The Girl with all the Gifts - The Box

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The Girl with all the Gifts - The Box

Lacy Swenson was a girl who had it all. Everybody knew it, and while it bothered her any time one of her friends brought it up there was no denying it was true.rnrnShe was an incredibly cute as a child, and unlike some people who are cute kids but develop into odd, awkward teenagers, she only became more beautiful as she got older. She had naturally blonde hair that she barely needed to comb to keep it perfectly straight and shimmery. She had piercing blue eyes, offset by her caramel skin that somehow always maintained a tan, even in winter. Her breasts were perfectly round and perky C-cups, which were big enough to drive the boys wild, but not so big as to limit her athletic activity. She ran track and played volleyball and basketball, doing the latter well enough to earn a full scholarship to a prestigious university. And less she be thought a beautiful but brainless bimbo, she was also naturally quite bright, and barely had to study to maintain an A-average.rnrnAll of these natural advantages also helped her in ways she didn't notice. Any time she did need to study, half the class was waiting to study with her. She was constantly being given free food at restaurants, and people would practically fall over themselves to do her favors. So it was no surprise that when she got a prestigious new job at a tech startup, she had an army of strong young men lining up to help her.rnrn"Uh, yeah, just put that box in the kitchen," Lacy directed. "Yeah, that goes into the bedroom. Uh, just drop the couch over there..."rnrnThe apartment itself was on the older side, but incredibly spacious, clean, and recently remodeled. The list price was $2,500 a month, but the kind landlord let her have it for $1,500.rnrn——rnrnIt was late afternoon when Lacy and the boys finished moving her in. They celebrated with beer and pizza, but by 8:00pm the apartment was empty and quiet and Lacy could finally relax. She stripped off the stylish blouse and torn jeans she had worn to move in, and traded them in for a baggy, oversized t-shirt and short shorts that showed off her perfectly toned legs. Lacy was lazily wandering around her new home, identifying what she wanted to go where, when she happened to stick her head in her bedroom closet.rnrn"Huh, that's weird..." she mused as she noticed a half-open cardboard box sitting there. Obviously there were plenty of boxes throughout the apartment, but this one looked different. It was old and weathered, distended from getting wet and drying, looking as if it had been there for decades. Carefully, Lacy opened the musty old box. She was surprised to find that the contents of the box looked newer than the box itself, much newer, she realized. It was an odd assortment of items, but the quality of most of them looked quite good, and she figured she could actually get some use out of them.rnrn"Huh, guess it's a gift for me..." she smiled.
  1. She's drawn to an oversized t-shirt that looks like it belongs to a blue collar worker. She figures it's some hipster knockoff and wears it as a night shirt.
  2. She's drawn to a pair of guys' underwear. They look new, and she feels a strange urge to try them on.
  3. She's drawn to a black choker necklace, like emo kids wore in high school. As a joke, she puts it on.
  4. She's drawn to a baggy, worn pair of sweatpants. They're a little too big, but they look comfy so she tries them on.
  5. She's drawn to a fancy looking sports bra. She tries it on and even though it's a little tight, she finds she likes the feel of it.
  6. She's drawn to a small, pink thong. Normally she's into more practical underwear, but why not go a little cute for a night?
  7. Something else
  8. Something else

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