Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.)

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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:30 am

Well, this was rough, but also somewhat deserved. Thanks for updating.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:44 pm

The story continues!

Chapter 10:

“Hurry up already tubbs!” Amber called out as she walked along confidently through the office’s parking lot.

“Can’t you slow down a little? My feet hurt!” Alex whined as struggled to keep up with the thinner woman.

“We’ve barely walked Allie. I thought you were athletic or did that stop when you joined the fat club?”

Amber laughed as Alex turned red and followed her along.

“Come on….get that big butt up there….you can do it.” Amber teased as Alex tried to climb onto the seat.

Alex huffed and puffed as she tried to get up there, unaware that she had lost another inch in height. The girl was now standing at 5 foot 1 and struggling with Amber’s large car.

“Why can’t you help me….and how come I can’t sit in front?”

“I don’t want to get pulled over cuz I got a kid in the front seat.” Amber joked.

Alex breathed as she kept pulling herself up, “Oh haha sooo funny. Pick on the short chubby girl.”

Amber gave the girl a firm butt slap to get her on the seat, “Ow that hurt!” Alex whined as she sat up.

“Oh relax you got a lot of padding to cushion the blow!”

“Can’t you quit it for a sec, I’m having a tough time as is.” Alex bit into a new candy bar to deal with her emotions.

“Alright just for a minute and that’s your last candy bar for a while missy. You’ll spoil your appetite for cooking class.”

Alex almost choked on her treat when hearing this. “Veronica said she’d take me to that, but shouldn’t that be after work?”

Amber went on to explain, “Veronica and I talked about this, we think it’s best if you take fewer hours at the office to focus on getting better. Remember your mental health needs to come first right now.”

“Veronica said she’d help me get better though and then she dumped me with you like I’m a stupid kid who needs to be watched all the time. I’m still a grown up!”

Alex blushed at how her vocabulary seemed to turn so juvenile, especially when she got upset.

“Yeah, an adult with a blubbery babyface who’s too scared to do anything without Veronica. She moved in to keep you safe and teach you things you should already know, Plus I heard you’ve crawled into her bed to snuggle, something about bad dreams.”

Alex turned to look out the window and avoid the comments, embarrassed about what Veronica had told Amber. She saw her reflection staring back, the extra pounds gave her round cheeks and a growing double chin. The babyface jokes made sense as well because her growing size seemed to act as a youth elixir, making her look nineteen at best.

The once strong and beautiful Alex Delgado had been replaced by the pudgy babyface Allie, a girl who looked shy and naive on her best days.

The ladies arrived at the cooking class, an establishment known as Chef Cuties, where they went inside and headed for the locker area. Amber then tossed Alex a bag and ordered her to change, not wanting her dress to get covered in food.

“Allie honey come on already! The class starts in a few minutes!”

Amber covered her smile as Alex waddled out in a simpler outfit. A bright orange with the caption Fries Before Guys written in sparkly pink letters along with peach leggings decorated with girly skulls on them. The girl had traded in her white flats for flower sneakers with velcro straps that lit up as she waddled by as if she needed anything else to be noticed.

“Why can’t I wear better clothes like you? My belly stretches out this stupid shirt and the leggings are giving me a wedgie and I hate these kicks!” Alex whined prompting Amber to hug the girl.

Alex fell into the hug as if it would somehow solve all her problems and then let Amber put her hair in a bun with a loud orange scrunchie.

“Now Allie, just try to relax in the class and remember no one knows you. You’ll fit in just fine and have fun, just act like a chubby down-to-earth girl.”

Alex gave a thought and sent Amber a nervous smile, thinking she might have a point. Amber promised to be back at the end of the class leaving the girl just outside of the room.

The girl plodded into the room and felt every eye on her like any new kid in a school. Alex found an empty station to take and let her growing butt engulf the stool.

“Hello girls, you all know me as Megan but I’m introducing myself because today we have a new chef in the making.“ The instructor singled out Alex, gesturing at her to stand up.

Alex stood up and got nervous at everyone looking at her all at once. All the other girls were taller than her but younger, the oldest being twenty-one at best.

“Go on sweetie, say something.” Megan encouraged her even as some of the other girls giggled at the new kid.

“Ummm hi I ummm I’m Allie and I’m super duper happy to be here. Love me some good food!” Alex muttered out then looked to the ground to hide her blush.

“Yeah I’ll bet you do piggy!” shouted a random girl, making the rest of the class laugh. Megan did her best to settle down the students, but the damage had been done.

Great….another place where girls make fun of me for getting a little umm pachoncita

Alex got goosebumps at the thought, remembering how her mom used it to describe short girls who piled on the weight. She hated how it seemed to describe her so well now.

“Girls today we’ll be making a classic: spaghetti, and meatballs,” Megan announced and went on to explain the steps then sent them off to work.

Alex was quick to get her pasta going, smiling that she seemed smart in something at last. She frowned when cutting up vegetables thinking how gross they were, forgetting how they were once a staple of her meals.

As the girl waited on her sauce to finish up, she started rolling some meatballs. Megan took notice and walked over.

“Wow Allie you’re a natural at this, the dish smells delicious already!” The teacher commented, making the new chef smile.

“Thank you….my big sis Veronica taught me a few things….I wanted to get gooder though.”

Megan smiled at the girl and pinched her cheek, “Well, keep that up and someday a lucky fella will be enjoying your cooking.”

“As long as he doesn’t mind eating the fatty’s scraps.” Another student yelled out, making the class laugh at Alex’s expense.

“Enough girls!” Megan commanded, she then got a phone call and decided to take it outside.

Alex was happy with her work, the pasta looked well seasoned and fresh, her sauce was done, and her meatballs were ready for cooking. She reached over to grab the meat only for someone to snatch away her plate.

Alex craned her head up to look at the beautiful girl in front of her. Standing at 5 foot 10 along with a thin and toned body, the girl sparked envy in Alex. Even the blonde bun her hair was in looked better than Alex’s brunette one.

“Cuse me miss….but those are my meatballs.” Alex pleaded, hoping the girl wouldn’t be too much trouble.

“Listen Gorda, the name’s Emily and I don’t see your name on these so I guess you better make some more.” Emily’s little teasing had the class in giggles, even as they kept working.

“But-but I made those….I don’t wanna trouble so can I please have them back.” Alex ignored the joke and tried to plead with this girl. Emily couldn’t have been more than twenty and yet she had a powerful CEO whimpering like a puppy.

“Since you insist, I’ll make you a deal, Gorda. You take off your leggings for the rest of the class and then you can have these meatballs.”

Alex blushed at the idea, thinking it over briefly. Amber had made it clear that, as a fat girl, it was Alex’s place to listen to skinny girls. Yet, if she gave into Emily’s request, how long would it be until she was only wearing an apron in class? Or something tiny that barely hid her body?

“N-n-no I just want them back or….I gotta tell Miss Megan.”

Emily rolled her eyes at this and shoved the bowl of meatballs at Alex’s gut. The fatter girl was happy to win until Emily pulled her shirt and shoved one of the balls down the neck hole.

“Hey!” Alex cried out, setting her bowl down and then reaching inside her shirt for the lost meatball.

“Oh god, that belly’s huge! Imagine how many meatballs we could get from that piggy! Gorda suits her with all that fatness!”

Alex pulled down her shirt in shame, having gotten the meatball but hearing all the little comments. She badly wanted another goodie from her stash to ease her nerves.

Megan came back in and everyone went silent as she checked on their progress. Alex had wrapped and was ready for her first tasting.

“Excellent Allie….simply excellent!” Megan reviewed as she ate a small portion of her meal. Alex glowed at the praise, proud of herself and rewarded with a plate of her meal along with leftovers. The girl licked her lips as she stared at her carb-loaded meal and took her seat to enjoy.


The class erupted in laughter as Alex got up and saw her butt covered in sauce ruining her leggings. The coating further empathized the roundness of her growing tush, looking like a flabby target. Each laugh echoed through her head, making her fight back tears, and Megan was having no luck settling the class down.

“Aww did Gorda get too excited about her next meal?” Emily teased, bringing the girl to small tears.

Alex turned to this beautiful girl behind her, “MY NAME’S ALLIE!”

Everyone looked a little scared at the angry chubby girl but then broke out in laughs again and pointed at her womanhood. Alex looked down only for her belly to block the view but then felt around a bit.

Her leggings were damp and she cried just a bit harder when realizing she had wet herself in front of everyone. Unable to take any more teasing, Alex waddled off in tears wishing Veronica was here to help.

A few minutes later, Alex sat in the locker area with just her shirt on, snacking on a king-sized chocolate bar.

“It’s *munch* no fair! *gulp* I worked super hard at the office. *burp* Now I’m stuck in stupid cooking *hiccup* class and I’m still just the fatty of the group!”

Alex took a hearty bite of her bar and reached for another from the stash. It was then Amber walked in with a tub of Alex’s dish and sat down to hug her.

“Everyone was soooo mean to me! I didn even do nothin but it didn’t matter cuz I’m all fat and short now!” Alex wailed on as Amber just patted the girl’s back to console her.

“There there Allie, it’ll be okay you’ll see.”

Amber then laid the girl down and got her in a new pair of panties, slightly padded since she had heard about the accident. The underwear was classic granny style with flowers that matched Alex’s sneakers.

Amber then tied her sweater around the fat girl’s waist as a makeshift skirt and then pulled her along to leave. Alex was far too exhausted to even argue and simply let Amber buckle her in and drive off.

As Amber stopped at a light, she looked back to see Allie had nodded off. Her boss was quite the sight in her fat girl shirt, cotton XL panties, and sneakers. Amber smiled at this, looking forward to the weekend.

When I’m through with Big Allie….she won’t remember being anything other than tubby!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby bananamango212 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:56 pm

I really like where this story is heading but I think I may be missing something. I’m sort of confused as to why she is losing height.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Tue Jul 13, 2021 8:18 am

This was certainly an impressive chapter. Thank you for the update!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Tue Jul 13, 2021 8:09 pm

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Chapter 10 (Continuing):

Meanwhile, Veronica smiled after talking with Amber about Alex’s latest humiliation. The woman had long since finished up the office work but had gotten out her laptop to look into her coding.

She was happy with the results as is, Alex was still exposed daily to electronics that planted her new persona into her head. She had failed to account for the loss of height though, it had been more of a happy accident as Alex got shorter and helped give her body a rather tubby stubby look. The best part was that Alex could reverse it, but any situation that challenged her height or confidence served to continue her reduction.

Veronica had already made changes and sent them out to Alex’s devices. She wanted to make sure her boss wouldn’t get too short but laughed at the idea that Alex’s first boyfriend as a fat girl might have her roleplay as a baby.

Her mind drifted briefly.

“Promise you won’t laugh, Sammy?” Alex squeaked out from behind the wall to her boyfriend. The guy in question was only twenty-two and scrawny, falling into the category of wimpy outcast and perfect for Alex’s new mindset.

“Of course I won’t, pudding pants, now let me see already!” Sammy pleaded.

Alex giggled at this, “You always say the sweetest things….fine.”

The hefty girl waddled out in all her 300-pound glory, dressed in only a pink crop top that acted as a makeshift bra and a rather large diaper. Alex was without any makeup and decided to put her shorter hairstyle into pigtails.

Sam gazed at his girl with lust and Alex quickly noticed his cock standing strong. The girl finally felt sexy after so long and decided to enjoy the moment.

Alex sucked on her thumb and spoke with a seductive tone, “Oh Daddy I been a real good girl….eating all my meals….can I have my treat now?”

Sam quickly grabbed the girl and pulled her into bed for a long mating session. When finished, Alex had a smile on her face, deeming her new lover a champ in bed, and didn’t even notice how her diaper was hanging off the ceiling fan.

Veronica laughed as she snapped out of her little daydream and got back to work on a new code, using Alex’s as a template.

Back at their apartment, Amber had taken up the third bedroom and set up for the weekend. She was determined not to miss a single moment with Allie especially since Veronica had left her in charge. She wanted to put her bitch of a boss in place since she had made work a living hell for everyone.

Every joke, insult, and shout to Veronica had always upset Amber because that was her friend and she was once fat like her. High school had been difficult at over 200 pounds and Amber only managed to drop fifteen of them before going off to college. Of course, she could only imagine if she never lost the weight; Veronica and Amber would be known as the fat twins of Slim-Corp.

Alex stirred in her bed, smelling food from the kitchen, and woke up with a pouty look on her face. She wiped some drool away and swung over to the edge of the bed.

Then she noticed how her feet dangled from that edge and pulled them back immediately to the middle of her mattress, taking in her room with just a nightlight close by.

Veronica and Amber had overseen the changes to that room, creating a vibe that screamed ‘girly immature fat girl.’ The walls were covered in soft pink with doughnuts, cookies, and cupcakes decorated on them. One side by the mirror had a large painting of Cinderella, a constant reminder of the princess that Alex wasn’t anymore.

The ladies had got extra large furniture as well, the kind that tall people would appreciate but Alex was rapidly approaching five foot even. The result was that she would need a stool to get on anything and make her feel extra small in the one place she thought was hers.

She then noticed a mocking office space, with a girly table for her to use. Sitting right on top was her new pink laptop with the inscription Allie’s Diary written in curly letters. On the left was a mini-fridge, perfect for a fat girl when she wanted her midnight snack and on the right was a shelf bookcase. It held some coloring books, teen romance novels, and several Lifetime movies; all ideal for her dimming intelligence.

Alex carefully made her down onto the floor and felt the foam floor on her bare feet, making the girl whine before heading to the kitchen.

“Well look who’s up! How are you feeling sleepyhead?” Amber asked while setting down a huge plate of spaghetti and meatballs for Alex.

Alex fiddled with her hands and mumbled something, looking down so her nerves wouldn’t get the best of her as she tried to talk to Amber.

“Sweetie you have to speak up, I can’t hear a word you’re saying,” Amber demanded.

Alex cleared her throat before going off into a whine, “I ppreciate you helping me b-b-but its not okay to change my room like that. I really think we should fix it.”

Amber smiled at this before going off on a rant, “Well well well look who thinks she’s the big boss now. Lil Miss Allie with her pudgy belly and can’t even keep her pants dry.”

“That was an accident! That girl was—”

“I don’t want to hear excuses! Sit down and eat, then back to bed Allie! We have quite the Saturday planned and you’ll need your rest.”

Alex sat down only to complain further, “I just slept for like three hours and it’s only seven. I can stay up late since it’s Friday!”

She then stared at the heavy Italian dish, “Nu uh no way. No more pasta noodles, I’m on a diet starting right now!”

The next thing Alex knew, Amber had her by the ear and she begged to be let go.

“Allie Delgado, get this through your head. You are a fat girl now! That means shopping at big girl stores, eating big meals, and spending your nights at home with snacks!”

Alex agreed, hoping to get the beautiful woman to stop. Amber helped her down and sent her off to her room again for the night.

“I left you some sleeping clothes. I’ll be in to tuck you in a minute so you better be ready when I get there.”

Alex waddled in and immediately heard her tummy growl, “Oh shut up! This is all your fault!” She gave the pudgy thing a firm smack as if she was spanking a child.

“What’s going on in there?!” Amber shouted from outside the door.

Alex stuttered out, “N-nothing Miss Amber….I’m getting ready for bed honest!”

The girl quickly donned the nightgown Amber had left. A soft purple piece that ended just above her butt with a smiling kitten on the front that naturally sat on her buddha belly.

Alex flopped onto her large bed just as Amber opened the door.

“Cutting it close there, tubby….remember that as a fat girl you have to learn to move better!” Amber reprimanded while covering Alex up.

“Yes Miss Amber, I'll learn to carry my weight better. Sorry I been such a brat.” Alex wheezed out while rubbing her belly out of nerves.

Amber softened at this, “Oh Allie I know you don’t mean it. It’s only normal for a girl like you with wide hips and an immature attitude. Don’t worry though, Veronica and I are gonna get you sorted out just fine.”

Alex smiled at this only for her belly to growled again and ruin the moment.

Amber laughed at this and revealed how she had mashed up Alex’s spaghetti into a bowl for her to eat now.

“Jeepers thanks Miss Amber, my tummy no gonna let me go beddy byes unless its well fed!”

Alex reached for the spoon only for Amber to smack her hand away and put a napkin around the girl’s neck.

“I’ll be feeding you this Allie. Part of the reason your mind is struggling so much is that you’ve convinced yourself to be far too independent. The simple truth is that a fat girl like you needs other people to help. There are certain things that you simply cannot do alone so it’s okay to ask.”

Alex argued, “I can eat on my own though….”

Amber tickled the girl’s belly, getting her to giggle, “That I know silly but there are times when you’re going to feel too tired to do anything, just comes with the weight.”

Now that Amber had mentioned it, Alex realized how drained she felt. From her fall this morning to work and then the crazy cooking class, this heavy girl had been through too much as is. Alex slouched down from her seating position and gave her butt a good scratch before begging Amber to feed her.

The girl made quick work of the mashed food and a few glasses of buttermilk, Amber even went ahead and left a spill-proof sippy cup next to her in case she got a craving for it. As the thin girl walked towards the door, Alex realized something.

“Miss Amber *yawn* could you turn on the nightlight please?” Alex asked with a tired tone, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Of course sweetie! How about a stuffie to snuggle with while you sleep?”

Alex shook her head as she got comfy, “I’m still a grown-up, don’t need a stuffie.”

Alex fell asleep after this, her belly rising and falling with each tired breath. Amber simply took in her new childish room with Alex’s last comment and laughed. She kissed the girl on the cheek, noting how Alex smiled in her sleep before walking out.

As Amber cleaned up and got ready to relax for the night she spoke to herself.

“Veronica mentioned the wetting thing was a fluke but maybe I can make a habit. Regardless, tomorrow promises to be a fun day for Big Allie!”
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby Junketh71 » Wed Jul 14, 2021 11:13 am

The downward direction continues!
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby bananamango212 » Wed Jul 14, 2021 12:54 pm

Love the story thank you for explaining the height loss some more :)
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Sat Jul 17, 2021 8:52 pm

Thank you guys, especially bananamango212 for asking a question that motivated me to add some details!

Chapter 10 Continues:

Alex woke up with a sluggish feeling despite her early bedtime, her body felt like it was well over 200 pounds despite being nowhere near that weight. She lowered herself carefully from the bed and headed out of her room.

“Morning sleepyhead!” Amber announced, clad in only a towel since she just got out of the shower.

“Morning Amber,” the girl yawned and gave her belly a scratch, “How early is it?”

“It’s almost 10, sweetie, you really knocked out, so I thought it best to leave you be.”

Alex gave off a confused look, “I usually wake up by 8 the latest…and why am I still so tired then?”

Amber tousled the girl’s messy brunette locks, “Well with the weight you’ve put on, you’re exerting more energy for your usual routine. The best thing you can do is to take things easier from here on out as you keep gaining.”

Alex frowned at this, thinking Amber must have been wrong somewhere. The girl may be chubby now, but she had every intention of losing the extra pounds to get things back on track. Alex wanted to get back on top at Slim-Corp.

“I do feel mega heavy made I should exercise a little to wake up better?”

“That’s the worst thing you can do Allie. You will only tire yourself out more and feel sluggish, have a good meal instead. Food will give you the energy to focus on the day.”

The shorter girl wanted to argue but Amber was the skinny one right now. If anyone could help her get back on track, it was the girl who lost over 100 pounds herself.

It was at that moment that Veronica walked out of her room. Despite being the heaviest of the group, the lady wore her pounds well and with energy. She was currently dressed in a flowy navy-blue top with some knee-high jeans and black flats. Veronica went with a light makeup look and had her hair in a cute bun.

Alex charged over to the girl to engulf her in a hug, “I missed you Veronica…got lots to tell you.”

Veronica hugged the girl back, winking at Amber who returned the gesture.

“Amber has been keeping me in the loop, you never mentioned a bladder problem, Allie. I will be sure to buy pull-ups for tonight.”

Amber laughed as Alex turned red at the idea, “T-That was just a accident…not gonna hapen again.” Unlike her last argument, this one came out as a whiny squeak instead of yelling.

Alex pretended to look deep in thought, “Hmmm well Amber what do you think? Perhaps our pudgy little charge needs a bit more protection.”

Alex shot her a desperate look, practically in tears as she silently begged Amber not to let her do this.

“Well, it was only one time Veronica, so I think Allie here deserves a chance to prove she’s not too immature, despite her shrinking height. I do think that we should be checking her panties just to be safe.”

Veronica was all for the idea and the ladies stared at the girl, “Get to it, missy!”

Alex’s eyes went wide at this, “I don’t need my panties checked…they dry—”

“Young lady I have things to do today, and Amber has plans for you as well so let’s get this over with or I’ll be making a stop at Babies R Us!”

Alex whined a bit before lifting her nightgown and presenting her granny panties.

“Oh wow…thunder thighs and even a pudgy pussy. You’re really growing there huh Allie?” Amber teased as the girl shot her a glare. She wanted to say something, but Veronica cut her off by ordering her to turn around.

“Man, that butt’s HUGE!” Amber called out, annoying Alex who dropped her gown after a bit more.

“Amber quit it…already know I’m fat,” Alex whined.

The ladies deemed her dry for now and Veronica said bye before she left the place. Amber had already decided to deny Alex breakfast, wanting to see how she reacted to missing a meal.

Alex tugged at her new cow print denim skirt as they walked to Amber’s car, annoyed with how it only ran up to the middle of her doughy thighs. Her shirt did not offer much coverage either, a baby blue piece with frills on the short sleeves that showed off her softening arms. The black letter caption read Chubby Girls Cuddle Better and the material was clingy which only enhanced the roundness of her belly. Her chubbier feet were forced into a pair of strappy tan sandals that made them look swollen.

“Can’t I wear something else? A big dress maybe?” Alex complained as she pulled at her outfit as if it would magically cover her growing body.

“Oh hush! You look cute!” Amber barked. The woman opted for a simple dark red romper that showed off her toned body, Alex stared with jealousy wishing she was just a few pounds lighter. After a few minutes of driving, Alex’s stomach started growling.

“Amber, we’re getting food right? I’m awful hungry!”

“Later Allie, right now you have a haircut to attend!”

Alex’s eyes got wide for the second time today, wondering what brought this on. She looked at her hair and realized that it needed some trimming. Her current long brunette waves were messy with plenty of split ends that needed fixing.

“Okay sure but I gotta make a appointment with my stylist then.”

Alex looked around for her phone wondering where she had left it after last night. Amber took the chance to hand her a new custom pink iPhone.

“What the fudge is this?” Alex yelped out, looking at the girly thing as if she were dreaming. She noticed how her camera had been improved and that most of the info had been wiped. Her only contacts were Veronica and Amber, the apps list consisting of childish games and takeout.

“Veronica and I feel you shouldn't worry about things on your phone, so we got you an upgrade! Don’t worry about an appointment because I have just the lady in mind to fix up your hair!”

Alex was about to argue until the phone lit up on its own with a spiral pattern entrancing the girl. Amber put her own phone away after sending the message to Allie as she parked the car, then waiting until she heard some giggles from the backseat.

The new phone came with a hidden app that brought up a hypnotic screen that Veronica and Amber could bring up whenever. This allowed them to mellow out Alex, making her happy even as she got fatter and more accepting of things as is. The effects were temporary but as Alex was more exposed, the behavior would linger more until her fate as a heavy chick was sealed.

“Hehehe,” Alex went into a laughing fit after her phone’s screen went off with a big smile stuck on her face.

“Alex? How are you feeling?” Amber asked, hoping the girl was now in a cooperating mood.

“Hahaha, my name’s Allie! I’m a sweetie!” Alex declared as she squeezed her belly.

“Of course, ready for your haircut?”

Alex squealed with happiness speaking in a singsong tone, “I get to look all pretty! I get to look all pretty!”

Amber laughed as she helped her out of the car and entered a simple salon. The place was a far cry from the elegant place that Alex was used to, the woman was used to setting an appointment for this but was now forced to wait her turn alongside other girls.

Alex fiddled with her new phone, enjoying one of the games with childish glee until Amber took it when a chair was open. It was then she met a heavy older woman, dressed in comfy work attire who smiled at her next customer.

“Hi there, munchkin! You can call me Claire and what would your name be?”

Alex smiled at her and hugged Amber for support, “I’m Allie…my friend says I needa haircut to get all pretty.”

Claire ran her hands through Alex’s messy do, noticing the damage it had already taken. She then encouraged the girl to get on the chair, who only sat down after Amber helped her up.

“It’s reallllly high up here…I won’t fall will I ma’am?” Alex nervously asked.

“Of course not Allie, these chairs have had plenty of heavy girls and none of them ever fell,” Claire assured her as she got everything ready. The stylist then squinted as it seemed like the girl shrunk just a bit, with her feet getting closer to the seat.

Alex started laughing and kept her immature tone up, “Well I bet I’m the fat girl that breaks this seat! I’m only getting pudgier by the second!”

As Alex stared at the mirror in front, she imagined herself close to 400 pounds. Her current fat outfit switched to a yellow maternity dress with a massive belly sitting on her flabby thighs. The girl was covered in rolls and had heavy breasts that sagged right on top of her dome of a gut. Claire had gotten a large enough chair for her enormous butt to sit in, but the metal creaked with every moment Alex was sitting down. In the middle of the haircut, the chair gave in, and Alex’s hefty form jiggled about as she landed on the ground.

The immature girl laughed at this daydream as Claire followed Amber’s instructions about what she was doing. The stylist interrupted her thoughts to talk with Alex.

“So, Allie what grade are you in?”

Alex laughed at this and looked over to Amber who signaled the girl to just play along. The pudgy girl gave a bit of thought before making up some history.

“Truth is I’m repeating my senior year at high school. Ima not too smart in math and reading sides when I went to take my finals, my tummy kept growling so I didn do too good. But my home economics class is real easy!”

“Well, Allie honey as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters. Not everyone is meant to go to college and have an impressive career.”

Alex giggled at this, “Yea and anyhow the girls can be mean there. They make piggy noises when I walk by and always give me treats. One time they stole my regular clothes while I was in gym class and replaced them with a small outfit, damn clothes near exploded before I got home again.”

Claire laughed at the story and added, “Well popular skinny girls tend to be like that!”

“It's okay though, there’s this boy in my class that likes big girls and I’m hoping the haircut helps win him over. Then we’ll get married and have lots of babies!”

“When you show off your new do, he’ll be begging to put a ring on your chubby finger!”

Amber laughed at the banter between the heavy females especially since Alex was accepting her new role in life so well.

An hour later, the ladies were staring at the results with glee.

“Allie, it suits you perfectly!” Amber exclaimed.

Alex waved her shorter hair about and smiled at the compliment. The length had gone from the middle of her back to just below her head with a wavy style. Loud pink highlights were mixed in with her original color and bangs covering her forehead. The new hairstyle drew a lot of attention to her chubby face and made it difficult to believe she was twenty-six.

Alex gave Claire a big hug, thanking her over and over for the new cut.

“When I get my first daughter, I might just sneak the name Claire in!” Alex exclaimed while playing with a lock. Claire thanked the young girl and sent her off with a lollipop that she usually saved for her younger customers.

The world was a bright and happy place for Alex Delgado as Amber led her out of the salon, the effects of her new phone still going strong. Amber was happy to reward the girl with a trip to McDonald’s for what she deemed good behavior.

Alex munched on her Big Mac, already working on her third, and then threw in a few nuggets with fries. She then washed it all down with a chug of soda, releasing a hearty belch right after.

“Allie! Mind your manners missy!” Amber playfully warned.
“Hehe…excuse me, Amber! Just really hungry here!” Alex shouted with glee.

Feeling mischievous, Alex lifted her shirt showing off her chubby belly to the public, “I mean just look at this if I don’t get another burger I might disappear!”

Amber laughed especially when Alex left just a sliver of her tummy showing. Alex was laughing along until she felt a growing pressure in between her thighs. The girl turned fidgety with her hands covering her pussy and trying to hold back a powerful urge.

Amber whispered at the girl in a harsh tone, “Allie Delgado! Get your hands out of there this instant young lady!”

“N-n-no it’s not that Amber…I gotta pee!” Alex explained as she started a potty dance.

Amber smiled at this, wanting her to have another accident but knowing that she could not seem so obvious. The woman instead pointed to the bathroom and told her to care of it.

Alex then landed belly first on the floor as she got up from her seat, which only served to put more pressure on her bladder. The chubby girl got up as quickly as possible and waddled off, while Amber sent off a few messages to Veronica.

Alex sat back down with a smile which told Amber that she had made it okay. The woman provided her with a fourth burger and an ice cream before they left the fast-food place.

It was then they happened to walk by two taller thin ladies who Alex smiled at but got a smirk in return.

“Wow, some girls just have no sense of decency!”

“Tell me about it! Can’t the hippo at least hide her thighs, those heavy things are gross!”

Alex looked at them with a pout on her face, her happy spell broken since she realized they were talking about her.

“I don’t think I look that bad ladies—”

“You look like you’ll be joining the 200-pound club real soon tubby! Maybe put down the ice cream and get on a treadmill!”

The ladies took off laughing and Amber was about to join in until she saw the heartbroken look on Alex’s face. She had forgotten that the current program heightened emotions, so the embarrassment Alex currently felt was at an all-time high.

The girl parked her fat caboose on the sidewalk right there and let loose a powerful wail.


Amber tried to calm Alex down as best she could but failed as the girl repeatedly tried to explain her grief in between heavy sobs. She then picked up the immature girl to let her cry on her shoulder while she walked them to her car.

The two made quite the sight, a heavy short girl being carried like a baby by a fit woman. Alex buried her face in Amber’s shoulder to hide from anyone as her crying subsided.

Amber set down a passed-out Alex in the car, getting her buckled in and then driving off to get ready for the rest of the day.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

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Well, this was an unexpected turn of events. Thank you for the update.
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Re: Work Weight by jose4857 (Weight gain/loss, IQ drop, etc.

Postby jose4857 » Wed Jul 21, 2021 10:19 pm

Thank you Junketh71 and anyone else reading! Apologies for the delay!

A special shoutout to tfrmer for the idea of using this, although I wouldn't peek until after you finish reading.

Chapter 10 Continues:

Amber let the girl sleep off her tantrum on the living room couch back at the apartment and got busy making a salad for herself along with something heavy for Alex. The lady put the finishing touches on her meals just before the chubby girl woke up.

“Oh gosh my head hurts…” Alex complained as climbed on her chair, “We got anything yummy?”

Amber smiled at this, knowing the last program had run its course. The aftereffects left the person with a big headache and a major case of munchies. The beautiful woman set down a salad bowl for the girl, even bigger than her own.

Alex reacted with a disgusted look while Amber played the fool and simply ate her meal. A few minutes later, Alex had been playing with her salad for a while much like a child refusing to eat.

“Something wrong Allie? I imagined your mother taught you how rude it is to play with food.”

Alex bowed her head in shame before answering, “Y-y-yes Amber she sure did but…I just kinda wanted something more filling to help with my head.”

“Well Allie I did make some fried chicken with mash potatoes and gravy, but you wouldn’t be interested in that. After all, it is loaded with calories!”

Alex’s mouth watered after hearing about the meal, thinking it would help solve her problems.

“Umm, can I please have some Amber…sounds really yummy.” Alex pleaded while fidgeting with her hands.

“Oh, I don’t know…if you could convince me that you really want some Allie, maybe I’ll help.”

Alex threw her old mentality away and gave her belly a firm shake, “Pleaseee Amber my chubby tummy is begging for it!”

Amber laughed at this and rewarded the girl with a huge serving of the meal and followed it up with seconds. The salad was pushed aside as Alex enjoy every fat-filled bite, her cheeks soon covered with food stains along with the napkin in front of her shirt. The girl settled back into her chair while sucking on a chicken wing and then drinking a big chug of soda.

Alex shut her eyes, thinking she was done for the night until Amber wiped down her face and fingers then threw something on top of her.

“These are some weird jammies, Amber.”

“Sweetie that’s not for sleeping, I’m attending a party tonight and since I’m in charge of you, you’re coming with me. Go change into that and make sure you pee before we leave.”

Alex blushed at this, especially since she had not socialized much in the past two months and did not feel like doing so. Alex's new flabby body would get her kicked out of any club or party, in her former mindset.

“Actually, I’m kinda tired…maybe I could stay by myself? I won’t get into any trouble really, just gonna get my jammies on and go to bed.”

“Oh no Allie if something happened, could you imagine how mad Veronica would be? You’re like her baby sister so there’s no way she would ever forgive me.”

Alex smiled at this, “Veronica thinks of me as a sister? Really?” Amber insisted on this, satisfying the girl. Alex took off to the bathroom to get ready, happy about the good news.

The girl stared at her reflection in the mirror, now wearing a peach romper like Amber’s. The difference is that it was obviously bigger and had an elastic waistband that squeezed her belly. It didn’t help that they were both wearing tan sandals, but Alex’s appeared to be straining the straps as if they were swollen from pregnancy.

Alex took a profile view of herself, noting how all her new tubbiness was piling on together. She had a big set of perky knockers but felt that if her weight kept rising, they would soon be sagging on her belly. Countering her front fatness was a blubbery butt that had passed sexy bubble territory and gone to flabby tush terrain. The girl met Amber at the door with as much confidence as she could muster.

Jealous thoughts rose as she saw Amber in almost the same getup but much slimmer and beautiful.

I member when I could dress that cute…used to be the belle of the ball…now I’m just the ball! Alex thought with a whimper

“Did you pee? It’s a bit of drive so I don’t want you begging me for a bathroom like at McDonald’s.”

Alex turned crimson at this, “Yes I did…I don’t gotta get checked like that!”

“Watch that tone missy or I’ll let Veronica know to skip the pull-ups and go straight to diapers on your fat butt!” Amber warned.

Alex grew scared at the idea, thinking she couldn’t possibly hide those from the public. The way her belly would spill over them and that for some reason the tapes would not come off on their own.

Veronica could be chatting away with an important client when Alex would tug on her sleeve, dressed in only a bright pink shirt and soaked diaper that showed half her posterior.

“Cuse me Miss Anderson but…I forgot about the potty again…could you change me?”

Veronica excused herself before pulling the shorter girl along, “Honestly! It’s like you want to be a fat baby! Maybe that’s just how I’ll treat you!”

Alex whined at this daydream before begging Amber not to say anything. Her pseudo babysitter agreed before they headed out for the event.

Alex fiddled with her phone, “Been a while since my last party…wish I was a few pounds lighter before I had to go.”

Amber brushed off the concern, “The important thing right now is to have fun and live stress-free Allie. Who cares if you’re the fat girl at the party?! Just enjoy yourself tonight, talk to a cute guy, eat some free food!”

Alex only grew more worried, “Eating’s what got me this pudgy in the first place and guys don’t usually go for heavy chicks. Only losers and heavy guys do that.”

Amber smiled at this as she parked the car and opened the backseat for Allie. Making a bold move, she gave the girl’s crotch a bit of a rub that made Alex nervous.

“Listen Allie I imagine it’s been a while since your kitty got any attention so let me be clear. If a guy shows any interest, do not start talking about how you wish your butt were smaller or that you are starting a diet. Just laugh at his jokes, flirt, and touch him a lot. Who knows maybe you’ll end snuggled in one of the beds together naked?”

Amber let the girl go who was now just a bit turned on, Alex agreed with her friend since she thought of self-pleasure as something for true fat girls. Despite her weight gain, the girl vowed not to rely on this to handle her sexual frustration. Perhaps she could find a hunk who did not mind a bigger girl at this party.

Music played throughout the house as the two walked in, Amber chatted up her friend while Alex stood off to the side. The girls were joined by two others and talked away, ignoring the overweight addition to the party.

“Ladies meet my friend Allie, she’s like Veronica’s BABY sister,” Amber stated, putting the spotlight on Alex. “Chubbs this is Julia, Kate, and Maya. Be nice!”

The three ladies laughed at this, making Alex feel even more out of sorts.

“Well, she’s not the heaviest girl I’ve seen but definitely the fattest here,” Julia commented. The other girls agreed at this, making Alex turn red and wish she had a snack.

“Umm well it’s nice to meet you girls…” Alex stated, hoping she would be left alone.

Maya had other plans, whispering to the others before speaking to Alex.

“Ladies I think it’s time we took part in the buffet,” Maya then led Alex and the others to the food. “How about we get in our swimsuits and then grab some food?”

“You all go ahead I don’t have anything, didn’t know it was a pool party.” Alex was grateful for this until Amber produced a bag for her. She then found herself practically shoved into a room where they all changed into their bikinis.

Amber and her friends were more than happy to show off their toned and thin bodies, each with a set of D cup-sized breasts and perky bubble butts. It was obvious they all had rigorous gym sessions and kept a healthy diet, not an ounce of fat was present on these sexy ladies.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Amber reprimanded blocking Alex from the door.

“I’m not much for swimming right now, I’ll stick with my outfit for now—”

“Don’t be rude Allie! My friends were kind enough to let you stay and enjoy the party, so you are going to socialize. If you really do not want to, I’m happy to put you down for a nap in the nursery.”

“I’m not a baby! I can take care of myself—”

“Says the girl who peed herself once already! You know what? Tomorrow I will be punishing you for all this attitude, now get the swimsuit on before you make it worse!”

Alex whined at this, terrified of what would happen. Under the gazed of these beautiful women, she undressed showing off her own large breasts that were really starting to rest on her belly and a huge butt that she would be picking her swimsuit out of all night.

“Oh my! Someone’s looking mighty thick today!” Amber teased as the girls laughed at Alex’s new look.

Alex’s swimsuit was a black monokini piece covered in pink flowers with a ruff piece running alongside her breasts and upper arms. The off-shoulder design left her wider shoulders and neckline exposed with the sleeves squeezing her husky arms just a bit. The suit had a cut-out perfect for showing off a toned stomach that Alex’s chubby belly was bursting through. A similar cut out appeared on her back, showing off her growing rolls and just the edge of her chubby caboose. The bottom was a cheeky cut, already being wedged from her tubby butt cheeks.

I look so dumpy next to these girls, way too much pudge showing, and I bet my suit has more fabric than all of theirs combined! Alex thought.

“T-thanks for ma new suit…” Alex mumbled out, hoping Amber believed her on this. The girl was afraid these beautiful women would strip her and toss her out of the room naked to suffer the teasing of everyone here. It didn’t help that each girl seemed to tower over her with their average height at 5 foot 7.

If Alex had been paying attention, she would have noticed how much stress the situation had put her through. The girl had walked into the house standing at 5 feet even and was now down to 4 foot 8, truly living up to the short jokes everyone seemed to make. The lost height had accumulated onto her physique, giving everything a flabbier appearance, and made people question if she was even eighteen.

The ladies headed for the buffet, drawing stares from the men. Naturally, none of them paid any attention to Alex given her roly-poly figure and that they would need stools just to be able to kiss her. The group enjoyed the salads along with bits of meat, potatoes, and pasta but most were wise enough to avoid large portions of the fattening choices.

Amber had prepared a plate for Alex to start with, no vegetables in sight, just hefty portions of the calorie-rich options. The girls took turns giving the hefty chick their leftovers, each happy to help the pudgy girl satisfy herself.

“Photo time girls!” Kate announced with the others, except for Alex, squealing with excitement. Alex attempted to slip away but Julia was quick to grab the girl.

The group had plenty of photos; poses of them together with drinks, hugs, and kisses on the cheeks. They then decided to play around with their fat girl.

Each girl took a picture of them grabbing her belly, the skinny girl posing with a shocked look while Alex had an uncomfortable AW SHUCKS smile. They posed with Alex cradled to their chests like a baby, her fat bunching up like it never had. The girls then blew up their cheeks and stomachs as best as possible while Alex sucked in as much as she could, an embarrassing attempt at an ironic picture. Various photos followed all meant to humiliate Alex and make her appear even fatter by comparison.

The ladies ended off with a group video of them twerking, each of their bubble butts in sync and bouncing about for men to drool over. Meanwhile, Alex was huffing and puffing from her sloppy attempt to follow along as her big booty wobbled about from the exercise. The group watched the video, delighted by the result especially when they looked over at the fat girl still trying to catch her breath.

A few minutes later, men swarmed the group to ask each girl to dance except for Alex. The girl was relieved at this since she could finally slip away until Amber took her home later. It didn’t help that it was almost 9, still early for the party but well past her bedtime.

My feet hurt…this stupid suit is squeezing me…I want my bed…I want Veronica. Alex whined in her head, taking a seat on a plastic chair. The girl wanted to call her, hoping she would take pity on her and pick her up. She imagined crying into her chest while Veronica told her everything would be fine and then getting a snack for being so brave followed by a nice sleep.

“Well, aren’t you beautiful?”

Alex snapped out of her thoughts as she stared at the hunk of a man who seemed to be flirting with her. She looked around quickly to be sure and then put on her best flirty smile.

“Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself mista!” Alex squeaked, blushing at her immature moves, “I’m Allie and you name is?”

“Unknown for the moment but maybe if you shake that fat ass for me in the pool, I’ll tell you.” The man stated this with confidence, despite having just insulted the heavy girl.

Alex released an awkward and long laugh at this that ended in a snort, “Gosh you really something! Umm, I guess we could do that just not too deep k?”

The man agreed as they walked over to the pool with Alex having a smile as big as her thighs. The code had altered her romantic aspects as well, making her desperate for any man like this. As they got to the pool, Alex was secretly planning their wedding where she was thin and beautiful again with the handsome man looking so happy.

“Hey, short stack, how good can pigs swim?” The man asked, confusing Alex.

“Huh? What you mean cutie—”

Alex was interrupted as the guy picked her up like a newborn and tossed her into the deep end of the pool. Her hefty body made quite a splash and got many people laughing from the fatty’s s tidal wave. Her fat jiggled about as she flailed to the edge of the pool, grabbing onto it for her life since her chubby feet were nowhere near touching the ground.

Amber and her girlfriends laughed at the fatso, each recording the event on their phone and already making edits for social media. The handsome fella joined Maya, kissing her, the start of his reward for pulling off the prank.

“That’s no funny…” Alex whined while splashing a bit of water, she hoped to make them see how angry she was.

“Tough break Big Allie, you really thought a guy like that wanted to do some whale watching? Dream on!” Amber joked, still recording, “Like your fat slowing you down, you gotta lower your expectations!”

Alex teared up at this and climbed out of the pool, her body shaking like jelly as her belly slapped the ground. The girl waddled away, hoping to dry off and get rid of the fat-enhancing effect the water had on every big chick. She made a turn for a secluded section of the house only to be knocked over, landing on her bulbous backside.

“Can’t you see I’m waddling here!” Alex snapped, too angry to care about her tone or the childish foot stomp she threw in.

Once again, she found herself being lifted and started to squirm, “Stop! No more uppies, don’t want!”

Alex was surprised when she was let go after getting on her feet.

“Sorry Baby Cheeks didn’t mean to knock you over,” The guy stated with an honest tone.

Alex self-consciously grabbed at her fleshy cheeks, “Are they really that big?”

“I didn’t mean it like that! I just thought that your kinda adorable and you gotta nice butt…” The guy rambled off.

Her hands stayed on her face to hide her blush, Alex giggled like a nervous schoolgirl, “Really? I’m not too big? I’m kinda testing the limits of my bikini.” Alex drove the point in by giving her tummy a firm slap.

“Not at all…you’re unbelievably beautiful. My name is Anthony, and you are?”

Alex was about to answer, but even her dwindling intelligence picked up on the ruse. The girl pushed her way through and arrived at a bench to just sit at until the party was over.

“Hey, hold up I’m sorry if I said something to bother you,” Anthony took a seat next to her only for Alex to turn her head away, “I just get nervous talking to pretty girls.”

The girl kept her face turned, preventing him from seeing her cry more, “Just s-s-stop, okay? I already fell for the hog toss into the pool, no more pranks.”

“Is that what the laughing was about? I’m sorry about that…people can be really mean sometimes.”

Alex turned to show her small tears, seeing the sincerity in Anthony’s eyes. She then gave him a quick look over, a scrawny body that stood at 6 feet in just a simple pair of navy-blue swimming trunks. The boy had a stylish short haircut and average-looking face, the kind girls would describe as sweet but not sexy. Alex concluded that he only needed to hit the gym and build up muscle to be welcomed into the hot guy clique.

“Maybe you could bring me a little something to munch on? If you wanna talk that is…” Alex practically begged since her appetite had gone into overdrive with all the drama.

The boy was all for it, taking a few suggestions before heading for the buffet, Alex took the chance to find a reflection and clean up a bit before he got back.

Anthony arrived a bit later with three plates worth of food, each stacked with the greasy choices available.

“Hehehe seems like you know at least one way to a girl’s heart…” Alex giggled, twirling her short hair a bit, “But I’m so so so tired…feed me?”

Anthony was happy to do this, while Alex ate with amazing gusto. She mentioned the events of today and was surprised that the fella was on her side, rewarding him with an impromptu hug and immediately blushing afterward. Quite a bit of time passed until he went on to talk about himself a bit.

“I’m twenty-one and in my third year of college, studying to be an electrician. Nothing too fancy, just appliances and stuff like that. I’ve never been big on a career.” Anthony explained, getting an agreeing nod from Alex.

“Not everybody is…” Alex stammered out, “Kinda rethinking stuff about me, not sure I’m brainy enough for my job. I run a diet food company.”

The boy chuckled at this and looked at her before realizing what he had just done, “Oh sorry Allie!”

Alex responded with a laugh of her own, acting angry, “You jerk!” She playfully swatted his arm, “What you trying to say, Anthony? I’m too big for that job? Are my boobies too saggy? My belly too round?”

“You’re small and cute Baby Cheeks,” Anthony stated, grabbing her short-swollen hand.

Alex let off a snort at this, simultaneously confused and happy. She may have been involved with many men before, but the sparks she felt with this fella were unreal. He wasn’t too bad-looking and seemed to actually care. Her fleshier body ached for this guy; someone Alex Delgado would never go for.

“Eeep!” Alex squealed as hoped onto his lap, “Something crawled on my foot!”

“Didn’t realize you were a baby…” Anthony teased while Alex awkwardly laughed. The girl did not like the baby comments in this regard, where people treated her like a child, and she could not help but react like one. She played it cool though with her next move.

Alex position herself on her knees with her arms wrapped around the boy, “But you’ll keep me safe right boo?” She gave her flabby form a little shimmy to entice Anthony.

He responded with a grin and dove in for a long passionate kiss. Their tongues danced about for a while and then Anthony went onto her neck, really driving the girl wild with arousal.

Alex’s toes curled from the pleasure, “Oh gosh! Yeah, just like that!” The girl then popped out her left boobie, “Give it a suckle!”

Anthony was happy to give her what she wanted, making her jiggle about as he drove her wild and closer to an orgasm. He then went further by slipping a hand inside her swimsuit bottoms, turning them into a thong and giving the meaty cheeks a firm smack.

“Ohhhh…” Alex moaned before going for his trunks, needing his cock in her aching pussy already.

“ALLIE DELGADO, YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Amber screamed, springing the lovers apart.

Alex was quite the sight with one flabby boob out and bottoms effectively a thong. Her hair was in a typical after-sex mess and it was clear she was still very horny.

Amber marched over and pulled her along, “I’ve been looking for you for the last twenty minutes! It’s past midnight and we’re leaving!”

“No! I’m having fun! I wanna stay!” Alex whined, staring at her possible fella with an apologetic face.

“I said we’re leaving so let’s go!” Amber did not leave any room for an argument as she dragged the girl along. Alex got out an apology to Anthony before they left the area and were heading to the car.

“This is not fair! You made me come and picked on me all night and now when I have fun, we gotta go?!” Alex squirmed about, trying to break free and at least get her number to the guy.

She then lost her fight as Amber bent down and delivered five swats to Alex’s doughy derriere, her flabby cheeks rippling with each blow.

Alex burst into tears after this, too emotionally exhausted to do anything else. Amber got her set up in the car and drove off. It took several minutes for the girl to calm down into just sniffles.

“When you’re done throwing a tantrum baby Allie, we can have an adult conversation,” Amber stated, reigniting Alex’s temper.

“I’m not a baby! I you boss!” Alex yelled out as she kicked her feet in anger, “Quit it!”

“Really? You’re in a swimsuit one size too small, at the size of an eleven-year-old, and piling on the pounds. Any smaller and fatter, and you’ll be crawling instead of waddling.” Amber taunted, only making Alex angrier.

“Stopahhhh!” Alex whined as she got more upset, “I big girl—”

“And getting bigger!” Amber countered with a smile.

“No what I mean! I—” Alex stopped mid-rant as her hands went to her crotch.

Amber looked through the rearview mirror and smiled, “Something wrong baby Allie?”

Alex wanted to argue but her pressure below had other plans, “N-n-no…when we gonna be home?”

“Could be a few minutes, what’s the rush?” Amber played along so the girl would say something more revealing.

“I’m just usually not up so LATE!” Alex yelled the last bit as they hit a small speed bump that forced just a little pee out, “Wanna go beddy byes soon!”

“Oh, don’t worry, the second we’re back I’ll carry you straight to bed myself!”

Alex mumbled something after hearing this, making Amber ask her to speak up.

“I-I-I gotta potty!” Alex begged, her hands doing their best to stop the accident.

“Oh no!” Amber yelled in a fake caring tone, “Why didn’t you go before we left?”

Alex shot her a pleading look, “I didn’t have to go then!”

Amber smirked at this, “Well don’t worry we will be home soon!”

Soon turned out to be twenty minutes, in which Alex used every trick to avoid peeing any further. Once they arrived, Alex took no time to say hello to Veronica. She yanked off her swimsuit and waddled her chubby nude form to the bathroom, sighing with relief as finally got to go.

Alex came back out and simply mumbled goodnight, not caring how naked she was. In her room, the girl grabbed a white cotton nightshirt with pink polka dots to sleep in. Her new height meant the shirt that once sat just above her butt now covered it completely.

She hopped onto her bed, forgoing her panties, and was ready to sleep until Veronica walked in.

“Veronica I’m real tired…wanna go sleepies,” Alex mumbled out, hoping to avoid any talking.

“Well, you’re forgetting something,” Veronica then brought out a pack of Large Goodnites, “I believe about half your pee was still in your swimsuit.”

Alex’s eyes went wide at seeing that package, “But-but-but it was na my fault! Amber she—”

“Oh really? Who was in the swimsuit?” Veronica hotly questioned, ready for this little talk and that she should answer correctly.

“Me, it’s my swimsuit but—” Alex answered, getting cut off again.

“Who forgot to go potty before leaving the party?”

“Well, me I forgot to go potty but—”

“Who peed in her swimsuit”

Alex blushed at this, “M-m-me I made a pee-pee in my swimsuit but—"

“Who’s in charge?”

“You Miss Veronica ma’am…and Miss Amber but—”

“I don’t want to hear your buts or any excuses, I want your fat butt in your Goodnites right now!” Veronica declared as Alex started up another crying fest.

The girl allowed herself to be wrapped in the protective undergarment, not caring about what would happen for the rest of the night.

“There! It’s not so bad and they have pretty hearts!” Veronica stated, trying to make the girl smile, “I think for the next pack though, you are going to need some in XL since your thighs look a little too tight in these.”

“Next pack?” Alex questioned in a worried tone.

“It’s only until you’re all better then these are gone,” Veronica assured her, even as she stuffed the girl’s mouth with a sippy cup of buttermilk. Alex suckled it down without protest, needing the comfort, and nodded off with Veronica leaving a fresh cup next to her for when she woke up.
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