The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrink)

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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby laristopa » Mon May 09, 2022 10:52 pm

Very good start! Looking forward to future chapters :)
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby apediuex » Tue May 10, 2022 7:49 am

Authors Note (Realized this should have been part of the previous chapter, especially since chronologically its the next day. Took inspiration from IET (iykyk) for the training scene)

“Slash, Chop, Pierce, Slice, Sweep, Break, Tap, Whirl, Cleave, Intercept, Twist, Lift, Draw”

“Every single sword technique, no matter how complicated it appears is composed of these thirteen moves”

“Once you have mastered these basics, you have to become one with the sword”

“To achieve this, first understand your sword: every sword is composed of the body, the tip, the spine, the core, the edge, the hilt and the sheath. Ingrain these concepts into your mind. Then you have to learn to love your sword: eat with it, sleep with it, fuck with it, shit with it."

“Let me demonstrate”

The Ever-Queen slowly started going through the basic moves, one by one. Gradually she started to speed up, the bamboo stick gradually becoming indistinct and blurry.

That was when she unsheathed her sword, the polished blade catching the reflection of the midday sun. Like the sky meeting the sea at the horizon or a silver fish playing chase, the blade’s flowing silver light appeared attached to that unparalleled face. The onlookers watched in awe, initially caught in a paradox of whether to look at the peerless sword or the unparalleled women, their dilemma was resolved as the two became one.

Finally the Queen slowed down, the dance gradually growing to a close. Nary a drop of sweat marred her complexion, slightly deeper breaths the only proof of her physical exertion.
“Do you understand?”

“Your Holiness, I-” stammered Emma in response

“Im joking, mainly focus on the basics I demonstrated. Furthermore, you will have an excellent instructor. Captain Demacia here has been by my side for the last fifty years, and is the best swordsman in the kingdom”

She briefly paused before smiling cheekily
“Except for me of course”

A grizzled man with a salt and pepper cut bowed in reply.

“Looking forwards to training with you Lady Emma”

Flustered, Emma waved her hands in denial
“I am no Lady, just a humble villager”

“As the Queen’s chef, you are considered nobility. Please accept my bow”
The Queen stepped forwards with a stomp, drawing the conversation short
“Enough with the formalities, Emma did you have any questions?

“Your Holiness, back in the village, my husband would occasionally give me basic lessons on how to use the sword for self defense. However, my breasts would always get in the way. I noticed you have similar size-”

“Bigger”, the Ever-Queen interceded

“Yes, bigger breasts. So how do you deal with this?”

“The short answer is that I have specially constructed garments under my armor to minimize their impact. I will have some built for you as well.”

The queen paused before continuing

“The long answer is that you can't. Large breasts will slow you down. In my prime as a swords-women, my breasts were relatively modest. As my magic power grew and my body became saturated with mana, as a natural consequence they slowly got bigger and bigger. Mana also gradually increased my height, which gave me greater reach but forced me to change my fighting style.

“So in practice, nowadays you fight like a heavy knight?”

Captain Demacia interjected
“Nowadays she just flicks her wrist and annihilates them with spells”

The Ever-Queen let out a deep laugh in response, the pearly whites of her teeth reflecting the midday sun.

“Both are correct. In truth, if I don't use magic my combat power is only 70-80% of what it was several thousand years ago. Still the best in the world, but not overwhelmingly so.”

The queen paused and glanced at the angle of the sun.
“I have to leave now, I have an appointment with your husband. By the way Emma, after you have mastered the basics of the sword, Demacia will be mostly honing in on your fitness and diet.”

“Why so your Holiness?”

“Fitness is the most important aspect of combat. If you had my physique, a few days of instruction would be enough to turn you into a qualified fighter. In contrast, if I was as fat as you, no matter how refined my swordsmanship I would still struggle to defeat the average knight”

With those harsh words still ringing in the air, the Ever-Queen turned on her heels, her long legs swiftly taking her in the direction of her harem.
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Tue May 10, 2022 9:07 pm

Interesting, so there are some hints that the Queen might end up gaining weight and losing her mana somehow. The weight gain would be from eating Emma's cooking but the mana or magic, none of them are knowledgeable enough in magic to just steal it from her, but maybe they will trick her somehow to give it up.
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby bananamango212 » Fri May 13, 2022 7:19 pm

I really look forward to the next part. I want see emma rise and the queen fall.
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby apediuex » Sat May 14, 2022 2:26 am

Late at night
In a courtyard in front of a large, purple-colored military tent stood the two most powerful men in the nation: Marshal of the Armies Dmitry Kherkev, and his adjunct, Lieutenant General Alexi. Dmitry was a bear of a man: tall and beefy, complete with hairy arms and vicious scars criss crossing his face. Alexi stood in sharp contrast, a strong but slim physique complete with soft blonde hair framing a well defined jawline. A hint of nervous excitement could be seen in the twinkle of his eyes.
“Old man, when is Her Highness arriving?” asked Alexi
“Whenever she feels like it. She tends to be late to this type of thing, and I am glad for that. I don't particularly enjoy this farce.”
The greeting of the General was an erotic game the Ever-Queen had conceived close to a thousand years prior. Even after armies became irrelevant due to the Ever-Queen’s magical power, she still maintained them as she enjoyed the feeling of conquering other kingdoms using tactics and strategy. As a nod back to the old days where she had no choice but to charm her generals so that they wouldn't plot against her, she would ‘seduce’ the Marshal of the Armies to guarantee his loyalty before going to war. Of course, none of the Marshals would dare to betray her unless they were tired of living, so really it was basically just erotic role-play. For this reason, historically the Marshals would be handsome men such as Alexi. Dmitry was the rare Marshal who had risen on his own military merits. Impressed by his performances in several wars, the Ever-Queen had allowed his promotion. Of course, she would never lower herself to fucking a bear like him. Instead she would lightly tease him.

“Why do you think Her Highness came this time?”
“To order us to prepare for our next war.” Dmitry paused before continuing “She will also most likely order you to lead it. If you perform well, I will be ordered to retire and you will become the next Marshal.”
“But her Highness has never even met me!”
“You are my adjunct, so a natural successor to my position. More importantly, you are the type of handsome boy she likes. The Ever-Queen enjoys her military man role play, and while she was impressed enough with my achievements to keep me as a Marshal, she made it clear to me that she intended to resume her game after my tenure.”
Alexi chuckled merrily.
“I don’t think you're that ugly old man, even though you certainly can't compare to me”, Alexi said shamelessly.”

Their conversation was interrupted as a flaming meteor lit up the night sky. It quickly approached the direction of the camp, before slamming down into the open courtyard. The flames dispersed, revealing the Ever-Queen riding on top of an enormous, clearly magical white tiger. The tiger roared, making the surrounding soldiers flinch in fear. The Ever-Queen stepped forwards, revealing a rather skimpy outfit.
“Do forgive Bruce, he hasn't been able to relieve himself much recently”
The Ever-Queen stepped forwards, before tracing her perfect nails down Dimitry’s chest.
“This lowly queen cannot afford to satisfy a general such as yourself”, she theatrically proclaimed. “Despite that, I hope you won’t betray my poor and humble self.” Satisfied at her performance, she turned her head to Alexi.
“I assume he is your successor?”
“Yes your Highness”
“Good. Very good. He will lead the next war as provisional Marshal, although you can follow along to advise him. If he performs well I will promote him.”
She cleared her throat before resuming her theatrics.
“This lowly queen will do anything to guarantee your loyalty when you become Marshal, lord Alexi, including letting you have your way with me” She cupped his chin, before licking her lips in anticipation of her conquest.
Even though he knew the queen was toying with him, at the end of the day he would get to fuck her. This prospect quickly made his pants bulge.
Satisfied at his reaction, the Queen walked back to Bruce before leaving in a blaze of glory.
Alexi calmed his beating heart, before noticing that Dmitry appeared to be lost in thought
“What are you thinking about old man?”
In reality there was a burning question racing through Dmitry’s mind

“Has the Ever-Queen grown soft?”

Indeed, the queen has become softer. Thurkhell finally allowed himself to come to this conclusion after much uncertainty. Over the past month or so, as she frequently fucked him, he had noticed some changes but he doubted himself, chalking up the changes to his imagination. Today, as for the first time ever he fucked the Ever-Queen in the missionary position, he was able to confirm his doubts. She had grown soft both physically and mentally. Even if he got lucky today, there was no way he would have been able to out wrestle the queen a year ago. Even if by some miracle he had, she would have torn his head from his shoulders as soon as he started taking her in missionary.

Thurkhell's sessions with the Ever-Queen had always been a fight for control, one that she had always won. The ‘fight’ had always been a farce, a predator playing with its prey. Except today, the prey had scored a minor victory.
The Ever-Queen considered flipping him back over. She was still much stronger than him, only a brief lack of attention and some lucky leverage allowed Thurkhell to flip her over. The shock of that allowed him to get going. As she basked in the pleasure of Thurkhells massive cock pounding into her, mixed with a tiny bit of shame, she allowed him to continue. After all, she was certainly not new to the relatively vanilla missionary. The only difference this time, is that it was involuntary. There was a slight element of inherent submission she disliked, but as long as they were not having sex in position that would demean her status, such as getting taken from the back, it was fine she tried to convince herself.

As both parties gradually found their release, the Queen laid back on the pillows with a sigh of satisfaction. Too lazy to communicate, she lazily waved her hand in a signal for Thurkhell to take his leave.

As he pulled on his robes, Thurkhell looked over the queen's naked figure with a critical eye.

Her eight-pack had disappeared in favor of a toned stomach. Muscular thighs had also turned into merely toned ones. As the Queen turned over to find a more comfortable position, he noticed that the formerly well defined ridges and valleys of her back had mostly disappeared in favor of a smooth albeit still muscular surface. Her arms retained the same definition, but her biceps had gone from sparking mountain peaks to –. He paused. They were still mountains, just less impressive ones. Her perky posterior was the last holdout, with no observable changes.

This is not to say the Ever-Queen was out of shape. The Royal Guardswomen followed a strict twice daily seven days a week intensive training schedule, and by consequence were in peak physical condition. Despite the queen's apparent muscular atrophy, her current physique would not look out of place amongst them.

Suddenly a bolt of insight struck Thurkhell. That was the major difference. A couple years ago, the Queen’s physique would have been out of place for a different reason. Any casual observer would be able to tell that her physique was heads and shoulders above theirs. Now, she would fit in amongst them.
A forbidden thought rose into Thurkhell’s mind. Would these changes stop, or was this a downwards trend?
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby blacksword » Sat May 14, 2022 5:24 pm

It's easy to see that he will try and succed in fucking her into a missionary position again few times and grow more bolder from here, by exemple, if she didn't seem out of place amount her royal guardswomen maybe he suggest her if she wanted to do some roleplaying. It can to be see an acceptable and harmless game by the queen.
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Sat May 14, 2022 7:34 pm

So it begins, her condition is beginning to degrade. Thorkell will get bolder and try to force her to submit sexually more and more. Eventually he will start overpowering her. I do wonder if she is being intentionally sabotaged by Thorkell's wife or is it all just a coincidence?
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby bananamango212 » Mon May 16, 2022 1:06 pm

Wow I can't wait to read more. I also would like to see Thorkell and Emma become bolder in the transformation. Like the comment above, I also wonder if there is intentional sabotage.
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Re: The Queen's Demise (Slowburn, DG, WG, humil, swap, shrin

Postby Leviathan » Tue May 17, 2022 11:25 pm

World and story is interesting. Is there a hidden cause to her decline other than hedonism? It seems unlikely for simple laziness to be the undoing of a "living god".
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