Melding Wand - Team Alamo

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Melding Wand - Team Alamo

Parent Chapter

Meanwhile, in hip Greenich Village, Lady Deathstrike was currently trying to claw out the eyes of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch.

"WHERE IS LOGAN, MAGNETO'S DAUGHTER?", shrieked the murderous malcontent formerly known as Yuriko Oyama as Wanda fearfully struggled to pull her face away from the needle-like apendages that had once been Miss Oyama's fingers. Had they been boney even back then? Curseword, better question for another time, brain! Thankfully, she heard a familiar whizzing noise nearby. "", she gasped out as the noise steadly became stronger. Deathstrike's eyes glinted with an eerie sense of glee as she twisted her neck to spy her hated Wolverine, but instead received the full force of freedom's protection as the stellar shield of one Steve Rogers bashed into her mouth. "Goddess...what a great shot, Cap!", Wanda spitefully stated with giggles as she looked to Steve, only to see him in a state of panic. "Blue blazes! Cripes! Ahhhh, nutbunnies...I really didn't mean that, Miss Oyama-san, but hey...sometimes luck deals you a terrible game of cards." "Especially due to karma. Now you have near-indestructible metal painfully close in your face." Steve rolled his eyes at Wanda's serious tone. "Scarlet, you control luck! You still believe in karma?" Wanda huffed at Steve's joking, and turned towards him and the dazed Lady Deathstrike. "First things first, I control chance, not luck. Luck sticks with a person, while chance, or fortune, is a short-term attribute. Second, when have things ever gone bad for us heroes compared to the villains?" "That time Shellhead killed me." Wanda was incredulous. "Yeah, I'm still in shock of how easily you got over that, Cap.", she said with a sigh. "It's like a joke to you by now. I instead can't even remember anything I did in the past without feeling Jean probably does, I guess." Lady Deathstrike possibly nodded at that comparison, and Steve actually got a solemn expression on his face. "...hey, you didn't kill a solar system, though. Well, forever, at least." Wanda smiled at his sincere compliment, then cracked a dorky grin. "Hey, if you were Galactus..." "Not answering this question." "...and you had to pick between the Krees' and the Skrulls' homeworld..." "You're basically talking to yourself here, Witch." "Honestly, I'd pick the Kree, because veggies go down easier..." "Stars and stripes, kid!" Steve digustedly went over to Lady Deathstrike and carefully removed his shield from her bleeding gums. "You see what I have to do right now? That's less gross than your conversation points...why're you looking at our perp like th-" *BANG* Wanda quickly swung her hand around and drove the incoming bullet into a wall through her hex abilities. "Oh, I see the scope light now!", clarified Captain America as he threw his shield up over Lady Deathstrike. "CASTLE, YOU'RE SLIPPING!", he shouted at the nearby subway station. A gruff exclamation of embarrassment echoed back with the click of a zipline harness. Like a gigantic skull-emblazed bat, The Punisher slid rapidly to the lightpole across the street from the two Avengers and their mutant terrorist captive, and exited via a tight combat roll. As he pulled up a handgun, Wanda caused the gun to discharge into his foot. The yell of agony could be heard from Jersey City.

"Maximoff...the hell?!" Wanda shrugged as Frank Castle awkwardly limped towards her, his gun having been dropped on the ground after his "accidental" injury. "Punish-Guy, she really doesn't deserve to die with her mouth like that." "Punish-ER, Red Sorcerous." Wanda chuckled at that actually pretty decent insult as Frank haltingly gave her the finger. "I had to buy special adamantium bullets for tonight, and I wasted them both thanks to you and only you!" He calmly looked at Steve, who was securing the dizzy Lady Deathstrike, with a businesslike face. "Apologies, Captain." "At ease, marine." "Army brat." "Jarhead." Frank tried to smile, which did not go well with his demeanor, then turned back to Wanda, who'd been checking her emergency compact to see how bad her injures were. "Jes-" "Hey." "...zzz, Maximoff. Did you get your pretty little face shoved through a window." Wanda fixed him with a chilling death glare, a family tradition thanks to Dad. "Yeah, actually. Weapon X folk do not mess around at taking opponents down." That shut Castle's dumb face up with a knowing grimace.

Then everything went weird.

Where Captain America and Lady Deathstrike had been standing, there now was just one Asian woman. Shorter than Yuriko and far more muscular, she was wearing a buckskin fringed dress with a frontier preacher's hat both covered in red, white and blue sparkly columns and rows of artificial fabrics. The famous shield had apparently disappeared, but as the woman flexed her hands, large star-spangled knifes shot forth from her seemingly normal large yet ladylike mitts. Shorter than Deathstrike's finger claws, but larger and serrated on the bottom, they looked and sounded much more powerful than their previous form. Even though she seemed mostly Japanese, with two short and intricate braids of bushy black hair reaching her shoulders, she had "blue upon blue" eyes and freckles. Yuriko "Riki" Rogers, nee Oyama, was now known as Corporal Bowie-Knife, the "sharpest little geisha in the west!". Man, those serials based off of her had stunk...

In the other area, where had once stood the most unstable mutant in the universe and the nightmare that made all organized criminals of any rank sleep with a nightlight, there now was just one skinny guy. Apparently he'd kept Castle's height and Maximoff's slender physique, but still seemed kind of tough. His outfit was made of various forest animal hides, and atop his head laid a coonskin cap. Bandied about his body were a bevy of bandoliers and ammo packs, and with two six shooters at his hips, a hunting shotgun put diagonally across his right side, and a long Winchester-esque rifle slung diagonally across his left shoulder, this guy apparently knew how to make bullets go places. From his tan skin to his shiny hair, he looked semi-Native American, or at least like a guy who spent time in the wilderness. He was clean shaven, though, though that was more out of Ricky's insistance than lack of ability. Vagabondo "Bon" Castiglione, the multi-talented Marksmancer, self consciously brushed his dark brown bangs out of his eyes. The Corporal had wanted him to look nice.

As the world reset a little, the compatriots' histories became clearer. Yuriko Oyama, a self-taught 1st generation Japanese laboratory assistant from Honolulu, Hawaii, had married Stan Rogers, a drill sergant, and went with him to New Jersey to help at his closer-to-home training base there. Through helping out Dr. Abraham Ernskine on a nearly daily basis in order to keep away from the lusty GIs, she gained enough clout to be considered for Project: Rebirth, and oddly, a young Canadian professor with a creepy look to him suggested his own addendum to the project. Yuriko was injected with both Ernskine's superhuman serum and the professor's system of injecting a miraculous blend of metals formerly constructed as a shield. Though an assassin still revealed himself at the finish of the experiment, Yuriko's now nearly impenetrable body grabbed his shot like a tennis ball, and Ernskine was easily saved, leading to the creation of the now commonplace Super Solider branch of the military. After a tough fight with Baron Zemo where her original sidekick Cadet Chrissy seemingly perished (though actually fell through a rift to the Savage Land and after 10 years, found its fountain of youth and became the immortal Amazon known as the Heroine), Riki still froze for 65 or so years until S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, whose organization had included Stan Rogers amongst its first members, found her and thawed her out to a much different kind of America. Overjoyed as she was that the islands were now a state, she still found that the issue of her gender and racial had stayed to classify her. People always assumed that she protected "her kind" first and foremost, unlike white heroes, and really, that was dumb to assume. Apparently feminism had gotten a lot more aggressive as well, but that was actually a pro in her mind. She'd always been a scrapper, y'know. Knew karate at 6, and got taught baisong skills by the weird Indochinese man at 9. Honolulu had been a pit sometimes, and since that had been the lowest point in her life, she looked forward to this new future. Her fantastic finger knives could ribbon slash every substance other than her own skin, which literally couldn't be pierced by anything. Mostly so that she didn't accidently cut herself to pieces. It was inconvenient to always have to ingest or inhale medication when she needed to, though. Unlike Steve Rogers, Riki Oyama had seemingly lived with TB for years until her Rebirth, so her immune system was mearly strengthened. She could break through steel walls with no sweat, though, even if her swimming ability had took a hit.

Oh yeah, the kid. His parents were/still are Gyps...Romani immigrants (use the nice term, Riki) who found that their 5 year old son had mutant aptitude right before they ran away from the X-Men. S.H.I.E.L.D. found them 11 years later, offered them a high stipend, and gave the self-controlled young gentleman a moniker and a position within one of any metahuman units they had open spots on. He refused to take any spot other than with the Corporal, and since Riki had been wheedling the top brass for a ranged teammate, she gladly accepted. He had this really obvious crush on her that she kind of cheekily played with at times. When you met a guy who only controlled weapons, you'd do a lot to keep him smiling once in a while. Wasn't like he wasn't cute, and unlike the other beefcake superheroes, she knew he was a virgin who didn't touch himself. There was not the same promise with that Russian metal guy, sadly enough.

The Corporal turned to her charge, sheathing her knives. "Bon, any reports of injustice out and about the Big Apple tonight?", she offhandedly purred. Whoops. Baka that she was, she made the poor kid glow red from his head to his feet as he checked ", there's apparently some reports in Manhattan of the Enchantress and the Executioner wrecking a beauty pagent. Sounds like Miss Walters is there too." Oooh! Fighting foes with the Jolly Jen, the Green & Giant Lawyer. "That sounds amazing. We should do that now, trooper. Any objections?" "No, ma'am, no!" The kid was beaming. "You think Jen's cute, don't you?" Bon shrugged with that big grin. "I really like strong women, ma'am." Great answer...

  1. We follow the Wand to its next targets
  2. Fatcat runs into Team Alamo, and tries to seduce Marksmancer
  3. Team Alamo gets to the beauty pagent, only to see the wand begin to combine She-Hulk with one of the villains
  4. A normal S.H.I.E.L.D. member is retroactively changed to have been a beefy and bodacious Super Solider
  5. DC characters meet up with Team Alamo on their way to downtown
  6. Something else

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