The Punishment - Daphne gains 100 pounds

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The Punishment - Daphne gains 100 pounds

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However, Daphne soon fell asleep. After a few hours, she woke up at home, only vaguely remembering the chairman. She decided it was just a dream and went to check herself out in the mirror, only to find that she weighed about 200 pounds. Her stomach ballooned out above her huge thighs and flabby, cellulite-covered ass. Daphne's legs were just as flabby, and so were her arms, with even her hands each developing a thick layer of fat. Her tits did go up a size, but also sagged enormously, and she almost winced looking at her love handles. Daphne didn't just have a double chin, but a triple chin.

  1. Daphne has to go to school like this
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