Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby laristopa » Mon Jun 20, 2022 1:38 pm

What a dastardly trick! This story is so much fun and I can't wait for more! It'll be much harder to explain away a face as opposed to just a hand and lips!!
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:24 am

Louis didn't leave his dorm for weeks except to make midnight runs to the dining hall where he would get as much food as he could manage for the next day or two. The first time Daniel saw his face he was surprised but chalked it up to college self exploration, but after the third or fourth time he put in for a room transfer. He complained that Louis was becoming a shut-in and a food hoarder and shortly after moved out, much to Louis' relief. For all of the effort Louis made to keep a low profile people were noticing. They started to call him Drag, a pun nickname for his new look and for the fact that he was moody and unsociable. His days at school were numbered. He wasn't going to his classes and his dining hall card was running out fast. Worse, he couldn't go home like this. It was hard enough to try to convince his parents that he'd had a cold for months at this point. Realizing he had to make a move fast and lacking the disposition for suicide he only had one idea left-- ask Jamie for help.

Louis met Jamie in the back of The Dingle the night after he contacted her. He sat like a lump at the table. A few times he caught eyes with a curious patron but once their eyes wandered away from his pretty face and saw his frumpy sweats and dumpy body they were over it. When Jamie walked through the door and upon seeing his sad appearance she ordered two appletinis and an order of mozzarella sticks. She wasn't working that night and wore black skinny jeans and combat boots with a black longsleeve turtleneck. She brought the drinks over and winced before saying, "Told you it wasn't a good idea." Tears welled up in Louis' eyes and she pushed the drink forward. He held it like a sip-up and lamely drank from the little stirring straw and sniffled.

"This is good," he said. "Thanks."

Jamie doubled back for the mozzarella sticks and placed them in front of Louis and said, "yea, I thought they were some super cringey Sex And The City shit before I tried one, and now they're my go-to for sure." She inspected Louis' face and hands and said, "You're not in as much trouble as you think you are. That is if you're willing to get creative."

"What do you mean?" Louis asked.

"Well," she said, "You're going to have to make a new life for yourself just like I did. I moped around for a month or two just like you until I started to embrace my assets, and once Samuel finished me off I realized I was now a commodity. Got some help and direction from some friends and now I'm doing ok."

"You dance in a dump," Louis said without looking up.

Jamie pulled his drink away and said, "this isn't my only gig, asshole. And if you want to give me shit then leave."

Louis shook his head and she slid the drink back towards him. A couple around their age came in and sat at the table next to them. The girl was Asian and exotic looking with sexy curves and the guy was tall and athletic looking even with his jacket on. He had the kind of blonde hair and blue eyes that made girls swoon over Leonardo DiCaprio in the 90s. The guy got up to order drinks and Louis made eye contact with the girl, who smiled warmly at him and then busied herself with her phone.

"So anyways," Jamie continued, "You have a beautiful face whether you like it or not. We can get you a wig and figure out some clothes for you and you can Cam or something. You'll be fine."


"Yea, like a cam girl. Your makeup is as good as any e-girl's and we can set the camera up to hide your body until you get in shape."

Louis gave her a blank look and said, "You're fucking nuts. I can't do any of that. Besides, no one would watch." He dipped a mozzarella stick in the half thawed marinara sauce and munched on it sullenly.

Jamie singled to the bartender for another round. "What else are you going to do?" Louis looked like he was going to cry. The guy from the next table returned and kissed the girl. Louis couldn't help but to notice how tender they were with each other and something like longing built in his stomach. Jamie noticed how he looked at them and asked, "is that something you want? Companionship?"

Louis looked away and said, "Not like anyone wants some weird half and half freak like me."

Jamie turned towards the couple and asked, "Hey guys, what do you think of my friend Louis here?"

They looked up and whispered to each other while keeping an eye on Louis. The girl spoke up, "We think Louise is a cutie." They both giggled and then went back to their own conversation.

Louis was flushed with embarrassment and sank in his seat, still sipping the appletini through the straw.

"See?" Jamie said.

"I can't believe that you asked them that," said Louis.

"Oh psh, they're my friends. You think a hot couple like that would just randomly come here now and sit behind us? They helped me and maybe they'll help you, if you pass this interview and quit being such a bitch."

Louis sat up and looked at the couple and then Jamie and then the couple and then Jamie. "Interview?"

"Look," she said, "You need to recreate yourself, without Samuel this time, and they can help. They produce adult films and such and are always open to fostering new talent, should that talent be grateful and make an effort. Without them you wouldn't be drinking that Appletini that I paid for. Without them you're going to work a glory hole at a rest stop, splitting the shitty pay with Billy Bob and blowing his friends for free after hours while your asshole itches from their dirty cocks."

Louis started to cry. His shoulders heaved up and down and tears blurred his vision. His lips quivered against each other, serious ugly crying. When he finally got his bearings and wiped the tears away the couple was sitting with him at the table. Behind them Jamie sat at their table and waved to Louis.

"Aw, bb, you'll be ok," said the girl. "I'm Susie, and this is Harley." The guy nodded with kind eyes. "We know all about Samuel and Jamie isn't the first girl who we've helped."

Louis caught his breath and squeaked out a little, "Hi."

Harley reached across the table and tilted Louis' head up by his chin and said, "We have a house outside of town and you can stay with us while we figure this all out, how you can get on your feet, and how you can contribute to our production company along the way. Solo stuff, you don't have to touch anyone or get touched, unless you want to."

Louis sniffled and said, "I don't think I'd be very good at porn."

Harley retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket and passed it to Louis and asked, "What happened the first time you rode a bike?"

Louis wiped his eyes and said, "I dunno, I fell."

"Sure you did," Harley said. "And how did it go the tenth time?"

"I dunno, fine, I guess."

Susie leaned forward and said, "Exactly. We learn by falling, sweetheart. Your first taping will be awkward. Your second one will be clumsy. But if you trust us, your tenth one will start your career, Louise."

Louis looked down and said, "My name is Louis."

Harley and Susie exchanged a look and Susie reached across the table and held Louis' hand and said, "Not anymore, bb."
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Wed Jun 22, 2022 6:14 am

Later that night Harley escorted Louise back to her campus to retrieve things she wanted to keep from her dorm room: her lap-top, toiletries, and a few books. However, as she began sorting out her clothing Harley advised against it.

“Remember, Louise,” he said. “You have a new life ahead of you, and I don’t see polo shirts and salmon colored shorts in it. Take a few beanies and some sweats and a winter jacket, leave everything else.”

She did as she was recommended and left the dorm for the last time. As they made their way through the quad a small group of boys laughed in their direction and one of them yelled, “See ya, Drag!” Harley placed the box on the ground, turned toward the group, and flicked an extendable baton out with a smooth Schick! sound. They immediately shut the fuck up. Even Louise froze, though part of her couldn’t deny how hot it was. It made her feel safe for the first time in a while.

Louise followed Harley’s classic black Charger through the wooded outskirts of town in her beat up old car. Aside from the red tail lights and fleeting reflected lights sliding across the Charger it was totally absorbed by the darkness. They pulled up to an older looking home and she parked behind him. There was enough light from inside the home to see that it was white with two stories and a wrap-around porch. It looked cozy. Harley helped her with her things and said, “We’ll show you around tomorrow, let’s just get you settled in tonight.”

The interior was modest, seemingly with the bare essentials but complete and tidy. The steps upstairs to her room were narrow and squeaky. Much to her surprise her room was commodious given the size. There was a full size bed with a few pillows and a quilt over it. A bedside table sat beside it and there was an armoire set against the wall perpendicular to the bed. A window with cute curtains was directly across the bed and a full size mirror leaned on the wall opposite from the armoire.

Harley showed her where the bathroom was and asked if she wanted food or something to drink. She was thirsty and he retrieved her a glass of water while she inspected her new room. Once they said goodnight she got into bed and as if given anesthesia fell asleep immediately.

She was gently awoken by a sun beam that slowly crossed the room through the window. A rooster crowed outside and she could just make out the sounds of Harley and Susie downstairs. She put on some sweats and went downstairs and made her way to the kitchen where they were. The kitchen was extremely cute with white cupboards and black knobs, a black and white checkered floor, and outfitted extremely well with a Kitchen-Aide, knife block, wine rack, etc. The table in the center had OJ and steaming coffee on it with some pancakes and eggs served family style. There was even a setting for Louise.

“How did you sleep,” Susie asked?

“Well,” said Louise with a smile.

Harley pointed to her seat and poured her a cup of coffee. There was even a little pitcher of milk and a dish of sugar for her to fix it with. She made herself a plate of food and they chatted about the news and such.

After breakfast Susie showed Louise around the outside. There were little flower beds lining the perimeter of the house and a vegetable garden out back, though everything was brown and falling apart as winter was nearing. A small peep of chickens poked around the yard, and the forest insulated it all.

Soon after the outside tour Susie led Louise to the basement where the productions took place. It was one giant room and perhaps the most glamorous part of the house.

“Not bad, right?” Susie said.

Louise was extremely impressed. There was a bed centered against one wall and in a corner across the room stood a giant X with straps on each end. Across from the X in the opposite corner was a massage table. Susie then led Louise to a closet and said, “And here’s the tool shed.” She pulled a chain hanging from the ceiling and a light illuminated peg boards on all sides with sex toys and props covering every inch. Whips, dildos, masks, plugs, paddles, and anything else you could think of was available. One corner had tripods and cameras.

Louise gulped. This sight suddenly snapped her back to Louis for a second. Susie could sense this and said, “Listen honey, you don’t have to use any of this, but it will help you. And remember, you don’t have to do this at all. We can part as friends no problem, but your other options aren’t great.” Louise nodded. Her eyes drifted to the dildos, remembering the epic blowjobs with Samuel. Susie went on, “We also don’t have to do anything immediately. Why don’t you take a week to settle in? Get your bearings? And we can try something next week if you’re comfortable then.”

Louise was overwhelmed by her kindness and started to cry. Susie reached out and gave her hand a loving squeeze. Louise laughed a little and said, “No one has ever been this nice to me. No one has ever really cared about me.”

“Well,” Susie said. “We have a lot more in common than you think.”
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:46 am

Louise spent the next week acclimating to her new life. She'd often spend time in front of the mirror studying her face. Louis could have never dreamed of hooking up with a girl as hot as the face she now had. Sometimes she'd zone out and come to realizing she was making kissy faces and posing with her sexy hands framing her face. Still there were nights when she would think about all that was happening and felt embarrassed and scared. Louis could never risk being seen naked online. What would his family think? But Louis was gone. Could Louise really be a cam girl?

Harley and Susie thought it would be best for Louise to watch Susie perform so she could get a feel for how a production would go. Just before it started there was a knock at the door and Harley ascended the stairs to answer it. Louise was surprised to see Jamie following Harley down the stairs when he returned. Jamie gave Louise a big hug and asked her how she was doing. The four of them chatted for a bit before they started. Louise sat on the massage table across the room to watch. Jamie's presence definitely made her feel more comfortable, and she even started to feel like she was part of something.

For the scene both Jamie and Susie wore Arianna Grande bunny masks and matching latex skirts and tops. They sat facing each other with their legs folding under themselves and slowly made out with lots of wet smacking sounds. It was going to be an ASMR piece, Harley explained. It didn't take long for Louise to become fully aroused as she watched. However, this just added to the confusion. There's no way anyone would think she's a guy now, yet she still had an admittedly unsexy body and penis to boot. This wasn't the first time she grappled with these thoughts, and when discussing it at the breakfast table one morning Susie suggested that she identify as trans, which made sense to Louise.

After the week passed Louise told Harley and Susie that she was ready to get in front of the camera. The morning before her first shoot Susie instructed Louise to shower and shave her body. When Louise was done Susie brought a bag up to her room and said, "Ready to become even hotter?"

The question caught Louise off guard, and she said, "Sure?"

Susie opened the bag and the first thing she pulled out was a set of breast forms. "So these are a set of G's, bb," she said. "Your frame is kind of big and anything smaller might look too small and bunched up."

Louise picked them up and was surprised by how heavy they were. They were soft like real boobs but the nipples were air brushed and clearly fake looking. She held the set awkwardly and felt silly.

"You put them on like a shirt," Susie said. "If it gets stuck I'll help you. Here, put some baby powder on beforehand, it will help them go on better and the sweat won't be as bad."

Louise took her sweatshirt off and her little man boobs hung depressingly. She turned her back to Susie as she powdered herself and then struggled to put the boobs on. They were so heavy! Just as she was feeling stuck in them like an undersized t-shirt Susie's hands appeared from behind and helped pull them down. Once they were on Susie showed her how to lift and push them into position.

"Do you feel ok?" Susie asked.

Louise nodded while cupping them curiously.

"Ok, great. Lets try this corset on." She pulled an all black corset from the bag. It was simple, no frills. She swung it around Louise's waist and showed her how the clips in the front worked. Once they were on she went behind Louise and asked her to breathe out and suck in her stomach a little. Just as she did Louise felt the corset tighten around her torso as Susie pulled the lace in the back and tied it off. Once the corset was in place she then had Louise take off her sweatpants and replace them with a pair of black panties and a garter belt to go over them. Susie gave Louise some privacy and was pleased when she turned around and saw the set properly in place. She then explained that stockings would usually follow but for her first shoot they would frame it so just Louise's upper body would be in the shot to make it a little easier.

"It's hard to breathe," Louise said. Susie assured her that she'd get used to it and that she didn't do it too tight. She laughed and told her that in a month or two she'd want it even tighter. Louise found that hard to believe. Susie then showed her how to pull her boobs up and in place within the corset, making for some bountiful cleavage. Next she clipped a gold Cleopatra Necklace around her neck that plunged nicely towards her cleavage, and above it she clipped another gold necklace into place. It was also gold and thick enough to hide the seam made by the breast forms.

Susie squealed and said, "Oh my god, Louise. You're looking so fucking hot." She went back into the bag and took out a black sheer robe and had Louise put it on. She then retrieved a set of clip on hoop earrings and clipped them onto Louise's ears.

"Ow," Louise said and she tenderly touched her earlobes.

"Pain is beauty, babe," Susie said flatly. "Ok, one last thing." She pulled out a long wavy platinum blonde wig with bangs. She shook it out and sprayed texture spray throughout it and then fluffed it with her free hand. She had Louise push her hair back in a wig cap and then helped position the wig on her head. Susie had a discerning look on her face as she picked and pulled at the wig. Once she was satisfied she took a step back and put both hands over her mouth and nodded her head approvingly. "Check yourself out in the mirror, hottie."

Louise slowly walked in front of the mirror and couldn't believe her eyes. She was as hot as any porn star she ever saw! She couldn't help but to push her boobs together and shift her weight to the other hip as she seductively bit her lower lip. Susie squealed again, surprised by Louise's natural posture. Louise felt a rush of warmth swell throughout her body. She never felt much looking at her reflection as Louis, but as Louise she couldn't take her eyes off herself. Her panties tightened as her cock got rock hard, totally aroused by her transformation. She apologized to Susie but Susie assured her that that was going to be everyone's reaction to her so who cares. Lost in the moment Louise began touching herself and Susie jumped up and said, "No! Save it for the camera." However, the thought of being filmed like this only made Louise more aroused. Now the only thing she worried about was cumming too soon.
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:12 am

When Louise entered the basement Harley let out a long whistle. "Told ya," he said to Susie.

"Oh stop it," she said. "I never doubted her, and may I mention that I chose everything she's wearing, thank you very much."

Louise blushed. As Harley and Susie set the cameras up on tripods Louise couldn't help but to continue checking herself out in a mirror that was down there. She was surprised by how into this she was. She certainly wasn't fighting how things were going, but now she was excited to tape. Susie told her to look in the toy closet and grab anything that might help her. Louise scanned each wall carefully but she had made her decision before she opened the door and grabbed a realistic 8" dildo complete with a set of balls. Though they didn't say anything, Harley and Susie were impressed by her choice. They expected this to be more of struggle than it was turning out to be. When they were ready Harley motioned for Louise to get on the bed. She centered herself accordingly and Susie helped position her.

"Pull your shoulders back and pretend a string is pulling you up towards the ceiling by your head," Susie said.

Harley was focusing the camera during this and saw Louise bloom into an even sexier woman once she lifted her normally hunched shoulders. He looked over the camera and said, "Susie just gave you excellent advice, and if you care to do the same things as you walk around off set you'll look more feminine then too." Louise nodded enthusiastically. "Ok," said Harley now that they were all ready. "Lets try a test run in 3, 2, 1... rolling." Louise immediately plunged the dildo down her throat, balls to her chin, and fucked her throat with it. "And cut."

Louise looked over to them, dildo still in her mouth. She pulled it out and in a breathy tone asked how she did.

Susie sat on the bed next to her and said, "Great, amazing actually. But if I may, you want this to be a slow draw. Let's aim for ten minutes. Think of it like a fireworks show, you just gave us the grand finale right out of the gate." Louise was surprised to hear it in those terms but understood. She thought of porns she liked and how most of them begin with someone ringing a doorbell or maybe dancing fully clothed. Susie backed her way out of the shot and Harley signaled to roll tape again, "And rolling."

This time Louise stared at the camera and held the dildo to the side as if she wasn't interested in it. She then said, "Hey big boy--"

"Cut." Harley looked to Susie and scratched his head. She shrugged in return. "Louise," said Harley, "Have you ever heard someone say that in a porn?" She shook her head no and dropped the dildo in defeat. "Aw, honey. I don't mean to discourage you. Remember, we're all in this together. Dialogue isn't as easy as it seems. How about for this one we go without it. Remember the ASMR one from the other day? Lets do something like that. Start off by smiling to the camera. Pretend it's someone you have a crush on and you're trying to seduce them without a word, lead the viewer with your eyes to whatever you're focusing on, then to the camera, and back. Slowly, but not too slowly. Softly caress your breasts with one hand and slowly bring one finger up to your mouth. Play with your lips and then suck your finger. When you get bored of that pick up the dildo and stroke it a little while and react with your mouth and inch it closer and closer. Start by kissing it, then lick it, and then suck it. Don't deep throat it until I give you the signal. Got it?" Louise nodded.

The next take she did exactly as she was told. At 6 minutes in, after gently sucking on the dildo with her perfectly pouty lips, Harley gave the signal and Louise plunged the dildo right back down to the balls. This time she fucked her throat with the entire length. A few times it popped out completely, connecting it to her lips with a slimy bridge of slobber. Each time she returned it to her mouth strings of sticky saliva gathered and hung off her chin. Unknowingly she began to rub her cock and Harley zoomed out to capture the whole shot. Louise lost herself, now she was stroking her cock, using the dripping saliva as lube. She didn't last much longer after that and her cum shot way out of frame. As her post nut glow set in Harley zoomed in on her face to catch the soft panting. She slowly cleaned the dildo with her mouth while wiping the saliva off her chin and back into her mouth as she caught her breath.

"And cut," said Harley.

The three of them looked at each other, Louise with a wanting look of approval. Susie broke the silence and said, "Well someone certainly doesn't need training wheels." Louise laughed and asked if it was ok.

Harley walked forward from around the camera and said, "Better than ok." He and Susie were truly astonished, they knew this taping was as good as any. The only thing they could nitpick was the cum shot shooting too far, but it was an excellent problem to have. They figured they were weeks, maybe months, away from shooting anything on this level with her.

"Thanks for your advice," said Louise. "It gave me perfect direction."

"My pleasure," said Harley. And it was. "You did everything perfectly, truly. Most people get offended when offered these tips but you listened and used them beautifully. Whoever you thought of to inspire you is one lucky person."

Louise blinked a couple of times with a blank face, as if remembering a dream. "Oh god," she said and threw herself onto the pillows in visible embarrassment.


"Oh goddddd," she said again and covered her face.

"Aw, honey, what is it?" Susie asked.

"I'm so embarrassed by who I thought of."

"Who was it?"

Louise looked into the corner with the giant standing X and let out a giant breath and said, "Ugh.... Samuel."
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby laristopa » Fri Jun 24, 2022 4:49 am

It seems Samuel's magic did more than just altering Louise's body! Hopefully she can keep these thoughts at bay...though she would know where to find him if need be... :evil: :twisted: :D
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Fri Jun 24, 2022 5:15 am

laristopa wrote:It seems Samuel's magic did more than just altering Louise's body! Hopefully she can keep these thoughts at bay...though she would know where to find him if need be... :evil: :twisted: :D

Well, that is if he hasn't gotten into too much trouble and moved on... :twisted:
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Fri Jun 24, 2022 6:20 am

That night they celebrated with beers and bongs. It was unseasonably warm yet breezy and they mainly hung out on the porch. The trees still had enough leaves to rustle as the wind rushed through them. Louise was still wearing her breast forms and wig but changed back into her sweats. She felt at peace and could have clung to the moment forever as her buzz washed over her. However, as the night winded down and she went upstairs to go to sleep and was caught off guard by how sad and incomplete she felt taking off her wig and breast forms. Without them she felt like a doomed half and half freak. She thought about Jamie and Samuel as she went to sleep and knew what needed to be done.

The next morning she lied to Harley and Susie and told them that she was going to town to pick up weed from her dealer, but instead she drove to the hatchery on Big Creek. It was much colder than the last time she was here and the thought of getting naked out there gave her goosebumps. However, as she neared the bench overlooking the pool with the boulder she could see it was empty. She decided to wait there to see if Samuel would show up. There was only one trout feeding and it seemed to only rise once every couple of minutes. She waited until the sun dipped below the mountains and the temperature dropped. When she came back Susie asked if she could pinch a bit from her but all Louise could say was that he no-showed. "Typical," Susie said. Louise agreed and went upstairs and softly cried into her pillow so no one would hear.

As winter set in they shot more productions, and as promised the money rolled in. They paid her in cash and for Christmas gave her a little safe to keep it in. Louise was turning out to be quite the star. Whether she appeared solo or with Susie or Jamie she always appeared to be the main attraction with her unmatched enthusiasm. In her free time she was doing pilates and squats to try to help the rest of her body catch up with her face, but the results were barely showing, especially with her droopy, flat boy butt. In her frustration she would find excuses to take a drive and stop by the hatchery, but Samuel was never there. Still, she was determined to be the sexiest cam girl she could be as she was making more money camming than she ever would have working a regular job. To increase her repertoire in front of the camera she decided to try anal and much to her surprise she loved it! She couldn't believe how good it felt and was miffed by the realization that that she could have been doing this years had she explored her body sooner.

It snowed on Valentine's Day and Harley made french toast and bacon with real maple syrup for the occasion. After breakfast Louise returned to her room and found a heart shaped box of chocolates with a card that read, "Thanks for being our Valentine! Love Susie and Harley." It was beyond cute and Louise truly felt at home. They weren't shooting that day but she put on her breast forms and a sexy red velvet lingerie set. She chose a fiery red wig that perfectly matched the set and descended the stairs in clicking heels. When Harley saw her he let out a long whistle that got Susie's attention. She popped her head out of the kitchen and said "Damn girl!"

Louise sashayed into the kitchen and said, "I wanted to thank you guys with a gift of my own." She took both their hands and led them to the basement. Once down there she seductively crawled onto the bed and looked back over her shoulder and said, "I thought maybe we could have a spit roast for lunch." Without missing a beat Susie made her way in front of Louise and sat back on the bed spread eagle. Louise pushed her butt in the air and lowered her upper body into Susie's lap, softly kissing the inside of her thighs. Harley watched Susie's face relax, her eyes gently closing and her lips pursing as Louise got closer and closer to her pussy. He then unbuckled his pants and kneeled behind Louise. With one hand he slowly fingered her as he massaged her back higher and higher with his free hand until he gripped her neck firmly but without choking her.

Louise could feel Harley's hard cock rubbing up behind her and he let out an approving moan and said, "Good girl." Hearing those words made Louise instantly hard and she pushed began licking Susie, who then let out her own satisfying moan. Harley slowly entered her and the three of them pushed in and out of each other as one. Susie was the first to cum and as Harley was close to climaxing he reached around Louise and jerked her off. Louise moaned and clenched hard around Harley as they both came together. They both collapsed into Susie's arms and the three of them softly panted together in a pile until they caught their breath and fell asleep.
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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Fri Jun 24, 2022 8:49 am

They wound up recreating the Spit Roast scene with Jamie and Susie. Jamie wore a strap on and dominatrix gear and put her hair in a high pony tail, whereas Susie opted to be totally naked. Louise was rigged up in rope with her hands tied behind her back. It quickly became the number one video on Porn Hub, making Louise one of the most visible performers in her categorical search, which at that point was Crossdresser. It was hard for her to enjoy to success, though. She didn't want to be a crossdresser or trans. She wanted to be a fully functional woman.

It was early spring now. The woods were still bare and skeletal but fresh buds and spring flowers were beginning to bloom with their electric colors contrasting sharply against the landscape. It was a Sunday and Jamie came by to hang out with Louise while Susie and Harley went out to pick through the flea markets that were starting up again. Jamie brought a joint and passed it to Louise, who looked distracted.

"What's wrong with you?" Jamie asked. She then added, "Miss number one on Porn Hub," and softly elbowed Louise.

Louise rolled her eyes and passed the joint back. "Whatever," she said. "Number one crossdresser."

Jamie scooted closer to Louise and put her arm around her and rested her head on her shoulder. "I know this hasn't been easy," she said. "Trust me, I get it. Everyone does."

Louise sat straight up and said, "Do you? Cause you're not some half and half thing. At least you're complete."

Jamie couldn't argue that. She placed the joint in an ashtray as getting higher right now won't help. "I'm sorry, babe. I know you're frustrated. And I know you've been trying to fix yourself as you see fit to no avail."

"Fucking pilates are useless," said Louise. "I even looked into HRT but not even that will make me like you or Susie."

Jamie nodded and said, "I know. So does Susie, and Harley for that matter." They were silent for a bit before Jamie continued, "You really want this, huh?" Louise nodded. "I mean, I shouldn't even have to ask. How many times now have you gone to the hatchery?"

Louise could have jumped out of her skin right then and there. "How do you know about that?"

"Harley told me," she said. "You know if you're going to say you're going out for things it's a good idea to bring them back, at least some of the time. You made yourself look pretty suspicious. He wasn't sure what you were up to, and mainly out of concern he followed you a few times."

Louise shook her head. She felt violated. "So you guys all knew? He was following me?"

Jamie nodded.

Louise stood up, practically hyperventilating. "Oh my god," she said. "You all knew and said nothing? And how well does Harley know Samuel to know what I was doing? Did you tell him about the hatchery? What the fuck is this?"

"Actually," Jamie said, "Harley was the one who told me about the hatchery."

Louise felt confused and betrayed. She didn't like that they all knew what she was trying to do without saying anything. And worse, they talked about it behind her back. It made her wonder what else she couldn't trust. Just then Harley and Susie rolled back into the driveway. The sight of the Charger made her feel sick, remembering the leap of trust she took when she followed it to their house. She ran off the porch into the backyard towards the woods but tripped and fell hard before she could reach them. The ground was cold and she sobbed.

Foot steps approached Louise. Her eyes were too teary to see who it was. "No one meant to make you feel vulnerable," Harley said. He sat down next to her and tried to rub her back but she threw an elbow at him and he backed off.

"Go away," she said through a struggled breath.

Harley sat with her until she calmed down. Once she exhausted herself she sat up and gave him a sad look. He was really struck by how pretty she looked when she cried. He wanted to help her more than she could understand, so he said the only thing that he thought could work. "We can help you change more."

Louise ripped up some of the newly growing grass and threw it at him and said, "I don't want to wear pads for the rest of my life."

"I know," he said.

"Then how the fuck can you help me?"

"I can bring you to Samuel."

Louise clenched her teeth and screamed. "Has this all been a set up? Are you all working with Samuel to cash in on my situation? Have you done this to others? How fucking dare you do this to me!"

Harley defended himself and said, "We do not do this to other people and did not set you up." He shot her a serious enough look to quiet her down. He continued, "But we know Samuel and how to get in touch with him. I'm sorry we didn't say anything earlier, it's just that everything was going well and you seemed happy. We were worried that you might not be ready for other changes, but that really wasn't our place. I see that now and I'm really sorry, honey."

Louise felt like she was falling as she sat there taking it all in. "How well do you know Samuel, Harley?" she asked.

"Louise," he said. "Harley isn't my real name."

Unsurprised at this point Louise asked, "Well then what's your real name?"

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Re: Because I Can (mtf) by Jjjandj

Postby Jjjandj » Fri Jun 24, 2022 2:03 pm

Susie and Harley went to the same high school. Harley was a popular jock who made the varsity baseball team as a freshman, the kind of guy girls dropped their books in front of in hopes of interacting with him as he picked them up. Susie was an artistic type who sat alone at lunch, keeping her head down as she doodled in her notebook. People didn't notice her unless they accidentally bumped into her or if she was paired up with them in a class project. People often asked if she just moved there, but nope, she was there all along.

They met one day when Harley was having a catch with a friend. His friend saw Susie behind Harley and lobbed the ball over him so that it would hit Susie's notebook. Her papers scattered everywhere and Harley ran over to help her gather them. She knew who he was and apologized profusely for messing up his game. Despite his appearance and accolades he was gentle and said his friend was a jerk for doing what he did. As he shuffled the pages back together he noticed that the drawings were not only really good but also consisted of a lot of gender bender themes: girls in sun dresses with boners, boys with pigtails and skirts sticking out of their football uniforms, cheerleaders with hairy legs and muscley arms. When Susie saw him focusing on them she turned red and ripped them from his hands. They wouldn't cross paths again until after graduation.

It was at The Dingle of all places where Harley would see Susie next. She had a drink in front of her and her trusty notebook opened next to it. Curious, Harley walked up behind her and spied into it. This time it was sketches were of BDSM scenes and sex toy prototypes. He gulped and said, "Um... excuse me." Susie turned around, surprised to see him. "Can I, uh.. get your next round."

Susie was confused. She looked around and asked, "Me?"

Harley was beat red and said, "Yea, if that's ok."

She said ok and closed her notebook. They made small talk about graduating and what they were up to now. Harley received a Baseball scholarship at the local university and lived a pretty cookie cutter life. Susie inherited a house outside of town in the woods from her grandparents and sold pictures of her feet and dirty panties online to support herslef. She was the coolest person Harley ever met, unlike anyone else in his life. He told her as much, and she asked him if he was fucking with her. "No, no," he said shaking his head. "I mean it..." he trailed off for a second. Now he had a few drinks in him and he gathered his courage and said, "Your drawings are my thoughts."


"That day," he said. "When my friend threw the baseball at you. I saw your drawings and it was the first time in my life that I was aware that people think about like, changing genders and stuff."

"Like trans people?" she asked.

"What are trans people?"

Susie studied Harley's face and couldn't find an inch if insincerity. She was much more cultured than he was and understood how someone from around here could be unaware of transgender people and all that goes with them. She patiently explained who they were and the processes they may go through in order to achieve gender transitions. Harley was floored, he looked like he was watching color tv for the first time or something. He barely spoke during the conversation, and when the lights came on after last call Susie saw tears in his eyes. She asked him if he was ok and he said, "I just never knew there were other people like me out there."

Susie was surprised to hear this and asked, "You think you're trans?" Harley nodded solemnly. "Me too," she said. By now Susie had matured into a very sexy, curvy female body. There was no way a binder could ever hold her boobs back and her butt was too big for most jeans so she could only wear sweats and stretch pants, which did nothing for her cause. She lacked the courage or money to seriously consider a medical transition knowing what an undertaking it would be to reverse all that femininity. It didn't help that her exotic looks gave her the face of a model. Even in a t-shirt, slacks, and a baseball cap she was catcalled wherever she went. All she could really do was keep her hair short and stare straight forward through life.

They exchanged numbers and by the end of the week they would become inseparable. Harley would often visit her at the house where she would dress him up and show him movies like The Crying Game, which unironically made him cry. Dressing up would sometimes make him cry, too. There was no way he could hide his athletic physique in the skimpy outfits he desired most, so she would draw him or photoshop a picture to make him look more feminine. In return he gave her a lot of his old gear, which fit her well. Varsity jackets and ball caps and work out shirts with the arms cut off, baseball pants that could stretch enough to accommodate her hips. Neither of them could get close to their dream bodies but they had fun and felt safe playing with each other. The first time they kissed they wore each other's outfits. Susie got on top of him and was firm with her touch while he was tender in return. Harley moved in after he graduated and started selling pictures of his feet and dirty underwear, too. One night Harley told Susie that he wished she didn't run away from him the day they met so they could have started their life together sooner. She held him and kissed his forehead and said, "Me too, honey."


There were rumors in town that people were disappearing and other odd things-- people changing, specifically, or only parts of them. One night at The Dingle they overheard some guys talking. "And she was a dude the whole time," one said. The group protested, and guy went on, "Yup, my buddy was blowing coke in a bathroom at this party. It was connected to a bedroom and he heard a couple come in. He was worried it might be the people that lived there so he tried to wait them out, figuring they'd be mad to find him. Like half an hour into it he was getting antsy cause he was like wasting his coke hiding in a bathroom, and he hears the a girl scream. So he figures perfect timing, I'll be a hero and get out of there. He busts through the door to see what's up and she's sitting on the bed with some dude and they both had dicks!" The group of guys collectively booed him and rejected the story but the bro swore it was true. He then said, "Yup, Chrissy Ferrara is a dude. Swear on my mother's grave." Upon hearing that name Harley's face looked puzzled.

"What is it?" asked Susie.

"I know that girl," he said. "We hooked up in 11th grade. She definitely has a pussy."

They both shrugged and left the bar. However, that wasn't the last time they heard such rumors. It was becoming a pretty established thing, and the constant detail was that it was always happening at parties. They wanted to see for themselves what was going on. Harley was pretty dialed into the local party scene through the friends he still kept in touch with, so they started stopping by them. Couldn't hurt, they thought. Worst case scenario they'd get fucked up and dance. They went to about ten of these parties before they finally caught a glimpse of Samuel. It was a typical frat house, red cups and popped collars. All eyes were on Susie. Harley was beginning to feel defensive and that maybe they should leave for her sake when a fight broke out. This kid was getting piled on by a bunch of jocks while a girl screamed something about crazy glue and hair on her hand. Her friends were examining it and Harley squeezed through the melee to also get a look. Her hand was big and as knuckley and hairy as any guy's he'd seen. It definitely didn't look it fit her lithe body. He saw the guy that was being attacked and he shouldered his way through the jocks and grabbed him.

"I'm gonna kill you, faggot!" he yelled, which got Susie's attention. She never once heard him say that word and she mouthed wtf to him. Harley pointed at the guy he was holding with his eyes and she got on board.

She yelled, "Yea, that's the guy!" and they shuffled out the door with him, promising the frat boys that they were going to handle this. Samuel tried to talk them down as Harley dragged him into their car. Susie got behind the wheel and turned back to him to assure him they weren't going to hurt him. Harley apologized for calling him a faggot. Samuel had never been so confused in the thousands of years he spent on earth.

"You're him, right?" Harley asked.

"Him who?" Samuel questioned.

Staring straight forward Susie said, "You're the one who can change us."

Samuel tried denying it for about half the drive back to the house until he grew tired of their persistence. He confessed. They asked how he did it and he explained his magic cock and cum, which he didn't expect them to believe, but they did. They then divulged what they had heard and their own detective work to find him. He never encountered a situation like this ever before. Usually if people understood who or what he was they'd either run or try to kill him. The whole scene felt surreal. He was impressed quite frankly. When they got to the house they invited him in and it was in there they made their request: change us.

"Well," Samuel said. "Suppose I do, what's in for me? This would be a service and all, right?"

"What do you need?" Susie asked.

Samuel looked around the place, examining the objects that surrounded him. It was all modest, and besides, he couldn't take any of it with him whenever he'd end up leaving town. Money was obvious, but he could always steal that. He sighed and said, "A home would be nice, but I don't suppose you got a spare room or would really want me here after a week. Guests are like fish, right?"

"Huh?" Harley asked.

"They stink after three days," said Samuel.

Susie perked up and said, "We have a guest house, you could stay there as long as you'd like."

"We do?" Harley questioned.

"Yup," Susie said. "It's a ways back through the the woods, like a hunting cabin. It would need a spit shine for sure, but no one's using it." She grabbed a few flashlights and handed them to the boys. "It's not too bad of a walk, like a mile and a half. Maybe two." Samuel looked hesitant, but he had nothing to lose. Besides, he figured if they were going to try to hurt him they would have done it by now. People who talk don't fight.

Sure enough a trail behind the house led them to the cabin. Susie flipped a rock near the front door and retrieved a key. Everyone was shocked when she opened the door and turned the lights on. She explained that her grandfather buried an electrical line all that way down the trail so he could have power back there. It was dusty and the appliances were old. The water ran brown for a few seconds when Samuel tried it but it cleared right up. He could hear a creek nearby. It was perfect. "You got a deal," he said. "But you know I gotta fuck around with both of you to make this happen, right? Big guy, you ain't gonna hurt me for filling up your woman, right?" Harley chuckled, knowing that he was a puppy compared to Susie. He swore he wouldn't. "Alright," said Samuel. "You have any requests for the changes? I can direct them if I have something to focus on."

Susie asked Samuel if they could have a moment alone. She and Harley stepped outside to confer while Samuel poked around the cabin a bit more. They came back in holding hands and Susie spoke for them, "The thing is we love each other so much that the thought of not seeing each other anymore hurts, even if we get our wishes to transition. So we were thinking you turn us into each other."

Samuel raised his eyebrows. He never met anyone quite like these two. He nodded and said, "That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard. It would be my pleasure to cum all over you two."

It took about three and a half days all in all, and when Susie and Harley returned to the house she was him, and he was her.
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