Fatter.exe - Taking it Slow

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Fatter.exe - Taking it Slow

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"Well that was a weird question. I'll go with the smallest option for now." Jack thought to himself. Upon clicking the 10 lbs button, a picture popped up on the screen. It was a picture of himself wearing only his boxers. He was in some kind of white void type thing where only he was on the screen. "What the? How did this thing get my picture?" Jack thought.

"Move your mouse so look around your body!" The application read.

Doing what the app suggested, Jack moved his computer mouse around and the now apparently three dimensional model of himself rotated accordingly. Everything was in such high detail. In the model, he was standing up with his arms at his sides. Suddenly, his image started changing. Jack looked closer and saw that his stomach had expanded out a little bit on the screen.

"Ten pounds successfully added to your frame! Please select how much you would like to add to your body now."

The options read:

  1. 25 lbs
  2. 50 lbs
  3. 100 lbs

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