A Fatter Freind - "What's happening?"

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A Fatter Freind - "What's happening?"

Tiffany has always been gorgeous but you think of the was thicker and would be more beautiful and happier. So you knocked her out and tied her up in your pantry and your planning to feed her. Soon she wakes up a bit broth and the first thing she says is "Wi- what happened" she looks down over her c-cup breasts and her trim frame to see the ropes holding her to the chair and then looked at her hand which were also restrained she is wearing a tight white Button-down blouse and a pencil line short skirt she looks up at you and says "what are you up to" you reply " Tiffany I think you need to really let yourself be happy and I'm going to help you also it will also help your body. " Tiffany replys "what are you going to do to me?" You say " I'm going to stuff your belly until you can't eat any more " then you pic up...
  1. A massive slice of cake
  2. A slice of pizza
  3. A bag of chips
  4. Massive bag of candy
  5. Other

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