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The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

Postby audipwr87 » Thu Sep 30, 2021 1:40 pm

Note: This is a commission requested by Silverplate. It is Halloween themed, so I am going to try and finish this one up before Halloween. Hope you enjoy!"


(((OCTOBER 17TH)))

"Do we really have to dig through this dusty ass attic?" Abbey asked huffing.

"Yes, I need to find the Halloween decorations and costumes that my grandparents left for our Halloween party coming up. They always went big for the holidays and they told me that we could use whatever we find." Paige responded as dust and cobwebs were beginning to get all over her. She tried to ignore the thought of spiders, rats or any other creepy crawlies touching her. "Thank god I changed out of my workout gear to do this... Last thing I need is to rip my expensive yoga pants." She patted herself on the back as she looked over her more relaxed set of baggy sweatpants (thanks to her weight loss thus far) with the drawstring pulled tight to keep them up, leaving a good 4 or 5 inches of excess string hanging down in front of her, with an equally baggy black tank top and finally her well used jogging shoes. The sweats had been extremely tight when she was nearing 180 pounds but now she didn't have to worry about that which was great because they were extremely comfy. It was her unofficial "do anything" or "clean the house" outfit that she typically donned a few times a week. She made a mental note that she would have to spend a good deal of time up here cleaning as well. She could never relax in a place that wasn't clean.

"Ugh... Why don't we just go to Spirit Halloween or something instead of looking through this dusty old attic?? I'm sure we could find some good stuff there, plus some good Halloween costumes!" Jae replied.

"Well unlike you, I'm not working at some prestigious job... So I'm still licking my wounds from paying off my student loans, medical bills and trying to cover my part of the rent for this place... I nearly threw up the last time I looked at my bank account... Plus, I remember seeing some great outfits up here!" Paige said.

"Probably all spider infested and haunted and shit..." Abbey added although she secretly agreed with her friend as she thought back to her own account that only had about $100 left in it. At least until payday which was still a few days away. "Didn't your grandparents offer to let you live here rent free??"

Paige nodded. "Yeah... they did, but I don't want to be coddled anymore like I'm still a child, and they respected that."

"Shit, if it was me, I would've taken them up on it! Then maybe you wouldn't be so strapped for cash all the time! Abbey replied.

Paige decided not to respond as she continued her search.

"Yes!! I knew it was all here!!" Paige responded excitedly as she spotted alot of the decor for the inside and outside of the house.

"Great... I'm going to try something on, become possessed and vomit split pea soup while my head does a full 360..." Jae replied obviously half joking. But holding a beautiful velvet red laced dress up to herself.

"Well... Maybe this won't be so bad..." Jae thought to herself.

"Even though my grandparent's house was built over a hundred years ago, it doesn't mean that it's haunted..." Paige added.

"Yeah... maybe it's just crawling with spiders, no big deal..." Amanda added as she flipped her red mane out of her line of sight and opened up a new box apprehensively as if something was going to jump out at her, coughing and waving the dust from her face.

"Well I think we'll have plenty of decorations to do the house up right! Think all we'll need is some black lights, strobe lights and a fog machine for outside! I think Vanessa may still have some!" Paige exclaimed.

"Oh yay... Vanessa... I wonder what she is going to come as this year... A slutty nurse, slutty CatWoman or a slutty Cowgirl..." Abbey responded.

Paige giggled. "Oh C'mon... She's not that bad!!"

"Not that bad?!? I swear she's always showcasing her goods every time I see her which isn't that often thank god! You know she's secretly always trying to get into Eric's pants! Remember last Halloween?" Amanda added.

Paige thought back to that night nearly a year ago. Her old high school friend had gotten pretty drunk and "accidentally" got her white beer girl costume wet and just forgot to wear a bra to conceal her luscious E sized melons. For the rest of the night she had clung onto the group like a bad memory.

"Oh it was just an accident! She had had one too many drinks. She even apologized the next day and helped us clean up! Do any of you remember that?? Besides, Eric would never cheat on me with her. I trust him one hundred percent!"

"We know that... Eric is amazing!" Jae responded.

"The perfect boyfriend even if there is such a thing." Amanda added.

Eric was indeed as close to the perfect boyfriend as one could get. He was 6'2" with a trim, athletic form weighing just 220 pounds. He had short, honey blonde hair that was always styled and brushed to one side. His brilliant blue eyes glistened with intelligence and caring, framed by square jawed perfection. He did almost anything and everything for anyone he cared about, and made friends with practically anyone he'd meet regardless of social standing or otherwise.

Part of it could be due to Eric's younger brother Glenn who sadly by all standards was indeed a nerd. They were only a few years apart but very nearly exact opposites in every way, shape and form. He was only 5'4" but weighed nearly the same as his older brother with barely any muscle. His hair was of a dark brown hue, somewhat shaggy and always unkempt and greasy. He wore unflattering attire typically showcasing his favorite Marvel character that did little to hide his portly figure. The only thing they shared was their intelligence. Eric was kind enough to bring him along to social outings, and Paige had become like a bigger sister to him over the years which is another thing that Eric loved about Paige. But many times Glenn preferred to just stay home and either read his comics or watch one of the many hundreds of movies he had at his disposal.

Paige and Eric had as close to a perfect relationship as possible. All sunshine and rainbows as alot of people would say. He even had a great job, working for his dad at their family owned construction company.

"It's just Vanessa that we don't trust." Abbey added.

"Oh... She'd never do that to me!"

"Believe what you want hun. But I've seen the way she drools over him." Jae responded.

"Speaking of your perfect boyfriend. Something tells me, he may become more than just a boyfriend before long." Amanda gushed.

"Why do you say that??" Paige blushed.

"Well... He is taking you to Leavenworth this winter for the Christmas lighting right?" Amanda asked.

Paige smiled. "Yeah??"

"Well... and it takes what? At least a year to reserve a suite in Leavenworth at that time of the year right?"

"Yeah??" Paige said growing more curious by the second.

"Well... maybe I shouldn't bring this up, but I did see him at Dacel's Jewelry just a few days ago and he left with a small ring shaped box!" Amanda gushed again.

Paige put her hands to the side of her face. "Oh my god!! Really?!?"

"Mhmm... Soon, you could be misses Graham!"

"Oh I certainly hope so!!" Paige said enthusiastically.

"You CANNOT say a word of this to him!"

"I'm right there with you! Well... anyways back to the task at hand!" Paige said as she began typing out a text to her old friend.


Paige- "Hey gurl! I have a favor to ask you!"

Vanessa- "Name it babe!"

Paige- "If you still have some, do you think you could bring over some blacklights, strobe lights, and a fog machine or two for our Halloween party this year??"

Vanessa- "Anything for you babe! <3"

Paige- "Thanks hun! You're the best!"

Vanessa- "So how is everything else going? Is your knee all healed up?"

Paige- "Yeah! It's actually feeling pretty good these days!"

Vanessa- "That's awesome! Maybe we can be workout partners like old times!"

Paige- "Yeah! I'd like that!"

Vanessa- "Awesome! How about we get together tomorrow at say... Discovery Park? At 2? I could even bring the decorations with me and I can help you set them up after our workout sesh. Would that work?"

Paige- "Make it 4 and you have a deal! I get off from work at 3."

Vanessa- "Oh nice! Still working as a personal trainer at Dynamic Fitness?"

Paige- "Yep, full time! That's the place!"

Vanessa- "That's great! I'll have to come visit you sometime!"

Paige- "Yeah! I work Monday through Friday 7-3. Come on by!"

Vanessa- "Will do! Anyways, I'll see you tomorrow at 4! Bye babe! <3"

Paige- "See you then! <3"


"Okay it's done! She said she'd bring everything!"

"Oh yay..." Abbey replied.

Hosting a Halloween party was nothing new for the group of four friends, however it was going to be the first time they were going to host it in a house as large and as remote as this with little to no budget; A spacious, nearly 4,000 square foot, fully renovated and fully furnished three story Victorian style house that was built in the late eighteen hundreds with a fully finished basement, steep imposing rooflines complete with the trademark tower, a wrap around porch, curlicue trims, and the typical asymmetrical design with an attic packed full of old antiques that sat on an acre lot of property. It was absolutely immaculate, beginning from the massive double doors that led into the interior of the house. Once inside, one could see a large multi-tiered staircase, large beauteous fireplaces in nearly every room, multiple crystal chandeliers and exposed wooden beams. It looked like a house straight out of a James Wan horror flick. With the nearest neighbor being roughly half a mile away, it was going to be a perfect setting even without their usually decent budget.

Her grandparents were originally going to sell their house located just outside of Seattle until Paige had her unfortunate incident just over a year prior. They had felt terrible about what had happened to Paige with her softball scholarship and offered to let her stay there rent free. But Paige never liked to accept handouts even when in dire straits like she was right then. So her and her grandparents came to an agreement to rent out the house to Paige and her friends at a very reasonable price with only a few simple rules: That they would take care of the house, call the grandparents if any problems arose, and to always keep it clean. All of which would be easy to handle since they were all respectably neat and never let the parties get out of hand.

Paige and her friends readily agreed as they had all talked about living out on their own and being independent without being under the close watchful eyes of their parents. Plus it was just simply too good of a deal to pass up. The small amount that they'd be paying in rent wouldn't even be able to cover a months rent in a cramped one bedroom apartment in Seattle and each girl would have their own spacious, well furnished bedroom with their own private bathroom. The deal was too good to be true. The house was a bit out of the way for the group, but the monthly rent that they were being charged worked out great for the girls' small incomes, all of whom were only 23 and 24, still finding their way in the world.

When they weren't working, they were typically enjoying life, whether it be sitting down and watching a flick as a group, spending time with their significant others or doing any of their own personal hobbies. But the thing that they loved to do most was hosting large holiday parties; Christmas, Fourth Of July, even Valentine's Day. But the biggest party of the year for them came on October 31st... Halloween...

Throwing gigantic Halloween parties was something they had started during their senior year of high school when Paige's parents were on a two week long trip to the Bahamas. It was such a hit that it had become a yearly tradition that many of their friends looked forward to every October. Paige was usually the one in charge of planning the party since she was a bit of a party connoisseur in her high school days and always had the proper social connections to get the word out. They had even formed an annual Halloween costume contest and the party goers would vote on the best costume. Of course Paige and her boyfriend had won the previous year. She had dressed as a scantily clad Harley Quinn while Eric had dressed as a phenomenal looking Joker.

Paige was a particularly attractive fair skinned girl in her early twenties with long, flowing, chocolate brunette hair typically tied up in a simple pony tail or bun due to her very active lifestyle, vibrant blue, upturned eyes akin to the ocean that would be found in a far away tropical paradise. She had full pouty lips that many men had dreamt of kissing and a brilliantly straight and bright white smile thanks to the two and a half years she had worn braces in sixth grade. All of her beautiful attributes were framed by her gently defined cheekbones and slightly rounded cheeks which gave her a bit of a pear shaped face with a wide, but still delicate looking upturned nose. She stood 5'7" tall weighing 152 pounds, with somewhat thick yet toned legs and had curves in all of the right places aside from a slight bit of excess heft primarily residing in her soft midsection and larger rear giving her a decently sized pear shape body type. Up top she had sizeable and perky D cup breasts and a very slightly overinflated bubble butt.

Back about a year ago before her knee injury, she had weighed no more than 130 pounds, but the injury had taken it's toll on her spirit and her body. Within the 5 months of healing, eating out one too many times, practically no cardio based exercise and extreme physical therapy, she had aquired at least 50 extra pounds of added pudge bringing her all the way up to 187 pounds... Her highest weight ever... Now however nearly a year after her accident, she could truly smile every time she stepped on the scale as the number seemed to constantly decrease every day. She was hoping to be down to at least 140 pounds by Halloween which meant she had about a month and a half to achieve her goal. "Should be easy to achieve... 12 pounds is nothing!" She thought to herself.

She was almost always trying to stay active to try and lose the extra poundage she had accumulated and was working it off fairly quickly. Any time she'd want to give up, all she'd have to do is look at the long, vertical scar on her right knee or look at her somewhat bloated form in the mirror and it'd be all the fuel she'd need to keep going. Even though she was slowly regaining her athletic form, she was still self conscious and typically wore slightly baggy clothes to detract from her softer frame. Especially her podgy posterior, thick thighs and wide hips.

She was told by her mom that it was purely natural to be a bit "bottom heavy" since it ran in their family with nearly every woman including her mom who had a legitimate pear shape with wide hips, a thick, jiggling derriere, and rolling thighs that rubbed all the way down to her knees. Paige called it "Office Butt" and it was purely accurate since that is what her mom did for a job and that is what caused her mom to blow up in the first place. She worked 40 plus hours a week in an office, assigning job orders to phone technicians out in the field. Paige remembered a good 15 years or so ago she had job shadowed her mom. It was a very boring job just staring at a computer screen all day. But it did pay well.

Her mom had offered to get her on at the phone company shortly after her accident, but Paige swallowed her pride. "I appreciate it mom, but I'll really be okay. Besides, I don't think I'd be happy being stuck behind a desk all day."

"Okay, well just so you know, the offer is always open." Her mom added with a gentle smile.

Paige thought she could steer clear of the unwanted poundage without much effort before her incident, but now she knew that she had been wrong... She had to stay active and eat healthy, so she had gotten a job working full time as a personal trainer at the local gym. It didn't pay much, but she loved the work. She just simply had to still take it somewhat easy on her knee. A mantra she kept telling herself ever since the accident or else she could cause even more serious damage to it. When she wasn't working, she'd spend time in her makeshift gym in the garage which consisted of a treadmill, weight machine, and free weights. When she wasn't doing that, she'd be participating in outdoor activities with her boyfriend Eric or be cleaning the house with the girls. She was the cleanest of all of her friends, always keeping her room and the majority of the house neat and tidy, treating it almost like a museum which the other girls happily supported.

During high school it seemed as if the world was her oyster and she had not a care in the world. She thought back on Eric and her time together. She had met him in 8th grade as he had moved in next door to Jae and she had introduced him to her group of friends. Paige and Eric had become close friends almost instantly. It had also helped that Eric was highly intelligent and Paige needed a tutor. They stayed best of friends all the way until Paige had been brave enough to ask him out halfway through Freshman year. They had been inseparable ever since. She had asked him on multiple occasions why he had never tried to ask her out and the answer was always the same. "I was nervous that it'd ruin our friendship."

She had also been in the best shape of her life during Senior year, could eat whatever she wanted and not gain a single pound. She was the captain of the softball team with an impending scholarship to University Of Washington for exactly that.

She was also a co-captain of the cheerleading squad and was also one of the stronger competitors they had on their swimming team. She was a bit of a "Jill Of All Trades". But even with her being incredibly athletic, fashion mattered very much to her as well, always wearing the newest outfits with high quality makeup dusted upon her heart shaped visage. She was incredibly popular and loved by all whether it be for her kind and loving nature, her natural ability with sports or her absolutely stunning looks. She had even been a shoe in for prom queen back then. If she had any short comings during high school, it was solely with her academics. It seemed that no matter how much time and effort she'd put forth studying for tests, getting tutor help from her boyfriend or doing her homework, she would often fall short, often getting high C's or low B's. Maybe it was because she was mainly focused on sports, her boyfriend or her social life, maybe she just simply didn't take academics seriously. But one thing was certain, she just simply couldn't seem to hold onto all of the information. But where she struggled in school, she actually excelled with common sense, just like her dad who called it "street smarts". She realized that with her somewhat low grades, she'd never be accepted into any prestigious colleges, but at the time it didn't bother her because at least she had her scholarship to fall back on and her boyfriend to spend her life with.

If one girl could even come close to competing with Paige in high school, it was Vanessa. Paige's other friends never really cared for her as each one of them thought Vanessa had the hots for Eric, but Paige simply brushed it off. The way she looked at him, talked with him... But Paige knew there was nothing to worry about. That she wasn't a threat simply due to the fact that Eric and Paige had a long history together and Vanessa hadn't met him until sophomore year through Paige herself. Vanessa was similar to Paige in almost every way. She was nearly as beautiful as her distant friend with a diamond shaped face, high cheekbones, full, pouty lips and evenly tanned skin. She was only an inch shorter at 5'6" but just as busty as Paige if not more so but with a bit of extra pudge around her midsection and hips. She had straight but full bodied, sandy blonde hair that reached the small of her back and big brown doe eyes that earned her the nickname "Bambi". They hadn't only been cheer co-captains together, but they had been on the same softball and swim team. They also both struggled with academics and often sat next to each other in classes that they had together. The main thing that they shared is they both loved the holidays. Especially Halloween. Vanessa would typically help decorate her parent's house with the usual inflatables, strobe lights, fog machines, black lights, stringed lights and even large plastic light up figurines and animatronics. She had even helped Paige with the decorations for her Halloween parties on a few occasions. Even though they rarely spent time together outside of school, they still talked with each other daily. Even after graduation, they still kept in contact, often texting or calling each other a few times a week even though they had gone on to different schools. Paige to U.W. and Vanessa to a technical college nearby and even so Vanessa would always attend Paige's parties. She had even been to Paige's new place a few times for girl's night.

Paige thanked her lucky stars that it wasn't her going to a trade school. She thought her whole life had been planned out when she had recieved the acceptance letter from U.W.

But as with many social elites in high school, things don't always go as planned. She had received the scholarship to University Of Washington's Softball program and was even getting decent grades as she was working on getting her degree in business. She had already planned out that after college, she would open up her own personal trainer business. Everything seemed to be going great. She was a few years into playing for U.W. and had one of the best batting averages on the team batting a .465 and was the lead catcher of their team until one fateful day... She remembered it like it was yesterday, she could even remember the pain... She was attempting to tag someone out at home plate when the person slid into her knee causing her to tear some ligaments. It was a career and sadly scholarship ending injury. Without her softball scholarship, she could no longer afford to go to U.W. and was much too proud to accept any handouts. Just like that, her bright and shining future had dimmed... Her doctor had told her that with proper care, she would be fully healed in 6-9 months, but with the extensive damage to her ligaments, would most likely never be able to be as active as she once was. This news however, had seemingly lit a fire beneath her rear end pushing her with her physical therapy which she had actually successfully finished within an amazingly short 5 months. But those first 5 months consisted of a mostly unhealthy diet of fast food and a severely limited exercise routine, she hadn't noticed the excess weight sneaking and creeping up on her until she had ripped the seat out of her favorite pair of yoga pants after bending over a bit too far. She quickly felt that something was amiss and nearly fainted at the digital "178.6 LBS" staring back at her in cold, black font. A massive change from her original weight of 127 pounds upon high school graduation.

"How can you stand to look at me or touch me when I'm this fat?!? I'm disgusting!!" Paige cried out hugging her boyfriend tight and sobbing into his chest.

"I still think you're beautiful hun." He said truthfully.

"Yeah right... I bet it's great going out with Fatzilla!" She said holding her arms out and doing an exaggerated walk like a sumo wrestler. "Better call up Vanessa so you can remember what it feels like to be with someone sexy!"

"No! Stop! You need to stop being so hard on yourself and to hell with Vanessa! She can't hold a candle to how amazing you are! I honestly think you are still absolutely gorgeous, but if the weight really does bother you, I will help you work out okay??"

Paige barely smiled with a sniffle. "O-okay... Thank you babe." She choked out.

She was blessed to have Eric and her friends by her side during when she had hit her lowest point with the yoga pants bursting incident. They supported her and cheered her on. They had been the perfect support system; Amanda, Jae and Eric helped her work out, with Abbey helping her cook healthier meals, giving her constant encouragement to stay the course. The doctor then gave her the okay to begin working out again, albeit at a slower pace with a knee brace until she was given the all clear to go without at the 9 month mark just a few short months ago.

Once she was given the all clear to start fully exercising again, she hit it hard working out every day. She began to lift weights, go on a daily 2.5 mile jog around her house, swim and even go on hikes with most of these activities spent by her boyfriend's side. To hopefully kick her weight loss into overdrive, she had also jumped into a healthy diet with both feet, only eating salads, grilled skinless chicken, select fruits and vegetables and steering well clear of anything deep fried, heavy in dairy, sodium or sugar.

Having started at her heaviest weight ever at 178 pounds, she was proud of the results thus far, having lost nearly thirty pounds within just three months since the yoga pants- scale fiasco, bringing her down to 152 pounds. But she still had a long and painful road ahead to get back to her past glory. But deep down she knew that if she kept up her daily exercise routine and her healthy diet, she could get back down to her pre-injury weight. But she also knew that if she slipped on her new strict routine... Skipping a day of working out here, eating less healthy foods there... She'd eventually end up like her aunt Susie. 400 plus pounds at 34, not married, no kids, living in a small outdated apartment and struggling to do even the simplest of tasks and that was the last thing she wanted.

Because of her slightly softer form, Paige typically wore cute but excessively baggy clothes to disguise her more pronounced figure. She recalled a recent photo taken of the four friends as they were seated on a spacious and obviously expensive brown leather couch. Paige was dressed in loose, blue denim overalls, with a burgundy long sleeve shirt beneath and had a long sleeved, thick, forest green knitted sweater on top top, covering up her thicker arms and any other "problem areas" as she typically called them. She had absentmindedly placed her hand beneath her rounded chin to disguise her beginner double chin in the photo and her half smile had given just the slightest of hints that she wasn't comfortable or happy in her own skin. She distinctly remembered the exact weight she had been at when the photo was taken. 172 pounds... 20 pounds more than she weighed right now.

Jae on the other hand, was beautiful in her own right, just more understated. Her slightly rectangle shaped face held slightly rounded features with a fairly defined jaw, even at her incredibly light weight of 112 pounds. But her almond shaped brown eyes and brilliant, clinically straight smile (thanks to the two years she had worn braces) and her silky, black, shoulder length locks, were often times what drew people in, being a significant point of attraction which were only highlighted by the light dusting of cosmetics typically decorating her face. She stood at 5'4" and was incredibly lithe with only a very slight amount of curves thanks to a vegetarian diet. Not that you could see them as she always dressed to impress, in part due to her line of work in advertising. She loved her job, but it also got in the way of her personal life more times than she could count which is also why she was simply and utterly single. She often wore button up blouses that covered most of her torso along with high quality slacks that were typically slightly baggy, and practical but classy flats. Her light mocha colored skin and black mane gave a glaring hint to her heritage being of partially Korean descent. Her father was caucasian while her mother was Korean. When she wasn't at work, she typically used the makeshift gym that Paige had put together in the basement. Paige always said she loved having someone to exercise with whether it be her boyfriend or otherwise.

She had excelled during her high school days getting straight A's across the board and overachieving in extracurricular activities like drama, chess and competing in the academic decathlon and still graduated with honors. But it all came at a significant social cost. Aside from her immediate friends comprised of Paige, Amanda and Abbey, she had no other friends or love interests. She had never even had a boyfriend and was even still embarassingly a virgin at 23...

The driving force in her quest to become successful was purely due to never wanting to become like her older sister Jennifer. She was nearing 28 and still living at home in her parent's now pigsty of a basement with no promising prospects. Just a dead end job in retail doing the bare minimum to keep her job. She had mediocre grades in school, having gotten an average 1.9 GPA by never truly applying herself or taking school seriously in the slightest. Even if she had, she was clearly the less gifted in the intelligence department as she spoke in slow, derogatory drenched sentences. She never took the SAT's and never did any extracurricular activities. She simply went to school doing the bare minimum to pass, and then would spend the rest of her time watching anime, hanging out with her friends or her loser boyfriend and have raucous, disgusting sex and smoke weed seemingly non stop. It had caused quite a rift between her and her parents, but they didn't have the heart to throw her out.

The differences between Jae and Jennifer were easy to see even upon first meeting them. They would've looked nearly identical had it not been for their massive difference in weight. Jennifer was tipping the scales at nearly 320 pounds that was packed tightly onto her 5'4" frame thanks to a constant diet of fast food, chips, candy or ice cream. Her body was often wrapped in too tight (requested by her chubby chaser boyfriend), sweat and food stained sweatpants or yoga pants and her top half was wrapped in either anime themed or just basic, plain white t-shirts that hugged her fat, flabby breasts tightly and usually let a good couple of inches of her pale belly peek through. To drive the point home of being an absolute slob, she would often let burps and loud blasts of gas escape from her doughy postetior regardless of where she was or who was around simply because she didn't care what anyone thought of her. Her face was nearly spherical and covered in a smattering of pimples and blackheads that typically congregated upon her bulbous cheeks and nose.

Jae did everything in her power to distance herself from Jennifer's boyfriend Ben at all costs. The few times she had met him, he had come onto her, trying to talk her into a threesome with him and her sister.

Jae was so astonished by his suggestion that she simply blinked a few times, said nothing and walked away.

Needless to say, Jae and Jennifer hadn't gotten along in years. They used to be close many years ago. Neigh inseparable. In fact, Jae remembered the last time they were close. It was one of the funnest nights she had ever had to be honest. She was a young, impressionable kid of 12, and Jennifer was just on the cusp of becoming a Freshman in high school. Just barely as she almost had to be held back in 8th grade due to lackluster grades and attendance. But once again, she did the bare minimum to get by. Jennifer would often sneak out of the house at night once her parents went to bed and she had decided that Jae was now old enough to hang out with her group of friends and get up to some mischief.

"Are you sure we won't get into trouble??" Jae asked nervously.

"Aww C'mon... You can trust your big sis! Just let loose and have some fun!" Jennifer smirked as she took a long drag from a blunt and handed it to her younger sister.

A few hours later after smashing some mailboxes, spraying some graffiti, egging some houses, and smoking some weed, both an absolutely stoned Jae and Jennifer had been brought home in the back of a police car for trying to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

Their parents were understandably angrier than ever before and had decided to send Jennifer off to "St. Bernard's Veil of Tears" A boarding school about 1500 miles away. After that, Jae's parents focused hard on making sure she didn't turn out anything like her sister.

"...No, you can't write to your sister, Jae. Jennifer can't have any interruptions..." Her mother would remind her.

"...No, Jennifer is not coming home for Christmas..."

"No... You cannot go out to see a movie tonight Jae... It's Thursday... A school night."

"...I know... B-but it's playing at 4:30 this afternoon and this girl invited me to go see it with her and her parents..."

"NO BUTS AND THAT'S FINAL!!" Her mom said raising her voice.

And so that's how the next 4 years went for Jae. Getting constantly bombarded with strict rules and only given the slightest of compliments when she'd get A's, but severely punished if she got anything less. Eventually close to graduating from high school, her parents had begun to let up.

Just in time for Jennifer to return home from boarding school. She had been gone for 4 years and had dropped out/escaped (just to spite her parents). While her parents had hoped that boarding school would help, it had the absolute opposite effect that her parents had hoped for. Jennifer was bitter and depressed, almost constantly smoking cigarettes or weed and had put on a ton of weight. She had developed a love for swearing and wasn't afraid to ever speak her mind especially when it came to her parents who she had a seething hatred for now. She had even developed a hatred for not just her parents, but Jae as well thinking that her sister had abandoned and forgotten her.

They were practically polar opposites now so they never talked and avoided each other completely.

Amanda was the third member of the group that had the classical sexy librarian look going for her, complete with shoulder-length auburn hair, stylish wireframe glasses made to help her slightly imperfect 20/25 vision for her dazzling blue deep set eyes placed within her diamond shaped face and a delicately rounded chin. She was on the taller side with ultra long and shapely legs, standing 5'11" tall and weighing a somewhat slim 195 pounds giving her a well pronounced hourglass that her boyfriend absolutely adored. She felt sexy and attractive which reflected in the way she carried herself and she had been decently popular in high school.

If Paige had an unofficial best friend, it would be her. Aside from Eric, Amanda had been there for her through thick and thin, keeping no secrets from one another. They even had one of those cheesy "best friend" heart shaped necklaces that split into two parts. They constantly talked about their past and current relationships and shared any gossip that came their way.

Amanda had many past relationships as she had always exuded self confidence and typically had her choice of many men especially with some of the outfits she wore. But even still, she had only had a handful of sexual partners up til she had met Greg. She had been blessed with large but surprisingly perky D cup breasts, a healthy, slightly overly padded derriere and deliciously thick thighs with only a small amount of excess weight accumulating in her midsection. She was by no means obsessed with body image but still chose to work out multiple times a week just to be more healthy and would often keep Paige company during her workouts if Eric was busy. Between her high metabolism and decently active lifestyle, she found that she could basically eat anything she wanted. Her well formed body teamed up with her astute intellect, very personable personality and heavily gifted talents was a neigh unbeatable combination. She was a perfectionist to put it lightly, so anything she found interest in, she always gave one hundred and ten percent and perfect after a short time. One of her main passions came in the form of playing instruments and listening to Jazz. She could thank her mother for her love of music. She loved her mom. For some reason, it just seemed that they always connected more than her and her dad did. They were so much alike in nearly every way; In how active they were, When she was a kid, her mom would often times cook breakfast to the wonderful sounds of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Louis Armstrong just to name a few. Her mother had even bought her her first trumpet at the young age of eight and she had picked it up very quickly. She could play the trumpet and the piano flawlessly and was not afraid to perform in front of a crowd. Her dad on the other hand was more of a social recluse and a bit on the lazy side. He had tried countless times to get her to sit down, have some snacks and get into video games as he was a video game developer and designer. He had also attempted to grab her attention with old anime movies as he was an avid fan of the older classics, but Amanda just never showed any interest whatsoever. She had tried for him, but nothing ever clicked. She was a very big people person always trying to make everyone happy or trying to make friends with anyone she'd meet. She had also found an admiration for history at an early age, dissecting and studying every small detail that most people would often forget or overlook. She could've very easily followed through with that in college but chose to follow her true life's calling.

She had found a love interest named Greg at her work in the city Orchestra who played the Cello and they had been seeing each other for nearly a year. She had wowed him with a solo that she had executed perfectly in front of the whole orchestra. As their practice session was coming to a close, he introduced himself and then asked her out on a date. He was close to five years older than her with and had been with the orchestra for close to 4 years. He stood even taller than Amanda herself at nearly 6'3", but weighed a laughably low 140 pounds making him look like more of a beanpole than his own girlfriend.

"Are you sure it doesn't bother you that I'm heavier than you??"

Greg playfully gasped. "Are you kidding?!? I absolutely LOVE your body!"

"Okay, if you're sure..." Amanda said kissing him gently.

Last but not least was Abbey. She was the one that stood out from the rest of the group indefinitely as a kind of "ugly duckling". If not for her short stature of 5'2", but for her exceptionally androgynous appearance thanks to her excruciatingly light weight of 89 pounds. She had angular features thanks to a vegan diet, grey close set eyes that sat behind thick black plastic framed glasses, a petite button nose and slim lips. If her makeup-less facial features weren't enough to confuse people, her slim, undefined form and asymmetrical blonde pixie cut were sure to drive the point home. She was a bit of a tomboy, dressing in dark colored, baggy form concealing clothes that rested in a grey area between masculine and feminine with a goth tinge to them. She was sarcastic and was never afraid to speak her mind whether it be politically driven or otherwise. She'd often attend Pride rallies, women empowerment gatherings and any other cause she saw fit to support. She worked as a sales associate at a local art store which she absolutely loved since her main hobby was painting and drawing. Many people automatically assumed that she was a lesbian, but if there was any doubt, her girlfriend Kaitlyn would definitely drive the point home.

Abbey first and somewhat apprehensively came out to her friends in the ninth grade and her friends had been nothing but supportive. In short, they had eventually given Abbey the courage to come out to her parents just over a year ago who were a bit less accepting which is why she now lived with her friends and had developed a taste for alcohol and weed to cope.

Her girlfriend Kaitlyn was even more masculine than Abbey herself. Kaitlyn had started off feminine enough, but decided on her own to begin taking Testosterone shortly after they had started dating which had caused light facial hair and hair to begin growing in different areas of her body, which she never shaved. Her voice had even become a significantly deeper octave replacing her once obviously feminine pitch. She typically wore baggy blue jeans and hoodies that completely disguised her portly form which Abbey adored.

Abbey had met Kaitlyn at a party and they were immediately attracted to one another. However looks only go so far... All throughout their relationship, Kaitlyn had liked to be the one in control whether it be in the bedroom or outside of it, often having the final say in whatever they'd do. She had also practically forced Abbey to become a vegan, often commenting on her weight. Then came the communication, or lack there of... Kaitlyn was more of a physical being, often using actions instead of words. Their conversations were usually short and without depth, often talking about everyday subjects or watching tv.

Abbey hated being in such a one sided relationship, but every time she'd bring it up to Kaitlyn, a large argument would ensue. Abbey was beginning to become bored of hers and Kaitlyn's relationship and had thrown the idea around of breaking up with her.

She knew what Kaitlyn would say; That Abbey would never find someone as good as her, or she'd blame all of their problems on Abbey. But she knew of one girl in particular who she had missed her shot with when she was younger and in turn, made her hate a certain type of people.

Abbey openly despised ignorant people, finding them to be the lowest of the low in terms of human civilization, blaming them for most of the world's problems. She'd often refer to them with any number of slang terms. Hillbillies, hicks, yokels... You name it... Co2 emissions... blame the uneducated... global warming and high fuel prices... blame the hicks driving gas guzzling vehicles...

She saw all of them as uncouth miscreants that'd sooner take their cousins or siblings to bed over eating anything healthy or driving a Prius which she herself was the proud owner of.

However she hadn't always been like this... At one point early in her life while she was still finding herself at the young age of fifteen, she had actually been a decently cute and curvy girl with long blonde hair and always wore makeup. She enjoyed a good steak and enjoyed a plethora of foods that she'd never think twice about touching now. But one thing had completely flipped her life on it's lid. Something that had altered her life forever and it had to do with Shayla.

Her second cousin Shayla and her family was the biggest reason why she so despised the farm/country life and the people that typically came from that way of life. One summer, when Abbey was the ripe young age of 15, she had traveled south with her parents to the great state of Texas where they would stay for a full week. That is where she first met her cousin Shayla who lived on a cattle ranch. Shayla was a typical "Southern Belle" with the long, honey blonde hair that cascaded down her shoulders and back in loosely curled waves. Big, blue eyes that were as blue as the country sky flickered with kindness and ripe full lips that almost seemed to form a perfect bow when pursed together. On top of that, she had an utterly curvy body even at only 16 years old which she showed off in tight denim short shorts and a white tank top with just a light amount of pudge. She always spoke in a typical southern drawl and while she looked like a girly girl on the outside, could ride a horse like no one Abbey had ever seen. She could also repair the farm equipment, milk the cows, loved football, monster trucks, ate beef and had an old lifted Ford pickup that she cruised around in.

At first it seemed as if Abbey and Shayla were near polar opposites but as they continued to talk actually found that they got along quite well and had fun with whatever they were doing. They were practically inseparable and grew even more so as the week went on. Shayla had treated her to some down home meals that typically consisted of deliciously smoked meats, potatoes and some form of buttered breads. On the night before Abbey was going to have to leave back home, Shayla had invited some of her closest friends over for a bonfire, country music, beer drinking and sleeping under the stars kind of night as a bit of a Texas send off.

The night had been a blast. The stars had been out in full force, the distant cow's "moos" could be heard mixing with the country music playing from the speakers of Shayla's pickup. Shayla and her friends listened to Abbey as she talked about what life was like in the Pacific Northwest, the girls shared stories about life in Texas and had even taught Abbey how to properly square dance and introduced her to some of the country music greats. They had even talked about the things that girls tgeir age typically would talk about. Primarily boys...

"So... Do you have a boyfriend back home Abbey??"

Abbey blushed as she shook her head. Up to that point in her life, relationships and boys didn't really interest her and she had yet to really discover her true preferences.

"No... No I don't..."

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

Abbey shook her head once again.

The girls drunkenly giggled and chattered to one another about many different topics for the rest of the night. As it was nearing morning, all of the girls had passed out aside from Abbey and Shayla who were still seated around the dying fire working on their tenth beer? Twelfth beer? They were unsure.

The song "Neon Moon" by Brooks & Dunn began playing in the background as if setting the mood.

"I'm so sad you have to leave..." Shayla drunkenly mentioned to Abbey.

Abbey took another swig of her beer. "Yeah... Me too..." and sighed.

She looked at her cousin as the flames danced off of her evenly tanned skin, a gentle smile forming upon her beautifully slim face. Shayla looked over to her noticing Abbey was looking at her with amber and yellow flecked eyes from the dying flames reflecting off of the girl's partially squinted eyes.

"What?? What is it??" Shayla asked.

"Nothing..." Abbey swiftly replied.

"Oh C'mon. You can tell me..." Shayla said inching closer, and resting her hand upon Abbey's.

Abbey nervously cleared her throat and looked down at where Shayla was touching her and nervously asked. "Umm... So... Do you have a boyfriend??"

Shayla flashed her eyes at her cousin and blushed. "No..."

Abbey replied swiftly. "B-but why not?? You're absolutely gorgeo-"

Before Abbey could finish her sentence, Shayla went in for a kiss, gently planting her soft supple lips upon Abbey's. Abbey had never kissed anyone before, and kissing a girl was one thing she never would've imagined would happen on this trip. But now that it had happened, it seemed like one of the most natural and pleasurable things she had ever experienced. She now knew one hundred percent that she liked girls. Even crazier, that her second cousin could be her girlfriend. "Sometimes long distance relationships work... right?" Abbey asked herself. But before their lips parted, one of the other girls awoke and witnessed it.

"Oh my god!!!"

Shayla immediately noticed her friend and pushed Abbey away swiftly changing her tune. "Wait... What the hell are you doing freak?!?"

Abbey recoiled and paused for a moment as if trying to process what had just happened. "Oh my god! She's a dyke!!!" One of Shayla's other friends commented. Abbey immediately ran from the fire into the darkened pasture only lit by the looming stars and moon and slept on the floor in her parent's bedroom for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Abbey and Shayla said not a single word to one another as they parted ways. The plane ride home was a somber one and once in the safety of her own room, began her transformation into the new Abbey.

"I'll make sure no girls like Shayla will ever be attracted to me ever again!!" She angrily stated as she began to cut her beautiful blonde locks short and threw out her semi- figure hugging clothing. She then buried herself in her art and always seemed to be in a sour mood.

Shayla had tried to contact her through Facebook messenger numerous times. The first message came nearly a year after everything that had happened. The message was titled: "Let me explain..." Which Abbey readily ignored.

Then she had gotten another one a year later titled: "I made a mistake!"

Then two years later she recieved another one with the message's subject reading as "Can we talk?" But Abbey simply ignored it, leaving it unread.

She had recieved a few more spaced about two years apart from each other. The final one with the title: "I came out to my parents!"

This message had certainly grabbed Abbey's attention and she readily clicked on it. As the message subject stated, she had indeed come out to her parents. They kicked her out and now she was living with her girlfriend in the city (which she hated) and had bought an economy car (which she also hated).

Abbey had looked up the girlfriend through Shayla's profile and couldn't help but notice something quite remarkable. The girl who went by "Cassie" looked alot like Abbey had when she was 15. Blonde, grey eyes, short, even her facial features looked similar. All except one detail. The girl was quite hefty.

"Hmmm... Guess she likes em big..." Abbey had said at the time.

Abbey couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy back then... Along with a growing anger towards Shayla so she looked for a partner that was different from Shayla in nearly every way imaginable, and Kaitlyn was that person.

Oftentimes, Abbey wondered how her life would've ended up, had her and Shayla stayed together, or if Abbey had responded to one of Shayla's messages...

"So... have you found anything Abbey?"

Abbey shook the bad memory from her head. "No nothing yet..."

"There's gotta be more decorations in here..." Paige said scratching her head and leaning against one of the boarded walls of the attic. She suddenly spotted an odd box just peeking through a small opening between the boards. It's bright red colored wood still glaring through the thick layer of dust as if it were begging to be found. It looked as though it hadn't been touched in at least a hundred years.

"What's this?? Paige asked eying the intricately carved wooden box roughly the size of a shoebox that was stashed away in a tight opening to the left of her. She delicately placed it upon one of the closed cardboard boxes in front of her and closely inspected it. Upon the lid sat a carved out full moon surrounded in a clouded sky with what appeared to be a native american style spider- human hybrid holding the moon within it's web and the ocean below reflecting a slightly altered view of itself. The only words placed on the underside of the wings read as "wówičakȟe ikto'mi.

"So weird..." She said quietly as if she was worried about offending the ancient and slightly disturbing creature displayed on the box. She slowly undid the brass clasp holding the box closed and opened it up.

The interior of the box was lined with red, padded velvet and resting in the very center of the box was a completely transparent, perfectly rounded stone with what appeared to be a small galaxy, swirling in bright, pulsating sparks of violet and white light within it's depths. It was roughly the size of a billiard ball if not a bit larger.

All four girls slowly and apprehensively closed in upon the mysterious object as if it was some crazed wild animal. The swirling object within the confines of the transparent ball seemed otherworldly... The center of the orb seemingly endless like they were staring into oblivion.

"Seriously... What the hell is this??" Paige asked again but picking the object up with her bare hand so she could study it closer. It seemed impossibly light almost as if it were hollow, and was warm to the touch. Cozy almost... A sudden pleasant buzzing began to vibrate through her palm and travel out towards her finger tips, spreading up her arm and to the rest of her body in enjoyable waves, ending their journey between her legs causing her to drop the mysterious stone back into the interior of the soft padded case.

"Woah..." She said in an almost pleasurable tone looking at her own apendage to inspect it.

"What happened??" Amanda asked eyeing the stone and then looking at her friend's hand seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

"It felt energized somehow... Almost like it was vibrating... It actually felt kind of great..." She said already wanting to pick it up again, but Amanda picked it up first.

Amanda began feeling the same pleasurable sensation that Paige had just experienced.

"Woah... you weren't kidding!" Amanda said laughing a bit at the sensation.

The other two girls readily touched it to see what Paige and Amanda had been talking about and both agreed upon touching it.

Paige slowly brought her hand in to touch it once again and was hit with the same pleasurable sensation as before, possibly even stronger this time around, feeling small waves of pleasure hit her shaven slit within just a split second. She had even become dizzy for just a moment, her vision blurring for only a second before clearing again.

She sensually shifted her 165 pound body within her snug, untied sweats, feeling her thick thighs rub against one another and her skin tight tank top that clung to her slightly doughy belly and breasts.

She felt the elastic band of the sweats digging into her soft waist while her well formed ass crack had swallowed up some of the grey fabric which pulled her attention away from the orb.

"Damnit... I swore this outfit was looser..." She said delicately pulling the wedgie from between her plush asscheeks. If I'm not careful, I'll have to get some bigger clothes... I really have to work out harder, here I am only a few pounds lighter than when I started working out again and these clothes are still tight..." She said loud enough for her friends to hear while internally inspecting her outfit.

"Oh stop! You look great Paige! I mean, you have lost weight. I can definitely tell! How much have you lost?" Jae asked being the supportive friend.

"Ummm... A little over 10 pounds..."

"See! So at least you're moving in the right direction!" Amanda added.

"Well still, it's not fast enough! I think I'm going to get a hold of Eric and see if he wants to go on a hike today..." She quickly pulled out her phone and shot him a text.

Paige-- "Hey babe! Feel like going on a hike today??"

Eric-- "Oh uh Yeah! Sounds like fun! I wasn't sure if you'd be up for going on a hike just yet with your knee and all..."

Paige raised her eyebrows for a moment. "Why would he say that??" But shook the thought from her head as a dull ache emanated from her knee reminding her why he'd ask that.

She wished she would've taken her physical therapy a bit more seriously... Back when she started her physical therapy she was angry and bitter that something like this had ended her dream... her future.

It was a constantly nagging fire burning in the back of her brain every time she'd take a step. Her physical therapist would often times tell her to "Focus!" And she did the best she could, fighting through the pain but she knew it had slowed her progress...

Paige-- "Well... maybe you're right... How about we just go for a nice jog around the usual route around the house then? Maybe beat my best time of half an hour."

Her and Eric had created a bit of a route that was roughly two and a half miles. She had timed their previous loop around the area and the last time she had done it, it had taken her half an hour to complete. Much better than the near hour it took the first time. But her uninjured, athletic self would've been able to complete it in fifteen minutes no problem. And that would've been without her pushing herself.

Eric-- "Okay, sounds good! I'll be over in a half hour or so! Love you!"

Paige-- "Okay! Love you too!"

Paige cleared her throat to get the attention of the rest of the group. "Okay... maybe I should ask my grandparents about this before we accidentally break it or something. It looks like it could be really expensive." She said closing the lid of the wooden box hiding the orb from view.

"Okay, but just as soon as you finish talking with them, I wouldn't mind taking a closer look at it. I'll be here all day today and Greg will be coming by soon so we can practice playing for our upcoming concert. But please make sure to knock first just in case we erm... take a break so to speak..." Amanda offered seeming overly excited about it.

"Ewww... But okay..." Paige responded with a grin.

"What?? So we have a healthy sex life? Nothing to be ashamed of." Amanda gushed.

"I wouldn't mind taking a look at it either... It could be of Korean origin as well, but I won't know unless I study it closer..."

"Okay... Amanda, you'll pass it onto Jae once you're finished with it. Deal?"

"Yep! Sounds good to me!

Abbey sighed. "But what if I want to study it for awhile? It could be a great art piece!"

Paige sighed. "Fine! But I'll only say this once, please take great care of it!"

And with that, Paige headed up to her room to get changed and contact her grandparents.
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

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Incredible start, each girl has an interesting direction to go in
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

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I liked it; so far, it is very cool.
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

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***CHAPTER 2***

Upstairs Paige had entered her spotless bedroom located in the tower section of the house and quickly sat upon her perfectly made up king sized bed that rested beneath the tall stretching rectangle windows. To the right of the bed sat her night stand, with her computer desk resting against the nearest wall that typically housed her older laptop from her high-school days. She rarely used it, but she didn't have the heart to get rid of it either. Beyond that, she had a makeup table with a large edge lit mirror on the left side, a tall five shelf bookshelf but it held no books, instead displaying her team photos and trophies. A massive fireplace rested on the wall opposite of her bed that she could relaxingly watch as she fell asleep every night. She didn't believe in having a tv in her room as people who typically did that were somewhat lazy and she viewed her room as a place to sleep, reminisce over days past and get ready for the day ahead. Then finally she had a large walk in closet nearly filled to the brim with clothes and shoes. She had retained many articles from her thinner days which typically ran in a size 2 for pants and shorts and a size extra small for her tops which she didn't have the heart to get rid of.

"If I keep working out and eating right, I'll be able to fit into these again. Don't know how long it'll take, but it WILL happen." She'd say almost every day as she somberly looked over the stylish clothes. She loved wearing revealing body hugging attire, but not when she was as big as a whale like she had been only a few short months ago...

She had them ranging from older, smaller articles on the left slowly transitioning to newer, more concealing, larger articles on the right. The largest pants running in a size 12 while her tops were typically a medium or even a large to mask some of her extra pudge. Right now she was hovering around a size 8, although usually it was a slightly snug fit...

She typically didn't spend much time in her room due to her demanding schedule and active lifestyle which was a bit of a shame. It was such a nice, relaxing place to be...

Her room was a bit of a shrine to her athletic achievements, life achievements and the journey that her and her friends had the pleasure of spending together in life. She had many medals, trophies and team photos also decorating her walls, surrounding the large shelves and dresser top without one single academic achievement to really boast about. Sometimes, she wished she would've focused more on school but there was no going back now.

Aside from her accolades was a photo wall consisting of her with her boyfriend and photos of her and her friends going on various adventures throughout their childhood all the way up to now; Going to concerts, river floating trips, days sunning themselves at the lake, trips to Ocean Shores, the State Fair finishing with a photo at their graduation with all of them in silly poses as they were decked out in their blue gowns and caps causing Amanda's gold honor chords to stand out from the sea of dark blue.... Paige was an only child growing up, so she treated her close friends like sisters and that is what they typically considered themselves as.

She zeroed in on a few of the photos from her and Eric's numerous dates; From when he took her out for their first date to Family Fun Center. They were so young back then... They played mini golf, rode the go-karts and played in the arcade, then finished the night at Dick's for some burgers, fries and milkshakes. (Her favorite fast food joint) which she didn't frequent as often as she'd like but was probably a blessing in disguise. Her eyes traveled to another picture of them at The Space Needle for their two year anniversary. She had dressed in a classy yet body contouring black strapless dress that put her sizeable breasts on display and gave a nice peek at her shapely thighs. Another few photos were of them at numerous sporting events. One photo of them at a Seahawks game as they were both dressed in the team garb. Paige had chosen to wear a form fitting Russell Wilson Jersey with short denim shorts and blue and green face paint. Then another at a Mariner's game where they had come on beardhat night. In the photo they were clearly holding back laughter as they kissed while wearing the comedic garb. Then for their five year anniversary Eric had taken her on a weekend getaway to Leavenworth where they perused the cute little shops, hit up the spa and even went swimming. Eric had even planned another trip to Leavenworth around Christmas time for the tree lighting ceremony. He had booked a suite that overlooked the Bavarian Village complete with a jacuzzi tub, fireplace and soft king sized bed. It was something she had always wanted to do and had a feeling Eric might have something "bigger" planned for the trip that he wasn't sharing. Possibly something to do with a sparkly piece of diamond jewelry going by what Amanda had said. She brought her eyes back to the photos. The most recent picture was of them spending a summer day at Alki, Paige wearing a cute, short hemmed sun dress that showed off her shapely legs and proud chest. They were all times where Paige had loved showing off her athletically trimmed body with pride.

How she missed those days...

She approached her makeup table with the extra large mirror to get a better look at herself.

She lifted the lower hem of her top and fingered the small tummy pooch that wasn't there a year ago and from there explored her expanded thighs wrapped tightly within the confines of her once spacious sweats.

They were extremely spacious back before her injury but now they were stretched out with only a little room left in their confines... Thoughts of her split yoga pants quickly flashed before her eyes.

She inspected her face noting that at it may have looked a bit slimmer since that photo had been taken with all of her friends seated on the leather couch. Soon enough she may not have to hide her soft chin and the thought excited her.

She began her nearly daily personal pep talk to try and cheer herself up.

"This is only temporary Paige... You'll get your body back, just keep working out and eating healthy and you're bound to regain your slim physique... Maybe at a bit of a slower pace than you wanted, but at least you're moving in the right direction..."

After she assured herself that this "softened state" was only temporary, she moved to her desk where the box rested and planted herself within the wood and leather desk chair and dialed the number for her grandparents. After a few rings a friendly "Hello??" answered at the other end.

"Hey grandma, It's Paige."

"Oh hello dear. How are you doing??"

She decided to lie about her current slightly sullen mood. "I'm doing great. I was actually calling to ask about something..."

"Oh... What is that my dear?"

"Well... I was looking in the attic for the Halloween decorations and ended up finding a wooden carved box with a moon, clouds, a weird human spider creature hanging in a web carved into the top I think, and the words "wówičakȟe ikto'mi" carved into the top. I found it kind of stashed away between some boards in the wall."

Her grandma paused for a moment. "Very strange... Can't say I've ever seen that before... But it sounds like it might be native american. Must've been there from before your grandpa and I moved in..."

"Did you know the people who you purchased the house from?" Paige asked hoping to get some sort of lead.

"No... I'm afraid not... It had been vacant for years before we bought it. Took alot of work to get it where it is now. Is there anything in the box?"

"Yeah..." She said grabbing the ball with her right hand once again feeling the odd but pleasant buzzing return. "This strange kind of glass ball with an odd swirling object inside... Almost looks like a galaxy or something..."

"Hmm... odd... I'm sorry... I can't help you... Who knows, sounds like it could be worth a pretty penny though."

She was dizzy for only a moment until a crunch echoed through the phone's speaker. "Hmmm yeah... It could be..." Paige said snacking on some Wheat Thins while looking down at the crystal orb nestled gently into the boxes interior.

Her grandma paused again. "So... How is your knee and the physical therapy going sweetie??"

Paige awkwardky shifted her 170 pound body in the wooden desk chair feeling her padded hips gently brush against the fixed wooden arms and the seat of her snug sweatpants travel further into the crevasse of her asscrack. "Was the chair always this cramped and why had she chosen to wear these tight sweats? They were quite uncomfortable. Well, if I drop another five or ten pounds, they'll be comfortable like they used to be..." She promised herself but her curious thoughts were interrupted as her knee ached a bit from the slight twist as she adjusted herself. She had been cleared to exercise without her knee brace for moderate exercise nearly three months prior, but she'd only managed to lose 8 pounds up til now even with her receptionist job at the gym. She had tried out for a personal trainer position, but between her knee problems and her slightly escalated weight, the gym offered her a receptionist position instead with a free membership which she took advantage of whenever things got slow. Between her job and jogging every other day, she had a decently active lifestyle.

"It's going... Eric and I are going to go for our usual light jog when he gets here."

How she wished she had been more headstrong with the physical therapy when the doctor was trying to help her at the hospital... Now she was paying for it, as hikes were simply out of the question for now, and she could barely do a slow jog for 5 or 6 minutes before having to give her knee and lungs a rest. Her knee was slowly improving, just at a snail's pace it seemed... But what worried her more was how much her endurance had taken a hit. When she had started truly working out again after the all clear from the doctor, she could only manage a minute or two of exercise so at least she was moving in the right direction. But this "light jogging route" that Eric had discovered was roughly two and a half miles, granted it was mostly flat. It was going to take her roughly 45 or 50 minutes to do at her current pace. But at least she had the support of her amazing boyfriend and irreplaceable friends who had all gone on this jog with her more times than she could count. Without them, she wouldn't even like to imagine where she'd be...

"Oh that's great hun! Give him my best."

"I will grandma. I love you."

"Love you too sweetie."

As she hung up the phone, she popped a few more Wheat Thins into her mouth savoring the salty buttery flavor, she heard a car door shut and looked out the window to see a white Ram pickup in the circular driveway, signifying that her boyfriend was there. She slowly arose, peeled her tight sweatpants and top off leaving them on the floor where she had undressed and changed into some basic, spacious running shorts, a roomy plain black tee-shirt, and her gently used jogging shoes.

Eric entered the house as he had done many times before and accidentally kicked some empty unmarked cardboard boxes just inside the double doors and nearly stepped on and tripped over a pair of emerald green flip flops and Birkenstock suede and faux fur slippers. He immediately knew who they belonged to. Eric simply chuckled shaking his head. "Oh... Paige... Didn't your mom ever teach you to put your shoes away?" It was one of her few trademark flaws she had, if it could even be considered a flaw.

He quickly made his way upstairs and entered his girlfriend's bedroom. Once inside, he took her room in. Just going by the room's sweet aroma, he knew he was in Paige's room. It was a mixture of her favorite perfume, body wash and a few miscellaneous candles that she loved to light when they would get intimate. It was respectably clean minus an empty can of La Croix on her nightstand along with a few stray articles of clothing resting on the floor, an open box of crackers at her desk and a light coating of dust resting upon many of the surfaces in her room.

"Hmmm snacking I see... Well at least they're somewhat healthy..." Eric thought to himself nearly chuckling aloud.

"Hey baby!" Paige excitedly greeted her boyfriend, jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist as she expected him to catch her which he did with ease. She embraced him tightly in a hug and ended it with a slow sensuous kiss.

Eric loved getting into tight embraces with his girlfriend, feeling her body press up against his whether it be her trim, athletic form or otherwise. He loved her nomatter what shape or size she was.

As they were embraced in a hug, Eric took her scent in, enjoying the fragrance of her sweet strawberry shampoo and the tropical aroma of her bodywash. She always smelled so good...

As their lips parted, Eric asked her, "Are you ready for our jog my love?"

Paige gently smiled. "As ready as I'll ever be. Just let me grab this thing for Amanda, she wanted to check it out. If anybody is going to be able to discover where this thing came from, she's the one." Paige said grabbing the wood carved box.

"Huh... What a strange box..." Eric responded as he looked at the wood carved lid.

As they exited Paige's room, they walked down the long stretching hallway leading to Amanda's room and knocked on the door. Inside, a gentle tickle of jazz music could be heard dancing throughout the airwaves. "Hold on a minute. I'm coming!"

Amanda who was only dressed in a tied, ankle length terry robe pulled the door open and gently smiled when she witnessed who was on the other side, and her smile grew even more once she saw what was within Paige's clutches.

"Heyyyy Greggg!" Paige drew out while looking at her friend, not even having to see him to know that he was there.

"Hey Paige!" He said in a warm response. "How's the knee??"

"It's alright... Still hurts but it's slowly getting better. Thanks!"

"That's good!" Greg called out.

"So... Did you have any luck talking with your grandma about this thing?" Amanda asked as it was passed over to her.

"No... She reinforced your idea that it may be of native american origin though."

Amanda smiled at her own brilliance. If anybody could figure out where this odd orb came from, it was her.

"Great! I'll let you know if I find anything." Amanda smiled as she looked over Paige's slightly pudgy form dressed in her trademark baggy workout attire.

"Oh! You're about to go on your usual Sunday jog huh? Well you guys have fun!"

Paige was partially excited about it but Amanda could see a slight glimmer of dread barely buried beneath the surface. "Oh we will! And good luck on the research!"

Amanda slowly closed the solid wood door behind her and slinked off her robe leaving her in nothing but a crimson colored thong. Greg had requested long ago that she remain in the nude while they were in private and she was more than happy to reciprocate. She readily gave her boyfriend a daring glance as she walked back towards him, swaying her god given gifts with pride. She may have had a little more pudge than she would've liked, but when it came to her supple hourglass figure, it was worth it. Greg couldn't help but to take a peek at her fully ripe peach of an ass that his girlfriend had which was only impacted by a small amount of cellulite. He had always been an ass man and absolutely loved Amanda's. She approached her computer desk, quickly opening up the box after she placed it upon it's surface, looking at the mysterious orb nestled within the velvet cushions.

Her room was incredibly mature and clean for someone of 24, colored in variants of burgundy, brown and tan. Upon her walls hung tasteful, framed artwork along with framed posters of famous musical artists from all over the world. She had also chosen to showcase her academic awards from high school, college and the Seattle Symphony that she was a part of for excellence in craft between two tall and rustic five shelf bookcases. The pièce de résistance that practically sat in the center of everything being her honor chords along with a framed and glowing recommendation letter from her high school orchesta teacher. Upon her bookshelves sat many trumpet song books, biographies on famous musical artists and lengthy novels about many popular composers past and present.

Large, scented candles filled the area with artificial but welcome scents that nodded to fall; pumpkin spice, cinnamon apple... In the center of the spacious and well put together room, was a music stand holding much of her sheet music for the reimagining of the song "The Old Mill" that Disney had released for a Halloween special many years before that they were currently learning (while Amanda had mastered it in a single afternoon). It was the main song for their upcoming Halloween orchestra special. A red velvet seat was placed before the music stand that she would typically be seated in while playing in her leisure with her trumpet resting delicately upon the sole cushion all put together nicely with a luxurious square red rug with intricate patterns putting the whole ensemble together.

The fireplace was alive with crackling logs set ablaze to help keep the chilly, fall, pacific northwest air outside. Various meaningful pictures of her and her friends, Amanda and Greg together at different times of their relationship and photos with her and her parents rested upon the thick wooden mantle. One photo in particular always brought a smile to her face. It was of her playing the trumpet while her mom played the piano, which they were both clearly enjoying. She even remembered the exact song that they had been playing; Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World."

A topless Greg was currently seated with his back against the headboard of the large king sized bed with his lower half beneath the burgundy bedspread, messing around on an acoustic guitar.

"So are you going to come here and keep me warm or are you going to make me beg for seconds??" He asked with a smirk.

Amanda smirked as she looked at him. Their sex life had been hot and heavy from the very start of their relationship. They just simply couldn't get enough of each other. They had discovered that they enjoyed rough sex the most. Pulling her shoulder length hair, handcuffs, biting, Greg smacking Amanda's amazing posterior... Even though Amanda was usually the one being dominated, Amanda was still in control. That was just how she was in the bedroom, she felt comfortable... safe and sexy when in the arms of her lover and loved how he explored every inch of her body like it was the first time every time.

"Just calm down loverboy and give me a few minutes to do some research, I'll make it worth your while!"

While Greg was indeed impatient with getting her into bed, one thing he always loved about his girlfriend was how devoted she was to her studies and proclivity for music.

"wówičakȟe ikto'mi" She read aloud with ease while looking at the carved lid, then typed it into the search bar on her computer and hit enter.

She did come up with many results with the words posted together so she tried "wówičakȟe" first. She found three words that popped up more than any others; "Truth, Fact, Reality".

"Hmm... Interesting..." She mumbled, then entered "ikto'mi" into the search bar and hit enter.

Spider-human drawings began to load up with the term "Spider-Trickster spirit" sitting above them.

"What the hell is this?!?" Amanda recoiled. She hated spiders. Even just the sight of them upon her computer's screen made her squirm. Nevertheless, she picked up the case, studying the outside of it closely.

"In Lakota mythology, Iktomi is a spider-trickster spirit, and a culture hero for the Lakota people. Alternate names for Iktomi include Ikto, Ictinike, Inktomi, Unktome, and Unktomi. These names are due to the differences in tribal languages, as this spider deity was known throughout many of North America's tribes."

"So what does this orb have to do with the Lakota??" She asked before opening the box once again and peering down at the mysterious object. Once her eyes connected to the center of it, she felt drawn to it again... She wanted to touch it...

While her dedication to her studies had taken presidence over many previous love making sessions, she was seemingly being sucked in by the mythology of this particular theme... Almost as if she were in a trance...

"Hello?? Earth to Amanda??" Greg jokingly questioned, but alas she didn't respond.

Greg had waited long enough, he grabbed her from behind, making sure to grope her ass while she was holding the open wooden box, peering at the orb and pulled her towards the bed, knocking her out of her trance like stupor.

"Oh you animal!" She giggled as she placed the open box onto the corner of her nightstand, a corner of the box barely resting against the bed's surface. She quickly adjusted her thin framed glasses just before Greg readily put her wrists into some padded restraints and inserted a ball gag into her mouth which she willingly accepted.

Amanda and Greg had explored many different sexual positions and tonight was no different. Amanda had only a handful of partners before she had met Greg, but was still well versed on how to drive men wild using the strengths god gave her. She had learned long ago that sex felt so much better sans rubber so she had done her research and found a suitable implant that had very little side effects but was quite effective. The first night they had made love, she had let him explore her ass in it's entirety. She let him spank it, bite it and fuck her from behind. Needless to say, Greg fell head over heels for her after their first session of love making with him.

After that first night, Greg always preferred to finish with the doggy style position, just so he could enjoy Amanda's amazing ass in all of it's glory; watching her cheeks quake with every thrust. He currently had her bent over on her elbows and knees with her head placed upon a pillow. He loved her lusciously perky D cup breasts as well but he had always been more attracted to a healthy derriere and his girlfriend no doubt had one. With each heavy, powerful thrust, the box edged itself towards the bed just a bit more. A few minutes into their sexual tirades, the box was now fully on the spacious king sized bed and the orb had mysteriously bounced free of it's case and rolled towards the center of the bed as if on a mission, and touched Amanda's arm...

Greg was still excitingly thrusting into her when the ball touched his girlfriend's trim forearm.

She bucked her hips in heightened levels of pleasure as her eyes rolled into the back of her head from the utterly amazing sensation.

He spasmed as he finished inside of her as they lay in the basic but all too familiar missionary position.

"Wait... wasn't I just on my elbows and knees?" She questioned herself feeling somewhat disoriented. She quickly donned her thick black framed glasses so she could see a bit more clearly with her less than ideal 20/40 vision and then looked directly at the wooden box which was flipped open showing that the orb was still safely inside the interior of the case. She slowly closed the lid and studied it a bit more.

"wów-ičak-ȟe ik-to'-mi" She slowly sounded out as she adjusted her glasses once more. She had no idea where this had originated from. The only information she had up to this point was thanks to Paige's grandma that it may have been of Native American heritage.

She slowly got up from her spot on the bed, feeling her supporting hand land on a few Pokémon plushies that had been scattered about her bed and quickly covered herself in her robe as she got to a standing position.

If only she had paid closer attention in her studies instead of watching animes. But studying was just so boring and time consuming.

It must have been why she had only graduated with a 3.2 gpa and why she had only moderate success in orchestra... She liked playing the trumpet, but she didn't love it... Her mom had tried time and time again to pull her away from her dad but it was a fruitless and futile battle. Sometimes she had even wondered why she had continued on with it but then she remembered her salary. She made nearly $50k a year.

She gazed over the haphazardly hung up posters and personal drawings that primarily consisted of anime characters. Upon her bookshelves sat many anime themed books and figurines looking more like something a young teen would possess. Greg had jokingly given her a hard time about them more times than she could count...

Her room seemed off... Like it wasn't her own somehow... But she couldn't put her finger on it...

She looked at the photo of her and her friends at their graduation. They had all made goofy faces in the photo and for some reason Amanda's eyes focused in on her own neck feeling as if something was missing... In the photo her eyes were squinted with her tongue stuck partially out as she held a V sign up formed by her index and middle finger. She peered at her face in the photo, noting with some displeasure that her visage had rounded out a bit since then, slightly masking her angular features.

She reminisced on high school and felt so blessed that she was part of such a tight knit group of friends that she had known since before her teens. Between her somewhat awkward nature and odd tastes in asian culture, she only had her immediate friends to fall back on.

Paige had helped boost her confidence by teaching her how to apply makeup, find the proper bra to help hoist up her less than perky breasts and dress in a fashionable style to pull attention away from her problem areas. Jae had helped her as best as she could with her studies and Abbey was the one that taught her to love herself for who she was and if someone didn't like her for who she was, it was their loss.

Amanda wasn't quite sure what she brought to the table. She knew she wasn't the smartest girl in her group of friends falling well short of Jae's intellect, she certainly wasn't the most beautiful, but there weren't many girls who could compete with Paige's beauty, and Abbey had her own special style and was quite headstrong.

As if Greg could tell that something was bothering her, he decided to speak up. "Why don't you come back to bed babe and we can cuddle and watch some or your movies?"

She gently smiled at his offer and slowly walked back to the bed, not bothering to take her robe off as she climbed back in beneath the covers, and then slid it off, dropping it on the floor beside her bed.

Greg relaxed, resting his back against the headboard with his legs outstretched while Amanda quickly covered up beneath the blankets.

She did love Greg, he was always willing to watch her anime movies or practice her orchestral music with her but she just didn't feel like he saw her as sexy... And she felt like they didn't share all that much in common... He absolutely loved playing instruments and she just didn't share the same deep seated passion for instruments as him...

She had always been self-conscious about her saggy D cup breasts and her wide, somewhat shapeless rear which she typically dressed in loose clothing to support that fact, only getting naked around him when they were about to have sex and typically with the lights dimmed or completely off.

Greg would never admit it, but she had caught him looking at other girl's better developed and in much better shape than herself and it killed her that there was nothing she could do about it.

Luckily her friends constantly uplifted her spirits telling her that she was beautiful and that Greg was lucky to have someone as special and talented as herself.

As she awkwardly shifted beneath the covers she tried to mask her squirming as she felt her slight belly bunch up against her less than perky breasts and thick thighs.

In the background she could hear one of her favorite animes playing on her sizeable flat screen just on the wall opposite of her bed.

"Wait... Did I always have a tv in here??" She questioned herself, but then immediately dashed the question from her mind as it was one of her most favorite things in the world. Surrounding the tv was a vast collection of bluray movies. When she wasn't practicing her trumpet playing or reading a book, she'd typically wind down by watching one of the many movies at her disposal.

Maybe if she watched less anime or spent less time practicing on her trumpet, she'd have more time and energy to work out and she could firm up her body a bit. She had planned to work out with Paige on more than one occasion, but rarely followed through, simply due to the fact that she much rather stay in and watch movies.

She partially blamed her mom and dad for her less than fit physique. At around 8 years old, just shortly after her mom had introduced her to the world of Jazz and Orchestra music by gifting her a trumpet, her dad had introduced her to the world of anime movies or to be more specific, anime movies with orchestral scores and she had immediately fell in love. Even more than playing musical instruments... She loved the beautiful artwork in how it looked absolutely surreal, but with a fantastical sheen over it like a dream, the absolutely one of a kind stories that she'd never seen anywhere else with talking cats, ghosts, goblins and monsters. Anything was possible in the world of anime! (She could certainly thank her dad in part for her love of Halloween due to watching movies like that.) She distinctly remembered a few of her favorites; "Howl's Moving Castle", "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Spirited Away" but she had practically watched all of the Studio Ghibli films and always searched for more.

Between the musical instruments and watching anime movies, her less than active childhood quickly became the new norm. She had been thin for most of her childhood and well into her teens, but as she neared her twenties, her weight had begun to increase and she was now nearing her highest weight ever of 228 pounds.

The excess weight wouldn't have bothered her except none of it seemed to go to her breasts, making her saggy D cups look ever smaller, and what little heft did accumulate in her midsection and rear, seeming to only make her less than prestigious posterior only seem wider and flatter, marked with spreading fields of cellulite. An ass that seemed to jiggle and quake with every minute movement.

And then to make matters worse, she had lost the lead trumpet position to Erica Waldren. A girl with fire red hair that nearly traveled all the way down to her shapely derriere and sharp sapphire blue eyes encased within her nerdy yet modelesque features. She was 2 years her junior, was only a few inches shy of her own height but much slimmer with a perfectly pear shaped body. She had even seen Greg checking her out on a few occasions. Only yesterday for their practice, Erica had made sure to wear a low cut top to highlight her all natural E cup breasts with tight leg and derriere hugging yoga pants. Then she had the gall to flirt with Greg right in front of her.

How Amanda was so happy Paige was willing to have a movie night with her and pig out on some junk food...

***On Paige and Eric's jog***

Paige was proud at how well she had been doing thus far. She had made it a quarter of the way through her two and a half mile run, marked by an old mailbox made up to look like an old barn and she had only had to stop four times. She was making great time with Eric cheering her on the whole way.

"You're doing great babe! Keep it up!"

"And at this pace, if you stick to your diet as well, you'll be at your goal of 160 by this time in two or three weeks!"

"Amanda has been such a great influence on you! I'll have to thank her when we get back."

But then she was hit by a sudden dizzy spell, causung her to nearly lose her footing.

Her chest was tight, she was soaked in sweat and she sensed the all too familiar taste of iron within the back of her throat. She would've tried to soldier on, especially after seeing the number "190.3" on the scale before her run, but her knee supported by the cloth brace was wailing out in pain and her overly tight workout shorts had once again, traveled into the deep recesses of her asscrack with the leg openings severely biting into her thick thighs. Why she hadn't bought more spacious shorts, she wasn't sure... Maybe she thought that by this point, she may have lost a few pounds instead of finding them, plus a few more...

"I... need... to stop..." She panted out before stopping at the downed tree resting upon the side of the dirt road, marking that she'd gone just past the property line of her grandparent's house. No further than an eigth of a mile...

Eric attempted to mask his disappointment but his comments were as transparent as a freshly cleaned plate glass window.

"Well... It's a little bit farther than you made it last time... A little..."

Realistically it was only by ten feet or so...

"Have you been sticking to the diet that I set up for you?"

Paige knew what was coming, but decided to lie anyways. "Yeah... mostly..."

Eric sighed. "Well, I'd believe you if I didn't see the half eaten bag of Doritos and empty pint of ice cream on your desk... Or the three empty cans of Sprite on your nightstand..."

"But I have been sticking to the healthy diet you mapped out for me. I just snack here and there is all..."

"C'mon babe. You know by now, you're either in one hundred percent or you're not... Chips, soda and sweets... It's nothing but empty calories..."

An apologetic look formed upon Paige's gently rounded face forming a double chin that wasn't quite permanent yet. "I know... I'm sorry! It's just, Amanda had a really cool anine movie to show me called "Princess Mononoke" while I was up in my room icing my knee last night... It had blood, gore, demonic warthogs and curses and you know just how much I love horror in any way, shape or form... She brought up the pop, ice cream and Doritos and we spent some much needed girl time together as we watched the movie." She paused for a moment questioning if she'd always had a tv in her room but then shook the thought from her mind. Of course she'd have a tv in her room. She'd be crazy not to... Plus, her grandparents had offered to buy her one. A 60" Samsung Smart tv to be exact. She often didn't like accepting handouts, but living off of her small paychecks, she didn't imagine she could buy one for herself... And her small Stephen King collection of books in her bookshelf could only keep her entertained for so long...

"I didn't want to turn Amanda down because we had both had a rough day but her especially... She had had a difficult day with that girl in her orchestra... I think her name is Erica... But she keeps rubbing it in that she's better than her... Amanda even cried a bit last night..."

Eric sighed again. "Look... I love that you're there for your friends when they need you and everything. But I also know that being at this weight bothers you. I can only help you so much before you have to help yourself, which means sticking to your diet and working out more than once or twice a week..."

And "working out" was a loose term with Paige since her injury. It seemed as if she had thrown in the towel when she got the news of just how bad of shape her knee was in. She hadn't taken her physical therapy seriously and had already admitted defeat.

She had gotten a receptionist job at a gym (at Eric's suggestion) with the understanding that maybe she could get some workout time done there. She had used the exercise equipment a handful of times but that was all. To make matters worse, she was treading on thin ice with her boss as she had gotten caught on more than one occasion snacking on the job. She thought back to the last conversation her and James had had...

"Here we like to promote being healthy and eating right. I hate to say this, but if I catch you snacking on the job again, I will have to let you go..."

Paige's eyes began to tear up. "I-I'm sorry babe... I really am... This has just been so difficult for me... I promise I'll try harder."

Eric quickly embraced her in a hug and kissed her sweat dotted temple, quickly noting the sweat was causing a hint of body odor that slightly overpowered her strawberry scented shampoo and tropical bodywash. "I know baby. Well enough of this for today. How about we go back to your place, take a shower and I can take care of you tonight. A little bit of cuddling, icing your knee and maybe you can show me that movie you were talking about."

Paige sniffled a few times and a slight smile formed upon her face. "Okay... That sounds good to me. Thank you babe." She said kissing him generously.

"Anything for you Paige." He warmly replied.

"We could do more than just "cuddle" too..." Paige mentioned off-handed with an innocent bite of her lower lip as she dabbed the increasingly cold sweat from her forehead with the lower hem of her shirt, temporarily exposing her gently bulging belly.

One thing Eric always loved about his girlfriend was her insatiable libido. She always seemed to be ready and waiting even through everything that had happened to her within the last year.

As they were walking back, both of their phones went off simultaneously. It was a group text from Vanessa.

"Hey you guys! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! I'll make sure to bring the decorations with me! <3 you guys!"

Paige looked at the text. "Why is she including you in the text babe?"

Eric cleared his throat. "Umm well Vanessa and I do talk fairly often. We were all friends in high school after all... Her and I were simply chatting about helping you and the girls decorate for Halloween this year since it's going to be the biggest one yet!"

Paige simply nodded.
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

Postby silverplate » Mon Oct 04, 2021 3:37 pm

Love the radical shifts already with Amanda and Paige
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

Postby pinkhippo99 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 3:56 am

Interesting to see the changes have a ripple effect that alters your close friends as well. I sounds like the more any of these girls touch the orb, the more the changes will rebound off one another and push them further into their new lives.
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

Postby syconerd » Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:01 pm

Love the story and how you set everything up! Its very interesting how we begin to see a shift in the characters who touch this orb as somewhat at butterfly effect changes their lives. Like for example, she now has a slow metabolism and is becoming more of a weeb, just with much less intelligence. Obviously we will see here become the personification of the weeb nerd transformation, but I wonder, will we see someone in the group actually change for the better?
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

Postby audipwr87 » Wed Oct 13, 2021 7:34 pm

***CHAPTER 3***

***Back at the house***

(((OCTOBER 17TH)))

Greg and Amanda were still cuddled up in her bed when she heard a knock at her bedroom door.

"Just a minute!" Amanda said, gently sliding from the bed, bending over to pick up her robe and quickly slid it on. She failed to notice Greg's slightly displeasure filled glance as he looked on at her shapelessly wide, jiggling derriere which looked more at home on a middle aged mother.

As she opened the door to her room, it revealed Abbey in all of her bland, unassuming glory. Sure, she had delicate curves, but they were always buried beneath her baggy, androgynous wardrobe.

"Hey Amanda... Ummm I was wondering if maybe I could take the box for awhile if you were done checking it out... I wouldn't mind using it for my next art piece."

Amanda smiled. "Yeah... there's not much for me to go on so you can take it. Just make sure to pass it on to Jae once you're done."

Abbey smiled. "You got it."

"Okay, I'll go get it." Amanda said as she turned around and shuffled towards the other side of the room. Abbey couldn't help but notice Amanda's wide rear and hips noticably pressing against the terry cotton of her robe. "Were her hips always so wide??" Abbey internally asked herself. Amanda's robe for the most part fit her well, but towards the bottom, her wide hips seemed to force the fabric apart, leaving a fair amount of her long legs on display all the way up past her knees, giving just a peek at her thick thighs while the back was clearly stressed as it tried to contain the wide expanse of her lower half.

Abbey was knocked out of her thoughts as Amanda neared with the wooden box wrapped in the redhead's unmanicured grasp.

"Good luck girlie." Amanda giggled.

"Same to you!" Abbey said winking at her friend and with that headed towards her own bedroom.

Upon walking past the main staircase, she saw Paige and Eric just getting back from their decidedly short run. Paige was slightly limping on her bad knee, covered in sweat while Eric helped keep her standing as she kicked off her jogging shoes in the main entry way.

"Oh Paige... You have to stick with it, if you want to get back into shape..." Abbey said only quietly enough for herself to hear. She really felt for her friend, seeing the struggles that she had to constantly overcome with her knee. She was proud of how hard Paige had been working, but knew Amanda certainly wasn't doing her any favors when pertaining to her diet. She had seen Amanda and Paige together on a few occasions snacking as they watched another movie.

"Maybe I'll try and make some more healthy dinners for her..."

Abbey had indeed tried to cook some of her healthy dishes at least once a week and Paige would typically sit down and enjoy them with her, even if it was vegan...

As Abbey stepped into the safe surrounds of her own room, she took it all in and breathed a sigh of relief. She was perhaps the most messy of her friends, often leaving long sleeved button up shirts, used, baggy, paint stained jeans and hi-top Converse sneakers all strewn about the spacious dark walnut hard wood floor. But then again, most artists weren't typically known for their cleanliness.

She quickly placed the wooden case upon her desk so she could set up for her art project for the night.

In one corner of her room sat an easel with a stack of at least ten unused canvases, with many paint supplies and at least a dozen different sized brushes. But most recently she had started to get into graffiti artwork, working with specialty spray paint primarily so she could make some large murals for their upcoming party. She had roughly thirty or forty cans all with a bold number "94" on the side with the letters "mtn" beneath, and two large twelve foot by twelve foot canvas tarps hanging up. The current project she had begun working on a few weeks ago was "Stranger Things" themed, with a vivid rendition of the Shadow Monster hovering onimously over the red skied small town of Hawkins and the other mural was of the upside-down forest glowing in eerie shades of blue and purple.


(To know what the artwork looks like:)



Abbey stood back and admired her own handiwork. "Y'know... These turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself!"

Her thoughts drifted to some of the negative comments her girlfriend had said upon seeing her artwork for the first time.

"I mean... they look alright..."

"Why Stranger Things?... It's such a lame show..."

"Why'd you waste your time and money on this stuff for only one night of the year??"

"When are you going to stop following this dream and get a real job so we can get a place together?"

That was the last time she had seen or talked to Kaitlyn which had been a few days ago now. Another fight, another chance for Kaitlyn to somehow make all of this Abbey's fault.

To make matters worse, she had made the mistake of looking at Shayla's Facebook, seeing that a very rotund Cassie had proposed to the beautiful as ever Shayla just a few days prior and of course she had said yes...

"I should've talked with her... Responded to her messages, then maybe things would be different..."

But instead of dwell on the issues in her relationship or what could have been, she instead focused on their upcoming party.

She had planned to set up the very spacious bonus room as a kind of "parallel dimension" into the upside-down. The room was massive, easily being large enough to fit at least fifty people. She would hang a mural on a couple of the walls, accompanied by black lights to help the ultraviolet paint glow, along with fog machines and strobe lights for extra effect.

She was for the most part, happy with how her pieces had turned out, but knew there was always room for improvement. Besides, this was her first foray into the world of spray paint and she had to admit, she had had plenty of fun. She would definitely have to make this a new regular form of art for herself.

But for her girlfriend to completely bash her artwork like that... it just made her so angry...

She quickly changed into some more comfortable clothes which consisted of some supremely baggy black pyjama pants with a white tank top. A perfect outfit for taking her aggressions out and creating some art.

She went around the room setting the mood; lighting some candles, turning off the overhead light and instead turning on her stringed cafe lights along with a single two foot black light. She then put on some of her choice music which typically consisted of progressive metal bands and the like, ignited a joint and popped open a cold twelve pack of Heineken. She was planning on getting good and blitzed tonight since she didn't have to be to work til the early afternoon tomorrow. She often worked with a hangover so it was nothing new for the girl.

A terrible habit she had formed since meeting her girlfriend...

The room had an atmosphere of someone with some anger hidden beneath the surface; Blackout curtains hung over each towering window while a large, hypnotic black and white swirled rug was placed directly in the center of the room.

Her large four post king sized canopy bed was garbed in sheer black curtains and was almost always unkempt with it's charcoal grey and deep blue splattered comforter hanging halfway off of the mattress itself.

Along the walls hung many of her past creations that exuded a bit of a dark outlook on the world. Landscapes, portaits and other various items. Just like her friend's rooms, she had a number of photos placed upon the mantle of the fireplace showing her and her friends at various stages of life. One showcasing her friends at graduation. She looked at herself in the photo noting how plain she looked with the blue gown completely engulfing her trim body, masking any and all of her miniscule curves with the cap practically hiding much of her excessively short blonde locks with just the hint of a smile formed upon her angular face.

"Oh Abbs... If I could tell you about your life after graduation, you wouldn't be smiling so much..."

Another photo showed a once happy couple consisting of herself and Kaitlyn kissing from when they first met a little over a year ago, with Kaitlyn's bloated body dwarfing her own.

"How things change..." Abbey muttered as she cracked open her first beer of the night.

Tonight, she was going to create some various and overly creepy zombie portraits to hang up at the party and she knew of two people to specifically base her upcoming projects on. Shayla and Kaitlyn. It's not like either girl would be coming to the party anyways... She was most certainly going to dump Kaitlyn before Halloween and well... Shayla still lived in Texas with her new bride to be so it looked like she'd be going "stag" or maybe it was "hind" or "doe" since she was a woman after all...

She opened the wooden box to look at the orb in all of it's swirling beauty. It was mesmerizing... Hypnotic even... She picked it up within her dainty hands and was overcome by the same pleasure filled buzz she had felt just a few hours earlier feeling a brief dizzy spell overtake her...

She smiled as she flipped her shoulder length blonde locks out of her eyes and began swiftly texting her cousin as she laid on her bed which was something that they did on a regular basis. Her small but exceptionally perky B cup breasts were creating a bit of a cushion for her as she laid on her gently plush stomach with her shapely legs folded up in the air behind her.

A few years ago Abbey had finally decided to talk with Shayla after she had read the message titled "I finally came out to my parents!"

At first Abbey had been a bit coarse with her second cousin, making her explain herself and why she did what she did on that wonderful but also painful night so many years prior...


Abbey- "So go on... Explain yourself..."

Shayla- "I know this is going to sound absolutely immature, but I was worried about what my friends would think or worse yet, what my severely Christian parents would think and do... This is Texas after all..."

Abbey- "I guess I can understand that... But did you really have to call me a freak? It really hurt me..."

Shayla- "I was young and childish... I didn't know any better and I'm sorry I hurt you..."

Abbey did want to tell her to fuck off, but couldn't help but feel a happiness growing within her that they were talking once again.

Abbey- "It's okay hun. I forgive you. I'm just sorry we didn't talk sooner..."

Shayla- "Same here..."


Since the two of them had cleared the air, they had texted back and forth almost daily. They even talked on the phone or did video chats on occasion talking like old friends, typically discussing what was currently going on in their lives, what the weather was like, how their own relationships were going.

Throughout their conversations Abbey had swiftly learned that while Shayla had indeed been kicked out and practically disowned by her parents, she had become quite successful while working for a meat processing company in Austin, starting at the bottom and had worked all the way up to a logistics position for the company which is where she had met Cassie.

At the time Abbey had been internally embarassed that she was still working at the little art supply shop in the city that she had started at just after graduating from high school, but she was still hoping her artwork would eventually catch traction...

But Shayla being her sweet self, reassured Abbey that it was great that she was continuing to follow her dreams and that eventually someone would discover her amazing artwork. Shayla hadn't been wrong as Abbey had indeed found a few buyers interested in her works, but only a few... She had made a decent amount of money, but nowhere near enough to justify leaving her main job with a steady paycheck.

Abbey felt truly blessed that she had let Shayla back into her life. She felt as if she was whole once again...

They were texting with one another as they did most nights. Abbey had her candles lit all around her room with some slower alternative rock playing in the background. She took her room in and it seemed oddly alien to her; Between the white laced curtains, her white and blue bedspread or even her art that was mainly muted and dark but with bright touches of bold colors mixed into the canvas. The final abnormalities being with her pictures placed upon the mantle. She looked at her graduation photo, noting that for some reason, her long, curly blonde mane, light dusting of makeup and her hint of a somewhat developed form beneath her gown seemed out of place.

As Abbey was trying to make sense of the oddities surrounding her in her room, Shayla and her significant other were currently cuddled up on the couch watching a horror movie with Shayla's head resting in her fiancé's deliciously plush lap, her folded belly pressing against the left side of her head.

Cassie looked over, noticed the screen of Shayla's phone illuminated with text after text. She shook her head and scoffed. "Do you and your cousin ever stop talking? I swear she has a crush on you!" Cassie griped.

Shayla looked up for a moment with her brilliant blue eyes. "Don't be ridiculous hun. It's just... I did her wrong back when we were younger and it took a few years for us to start talking again... We're just simply catching up on everything and her parents are just like mine so she has no support system aside from her friends..."

"Okay... I understand... It can be hard coming out..." Cassie said with a slight smile, taking a bite of a microwave burrito.

Abbey was so glad she had Shayla to talk with these days, especially since she had dumped that bitch Kaitlyn six or seven months back. Since then she had remained single and focused on her artwork. She felt so free and happy that she had dodged that bullet before things got too serious. But then again, she did get somewhat lonely on occasion, even with her friends around...

She still remembered the conversation her and her cousin had shared those many months ago when Abbey had been seeking some advice;

"She's made me become a vegan and she's basically controlling every facet of my life..." Abbey told her cousin.

Shayla sighed for a moment. "Does she make you happy??"

"Well... I dunno..." Abbey slowly responded.

"No... It's a yes or no question. Does she make you happy??" Shayla added sternly.

Abbey thought back to her short week at Shayla's family farm remembering just how happy she'd been there, spending time with her cousin.

"Well... Then it's a no!" Abbey quickly responded.

Abbey quickly and unceremoniously dumped the girl's ass over a text and that was that. She celebrated the break up with a perfectly grilled ribeye and garlic mashed potatoes with plenty of butter and a delicious ice cold beer. (Upon Shayla's suggestion).

"See what you've been missing out on Abbs?!? Now you can eat this kind of delicious food whenever you want!"

"Well yeah... But I still need to watch what I eat... I mean, I don't wanna become some oinker..."

"Yeah..." Shayla said trailing off.

Since then, Abbey had been enjoying practically anything she craved and it had helped soften her once lithe form which Shayla was more than happy to support as each extra pound found it's way onto her body. She had even oddly requested new photos on a regular basis.

Abbey absentmindedly fingered her well formed belly button, picturing the number 125.7 pounds that she had seen on the scale earlier that week.

Something told her that Shayla preferred a "more voluptuous" form between the meal suggestions and Cassie's constantly blossoming figure.

She had talked with Shayla about her constantly creeping weight on a few occasions which Shayla was more than willing to support.

"Oh weight is just a number hun..."

"Aren't you happier since you gave up eating all of those tasteless foods and now you're enjoying yourself?"

"You should see some of the women 'round here, you look like a twig compared to ninety eight percent of em!"

Maybe Shayla was right... Now if she could just talk her into giving her another chance... But that ship had sailed long ago from when she had recieved that "I came out to my parents!" message. Shayla had already met Cassie, and seemed to be head over heels in love with her.

Nevertheless Abbey was happy for her and would support her one hundred and ten percent...


Abbey- "So... You're getting married! Congrats babe. I'm so glad you found someone to make you happy! When's the wedding?" Abbey said feigning a positive and excited manner as she snacked on some leftover chicken nachos.

She was truly happy for her cousin, she just wished that it was her instead of Cassie...

Shayla- "Oh, were planning on doing it April 20th of 2022 on O'ahu near Waikiki with just a few friends since god knows neither Cassie's nor my parents would approve..."

Abbey- "That's cool, I've always wanted to go to Hawaii!"

Shayla- "Well why don't you come then??"

Abbey- "Like I could afford it Shayla... I'd basically have to sell ten of my paintings just to be able to afford a plane ticket and hotel stay..." Abbey said, sad that she'd miss one of her cousin's most important events of her life.

Shayla- "Well... I mean my maid of honor kinda has to be there and I mean work has been good for me so..."

She vaguely heard the last sentence that Shayla had uttered when her eyes spotted something that caught her attention.


Abbey eyed the open wooden case which just so happened to be on her bed next to her almost touching her, the orb seemingly pulsing as if begging to be touched.

"Wait... wasn't that over on my desk??"

But her thoughts quickly went silent as Abbey quickly grabbed it with her right palm and was hit with another pleasure soaked dizzy spell. The large grandfather clock in the hallway announcing that it was now 6 PM.

"Did I just fall asleep or something??"

She regained her composure as she flicked her long braided pigtails out of her eyesight, noting just how snug her red flannel had become around her upper arms. She looked at the open bag of half eaten Lays potato chips laying by her right hand and her left hand buried beneath the unbuttoned and stretched out waistband of her tight denim short shorts which hugged her voluptuous rear and thick thighs. They had fit her perfectly back 20 pounds ago...

"Wait... was I always this fat?!?" She said aloud, garnering attention from Shayla who was busily pleasuring herself.

"Well... not always... But you do like it don't you??" Shayla asked through yips.

Her phone was clutched tightly in her right hand with the video chat open as they talked. She shifted her plump 157 pound body and angled the phone's camera downwards to give her cousin a better view of her new horseshoe shaped belly button charm resting within her plush midsection and below as her fingers danced within her moist slit. A number of gifts Shayla had sent to her along with a cowgirl hat, matching cowgirl boots and the increasingly tight red flannel that she had modeled for her on more than one occasion. Shayla already mentioned that she'd buy her a new larger one once she couldn't fit into her current one any longer.

Abbey thought back to what her body was like when they had first met when she was 15. She had only gentle curves back then and she had to admit, she liked the way the extra weight had added extra emphasis to her curves. Her healthy C cup breasts and her larger derriere were assets she could be proud of now. She liked being at this higher weight...

"Just imagine that I'm there babe..." Shayla purred as she grabbed a bare tit for her girlfriend's benefit. Abbey moaned as she pleasured herself to her cousin's melodic, southern drawl soaked voice.

"I can't believe you'll be here in less than a week." Abbey moaned out as her hips bucked against her hand's magic touch.

"Mmm... and then I'm all yours..." Shayla purred again.

Abbey reflected on that wonderful week in Texas back nearly 9 years ago with the girl who she had fallen head over heels with, ending with their final night beneath the stars. After Shayla's friends had all fallen asleep and Shayla had initiated their first kiss, she had suggested they head off to the nearby barn to "take things further". That night was one she'd never forget; Full of sexual enlightenment which only helped her blossom into the beautiful woman she had become since they had started their relationship.

They had continued a secretive long distance relationship after Abbey had to reluctantly return to Seattle and their love had only seemed to grow.

They had kept their love a secret from their overbearing parents for nearly 5 years when the proverbial "shit hit the fan".

It had all come to a head when Shayla's mom had walked in on Shayla pleasuring herself, screaming Abbey's name with Abbey noisily being on the receiving end as she had just experienced a massive orgasm. It was one thing to be a lesbian in a strict christian household, but then for her parents to find out that she had become romantically involved with her second cousin was a whole other level of depravity in her parent's eyes.

Abbey just felt lucky that Shayla's parents never mentioned a word of it to her parents.

"They are probably just embarassed that their once golden daughter has fallen from grace and didn't want anyone else to know about their embarassment of a daughter." Shayla once said after Abbey had asked why her own parents had never found out.

Shayla had had a rough go at things after being kicked out from her parents house. She had moved out to Austin into a small and decrepit studio apartment, but had climbed the ranks at a meat processing company and had become the logistics manager, making decent wages.

Abbey had even taken a couple trips out to Austin to visit her significant other (funded mostly by her own paintings that she had successfully sold with a little help from Shayla and her well paying job) and when together they were absolutely inseparable.

Shayla had been scrimping and saving til she could transfer to the Seattle branch, leave her old life behind and start anew with the love of her life in a much more progressive city. As luck would have it, Abbey had moved into Paige's grandparents more than spacious house with a bedroom more than large enough to accommodate the young couple.

"Mfff... So... When are we getting married again??" Abbey partially moaned over her question.

It was a question Abbey had asked on numerous occasions so it was nothing new for the young couple to discuss. "In time sweetheart. I want us to have a place of our own so we can start a family and of course have the freedom to walk around completely naked..."

"You'd like that... wouldn't you? Me waddling my fat, preggo ass... around for you to see." Abbey said between pleasurable gasps.

"Damn right... baby. Speaking of which, stuff another handful of chips... into that empty mouth of yours. You're not big enough for me... just yet."

She could tell that Shayla was getting close to cumming.

Abbey moaned and did as she was told, dropping numerous greasy, calorie laden chips all over herself, feeling her body twitch as she was rocked by an orgasm while at the same time Shayla was screaming her name on the other end of the phone being overcome by her own powerful climax.

Abbey had learned towards the beginning of their relationship, just the type of girls Shayla was into. Hefty chicks who were none too afraid to bare it all. She still didn't fully understand the idea behind Shayla wanting to fatten her up, but she knew one thing. She loved her and would do anything to make her happy... And truth be told, the excess pudge was beginning to grow on her...

After their hot and steamy round of phone sex, they chatted for a while longer before finishing up their call for the night.

"Goodnight baby... My one and only..." Shayla purred.

"Goodnight beautiful. I can't wait til I can say that to you in person." Abbey added.

"Only a week away hun. I love you."

"I love you too."

Abbey realized just how much of a mess she had made from her and her girlfriend's hot and steamy session on the phone. A usual casualty of their late night exploits. "I definitely need to take a shower before Paige's horror movie night starts..."

She slowly got up from her bed, and before jumping into the shower decided to take her room in once more as if she was seeing it for the first time.

She smiled as she looked at the plethora of photos placed upon the mantle. Many photos of her and the girls together on many outings; beach trips, floating the river, going out to different bars and restaurants... They were indeed inseparable... But then there were the photos of her and her beloved Shayla together on the times they had visited one another. She studied the photos and could tell almost exactly when each one had been taken in correspondence with her ever increasing weight. Each and every picture warmed her heart as she played back every memory in her mind.

They had gone to a few concerts together. Some slower alternative rock bands when Abbey chose and then full blown country music festivals when Shayla took the reigns. Abbey didn't mind country music, some artists she could even say she enjoyed, but it was the atmosphere at the country concerts that won her over. She reflected on the last one they had attended at a fair ground in Texas. It was like an all day party full of drinking beer, friendly conversations, and then the concert itself took place in a large amphitheater with a large grassy knoll placed towards the back overlooking the stage. She fondly remembered the night, laying on a large blanket as her and Shayla cuddled up to the music of Toby Keith.

Shayla had even taken her to her first rodeo when she had last visited, and then finished the night at a Michelin star steakhouse. A wonderful night that she never wanted to end...

She could also say that Shayla had played a small hand in Abbey's constantly shifting wardrobe. It all started out small with a few cute flannels here, tight blue jeans and denim short shorts there, she had even aquired a pair of premium leather cowgirl boots before the rodeo. But now denim jeans, short shorts and flannels took up at least 80 percent of her wardrobe.

She looked over the rest of her room with a bit of a judgement. She did live in a bit of a pigsty, with not only her artwork and ill fitting clothing taking up space on the floor, but the numerous random odd bags of snacks scattered about her room making it feel slightly cluttered. Which didn't even count the snacks or beer that took up a bunch of space in the kitchen...

She typically wouldn't feel guilty about it, but she knew that her constant snacking and meals that she'd prepare a few times a week wasn't helping Paige in her battle against the bulge. It especially didn't help when alot of her goodies were stored in the kitchen's spacious pantry and she had a healthy amount of her favorite beer in the fridge. On their movie nights, which happened once or twice a week in the main living room, Abbey would typically snack on some sort of fattening treat and have an ice cold beer. On the nights she'd cook, it was often a simple and hearty dish consisting of meat, potatoes and some form of carbs. Abbey would never be one to tempt her friend, but Paige would simply give in and ask for some...

Tonight would certainly be no different for their movie night...

***Eric and Paige***

They had just stepped in through the main entry of the house at 5:06 PM where Paige eagerly kicked off her jogging shoes, lining them up next to her flip flops and slippers.

Eric chuckled as he looked at the other vast selection of shoes owned by the other inhabitants of the house all haphazardly organized in a few rows... Aside from Jae...

"Girls will be girls..." Eric laughed again.

"Hey! Us girls love our shoes mister!" Paige said playfully tugging on the collar of her boyfriend's tank top and kissing him gently.

Eric briefly took in the main entrance of the house as they neared the staircase, noting that it could use a quick clean; Dusting, vacuuming, organizing... Random odds and ends were scattered about like purses, jackets, books, empty cardboard boxes and reusable shopping bags. He spotted something that seemed oddly out of place but familiar all the same... Half eaten bags of chips sitting on the end tables at each end of the brown leather couch in the palacial living room, along with a few empty pop cans and beer bottles filling their surfaces all seemingly battling for dominance. Most likely left there by three of the four people who lived in this house... Either Abbey, Amanda or his girlfriend, or all three. It must have driven Jae nuts with her being the cleanest of the bunch. All of it rested before the massive 85" flat screen that Paige's grandparents had surprised them with upon moving in... It was used a few times a week for the girl's movie nights and even more so during the month of October for strictly horror movies upon Paige's request.

Eric was brought back to his main focus; Paige slowly making her way up the stairs favoring her banged up knee. Eric really felt for her, he really did... But he had told her time and time again to take her physical therapy seriously and now here she was with her knee limiting her movements a great deal.

"Here babe, no need to put any more strain on your knee..." He said picking up her 190 pound form with relative ease.

"Oh... My hero." She cooed.

He could feel cool droplets of sweat transfering from Paige's soft bodice to his own. As he trudged up the stairs he thanked his lucky stars that she was still relatively light for him and that her body odor was minimal thanks to her bodywash and shampoo.

As they had made it into her bedroom, Paige swiftly struggled out of her ultra tight running shorts, t-shirt and snug teal thong underwear leaving them on the floor where they lay, only a few short feet from her dirty laundry basket.

She slowly went about the room lighting some candles and put some music on, fit for a bit of lovemaking.

As Paige wandered the bedroom setting everything up, Eric looked at their surroundings admiring how well her room showcased her life up to now. It seemed as if it was a perfect depiction of who she was as a person; mind, body and soul. Selfless, bright and cheerful, down to earth, funny, decently intelligent and a bit shy with just a touch of unorganized, messy chaos thrown in. One part of her room was filled with many athletic achievements from high school and college, another part of her room filled with framed movie posters and memorabilia from some of her favorite horror films, while some academic awards were also thrown into the mix, all bound together with a smattering of clutter and mess. Whether it be a few scattered articles of clothing here, a few empty food wrappers or empty chip bags there, a typically unmade bed, and a dirty dish or two... or three. But it could all be easily cleaned up within ten minutes or so if she really wanted to...

Paige was about as perfect as someone could be in Eric's eyes. The type of girl most men dreamed of. She had the beauty, the brains and a fun loving personality with just a hint of shyness.

Eric could thank Jae for their whole history together. She had introduced him to this amazing girl on the first day of their freshman year. He still remembered exactly how she looked that day. Upon meeting her, he was mesmerized by her modelesque beauty and her athletic but curvy build which was highlighted by her white low cut tank top and short jean skirt that ended an inch above her knees. She had a dusting of pastel pinks with just a light amount of blush used to highlight her attributes.

He was instantly smitten with the girl.

He could tell she was smart just by looking into her beautifully sharp blue eyes, but he could also tell that she was a bit on the shy side as her eyes had veered away from his glance more than a few times. She had come up with an excuse as to why she needed a tutor and asked early on in their friendship if he could be the one to be her tutor, (even though she was already getting high B's or even low A's on average.)

Of course he agreed and didn't waste much time before asking her out which she nervously and quietly said "yes" to.

She spent most of freshman year hanging out with him. It had made for a very hot and steamy summer.

Her room was in a bit of disarray. All of her well earned awards and trophies appeared as if they hadn't been touched in quite some time, being coated in a generous layer of dust.

He just had to keep supporting her as best as he could no matter what. If she wanted to lose weight, cool. And if she was happy at her current size, that was fine too.

"Let's go take a shower." Paige purred as she looked on enticingly at her boyfriend and playfully licked the tip of his nose.

Upon first meeting her so long ago at the young age of 15, he had no idea how strong of a sexual appetite she had until they had begun dating. They had lost their virginities to eachother at 16 and it had seemed to awaken something deep inside her.

They sensually soaped up and explored each other's bodies as they kissed slowly and passionately.

Eric could feel himself getting hard as her hands caressed his sizeable member and his hands glided over the smooth skin of his girlfriend's body; up around her healthy albeit, slightly saggy F cup breasts with dainty, light pink areolas down to her slightly plush midsection to around her wide hips and more than supple ass, then between her thick thighs...

Her hips bucked as his hand danced between her legs within her shaved slit.

Eric thought about the changes in Paige over the last year... She had been quite lucky that the majority of the weight she had put on over the last 9 or 10 months had primarily gone below the waist giving her a healthy heaving derriere. The rest of it seemed to go to her chest with only a small amount going to her soft midsection.

Eric admired her ultra voluptuous body any chance he got. Especially after their hot and steamy showers. Even without her working out as much as she used to, her body was still a true and beautiful sight to behold.

"Mmmfff... Take me to bed now..." Paige pleaded.

They swiftly dried off and he carried her to the bed, placing her gently down upon the unmade white bedspread and hovered over her on his hands and knees.

"Thank you for helping me up the stairs... How can I ever repay you?" She purred as she looked up into his eyes.

Eric took her in for a few moments, admiring how a girl so beautiful could actually exist. Her dazzling blue eyes rested beneath well kept eyebrows, soft supple lips which begged to be kissed, gentle cheekbones and a slightly rounded chin that gave her a girl next door type of look. Her face used to be more defined when she was slimmer, but this new added weight almost gave her a look of innocence... He actually kind of preferred it.

She lifted her head up off of the pillow, her pouty lips swiftly meeting with his own as they kissed each other passionately, their tongues dancing with one another's.

"Make love to me..." She purred.

He quickly inserted his hard member inside her, feeling her twitch followed by a pleasurable gasp. His chisled chest pressed into her well developed twin mounds with each powerful thrust. As he finished kissing her, he brought one of her small, erect nipples into his mouth. His tongue danced around her areola and he finished with a playful nibble feeling her shudder beneath him.

"Mmmm... Oh yeah Eric, that feels so good..."

Almost simultaneously, the large grandfather clock out in the hallway struck 6 PM...

Both Eric and Paige were overtaken by a severe dizzy spell.

He regained his composure as he continued thrusting into his girlfriend feeling her body jiggle and shake as she hungrily reacted to his touch.

"Mmmfff... I'm going to cum baby..." She loudly moaned into his ear, the sweat from their walk and current exploits dripping onto his chisled visage.

Eric felt himself twitch as he likewise reached climax, filling her with his hot seed.

He collapsed onto Paige, feeling the excess pudge of her plush 242 pound body press against his muscular form, a noticable scent of body odor mixed with remnants of her body wash beginning to fill his nostrils with just a touch of incense from the ones burning on her desk. He swiftly rolled to her side as she breathed somewhat heavily. Her pierced, erect nipples still standing at attention as if wanting more...

As they laid in the sexual afterglow, Eric looked around the room feeling that things seemed slightly off... Her black bedspread with all of her favorite movie slashers on it, to her small ghoulish graveyard display taking up space on the bookshelf next to her many favorite horror novels. Even her prized lifesize six foot tall animatronic Michael Myers from H20 that stood in one corner of the room... "But she had had her room set up like this since she moved in over a year ago... didn't she?" He found himself asking.

He did truly love Paige for who she was on the inside. Her quirks, her slightly dark sense of humor, her kind and selfless nature, even her sometimes borderline obsessive affection towards anything horror themed. No matter how much she changed on the outside, nothing would ever effect how much he loved her. He wasn't one of those self absorbed, shallow guys who was only interested in having some size zero trophy girl to fawn over, regardless of what his outward appearance would make some believe.

He actually didn't mind the excess weight she had accumulated since her very serious knee injury during Sophomore year of high school while playing softball. At least Paige had tried to control her weight at the start...

She had initially, albeit for a short time tried to take her physical therapy seriously but the pain had been too much to bare. She had even attempted to stay active, but between her failed physical therapy and the utter pain she'd endure from even the easiest of physical activities like light jogging, she simply took it as a sign of fate.

She had always been slightly pudgy and bottom heavy which was no surprise, as it ran in her mom's side of the family and during her freshmen year of high school, her weight had hovered around 150 pounds. She had still been relatively athletic, playing sports at school, but much of her free time was occupied by less physically demanding hobbies that were greatly influenced by her friend's more intellectually based activities.

Her own passion of being active kept her relatively trim, always giving her sports one hundred percent. But she had nearly given up on her active lifestyle just as soon as she had recieved the news that her days of competitive sports had come to an end, but Eric and Jae were there to support her and cheer her on.

She had alternatively taken up walking two to three times a week with her boyfriend on a minimally demanding 2.5 mile circuit around her grandparent's house.

While she stayed true to her minimal exercises, she also dove head first into her other hobbies with a vengeance, watching horror movies with her friends, reading horror novels with long bouts of studying for school mixed in. Her less than active lifestyle teamed up with Amanda and Abbey's terrible diet choices, which she had enjoyed on occasion even before the accident, quickly began to show upon his girlfriend's frame.

Even with her unmatchable beauty and above average intellect, she had already been in danger of losing her social status due to the friends she associated herself with. Amanda; A chubby redhead who loved anime and the japanese culture and Abbey; a chubby blonde who often dressed like someone from the south. Her only saving grace being her attractive and incredibly intelligent friend Jae.

Her descent from the somewhat popular clique was swift and sure as sophomore year went on, with many of her old team mates turning their backs on her as she went from an overly curvy and fashionable athlete with a trim body, to someone who was very quickly embracing their new sedentary lifestyle and becoming a couch potato, often hiding her blossoming form with larger but still stylish, high dollar clothing.

Eric remembered a momentous turning point for his girlfriend during 10th grade when she had come to him crying at the end of a school day. One of her last remaining friends Shelby who she had met through softball had turned her back on her, not even inviting her to her own party.

"I don't understand it Eric... Can't they see that I'm still the same person, even if I'm not as thin as I once was??"

Eric told her one important thing. Something that changed his girlfriend's outlook on life from there on out.

"Well if they don't like you for who you are then fuck them... They don't deserve to have you in their lives..."

Eric still remembered the look that had formed upon his girlfriend's softening visage when something seemed to click after his words of encouragement.

"Well... Then maybe I should reinvent myself so to speak... Embrace my new self. I have alot of work to do... I'll see you tomorrow babe. I love you!" She said kissing him generously and then making a bee-line for her car.

He couldn't help but look on and admire her thicker ass even if it was partially concealed by slightly loose jeans.

Eric was completely baffled as to what his girlfriend had meant but it was soon made completely clear the next morning. Paige had shown up to school looking like a completely new person. She had done away with her subtle makeup and had instead donned new darker lipstick in a deep maroon color with matching eye shadow, blush and thick, black mascara. Her hair had likewise been changed, with jet black streaks seemingly blending with her honey blonde locks. Clothing wise, she had chosen to embrace her new blossoming curves and her love of horror. She had chosen a black low cut tank top with a stark white Michael Myers mask printed upon the front with the words "Keep Calm And Slay On" placed beneath it. Underneath her tight tank top sat a black laced push up bra that hefted her massive breasts up from the neckline. From the waist down, the treatment was much the same, with her wearing a short denim skirt with frays along the bottom hem line that showed off her shapely thighs with black fishnets wrapping the rest of her legs, capped off with black converse sneakers. She had even gone as far as swapping out her usual diamond stud earrings for small black guages to finish off her new look.

Eric was completely speechless of her new look as she approached him.

Paige took a deep breathe as she got within a foot of him, her eyes remaining pointed towards the ground. "So... What do you think??" She asked raising her eyes to meet his, brushing her blonde and black locks from her face with her fingers which were tipped in fresh black nail polish.

Eric was utterly stunned. Gone was the wholesome looking girl who he had fallen for, but in it's place was this sex fueled, ultra curvaceous goth.

He honestly loved it...

"Woah babe... I never thought you could possibly be any sexier than you were already, but you completely proved me wrong.

Paige's somewhat unsure demeanor immediately shifted to her typical bubbly persona.

"I'm so happy you think so babe!!" She said eagerly hugging him and then forcing her tongue down his throat. "Vanessa helped me out with my new style and I think she knocked it out of the park!"

After her reimagining of herself, she had only retained one friend from her athletic days, Vanessa who was always willing to help her out whenever she asked.

Vanessa had hung out with the duo on many previous occasions anyways so why wouldn't she?...

By the beginning of Junior year she was nearing 180 pounds and many of her old friends acted as if she had never been a part of their group, almost treating her like a social pariah.

But at least she had her tight knit group of friends and her amazing boyfriend Eric to lean on. Without them, she didn't know where she'd be...

As graduation was drawing ever closer, she had surpassed 200 pounds without so much as a worry. As she graduated with a respectable 3.5 gpa, her grandparents had surprised her with letting her stay at their large house under the stipulation that she would continue with her studies.

She readily agreed. She had already planned to follow up on resuming schooling at The University Of Washington, with a bit of financial help from her grandparents of course. She wanted to write horror novels like Stephen King.

So far her writing classes had gone better than expected as she continued to dedicate much of her time and effort to go above and beyond, always seeming to surpass her teacher's expectations.

While her steadily increasing weight did indeed limit the types of activites she did with her friends and boyfriend, they still made plenty of trips to the lake, floating the river, going to concerts, however she loved staying in and either watching movies with her significant other or reading just as much. Her skin had a light tan on her arms, legs and face, but due to her typically wearing concealing one piece bikinis, had odd tan lines leaving her saggy H cup breasts, torso and belly completely pale and showing more than a hint of increasing stretchmarks.

But as if her increasing weight was fueling her libido, Eric found they were having sex at least once a day and he found that he was enjoying it just as much as he had when she was thinner if not more so. She was willing to be more adventurous and giving in the bedroom, even going as far as letting Eric try anal and give him head on multiple occasions.

Eric looked over lovingly at his girlfriend, taking in her well fed and rounded, but still undeniably beautiful features. He loved her in her entirety, flaws and all. Her supremely rounded face with a hint of a double chin, her massive breasts, even her lush midsection and beginner fupa which was more than comfortable to rest his head on. Then heading south... Her luscious thighs, incredibly fleshy, cellulite riddled ass and her sizeable legs.

He knew one thing was certain, his love for her would never change, only grow.

However her unhealthy diet had caused an almost constant collection of grease to coat her hair and face with a small smattering of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads to form upon certain parts of her body mainly congregating between her thighs and in the deep, dark crevasse of her jiggling asscheeks. She had also seemed to sweat more as she grew, even with the smallest of physically demanding tasks.

She had also grown increasingly lax with her guidelines of cleanliness.

Eric was reminded of that every time he stepped foot in her grandparent's house and especially her room. It was a testament to her increasingly lazy lifestyle. He looked over the photo wall seeing many pictures of them together over the years. They did make a very cute couple. She had equally as many pictures up of her with her friends doing various activities with Vanessa often tagging along. She was clearly the biggest of her friends, but in Eric's eyes, the most beautiful by a long shot. She just seemed to carry the extra weight so well as if she was meant to... Her floor was littered with dirty articles of clothing while her dresser, nightstands and bookshelves were coated in dust and being overrun by empty snack wrappers, empty pop and beer cans and a few dirty dishes scattered about.

But even still, Eric was more than willing to overlook all of that because he knew how lucky he was to be with a girl as amazing as Paige. He truly knew how special she was.

Paige slowly rolled over to where her boyfriend was laying, her slight rolls pressing into his body. "Well... I think it's time for a shower. Want to join me?" Paige purred while resting a pudgy hand upon her boyfriend's chest.

"Absolutely! I'll meet you in there." He said happily kissing her generously.

"Woah... Calm yourself tiger. You keep that up, and we may need to have a round two before movie night." She winked.

"Mmm is that a promise or a threat?"

"I'll let you figure that out." She winked.

"So what's the movie for tonight?" Well Halloween 2018 of course! Gotta watch it before we go see Halloween Kills!"

She slowly and laboriously got up from the bed and began waddling towards the bathroom in all of her naked glory.

Eric looked on at her jiggling ass cheeks with every step. He'd never get tired of that ass... As she stepped into the bathroom, Eric quickly grabbed his jeans and dug into his right pocket fishing out a ring sized box.

He knew this was the girl he wanted to marry and he'd do it when he surprised her with a trip to Leavenworth this upcoming Christmas. With him earning a decent wage working at his dad's construction company, hecwas hoping they could afford a decently nice place of their own.

As Paige was soaping up her rotund form, she began to think lovingly about her Eric. She not only felt incredibly lucky to have someone as amazing as Eric who stuck by her through everything with her expanding waistline, but she felt equally blessed to have the friends she had...
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

Postby pinkhippo99 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:45 am

Good to see that orb can bring about some positive changes to people on occasion. While the others weren't exactly unhappy in their new lives (not that they'd know any different) Abbey seems to be in a much better place, both emotionally and financially thanks to her change. Likewise, Paige seems much happier as a body positive goth then she was as a former athlete trying to recover her lost physic. It puts an interesting wrinkle in things, now that the orb is changing some of their lives for the better.
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Re: The Orb Of Obfuscation- WG, IQ +/-, Reality

Postby silverplate » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:41 pm

Loving Paige’s changes, especially the focus on her ass. Can’t wait to see what’s next
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