Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

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Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby TransGirlAndAWGFan » Mon Nov 01, 2021 8:24 am

Miss Jiff
Cari Kelli Sky

This story is one that will be frequently updated. I have a lot of upcoming stories, but I want to put out some quick bites for stories in between those projects.

Anyway, let's get into the adventures of the magical, mythical, mysterious Miss Jiff.

Part 1
Body Positivity

The day was bright, the grass was green, and the park was full of people who lived in this small, close knit town. The sounds of laughter and camaraderie from the townsfolk moved through the air.

Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, however, that there was a visitor in their midst. She was a tall and slim woman, dressed in all black despite the sun's warm presence making itself known.

In fact, she seemed to dispel the wariness of the day. Anyone that she got close to could feel the heat quickly turn into cold.

Her face was covered in a mass of dark makeup. Her gothic look was stunning to anyone she introduced herself to.

In fact, she was looking intensely for someone to do just that. Surveying the park, her eyes quickly directed themselves to what looked to be a gathering of some type. On closer inspection, it was a birthday party.

The banner hung perfectly on the Gazebo showed that the birthday girl, as the woman could deduce, was turning 18. The woman decided that she must crash the party.

Walking up to the gazebo, she planned on going straight to the birthday girl. However, her attention quickly turned to a young couple chatting with another couple. All but one seemed to have a piece of cake in their hand.

The one who didn't have a tasty treat in her hands, well, she seemed to be a thin and beautiful young lady. She obviously watched what she ate, and was proud of her slim, beautiful physique.

She wore a crop, seemingly to show her flat and fit stomach. The woman could clearly tell. She walked up to the two couples, chatting away, and introduced herself.

"Hello", she said as she walked up, extending her arm to what she assumed was the slim girls boyfriend.

The group was startled, but the man still shook the women's hand.

As the woman shook Tom's hand, he felt a chill go through his body

"Hello", he said back. "I haven't seen you before. How do you know Cassandra?"

"I'm Miss Jiff", the woman answered back, "One of her teachers is a friend of mine, and invited me along".

That lie was satisfying enough for the group.

"Nice to meet you", the man said. "I'm Tom, and this is my wife, Kelli"

She shook Kellis hand, with Kelli immediatly feeling the same chilling sensation that tom did.

The other two, that Miss Jiff didn't bother learning their names, felt a different, eerieer sensation.

"I think we should leave you three alone", the man said. He and his wife walked off, the eerie sensation leaving them as they got farther away.

"So", Miss Jeef said, looking at Kellis empty hands, "You're not in the mood for cake, I see.".

"I'm watching what I eat." Kelli replied. "It takes work to keep this figure." She slapped her stomach as she said that.

"It must be hard work as well", Miss Jiff noted, "You can't possibly keep up with the excersize all the time".

As she said that, the chilling sensation once again ran down Kellis body. As it did, it started a change in her.

Suddenly, she remembered missing some workouts. A lot, actually. Memories of just not having the time, as well as days she just procrastinated, flooded her mind.

Her body softened. It wasn't a major change, but it was noticable. Her arms sagged just a bit, any definition being completely gone.

Her legs gained a tiny amount of fat as well. Her thighs swelled up to a minor extent, and her booty wasn't as well toned as it was.

Her stomach also changed. Her crop top no longer showed off a slim stomach. Instead, it gained a softness. It wasn't big by any means, but it still looked squishy.

"I...I guess", Kelli responded, wondering if those missed days at the gym were noticable.

"It must be hard to resist all those sweets", Miss Jiff said, her eyes pointing to the desert table.

"Yeah…" Kelli noted, as the chill continued.

As the change continued, a plate with a piece of cake appeared in her hands. It seemed half eaten as well. No one, not even Tom, thought it was odd.

Kellis new sweet tooth, along with her new lack of consistent excersize, seemed to do a number on her.

Her face softened up a bit. She had gained a slight double chin, though her beauty was still evident.

Her arms softened up even more. They had no hints of what they used to be. They jiggled as Kelli took bites of the cake in her hands, which were starting to plump up as well.

Her thighs ballooned quite a bit. They defenitely were effected by Kellis tendency to cheat on her diet. She also gained a bit bubble butt.

Her legs became thick, with Kelli gaining a bit of self awareness. She looked down to her stomach, which started to descend as it gained fat. She was almost embarrassed to be in her revealing attire.

Her chest started growing as well. Her breasts sagged a bit as they started to gain along with the rest of her body. This was evident in her growing cleavage.

"Is it that noticable?" Kelli asked her husband.

He stammered, as Miss Jiff butted in.

"Don't worry about your husband", She added, "Something tells me that he's into bigger women"

Tom felt the chill return. He remembered loving larger women, and the feeling of disappointment when Kelli went on her diet. He was actually somewhat happy when she started gaining the weight back.

"Also," Miss Jiff continued, "I would have assumed you liked being bigger as well".

The couple both felt the chills continue, though no transformation had begun, yet.

"Aren't you two into 'feederism?" The dark, thin woman asked.

With that, the couple's memories completely changed. They remembered not of Kellis diet, but their decision to enter the fetish world of feederism.

Tom loved bigger women, and Kelli was open to it. They remembered that they had just begun a couple of months ago.

With that, the cake in Kellis hand had been replenished. It actually was her third slice. The other slice in Tom's hand was actually Kelli's fourth slice.

Kellis double chin became much more noticable. However, her face seemed just as beautiful, despite her becoming attractive to a more different set of people.

Her arms were even . They were thick with fat. They jiggled even more as she ate, and the thickness spreading all the way down to her fingers, which started to gain a chumminess.

Her legs became much chubbier as well. Her thighs were absolutely huge, with her ass descending out. Her backside was quite big, sagging just a bit. Underneath her shorts, Cellulite made its way onto her rear.

Her stomach became much larger. It stuck out quite far, and descended just a bit. She could still see her chubby, well kept feet, and neither of the two wanted that.

Her tits descended out as well. She could feel them filling out her large bra, which provided a lot of support. Still, it wasn't magic, and they rested a bit on her stomach.

Miss Jiff smiled.

"How long have you two been doing the whole feeder thing?" She asked. "Judging by her size, I'm guessing 3 years."

The two nodded as they felt the chill, with Kellis double chin moving as they did. Her face was now a little less gorgeous, but it was still attractive.

Her arms now had the biggest of bingo wings, with her hands now being super chubby. Her sausage fingers gripped the fork that was shoving cake into her mouth. Tom was feeding her as well, his fork going into her mouth as well.

Kellis' boobs now looked like they were stretching her bra to the limits. Her breasts were sagging down heavily, only held back from the ground by her stomach.

Her stomach was massive. It held several folds, and the folds underneath her tits made it look like she almost had 4 breasts. These folds were out for the world to see, and Kelli loved it.

Her stomach sank down to past her massive thighs. They were still noticeable however, with her thighs and hips poking out of the sides of her stomach.

Her ass was now huge. It had almost a shelf like quality, sticking out as well as sagging down. The cellulite was now noticeable, with her bottom now stretching her shorts quite heavily.

The fat on her legs looked shapeless and blov like. The cellulite and folds creeped down all the way to her cankles.

Her well manicured feet were also quite huge. They looked squished in her sandals, but Kelli didn't mind, she couldn't see that anyway.

The chill finally left the two, just as Tom was putting a piece of cake in Kellis mouth. Miss Jiffs work was done. She laughed, and soon the two were filled with warmth.

The two felt fulfilled in their new life, well relatively new. Kelli still loved to show off her body, even though she was no longer "conventionally" attractive. Her and Tom both loved showing off just how big she was getting.

Their means of getting paid changed as well, with Kellis onlyfans supplying all the money they needed for equipment, as well as food.

As soon as both pieces of cake were devoured, they got a chance to look at each other, and the warmth they felt turned to arousal.

Tom's body squished against Kellis body. Their lips locked, as everyone noticed, and then collectively sighed, as this was now a common occurrence.

"I'll leave you two alone", The strange woman said with a smile.

As she walked away, Kelli picked up Tom, leading him to an area where they could have privacy.

Miss Jiff looked back as she saw them leave. She smiled, before her eyes locked onto what could only be the birthday girl.
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Re: Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby docwankenstein » Fri Nov 05, 2021 9:09 am

I liked this one a lot. Fun, quick little story with great descriptions.
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Re: Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby audipwr87 » Fri Nov 05, 2021 9:59 am

A very enjoyable read! I hope to see more works from you soon! Well done!
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Re: Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby Burke_Rakers » Tue Nov 09, 2021 9:58 pm

Man, I LOVED this piece! Fun, sweet and charming as hell, I'm looking forward to seeing Miss Jiff return.
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Re: Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby Lyssa » Wed Nov 17, 2021 12:44 am

Totally above average, fantastic story! :D

Please continue!

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Re: Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby feeling_flabby » Sat Nov 27, 2021 6:28 am

Absolutely loved this (and have been logging in daily since it was posted excited for updates!!)
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Re: Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby Tommmy » Sat Nov 27, 2021 6:44 pm

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Re: Miss Jiff (WG, MC, BE, Ass Expansion, AP, More TBA)

Postby TransGirlAndAWGFan » Mon Dec 06, 2021 4:59 am

I'm going to get working on part 2! I was taking a small break from writing. I am very flattered by the positive reception.
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