Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby greinskyn » Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:12 pm

I have a feeling that sudden "Blackout" is gonna come back and haunt Katy & Mike.

Doesn't seem like she's getting much sun either.
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby Sculpted » Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:15 pm

Worth noting that I'm not sure how happy I am with the sex scenes, if anyone has thoughts.
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:17 pm

Add more lesbian scenes, solves everything ;)
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby greinskyn » Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:39 pm

On the sex scenes, I'd say they went pretty well on a whole. It did seem a lost opportunity to give Katy's self esteem a couple jabs over her belly weight. ** With Maria before, Katy could be a little slow sucking in her tummy. Maria could let her eyes linger a touch too long... and maybe makes a cryptic comment. Perhaps Peter could be caught staring, and his "Enthusiasm" wanes a bit. Katy would have to redirect attention to her boobs to get the swinger's mind back in the game. Mike of course would see her efforts and get hurt. That could lead to more effort on his part towards Maria.

Pictures could have been taken once the couple were sufficiently out of it. Surely the couple would be willing to do a lot to keep things off the net and out of the public's eye.
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby Sculpted » Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:44 pm

I had originally wanted to go the route of her belly being at least a minor issue with the couple, but when it came to pass it just didn't fit the characters, too whom my proverbial pen is unfortunately enslaved; to the possible detriment of the fun of the story, really, given the number of times people could have done bad yet interesting things but they just wouldn't let me :lol:
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby resupplied69 » Fri Jun 11, 2021 2:35 am

This is coming together perfectly. Poor Katy is going to be confronted with a nightmarish dilemma. To get her waistline back she is going to lose her boobs. Her incredible, perfect, natural, career-defining G cups are going to be lost forever.
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby Sculpted » Fri Jun 11, 2021 5:43 am

Morning brought about a round of the most enthusiastic sex the pair had had in a while, as Katie rediscovered her ability to take pleasure in life. Before the truth that came with the rising sun, Katie’s body was hidden from sight, which gave her more confidence and allowed Mike to pretend his old girlfriend was on top of him. He kept his hands on her hips for fear of breaking the delusion for both of them.

Katy kept the light off as she climbed out of bed to hide behind the bathroom door before turning on the light to shower. The extra attention she once paid to her full breasts had become avoidance lately, eyes trained on the shower wall as she scrubbed the rest of herself down. Reality finally presented itself to the girl when she dried off, forcing her to rub the towel down her sagging breasts on its journey below. Katy no longer felt comfortable parading her naked body before getting dressed, instead wrapping herself tightly in the large towel, holding an arm beneath her chest as a makeshift Wonderbra before opening the door.

Mike still lounged in bed, phone screen illuminating his groggy features.

“Get up, sleepy, time to start the day!” Katy sang in a childish voice, masking the daily devastation of her morning routine. She hoped to get him going and out of the room so she could get dressed in private.

Mike smiled, happy to see his girl’s spirit still light, given her recent mood swings. He threw the covers off and sprang out of bed, filled with the energy of their morning acrobatics. Not sharing Katy’s shame, he approached her, still naked, for a kiss. “Morning, beautiful.” He said, softly, gazing into Katy’s bright blue eyes. “I love you.”

Katy melted. It meant so much to her to hear her loving boyfriend say that, almost enough to make her forget about everything else. She wrapped her arms around his thick shoulders and kissed him deeply. Her towel lost its purchase as they hugged, falling to the ground around her feet. Katy shrieked and scrambled to grab it, bunching it up in front of her chest before staring at Mike in fear.

Shocked at the unexpected display of horror, Mike stepped back, eyes wide. Katy was a blur as she scrambled before him, left catching her breath and staring at him as though he were a ghost. “What the hell!?” His immediate reaction preceded the realization by just a second before softening to a look of pity. His hand met Katie’s shoulder. “It’s alright, Katy. You don’t have to hide from me, it’s not like I don’t know what’s going on.”

The confidence boost she had gained behind the linen cloak was lost. Katy’s head dropped as she shuffled past Mike to his drawers to hide inside one of his large shirts, only dropping the towel as it fell over her chest. With the heightened awareness that came with her return from total apathy, she realized that even with the loose shirt hiding their size, her slightly downturned, lower nipples revealed her secret. Though Katy had grown to detest her once-favorite article of clothing, she relented, blindly cinching one of her F-cup bras around her waist beneath the shirt, awkwardly shuffling to get it over her shoulders and breasts. When the curious maneuver was complete, she looked almost normal, though the rim of the bra was evidence to anyone familiar that it was too large for the girl.

Satisfied as she could be with the veneer, she forced a smile toward her silent, patient man. Mike was as relieved to see the smile, and happy that he could pretend he wasn’t looking at a lie.

“You’ve got a lot of work to do today, huh?” Mike hoped to continue cashing in on his gift to keep Katie’s mood from falling. It was effective, drawing a big smile from her face.

“Yeah I do! I guess I have to figure out how it works before I announce it.” She twirled a soggy strand of hair as she pondered.

“Maybe you should get dolled up, babe. I know you’re not leaving the house or anything, but you know how much better you feel when you get pretty.” Mike suggested. It wasn’t the insult it sounded, Katie had always called doing her hair and makeup ‘getting pretty,’ despite being a natural beauty already. “And maybe, uhh… put on some panties.” He laughed, nodding at her bare legs sprouting out from the too-long shirt.

Katie giggled. “I should probably order more. I keep snagging them on this stupid boot and tearing them. God I hate this thing.”

Mike saw an opportunity to get out of the house and go to one of the few stores he enjoyed shopping with Katy, Victoria’s Secret. “I could go get you some after the gym, it’s no big deal. How much longer do you have in that thing?” He knew the answer, but figured it best to distract her from his ulterior motive.

“Like a month, I think. And would you, baby? You’re so good to me.” Katy beamed. “In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to wear some old pair…” Her voice dropped an octave as she turned to the discarded clothes pile and bent down at the waist, pulling the shirt up just enough to expose her still-perfect ass. Mike licked his lips and took a step forward before stopping.

“Babe, you know I love your ass, but I really got to… Well… No, no I gotta get to the gym.” Mike tore his eyes away and turned his attention to his drawers to rummage for clothes. Katy pretended to pout, but knew Mike couldn’t fake the struggle between his brain and penis, which was all she wanted.

The two got dressed and Katy sent Mike on his way as she prepared her smoothie and pills. She wanted to forego her morning exercise in favor of getting started with her new business, but the raging energy bubbling inside her wouldn't allow it. She pushed herself a bit harder than the day before, as she had every day, which began to show in her arms, back, and abs. The added support of the bra was nice, though constantly having to readjust it as she bounced around in the huge cups irritated Katy, as did the tight strap around her midsection.

Plopping down on the couch, Katy grabbed her laptop and began a deeper dive on her new website. It seemed simple enough, consisting mostly of advertisements for her services, dotted with photos of the woman she once was. She decided to try out the consultation request form, which asked fairly invasive questions about height, weight, age, measurements, current workout routine, etc. as well as requiring a photo upload to hit send. She filled it all out with fake information and switched to her email, clicking refresh constantly for five minutes before checking her spam folder, returning to her inbox, and refreshing more. Nothing came through. She couldn’t announce a business like this, she realized, but lacked any kind of technical knowledge to know what the problem might be.

Normally, any computer questions Katy had would go straight to Peter, but the thought of calling him gave her pause. Though Mike seemed to have resumed at least superficially normal relations with his friend, Katy hadn’t spoken to either of them since that night. She filled out the form again, with more realistic information and a photo of a random woman she found online, wondering if maybe there was some kind of detection that it was a fake submission or something, but still no email came. Finally, she gave in and picked up her phone to call Maria.

“My baby girl!” Maria answered the phone with confidence, clearly feeling closer to Katy than ever before.

“Hey, Maria.” Katy tried to match Maria’s tone as best she could.

“How are you! I have heard your treatment is not going so well, are you okay? What can I bring you?” Maria sounded more like a concerned mother than a sultry vixen.

“Yeah, I haven’t been feeling the best.” Katy lied. Physically, she felt better than ever, though emotionally she was still a wreck. “Mike’s been taking good care of me, though.”

“You are lucky to have him, Katy.” Maria interrupted.

“Yeah. That’s actually kinda why I called. I guess Peter told you about the new website he helped Mike with?” Katy was sure he had, given that he clearly told Maria everything that went on in his life.

“Yes! How is that going? Do you love it?” Maria’s pride in her husband was visible through the phone.

“Well, I have a techie problem. Is Peter around?” Katie didn’t want to get sucked into prying questions about her situation, fearing the crafty woman’s quick tongue could bring her to admit things she didn’t want to.

“Yes, of course, he’s down in his little ‘man cave.’” Sarcasm filled the receiver at the phrase. Maria’s distant voice could be heard calling Peter up from the basement, followed by a pause before he picked up.

“Hey Katie, having some issues?” Peter, unlike his wife, sounded like the same professional IT guy he always did when she spoke to him over the phone, a habit picked up from years in the industry.

“Yeah. First I wanted to thank you so much for helping get the site together, I love it!” Katy started with a compliment.

“Hey, no problem. My buddy did most of the real work, I just stitched everything together and put a bow on it.” Peter downplayed his own role.

“There’s just a little problem. I tried out the consultation request thing and it never sent me an email. Can you help with that?” Katy asked, hopeful that it was a simple fix.

“Well, that’s not a little problem.” Peter chuckled. “Kind of the whole point, isn’t it? That could be a number of things. It might not even be the site, could be your spam filter, though I swear I tested the messages out against some blacklists and they were fine…” Peter had a habit of talking himself through issues on the phone, befuddling those on the other end.

“I checked the spam folder.” Katy suggested, helpfully.

“No, I mean the serv—“ Peter caught himself and sighed. “I’ll just come over and take a look.”

Maria could be heard next to Peter. “I will come too! We can catch up while Peter plays with the computer.”

Katy grimaced. She didn’t want to be seen, much less by the only two people to have seen her naked in recent times. “Is there any way you can do it from there? I look like a mess.” While it wasn’t Katy’s true reasoning for the avoidance, it was true, as she hadn’t taken Mike’s advice to get pretty.

The voice on the phone switched back to Maria as she ripped the phone from Peter’s hand. “Nonsense! We’re coming to visit. I will make you a care basket gift and you can put on your face. No discussion!” Maria was fierce about her demands, leaving little room for Katy to argue. “Don’t worry about your boobs, I am sure they still look fine.” Maria reassured her.

Katy should have known that Mike would discuss her deflating chest in his talks with Peter about making the website. She began to wonder if she was the fourth wheel in their secret-sharing relationship. “Fine…” Katy muttered, already considering how she would hide herself from Maria’s observant eyes.

“Perfect. Go now, make yourself beautiful, we will be over soon. Love you.” Maria made a kiss sound into the phone and hung up.

Katie looked down to the ridge of her bra line in the shirt and sighed, before getting to work about herself. She started with her outfit. Stuffing one of her bras was Katy’s first instinct, but she knew that if Mike had told them about her shrinking, Maria would call her out, which was attention to the issue she didn’t want. Undergarments flew out of drawers, most landing on the bed, as she tossed out one selection after another. Shoved in the back of one of her bra drawers, Katy finally came across an old neon-green sports bra labelled as a 32F. While her current bra demonstrated that it was too large for her, she reasoned it would give a better hold than anything else she owned, so it was set aside.

None of her form-fitting tops would work anymore, she knew. Even her loose shirts would do little but make her appear more flat-chested in the bra. She glanced over the pile of belly masking discards in the corner and had a realization, she had abs again. Prominent, distracting abs, at that. Her mind shifted from hiding her failing assets to displaying what she still had. Pulling off Mike’s shirt, she unclasped the bra that had been digging into her back, though not her breasts. Gravity pulled her girls away from her with the sag that she didn’t expect to accompany them for years. It was quickly replaced by the sports bra which, while not tight, served to cover and lift her breasts considerably, while showing off the rest of her muscular torso. Going with the theme, Katy completed the outfit with a simple pair of black yoga pants to make the most out of her curvy legs and ass.

With the hard part down, Katie went to work in the bathroom perfecting her hair and face. Despite the week without practice, she picked up the art again like riding a bike. Hair curled, lipstick and makeup applied, she looked like her old self above the taped-on paper. Still, she couldn’t help but stare down at her chest. She had to know.

Cautiously, Katie removed a couple of the pieces of paper, careful to maintain the tape so she could replace them after. With a deep breath, she looked at the reflection. The woman that stared back would have caught eyes, but not caused accidents. The smaller sports bra did its job in holding her boobs where they should be, but compressed them down to what would have passed for double D’s. She couldn’t remove her eyes from the neon mounds on her chest, not looking much bigger than the reflection she focused on far too often in the mirror in her room back at her parent’s house. It was a defeating sight to Katy, though one that most women would still kill for.

Outside of her chest, her abs were more defined than ever, and her arms even showed a fair amount of muscle. She flexed, surprised at how much they popped in the mirror. It was more definition than she typically liked, but given the state of her chest, she appreciated them. Finally, she could bear her own reflection no longer and replaced the papers.

Katy had one final scheme to pull off before the two arrived. She turned the thermostat down to 64, hoping that the high-end unit could at least get close by the time they showed up. With the excuse that it was cold, she reasoned it would make sense to wrap herself in a light blanket, giving her one more layer of obfuscation armor. Her plan was finally complete, leaving her to wait on the couch for her guests.
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby ssj3gohan007 » Fri Jun 11, 2021 6:45 am

Oh my! So she's already down to a 32DD! Or at least with a too big sports bra compressing her chest. She's apparantly not much bigger now than she was back in High School. She is also getting more muscular, so she's probably heading that route.

I sometimes had that happen where I wasn't receiving e-mails that I was supposed to. It was really frustrating and caused me so many problems. I wonder if she is being hacked by Beth or one of her people.

Peter and Maria are coming over and will likely find a way to see the state of her chest, which will embarrass Katy. This could also lead to Katy having sex with one or both of them, since those too do seem like the type that will take advantage of any opportunities to seduce, flirt, and have fun. While they restrained themselves before their secret was out, they probably will alot more open and forward about it now. Mike will not be happy about it when he finds out, perhaps he might come home and catch them in the act or something.
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby Sculpted » Fri Jun 11, 2021 9:52 am

Maria and Peter knocked politely before letting themselves in at the yelled direction of Katy, who remained wrapped in a blanket on the couch. Were it not for her otherwise impeccable appearance, Katy could have been mistaken for a girl in the throes of illness.

Maria yelled and ran to Katy, high heels clicking on the linoleum as her breasts bounced enviously in the tank top she wore. Her arms were outstretched, care package dangling from one hand as she bent down to give Katy a hug, her deep cleavage filling Katy’s field of view for a moment. “Oh you poor girl. You must not be feeling well, you have it so cold in here! Well I am going to fix you up!” Katie smiled softly at the warm attention as Maria happily began laying out items from her homemade care package.

Katy’s coffee table was soon filled with a variety of makeups, lotions, stress-relief candles, and a striking bottle of pills. “What’s that?” Her hand tented the blanket to point at the bottle.

Maria put her finger to her lips and shushed playfully. “Ancient Russian remedy for stress.” She made a show of looking over each of her shoulders and whispering. “Xanex.” The ‘secret’ brought a bout of laughter from the Russian woman.

“Oh!” Katy was taken aback. She was reminded of her stay in Tahiti, how easy it had been to pass the time by drinking herself into a coma. The idea of medicating the next few months away did have an appeal, particularly given the lack of calories. Maria could see the idea in Katy’s eyes.

“I take them when I am having a bad day. It sounded like you needed them more. Would you like one?” Maria reached for the bottle and dropped a single pill into Katy’s waiting hand. “Let me get you some water, dear.” Maria moved from the couch, allowing Peter to slide in enough to grab the laptop. Katy couldn’t resist but to stare at his crotch, catching the faint outline of his secret.

Peter diligently set to work from the recliner, staying fairly quiet as Maria handled the social part of their visit. The only hint of his presence was the occasional hum as he leaned into the screen to look at something closer. Maria returned to the couch with a bottle of water, allowing Katy to wash down the little pill.

“So, tell me about this treatment.” Maria said, more commanding than questioning.

Katy looked down to the blanket. She wanted to talk about anything other than her ordeal, but Maria had a way of getting what she wanted, particularly with Katie’s lessened self-worth. “It’s some kind of experimental thing. The doctor called it like, a sam, or sarm, or something. I guess it uses your hormones to fight the cancer or something?” Katy’s remarkable lack of knowledge about the unknown drug she diligently put into her body.

“That doesn’t sound right.” Peter finally chimed in, glancing over the laptop screen for just a moment.

“Hey, I’m not a doctor. Whatever it is, I have to take a pill a day, well two, since I forgot to bring them to Tahiti. Apparently it’s probably the reason my ankle broke, I guess it makes your bones weak. I’ve been super moody, too. Poor Mike, it’s probably like living with a psycho. And…well, I guess you two already know about the sex drive.” Katy couldn’t bring herself to look at either of them at that.

“Oh, no, darling. Tell me it has not killed your sex drive. Oh, I would have brought you so much more!” Maria lamented, imagining a fate worse than death. Katy couldn’t help but be a bit amused at Maria’s theatrics.

“No! It’s the total opposite! I swear to God I’m hornier than Mike. Like, three, four times a day, and sometimes…” Katy’s voice lowered so that only Maria could hear. “You know, in between.” She whispered, blushing a bit.

“Katy. You have literally had my husband inside you, and you are embarrassed to admit that you masturbate?” Maria scolded Katy’s relative prudishness. Mike’s attention was drawn away from the laptop.

“Maria!” Katy exclaimed, though she should have expected the feisty woman’s reaction. “I guess you’re right. Anyway.” She changed the subject. “The other thing is that it’s… Making my boobs shrink.” Though Maria had already heard the news through her husband, her expression turned to pity as she once again wrapped Katy in her arms. “But it’s supposed to be temporary. He says they’ll come back once the cancer’s cured. But that could take months.” Katy leaned into her friend, resting her head on Maria’s shoulder.

“You poor baby.” Mother Maria returned, stroking Katy’s curly locks. “It will be alright. How bad could it be?”

Katy stared blankly across the room. “None of my bras fit anymore.” The tears began again. “They’re starting to sag.” Katy couldn’t believe she was more honest with Maria than she had even with herself. She buried her face in Maria’s shoulder as she mourned the loss of her beauty.

Maria cradled Katy’s head and rocked her as though holding a baby. “Shhhhhh. It’s alright, Katy. You’re still beautiful, I promise.” Peter watched the two, his mind a mix of amazement at the vanity of it all, as well as a bit of dismay at the thought of the perfect natural breasts he’d recently come to know being lost.

“How small are they supposed to get?” He asked, uncharacteristically insensitively. Nice as Peter was, he was still a man.

Maria shot Peter a look that instantly made him regret his question. He took the hint, throwing his hands in the air before taking the laptop down to the basement to work.

Katy, muffled by Maria’s chest, answered him as he left. “Twenty percent.” She got out between sobs.

Maria put on her best cheerful voice as she did the math in her head. “Katy, that keeps you at at least a double D. Most women would love that. As you say it is only temporary. I am sure you are overreacting.” Her voice was soothing, not condescending, but Katy still took it as such, pulling away from Maria and ripping the blanket away.

“Overreacting!?” Katy yelled, pointing at her diminished chest. “How would you feel if your big fake perfect tits popped?”

Maria’s eyes went wide, shocked by both Katy’s reaction as well as her reveal. Expecting the girl to lose a couple of cup sizes over months hadn’t prepared her for the sight of a couple of them already missing. She responded in pity, rather than anger. “Katy, my poor, sweet girl.” Maria cooed. Katy wasn’t used to her anger being met with such a pitied response, leaving her defenseless. “Maybe it all just hits at once, and you are as small as you will get.” Though Maria was being kind, being called ‘small’ for the first time in her life stung. “Besides, your abs look amazing again!” Maria softened the blow with a compliment on Katy’s hard work, which helped.

“I know.” Maria smiled genuinely. “Why don’t we try some of your new goodies. I can draw you a bath.”

Katie smiled weakly at her friend’s kindness, but worry never left her eyes. “I don’t… I shouldn’t.”

“Nonsense! I promise, I will not take advantage of you, if that is what you are worried about.” Maria, finalizing her decision, stood from the couch and began collecting some of the various tonics and candles, as Katy’s eyes welled up again.

“I don’t want you to see me naked.” Katy said softly, embarrassed.

“Katy, I am your best friend and I am taking care of you. We are women, you do not have anything to hide from me. Now come on.” Maria was stern as a mother as she handed Katy her crutches. After hiding one part of her body or another from everyone, including Mike, for the last month, Katy accepted that she did need someone to rely on, and raised to her feet.

“Up here, yes?” Maria said, already heading for the stairs.

“Yeah.” Katy replied, following as quickly as her handicap would allow.
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Re: Taken Down a Size - by Sculpted (BR, Downgrade)

Postby Sculpted » Fri Jun 11, 2021 11:07 am

Maria made note of the disaster that was Katy’s bedroom, quickly putting together the chaos that had ensued in finding an outfit. It only served to make her pity her friend more. She let herself into the bathroom, where she found the covered mirror which nearly drove her to tears, herself. As Katy continued to climb the stairs, Maria set about getting the water running and lighting candles until the room was lit enough by aromatic flames to turn off the light, leaving a calming little paradise for Katy to discover.

Katy finally made it into the bathroom, now embarrassed by the state of her room as well. She enjoyed the smell of the candles that filled the room, and found the dim light somehow reassuring. Finally coming to rest with her back to the mirror, Katy froze, unable to force herself to strip down on her own. Maria, bolstered by the height of her heels, looked down at Katy and brushed a hair from her face.

“Just be brave, my little princess. As you say, rip off the bandage.” Maria grabbed the front of the sports bra between her fingers and removed the clasp, pulling it open to allow Katy’s breasts to flop down her chest. Katy shut her eyes, unable to look at Maria’s expected reaction.

Though she didn’t show even a hint of it, Maria was aghast. The perfect, full breasts she had become familiar with just a little over a week prior was gone. In its place was a pair of still-sizeable, yet much smaller breasts with nipples that began pointing toward the floor rather than the headlights she had known. They met Katy’s chest after an inch or so of flat skin that wrinkled from the weight it carried, as though only her chest had aged over a decade. “Beautiful.” Maria said, without a hint of dishonesty.

Katy hesitantly opened her eyes. “Y-you mean it? I don’t look like a monster to you?”

“A monster?” Maria forced a laugh. “Katy, they are sagging a little. Most women your size would already look like this at your age. Do not be so hard on yourself, they still look lovely.”

Katy perked up a bit, staring up at Maria’s eyes with hope. She leaned in to kiss the artificially-taller woman, but was met with a hand on her shoulder.

“No. Not right now, Katy.” Maria warned her kindly.

“You think I’m disgusting.” Katy’s gaze fell, stopping on Maria’s perfect cleavage.

“No, honey.” Maria lied. “Your boyfriend is not home. We have a rule about that.” It was true, though a rule Maria had been known to break with other women.

Katy instantly felt guilty, as though she had tried to cheat on Mike, which was true. “I understand.”

“Now, I have some relaxing lavender lotion for your skin, and a calming bath bomb in the tub. You will relax whether you want to or not.” Maria laughed as Katy attempted to. “Now.” Maria sank down to Katy’s waist and began peeling off her yoga pants. “You have such a sexy body.” She reassured her, honestly admiring Katy’s legs as she peeled the material down and over her boot. “I suppose a little massage is not cheating, yes?” Maria grinned, squeezing some of the lavender lotion into her palm and starting at Katy’s shoulders.

Clearly Peter’s teacher, Maria expertly massaged Katy’s muscles as she spread the lotion on her skin. Despite her stated rule, she gave special attention to Katy’s nipples as she worked her way down her breasts. The special attention to her breasts helped Katy relax, feeling desired, but also made her crave her friend’s touch even more. As Maria worked to her thick thighs, Katy couldn’t help but grab her hand and guide it to her sex. Were it not for Katy’s self-esteem, Maria would have pulled back, but she decided to pleasure the poor girl.

Hands slick with the lotion and Katy’s own juices, Maria began sensually rubbing her. Fingers slid over Katy’s lips, squeezing and massaging her clit as Katy grabbed onto Maria’s shoulder. Maria spread her knees as she dropped down in front of Katy, raising her left hand to Katy’s breast as the fingers of her right plunged into Katy’s depths. Her mouth fell over Katy’s clit, lightly sucking and licking as she pulled her fingers rhythmically over Katy’s G-spot. Katy leaned into the vanity, lifting her legs onto Maria’s shoulders, hands on her head.

It was Katy’s first real lesbian encounter, and her Russian friend’s expertise at manipulating her body put any man she had ever been with to shame. She writhed her body against Maria’s face, screaming as she fell back against the mirror, snapping the papers from the glass as she slid down. Maria continued expertly through Katy’s orgasm, only increasing her ministrations to guide Katy through a second, and finally third. The smell of sex had mixed with the aroma of the candles by the time Katy was able to return to her feet, where Maria wrapped her arms lovingly around her.

Maria could have been a therapist, as Katy’s insecurities were swept away by the intimate act. She remained in Maria’s embrace as long as the woman allowed, before being wordlessly guided into the warm bath. Katy closed her eyes as Maria rummaged for mouthwash, swishing it around in her mouth as she washed the lavender-scented sex fluids from her hands and spitting. She finally slid down the wall next to the bathtub and moved her hand in the water to Katy’s, glancing at the buoys that her breasts had become in the water.

“I love you.” Katy sighed, putting her left hand over Maria’s.

“That is the Xanex talking, but I love you too, Katy. As a best friend.” Maria had dealt with new partners falling for her enough times to fear an ordeal with Katy.

“Yeah. Thank you for everything.” Katy whispered, falling into the relaxing trance of the candlelit bath.

“We will get you through this, Katy. No more worrying about your appearance until you are well. Understood?” Maria’s hypnotic voice once again wormed into Katy’s mind.

“Got it.” Katy whispered.
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