying it! Looking forward to future updates. Maybe poor Taylor will lose her precious hair while going blonde. Would you consider Taylor requiring some type of hospitalization and her records being mixed up with another patient requesting a breast reduction, to loose those perfect breasts! Great work, Love it!!
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby GeneGenie » Fri Aug 05, 2022 10:11 pm

Laserstar88 wrote:This is a great story and I'm enjoying it! Looking forward to future updates. Maybe poor Taylor will lose her precious hair while going blonde. Would you consider Taylor requiring some type of hospitalization and her records being mixed up with another patient requesting a breast reduction, to loose those perfect breasts! Great work, Love it!!

Hey Laser and brightstar.

Thank you so much for the feedback and ideas. I'm really happy you're both enjoying it so far and that you're looking forward to reading more. This story has been a pleasure to write and knowing that thee are people out there eagerly awaiting the next chapter is always great motivation to sit down and start writing the next bit.

Thank you for the ideas to Laser, I haven't built anything like that into outline so far, but who knows? If i write another story i can think of including those sorts of themes and elements instead. I'm always happy to discuss ideas for future projects.

Stay safe and have a great weekend everyone. I'll return with another chapter after I've had some weekend fun! :D
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby GraceFairway6 » Sun Aug 07, 2022 5:05 am

I'm very much enjoying the story, GeneGenie - it's so fun to see the transformation, and such a realistic one too!
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby GeneGenie » Tue Aug 09, 2022 6:33 am

GraceFairway6 wrote:I'm very much enjoying the story, GeneGenie - it's so fun to see the transformation, and such a realistic one too!

Thank you Grace, i'm really glad you're finding it fun! It's been so much fun to write as well and it always give me joy when so many people are saying nice things about my work!

Apologies this chapter took a little longer than the others. The weekend was busy and this one is a bit quicker than the others, involving a bit more of a time skip as Taylor gets more settled. I hope the change of pace is ok! Enjoy!

Chapter 11

Life soon broke into a nice routine for Taylor as she slowly adjusted to her new surroundings. She now felt comfortable that her cover wasn’t going to be blown, and the longer she worked at he pub, the more she felt like she was part of the family. Martin had proven himself to be kind under that hard exterior, even if he was a little tight fisted with where he spent his money. Gary was, an idiot, a lout, a brute and someone who Taylor didn’t want to spend any more time with than was absolutely necessary. He was a good cook though, but Taylor could see clearly why he worked on his own. She’s not sure if anyone could spend more than 5 minutes with him. Charlie was dull, a drunk, and if Taylor was honest, a bit of a tragic case. At least that’s what Charlie had told her, but Taylor wasn’t sure he could be 100% trusted. Sure his wife had left him, but she thought that no woman could bare to be in a room with Charlie for more than 15 minutes. His ex-wife probably deserved some some of medal for how long she stuck around! The only person she hadn’t quite figured out yet, was Kev.

He came in regularly every week on Tuesdays. Taylor worked out that he ran the garage that Charlie once owned and Tuesdays seemed to be the night all of the staff escaped down the pub. When Taylor served him behind the bar, he was like most of the Patron’s there. He had this big macho persona when he was around his staff. Talking about football, buying drinks for others in the team and ogling over any woman that appeared on the tv that looked half attractive. Taylor would’ve easily written him off as some sort of sexist pig, someone she wouldn’t be interested in at all, however she’d come to find quite a different side of him over the past few weeks.

Each Tuesday Taylor would sneak out back to have her dinner and she’d meet Kev puffing away on a cigarette. He offered to put it out while she was eating, and Taylor always said yes, but he soon lit up once she was done. Their conversations would often last the whole break, and they’d talk about everything and nothing. It could be her day at the bar, or his day at the garage. What he’d done over the weekend or dreams of their favourite holiday destinations. The ‘fantasy’ questions always made Taylor blush. With her sort of money she’d been able to live out her dream holiday’s dream house, and dream cars a 100 times over, but it was nice to see what inspired Kev and what he’d like to do with his life.

What was most important to her is that he always treated Taylor with respect, and that macho persona faded when they were alone. He let her talk, was genuinely interested in her thoughts on all sorts of subjects, patiently listening to her when she expressed her favourite music tastes (Kev admitted that although she was ‘fit’ Taylor Swift’s music wasn’t for him, but he could see why women liked it) even if their tastes didn’t always align. He wasn’t much to look at though. His hairline was receding and he supported a ‘healthy’ beer gut that strained against his belt and jeans. His arms were covered in a thick layer of black hair, and the few buttons open on his polo shirt suggested that the same hair covered his chest as well. He was at least 10 years older than Taylor too. Not that age had been an issue before, she’d dated plenty of older men, but they were rich and back then Taylor had been naive. They’d exploited her for her fame and good looks, and in return she’d exploited them back for gifts and guilt trips. Looking back on it all these weren’t healthy relationships. Maybe that’s why deep down, she found herself attracted to Kev in an odd sort of way.

He wasn’t her type, she knew she was way out of his league, but right now he was treating her better than any man had before. Plus he was one of the few to actually like her look while wearing this ‘disguise’. She was still adjusting to the fake persona, but he made said it made her stand out and that she could pull it off, That made her smile. It was only because of him that she went back to the beauty salon to get a top-up.

Kaylee’s jaw nearly hit the floor when Taylor walked back in to the salon, and Kaylee was bracing herself for a bollocking. When Taylor said she wanted a top up, Kaylee could’ve fainted, but she quickly warmed to the idea. Taylor took the most of the opportunity while there to get her eyebrows ‘fixed’ (she was tired of them being wonky) and she enquired about a little hair and nail treatment while she was there too. Kev mentioned that he preferred blondes, and Taylor had worked out herself he had a thing for girls with longer fake nails, so why not indulge him a little?

Taylor wished she had a camera on her when he saw the completed look. It was at the end of the month and he came in with his garage buddies as usual. Distracted by their usually chatter he sat at a table, got the order for the round of drinks, and headed to the bar.

“What will it be this time luv?” Taylor asked with a wink

Kev stood there speechless. Trying to take in the woman in front of him. Taylor was still wearing the same plain pub top and black polyester trousers, but her bright blonde hair dazzled a little in the sunlight as it fell loosely over her shoulders. Her face was a light shade of orange and Taylor had put some effort in to contour her cheeks a little to make them stand out, and the dark pink eyeshadow drew attention to her deep green eyes. Her lips were a pale pink that matched well with her skin tone, and Taylor had applied a little concealer to cover the worst of the break-outs on her chin. As his gaze moved to her hands, he saw new fake bright pink nails on the end of each finger, lightly wrapped around the beer tap, ready to take his order.

“You ok babe? Do you wanna take a picture? It’ll last longer!” Taylor said with a smirk. “I can’t wait to give this lever a big old… pump.. for you!” Taylor’s voice was overly breathy and sensual, and she couldn’t help but giggle, unable to keep the ‘act’ up for much longer.

The laugh was enough to finally break Kev out of his daze, but the damage was done. Taylor finally knew a sure fire way to get under his skin and she wasn’t going to let that go lightly.

When they met on Taylor’s break, she couldn’t stop laughing at him. Teasing him about his reaction and how she could’ve poured him a pint of Cola and he wouldn’t have noticed. Kev was bashful and a little on the back foot, but he took the teasing in good fun. By the end of the night he was less dumbstruck and they were just talking like friends again. He did admit that her saying ‘babe’ had sent a little shiver down his spine, and Taylor took a quick mental note. She loved teasing him with things like that and it gave her a sense of power once again. Plus, if he liked the look, then she’d keep it, especially if it meant she could tease him even more. Taylor was also relieved to be blonde again, black felt so unnatural!

After this ‘incident’ Kev started visiting the pub more often. Sometimes with mates, sometimes on his own, and each time he’d try to carve out more and more time to see Taylor, but half an hour each night never seemed like enough.

A few weeks later ,Taylor was sitting on the same old plastic chair and had just finished her salad when Kev finally gave a suggestion. He lit up a cigarette and took a toke. “You know, if you smoked you’d get way more breaks too right?”

“Fuck off! You think Martin is gonna give me more time off just because I can’t control some silly little craving? He’s more likely to stop my breaks all together!” Taylor exclaimed, she found herself being far more forthright around Kev now she was comfortable with him.

“No, I’m serious. Last barmaid smoked like a chimney and he let her have the breaks when she needed. He knows a happy barmaid is better than a grumpy one!” Kev reasoned back at her, taking another hit on his cigarette.

Taylor stopped and pondered this for a second. She’d smoked before but wasn’t really taken by it. Her voice coach said it could have long term effects on her vocal chords and that had been enough to dissuade her before. The smell wasn’t pleasant either, or at least that’s what she had thought. Now after spending so much time with Kev she associated the smell with him and it always made her smile when she picked up her clothes the next morning and could take in that aroma. It wasn’t the smell of smoke, it was the smell of him.

“Well, if you say so, but.. I don’t have any smokes on me. It’s not like I can start tonight!” She said, trying to make up excuses.

“Well dummy, guess who’s got plenty to spare!” He said, tossing her the rest of his pack and a cheap yellow Bic lighter. “What’s your next excuse gonna be?”

Taylor rolled her eyes. It’s like he already knew her excuse was half-arsed and that he wasn’t going to let this one lie. “Ok good point.. just know I’m doing this for you. You owe me a pint when we get back in. Ok?” Taylor took out a cigarette and placed it between her lips. Anxiously she clicked at the lighter but each time the flame flashed out of existence before it could reach the cigarette.

Kev could see her frustration with each click, and kneeled down to her level. Softly taking his hands and wrapping them around hers. “You got to slow down. She the trick is one big flick and hold the button down…” As he instructed her the flame burst into life and he took the opportunity to lift the flame to the tip of the cigarette to help light it.

Taylor frowned in frustration, taking her first puff as he let go of her hands “Thanks, but it’s only a stupid lighter… I can do it myself you know!” She shot back, trying to keep a little independent streak “But… ummmm… thanks though” she sheepishly admitted, taking another puff and trying to get used to the feeling of smoking again. It wasn’t her first but it was clear to see that she was smoking like an amateur.

“No problem, anytime luv. So your’s is a pint of Strongbow right? I’ll get Martin to have one ready for you at the bar!” Kev said with a smile as he turned to go back inside. “I’ll leave you to it.” He paused letting Taylor enjoy another toke before leaving her with one last thought “I guess we’ll be seeing a bit more of each other now?” He asked hopefully.

Taylor such took the cigarette out of her mouth, blew him a kiss and winked “Sure, whatever you say ‘babe’” She giggled as as she saw Kev roll his eyes as she said that and he mouthed the words ‘fuck off’ back to her. She knew it made him weak at the knees and she needed to do something to get the balance of power back in her favour.

Taylor finished her cigarette in peace, enjoying the last few moment of quiet before she had to go back on shift. Although it had been a rough start, after 6 weeks on holiday she felt more at peace than she had been in a long while. It would be a shame it would all be over soon now she was past the half way point. With her thoughts drifting back to her old life on tour and how she’d miss this daft little pub Taylor made a vow. She’d enjoy her time here to the fullest, no regrets. She’d only get one chance to be Tracey.
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby GeneGenie » Thu Aug 11, 2022 7:27 am

The next chapter is here, I hope you all enjoy it! I know the big question you all want me to answer and yes this chapter finally addresses it.

Does this chapter talk far too much about the women’s Euros?’ :Yes it does.

Why?’ : Because I’m still not over it, that’s why.

Sorry, but sometimes with great kink, comes great and weird tangents. (At least that’s what my dear Uncle Ben always used to tell me).



Chapter 12

It was now only 2 weeks until Taylor’s holiday would come to an end. Although she wasn’t looking forward to it, as she glanced in the mirror she reasoned it was probably for the best. Living life to it’s fullest certainly had it’s consequences. Although her body could take it when she’d had a few wild weeks in her early 20’s, the curse of age was quickly catching up to her. The forced changes to her lifestyle had a big impact.

She still had the fake tan and fake nails of course, but that was all temporary. It was underneath all that where the cracks were beginning to show. Despite spending most of the day on her feet, the combination of big breakfasts, chips and a habit of 3 pints of cider a day was starting to add a few pounds to her body. It had only been 4lb the first month, then 6lb the next, and when she checked this morning she was another 4lb up. 14lbs in total, over a stone, and the weight clung to her in places that felt obvious to her.

The most noticeable was around her middle, whee her once toned gut now protruded a little into a small paunch of soft fatty tissue. When she sat she could feel it pushing against her waistband and as she reached down she could pinch the flab between her fingers. If it got any worse she’d start to develop a little roll down her side, she did not want that. She was nearly always bloated too and she found it harder to relieve that pressure discreetly. Her conversations could be interrupted by the need to stifle a burp and she had to be careful when bending over to get stuff out of the mini fridges behind her, as the occasional fart might also escape. She’d managed to disguise those pretty well so far, and no customer had complained.. yet.. but it was a reminder to Taylor that she needed to get this problem sorted if she was ever going to feel ‘normal’ when she was in polite company again.

More fat had started to accumulate around her backside and thighs as well, giving Taylor a slightly more ‘pear’ look. It wasn’t noticeable at first, but she now knew her thigh gap that she was once so proud of was well and truly gone. She lacked any serious chaffing as she walked, but while she was at the supermarket the other week she had briefly looked over a few creams that may help to ease the discomfort. She didn’t buy any of course. She was still in denial. But the fact she looked at them in the first place told her that she needed to get her sorry ass back to the gym once this was all over. Oh.. her sorry ass.. yes that had been impacted too. Whatever level of tone she’d had before had been replaced with a heart shaped softness. To some it would’ve been cute, and Taylor wasn’t stupid. She knew plenty of music stars with a big ‘ol’ booty that helped them sell a record or two. However none of them had cellulite and that’s what worried her most. She ran her hand across her orange skin and cringed a little as she felt every dimple and imperfection. There were treatments of course, and Taylor would take corrective action as soon as she could, but it did make her feel self conscious. If she got a chance with Kev, it would be the last thing she’d let him see, or touch for that matter!

Fat had also found it’s way to other places Taylor thought impossible. Her once toned arms just held a little extra ‘jiggle’ now and she felt weaker than she had before she took her break. Martin always dealt with replacing barrels when they ran out, and pulling pints was only so much work for her upper arms, so it was natural she lost a little muscle there. Her face was starting to round out a little too as her cheeks lost their definition and puffed out ever so slightly. There was also the beginnings of a double chin which Taylor couldn’t fail to notice. She caught herself in the mirror behind the bar one day, tucking into a packet of pork scratchings, and as she chewed she saw it. At certain angles when her face contorted to chew, it was clear as day. Taylor put the packet down and looked in the cloudy old mirror a little closer, just to make sure it wasn’t a trick of the light. Her fingers patting the skin around her neck, seeing if it was softer. Maybe it was, it was hard to tell.. but the mirror didn’t lie, and neither did the scale. She’d put on weight, there would be consequences, she resolved to deal with them later.

He other little ‘habit’ was having an impact as well. Smoking, which had started as a way to chat to Kev, had pretty much spiralled into a full blown addiction. At first she only smoked when Kev was around, but he’d started turning up more and more, from 1 day a week, to 2, to practically coming in everyday when the summer had just begun and the bar started to show sport once again. The two were talking more and more and Taylor’s dislike of sports had sparked a bit of a friendly rivalry between them.

“I dunno, football just seems so dumb. They fall over so easy when they haven’t even been touched. What’s that all about?” A semi-frustrated Taylor asked in-between puffs. This was her second cigarette break of the night and this wasn’t the first time Kev had tried to convince her that football was the ‘ultimate sport’

“Well yeah, that is shit. But you just need someone to support, someone like you.” Kev countered

“Yeah sure, if they put women’s footie on the telly, I’ll watch it ok?” Taylor said, with a false sense of confidence, unknowing falling into Kev’s carefully laid trap.

“Ok, deal. Shake on it?” He reached out with his large hairy paw and gave Taylors hand and firm shake, before leaning in and whispering in her ear. “You do know the women Euro’s starts tomorrow, don’t you?”

Kev laughed, and the trap earned him a playful slap on the chest from an outraged Taylor. She knew she’d had the wool pulled over her eyes, but it was a neat trick, and meant they could hang out a bit more. It didn’t mean she’d actually enjoy it though.

Cut to a few weeks later and Taylor was happy to have been proved wrong. The first match was a fairly dull affair that did little to convince her this was the sport she should follow. However, as the tournament went on, Taylors’ love of the game slowly grew as the Lionesses went deeper and deeper into the tournament. It may’ve been the atmosphere in the bar that allowed her to get swept away in the emotion of it all, it may’ve been Kev’s and ability to slowly explain the game to her and his patience when he answered all those silly questions she wanted to say, but was too afraid to ask. Or it may’ve been because, as Kev said himself, the England team was made up of “11 feisty blonde blonde bitches, just you!”. Taylor didn’t argue with that comparison!

Her love of the game did lead to a few embarrassing moments. Her promise to do “a shot every time England scored” backfired when against Norway England were up 6-0 by halftime. Luckily Kev said she could stop after 6, which felt like a blessing when the 7th and 8th goal went in, but she still poured some very sloppy pints that evening. The next moment she lost control completely was in the crowded pub on the day of the final. The match had gone to extra time and Taylor couldn’t believe how nervous she was. She was screaming at the TV, calling the ref a ‘wanker’ (an ancient English custom) and she wished she could run on the pitch and kick every ball herself. When Chloe Kelly finally scored, Taylor felt the need to celebrate in as similar fashion. Jumping on top of the bar, she peeled off her top and swung it around her head in jubilation. Pints where thrown in the air at the sight of the goal, but most of the bar stopped watching the TV for the chance to take a sneaky peek and a Taylors chest bouncing in a cheap bra! It was almost like she was on stage again, and despite the fact they all saw her growing belly too, most were too focused on her tits to mention anything. Kev was a gentleman as well, helping her get safely back off the bar and acting as a bit of a shield as she put her top back on. She was glad England actually kept hold of their lead that time, or the bar might’ve expected a repeat performance if it went to penalties.

The whole tournament was such a bonding experience for Taylor in several ways. She was closer not only to Kev, but to the rest of those who visited the pub. They felt like family. She also felt more English than she ever had before. She’d never taken her top off for the US soccer team! In those little moments it was so easy to forget who she really was, and deep down, she enjoyed that too.

Though as she reminisced, she knew that bonding came at a cost. One cigarette a week had become one each visit. It became one each meal break even when Kev wasn’t around. Just in the last week Taylor felt the need hit her the moment she woke up and she often found herself in the ensuite, window open, blowing the smoke out the window. Sarah detested smoking and Taylor didn’t want to find a new place to stay this late on.

Smoking came with the familiar side effects. Her teeth were looking slightly more yellow no matter how much she brushed (she did sometimes forget if she cam back too late and too full of cider, that probably didn’t help matters). Her voice had also just shifted slightly, it was maybe a little huskier than before, or a touch lower. It was hard to tell. To be honest it had been so long since Taylor had used her ‘normal voice’ she might not be able to tell the difference. All she knew is that her throat disagreed with it and she’d get a teeth whitening kit and some nicotine gum the moment she was away from this place.

She stopped her little inspection in the mirror and snapped back into ‘Tracey’ mode. It was another work day, and maybe this would be the day she decided to make a move on Kev. 2 weeks was just long enough to have a little holiday romance and then leave with the passion still burning. Any longer and there would be the risk it got stale, and Taylor always wanted to leave her partners wanting more.

As she walked to the pub though, she felt sluggish. I mean, she was getting slower these past few weeks, but this was different. It was as if she’d been entirely drained of energy, and her throat was so dry. 'Maybe I shouldn’t cut down on the morning smokes’ she thought to herself as she patted her chest, letting a dry cough force its way out of her tired lungs. When she finally made it to the door she was exhausted, and she took a moment to take a quick seat at the bar stool before starting to wipe down the tables.

She wouldn’t get the chance to pick up the cleaning caddy though, as Martin noticed something was wrong the moment he saw her “You alright Trace? You don’t look so good.”

“It’s….nothing…. just… a little.. out of breath… that’s all” Taylor wheezed a little in-between big deep breaths, see was trying to get as much air into her lungs as possible, but it felt like they just wouldn’t fill.

“Don’t move love, I got something for you” Martin said as he dipped into his office and provided a test. “Do this, now!” His tone getting more fatherly as he wanted to make sure Taylor did what was best for her. She dutifully obliged.

When the test came back, his fears were confirmed “That’s two lines I’m afraid, get yourself back home and back to bed. You’re not going anywhere until that’s cleared up!” Martin said, ushering her out of the door.

Dejected, Taylor took a mask out of her pocket, ordered an Uber and made her way back to the solitude of her bed and breakfast room. Maybe the last two weeks weren’t going to be as much fun as she expected after all.
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby brightsun21 » Thu Aug 11, 2022 9:52 am

Brilliantly matched with the story with the women's football
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Re: Taylor’s Holiday (DG, Cultural)

Postby Seydlitz1916 » Fri Aug 12, 2022 5:27 am

Love what the smoking is doing to her teeth and voice. Can she ever get back to what she once was. Looking forward to the new person emerging.
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