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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby Woland » Sun Nov 14, 2021 10:34 am

Really interesting story... :]
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby Lyssa » Wed Nov 17, 2021 12:32 am

I agree with the previous post, very interesting! There's something weirdly sensual when relationship dynamics are changed and the humiliation that happens when the male partner's role in the relationship is diminished and the female seeks amorous affection from another, and he finds himself thought of as only a friend now. Gives me goose-pimples but it's so hot!


Please continue! :D


Weight gain a bonus!

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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby Woland » Sun Nov 21, 2021 10:37 am

No WG for me, thanks!
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby vilegaramonde2 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 8:30 pm

I rather like the weight gain, thanks.
Well done. And those who don't like your work don't have to read it.
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:53 am

Thank you for all of the positive feedback you guys! The next part will be up soon enough. Now I will say, there is a bit of weight gain but in a different kind of way (an idea I had come up with even before you guys mentioned what you wanted to see). Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy it!
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby audipwr87 » Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:55 am



Both Alyssa and Jeremy loved their weekends together as Jeremy would always be woken up by one of Alyssa's amazing blowjobs and then they'd spend the majority of it in bed. And if they weren't in bed, they'd most often be naked, having plenty of sex in multiple areas of their house in multiple positions as they fucked like rabbits. In between their hot and steamy sessions, they would often cuddle and talk about life, goof around, often sharing witty banter with one another, and watch tv. Today was no different as they were coming down from their most recent romp in the sheets and a fairly attractive female news anchor talked about current events on their bedeoom tv.

Alyssa looked at the tv and donned an inquisitive look.

Jeremy noticed the look on her face. "What are you thinking about hun?"

"You think I could be a television news anchor?"

Jeremy chuckled. "Yeah, but I doubt anyone would take you seriously..."

Alyssa playfully gasped as she smacked her husband with a pillow, rolled over and laid upon him so her luscious breasts and erect areolas were pressing against his chest. "Are you insinuating that I'm not intelligent enough to be one?"

Jeremy smirked. "No... I'm simply saying that many viewers wouldn't take an extremely curvy and exceptionally attractive blonde such as yourself very seriously. Especially one with an amazing ass and tits like yours." Jeremy said grinning as his sizeable hand grasped at her firm, bare derriere.

Alyssa bit her lower lip as ripples of pleasure traveled to her nether regions at his manly touch. "Mmmff... Good! Because I'm sure my bra size is bigger than most of their I.Q.'s." She said motioning to the tv.

"Why do you ask hun?" He asked thoughtfully.

Her brow furrowed. "Sometimes I just feel a bit indifferent about what I'm doing for a career. I mean it certainly pays well and I do enjoy working with both you and my father..."

"Well... If you want to pursue something else, just know I'm behind you one hundred percent."

Alyssa smiled warmly at her husband. He was always one to support her and make sure she was happy. It was one of the reasons she fell in love with him.

Alyssa could feel her husbands member already hardening once again poking her in her trim abdomen, as if readying itself for another round. He may not have been incredibly gifted down below, but at least his sex drive and sexual prowess (thanks to their many years together and her previous knowledge from past lovers) nearly matched hers blow for blow.

"Well enough of this talk. There are more important things to focus on right now." Alyssa purred as she mounted him again.

Jeremy grinned. How he loved his weekends with his beautiful wife...

They ended the night having an intimate candle lit dinner prepared by Jeremy himself. A parmesan crusted chicken with garlic roasted green beans on the side, garlic parmesan breadsticks and a side salad.

Jeremy failed to notice the slight eyeroll when he grabbed two breadsticks for himself as she dished up on more salad.

However she was quick to forgive him as she decided to thank him for dinner by sucking him off beneath the dining room table.


Sunday pretty much started out the same as their Saturdays. They'd have sex a few times until they'd have their typical Sunday softball game with their friends.

They all played together but often broke up into their groups as they stretched, men being in one with the women being in their own separate group.

Jeremy and Alyssa's friends were always so jealous of their tight knit relationship. Jeremy's friends often told him how lucky he was to snag a girl like Alyssa. And they weren't wrong.

He loved his friends and trusted them with his life. Besides, he knew that none of them would ever try to steal Alyssa away behind his back. They were loyal, and Jeremy hated to admit that he felt a bit egotistical when comparing himself to his buddies, but facts were facts.

Jeremy was the fittest of the bunch even with the bit of extra weight he was carrying since high school. Being the most capable on the team, he was deemed the team captain who always batted cleanup and typically played first base.

His friend Brian was roughly 5'6" and incredibly skinny but he was coordinated enough to play.

Tyler was the closest of his friends that could give him a run for his money standing 5'11" tall with a slim but athletic build but his pale skin along with a noticable overbite marred his otherwise handsome exterior. It also helped that he was already married to one of the girls that used to play on the team who now only watched them from the bleachers with their two kids.

Evan was his third friend on the team who was average in just about every way imaginable. He stood at 5'9" with a bit of a heavyset build, untrimmed beard and shaggy brown hair atop his head.

Not much of a challenge for Jeremy if he could be honest...

Brian eyeballed Jeremy's stacked wife as she stretched, the jersey taught across her voluptuous breasts while giving a peek at her flat abdomen with her white pants clinging tightly to her trim, lengthy legs and firm bubble butt. "Jesus christ man... Alyssa is practically the perfect package..."

"Yeah I know..." Jeremy smirked knowing how lucky he was.

It was Tyler's turn to join in on the conversation. "How in the fuck haven't you put a baby in her yet?"

Jeremy sighed. "Well... We've decided to hold off on starting a family for a bit, and just enjoy our private time together." He said trying to maintain a positive outlook. He really did want to start a family with her...

"Hold onto that man. I tell you, once she pops out a baby, it's the end of your sex life my guy..." Tyler muttered quietly enough so his wife Veronica wouldn't overhear.

"Yeah that's what they say..." Jeremy stated.

"That's what who says?" Evan asked curiously.

Jeremy's smirk returned. "I don't know... I'm just saying that's what they say."

Tyler chuckled. "Smart ass. I'm telling you. When Veronica had our first, she blew up like a balloon and obviously it stuck around... And damn what it did to her nether regions... Well let's just say I don't feel so well endowed anymore..."

"Jesus man... TMI!" Jeremy cringed.

Tyler continued. "And let's not even talk about what havoc the second surprise pregnancy did to her... I swear she's always stuffing her face with something..."

Jeremy glanced towards the bleachers where Veronica was busily taking care of their two children all the while snacking on a bag of potato chips. She looked tired, extremely bloated and frustrated as the kids played with their toys.

Jeremy remembered how Veronica looked when she had first gotten together with Tyler. She was a slim, raven haired beauty whose makeup was always spotless and she was always vibrant and upbeat. But now it was as if she was a long lost much fatter, much lazier cousin of the once magnificent Veronica who used to play softball with them. He doubted she could run around the baseball diamond once without gasping for air.

"Although... Alyssa wouldn't look half bad with a bit more junk in the trunk would she??" A deep voice spoke up from directly behind them.

Jeremy knew that voice instantly...

"Rick?!? What in the hell are you doing here?" Jeremy said obviously flustered that his and Alyssa's private sexual kinks might get out.

His friends had donned an equally perplexed look as they looked at the dark skinned monster before them.

"Well isn't it obvious?? I'm wanting to play ball." He grinned.

Jeremy sighed. Rick was very gifted with sports, but there was no way he would let Rick join. It would be way too awkward, playing on the same team as someone who wanted to fuck his wife. "I dunno man... Our team is already full up."

Rick's grin only grew, his pearly whites only becoming more distinct against his dark, chocolate skin.

"Oh man... Wouldn't it be cool if I was the team captain for the last couple of years though??"

Jeremy's uneasy demeanor suddenly shifted to one of a relaxed manner as the friends congregated around their towering team captain.

Rick had been on the team for quite some time and was the star athlete, overshadowing Jeremy's own natural athletic talents to his dismay. The batting lineup being an obvious hint to that fact with Jeremy batting third and Rick batting cleanup.

Jeremy didn't really mind it... They had won every game up to this point with Rick's massive ball crushing skills and his natural talents out on the field. Although Rick was always eyeing his wife, especially since they had begun their secret rendezvous just a few weeks ago and Rick was constantly but quietly telling Jeremy that Alyssa could do with a little plumping up...

Meanwhile in the girl's group, Alyssa's friends were likewise flocking around their unofficial leader, jealous of the stories that Alyssa would tell them of her and her husband's steamy sex life. All with Alyssa slightly exaggerating the size of her husband's member of course.

Britt was a slightly plump, 5'4" blonde bombshell that was a bit of a textbook bimbo with her breathy yet higher pitched voice who had a long string of short term lovers... Many of them one night stands...

Laurie was 5'7" tall and was quite intelligent, which was fitting as she she had a bit of a sexy librarian look going for herself, except she didn't carry much up top with her small B cup breasts but almost made up for it with her wide hips and fleshy derriere.

Veronica was the last of her friends. Veronica was one girl who in her prime could've given Alyssa a run for her money with her once lithe form, healthy C cup breasts and excessively round derriere. But that all changed when she had become pregnant with her first child. She was roughly the same height as Alyssa, but had recently tipped the scales at 273 pounds the last time she weighed herself. A number her friends would never know... The two of them used to be quite close until Veronica and Tyler had started their family. Now they had an imperceptible distance between them but it was there, with their lives being almost polar opposites now.

"So you had sex how many times this morning?" Her friend Britt asked obviously enthralled.

"Three times." Alyssa smirked.

"How and the hell are you not knocked up yet?" Britt winked.

"I still have my birth control IUD in."

"Oh right... I always forget about that..." Britt added in her usual bubbly tone.

"So... When are you going to take it out? Don't you want to start a family?" Laurie asked curiously.

Alyssa half frowned. "Well eventually... We haven't decided on when we want to have a baby."

"Well you better do it soon. We're not getting any younger..." Britt added.

"Please... You're telling me that I want to end up like that??" Alyssa asked secretly nodding to the obese Veronica with her fat ass spreading against the metal bleachers.

"Oh please... She simply got fat because she got used to being lazy and eating nonstop. That would never happen to you." Britt added.

"Yeah... Maybe you're right..." Alyssa said half contemplating getting her IUD removed. But did she really want a family? The answer was still unclear to her...

The girls began looking towards the guys, the majority of them keying in on Rick's towering form.

"I often wonder what he's packing beneath the waist..." Britt said sighing longingly.

"Oh C'mon. Don't tell me you can't see the outline of his monster meat beneath those pants." Laurie added.

Alyssa stayed silent. If only her friends knew what happened behind closed doors...

The game went as it usually did with both Jeremy and his wife being some of the strongest players on the team. By the bottom of the eigth, Jeremy had hit 3 for 5 while Alyssa did almost as well, hitting 2 for 5 with a few R.B.I's marked under her stats.

However Rick as per usual was the MVP of the game up to this point, having hit 5 for 5, earning most of the teams runs.

It was now the bottom of the ninth and was a tie ball game. One out was up on the board from a fly ball that Laurie had hit. It was Alyssa's turn as she was up to bat just before her husband...

"C'mon Alyssa! You can do it!" Jeremy cheered her on as he swung the bat in the on deck slot.

Alyssa took a few deep breaths, approached the plate and drew the bat backwards.

As the pitcher went into her wind up and threw the pitch, Alyssa connected with as much force as she could muster.

The decently hit ground ball flew between second and third base at a reasonable pace.

One thing was for sure, she never hit the ball all that hard, but she could fly around those bases.

Alyssa began her fast paced sprint towards first base with all the grace of a Jaguar bearing down on it's prey.

All while her ball reached the grass, Rick approached Jeremy from behind.

"Mmm mmm mmm! Look at that trim ass run!" Rick said as he eyeballed Alyssa's firm bubble butt.

Jeremy just nodded. "Yeah it's quite a sight to behold... It couldn't be any more perfect..."

"Well now... That is where our opinions vary. Sure your wife is hot, no doubt about it, but she is wayyy too skinny."

"Well thank god she's married to me and not you..." Jeremy snapped at him. He was getting tired of Rick's constant bombardment about his wife and her body. Rick had hinted to Alyssa a few times that it'd be nice if she plumped up, but she had yet to take the bait.

Rick smirked. "Yeah yeah... Honestly I love a girl who is a bit more "fuller figured" than your wife... I mean, not fat by any means but that old term "Thicker than a Snickers" comes to mind..."

"Well that's not something I'm into, but good for you... I'm sure you'll find someone eventually..." Jeremy added.

"Well what if I already have? What if I just need to make a few more tweaks to your wife to make her my ideal and YOUR ideal dream woman?..."

Before Jeremy could respond, Rick continued on with his question. "Wouldn't it be hot if due to Alyssa's parent's genetics, she was destined to be thick?"

In a split second, Alyssa's mom's side of the family had been altered, the ripples being felt through generation after generation as most of the women had now been gifted with wide birthing hips and natural big breasts.

"Better yet, wouldn't it be insanely hot if she had fully embraced the cuckold lifestyle when you introduced her to it a few years ago just for a different reason? Maybe the humiliation side of it, with you doing anything to make that happen, actually finding that you enjoy the humiliation as well?"

"And wouldn't it be great if you loved extra bodacious women like she's about to become? I mean, it does kind of go hand in hand with your cuckold fantasy right? Alot of black men do love a little extra meat on them bones!"

As Rick uttered those words, the ball glitched out of existence for a moment, teleporting to the sky as it flew at a high velocity into the outfield.

Alyssa began her quick sprint towards first base, but it very quickly began slowing as the new weight began to pile on even as her muscles grew beneath the thickening adipose. Her angular face filled and rounded out a bit, her chin becoming less defined. Her already large breasts inflated to full but slightly saggy F cup breasts. Below her impressive bust, her flat abdomen began to bubble outwards just a bit til it was a delicately soft dome jiggling with every movement. Below the waist, her already wide hips, thick thighs and backside began to expand and round out in every direction, jiggling more with each passing second.

She was nearing first base using her robust legs to carry her 241 pound body forwards, feeling her thick thighs rubbing together all the way down to her knees within the tight stretch pants and her massive G cup breasts fighting the tight confines of her ultra supportive bra with every step, feeling her slight tummy bulge rubbing against the jersey's material, stopping at first base.

Jeremy took a moment to admire his beautiful wife in all of her curvaceous glory as it practically poured out of her skin tight uniform. She had always been exceptionally curvy thanks primarily to her mother's amazing genes, but her body had truly blossomed after they had discussed their own private kinks after their first romp in the sheets as an officially married couple a little over two years ago now.

"What is the biggest sexual fantasy you have always wanted to play out?" She asked, her naked curvaveous form enticingly laying upon her husband's trim, athletic one.

It had completely taken him by surprise. "Well I uhh..." He stammered.

"C'mon hun..." She asked with pleading eyes. "You can tell me. I mean don't get me wrong, I love our sex life but I wouldn't mind spicing things up a bit, if I can be completely honest... It's easy for a married couple to fall into a sexual rut..."

Alyssa did love their healthy sex life and her husband did well enough even with his average sized member, but she did feel like they could use a little more excitement in the bedroom as he liked the same four or five positions and it was beginning to feel a bit stale for her.

Jeremy was visually struggling with his words.

"Come on. I'm your wife now... If you can't tell me what it is... Who can you tell??"

Jeremy sighed as he brushed his large hand over his face, his fingers nervously playing with his well manicured hair as his eyes lowered towards his wife.

"I have had secret fantasies of you being with someone else..."

Alyssa audibly gasped, completely taken aback at his answer.

"Like me... Having sex with another man??"

Jeremy slowly nodded. "Yes... But that's not all..."

Alyssa looked at him with curiosity.

"What else??"

Jeremy scooted himself up into a seated position in their bed. "It may just be best if I show you..." He said getting up. "I'll be right back... Don't go anywhere..." He said kissing her before exiting the bedroom, his nude trim form completely on display. A minute later, he re-emerged carrying his laptop, laid back down next to his wife, took a few deep breaths and opened it up.

Jeremy apprehensively logged into his Reddit account and opened up a subreddit.

"What are you going to show m-"

But she stopped dead in her tracks as soon as her eyes landed upon the illuminated screen of her husband's open laptop. And on that screen sat the subreddit "Black-Cuckold".

"Oooh my..." Alyssa cooed through a thoroughly interested gaze as she scanned over the pictures and videos with pure growing lust.

She was honestly quickly growing interested in this idea.

Many people posted media showing white couples in a room with a dark skinned stranger they had never met before and before long, the wife would be on all fours panting and moaning as the typically very well hung black man fucked the girl, all the while, the husband would be stashed away in a corner pleasuring himself. Sometimes even verbally berated by their wife or kept from pleasuring themselves by wearing a type of cage over their member...

She grew especially interested in one couple where a muscular black man was teasing the wife, all the while, the chubby husband was attempting to grope his wife. The girl quickly batted his hand away.

"No... How many times have I told you? You can only touch me when I tell you you can touch me."

"This is... incredibly hot..." Alyssa said, letting the words simply pour from her supple lips.

Jeremy nodded again. "I mean, you said you wanted to spice things up in the bedroom right? And that you'd possibly entertain my deepest darkest desires..." Jeremy asked cleary uneasy at what he was showing her.

She inspected the kink herself and found that she loved the humiliation aspect of it. And alot of the women were so incredibly voluptuous, as if they literally oozed sexual energy.

"Okay... I'll try it out. I don't think I want to have sex with someone other than you but I think I'll be alright trying anything else..."

Jeremy let a small sigh of relief out that his wife didn't want another man between her thighs. He was always slightly self conscious about his decidedly average member...

She had indeed fantasized having a massive dick shoved in her mouth and down her throat before. Sure, she had sucked off a decent amount of men in her past with bigger dicks than her husband's, but nothing quite like the gigantic cocks that were pasted all over the Reddit page.

Jeremy was incredibly excited as he imagined his stacked wife pleasuring or being pleasured by a well hung stud.

"But... I do have a few conditions... She said with a bit of a smirk...

Jeremy was too excited to fully think it through. "Anything! I'll do anything!"

"It is a bit of a strange kink, no doubt about it, but I find the humiliation aspect of it to be quite interesting..." If we're really going to get into this, I think it'd make it even hotter if I felt physically superior to you."

"How so?? You want me to lose weight?"

"Not exactly... If you really want me to go through with this fantasy of yours, I want you to stop exercising and gain weight."

Jeremy looked at her with a confused look, and then down at his washboard stomach. "You want me to get fat on purpose?"

Alyssa nodded. "Thats right..."

Jeremy was already quietly mourning the loss of his trim physique. Was he really going to go through with this? But then a thought crept into his mind. He wanted something in return.

"Okay... But if I'm going to get fat, I want you to gain weight too..."

Alyssa decided to put her foot down cutting her husband off. "No... Like I said, I want to feel physically superior to you..."

Jeremy put his hand up. "You didn't let me finish... Here, check this girl out..."

He opened up his tiktok account and searched for a girl who Alyssa could easily become with just a push in the right direction.

He pulled up an account that went by "Mysticbeinggg".

What she looks like:

"This... this is how I could picture you... She is significantly heavier than you, but she still works out almost daily."

Alyssa looked at the insanely curvy blonde on the page before her, mainly showing off her big, wide posterior, big breasts and even slightly pudgy midsection. They were roughly the same height, but this girl must have been close to, if not over two hundred and fifty pounds.

The girl was hefty, there was no doubt about it, but in quite a few of her videos, she was working out doing more core training than anything cardio based.

"I could definitely pull off that look..." Alyssa said admiring the girl's insane measurements.

"See? All you'd have to do is up your food intake, and change up your workout regimen a bit."

With just a few seconds of hesitation she agreed.

"I'll do it..."

They had another hour long session of hot, steamy sex. The best they had experienced in quite some time.

She began lifting weights and lightening up on the cardio so she could further enhance her curves while she enticed Jeremy to pig out on anything and everything fattening and be as lazy as possible per her request. She had even begun to slightly belittle him in public every so often.

"I'll just take the grilled chicken with mixed veggies and he'll take the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy and the garlic bread. He doesn't care about his weight like I do..."

Or at the frozen dessert bar...

Yeah, I'll just have a small vanilla frozen yogurt with fruit topping. He wants a large rocky road with caramel sauce, Butterfinger crumbles and white chocolate chips. At least one of us has to watch what we eat..."

Then came the next step of finding a suitable person to make their cuckold dreams come true. They had searched the reddit boards for at least a week before coming across a user with the name "Lyfchangingdic". As luck would have it, it turned out to be their Rick... An old high school classmate, and the guy who had just joined their softball team.

Even he was on board with Alyssa "thickening up".

She was more than willing after his suggestion...

The changes rapidly began to show on both of their bodies... And now here she was two years and over one hundred pounds heavier...

Many would classify her as being undeniably thick, but very few would consider her as being fat. There was no doubt that she obviously worked out by the way she carried herself and by her extreme hourglass figure with large breasts and ultra wide hips that greatly tapered in even at her soft waist. But it was also obvious that she had quite an appetite as well.

Alyssa was a decent power hitter and she had never felt stronger than she did right now. Those frequent trips to the gym had done wonders for her body.

She had always viewed herself as being quite attractive and it was obvious that others had as well during high school. She had had numerous male suitors and had been the most popular girl in school. Due to her daring attire and numerous male suitors, some rumors had spread around campus that she was pregnant and had had numerous abortions but it was all false. For one thing, she had had an IUD in since she was fifteen and two, she simply had a healthy appetite. She had been a size twelve back in her teen years and had tried so hard to slim down enough to fit within the social norm but even her mom had told her that it was fruitless as it obviously ran in their family.

But then as luck would have it she had met her tutor Jeremy... He loved her for her, not just her body. She remembered something he had said that stuck with her during one of their first study sessions after she had made a negative comment about her weight. Jeremy looked directly into her beautiful eyes, placed his hands on hers and said that beauty came in all shapes and sizes and that she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

And now, thanks to his and Rick's support and her special workout routine, she absolutely loved how her body looked. He obviously couldn't get enough of her thick form either. He smacked her juicy ass any time she allowed him to, just so he could watch it ripple and quake and when they had sex, his hands would practically explore every square inch of her body...

However, being thick did have it's drawbacks...

She had a laughably low stamina and her slow "sprint" definitely held her up in more physically demanding situations.

Secretly, unbeknownst to her, he was hoping she'd fill out a bit more...

Jeremy clapped his hands together for his wife and adjusted the tight elastic belt that rested beneath his obviously pudgy midsection.

"Send me home baby!" Alyssa yelled out through her cupped hands, bringing her beefy arms upwards, causing her soft upper arms to gently jiggle.

Jeremy was legitimately fat by most standards weighing just over 280 pounds thanks to Rick and his wife's constant pursuasion. He had been quite slim and athletic during his high school years, but once he had told Alyssa about his sexual fantasies, and after she had given him the stipulations to live out his dream fantasy that all changed. He had never been one to eat all that healthy but Alyssa was the fuel needed to kick start his love for all unhealthy foods and Rick was there to help fatten him up every step of the way.

His appetite only seemed to grow as the years went on. She continued to work out regularly at the gym, while the only exercise Jeremy would get anymore would be walking around the house and stuffing his face seemingly every waking moment of the day.

Then during their hot and steamy sessions, Rick would often supply food for Jeremy to enjoy as Rick and Alyssa would have their fun in the bedroom. He thought of their most recent session; Rick shoving his dick deep down Alyssa's throat as Jeremy scarfed down some pizza.

Rick would just chuckle as Jeremy kept stuffing his face. "Fucking fatass, you keep this up and your wife won't want anything to do with you."

Rick's demeaning words seemed to speed up Alyssa's motions as she kept engulfing his dick. Exactly as he'd hoped...

Jeremy was worried that eventually Alyssa may have broken her "no sex" rule, but so far she had stayed true to their agreement even after two years.

But even with the extra pudge he now carried around, he could still send the ball soaring whenever he connected just right...

He took a few deep breaths and approached home plate.

With one out on the board, Jeremy had hit a single bringing Alyssa to second and Rick, being his usual athletic self had hit a three run bomb to seal the deal.

Alyssa and Jeremy both met up at home plate with Rick close behind. She excitedly jumped up and wrapped her thick legs around her husband's sizeable waist, Jeremy struggling to catch her, ending it off with a kiss. As she dropped down from her husband, she quickly turned around and hugged Rick as he stepped on home plate, her plump, curvaceous body pressing into his heavily muscled form. "Way to go Rick... The star of the game..." She purred while looking up at him for a few moments and then pecking him on the cheek.

Both Jeremy and Alyssa's group of friends traded knowing glances. They all knew something was secretly going on between the three of them, but they weren't quite sure what.

They all went out to the bar to celebrate the victory afterwards with dinner and drinks. Jeremy had ordered a large chicken nacho plate while Alyssa had gotten the most healthy thing on the menu. The chicken fajitas. Jeremy was like an eating machine, washing it down with tons of soda while Alyssa kept downing rum and coke after rum and coke.

"Jesus Jeremy! Dying of hunger?" Tyler chuckled nudging Jeremy's soft belly.

Jeremy grinned looking on at his wife as she treated him to a diagusted glance.

"Yeah I was pretty hungry..."

The girls all gathered at the bar for a moment to take some celebratory shots. However Laurie just had to know...

"So... You and Rick seem to be pretty close... How long have you two been fucking?" Laurie asked with a smirk as she downed her shot.

Alyssa nearly spat out her alcohol at the direct question.

"I haven't fucked him! I'm a married woman! I love Jeremy!"

Alyssa knew what her friend was asking and she was basically telling the truth. She hadn't fucked Rick and she didn't plan on it either because she loved her husband. All 280 pounds of him...

"Oh please girl! I've seen the way you two look at each other! Tell me you don't wonder what it'd feel like to have that bull between your thighs."

Her friend's last sentence immediately sent shivers down to her nether regions, however she remained tight lipped.

It was Britt's turn to pipe in. "And I mean Jeremy has really let himself go over the last few years... You deserve so much better!"

Alyssa was becoming increasingly horny but angry at the same time. Who'd her friends think she was? Some slut who was loose with her morals? She had standards!

"No I haven't! And I'd appreciate it if you dropped the subject."

"Woah woah... Calm down hun. Maybe I was just imagining it for myself. I mean, you're definitely more his type... Curvy, brilliant and beautiful... But it's nice to dream that he'd be interested in someone like me... I mean a handsome, filthy rich and obviously well hung bachelor. The idea is appealing..." Laurie hummed.

Alyssa decided to change the subject as she saw their meals heading towards the table and her stomach began to rumble. She had just realized that she was absolutely famished!

"Well... Let's get back to the group."

About halfway into their dinner, Alyssa's snug tank top jersey had shimmied down, giving more than a healthy peek at her massive mounds wrapped in her black laced bra, however between the loud music, dim lighting and the slightly inebriated states of everyone around her, nobody noticed.

Aside from Brian who was sitting directly across from her...

Brian was obviously staring at the sight before him which Alyssa eventually noticed, but due to her heavily intoxicated state, instead of recoiling and covering up, she leaned forward, giving him a better view.

Jeremy who was still completely sober, noticed the scene unfolding before him and instead of stopping it, decided to watch for a few minutes.

"Not too bad huh Brian?" Alyssa slurred obviously drunk. "I know I've put on quite a bit of weight over the last handful of years, but I actually think it's made me even sexier hasn't it?" She purred.

Brian simply gulped with a slow nod.

Jeremy loved what was going on, Alyssa drunkenly flirting with one of his friends, but he didn't want their private sexual life on display. It was just a nice fantasy. He figured it was time to head home before his wife would get too drunk and take things even further.

Jeremy was the DD once again as Alyssa drunkenly bobbed up and down on his cock on the drive home, her massive F cup tits pooling out against her husbands thick thighs. However, Jeremy's belly was constantly getting in the way, causing her head to feel cramped as it would occasionally bump into the steering wheel.

She abruptly stopped her motions, aggressively pressing against her husband's plush midsection to get herself into an upright position in her own seat once again.

She smirked as she cranked the humiliation up to eleven...

"Jesus fuck Jeremy... You need to lose some fucking weight, your belly is getting in the fucking way."

Jeremy felt a surge of euphoria overtake him at her sharp comment.

"I am getting fat huh?" He questioned, feeling his belly and moobs jiggle with every bump he hit in the road.

Alyssa angrily crossed her arms over her massive bust.

"Well you get any fucking fatter and I might not be able to do this anymore..." She said in a threatening tone.

He knew she was kidding, but he was loving the degrading way she was talking to him.

Their night ended with a very drunk Alyssa attempting to fuck her husband in their bed, but the alcohol had gotten the better of her and she had begun to get the spins.

"Umm... babe?? Can you help me to the toilet?" She asked.

Jeremy sighed. "Some things never change..." He thought to himself.
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby audipwr87 » Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:38 pm



In the morning, Jeremy awoke the same way he did every morning... With a mind blowing blow job. His wife's heaving breasts were partially resting upon his soft upper thighs and wrapped around his shaft as she had the tip of his dick buried deep within her throat. The top of her head bumped into his soft paunch ruining her concentration as she pleasured him which was a common occurrence these days. She used a free hand to press his belly upwards to get it out of the way and she had begun to hum, causing her throat to practically massage his cock, a trick she had learned long ago, before they had even gotten together.

He lifted the covers, and she looked up for a moment over his stomach with a half smirk and continued to piston up and down on his shaft for a few more moments before dismounting and climbing up her husband's padded torso.

She quickly reached over to her side of the queen sized bed, a few temporary rolls forming at her soft stomach and snagged her favorite toy which was a vibrating pleasure wand which she always had on standby.

"Are you ready lover?" She cooed.

"I've been ready since I woke up." He quipped.

They started out in the cowgirl position, Jeremy easily sliding into his wife's already well lubricated slit.

"Mmm... Play with my tits..." She pleaded as if craving more stimulation.

Jeremy proceeded to do as he was told, and he began to play and tease her already erect nipples with his fingers, leaning up to kiss her, feeling her jolt with pleasure. She gyrated her wide hips atop her husband like a seasoned pro and after a few minutes, expertly spun around til she was facing away from her husband, all without his dick ever leaving her warm, wet slit. She arched her back, pressing her wide hips and grinding her thick derriere against his crotch.

Jeremy grabbed at her plump backside, feeling the flesh overfill and bulge out between his fingers. How he loved her fat ass.

"Holy shit..." Jeremy moaned out loud as he felt himself getting close. Alyssa's moans and motions of her toy picked up in intensity causing Alyssa's body to shudder and jiggle as she violently climaxed with the help of her favorite pleasure wand.

Afterwards they both headed for the slightly cramped bathroom and jumped into the small shower to get cleaned up.

After Alyssa had soaped herself up, she automatically assumed the position, placing her delicate French manicured hands against one wall of the shower.

"Take me lover..." She moaned.

Jeremy tried to hide his slight dismay at the request. He absolutely loved having sex with his stunning wife, except in the shower... It helped that he was over six feet tall, but between the odd angle, average sized member, his overly padded midsection and her massive asscheeks partially getting in the way, he would often slide out of his wife's slick slit. And even when he could keep it in, often found himself not being able to get as deep of penetration as he'd like.

Jeremy wasn't the only one who secretly had their qualms about sex in the shower. Long ago before her and Jeremy had gotten together, she had found a love for shower sex but she had quickly discovered that Jeremy had his limits with his average sized member. Alyssa often struggled to get enough pleasurable sensation out of their shower sessions, so she often had to fake her orgasms which she was thankfully a pro at because she didn't want to hurt her husband's feelings. She always thought that Jeremy liked it so she continued to do it.

Alyssa aggressively thrust her hips against him, her moans of frustration being confused with moans of pleasure. After a few minutes she tightened her slit against her husbands member as she was overcome by a supposed "orgasm".

As they finished cleaning up, they began getting dressed in their moderately sized bedroom. Jeremy in his usual business attire that uncomfortably highlighted his soft belly and healthy moobs while Alyssa treated every work day almost like a fashion show to highlight her ridiculous measurements.

Today she had chosen a long sleeved white blouse with the top few buttons undone to give a peek at her bulging cleavage and black laced push up bra, a black skirt that stopped just a few inches above her padded knees with a black laced thong that disappeared between her healthy asscheeks and a pair of two inch block heels.

As they got into their seven year old base model BMW sedan, Jeremy looked for a brief moment at their modest but still fully updated one story house on the outskirts of the suburbs. Jeremy wanted to give his wife the house she always dreamed of and knew that as soon as he got his big break at work, could not only grant her that dream, but the life she truly deserved.

As he began driving, Alyssa slipped a hand over her husband's already rising member and quickly undid his zipper, fishing his dick out for his mid morning blowjob on the way to work. He couldn't help but admire the outfit that his sexpot of a wife had chosen for today as her head bobbed up and down on his member.

Jeremy loved everything about her sexy work attire that highlighted every dangerous curve. It honestly drove him wild seeing the stares she would often get from other men and the judgmental glares from the women she would get from around the office. Her father had warned her time and time again that she should dress more appropriately, but she had been set in her ways at a young age.

It also didn't help that Jeremy had gotten a spot in the design department while Alyssa had been hired on as a financial analyst even though there were other people better qualified for both of their positions. Jeremy had yet to score any high profile designs, only drawing up blueprints for new townhouse developments and the like, but he knew sooner or later his father in law would give him a shot.

As they entered the office, they were greeted by Mandy, the curvy receptionist sitting behind the main desk.

"Like, good morning Jeremy and Alyssa!" Mandy replied in her usually bubbly tone.

Without responding, Alyssa pulled her husband in for a generous kiss, locking eyes with her. As her lips parted from her husband's, she looked directly in Mandy's direction in a daring gaze, sending shivers down the absent minded receptionist's spine.

"That's Mr. And Mrs. Wilson to you..." She purred in a slightly sharp manner before turning back to her husband.

Mandy recoiled at the curt response. "Spoiled fat bitch. She only has a job here because of her dad..." She thought to herself.

"I'll see you at lunch tiger." She said biting her husband's lip suggestively before straightening her husbands tie and heading off towards her cubicle, swaying her healthy, shapely hips with every step which Jeremy happily took in until she was out of sight.

He was immediately snapped out of his sex fueled stupor when a large hand rested upon his broad shoulder.

It was Alyssa's father Joshua Danvers. He was the typical intimidating father in law who stood the same height as Jeremy himself, but outweighed him by at least thirty pounds consisting of muscle coated in a healthy layer of flab thanks to a steady diet of expensive red meat, scotch and high quality cigars. He was always dressed in high dollar suits with his short salt and pepper hair styled to perfection and his square jawed visage always cleanly shaven.

"Oh Jeremy... That wife of yours is trouble with a capital "T"..."

"Yes she is Mr. Danvers..." Jeremy gulped.

"Please... How many times do I have to tell you? You've been married to my daughter for what?? Three years now? I'd say that makes us family. Call me Joshua." He chuckled warmly as he patted Jeremy on the back.

Jeremy made a mental note that they hadn't been engaged until twenty three and had only been married for a little over two years but chose not to correct him. Sure, Jeremy had asked Alyssa for her hand in marriage all the way back to when they were twenty one, but Alyssa had told him that she wanted to wait a bit longer to get the partying out of her system.

"Here... Follow me to my office..." Mr. Danvers motioned for him to follow along.

"Close the door behind you and take a seat..." Mr. Danvers suggested sounding more like a soft demand.

As Jeremy closed the heavy wooden door behind him, he silently took an unsteady gulp. He knew Mr. Danvers liked him as he had been told countless times over the years, he just couldn't help but feel a sense of nervousness wash over him every time they were in a room alone.

Joshua eased himself into his tall backed luxurious leather office chair and clasped his hands together behind his head while Jeremy slowly lowered himself into the plush leather chair on the opposite side, feeling his wide, fleshy hips graze the padded leather armrests.

Joshua smiled softly at his son in law. "I like you Jeremy. I feel like we have alot in common. Both of us being past high school star athletes gifted with stellar level intelligence, who married our high school sweethearts. I feel blessed every day since Alyssa and you have been together. We both know that my little girl was a bit of a wild child in her teenage years and I honestly never thought anyone could straighten her out the way you did. Lord knows I tried countless times... I don't even want to imagine where she'd be without your guidance..."

Jeremy knew exactly what Mr. Danvers was getting at. Alyssa enjoying the party life in high school getting drunk, spreading her thick thighs for many different guys...

Jeremy uncomfortably shifted in the seat as his member hardened at the thought...

She had even done a bit of partying in their college days, dragging Jeremy along who was often the DD. But the most important thing was Alyssa always went home with him... Even with the many guys that had attempted to take her home. They'd typically accept defeat once their eyes landed upon Alyssa's very handsome other half. He couldn't recall how many times it had happened and even more often, how many times he had held Alyssa's golden locks back as she vomited into a toilet... and then drunkenly fucked on that same toilet.

As they graduated from college, Alyssa slowly drifted away from the party scene and after they had bought their modest house and gotten married, only partied on occasion. The majority of it being after a softball victory with Jeremy being the DD once again, usually ending with a slobbery blow job for the drive home and an occasional trip for Alyssa to the porcelain throne to expel the surplus alcohol with Jeremy holding her hair back. He still had to fend off would be men who wanted to get between her legs, but all Jeremy had to do was puff up his chest a bit and flash the diamond ring decorating her somewhat pudgy ring finger in their face and they'd immediately surrender.

Some things never changed...

Joshua cleared his throat noticing that Jeremy seemed to be zoning out for a moment. "So as a way to say thank you, I am giving you the lead on designing our next big project..."

Jeremy knew exactly which project he was hinting at. It was a massive mansion that they'd be building for the next hot LA Lakers star. A mansion that would be worth millions upon millions of dollars. A dream project that would put them on easy street... A project that if executed properly, would send his career into the stratosphere.

"If you nail this, well... I may just make you the lead designer on more big projects coming up which will obviously lead to a larger salary and perhaps eventually your own private office."

Jeremy felt like he was going to begin hyperventilating. He had always hated his cubicle and now he knew it's days were numbered.

"I... I don't know what to say..."

Mr. Danvers smile grew. "Well no need to say anything. You've been working very hard. You've earned it." He said extending his hand out. "Congratulations!"

"Thank you sir!" Jeremy said locking his hand with Joshua's.

"So now comes an even bigger question that Sarah and myself have had on our minds for a while. When are you going to make grandparents out of us?? I mean, we're not getting any younger..."

Jeremy nervously cleared his throat. "Well... Umm... the last time I discussed this subject with your daughter, we had both come to an agreement to wait a bit longer..."

Mr. Danvers chuckled. He knew that his dear little Alyssa was definitely the main one holding up this big decision. "Well, Alyssa is stubborn just like her old man. Just keep trying son. Eventually she'll give in." He said softly patting Jeremy on the back.

Joshua wrapped his beefy arm around Jeremy's back. "You want to hear something funny? Both Sarah and myself thought that maybe why you had proposed to her during college was because you had gotten Alyssa pregnant." He said letting out a deep bellowing laughter.

Jeremy faked a smile. "Yeah... That is funny."

Joshua wiped the small tear from the corner of his eye before he continued. "But I know how responsible you are and I also know you want what's best for our little girl."

"Absolutely one hundred percent sir. She's my everything." Jeremy said in a proud demeanor.

Mr. Danvers kept his arm around his son in law. "How about we get together for dinner this coming Saturday to celebrate your new project over at our place at say eight o'clock? I'd ask you what you'd like for dinner, but we both know that your appetite almost trumps mine!"

"Yeah... your daughter is an amazing cook. Anything she whips up, I eat!" Jeremy chuckled patting his distended belly.

"Great! I'll grill up some new york strips, cook up some twice baked potatoes with all the fixings, and the ladies can drink their wine while we enjoy some high quality scotch and the four of us can share some laughs."

"Sounds great sir." Jeremy said with a smile.

"Great! I'll let the missus know. Congrats again son." He said shaking his hand once more.

As Jeremy was making his way back to his cubicle, his wife intercepted him part way there.

"Hey sexy." She purred.

"Hey yourself." Jeremy smirked, trying to contain his surprise.

"What did you and my dad have to talk about?" Alyssa asked flashing her sparkling blue eyes at him.

Jeremy smiled gently, he was bursting with joy.

"Here, follow me to my cubicle." Jeremy responded.

As they entered Jeremy's cramped cubicle, he motioned for her to bend down to where he was.

"Well... Your father offered for me to be the lead designer on the next big project!" Jeremy said just above a whisper.

Alyssa quietly gasped. "You mean the James estate?!?"

Jeremy nodded slowly. "Yeah!"

"Oh my god that's great honey!" She said kissing him generously.

"Yeah. And if I do well with this project, it'll mean a significant pay bump and possibly my own private office!"

Alyssa purred. "Mmm... You mean, no more lunch time car suck and fuck sessions?" She asked nibbling on his ear.

Jeremy smirked as he imagined the crazy things they could do in the privacy of his own office.

"Precisely! And maybe we can finally get that two story house in the upper side of the suburbs that you've always talked about."

"And the Jaguar SUV with the luxurious leather seats? Our car is beginning to feel a bit cramped, and I know your fat ass can barely fit in the seat anymore." Alyssa stated with a dubious smirk.

Jeremy returned his wife's Cheshire grin. "Yes... And the Jaguar SUV."

"Mmmff... I've always loved the feeling of thick leather seats rubbing against my bare skin..." Alyssa quietly moaned as she gently groped one of her breasts.

Jeremy was deep on thought for a moment. His seven year old base model BMW had anything but luxurious leather upholstery. It had seats wrapped in a synthetic type of leather with cloth inserts which Alyssa had complained about on numerous occasions. He knew a number of the guys she had slept with in high school had luxurious cars bought with mommy and daddy's money that had the type of leather interior she was just talking about, causing him to feel slightly inferior for a moment...

"And maybe we can start that family we've talked about..." Jeremy added.

Alyssa gained a bit of an unsure look. "Eventually lover. We're still really young... We can start a family any time..."

Jeremy was beginning to wonder if Alyssa actually wanted to have kids of their own...

Alyssa saw the frown upon her husband's face, looked around and quickly noted that nobody was paying attention to the couple. She swiftly bent over and massaged his cock through his work slacks to try and lighten the mood. It had worked numerous times before when she had shot down the idea.

"Mmmff... You keep that up and I may just have to take you to the bathroom like old times..." Jeremy quipped, his frown quickly fading to a smirk.

Her idea had worked but possibly too well... Alyssa gave him a bit of a glare. "C'mon, we're married babe. Even thinking about fucking in a bathroom is enough to make my skin crawl..."

Jeremy couldn't help but feel a tinge of regret that she wasn't willing to go to the bathroom with him. She used to be a whole lot more kinky before they had gotten married.

But she doubled up with her sexual prowess, increasing her speed at which she stroked his member. "Just you wait until lunch lover boy, this will be the hottest car date you've had yet." She purred.

And she wasn't wrong... The amount of positions Alyssa could achieve even in a four door car was a true sight to behold especially when considering how much less room there was now due to his much flabbier body mixed with her extremely voluptuous form. By the time their thirty minutes was up, they had fucked in eight different positions.
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby Dlork » Thu Nov 25, 2021 7:19 am

Really good stuff! I love reality change and Cucking. Not a huge fan of the WG but it's written really well, I especially like the strength difference growing between the two of them. Are you planning on having her get taller as well?
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby audipwr87 » Thu Nov 25, 2021 11:46 am

Dlork wrote:Really good stuff! I love reality change and Cucking. Not a huge fan of the WG but it's written really well, I especially like the strength difference growing between the two of them. Are you planning on having her get taller as well?

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I can't say what exactly will happen as I don't want to give anything away, but there are still alot more changes coming for both of them!
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Re: Cuckold Conundrum DG, Reality Change,

Postby TF Fan88 » Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:03 pm

I got to say this is my favorite part of the transformation. The transition from speed to power hitter was great. I love the strength increase and too am hoping for a height switch. As long as she is shorter then Rick. He is like what 6'4, so 5'11 or even 6'1 for straight switch of 5'6 and 6'1. Hoping she keeps the strength at the end.

I am excited to see where this one goes and love that you are describing the changes and not just having reality change and the change having already occurred. Definitely a nice change from some of your older stories. Though It certainly does make sense why you wouldn't describe the TF in reality altering stories. Keep up the good work
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