Evolution Academy - Introduction

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Evolution Academy - Introduction

Evolution, the struggle to survive is the driving force behind all life. Every living thing from the simplest bacteria, to humans is in a constant battle to survive in a hostile world. Each species has their own unique traits that help them suceed in their battle against nature, some adapt to survive in environments that nothing else can live in, while others can be extremely adaptable. No species enbodies adaptablity more than humans who are extremely adaptable able to survive almost anywhere. This is driven by their mental capacity, which allows them to come up with ways to adapt to their environments. So let's test just how adaptable humans are when thrown into unique situations, just how far can their brains help their physical bodies adapt.
  1. Harry Potter universe
  2. Anime Universe
  3. Marvel Universe
  4. Real World
  5. Video Game universe
  6. Other

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